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04-22-2001, 06:21 PM
Hello all!!!
Taking a break from yardwork, flower beds etc!!!It is such a beautiful day but it is work doing 2 houses of outside work!!!
I will be glad when it is down to 1 house!!!!
Hope all is well with everyone!!!!
Take care!!

04-23-2001, 10:49 AM
Hi All,

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I've definitely got Spring Fever!! :D It was soo beautiful in NJ this wekeend. We did a lot of organizing Saturday. Went to my mom's for dinner Saturday night....did a bunch of laundry there too! Had the firemen's bowling tournament yesterday, we did alright, but it was at a bowling alley I've never been to before and the lanes are synthetic...I did not like it, because there were no little wooden grooves for my ball to grab!! :( Then we met the photographer and got our pics...a little over 400 of them!! LOL, thank God we only had to pay for developing, which was $340.00!! My mom paid for the film and the guy's time, which I think came to about $5-600.00. Can't imagine how much this all would've cost if it wasn't a friend!! :eek: Now the task of picking a thank you card pic, along with letting the parents pick the ones they want, and what we want blown up, etc. I like the proofs though, because they're the nice square kind, fairly large too, about 5 inch?

Anyway, we weighed in this AM, and Jim's weight was the same, but he had a heavy duty flashlight in his hand at the time too, so I will have to weigh the flashlight!! LOL, he didn't wanna turn the light on and wake me up...even though I was awake! I lost a 1/2 pound, but I think we both did better than that. We weren't thinking too good and had a heavy pasta dinner last night, so I may just weigh in again tomorrow AM, after eating lighter today, and see if there's a difference!

Have a great day all!

04-23-2001, 03:53 PM
Hi everyone!!!! :wave:

I'm home... Had a wonderful (brace-free) time, however, I ate too much, drank too much and stayed up way too late almost every day I was gone, so now I almost feel hung over :(. I also totally didn't drink my water. I've gotten so used to our well water that the chlorinated icky poo water was too nasty and bottled way too expensive. The scale shows I'm up 4 pounds but I'm going to give myself a week to see if most of that is dehydration from lack of water and excess alcohol... It couldn't possibly be that I ate my body weight in rice crispy treats... oh noooo..... :rolleyes: or maybe it was the 6 different kinds of cookies that a friend brought over from her recent trip to Europe?? Nah...

LBH - Your wedding photos are beautiful! You look wonderful and hubby is cuuuute! Congrats on the loss too!

Sonya - :cool: on getting your acceptance letter!

KarenK - Welcome home! Didn't you want to never leave?? Hawaii is beautiful...

Well, guess that's all for now. I should get some work done... :yawn:


04-23-2001, 06:28 PM
'Lo all. I'm down in the dumps today. My cat is sick again and this time the vet says the prognosis isn't good. :( They are keeping her in the hospital for a few days and giving her an IV. Bet she's just gonna love that. They are going to sedate her. Sigh. The perils of pet ownership!!

Lauren: How nice that he was using a flashlight!! My DH just flips the light on and blinds me!! Hey, 1/2 pound is better than no pound!!

Terri: Yeah on the no braces. I'm SUURE that your just dehydrated!! No "weigh" those rice crispy treats and cookies did all that to you!! We definitely DID want to stay in Hawaii. The one big turnoff was the cost of housing!! There would be no way we could afford a house (unless we hit the lottery or something!!).

Hope the rest of you are having a beautiful day!!

:wave: :wave:

04-24-2001, 10:02 AM
Hi All,

Well, I weighed in again this AM and it was the same, so I guess I did only lose a half pound. :( But, that's OK, I'll take it!! Will just have to work harder this week...maybe get a little more exercise in!

It's supposed to be 85 here today...WooHoo!! Too bad I will be inside all day...with work and then bowling. :( I will try to get a walk in tonight when I get home from bowling.

Karen- What's the matter with your cat? Is she old? I told Jim to just turn the light on, or open the blinds, because I'm better off waking up! Today I got up while he was drying his hair, and he was soo happy he could see me "alive"!! LOL!!

Terri- Glad you had a great vacation!! Don't worry about eating soo much, just drink yourself into oblivion this week...with WATER silly!! :rolleyes: :laughing:

Found out yesterday that they're doing away with my position, because my new boss is based in our Cary, NC office and they're moving the position there! They actually would love it if I'd go there, but Jim would never go for it! (I would though!) But discussions have been had between my boss and people i work with, and the office manager, and the Sr. VP of ClinOps, and they love me, and are going to create a position for me! :) That relieved me a lot, because I"ve been really stressed about it for the past week, since I first started getting the feeling something was up! None of this will be happening for at least a couple months though probably, because my boss has not even started to look for someone down there to be her assistant.

Anyway, have a great day all!

04-25-2001, 09:09 AM
Good MOrning!!!! everyone!!!

Lauren--COngrats on the loss!!I agree that anything minus is better than a plus!!!!:wave:
Refman will never wake me up since I get up at 3:30 am to go to work for 4:30..We laugh cuz we are both wondering how that is gonna work out!!!!
Scan some of those proofs when U have time!!I would love to see them!!!!

Terri-Glad the trip went well!!!When we go to Europe we didnt purchase any things with meals included..I just want to nibble on good things and not ever sit down for a complete meal...I am however bringing my Jenny Craig chocolate bars to eat in the morning and then we just have to worry about supper...Refman has soo many castle tours and things picked out I think I will be ok!!!

Karen-How is the cat????My 5 girls are a little nuts this morning cuz of the cool weather snap we are having..I am just wondering how they are gonna do in the new house next month!!!!I have hear how expensive Hawaii is--that is the next trip I want to take!!

WEll...not too much longer now...It is becomming a reallity esp when the airline tickets, rail passes, brochures etc came in the mail!!!!:eek:

Have a great day all!!!I am going in on a later shift today...Seems weird to actually see daylight before my shower!!!!

04-25-2001, 03:14 PM
Happy Wednesday everyone... the week's 1/2 over!

Some interesting developements since I last posted. My Mom and stepfather took me out to my Grandma's land to supposedly survey the new horse run then my stepfather mentioned how good a house would look there... My Mom and stepfather are deeding my late Grandma's property over to me "since I was going to end up with it anyway someday". Mom started cryin', I started cryin'... all while trying to figure out where my front door should be. So, I'm going out this weekend to look at houses... I'm really going to move this year :eek:.
It's an odd feeling though - this land was where my Grandma was going to build her house, but she passed away before she built. A close friend said I'll probably have her looking over my shoulder to make sure it's up to her standards!

KarenK - I'll keep your kitty in my thoughts. I hope everything works out. What is happening with her?

Well, back to work... ug, it's so hard to get out of vacation mode!


04-25-2001, 04:55 PM
Hi all. Thanks for all the good thoughts for the kitty. Her name is Pixie and she has kidney failure and a urinary tract infection. They are trying to flush her system with IV's to see if they can get her kidneys working again. We came home from vacation to a skeleton kitty. She lost a whole pound while we were gone and she only weighed 7 to begin with. She is a delicate looking little cat. The vet says that the prognosis isn't good even with the treatment. We may have a year and we may not. He says it wasn't a good sign that she got so bad in just a week. Sigh. I know you aren't supposed to have a favorite amongst your children ( :angel: ) but I do. The other cat isn't as snuggly and the dog takes up too much room in the bed to be a perfect snuggler!!

Vicky: Hawaii was not very expensive for us because we stayed at the military hotel and booked our tours through the hotel. That way we didn't have to pay the taxes. There was only one place that we stopped at that charged us 2.50 for a bottle of water but it WAS a big bottle (not 16 oz). We also did a lot of our souvenier shopping at the PX. I guess I'm really not a good person to ask!! :rolleyes: Paris is getting close!! The castle tours are fun. We did them in Ireland. We even stayed in a castle one night.

Terri: YEEAAAHHHH!! How totally awesome!! I'm sorry that your grandmother is no longer with us, but I'm happy that you will have a place for your house. Are you going to do a prefab or have one built from scratch?

OK, gotta go now. I get to call the vet to check on the kitty in a bit!! I haven't gotten to see her since Monday and, boy, do I miss her!!

:wave: :wave:

04-25-2001, 06:59 PM
Hello again! :wave:
'scuse me while I pick the popcorn outta my teeth... ah, brace-free is gooooood.... :D

KarenK - I hope this will make you feel better - our old cat (Howlie) lived another 2 years with my Mom giving her IV fluids and keeping her on a low protein diet. She was in kidney failure too. Pixie may be different, but I just wanted to let you know there's always hope. Howlie was 19 when she died.
As for the house - I'm not sure yet. I'm going to look around. Stick built would hold/increase in value more so than a manufactured, but manufactured have more "options" soooo.... I'm keeping all my options open. Also with a stick built I can do some "sweat equity" - where you help build and it lowers the price of the house! I've already got friends wanting to help if I go that route. I'm so lucky to have such friends... :spin: :^:


04-26-2001, 02:34 PM
Hi All,

UGH!!! I'm out of control today...was starving by the time I left for lunch, didn't bring any with me, so I went to the store to get a sandwich, or something, and ended up with a box of Entenmann's chocolate donuts! :mad: And then I ate 3 of them?!?!?! :mad: 15 pts. worth of donuts, I am SUCH a loser today!! :( I have 2 pts. left for today, and I'm supposed to go to my friend's house to help her clean so her husband doesn't have a canary on her...which means we'd be getting pizza or something that's a lot more than 2 pts.!! Maybe I will just suggest pizza and have one piece, and order a plain salad or something. I will have to work extra hard tomorrow.

Karen- sorry to here about Pixie, is she old? My old cat was only 7 lbs. at her biggest also, and she was 17 when I had to put her down, she had kidney failure and all the things that go along with cats and old age...she was 4 1/2 lbs. in the end. Listen to the vet, they're not always the most tactful people, but they do know best. I know what you're going through right now, and I know it's hard, but just keep Pixie and her qualiity of life in mind. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Terri- Congrats on the property! That's great. There's a site called www.homestyles.com that you can search out different home plans. I know there are others, this is one I just happened across via a link in an email!

Well, back to twiddling my thumbs!! Have a great day all!

04-27-2001, 10:39 AM
Hi All,

OK, where is everyone?? I talk to myself enough, I don't need to be doing it here too!! :dizzy:

I was horrible yesterday!! This week has not been the best overall, I feel fat, and I'm not even PMSing!! DH and I did go for a walk last night, but it's not like it's a mile or anything, it was pretty much around the block...a big block, but probably only a half mile, maybe 3/4 mile.

I'm getting really excited now...tickets for the Journey concert go on sale tomorrow night at 8:00 for fan club members (which of course I'm one!) I'm like an absolute 16 year old when it comes to these guys!! Do any of you like Journey? I have been listening to the new CD, getting to know the songs, I have not been this excited about a new CD, probably in 15 yrs. or so!!

Anyway, have a great day all!! I, for one, am going to try and behave myself!!

04-27-2001, 12:32 PM
Happy Friday All,

It's been pretty quiet around here lately. Hope everyone's enjoying the arrival of spring and staying outdoors.

Not much going on with me. I had a gain on Monday and I've been kind of in a blah mood all week. I've been tracking my food, but haven't been OP all week. Not absolutely horrible but still, you'd think this would get easier. Actually both K and I gained on Monday so I wonder if the Chinese we had for dinner Sat. had anything to do with it......

This weekend we have no plans. I am so excited, hopefully I can get some organizing and cleaning done around my place, the plan is to have the realtor over 5/10, and I need to stick to it if I want to have the house sold and a new one bought before the wedding.

LBH - Don't let one day get you down, you need to get right back on the wagon. We didn't get the weight we are from one bad day but from many bad days. On the wedding front, I'm not stressing, it's just buying the rings made it more real somehow, we got engaged last Jan. and have been together for almost 13 years so I've just been cruising along even making plans didn't make it real cause it was way off, but buying rings..... Anyway paid 1/2 the anticipated catering bill yesterday it's definitely getting closer.

RR - But not as close as yours. 16 days :eek: You sound like you have it so together, you're going to have a blast on you're honeymoon. I can't wait for mine :D. So are you getting rid of your house and living in his? I know you said you weren't buying new for a year or two.

Terri - Getting the land is soooo cool. I'm sure whatever you do you're grandmother would approve. Good luck deciding what to build, it'll be fun.

KarenK - So sorry to hear about your kitty. They are definitely a part of our families and when they're sick we worry and grieve. My parents cat just got diagnosed with kidney failure, even that's hard and he's not my cat.

Have a great weekend everyone. The weather hear is supposed to be beautiful, hopefully I'll get to see some of it :D :D :D

- Tech :spin:

04-27-2001, 10:34 PM
Hi Everyone!

I am sorry to say that I haven't exercised since my last post. I'm still eating way too much. Right now it seems to be nerves. Just always something more to do for the moving. I keep packing and sending things away to their various storage places, but there seems always to be some more things waiting for me. :)

Tech, I remember when the realtor came to our house. I worked so hard to get it "show ready." Then after we sold it, (which took like 2 days) it went right back to messy! Sorry about your gain.

Lauren, JOURNEY!! Wow! Brings me back to high school! I have an albulm.. yes just an albulm.. no cd's. :) Did you get the tickets? Where are they playing? I hope you get to go.

Karen, I'm so sorry about your cat. I love cats myself and have had some special cat friends in my life. Good luck with her. I hope she improves.

Terri, that is nice about your grandmother's land. You can set up your dreams there and it will be like she is with you. Good luck with your plans!

Have a great weekend all! I lost a pound at my weigh in on Monday. This week, (by next weekend) we will probably start moving. I may be offline for a period of time.. who knows. But hopefully, when I get back up I'll have no problems.

dani :)

04-28-2001, 12:13 AM
Hi All,

Dani- They're at PNC...which will always be just "the arts center" to me...June 29th!! Just ordered the tickets and now it says SOLD OUT! I think that means Fan Club tickets though, because they don't actually go on sale til tomorrow AM at 8:00. Online they went on sale at 11:00 for fan club members. I will not know for sure until we get there where we're sitting though! Heck, right now, I don't even know if I got the tickets, it just said, your request has been received...blah, blah, blah...this does not guarrantee seats... I guess I will have to call PNC to find out??

I'm exhausted...good night all!!

04-29-2001, 08:08 PM
Hi all. I have been out of town forever, but am home again. I've been to Dallas, the University of Illinois, and Chicago. Had a great time, but glad to be home. :)

My is the weather nice! I can't wait to get tomatoes planted!

I did so so lousy on eating while I was away. Totally gave up counting points and I can tell by how my shorts fit today. I am back on track today but am not looking forward to weighing in this week.

Have a great week.


04-29-2001, 09:26 PM
Hi All,

Wow, a quiet weekend around here! I'm not holding out for any miracles/losses tomorrow AM, I was pathetically bad this week! Heck, I can't even remember what I had for dinner Friday night...and it's driving me crazy!!

Rabbit- Welcome back!! At least now you're back home and can get back on track!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

04-30-2001, 10:50 AM
It's Monday - guess I'm the first one here....

See ya on the new thread!!!