South Beach Diet - Need some good veggie recipes PLEASE!!!

08-20-2004, 02:55 PM
Ok Some of you may already know I am not a big veggie eater.::(: But I am trying some new veggies and recipes with them to get some more in my diet. I think that is why I am losing slow.:halfempty:
i have tried the Cauliflower Moch Mash, didn't care for it and niether did husband or kids. Also tried the Cheezy Artichokes not good also no one liked it not just me.

So I am searching for some new recipes. I will try most things at least once :blah:
Ok so hit me with your best veggie recipes. Hidden veggies in something might be good? Thanks everyone::):

08-20-2004, 03:25 PM
Check out "Lo Carb & Lovin It" on the Food Channel. You can also access it on the net by going to the food channel and clicking on the tv program. He has some wonderful recipes. Today it was all about veggies and each time the chef is on, he does have some delicious ideas. This man lost a ton of weight on lo carb, so does know what he's talking about.

08-20-2004, 03:35 PM
How funny. I can relate completely. It's a chore to get all the vegetables eaten in a day. I thought I would develop a taste for them but not quite yet. I can choke them down because I know they are good for me.

I've convinced myself that beans are a vegetable :D and not a protein. Life would be grand if the major food groups were cheese and chocolate...oh, well. Which could probably be my problem too, not eating enough veggies.

In general, thinking about how my Mom hid the vegetables, cut them really small and add them to hamburger in meatloaf and meat balls, disguise them in spaghetti sauce and any other sauce you can think of. You can also blend them in soups and make a cream type soup and nobody knows what's in it. I made some split pea soup with lots of onions and some carrots. It was pretty good.

08-20-2004, 03:44 PM
I eat a lot of vegetables in soups such as the Broccoli Cheese soup and Quick and Easy Spicy chicken soup (see recipe sections for phase 1 & 2). I've also cooked broccoli and drizzled a ginger sauce on it. For cabbage, I cut it into chunks and add slices of red onions and then cook it in the microwave. I've also sliced cabbage into thin slices and served entrees on top. Especially entrees that have sauces with tomato, onion, and spices such as my red snapper courtboullion or shrimp creole.

I made spaghetti sauce last night and it had lots of chunks of yellow squash, zucchini and mushrooms in it (along with onion and garlic). It's the Meatball/veggie recipe from the cookbook (except I add the mushrooms). I do find I like my veggies crisper than my DH does. I cook them the way I like them and he can cook his a little longer if they really need to be soggy.

Are there any particular vegetables you are interested in?

08-20-2004, 03:54 PM
I currently like carrotts,lettuce,spinach,zuchinni,tomatoes,celery (raw), green beans,peas,onions as long as they are tiny and in something and I think that is it. See I am very picky eater. But I will try things.

08-20-2004, 04:09 PM
Okay, I'd suggest you try the Broccoli Cheese soup but puree more of it so you don't have chunks of broccoli. If you find you like the flavor, you could try pureeing less next time.

Try recipes that have black beans or refried black beans. Taco Bake is good. Just mixing up canned black beans (rinsed and drained) with some salsa and a little cheese tastes really good.

Make a salad with shredded lettuce, black beans, lf sour cream, tomatoes, salsa, onion, guacamole, rf cheese (pick and choose which of these ingredients sound good).

Snack on red pepper and hummus. It is so much sweeter than green pepper. Or use peanut butter if you don't like hummus. Dip raw cauliflower in horseradish and a little mayo. I don't care for cooked cauliflower but I like it raw.

08-20-2004, 05:27 PM
I bought a steamer the other weekend and having been using it the last couple of weeks and the vegies actually taste GOOD!. Not soggy or watery at all. It also lets me cook up a variety and pick out the ones that each family member likes/doesn't like.

I have been cooking italian veges (aubergine, zucchini, mushroom, capsicum, onion, garlic) then tipping in a can of tomatoes to make an italian vege dish. The tomatoes make it taste more like a vegetarian chilli or bolognese sauce. If you add a can of kidney beans and some chilli it is a vegetarian chilli. The other thing I have been doing here cause its winter here is making pots of soup. Either minestrone (onion, garlic, zucchini, optional cabbage, and carrot if on phase 2) with canned beans and canned tomatoes or split pea, barley and lentil soup mix with onion, celery and if on phase two carrots. In summer I often take a dish to BBQ's that contains hommos and a yogurt and mint dip with celery and carrot sticks, snap peas, green beans cut about three inches long, slices of capsicum, slices of cucumber and wedges of tomato. You could turn this into a main meal by adding some lean deli meat, hard boiled eggs or lean chicken or steak cooked on skewers. This would be quite a nice Friday night sitting around relaxing type of meal.

If you like cottage cheese (I only like it with chives or garlic) slice some cucumber and top it with cottage cheese or tuna then a sliver of red onion, capsicum or mushroom as a finger food. I take these places too but they make a good snack. You are basically substituting the cucumber for crackers and getting some extra vegies in at the same time.

If you like lettuce and spinach you could serve SB friendly meat on a bed of lettuce greens. I do this with steak. Cook it then slice it, put it on a bed of greens, top with a SB friendly dressing and eat straight away before it wilts.

Hope these ideas are of help!

08-20-2004, 06:24 PM
Somebody please explain capsicum to totally confuses me! We don't have it in the US (I think).

I feel your pain, SKHerb...I am not a big veggie eater, either. I have learned to eat what I like and try to like what I eat...sometimes I have to pinch my nose shut! :lol:

Try the edamame with sesame in the SBD cookbook. It's fabulous, and if you like beans, you'll love it! Edamame is fresh soy beans. They come frozen (so not really fresh...just not dried, you know?) and are really good!

I love green beans...if you like regular beans, I bet you can learn to love green beans! They are really easy to steam, then you can either add a little smart balance and some toasted almonds (yum!), or make my mom's recipe for balsalmic green beans (these are awesome!):

What about making coleslaw? Cabbage is so healthy! You can also make broccoli slaw, or have you tried the broccoli, bacon, and cheese salad in the forums? It is very good! Also, try making other salads that incorporate beans. I find I can eat veggies if there is cheese or beans in with them...I can concentrate on the taste of the things I like and ignore the taste of the veggies. ;) You'll find a ton of salads with beans here: and here:

I think there are lots of great ways to hide veggies in your food! ;) Try the eggplant and chicken casserole in the SBD Cookbook (might be in the blue book) is awesome! Eggplant just takes on the taste of other things, so it's easy to like!

I also try to have a veggie with one of my snacks...I don't always make it, but I try. Celery with some dressing, laughing cow lite, or peanut butter, or red pepper strips with hummus fit the bill, but sometimes I just have pickles! I eat my cottage cheese with cucumber and/or tomatoes. Yum! What about the tomatoes with pesto recipe from the SBD book?

Also, try the zucchini patties...they are sooooooooo good! You will love them!!!

Good luck! :D

08-20-2004, 06:33 PM
I stirfry coleslaw, and use it in place of rice or pasta.

08-20-2004, 06:42 PM
Somebody please explain capsicum to totally confuses me! We don't have it in the US (I think).

I can't resist Googling a question! Looks like we know it as cayenne.

Capsicum - Capsicum frutescens
Other Common Names: Aji Dulce, Cayenne, Cayenne Pepper, Chili Pepper, Chabai Achong, Filfil, Hungarian Pepper, Kirmizi Biber, La Chiao, Mexican Chili, Paprika, Peppers, Piment Doux, Pimiento, Red Pepper, Sweet Pepper, Capsicum frutescens

little chick
08-20-2004, 07:04 PM
Great minds think alike skherb, I was thinking along the same lines. I like salad (lettuce, tomatoe,peppers, cucs) love coleslaw and broc salad, and I do like carrots, turnip, corn, and I can take or leave green and yellow beans. But I did buy a zuchini (?) I was thinking about grilling but not really sure how to do that as in what kind of spice or marinade to put on it first?

08-21-2004, 05:18 PM
I will translate. Some of our words come from USA and some from the UK. Some are our own.

Capsicum is also called peppers as in red, green, orange or yellow
Zucchini = courgette
Eggplant = aubergine
Marrow = I think this is squash, it is an overgrown zucchini

What do you call capsicum?