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08-12-2004, 02:50 AM
Well, I worked late tonight (Again, yesterday I worked 9:30am-9:30pm, ick), anyways, I was SUPER tired and on my way home from work. As I was walking with my co-worker we spotted some sunglasses, I picked them up and put them in my purse and we were going to try them on while on the skytrain, so I pull them out of my purse, and they are Prada sunglasses!!! :dizzy: Who loses Prada sunglasses??? Anyways, I am totally shocked and had to share my story with you all, heh.

Other than my little sunglasses thing I've been pretty busy and a little stressed, my boyfriends brother is having some issues (got fired, doesn't want to work..) and is in jeopardy of losing his older daughter (the younger one would go with her mother, the older doesn't have that choice). So my darling bf decides that WE will take this little girl should it come to that, which is scary and freaks me out! I feel young to suddenly be thrust into motherhood. So I've been dealing with that and not posting :( Bad Aimee... BAD! I hope you all are doing great, and I hope to report a great weight loss on Monday! :D

08-12-2004, 12:03 PM
Prada sunglasses!! Now that's luck!! :D

08-12-2004, 12:43 PM
Prada sunglasses... Hey I think I lost my pair.. Yeah, Yeah,... those are MINE!!

Just kidding. What a cool find!

I'd have a nice heart to heart about the child. It's a LOT of responsibility and makes it more difficult when you both aren't on the same page! (just some tips from a pro at this!)

08-12-2004, 03:00 PM
I think the only reason I'd be alright with taking on this little girl is that she's had quite a few problems in the past, and really needs someone to love her unconditionally. Last summer she was kidnapped by her mom and her mom's bf (who we suspect abused her, sexually and mentally), and I just feel she needs a stable environment where she can thrive which she's most likely not getting at home. I might be a fool to think that we could do this, seeing as we are only 24 years old and our biggest challenge so far has been our car, but if it comes down to it, it's better she stays with family. Let's just hope her dad can get his crap together!

(omg, I found PRADA sunglasses?!?! I'm still in shock!)

Ivanna B. Skinny
08-12-2004, 03:04 PM
I hope everything turns out OK for your boyfriends niece, she needs all the love she can get!!
WTG on the sunglasses, too!! I'm never that lucky!!