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08-17-2004, 12:03 PM
Hi, all--

I feel like I haven't posted in ages. As the fall semester starts Thursday, work has been crazy (to put it lightly), and there has been much less time to see what's going on here.

Anyway...two things.

One, the weight loss has slowed a lot for me, and I'm worried that I'm at a point where I'll stop losing. I haven't really gone off plan, I'm not gaining weight, and I'm not having problems being OP. I think what may be my issue is that I've been binge eating with OP foods at night time. Not sure why, but I've been absolutely ravenous when I get home from work lately. Also, I know I should get back to exercising. Haven't ridden the bike regularly in quite a while. I guess it wouldn't bother me as much if my mini goal wasn't only 2 pounds away. I feel like I've been sitting within 5 pounds of it for the last 2 months...

Second, I'm looking for all the good vibes I can get sent in the direction of my DH. I mentioned a while back that he was applying for a position here at the college, and since then, he's been through a web-based quiz and a phone interview for the job. He has one more hoop to jump through next Tuesday, which will be an on campus interview that involves the actual interview, a mock training session, meeting the president of the college and VP, and dinner... I, of course, believe he'd be perfect for the job and that the job would be perfect for him...I am a bit biased, though.

Anyway, it would probably be a significant pay increase for him and would allow us to move ahead with our lives in planning for a house and <gasp!> kids... With the economy slowing down here, it's been a bit rough for job hunters. We will be fine financially no matter what happens, but I think it would do DH's ego wonders just to have an offer...

I know you all are a great support network, so I'm laying my hopes and frustrations at your collective feet. Thanks for being here, ladies. :) I know I'm a mostly silent member here, but you all have no idea what your input means for me.

08-17-2004, 12:08 PM
Fuzzy, I will certainly say prayers for you and your DH. :grouphug:
Let us know how things go...

sweet tooth
08-17-2004, 12:38 PM
Fuzzy - I think you know what to do about the weight loss...I also know that you can do it. Keep your chin up, you are so close to that mini goal.

Saying lots of prayers for your DH. My DH and I worked at the same college for about 17 years. He moved on to the university a year ago, so it just is not the same. Hopefully, he will get the job. It really saves in lots of ways. We had the opportunity to lunch together (sometimes), carpool together (the rule was that we could ***** about work on the way to and from work, but not at home :lol: ), and it also helped because we had a better understanding of each other's worlds. We also made a point of NOT contacting each other during business hours unless an emergency came up, or we were actually doing business. ;). You will really enjoy it if he gets the job. With the number of interviews that he is going through, he must be awfully close. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

08-17-2004, 12:49 PM
Here's some good vibes for DH! :goodvibes

My hubbie was in a similar position about a year ago. Getting the job has made all the difference in our lives. I hope that you have the same good fortune!

08-17-2004, 01:00 PM
Fuzzy, I totally don't consider you a silent member! :no: I love the phrase under your name about finding your hipbones and I was thinking of your avatar just last Sunday when my neighbor's cat was leaning into and rubbing against my leg. (he's a total sweetie-cat. :D )

Lots of :goodvibes: and prayers for your DH to get this job! It sounds amazing and I concur with Peggy (the wise your answers, Peggy!) about his experience...with all those interviews, he must be awfully close! :D

I also agree with know what you need to do. I am sure you can do it as well! :cheer: You can do this, Fuzzy!!! :cheer: One thing I do to help is I brush my teeth and go upstairs (if you have a one floor home, you can maybe head to your bedroom? anywhere away from the kitchen works) after I am done eating for the day. This makes it more difficult to keep eating. I'll get involved in playing a game on the computer, journaling, cleaning up after, petting, and playing with the bunnies, etc. Anything to keep my mind off the food. ;) If all else fails, I just go to bed! I know a couple others on here have done the same, too. :D

Lots of :goodluck: for you and good vibes! We are a couple weeks from the Fall term here, and I know what you mean about the craziness! :dizzy:

08-17-2004, 01:31 PM
Chiming in late but another vote for brushing your teeth. I did it last night and it just served as an extra reminder of what I am giving up by eating late.

And another suggestion would be to add something little but new. Like instead of getting in a full bike workout, how about just committing to doing 30 push-ups before bed each night? Sounds silly but it will help kickstart your metabolism.

Good luck, you can do this!!

sweet tooth
08-17-2004, 02:19 PM
It's funny about the brushing teeth. I was just reading somewhere last week that it is a deterrent for evening snacking - things don't taste very good after you have brushed your teeth.

I'm going to have to remember that one. When I stray, it will usually be in the evenings after supper - I really enjoy snacking in the evenings.

08-17-2004, 02:22 PM
Sweet tooth-- We have already had lots of discussions about making rules for if we end up working together. :) I'm the type that needs some time to myself, and I feel like I never get it at home, so we've decided that lunch together at work would definitely have to be kept to a minimum. But the carpooling would be awesome b/c the car DH drives is probably on its last leg. Our college has a policy of bringing at least 3 people in for on campus interviews (EOP) for all job searches, so it'll be hard not to be watching the campus calendar for when his "competition" is scheduled to arrive.

Laurie and Jenn-- I will try the toothbrushing thing. I'm willing to try just about anything to kill the night time binge problem. This used to be a problem for me before I went on South Beach, but the urge to eat all night stopped after I started this plan. Not sure why it's returning to haunt me.

And just to Jenn...the last time I tried to do a push up, I discovered I'd have to wait a while to try those again b/c chest gets in the way. arms could use the workout, but they don't have far to bend before my boobs hit the floor! :dunno: I think I might start out riding a couple of miles at night to get myself back into the habit and build up to a half hour from there.

08-17-2004, 02:32 PM
Good luck! Good vibes coming your way (uh which direction do I send them from Idaho? :D )

Don't be discouraged, gets in the way from all the good vibes!

You are loved.

08-17-2004, 10:43 PM
I`m only new, but I`m still sending you some "Good Vibes" :goodvibes

Just remember.......... everything happens for a reason. If it is meant to be, it WILL be. One door closes, and another one opens.

This new job for your DH sounds like it will be great for the whole family, so :crossed:

As for the late night snack-attacks...... maybe it is stress related, and will calm down when this new job busines is settled.

I`de have a boiled egg (filling)...... and brushing your teeth sounds like a great idea. :goodluck:

08-24-2004, 08:22 AM
Hi, all--

Today is the big day for DH's interview. So if you remember, start aiming your vibes his way around 1:30 (central time ;) ) this afternoon. RNMOM, aim WAY east of Idaho towards central Illinois. :D

DH did his mock training session for me last night, and I think he'll do a great job, provided he doesn't go too long. DH and I are a classic case of opposites attracting. I never talk enough, and well...he overcompensates for my lack of it, I think.

My "sources" inside the college tell me that he's got a really GOOD chance of landing this thing. Those of you who work in academia know, however, that search teams can really drag their feet with interviews. Even once his search team decides who they think is the strongest candidate, the ultimate decision will be made by the Board of Trustees, which won't meet until mid-September...

Anyway, thanks everyone for your support. :) I've told DH that there are lots more people pulling for him than he realizes.

Let the waiting begin....

08-24-2004, 08:32 AM
Tell him my boobs are crossed for him - and I don't do that for just any guy!
Seriously though, I am sending good vibes across Ontario and the Midwest.

08-24-2004, 09:52 AM
Lots of good vibes coming your way from NY! Go, Fuzzy's DH, go! :cheer:

:goodvibes: :goodvibes: :goodvibes: :goodvibes: :goodvibes: :goodvibes: :goodvibes:

08-24-2004, 11:21 AM
Woo hoo Fuzzy and Fuzzy DH! :goodvibes and prayers down the road to ya!

I'm at a standstill on the weight, too. I, too, haven't been doing my bike like I should, though. Am starting Ph1 again next week to see if that'll kickstart me again. I'm 3 lbs from my August goal. I'll just be happy to lose 1 lb and be able to say I lost.

Good luck with everything Fuzzy!

08-24-2004, 04:50 PM
Hi, all--
I think what may be my issue is that I've been binge eating with OP foods at night time. Not sure why, but I've been absolutely ravenous when I get home from work lately. Also, I know I should get back to exercising. Haven't ridden the bike regularly in quite a while. I guess it wouldn't bother me as much if my mini goal wasn't only 2 pounds away. I feel like I've been sitting within 5 pounds of it for the last 2 months...


I'm a little guilty of this too! Just lately I have been making a huge pot of home made vegie or minestrone (with tons of vegies) soup on the weekend so that as soon as I can get home I can heat up a large bowl of soup and eat it straight away. This takes the edge off my appetite so I can eat a regular dinner and feel satisfied. The other trick I have learned is to wait for an hour or two and make desert a little later in the evening so it is kind of a supper. Then you are eating one OP legal meal rather than snacking all night on SB friendly snacks. Sometimes if I get the urge for something sweet I have a herbal tea or a diet drink.

08-24-2004, 09:58 PM
Sending a lot of good vibes your way!!
Hope all goes well.

08-25-2004, 11:13 AM
Well, reporting in. DH said he thinks he charmed them all pretty well, including the college president. (DH currently works with our president's wife at the university across town who gave DH a few tips on how to strike up a good conversation.) There were 2 people on the search team who were a bit stonefaced, so he's not sure what they thought.

So the college board of trustees doesn't meet until the 3rd week of September, so we've got a bit of waiting to do until we find out what the outcome is.

Thanks everybody for the well-wishing and boob-crossings! :D I think it helped him out. :)

08-25-2004, 11:48 AM
Hey, if your hubby charmed you into marrying him, we know that he is good at charming as a whole! The waiting is no fun, but the celebrating will be! :hat: