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08-17-2004, 03:05 AM
Well, looks like I'm the first up. Or is that last up?
Let me tell you why I'm up.
I'm up in my bed at 10:30ish. DH has tomorrow off, so he's down here on the computer trying to win another phase of Civilization II. DD comes up to say goodnight. She climbs into bed with me for a brief chat before bed. She's checking out my rings, and asks if she can try one on. I hand her my wedding ring, and she says, "Oh, sure. Give me the cheap one without the diamonds." So she sticks it on one of her middle fingers, claiming hers are much thinner than mine. I'm reading my book, and I hear a quiet, "I can't get it off." Naturally she's joking, because we're all jokers in our family, so I utter a grunt without removing my eyes from the page. Again, "Mom, I'm serious. I really can't get it off."
Sure enough, the damned thing is firmly lodged. She's frantic, and worried I'll be mad. "Go and ask Daddy to take it off."
Off she goes, and I fall asleep, unconcerned. I wake up at 1:30ish thanks to my acid reflux. You know that drowning sensation with the unpleasant taste? We're all a little heavy here, so I'll tell you, it would really help in that respect if I were to lose 60 pounds.
Knowing my sweet DH, he's probably still hunched over the computer, eyes glued to the screen, moving his armies with a God-like flick of the mouse.
Yes. There's DD in the TV room watching a Bob Hope movie with a bag of frozen cauliflower pressed against her hand, a tub of Penzoil grease beside her. Her finger is puffy and sore.
I have just sent DH out the door with DD and a flea in his ear. They're heading to emergency to get the ring snipped. DD, convinced I'm hiding my anger, until I explain that after 16 happy years of marriage (bar tonight), I hardly care about a little band of gold next to the well-being of my daughter. We part with a hug. Her finger is particularly sore at this point, because DH hoped to get out of the wait in Emergency by taking a hacksaw to the ring. Needless to say...
Ah... he just called. They're on their way home. Ring is snipped, daughter is fine, DH apologetic for snapping at me.
I'm going to bed... hugs to all of you... :grouphug:

08-17-2004, 03:46 AM
Well now, that makes my story for being up BORING. :D I am glad it worked out, your poor DD. And I am sure you will get some DH guilt points.

I put off something for work. Needless to say, I was useless last week with everything happening with DD. Now I am stuck and I can't make myself do this work. Its awful. Worst case of apathy I have ever suffered.

Won't be online much tomorrow. Have to finish this stupid task AND taking the twins to see the Wiggles. For those of you who say "WHO?" :?: Think Barney without the purple dinosaur. Just 4 men who wear primary colors and sing nonsense songs. I will SO be having a cocktail after surviving this adventure. :cheers:

So anyway, good day to all.


08-17-2004, 04:07 AM
I'm only awake because I have yet to go to bed! I'm still working on the switch to days from my night rotation.

Ellis -- I'm really glad your DD managed to escape with her finger even if it meant that your ring was the casualty. If your relationship is anything like my parents was, a simple piece of gold could never sum up the love of a good marriage -- something that I'm sure DD is a beautiful reminder of.

Jen -- I'm the queen of procrastination myself so my heart goes out to you.

I'm just watching the end of a movie (In the Bedroom with Sissy Spacek) then I'll be "in the bedroom" myself!

I'll check back when I'm up for the day.


little chick
08-17-2004, 07:18 AM
Morning chickies....and I thought that I would be the first here this morning for a change. I actually got out of bed when dh went to work. It is a dreary morning here and feels like fall. Weighed myself again this morning (starting to feel like a scale wh**e again) I was hoping to see another pound down but no I am still the same. Although I feel thinner. :dizzy:

Ellis- glad that your dd is alright. And sorry to hear about your ring. Do you think that the jewler would be able to fix it?

smilintwins- have fun at the wiggles. I remember taking my girls to things like that. Although I do like the wiggles. I use alot of their songs for my dance classes.

KristinJ- Hope the movie was good. And that you got a good nights sleep.

Well I must go and enjoy the quiet for another 10 minutes before the wee ones start coming. I will return. Maybe if I can get near the puter since it looks to be an indoor day for the morning anyway. Please let the sun come out.

08-17-2004, 07:53 AM
Good morning, Chicks~~:coffee:

Another early morning for DH and for whatever reason, he just HAD to wake me up before he left. Ben Franklin was a crackpot...early to bed, early to rise...Bull Feathers. :mad: I want to still be sleeping. :(

I was telling the gals on the UWS board that I should just change my handle to Ado Annie b/c I cain't say no when faced with unhealthy, but yummy food. Any of you wildly successful Beach chicks have any advice for me? I did so awesomely well yesterday until after dinner. DH :devil: decided we needed ice cream. I sat there and ate an entire bowl and not ONCE did I give a thought to the fact that it's not healthy for me. Arrrrggghhh!!! (we need an emoticon for pulling ones hair out here)

Ok, today is another day. I did great yesterday at work, I can do it again today. Dinner tonight is grilled steak and zucchini.

Hope you all have a great OP day on the Beach!

(aka Ado Annie)

08-17-2004, 08:30 AM
Mamacita- Can I come over for dinner. The only way I was able to kick the sweet habit was to have a long talk with my partner about my weight goals. We aggreed not to have any junk foos or sweet in the house for a month. If she wanted it she could bring in a single serving and had to eat it that day. It worked. The junk food is back in the house and I can ignore it. i needed the break to build my will power.

ellis- glad to hear your daughters finger is OK.

Not much to say. I got on the scale todya and was 4 lbs heavier but my clothes fit better. Go figure. I figure it is just water weight or mucle gain from starting lifting. I am not worried. If it stays for a couyple of days I'll worry. I have been good except for the ice cream party and there is no way I ate 4 lbs worth of ice cream. Maybe I am just in denial- I'll see in a couple of days.


08-17-2004, 08:58 AM
Good morning chickies,
Ellis-I am so glad everything worked out with your DD and your ring. I've tried a few wedding/engagements on my naked left had many times and can tell you that I have gotten a few stuck. It is not a pleasant feeling to keep trying to get a ring over that tender knuckle.

Smilintwins-I absolutely feel your pain....I have mentally taken the summer off from work and have soooooo much piled up. I keep telling myself that tomorrow is another day.......Every day......I wish I had a little more self motivation.

Hello KristinJ-I hope you were able to get some good zzzz's.

Little chick- When I first started this I was on teh scall everyday. Now that I haven't been all that good, I am not getting on by once a week. Ireally need to go back to staying op as I haven't lost a thing since I started Phase 2.

Mamacita-Why do they feel the need to wake us. Just because they have to be up. I wake every day when BF gets out of the shower and is getting dressed and I don't have to get up until 8:30 or so. Frustrating,......I can be a little crabby without my sleep.

cac-I like the idea of not bringing any bad foods into the house. We did the same thing here. I completely cleaned out or cabinets of anything that we couldn't eat. So now I just have to be good when I am eating out.....

Nothing much going on here. Still househunting, spent the weekend with an agent looking for just the right house. I hope it's out there, because we need to give our 60 days notice by September 30. Our agent is going on vacation next week so we won't be able to see things with her again until the the following week. We're still doing our reseach but I am beginning to panick a little.

Looking forward to heading to the beach for a relaxing weekend on Friday. I don't care that it might even rain, I just love being at the beach. There's great shopping and restaurants....definitely enough to keep us occupied.

Welli guess I will get another cup of coffee :coffee: and jump in the shower. Have a great day everyone.


08-17-2004, 09:05 AM
OMG! So I decide not to log on until after the morning chores and here's all this activity!

Ellis, that is so awful! Poor Miss M. and I'm even sympathetic to DH - and you, of course. I hope the rest of today is great for you! Think Dim Sum instead of Bridge Mix.

Smilin and Kristin, you two are nightowls! I well remember working at night and how wiped out I was the next day. I hope you both got some sound sleep.

CAC, your DP sounds very supportive. There are some snack foods that I just can't have in the house - luckily my DH doesn't like chips, just pretzels, and I can pass on those.

Little Chick, I'm with you on weight frustration. I've not seen a move on the damned scale for ten days now - not even an ounce! Yup, I'm a scale ho, too. Scale Hos Unite!

Mamacita, ice cream? I hope you enjoyed it. Hey, we do have to live and we are human. Forgive yourself.

I need to forgive myself too as we had corn on the cob last night. I had only two small cobs with my chicken breast but there was - ahem! - real butter. Corn is the best was to eat butter! It'll be a very very Phase II kind of day today!

I am planning a quiet morning at home catching up on things. I looked at my May list yesterday and went into shock! I need to start taking care of business and spending less time on the PC. Would you believe I've not even sent in my Tax return - and they owe me $186! It's not that I do Dick all - I just have screwy priorities.

Have a great Tuesday whether asleep or doing our daily stuff. :grouphug:

Sheila, we were posting at the same time. There definitely is the right house for you out there and you'll know it when you see it. Enjoy your shower.


08-17-2004, 09:40 AM
good morning chickies!!
oh my goodness ellis your poor little dd hope her finger feels better now. isn't it funny how they think we'll get upset at those little things but when we're really mad they get the attitude whats up with you?? well at least thats the case at my house. get some good sleep!!

mama i'm right there with you. i need to get the guilt back that i had when i started this plan. back then if i even looked at a ice cream i felt bad about it. lately i have an i don't care much thing going on. stay strong!!!

smilin and kristenj get some sleep!!!

shaquila good luck with the house hunt. while your agent is out of town make a list of houses you want to see as soon as he/she gets back or ask for another agent to show you around during the vacation.

have a great day ruth!! cash in on the tax money!!

cac hang in there the scale will go down.
well from one scale ho to the rest of you have a great day!!!

08-17-2004, 10:06 AM
Hey, girls! :wave:

Jen, good luck catching up at work. You're probably emotionally drained from last weeks trauma with your daughter... don't feel badly about the apathy. It will pass. :grouphug: Oh, and good luck with those darned Wiggles. :lol:

Yes, Kristen... DH and I have a wonderful relationship. :) I'm so blessed.
How did you like In the Bedroom? I love Sissy Spacek. I must say, the ending really took me by surprise.

Little Chick, I don't think the ring is worth fixing. I have a nice engagement ring, but we both opted for the $50 bands 16 years ago. We weren't quite as opulent as we are now. ;) Maybe I'll get a new one, although other than my silver rings, I'm not a bling bling girl. :D
Is it still rainy there? :( We had a warm, sunny day yesterday, and today is shaping up to be the same.
Hey, if you feel thinner, then you are thinner! :hat:

Mamacita, you can do it... stay OP today!

Cac, don't worry about the weight... you may be retaining water. And you're right... you're probably packing on some muscle, which will ultimately burn fat!
How wonderful that you have such a supportive partner! :yes:

Sheila, I'm so glad to hear that your dear Dad is doing well. You must have been so frightened. :grouphug:
Best of luck with the house hunting!

Oh, Ruth. You can't spend less time on the computer! It's so relaxing, darling. geez... haven't sent in your returns yet?
You've just got to give in and have corn once in awhile. It won't be around in January!
Not to jinx you or anything, but congratulations on staying in the Ones for so long! :hat:

Peggy, that horse story! :yikes:

RNMom, glad to hear you're back on track!

Jodi, teenagers are the most bizarre species. :lol:
Listen, girl... :drill: you get it together. You're not doing your body and favours by stuffing it with crap. You're worthy of greater things. Hear me? I can tell you're feeling crappy, and I wish I could make it better for you, sweetie. :grouphug:

Today we have an appointment with a surgeon/cancer specialist to see if there's any point in Dad having a biopsy and some "minor" treatment on his colon. Unless he'll be provided with a little more relief, I don't see the virtue in putting Dad through the hoops. Sometimes I wish he would quickly slip away, but I know it's going to be a long journey. :(

Laurie, LaurieX, Jenn, Emily, Weezle, Jess, Barb, Skherb, and everyone else yet to come... :grouphug: (it's like freakin' Romper Room in here)
Have a great day, girls!

08-17-2004, 10:34 AM
Geezey Petes! I feel like I'm always the last one up!

Nothing exciting over here. I don't have to be at work until noon today, so I'm going to watch some TV and force myself to exercise some. Started my ab video again last night (ow ow ow ow ow ow ow) but I don't feel too bad today. Usually I'm dying for 3 days.

Anyone have any ideas for getting rid of lower-tummy pooch-fat? I just can't make it go away. I'm building up all kinds of muscle underneath it; I just can't get rid of the fat on top. Ugh.

Not looking forward to going back to work today. Yesterday went by quickly, but I was stressing hardcore because we have SO MUCH we have to get done.

Well, I guess I'll go get some tea and relax for awhile before I have to get ready for work. You all have a great day.

PS Ellis, now you have an excuse to go get a really nice wedding ring! :D Tell DH you know he'll understand.

08-17-2004, 10:36 AM
ellis thank you so much, i really am trying and this has been a super rough patch for me. thanks for noticing. i am happy to report i actually did a good job food wise yesterday. the days are so few and far between though. if i could just get a string of days going i might be in better shape. good luck with your dad today, i know the decisions you and your family have to make during this time are very difficult think it all through and do the best you can.
i loved romper room i used to imagine i was on the show and i got to be in charge of the magic mirror (yep the problems go back THAT far) kidding really!!! :)

08-17-2004, 11:15 AM
Wow! Everyone has been busy posting this morning!

Ellis - Glad your daughter is fine.

SmilingTwins - I like the Wiggles although my 7 year old doesn't watch them much. Now if I could just convince him to get rid of the Barney videos... He doesn't even watch them but he doesn't want them to go.

Mamacita - My DH is not willing to give up his treats but for the most part he only has ones that I don't care about. Does your DH like a flavor of ice cream that you don't like? Then you might not be so tempted. My DH hides the treats that he knows I likes and only eats them when I am not around. Now if I could just get him to not eat them :)

Weezle - If you find a good way to get rid of that lower tummy fat, let me know, please! Everything else is tightening up but I still have quite a pooch. And I think it is a little harder since i had a c-section 7 years ago. If I can get my lower tummy smaller, I could probably go down another size.

Tonight is Meet the Teacher night. Brian is so excited. I think I have time to make the broccoli cheese soup before we go and then reheat it when we get back. I walk more than normal last night since I don't expect to find time to exercise tonight. Oh, and I did stay OP even with jury duty. I had my red pepper/hummus to much on and if I had gotten stuck there longer, I could have eaten the nuts I brought. Better get back to work now.

sweet tooth
08-17-2004, 11:51 AM
Good morning. I haven't been able to post from home these past few weeks - our computer router is not working and the main computer connection is in one of the DS's rooms, so he is hogging all the internet time at home.

I think there is something wrong with this picture, though. I pay for the internet and can't use it... Kids. I swear I'm going to sell the house and get a 1 bedroom something to live in.

ellis - Sorry to hear about your wedding ring, but you are right. In the whole scheme of things, it is really quite insignificant. I have not worn wedding rings for over 30 years - I am allergic to metal. It doesn't detract from the relationship that I have with my husband, it is only a public sign of our marriage. Frankly, what other people thing, doesn't matter to me.

Hope things go well for your dad. It is always difficult to know what to do, or expect, but the main thing is his comfort. Yes, it will be a long journey, indeed. You take care of yourself.

smilintwins - I can empathize with you over the apathy. I, too, am having difficulty getting with it. Unfortunately it has carried over to home - I haven't been out to do any yard work since holidays. The weed are taking over the yard and I just don't care. The next door neighbour, I'm sure is disappointed since he is trying to sell his house. :lol:

Kristin - Go to bed! NOW!

Mama - I used to have soooo much difficulty staying away from junk foods when I was trying to lose weight. DH was really good about not keeping cookies, etc. in the house for a while until I adjusted to eating the way that I should. Similar to what cac did. Even now, he tends to buy the things that he really likes, but I don't care for. I think he's in 7th heaven with that because he usually doesn't get any of the treats that I don't like. :D

Sheila - I sent a post yesterday that disappeared into LA LA Land. Anyway, am sooo glad to hear that you dad is OK. When family members are ill, it is so stressful. You did so well staying OP until the end, but you will bounce back quickly. Stay with it. Good luck on the househunting.

Ruth - Was your tax form on your MAY list? Hmmmm the deadline for filing was April 30... :o Last Jan., I received a letter from Revenue Canada advising that I did not file the previous year and I had 30 days in which to file. Well, I did file and I received a $352 refund. After explaining all of this to them, they insisted that they did not have any records. Soooo, I sent copies of the file and they sent me another $352 refund...go figure. I was feeling lucky that I didn't owe money. They can just keep sending if they want to.

Jodi - Hi to you. Congrats on the good day yesterday. Take it one day at a time. You can do this. Have a great day.

Weezle - Have a great day at work - the rest of us are having one terrific time. :dizzy:

I paid last night for the bad eating weekend. I was sooooo sick to my stomach all night and I think it was from eating foods that I am not accustomed to eating any longer. There is good news, though. I lost 5 pounds yesterday... Shouldn't lose that way, but it is off and I just have to go on. I will really need to watch when I eat off program foods. They affect me in the most violent ways. At this point, I still have about 2.5 pounds to lose before the end of the month, so it is getting to the point of do-able.

I have been power walking every lunch, but the routine that I am using is feeling too easy. I have decided to kick the workout up from 3mph to 4mph today. I will probably not be in any shape to work this afternoon. I wonder how the boss will take that?

Have a great day, everyone. Take care.

sweet tooth
08-17-2004, 12:40 PM
Barb - We must have been posting at the same time. Hi. Hope everything goes well for Brian tonight. Take care.

08-17-2004, 12:43 PM
My goodness you all are busy this AM,

Well took DD to her first day of Kindergarten.:stress: Ofcoarse I creid after I left her class room a little. It s just such a big time in hers and my life. ::(: Well now my other daughter and I are wondering what to do. She is confussed I think too about where her sister is. We are also all :tired: tired I cannot wait till tonight I am going to bed early and thats that.
Other wise nothing else going on her. The bug man is supose to be here in the next couple of hours and we will do lunch and take a nap. Talk to everyone later.

08-17-2004, 12:59 PM
Well I'm back and up for the day -- I managed around 6 hours of sleep and would like to go back for more but then I'd be posting again in the wee hours, at least this way I should be in bed by midnight.

Ellis -- I did enjoy "In the Bedroom" and was quite shocked by the ending. I now understand why the actors were nominated for Oscars. Also, being a newbie, I didn't realize that your Dad was sick. My Dad died 2 years ago from colon cancer at age 50. It's a very hard road for both your Dad and the ones who love him. My heart and prayers are with you and if you need someone to vent or talk to, please, borrow a shoulder.

On lighter notes, I'm just getting ready to eat something for "breakfast". I don't really want eggs, I think I may have some tuna with chopped onions. Stir fry for later I think! Cross your fingers so far no dire carb cravings. Will post again if they get overwhelming!


08-17-2004, 02:39 PM
Hi all, still swimming in family stuff.............maybe at this point I'm starting to drown a little. I didn't realize I was possessive of my space, but I'm starting to feel that way. I've been tripping over everyone's suitcases for a week now. I'm going to hate to have everyone gone, but my life is so NOT normal right now.

Thanks for the confidence vote Ellis of "being on track"......I didn't quite make it there yesterday......uh, today!!!!!!!! OK??????????????

sheesh, it's harder to climb on the SB boat when your life is in chaos. There isn't a normal routine yet, but I know it's coming. It's also TOM, hate that guy.

Ellis sorry about the ring and your daughters finger. I've turned into a master ring cutter!

Well, you all have a good day. I'm going to check in tonight and tell you what I ate. Hopefully I'll get cussed out from you all if it isn't OP foods! :D

08-17-2004, 05:34 PM
Good afternoon, everyone! :hat:

Ellis! I am so sorry about what happened with DD and the ring! :grouphug: Unfortunately, I can totally sympathize with your DH...I, too, was playing Civilization last night. :lol: Why I like a game filled with armies is beyond me, but I play it very differently from my DH. He tries to start wars constantly and conquer other people's land, I'm most happy if I never see another society and am able to keep doing my thing alone and in peace. (kind of like life... :lol: ) So glad that it all worked out and that you woke up in time to restore sanity to the situation. ;) Do you take meds for your acid reflux? A friend of mine at work swears by orange seed oil (or something like that) for hers. Hope your day got much better!!! :grouphug: I hope that the meeting with the surgeon/drs goes well...I understand what you're saying. If it won't make your dad feel much better, there's no point. I think the hardest thing in the world is to do what you are watch someone you love suffer. :grouphug: I really wish I could take some of the pain away, Ellis. :cry:

Jen, I totally know that feeling! I hope that the project is finished and you got some rest! Enjoy the wiggly wiggles...I honestly think they aren't half as bad as least their voices are low...and they have nice accents. ;)

Hi, Kristin, was In the Bedroom good? So sorry to hear about your dad. :grouphug: That must have been very hard.

LC: don't worry about the scale. I'm a scale wh**e too! :lol: And I bet if you feel thinner, you ARE! :cp:

Mama (a.k.a. Ado Annie), I SO feel your pain...that was totally me in the past, and could be if I let things slip (or if my Higher Power ever left me!)! What I do is not have the darn stuff in the house. DH, God bless him, actually figured out on his own that I don't want to see him eat things I he eats it ouside the house or before I'm home (I buy him Triscuits since they are SBD friendly, but I know he eats half a box or so at a sitting... :tied: ). Perhaps you can let your DH know that you need his help in being strong...might help him, too. :yes: Lots of :goodvibes: that you can become Mrs. Reagan (JUST SAY NO!) :lol:

cac: "there is no way I ate 4 lbs worth of ice cream" :lol: So true, but very funny! I bet it is muscle mass from the strength go, girl! :jig:

Oh man, Shequila, I totally agree with the "mentally off work" issue...that's where I've been all summer, too. Now I'm kicking myself for it, but I needed a break after last Spring! :faint: Enjoy the visit to the beach...I would love to go to a real beach but won't get the chance until December. Lots of :goodluck: on house hunting! We found to be a major lifesaver when looking for our house...the extra info they give on the neighborhood can be really helpful.

Ruth, so sorry that your may list is making you nuts...I know that feeling. Do what you did with the may sewing list and start fresh. One of the best things about procrastinating is that some things take care of themselves while you aren't looking! :lol: I agree with you about butter and corn...I always had mine that way when I was pre-SBD. :T I hope you got to enjoy it! :D Was it from your garden?

Jodi! You can so do this!!! :grouphug: Just take some time to think about why you aren't feeling bad about it. What is going on that makes you want to eat? What can you do instead? How do you feel when you stay OP? Keep that stuff in mind, clear out the cupboards, let all your loved ones know that it's red alert time and they need to kick your a:censored:s if you get out of line, then just do it!!! :grouphug: I know you can do this...and you are so close...I can feel ONEderland creeping up on you!!! :D

Weezle, wish I had advice on getting rid of tummy pooch fat, but I have so much tummy fat that I can't segregate it into different pooches! :lol3: Hence, no clue how to get rid of one part. Perhaps different types of ab workouts? I was really impressed with the Veena and Neena Arms and Abs video...different and good. :yes: I totally understand your ow ow ow ow! :lol3: You crack me up, girl!

Barb, have fun at meet the teacher night! :D

Peggy, I'm sorry that you got sick, but the few times it's happened to me have really convinced me to back away from all non OP foods. A sick way for it to happen, but it does work. :yes: Congrats on building up endurance in your work out! Maybe you can walk a different way so there is more hills or such, or maybe you can carry little weights and do some arm toning while you walk. (I know...definately not fashionable, but I bet it would work! :lol: ) I wonder if the Canadian Revenue Service could talk with the IRS? Ours never gives money back, let alone twice! :faint:

SKHerb, :grouphug: on being so brave and good! I think your daughter will be as thrilled to see you this afternoon as you will be to see her! :D And I be you and your youngest will really get to know each other better now that you'll have this private time together! :goodvibes:

RNMom, glad to see you! I understand your feeling...after about a week of visiting, it becomes time for me to leave or my guests to leave. I miss everyone like crazy after that, but a week of living out of a suitcase or tripping over one is just about enough. :lol: I would get my cusser ready, but I know you're not going to need it! ;)

Whew! See what happens when I wait all day to post? :lol:

So, went to see the new doctor yesterday. She gave me a referral to a nutritionist, who isn't available until mid-Sept. Oy. I'm still losing too fast, and am depressed, tired, sluggish, and suffering from IBS with the extra starch in my diet. I cannot wait to get back to my old plan (1 starch, 1 fruit/day), though I will miss eating the starch.

Today my left eye is twitching. It's not very pleasant and leads to others thinking I'm trying to signal something in morse code with my eyeball. :D I called my eye doctor to ask if this was serious and found out that it's often associated with stress. Guess I'm stressed! :p

Not much else going on. Had a great dinner last night...jerk pork loin with a summer squash salsa that I stole from the "Low Carb and Loving It" guy on the Food Network. You can find the recipes here: under "Low Carb Party" Tonight we're having Chili Mac (with cheese) from Cooking Light. DH is going to be down South visiting other branches and plants for work on Wed., Thur. and Fri., so I'm planning to eat a lot of leftovers.

Hope everyone has a great evening!

08-17-2004, 06:20 PM
Oh, my. There's so much nurturing going on here, it's freakin' unbelievable. :lol: It's LOVELY!!! Did I tell you I love all of you?! :D

Kristin, I'm so sorry about your Dad. :( That is so very young.
My Dad is 79, and up until last year, was incredibly fit. But he's quite content to go. He's grateful for the the very good life he's been blessed with.
Thank you for the offer of your "shoulder", sweetie. It's very much appreciated, and I may take you up on it someday. :grouphug:
Have you seen Mystic River? That's another movie that "threw me" at the end.

See what happens when you post late, Laurie? You have to write a honkin' book! :rofl:
Thank you... the appointment with the doctor went really well. It was just Mom and my sister and I in attendance. Dad was too weak to leave the house. The doctor confirmed what we all suspected... that doing any procedures would probably only prolong the agony, and possibly serve to exacerbate it. He was a very kind man (good bedside manner), and went through EVERYTHING with us, explaining the type and size of every one of the many damned tumors throughout Dad's dear body.
Dad feels good about the decision not to pursue treatment, and we've been introduced to a new pain killer for him. So all is well.
Oh... that twitching eye thing. :lol3: I get that occasionally, and I always feel like whatshisname in the Pink Panther movies. Clouseau's "boss". You probably look insane, hon. Like you're having a nervous breakdown. :yes: which you probably are
I'm glad you're getting a new nutritionalist... hang in there, sweetie. It's going to be alright. :grouphug:

RNMom... and anyone... I wonder if we should have a daily meal plan thread where we can post what we're eating. It would be good for me. Shall we start one tomorrow?

Peggy, thank you for your kind words re: Dad. They're very much appreciated. :)
I love that you're confident enough not to wear a ring. That's very cool. :smoking:
Hey, congratulations on the 5 pounds!!

Barb, I hope Brian likes his new teacher! :)

Weezle, I'm with Barb. If you figure out how to get rid of the belly, LET US KNOW!! :lol:

Skherb... hugs for you. :grouphug: Kindergarten is such a traumatic time for Moms (and sometimes Dads).

I just got home, and the house is blessedly EMPTY! DH had today off, and must have taken the children out. (hopefully not to the hospital. Must train that man to leave notes when he leaves with the kids...)

08-17-2004, 08:20 PM
I didn't realize your dad was so sick. I'm very sorry. That's such a difficult thing to go through. You may not get over it, but you will get through it. You are a strong person.

Ya, about the meal plans and posting what we eat....good idea. Yet ANOTHER day goes on and I cheated. I'm starting to worry about me.

Off for some more water.

08-17-2004, 08:28 PM
Hello Ladies

Wow I waited all day to post....Sounds like everyone is busy busy busy....I filled out 2 applications today to 2 museums....I'm going to turn them in tomorrow...maybe something will come from it I feel a little deja vu going on....I'm not quite getting along with my folks at the moment....I need my own space and it's hard getting it while living at home...Not much is really going on...a friend of mine wants to hook me up with this guy friend of hers....I dunno...I saw his pic and he is cute....but I we'll see i suppose...I went for a walk today and jogged a little....Whenever I attempt to jog I can never get the right pace going and end up just walking again....anyone know how I can get into the right pace? Maybe it's something I should just ease myself into....What do ya think? Isn't funny how some days you feel skinnier and some days ya just don't? Today was a skinnier day...even though I haven't lost a lb in over a week or so....I hope all of you ladies are having a wonderful evening

08-17-2004, 08:56 PM
o.k. I think I am finally caught up on today's chit chat and now I hardly have time to post! lol. It's just been one of those busy days.

I saw the eye doctor. My eye is not scratched anymore (long story) so i can wear my contacts again.

On my way home got a phone call that stated I needed to be to work at a specific time to bid on my bus route or I was not gonna get what I wanted. So I go in there and special needs routes were not done, just write my name on every route. Then I get another phone call..... Turns out after all was said and done that even with the switch to special needs it seems like I am getting the "leftovers" from the other 4 return special needs drivers who are being forced to cut back to create anothe route.

My route is in the fate of these drivers who all want the same thing I do, at least 4-5 hours a day! I walked away from that phone call feeling like I was being taken for a joyride, and potentially only getting a 2.5 hour route per day which would not even be worth the gas to drive into town. :( I am seriously hoping that I am wrong about the way the phone call went and that I just misread her intentions because again, the routes for special needs are not offically done.

I'm kind of biting my fingernails and hoping I don't get screwed because I wanted to switch routes. I just keep telling myself it will be fine. UGH, I wanted to stress eat but instead turned to the comfort of a ricotta dessert to satisfy my bad emotional eating habit. At least it was OP, a definite improvement.

Not much else going on, just focusing on "back to school" with the kids and working on housework and for fun, my scrapbooks. Trying to get stepdot's album up to speed. She's 8 and I am only at age 2. Oy!

Well must run, kiddos are whining for dinner. :) Chat later.

08-17-2004, 10:51 PM
1busymama good luck with the bus route, i hope you get the one you want. i know what you mean about the scrapbook thing. i have several beautiful ones almost done for my oldest dd and now she gets into creating her own child #2 ds has a semi complete version of a baby book that is still a work in progress(he is 13 now btw) and poor little #3 ds (9yo) has all his memories still in shoe boxes :rolleyes: (where DOES the time go???)

history chick good luck with the potential dude!! hope things get better at home.

ellis the food thread sounds like a good idea. maybe a little accountability would be helpful. well it was good that the dr. spent time with you and your family and explained all of your options. make the best of the time you have left!!

laurie hope your new dr was nice. good luck with the nutritionist. i really hope you get feeling better soon!!! thank you so much for all of your encouragement!! i WILL do this, it is just taking a lfe on of it's own at the moment. 2 good days are down and i'm making plans for tomorrow already!!

skherb awww you poor dear i hope you had a good cry. milestones always get to me too. i remember when my dd went to kindergarten for the first time :cry: and now this year she is starting high school. maybe not as traumatic as kindergarten but i have my tissue box ready for next week. enjoy the time alone with your little dd while her sister is off at school!!

barb i hope brian liked his teacher!!
hello there to weezle, kristinj, rnmom, & sweettooth :wave:
hope you all have a great night!!