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08-20-2004, 07:39 AM
Morning chicks! So glad that it is Friday!

I have been MIA, but not by choice! Our DSL has been non-functioning since Monday, and was just fixed yesterday. Sorry for not responding individually, but it is going to take me some time to get caught up with what everyone has been doing this week.

My eating has not been superb, but I haven't got totally off program. TOM (yep, it is here!), started, and I have been lazy in the exercise and cooking department. I am looking forward to some downtime this weekend to regroup and refocus.

I missed you all!

little chick
08-20-2004, 08:57 AM
Morning chicks.... the sun is shinning and it is FRIDAY thank goodness I don't think I could take another work day. I just clued in this morning that there is only two weeks til school starts and I am not even close to having the kids ready. :dizzy: I am taking oldest dd out to finish off her supplies this week end and next will have to be clothes. Thank goodness that don't need to much.

Kiko- gotta to love tom. I am getting nervous about it. It is just around the bend for me and I am hoping I can keep the cravings at bay. Have a happy hump month :devil: Nothing more fun that making babies. ;)

Morning to the rest of you sleepyheads get out of bed. I will be back the dryer just buzzed.

08-20-2004, 08:59 AM
We missed you too, Kiko. It's nice to see you back and thanks for starting us up.

It's a fine day in the neighbourhood - the sun is actually shining! Sarah is arriving shortly to do some gardening for me. I have a list of indoor tasks this morning which I won't bore you with. This afternoon our Case Manager comes to check us out so I need to get the portie bunnies out of the back room. (Those are black fur dust bunnies.) I am going to discuss getting some more caregiver time. Four hours is definitely not enough when it takes half an hour to drive just to the nearest decent shopping! We are entitled to 4-15 hours a week and I'm certainly prepared to pay for anything over that. Imagine being able to go to Ottawa!

Lucy is not feeling well the past day. She's off her food and the tail-wagging is there but kind of slow. I am keeping my fingers crossed and keeping a close watch on the little darling. Geez! There's always something, isn't there?

Thanks for your kind wishes for Harry, Chicks. One of the advantages of his somewhat addled state is that he is not worried. I get to do all the fretting! :shrug:

I'll be back later to see what's happening.

08-20-2004, 09:26 AM
Morning Kiko,

Glad to have you back with us. I too am glad it's Friday. My DB and I are heading to the DE shore with my bestfriend and her husband. It's funny how these trios have changed from a group of young professional singles playing drinking games and doing body shots to the wee hours of the morning, then to mostly couples, then babies were added to the mix. Now it's just the 4 of us..the guys willplay golf, and Amy and I will enjoy the beach and take advantage of the tax free outlet shopping. We used to each be responsible for a meal.. Now we are bringing what ever we'd like (which is good so I can bring some SB friendly foods) and go out to a nice restaurant on Saturday night. I am just looking forward to relaxing the weekend before jumping into the house hunting next week.

Well I guess I really have to rethink my food I'dbeen eating. I thought I was eating things that were low fat and low carb, but apparently I haven't been reading the labels. Hydorgentated this and that, and the stone ground yellow corn in my "yucky" soy and flaxseed chip. I promise I will start fresh and new on monday?

Ellis-How did you like Supersize Me"?

It's a beautiful sunny day here in NoVA. Makes it hard to get up and go to work, especially on a Friday. Have a great weekend on the beach ladies...I will actually be on the beach and will do my best to stay on the beach... :crossed:


08-20-2004, 09:29 AM
You were quick to post...we posted at the same time. Kiko was the only one when I started to post....I guess I got side tracked with things. Have a great day both of you!


08-20-2004, 09:46 AM
Morning. Today is early day at work, so I can't say much. DF and I both got up at 7:15....YAWN. Here is what I look like, seriously. :tired: Add some brown hair, and that's me today. Groggy from my sleeping pill I took last night.

So I went crazy trying to "confuse" my body yesterday and not only had my morning bagel, but I had an evening brown rice and cheese casserole slice. Still 140. I'm about ready to put Terry on the scale and see if HE weighs 140. (That'd be so funny!)

Well anyway, I need to have my morning bagel and finish getting ready. Gotta leave in less than 30 minutes. Later everyone. Have a great Friday!

08-20-2004, 09:47 AM
hello everyone!!
TGIF!!!! half a day of work today and then off for the weekend!!! wooooo hooooo. i have to power school shop this weekend as i have waited too long and classes start on tues for 2 of my little darlings. i went through last years stuff last night (thank goodness all 3 wear uniforms) so i know what i need. dd needs everything since the high school uniform is different than grade school so her shopping will be the hardest part. i am taking her to the beauty shop today to get a new hair style. i am very happy about this she has been wearing the pony tail at the nape of her neck for 8 years and has finally expressed an interest in a change nothing drastic but a cute style she can wear pony or straight. she recieved her school schedule yesterday and it is pretty easy for the 1st semester art, gym,religion, honors biology. she is bordering between sick to her stomach and total joy at the prospect of starting high school. hopefully the time together shopping and stuff will help her even out a bit.

last night i was very good stuck to my plan and as an olympic treat instead of the dreaded brownies that were calling my name i had a big spoonfull of cool whip free. it was similar to ice cream in its frozen state and got me through the sweet craving i was having.

lots of work and little time this morning so i better get moving. hello to everyone hope you all have a great day!!!

08-20-2004, 10:19 AM
Morning, everyone! :sunny: I actually got here before the number of daily posts is in double digits! :cb:

Ruth, I am so very sorry to hear what is causing Harry's problem, but I am so glad they caught it quickly. Colonoscopies, so I hear from my parents, are not nearly so bad as they are billed, and they can often fix the problem from right there, which would mean less medical visits for Harry. I'll definitely be praying for God to hold him in His hands. :grouphug: In spite of the frassing nurse (I concur with Jodi...does she know how much running around you do every day???), I think you have a lot to celebrate with your scores! :cp: :high: :cheer: :cp: Good for you, Ruth!!! :grouphug: I'm thrilled to hear that you're going to ask for more caregiver time. You NEED it, Ruth! You need a break from the worrying and time just for you, away from home! You also need to make it to Ottawa so you can indulge in some very OP Chinese food! ;) I'll keep Lucy in my prayers, too. It's so hard figuring out what might be wrong when they can't talk with you!

KVixen, thanks for the lovely return post! :goodvibes: I love the dollar store too! You never know what fun stuff you're going to find there! :D I'm sure your place is lovely...sounds like you have a great sense of design! I'm with you on the chocolate...who actually likes vanilla creams? :p I'm a big believer in that if you cheat, the thing you eat ought to be fantastic and dreamy! :T Sending lots of great vibes your way to resist any and all temptation and find joy in your OP food!

Oh, Karen, it's just good to see you! :D Don't worry about posting to each person. I've missed you! Hope the class is panning out to be as great as you thought when you first met them.

Oh, man, LC, you reminded me that I need to throw things in the dryer at lunch. Here's hoping I remember and don't pull an Ellis (you know I love you, girl! :D)! I'm sure all the back-to-school stuff will get still have time. Hope it's as hassle-free as possible!

Sheila, enjoy your time on the beach! I'm so jealous...I love the ocean! It sounds like a totally perfect time...time alone with a good girlfriend and time with your DH at night. ;) Enjoy yourself! :D About the food, don't worry about low carb, and low fat mostly applies just to dairy and meat. Try to keep your shopping to the outer walls of the supermarket...produce, meat, dairy, frozen, not to the inner ones, where the chips and snacks are. That can be a good guide to your purchases. It even applies at Trader Joes, though the right wall where the bread is can be a major temptation before Phase 2! ;) I hear they have Ezekiel Bread which is great on Phase 2. I know you'll get the hang of this and be very successful on SBD! :grouphug:

Weezle, try it for another day and see what happens. If that doesn't work, maybe you need to have something different for breakfast and switch it up a bit. Are you having a whole regular size bagel? If so, it's something like 3 servings of starch. :yikes: One bagel serving is one mini bagel. That might be the issue, though you'd think it would have gone up yesterday with everything else added in. :dizzy: Trying to figure this stuff out can drive you batty! :lol: I hope you feel much better and get some sleep tonight. Do you have to work on the weekends?

Jodi, congrats on staying away from the ice cream! :cp: Hope DD's hairstyle is'll be fun for her to try something new before HS. Enjoy the power shopping...I'm sure you won't be the only one out there! ;)


I forgot to say yesterday that I found a great way to wear my "too-big" pants...I've been trying to safety pin them, but the pin keeps popping open. Anyways, while shopping for the quilt stuff I got a package of quilt pins. They are safety pins that are a bit longer and are curved. I used one of them yesterday to tighten my pants, and it worked great! Whooopeee! I am somewhere between a 22/24, and the second hand shops near me hardly ever carry anything above a 14, so I'm trying to hold out before buying anything new.

Jazzercise was SO tough yesterday! They change the routines frequently and so it's always a little different. Still, I love sweating that much...I feel so warm and alive when I leave, and I feel flexible enough to wrap my legs around my head! :lol:

Took the dog for a couple walks and got a couple more mosquito bites. The darn things are everywhere! :mad:

Wasn't able to cut out the quilt square yesterday, since I have to wash and iron the fabric first. Almost forgot that step! Hope to do some either tonight or tomorrow. Should be exciting to see it take shape! :D

Did my first set of weight training exercises from my trainer. Some of them were brutally hard, like 68 crunches in a row, then repeat. Ack!!! :faint: Still, I just kept thinking about Meg's beautiful muscles and was motivated to keep working. :D I noticed in the mirror that my calf muscles are more defined. There's still too much fat on my arms to see the muscles underneath, but I have high hopes for when they are revealed!

I looked at my weigh ins and realized that I've been plateauing around 260-262 for over 13 days! :( I guess that extra starch suddenly started working? I'm going to cut it out and see if the scale starts moving again. I just wish I could figure out how to get the scale to go down, but not as fast. Seems like it's either running fast or stuck.

Have a great day, chicks!!! :jig:

08-20-2004, 10:24 AM
Good morning, gals! I stepped on the scale this morning and found out I am 174. That is 40 pounds down from my highest number! :cb: Of course, I still have a long way to go but I am just so happy with South Beach. And my stomach is happier now that I stay away from the fats that used to tear it up. :)

Brian had a good first day of school and got to play with his friend Mathew afterwards. He lives across the street from us. I was talking to his mom last night when I got back from my walk and it turns out she has gone back on Jenny Craig and is willing to join me for my walk. Yeah! I will be fun to have a talking/walking partner. She can put her little girl in the stroller and the boys can come if they want or stay home with my husband and play.

I am ready for the weekend and I don't even have to work this weekend!

08-20-2004, 10:28 AM
Kiko, welcome back! :wave: We missed you!

Little Chick, the last few weeks of summer holidays just fly by, don't they!? I've got to get my act together, too. I always hated when parents said this in the past, but... I CAN'T WAIT FOR THEM TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!! :lol:

Sweet Ruth, I wish I could make Harry better for you. :grouphug: You're such a lovely person, and you rarely complain, but I know you're carrying the world on your shoulders.
I hope little Lucy is alright. :( Hopefully she's simply pissed off that having sex led to her feeling heavy and uncomfortable.

Sheila, your upcoming weekend sounds lovely! Enjoy yourself!
Supersize Me was good. No surprises, but it provided my friend and I with some "food for thought". If I'd been Morgan, I would have stopped at two weeks, but I admire his sacrifice. It was extreme, but that's often the only way to prove a point to some people.

Weezle, nice image of you. :lol: I hope the pill wears off, and you're able to be alert today. ;)

Jodi, aren't uniforms wonderful! DD wore one for a few years when she was at Catholic school, but she's moved into public school now, and they don't wear them.
A few years ago we put our foot down over the "Brittany Spears Look", and last year when she started high school, she told us she'd decided to go "Punk". Which was (comparitively) fine with us. ;) She wears a lot of unrevealing black and a number of crosses around her neck. We won't allow her to get any piercings (other than her ears), so she looks reasonably normal. :lol: She's such a good, well-grounded girl, and I like that she's expressing herself a little.
Jodi, I hope your daughter isn't too anxious on the first day. Enjoy your "mother-daughter" time together. That's something she'll always remember. :)

After the movie last night, James and I went to an Ethiopian restaurant. It was good! We had three different dishes which the waitress poured onto a flat bread which was spread on a big tray. No utensils. You rip off a piece of bread and scoop up some of the sauces. Very yummy, and it seemed healthy. (compared to... say, McDonalds)
The only down-side was that, as soon as I sat down in the restaurant I realized I had another bladder infection. :mad: I can't believe it! This is my fifth one this year! I just got over one less than a month ago! CRAP!!! Back to the walk-in-clinic, damnit.

Otherwise, I am just fine. :)
Back later... love and hugs to all of you... :grouphug:

08-20-2004, 10:32 AM
Cheez, I spent so long on my post, I missed Laurie and Barb! Back in a sec...

08-20-2004, 10:43 AM
Barb, Congratulations!!!

That is awesome news and earns you a chick!

Yay for you, Barb!!! And so glad you have a walking partner, too!

Ellis, glad you had such a yummy dinner. Wish we had more exotic restaurants around here. One of the pleasures of living in a big city! :D Sorry about the darn bladder infection. What a mess! Is that the one that you can get if you don't pee after sex? (sorry to be crass!) Can you take cranberry pills? I hope it goes away, and quick!!! :grouphug: Sounds like your DD has a good handle on herself for a teen! :goodvibes:

sweet tooth
08-20-2004, 11:30 AM
Hokie Smokes. Eveyone is up soooooo early this morning. Could it be that it is Friday and you want to get it over with faster? I always thought I was a morning person, but I don't hold a candle to the rest. :dizzy:

Kiko - Welcome back. It's good to see you again. You enjoy the down time this weekend. I think it is always wise to have some 'me' time to reflect and regroup. Have a good weekend.

LC - I know what you mean about not being ready for school. Although I don't have my own kids to get ready, I do work on a campus - what would these college kids do without their moms to get them into school. Next week is registration, so I am trying to gear up for a very busy time, just not enjoying it very much.

Ruth - Good to hear from you. Hope things go well and that you are able to get more assistance from a caregiver. They seem to be so stingy with the home care these days - I guess a by-product of cutting health care. Take care.

Sheila - Have fun at the beach. It is certainly funny that you go through those stages in life. DH and I got married very young and our friends at the time were about 5 years behind us - in marriage, in kids, in freedom after kids, etc. - so our friends are generally older than us simply because of our stage of life at the moment. Enjoy your time at the beach - you deserve the break.

Weezle - Happy Friday. Have great OP eating weekend...not too many bagels, now. :o I admisre you for adding new foods regularly. I really have a problem stepping out of the box that I drew for myself when I started SBD. I generally seem to eat the same things everyday because that is what I know I can have to lose weight - and also because it has become a routine that I have time to finish before work everyday. When I look at my weight chart over the past 3 months, I realize that the only weight loss weeks on the chart are the weeks that I went back to Phase 1. The weeks that I added ANY starch/fruit at all, I either stayed the same or had a slight gain. I find it so frustrating. Since I only have another 13 or so pounds to lose, I think I will stay on Phase 1 until I am close to goal. It just seems to work the best for me. I have a medical in a few weeks, so will discuss with him because this is crazy.

Jodi - Good luck on the shopping this weekend. Sounds like you will have fun with the kids getting them ready for school. Have a great weekend

Laurie - You are such a busy gal. Jazzercise, walking the dogs, making quilts, weight training...I'm tired thinking of that. I really want to take a quilting course this year. I have seen so many beautiful quilts and would like to start something like that. I have just been procrastinating, though. I think I will call and make arrangements today, though. You have inspired me to take that step.

Barb - Congratulations :balloons: :bravo: on the weight loss. You have come such a long way and should be very proud of yourself. It is great to have someone to walk with, also. It will keep you company on the walk, but also keep you consistent going every day. Good to hear that Brian has started the school year out well. When kids have a positive start, the school year doesn't seem to be so overwhelming. I was actually going to ask you how the weight chart is working. I was just looking at mine this morning and was able to pick out the weeks that I was losing and compare to the foods that I was eating at the time.

Ellis - Glad you 'enjoyed' the movie AND didn't get tempted to go to McDonald's for supper. Your dinner sounds good. Bladder infections - aren't they a pain (no pun intended). I suffered with them a few years ago and the dr. told me to drink cranberry juice when I felt one coming on. Of course, that would completely destroy SBD, but it does work. DH and I used to travel a lot to third world countries and it was a godsend when access to medical clinics was not available. Hope you get over quickly.

Me - Well, I got on the scale this morning and I lost the 3 pounds that I gained last weekend being bad plus another 2.6 pounds. :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: Now I can see the end of the weight loss is near. My weight chart gives an estimate of the date that I will reach goal and it is schedule right now for Oct. 6. We are going to a wedding on Oct. 9 and it is our 34th anniversary on Oct. 10, so I am focusing on being at goal by then.

Tonight, our son's girlfriend is flying to Winnipeg for 2 weeks - O blessed peace for the household. She is a nice girl, but she has her quirks especially when she thinks that we should do everything, eat everything, etc. that her family does. When I realized that I was being bossed around in my own home, I had to put my foot down... When she arrived last Sept., she kicked one of our kids out of his bathroom, so he had to move to a different one in another part of the house...they have been at each other's throats for an entire year now. THEN our other son (whose girlfriend this is) took a summer appointment out of town. Oh well, we are looking forward to the rest.

Must get to work now. Hope noone has posted while I have been typing, but if so, Hi! and have a great weekend.

Take care!!!

08-20-2004, 11:31 AM
Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry I've not been around much :(

I've just been keeping so busy and trying not to keep going and not become "sits-in-chair" while staying away from my other nick name "runswithscissors"... *sigh*

I've been going to the stables just about every day, if I'm not riding I'm trudging around and around the sand arena leading while little kids ride. My legs really feel it!!!

Yesterday the scale said 225.8 :D but today... 228.4 Of course that was after breakfast and without a major trip to the bathroom (if you *know* what I mean :o ) So I don't know what to think... except that I did make my last goal of getting below 230. I've come to accept that I simply cannot have 3 servings of grains ... I can maybe have 2 and they HAVE to be before dinner, like no later than 2 or 3 p.m. Although I seem to be able to get away with any fruit I want. What sucks is that I'm allergic to most everything.

Worst PMS that I've had in a while. Probably has to do with stressing out about school starting back up... on the 30th. If I have gained weight it's probably the soy-nut butter and real ice cream that I had catching up with me :(

I was on campus yesterday to buy books, I walked into the nursing department office to get my CD-ROM (they don't print anything for us, instead they make us pay over $100 for a CD from which we have to print out everything... anyone else had this in college?) I walk in and only said "hi" and got yelled at for showing up on their lunch (at 2 p.m.). Nice, eh? I've got the head of the dept. barking at me to sit down (like three times, one right after the other when I didn't jump to) like I'm some hyperactive pre-schooler running around the office (as I stand there feeling like a deer in headlights). I finally walked away to do the other thing I needed to do (look to see what my rotations are) while trying to sound assertive while I said that I would do something else I needed to do and come back later. I wound up with the worst (first?) tension headache that I've had since school let out.

Lord keep your arm around my shoulders and your hand over my mouth!

I'm so scared of having all my hard work go down the toilet once school starts. I know I've been flaky this summer but I just know that I'm going to need you guys so much once school starts!

I only skimmed messages and will do my best to read and post more tonight...

Oh... as a P.S. we made TACO BAKE (gawd I love that dish) last night. We didn't have regular mushrooms so I took 5 portabellos that I had, cut them into about 1 inch cubes and used those... it was SO GOOD!!!! The portabellos really added something to it.


08-20-2004, 11:35 AM
Hey Peggy and Laurie! Sorry it took me a couple days to answer your questions! I do online studies through the Art Institute Online. It is the exact curriculum of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. You take the same classes as you would if you went to the ground school. Except instead of attending class it is forum based and you post your homework, comments, questions, etc to the discussion threads. I like it alot, but I am paying through the nose for it! The convenience is great though because I "attend" class whatever time during the day that I feel like and I choose which 5 out of the 7 days I want to "go". Plus, you go all 4 quarters and you get a 2-3 week break between each one. This way, you can finish a bachelors degree in 3 years as opposed to 4-5. I have about 2 yrs left because I am going to take a quarter off after the baby is born. They have lots of majors (all of course art related) like game design, graphic arts, fashion design, culinary arts, but I am doing Interior design. The majority of the students are adults going back to school.

I hope everyone is doing well. I have a OB appt on Monday and I have to do the glucose test and I am really worried about it. Lately, anything sugary gives me the shakes about an hour later. No, I am not eating candy bars! At least not very often! LOL! Like yesterday I had my calcium-fortified OJ. (It is hard for me to get in all the calcium I need!) and that gave me the shakes. Diabetes runs in my family. My grandmother has it, and it helped aid the passing of both my great-grandma(at 60) and my mother(at 30). So, I am dreading the results. I know gestational diabetes is supposed to go away after you have the baby, but my mom's started with gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with me at 19 and it never went away. So, I guess you can understand my worry.

Well, I am going to go take a nap because I am exhausted and I might be called in this afternoon to start a temp job that will last for the next 3 months. I hope I get it! I need to save some money for this baby! Have a great day everyone!

08-20-2004, 11:42 AM
Mornin' ladies. My, aren't we busy chicklets this a.m.? Not I. I was on the phone with the Dell guy again until 3 am. But he was flirty. It was kind of weird.

Everyone sounds like they are doing well. Congrats on losing 40 lbs, Barb! Ethiopian food sounds phenomenal, but alas, still in Phase One and stuck there a day longer cuz of the stupid chocolate fiasco yesterday. Hope everyone's kids are adjusting/will adjust to school. I love that Staples commercial with the sullen little girl following her dad around while he shops for school supplies. Then she says, 'I thought you said school was out forever', and the dad turns around, it's Alice Cooper, and he says, "No, it's school's out for summer.' High school is very rough, I went to a Catholic high school and was the dorky girl whose skirts were too long to be cool, and had ugly shoes. Alas, my mother insisted on getting tons of shopping done before school, and I didn't have any idea what to wear with ugly uniforms, and so I was the dork for two years before I outgrew them. There might be an upside to buying some stuff now, but picking up sale stuff in a couple of weeks. Beachgal, congrats on all the exercising. If only I could motivated. But I have a standing date with the Dell for tonight too. I'd rather be at the gym. =)

Have a great day!

08-20-2004, 11:42 AM
Good to see you, ADD! Sounds like the people at your school are real jerks! I can't believe they behave like that! :p I'd be tempted to give them **** and ask why they are treating a paying customer that way! :grouphug:

Congrats on the loss! :cp: Weight can fluctuate, so don't stress too hard, okay?

little chick
08-20-2004, 01:06 PM
Hi gang I have about 2 1/2 seconds before I hear for the I don't know how many times. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO THE BEACH. why do I even tell them. Anyway glad to see us all posting and some of our MIA chicks back. Gotta to run one is crying and my 3 year old bully is the cause. Plus the rest of them are chanting beach beach beach beach.

08-20-2004, 02:12 PM
I just have a moment... I had a nice surprise this mornning 213.5. !3 lbs to get below 200. That is seems so doable.


08-20-2004, 02:37 PM
Hello everyone,
Well our day is going well here Except my lunch stinks!::(: I went running errands w/DD#2 and went to SAMs and got fish and nuts and other stuff. Then took DD@ thru drive thru to get her a hot dog so I got a roasted chicken salad from KFC I thought that looks good WRONG :mad: I just ate the chicken off and am now headed for the kitchen to see what I can have. Still have not gotten on scale I am too afraid to look:rofl:
The rain looks like it might be going away but we shall see. Have to figure out whats for dinner tonight. I really would rather go out to dinner but alas our babysitter had to cancel she had a 5inch hole cut into her on Wednesday and she is just not feeling that great. (Skin Cancer AT 20!!!!!!!!!!) The prognossis is good though.

Well I guess I am going to go scavenage around my kitchen and see what sounds good and is OP. I will be back.

08-20-2004, 02:58 PM
Ok back again!!
I found something to eat. A little cantaloupe and I have a mimi cheese pizza in the oven. Its made on a Latortia with tomoato sauce and cheese. Thought it might satisfy the craving for pizza too.

Barb:bravo: that is just awesome!!
Sheq: I want to come shopping too!!!
Kiko right there with you TOM Just try not to eat everything in sight and just think next week how many calories and the exercise you will get trying to make that baby:dance:
Cac Way to go!
Ellis Feel Better
Laurie Just think you will have your time next week. Keep up with the Jazzercise it helped me last time I was dieting.

08-20-2004, 03:03 PM
I love making pizzas on La Tortilla tortillas! I add sliced mushrooms and onions and canadian bacon. I have also switched to turkey pepperoni or canadian bacon for the rest of the family. That way they get less fat and still get a good flavor.

Sorry to hear about your baby sitter. I hope she gets regular skin checks and that the cancer has not spread. My sis had melanoma and I've had 5 precancerous moles so I take it seriously.

sweet tooth
08-20-2004, 04:39 PM
Jennie - Thanks for the info about the school. I had never heard of that one before. I must take a look at their web site...sounds interesting.

Add - Your story about the campus is annoying, to say the least. I get soooo angry when I hear about students being treated this way. On the campus where I work, administration is very concerned when students are treated this way and want to know about them. I think that on most post secondary campuses (not all, but a lot of them, anyway), the faculty think that they are the customer (because in their view, the campus wouldn't exist without them), and that the students are there to be treated in any fashion that they choose. Strides are being made to change that treatment, but can't be done unless the behaviour is identified. I don't know the structure of your college, but I would certainly be doing something about the incident - try the Dean/Chair of the faculty (unless that person was involved :)), if so, go above their head; your student's union is another good lobby group for this kind of behaviour; how about submitting an article for your student newspaper (letter to the editor, or something). You just don't need that kind of treatment at all.

Well, I just got back from my 70 minute power walk. This is the third day a 1 hour, so I can feel that it is getting easier, but I am still tired. The weight is coming off though and for that I am thankful. I was at the campus computer store this morning and ran into another employee. She was amazed at the weight that I had lost over the summer. Puffed chest, sucked in stomach... :dancer:

Bye for now. Have a great weekend.

08-20-2004, 05:29 PM
Peggy, I'm so glad that you received a feels so good, doesn't it!

Where do you work at your college? I'm in career services at a small, private, liberal arts college, and we feel the same way about students...they are treated well or else! <making cutting motion across neck> Our nursing supervisor is a crabby woman, but everyone else in the department is sooo nice. I think ADD should go to school here! :D

sweet tooth
08-20-2004, 05:36 PM
I'm in security - the switchboard falls under me, parking (the most thankless job ever), we contract the guard force, so they are my responsibility, keys, alarm systems, that kind of stuff.

If you had a student advise of an issue such as ADD had, what would you advise on your campus? Our career services and counselling department are in the same area, so some of the mistreated students show up in that area. We also have a President who wants to know when issues of this nature happen - his exec assistant deals with them, so we have lots of avenues here to pursue bad behaviour from staff.

08-20-2004, 05:51 PM
If something like that happened, I suppose it would go first to the Academic dean, who would then deal with the people in the department. It's harder with the academic department staff, because they don't have as direct a supervisor as the staff in department offices. I know it would be dealt with quickly and harshly. Though some of our students are a bit :dizzy:, still they are definitely our customers, and as fellow human beings, too, they deserve our respect. We aren't allowed to all go to lunch at the same time, so what happened to ADD probably would never happen here, but that kind of rudeness is just inexcusable. I agree with all that you told her...GREAT suggestions!

And yes, you have one tough job! Parking on any college campus is just very frustrating and difficult! Do you like the work, in spite of the frustration?

08-20-2004, 08:23 PM
Just wanted to post a quick hi-the kids are whining for dinner. LOL. Spent all day at a back to school meeting for work. Train, train, train. We spent all day in classes. We went over all of the new policies and procedures. Hopefully this year will not be as stressful as last year (the district re-arranged all of the schools and transportation which equaled mass confusion!).

I got my route, it is 4.5 hours and I got both students in wheelchairs for the district to stretch my route. I also went in and chatted with my boss and she suggested I sign up to do a special needs kindergarten route to give me that financial boost. If I don't recieve a kindergarten route then realistically I am only losing 1/2 hour per day from last year and financially for us, this is doable. DBF's job is giving us more financial freedom and my paychecks are becoming more of my spending money rather than paying bills and trying to survive on them.

I'm glad it all worked out, I was so worried! The other sn drivers have been good to me to by welcoming me to this division and giving me extra training and stuff so that I am well prepared.

O.k. I heard a crash from upstairs, I have to go investigate! Chat later.

08-20-2004, 09:11 PM
Weezle, try it for another day and see what happens. If that doesn't work, maybe you need to have something different for breakfast and switch it up a bit. Are you having a whole regular size bagel? If so, it's something like 3 servings of starch. :yikes: One bagel serving is one mini bagel. That might be the issue, though you'd think it would have gone up yesterday with everything else added in. :dizzy: Trying to figure this stuff out can drive you batty! :lol: I hope you feel much better and get some sleep tonight. Do you have to work on the weekends?

Well crap. Yeah I'm having a regular size bagel. It fills me up so I'm not hungry until 3 hours later when it's time for my snackysnack.

So, I still look like this :tired: and I'm thinking I may be coming down with something. All day long today I've just felt icky like I may be fighting off a fever or something. I don't know. Thank God Job #2 called me off so I don't have to go through that tonight. Yesterday the high was like 82, and then today it was 53 here. (Weather channel said 68 for the high, but that's junk because it was only 53 at 3:00 this afternoon.) I think it may have something to do with how I feel today.

My stomach growled all day today, too, which is surprising because I haven't really been starving since I started SB. I ate my giganto bagel for breakfast, couldn't even wait 2 hours for the peanuts, then had my brown rice/cheese casserole less than 2 hours later, then my cheese stick 2 hours later, and had 3 and a half hours until I was off of that job. My stomach was roaring at 4:30! I came home and had more than I usually do for dinner (salad with cottage cheese and a whole wheat tortilla with spaghetti sauce and cheese on it.) My stomach feels a little better, but otherwise I feel like poop.

I'm supposed to go meet a friend in an hour but I think I need to just lay on the couch, as I do have to work at 9:30 tomorrow morning. Then, after a long day at work, I have to clean my entire house since I'm having a PartyLite party here Sunday night. Grocery shopping comes early Sunday. Ugh, forgot about church, too. Hopefully no guilt trips from Dad this weekend....don't have time for everything.

You all have a lovely evening. Talk to you later on this weekend.