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08-13-2004, 07:14 AM
Good Friday morning! We can't have breakfast on the deck this morning because of the damned rain but the wicker chairs on the front porch are dry and it's kind of pretty out there. :coffee:

Hershey is home and very happy to be here. Lucy just about turned herself in side out when her mommy arrived. Lucy is due September 25 and Hersh should have her pups October 9 - Canadian Thanksgiving weekend! October is going to be puppy month!

Only one thing I MUST do today and that's whip up a cravate for my Temperance preacher. That means I need to find my machine in my messy sewingroom. Ellis saw pics of the room cleaned up last winter but it's piled with stuff once again. I ran across my May sewing list and nothing on it has been done. Oh well - it will happen. (I threw out the list!)

My Girls are barking - some things never change - so it's breakfast time for the Little Mothers! :lol: I'll check in later.

Hugs and coffee on this rainy Friday!
:grouphug: :cofdate:

08-13-2004, 07:39 AM
Morning Ruthie! Glad to hear that your Hersh is home, safe and sound. :) Take good care of your Harry, as long as you take good care of yourself in the process!

LC Woohoo on your OP streak. I always feel so proud of myself when I go to bed after a solid, OP day. (Yesterday NOT being one of those days!!) I think that is great that you are job hunting. What field of work were you in prior to having your daughters?

SKherb I hear you on the "tude" and little girls. We have actually had 2 awesome evenings with DD, but there are times when I think she has 4 heads. :lol:

Ellis Good for you on the OP day!! Did yesterday go as well?? Gotta love a cold beer, although I am a self-professed wino myself. :joker: How I love the smashed grape!

Barb Whew! Glad to hear that your sister is okay! Have you made the Pizza Meat Pie from the SBD cookbook? I made it the other night and thought of you b/c it is a very kid-friendly meal that Brian would like. (Plus you could sneak some more mushrooms in it!) I AM going to remember to talk to or email my coworker about the teaching program today, I promise!

Jenne Have a fun weekend at your aunt's. Get your butt back OP, you can do this!! :drill:

Mama, Jodi, Jen, Weezle, and the rest of the gang- waving hello from Texas!!

As for me, evening snacking blew my OP day yesterday. I need to just start going to bed at 7:00 after we eat dinner! I was still 159 this morning, so not too much damage. I am beat from a long week and very glad that it is Friday!! DH and I are going on a date tomorrow night, I am really looking forward to it- it has been about 2 months or so since we have been out by ourselves!


08-13-2004, 08:08 AM
Morning all,

Ruth, it's pouring here, too. But I have a sun room that is nice and dry so come on over! Hooray that your Hershey is back! Life must feel back to normal for you again. You are sure going to be busy when all those puppies are born! Be sure to keep everything out of reach for them, or they'll destroy it. We've had countless pairs of shoes, toys, and even the TV remote control destroyed by our pups, but they are sure cute!
Well I'm all packed up and ready to go except for taking the carseats out of the car and loading it with gas. I'm waiting for the worst of the rush-hour traffic to be over before I leave. It only takes an hour to get to DD's in NJ, but it's been known to take more than 2 hours in heavy traffic. We're going to go see Miss SAigon tonight, and leave for NY tomorrow morning. The rain should be mostly out of here by then.

Ellis: Congratulations on sticking with it so far!!!!!!!!!! We don't usually travel so much, but this summer has been an exception. This should be my last vacation til December, though.

L. C.: Have fun finding the right job for you! And congratulations to you, too, for staying OP.

skherb: Sorry to hear about your fall, thank goodness it wasn't worse and your DD wasn't hurt.

Barb 0522: Hope your sister makes out OK.

AidaFaith: How are things with your Dad? Better, I hope.

Justjodi: Hang in there!

Kiko, Mamacita, Jen, and everyone else I know I missed, have a great week and stay OP!

See you all next week, bye for now.

little chick
08-13-2004, 08:14 AM
Morning chickies.....looks like we are going to have rain here as well today. It is dark and quite windy. I hope not cause that means a totally indoor day for the kids and then by mid afternoon they are shack wacky.

Kiko- I do feel great with staying OP. As for a job I worked for the CIBC for 5 years and before that I had worked for the YMCA. So I pretty much have worked with children since I was around 12. I had started volunterring which ended up in a job. I am not really sure what I want to do. I have been applying for whatever sounds good. Although there is a job that really interests me which is a fundraising co-ordinator for a non-profit organization. It is only a 6 mos term but said that it could work into full time. I have done alot of that with Home and School and with my daughters dance group. We will see I am not really in a big hurry so I can be a wee bit fussy.

Ruth-Glad that you have Hersh back and I am glad the Lucy is happy. I hope that you will post some pictures.

SKherb- how old are you dd's. I am so with you on the attitude thing. Mine are 13 1/2 and almost 11 and boys they can have horns on the top of there head at times.

Ellis- hope you are planning on a OP day today. ;)

I will return chicks the little girls room is calling me.

little chick
08-13-2004, 08:16 AM
cottage we were posting at the same time. Have a safe and wonderful trip.

08-13-2004, 09:30 AM
[QUOTE= I hope not cause that means a totally indoor day for the kids and then by mid afternoon they are shack wacky.[/QUOTE] :rofl:

oh little chick that made me giggle this morning i haven't heard that term before "shack wacky" :lol3: that about sums it up too. thanks for the morning chuckle. congrats on your 4 OP days!!!! keep up the great work!!!

ruth all the babies are home safe and sound i am sure you are relieved. good luck with the pregnancy's it's been a long time coming.

kiko have fun on your date!!! i have one with my dh tonight it is always nice to spend some alone time.

cottage enjoy your trip it sounds like a lot of fun.
as for me?? well dd called last night and they made it to philadelphia safe and sound, she enjoyed the plane ride. they were off to atlantic city last i heard to have some dinner on the beach and walk the boardwalk, tonight i think they are going to a Philly's game and off to new york tomorrow for a little shopping (yes i am very jealous but glad dd is having a good time). as for the boys and i i'll work my half day and then take them for lunch, haircuts, and eye appts. back to school is a real purse buster. hope you all have a great day on the beach!!!

08-13-2004, 09:38 AM
Hi chicks,:coffe::eating2:

TGIF is right Ruth. I cannot wiat to sleep in tomorrow. I have got to get some ggod sleep and get rid of this sinus thing I have going on. Between getting up early and it I am exhausted by evening. Thanks for everyones concern on mine and DD fall. I am a bit sore but soing ok.

I think today we are going to stick by home and do the mountain of Laundry at my house. Tonight is meet the teacher night at my daughters school. So we are both excited and I am a little weepy about it thought. :sad:

As far as SB I think I am staying OP but I don't think I am eating enough veggies. I generally not a veggie eater so this has been a stuggle for me. There are only certain ones I like. That are not OP. I also think that if I just started to excercise I could wittle at this weight a little faster. Maybe we will all go for a little walk. Something is better than nothing right:cbg: Ok so that is my goal this next week to walk at least 3 times!! :faint: So keep me honest girls!!!

Ruth Glad you puppy is home. You are going to have a busy house.
Kiko My dds are 5 & 2 and the % year old is the one with the major
"tude":no: I just can't wait till she is a teenager!:yikes:
Cottage have a great time in Ny.
Ellis How come you do not want to take care of kids anymore. Or is this in addition too? Keep up the good OP days!:cbg:

Tata for now. :wave:

08-13-2004, 10:28 AM
Barb Whew! Glad to hear that your sister is okay! Have you made the Pizza Meat Pie from the SBD cookbook? I made it the other night and thought of you b/c it is a very kid-friendly meal that Brian would like. (Plus you could sneak some more mushrooms in it!) I AM going to remember to talk to or email my coworker about the teaching program today, I promise!

Morning, everyone! I'm still keeping an eye on the hurricane. So far Jane is okay and she will spend the worst of the storm next door at a neighbor's house so at least she won't be alone.

Kiko- I'll have to take a look at the Pizza Meat Pie. I am trying for more meals that we can all eat. Yesterday, I got the Spicy Chicken and Bean soup simmering on the stove and Brian and I took a 30 minute walk to Subway and back to get him a sandwich. It was just too nice to stay inside.

Brian got his teacher's name in the mail yesterday and got a phone call from one of his friends who just had to know which teacher he got. It turns out they are in the same class. I'm glad since Spencer is in Brian's advanced reading group and they are a good influence on each other.

I'd better get some work done now. Talk to everyone later.

08-13-2004, 11:01 AM
Morning skinny chicks!!

Only a quick second, work is insane today. But I was down another pound at my weigh in this am. That makes today my official 30 lbs lost day.

To have lost one pound with the week I have had and the stuff I ate over the weekend, I am rejoicing. :D

We have a crazy weekend ahead of us, not sure how much I will be online. But I am thinking about all of you and wishing you tons of smiles and OP days.

08-13-2004, 11:20 AM
Barb, I'm glad to hear that someone is watching out for your sister! :)

skherb, thanks for the encouragement. :) Oh, that's Little Chick who's giving up babysitting. I have enough problems looking after my own. :lol:
Your DD is starting school this fall? That is so heart-wrenching. :( I remember being all set to cry when I dropped my DD off on her first day, but the teacher was so curt with the parents that I didn't have a chance. :lol:

Jodi, I'm glad your DD is having a good time with your sister. :) Have fun on your date tonight!!

Little Chick, it's really stormy here, too. :yes: I hope the kids don't drive you crazy today.

Thanks, Cottage! :)
Drive carefully, and enjoy yourself, sweetie!! :grouphug:

Karen, I screwed up last night, too! I'm with you on going to bed right after dinner. :rolleyes: I stuck to my one tiny beer (honestly, it was only 250 ml. A mere cup.), but on the walk home from my sisters we passed one of our favourite Vietnamese restaurants, and we stopped for some shrimp rolls with peanut sauce. They're actually not too bad diet-wise, but I ate them at 9:30 at night!! :mad:
Enjoy your date with your DH! I can't remember how old your kids are... can they be left alone, or do you need a sitter? (no, I'm NOT volunteering :rofl: )
It's such a DREAM now that our daughter is old enough to "babysit" her little brother. DH and I are now able to have some carefree dates.
It wasn't our choice to have our kids so widely spaced (they're almost seven years apart), but it's worked out really well.

Ruth, I'm so glad the girls are home together! I wish I could have seen Lucy's reaction to seeing her mom. :) Makes me tear up just thinking about it. :lol:
Good luck finding that sewing machine. :rofl:

I'm taking Dad to the hospital for some bloodwork today. He has to have his monthly blood transfusion on Monday. I hope he's up to sitting in the hospital for several hours. :( It really gives him a boost when he gets that blood.
Other than that, I'm going to the cottage this weekend with a girlfriend. She's a bit of a lady, so I hope she can put up with the dirt and the outhouse for two days. :lol:
We're going to stock up on chick-flicks, trashy magazines, and ummm... food. Naturally it will be all OP food. :D

08-13-2004, 11:21 AM
Morning all!

I am SO TIRED of fall weather in August!!!! It's supposed to be 85!!!! Yesterday the high was 69. I don't like wearing sweatshirts in August! Even with the air off and the windows closed, it's FREEZING in this house. I've got 3 layers of clothes on. Brrrrrr.

I was naughty. I didn't go off plan...I just ate EVERYTHING I COULD that's OP. It's still the first few days of my TOM, and for some reason that's one of my things. I HAVE to eat, and it makes me crazy. It's like a craving I just can't get rid of and can't figure out what will satisfy it. So I'm up a couple today. Gonna have to skip the starchy things and do a Ph1 day and see if I can drop them. Roar.

Well, that's all I have. I'm going to curl up on the couch and see if I can warm up. Talk to you all later!

08-13-2004, 11:26 AM
Hi Jen and Weezle! :wave: I missed your posts...

08-13-2004, 11:27 AM
:coffee: Good Morning Ladies. What a day it's going to be....Today is my last day at the corporate office as this is the last day Dad's willing to stay home. Monday it's back to my own office in civilization! :D

Ever get to that point in a book where you just can't put it down? I'm an Avid JD Robb reader and as the books go by that point comes sooner and sooner in the book. One of these days I'm going to turn to page 2 and not be able to stop from there! :joker:

The puppy is finally sleeping on the couch here in the office. She's had quite the morning already between barking at the electric company and my first customer of the day. Trying to get a dachshund to stop barking is like trying catch a rabbit with your bare hands....impossibly stupid. :dizzy:

Bob, one of my employees, also had surgery this week. His was yesterday and it lasted 10 1/2 hours. He blew out his entire knee in a firecracker incident on July 4th. However, he's ok and coming home soon. We'll have to take him a laptop so he can be occupied while his mother claims the TV and computer all at the same time! Imagine having your mother move back in with you at 29....ugh.... :rolleyes:

I did laundry yesterday! :cp: This is a major feat because I just bought all new clothes for my new retail location. This was the first time I washed them know how it is. You're scared out of your mind that they'll never look the same! :( Ahh well.....I haven't checked the dryer at home's hoping! :^:

sweet tooth
08-13-2004, 11:47 AM
Good mornin'

I'm so glad that today is Friday. This seems like it has been a very long week, indeed. When I woke DH up on Tuesday, he was complaining about getting up too early. Seems he thought that it was Saturday. That's was a nice try - work 1 day, holiday 6. I'd like that schedule, or better yet, just send the paycheque and I'll be happy to stay home. :D

Ruth - So good to hear that Hersh is home. You must post pics of the puppies when they arrive. I know what you mean about the sewing room. I finally finished cleaning my room, but have so many things on the back burner. When DH travels, he buys unique fabrics from different countries. At this point I have about 200 metres of silk, all kinds of unique cottons, wools, etc. I haven't been making them up because I wanted to lose weight before I took the plunge. I will need to dig some of the stuff out, so that I can get started this winter. Oh for a BIGGER sewing room.

kiko - Sorry to hear about the snacking. After dinner snacking is probably the hardest thing for me to control. Even when I am not hungry, I just want to snack in the evening - probably a habit that I am having trouble breaking. I have been trying to limit myself to OP foods, especially extra veggies. I am not a veggie eater, so the thought of snacking on veggies is quickly changing the urge for me to snack in the evenings. :lol: Have fun on your date tomorrow...

Little Chick - Congrats on staying OP. You are doing such a great job. Keep it up. Good luck on the job search. If you are not in a hurry to find a job, the right one will come available eventually. Take Care.

Jodi - Good to hear that your DD is having a great time. Remember to enjoy the bit of time off yourself. ;)

skherb - Good to hear that you are staying OP. I have really tried to stay OP - for me that is phase 1. When I eat any starches or fruits at all, I gain. The other night I had a pancake - with WW flour and SF syrup. Yep, up 1 pound. I just don't get it - I exercise every day, eat basically on phase one with the odd starch/fruit, once or twice each week, and I still can't lose. I'm sure that I will figure this thing out yet, but I wish it would hurry up. :lol:

Barb - Hope your sisters gets through this storm OK. It must ease your mind a bit to know that she will be with the neighbour. Good to hear that Brian will have a friend to go to school with. Hope his teacher is good and that he continues to excel - WTG.

Cottage - Have a great trip to NY. Sorry about the rain - it is predicted to be 30 C here today, and 35 tomorrow. Waaaaay too hot for me. :sunny: We just don't get weather like that here, so are not accustomed to the heat. -40 C is more our style. :)

Well, got up early this morning - did 3 loads of laundry even though that's men's work :D - and had to pack to go to FIL's 90 birthday party. Of course that means packing all the supplies for the party - SIL can't do the long distance arrangements, but doesn't think that it is long distance for anyone else. All of that before work this morning.

On the way to work, discovered that I forgot the camera :rolleyes: , an outfit to wear to the birthday party - ddaaahh - and a scrapbook that I said I would take to the senior's lodge where the in-laws live. Now I'm in a Catch 22 - do I go home to pick up at lunch or exercise? Oh that was easy - I'll go home.

Anyway, I am trying to go to this party with a positivie attitude after the SIL so expertly rained on the parade (as usual). Hope everyone else has a great weekend.

Take care.

08-13-2004, 02:14 PM
I was naughty. I didn't go off plan...I just ate EVERYTHING I COULD that's OP. It's still the first few days of my TOM, and for some reason that's one of my things. I HAVE to eat, and it makes me crazy. It's like a craving I just can't get rid of and can't figure out what will satisfy it.

Weezle: I'm with you on this one. The Tues/Weds before I get IT, I'm hungry all the time. My stomach growls constantly and if I don't eat, my head gets light and achy. Yuck! Fortunately, I surround myself w/ OP foodies so I can't just binge on Snickers and ice cream, which is what I would LOVE to do.

Ruth: It must be so exciting to have two litters on the way! Can't wait to see pictures! Sewing, what is sewing???

Kiko: Have fun on your date! Sounds like a great idea! Can you post the Pizza Meat Pie recipe? I don't have the cookbook and probably won't be able to get it in the near future. DD LOVES anything related to pizza. Always looking for Kid friendly food that mommy can eat too.

Cottage: Travel safe w/ all the WEATHER we're expecting! Have a great time!

Barb: Glad to hear your sister won't be alone. My in-laws happen to be in Tampa visiting DH's grandma, so it's unfortunate for them that the trip will be a bummer but good for her, I think. My folks live in Orlando, so I think they've got more to fear from Charley than Bonnie. We'll keep our fingers crossed and see how it pans out.

Ellis: Hope your dad does well w/ the transfusion. How long has he needed to get them? Enjoy the cottage, it must be SO relaxing!

AdiaFaith: I love reading, but I've been so busy lately I haven't had time to spare. Maybe I'll look into JD Robb! Hope your clothes turn out alright!

Sweet: Hope the party goes well for ya and that SIL gets some perspective. If you have time, wanna head to my place and do some laundry? It's pretty cool here, I think around 20C...if you want -40C I could crank the AC. :yes:

TGIF is right! I love Fridays. It's cold out, so I brought some Broccoli Cheese Soup for lunch and it totally hit the spot. Even DD liked it for dinner last night. I'm skipping my lunchtime workout b/c I've got too much work to do (it's okay I took a long walk at sunrise, though the sun never quite made it up). We had a ridiculous meeting this morning that dragged on forever b/c of the clashing egos. That stuff really hinders my productivity.

We were planning on going to Maryland tomorrow to visit my brother and his lovely new bride at his lovely new house, but the weather has caused us to reschedule. I'm a bit bummed, I've been arguing against rescheduling all week but flooding seems to be inevitable. We should really stay home. Sigh.

Otherwise, it should be a nice relaxing weekend. I love the cold, rainy weather. Yes, I know it's weird, but I love to snuggle in some sweats and sip hot tea and watch the lightning. Looking forward to some down time with DD, but what do you do to entertain an 18 month old for a whole weekend indoors. DH just took her out and let her play in the rain last night, which I did not approve of.

I'm doing well staying OP, but I might like a little treat this evening. We have been waiting for months for a new "authentic" mexican restaurant to open near us, so if it's open tonight I might get some take out. Yummy!

I think Smilin' Twins suggested in a previous thread that skinny panties are even better than skinny pants, and she's right! Fit into some cuties this morning that just made me giggle. Hope DH likes em!

Have a wonderful, OP day at the spite of the weather!

08-13-2004, 02:32 PM
Way too many posts to keep up with today! You all sound busy and happy....except you sinus people...ughhh I feel your misery. They are cutting grain around here and I'm stuffed up.

We're having a great time with the family. I've enjoyed a week and a half off work! Yippee. I love that. We're going to my mothers to have a lunch with them and then family pictures! The family photos we've had have been outdated. Another baby now! Hopefully no one will be prego for awhile.

Have a big family do on Sunday. My oldest son is blessing their baby and my middle son is speaking in church about Japan and my youngest son is getting his Eagle Scout award that evening. Full day. Lots of food................ :?:

Hope you all take care over the weekend! Thanks for everything, you're advice is priceless. So is your humor! :lol:

08-13-2004, 03:17 PM
Cheez, RNMom... your mother is DEEP FRYING a TURKEY!?!? :yikes: Is that some American dish I've never heard of!? :lol:
Wrap some duct tape right around your head, and keep your hands off the food, girl!!

Thanks, LaurieX, I'm looking forward to the weekend. :)
Dad doesn't produce red blood cells anymore (nothing to do with his terminal cancer), so he's had to have monthly transfusions for the past year or so.
I love the rainy/cool weather, too. It means I don't have to do yard work right now, and I'm getting the basement cleared out. ;)
Enjoy your Mexican food, and try to stay OP, sweetie! :wave:

08-13-2004, 03:24 PM
Looking forward to some down time with DD, but what do you do to entertain an 18 month old for a whole weekend indoors. DH just took her out and let her play in the rain last night, which I did not approve of.

I think Smilin' Twins suggested in a previous thread that skinny panties are even better than skinny pants, and she's right!

Why yes, it was me about the panties. Isn't it FAB? I hope DH loves them... :giggle:

And 18mo indoors for a whole weekend? I would build a fort. The interest will be passing on and off all weekend, but a sheet over some kitchen chairs, a pillow, some legos, maybe a special crayon art project and you have some time spent! At least that is my plan for TWO 18mo indoors!! :dizzy:

08-13-2004, 06:46 PM
Wow, everyone's posting in the daily! That's great! :goodvibes:

I'm back from the conference...wish I had the time to post to everyone, but know that I read and am sending prayers and vibes to all that need them (especially Jen and your DD), and lots of laughs and hugs as well. :)

I was at a conference and was able to meet up with two of the Mods, Meg and Jack150. They are both fabulous people, and it was so super nice to have people IRL who "get" what I am going through! If you get the chance to meet up with another 3FCer, go for it, I say! :yes:

Jen, my dear girlfriend, Ange, has a rare kidney disorder. Her brother has it as well, and recently had a transplant from his mom. Ange's donor is her sister, and thankfully, she hasn't needed the transplant yet. What I'm trying to say is that after Ange's transplant, there will be four people walking around with only one kidney! And they will all be very healthy. I'm sure your daughter will be even more healthy. But I know that you need time to mourn the loss of the health that you thought she would be experiencing. Know that it had nothing to do with anything you did or didn't do. It just happened. You can't control that, but you can control what you do to enhance her health from now on, and I know you'll continue doing that very well. :grouphug:

I hope everyone is feeling more healthy! At least you can cuddle under a nice quilt in your jammies in this weather. I hate being sick in the summer,'s too hot to lie in bed! Not this summer... ;) Our weatherman keeps calling it "the summer that wasn't" :lol:

I shouldn't complain much as the sun is currently shining, which is a plus! I am totally looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, but also need to do a bunch of gardening. The garden is completely out of hand! :nono:

About the question regarding low carb flour with the cheesecake (Peggy, was that you?), try using whole wheat flour instead. Should work fine with none of those evil frankenfoods. I'm interested in trying to make an SBD cheesecake...thought I would try working with this recipe as a base:,,FOOD_9936_27009,00.html (instead of key lime, using the syrups, maybe chocolate pudding or peanut butter...make the crust with nuts and SBD friendly margerine...hmmmm...)

08-13-2004, 08:57 PM
Hey everyone!

Sorry I missed you this morning, Hello to everyone :wave: I was under the gun again with my pages for my writing partner :o BTW, she LOVED last week's chapter, so I must work well under pressure. :D

Sinuses have eased off now that the barometer has gone up again..and thanks to a little pseudophed. Wasn't able to get a Friday appt with the doc, so I'll have to wait til next week. I'd like to step on his scale and have it read a few pound lighter anyway.

And speaking of...I'm so danged proud of myself...I've been so OP lately and it feels great. But, like someone else mentioned, I'm not getting enough veggies. Did terrif today, though...had shredded wheat for breakfast, a protein shake for snack, cottage cheese and peaches w/ Splenda for lunch and a small lean steak and spinach for dinner.

Ellis, my dad had myleodysplastic anemia and pancytopenia. Basically, his bones stopped producing the normal # of blood cells and the ones he did produce were abnormal. Glad to hear the blood transfusions are working for your dad. Have the docs tried Procrit as well? I've heard that helps encourage the marrow to produce RBC's.

the deep-fried turkey is a "southern thang"...very tasty, actually, but since most cooks use peanut oil, I'm not allowed to indulge. :( Basically, you plunge a whole turkey down in a 10 gallon vat of boiling hot oil, let it bubble away for the prescribed amount of time and voila--deep fried turkey. IMO, the skin has pretty much the same texture as a roasted turkey, except you don't have any soggy's all crispy.

Well, gotta go get busy knitting. I've gotten a "commission" to knit a chemo cap. I'd like to have it done by Monday or Tuesday.



08-13-2004, 09:13 PM
Oh, Mamacita... your Dad had it, too! :( It's so uncommon that people are constantly (and very kindly, I'm sure) offering advice like, "Maybe he should eat more red meat. Or take iron suppliments." :rolleyes:
Yes, he was given Procrit for the first time a couple of months ago. It's terribly expensive... about $2000 a shot. It did give him a boost, though. His blood count was high enough that he was able to skip last months transfusion. :yes:
Congratulations on being OP for so long! :hat: I'm with you... just can't get enough vegetables in. If someone would make me a big yummy casserole, I'd eat them...

Welcome back, Laurie! So glad you had fun with Jack and Meg!! :)