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08-11-2004, 07:44 AM
Good morning chickies!

Hope the mods know I love ya and was just teasing yesterday! Make sure you are taking care of yourselves. :queen:

Jen Any updates on your girly girl? (I will check to see if there is a separate post from yesterday.)

Ellis Happy Belated Anniversary! That is so funny that you celebrated it early-that is so something DH and I would do.

Barb Yippee! That dang iron monster of a scale can be so frustrating at times.

LC Your favorite day of the week has arrived! And yes, we are trying to add to our family right now. I am not going to take a test until next week and I am not "due" until then. I got so excited last month, b/c I thought for sure we would get pregnant the first month that we started trying that I took like 5 tests...... :lol:

Weezle Never been to a candle party, but can see how you would have a lot more repeat customers. I didn't realize that you did the Pampered Chef ones. Is it a decent side income? What, if anything, did DF hear about the Lenscrafter job?

Two good eating days in a row and the scale is back into the 150's this morning. Amazing how following the dang plan actually works! :eek:

Waving a quick hi to everyone else and hoping that you have a super, OP day!

08-11-2004, 08:20 AM
Good morning, Chickies~~ :coffee:

Another of those hideous nights of not much sleep. :yawn: Restless dogs. Tonight, they get drugged!

Right now, I have a yakking dh in the room. :( Late job today, I suppose, but it's cutting into my computer time. :mad:

Can't wait to get to the office and see if there are any ant survivors. I'm not into mass murder, but they brought it on themselves...invading a person's desk. Hmmph!

Not much else going on...Hope you all have a great day on the Beach!


08-11-2004, 08:46 AM
Mamacita, my Dad always said that you could get rid of ants by putting red pepper in their holes - if you could persuade then to spread their legs apart! Sorry but I could not resist. :lol3:

Kiko, thanks for starting us up - and with my favourite title! :rofl:

I managed to get through yesterday without going off program - much! We did go out for lunch and I did have wings :yikes: but balanced it with a very light supper. The scale is not showing a gain :) - or a loss for that matter. I swear it is stuck at one spot.

I am taking Harry to the clinic for bloodwork this morning. He is an easy draw, not like me. I am still sporting awful bruises on both arms from last week's attack of the vampires.

There is a pot luck farewell dinner for our minister tonight. I think I will skip it and just drop in to wish him well. Macaroni and potato salads and sticky sweet desserts will be the fare. I'd rather eat dinner with my Harry who can't cope with crowd scenes and would be staying home anyhow.

By the way, my Lucy is a changed dog since she lost "it"! She is acting so good she has to be pregnant. She ran out the door again yesterday and came right back in when I called. The little silver bead has finally run into the right brain slot. :lol: Of course, not having Hersh around for competition may have made for the change.

I have to persuade H. to get up and dressed for our appointment. I'll check in later.


08-11-2004, 09:31 AM
Good morning, all! :wave:

Karen, you're a sweetheart. :) Thanks for understanding, and thanks for the anniversary wishes!
Wow, you are SO close to goal!! :hat: Keep it up, girl!!

Mamacita, I hope the ants are gone! And that there aren't a bunch of dead bodies lying around on your desk. :lol3:
What? You're knitting a sock at work? :rofl: I'm sorry... everything you say this week is cracking me up. :lol:

Ruth, good idea missing the potluck. Those things are killers. :rolleyes:

Barb, thanks the the hugs. :) You're doing great staying away from the 180's! Keep it up, hon!! :hat:

Jenn, I hope you're feeling better. :( Stay in bed and take good care of yourself.

Sarah, please let us know how your Dad is doing. Keeping you in my prayers... :grouphug:

Islander... we did have a weigh-in thread. I'll see what happened to it...

No babying, eh, Jodi? :lol: Okay, well PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER, JODI!! :drill: What's up? I have an almost full, leftover bottle of Prozac here if you want it. :lol3: It's the weather. Are you having bad weather? Your period? What the ****... here's a hug for you anyhow... :grouphug:

Thanks for the anniversary wishes, Cottage! That meatloaf and souffle sound good!!
We're having a lot of thunderstorms this week. I do love them (in moderation), but my basement is getting wet. :(

Peggy... don't tell me you don't get along with your in-laws!? :lol:
DH's Mom came for dinner last night. She's a non-stop talker. The kind that can tell you a story (that you've already heard 16 times) and then move on to another without drawing breath. And no response is necessary while she's talking. She doesn't even require eye contact. ****, she probably doesn't even need anyone in the room! :lol3: She's a very dear lady, though.

I'm going to drag myself to the Y today. Maybe. And I think I'll hang out laundry regardless of the threatened rain. It's got to dry eventually.

Back later... love to all... :wave:

Under a Palm Tree
08-11-2004, 09:33 AM
Good Morning! I am so tired this am. Last night I took my first karate class. It was the most intense workout but it flew by so fast. It was amazing. My son has been going for about 6 months and expressed that he'd like me and DH to go with him when he moves up. They were offering a parents try it free offer. I think I may be hooked.

Ellis: Happy, Happy anniversary!

Mama: You go girl! Get those ants!

Ruth: When do you find out if Lucy is pregnant? I'm with you on eating at home. It's much easier than dealing with potluck. Have a great time.

Kiko: Way to go being OP, keep it up!

Everyone: Have a fantastic day!

08-11-2004, 09:34 AM
Good morning Everyones!

Not much to report here. Had an Op day. But am board with my usual munchies I posted in Questions if any of you have any great ideas I would love to hear them. Did much better on my water yesterday. And I am headed to the kitchen now to get a large glass and some breakfast.

By the way has anyone tried the oatmeal pancakes in the Cookbook? I was wonderin if they were any good? Well we are off to the Sci Tech Exhibit at the mall today with one of my daughters friends and her siblings. Since it is at the mall I am thinking a salad day for lunch.

Kiko- Its hard to wait to take those test I know. I did something similar. Good luck

Mamacita Hope your creapy visitors are gone.

Ruth Glad Lucy is listening again. Smart to skip the potluck hard to stay OP at one of those. Those church ladies make some great casseroles and sweets. Take a large bottle of water with you, so you will have something in your had and maybe nothing will fall into your mouth. :lol:

Have a great Hump day everyone.:dancing:

little chick
08-11-2004, 10:11 AM
;) I love this day of the week. I will have to make sure the sexy nighty is clean and have a bath with my favorite bubble bath slick myself up with nice smelling lotion and hop into bed... then pray dh is not to tired from working. :lol:

Ruth- :lol3: you crack me up. I would love to see mama trying to get those ants to spread there legs. I hope that you are not to tempted tonight and when you get there all the goodies are put away. Those things are a dieters nightmare. Hope Harry has no troubles with the vampires today.

Kiko- I will keep my fingers :crossed: that there will be a :bb: in the future. But remember it is the right day of the week for baby making. ;)

skherb- good for you being OP. Keep up the good work and hope you have a great day.

Under a Palm Tree- gld to hear you enjoyed the class. I be that is quite a workout. Have a nice OP day.

Ellis- nice to see a big post from you. Laundry your favorite chore. Hope you have a great day. You could come on over and do some for me... and we could have a cup of tea. Nothing more relaxing than tea and screaming kids. :coffee:

Mama- sorry to hear you had a bad sleep. I had trying to put the day in when you are sleepy. Good luck with the ants hope they are all gone.

Well I am on day 3 of phase 1 and I am doing pretty good. Well I must be off to get something done for the day. A big Hello to all the chicks to come.

08-11-2004, 10:28 AM
skherb - Can you tell me more about the Sci Tech Exhibit? Is it at Stonebriar? Does it go through the weekend? My 7 year old loves science and I hadn't heard about this.

kiko - Good luck with the babymaking. We went with the fertility drugs and the charting and testing for my husband and decided one kid was enough (although if I hadn't ended up with pre-eclampsia and a c-section, I might have been willing to try again).

The half pound is back today so I am back stuck at 179. I'm not going to worry as long as I stay in the 170's. I've been OP and even got some exercise in yesterday. Dinner was late though since I underestimated the amount of time the Chicken and Eggplant Casserole would take.

08-11-2004, 11:15 AM
Morning all...

I am going to the QRXTZ (or OBGYN if you will) this morning. No, not for my cold. But for my other issues. Please wish me luck!

Hope all are well! I will check in later...

08-11-2004, 11:28 AM
Weezle Never been to a candle party, but can see how you would have a lot more repeat customers. I didn't realize that you did the Pampered Chef ones. Is it a decent side income? What, if anything, did DF hear about the Lenscrafter job?

Pampered can be decent income for some, but for me, it's been rough. I've just been hitting up the same 6 people over and over, and the same people are buying, etc. With Party Lite, you get a lot more people who want to do a show, and the parties are far less work. You also make a much larger percent commission than Pampered Chef, and the kit is free to get started. It's pretty simple, so I think I'm going to try it out.

That's another thing....after your training period, if you don't like it at all, you can just quit and keep your free kit. You only have to do 1 show/year to remain a consultant, whereas with Pampered Chef, you have to submit $200 every 2 months. I just look at the income....if I did 4 shows per week and they were "average" shows, I'd be making more than I do at all 3 of my jobs right now. Makes me think that someday when it comes time for children, this is something I'd like to do. I wouldn't mind having my whole day free and working 2 hours a night, that's for SURE!

DF had his 2nd interview and they offered him the position of Lab Tech. Said he'd start at $7.50 an hour. He laughed in their faces and accepted the job painting apartments making $8.50-$9.00 an hour. I cannot BELIEVE that they'd only pay a Lab Tech $7.50/hour! I thought that was absolutely ridiculous. No wonder they can't fill the position! So, he does have a job, he's just gonna have to work there during the day and at O'Charley's at night, and hope we can get the bills paid that way.

Hoo boy, I had 2 glasses of wine yesterday. Whoops! First alcohol I've had (minus that one cheating beer) in the last month. I was slightly tipsy from 2 stinkin' glasses of wine! We're talking about the girl who doesn't get a buzz until the end of the bottle of wine, or 10 beers, whichever is being consumed. I had a bowl of whole wheat macaroni and cheese yesterday, too. Was worried about gaining, but am down a pound. Guess I need to drink Merlot more often!

I have hit the 15 pound mark! Wahoo! Only 20 to go! I'm pretty excited. I need to start exercising again (I feel like I say this every other day) and then I'll lose some more fat. I need to tone up the ol' tummy, too, since it's just all flabby skin and junk.

Well I think I've rambled on long enough. You all have a fabulous day!

sweet tooth
08-11-2004, 12:37 PM

I have finally made it in to post in the morning today. Up bright and early and even got to work 1/2 hour early. I guess I need to give my head a good shake.

kiko - Glad to hear that you are back on plan and losing. I know what you mean. It really is strange that you would lose when you follow the plan. :D Keep up the great work.

Mamacita - Hope you get through the day with the sleep that you have had. I finally trained our little girl to snuggle with DH. I get a MUCH better sleep when she stays on his side of the bed...

Ruth - It's good to hear that Lucy is behaving now that Hersh is gone. She could be lonely. Our 2 dogs have been together for about a year now after living separately for a couple of years. Both of them have had medical problems over the last couple of months, so have each made their trips to the vet. Both of the cry the entire time they are separated, so the vet finally told us to bring them both in at the same time and they will just keep them for the day in the same kennel. He told me that it breaks his heart to hear them cry like that. I can imagine that it would be worse for mom and daughter to be separated for any length of time. Have you had any news on Hersh?

Ellis - Could you tell that the in-laws are difficult? :D Actually my FIL is not my favorite person and my MIL is a dear sweet lady.

The problem that we are having is with the SIL. I am so POd with her...

DH is a twin and between his twin brother, his wife and us, we have planned all of the family celebrations since I have known DH. Their family has celebrated every 5 year anniversary for their parents since the 25th (except for the 65th which I apparently forgot about and haven't heard the end of yet) and every major parent birthday. There are 5 kids in the family (the twins are the youngest) and we are spread out around the country and none of us live in the same community as each other or in the same community as the parents. Anyway, for every celebration that the SIL has attended, we have spent months calling and calling them to find out how they want to contribute to the event. We have never received a call back to let us know, but they show up and want to be front and centre like they have done everything. On top of that, they do nothing but complain about EVERYTHING. After the last event 2 years ago (DH's mom's 90th birthday), I told DH that I would not organize another family event for his side (we have done enough already and it is someone else's turn) and would let the SIL take over the job. I would be happy to attend and complain about everything. :D Unbeknown to us, the twin brother and his wife decided the same thing for themselves (uncanny how these brothers are).

Anyway, DH phoned his sister last April, advised her that we would not be able to plan the event. She told him that the actual birthday (Sept. 1) was on her 40th anniversary, so they would not be able to attend because they wanted to go away that weekend. DH told her that it was a very busy time of year for us (we both work at colleges, so you can imagine the work load then) and gave her some suggestions, one of which was to take him to a car show that runs once a year in his community - he was a mechanic all his life and would love nothing better than to spend a day with the kids looking at cars. The car show is August 14, which would work into everyone's schedule well. She never called us back to let us know what she was planning.

She went to visit her parents in June and commuted through the city that DH's twin lives in. She brought the birthday up and he gave her the same answer as DH gave her - they were not prepared and did not have the time to organize another celebration. She told him that it was impossible for her to organize anything because she did not live in the area and it was long distance for her. Daaaahhhh! It apparently isn't long distance for anyone else and hasn't been all these years. She also told him that she and her hubby would be in Barbados for the month of August and half of September. We found this out when when we visited the twin brother a couple of weeks ago. Consequently, we decided to call the rest of the kids (one of the sisters died of cancer 20 years ago, but her husband and his new wife are included in the family like the rest of the siblings), and arrange to take FIL to the car show that weekend and then go out for dinner in the evening. Nothing formal, nothing planned, just to get together.

SIL called the twin last weekend from her son's house (in Canada) where she is visiting inquiring what WE were doing about the party. DH's brother was stunned that she was inquiring because we had both made it clear to her that she was responsible for planning this time and she had told him that she wouldn't be in Canada at that time, anyway. He told her that we assumed that she wasn't interested because we hadn't heard anything from her about the plans that she was making. She was upset that we didn't let her know that we were planning anything because she could have changed her plane ticket to have included a trip here for the party. She also accused us of never including her in any family functions.

What I don't understand is why she couldn't have called us when her plans changed (before she booked her plane ticket to her son's house) and made inquiries. I can't firgure out why we have to always be the mind readers. Doesn't she understand that our crystal balls don't always function right? I am not only POd, I am really quite angry...I am trying to resist the urge to call her and tell her off, but I know I won't. I've had enough and so have DH, his brother and his brother's wife. We are just trying to get through this coming weekend without being bitter.

I guess there is a blessing here, though. She and her family won't be attending. :lol: Enough of my *****ing....

Under a Palm Tree - Way to go on the karate. Did DH go with you? What a great way to spend some time together. Hope you don't get too stiff, though.

skherb - Haven't tried the oatmeal pancakes yet. If you try, let us know how they turn out - another thought for a thread, a review of SBD recipes. Hmmmm. I have taken my own recipe for pancakes and changed the flour to whole wheat, added splenda instead of sugar and FF/SF yogurt. If you want nice flavored sour dough tasting pancake, adding a small container of yogurt to your batter is wonderful.

LC - I am on day 3 of phase 1, also. I decided to back up and go back to the first phase for a week - basically to kick start some weight loss again, and also to lose some weight before the family gets together this weekend. The nighty - TMI :lol:

Barb - Sorry to hear about the 1/2 pound. However, it could just be part of the daily ups and downs - may be spending too much time on that darned scale. ;)

Hope everone has a great day. Take care.

08-11-2004, 12:47 PM
Jen -how is your daughter?

Mamacita - How are the ants? Hope they are all gone! Hope you sleep tonight...

Ruth- Congrats on keeping OP. The scale will eventually change. Is there a home pregnacy test for dogs?

ellis - hope you made it to the Y.

little chick - Gald it is your favorate day of the week and enjoy your bath

KIKO - go luck with the baby making

jen- I hate going to the OBGYN. Hope everything is OK.

I got on the scale for the first time since I went on vacation 217. The same weight I was when I left. That is a releave. This includes tasting the double chocolate ice cream I made last night for the ice cream party this weekend.

I would love to get under 200. It seems so far away. I am trying to be patient but it is getting hard. Irealice I have doen OK. I started out in May at 244. All my clothes fit better. I am wearing my size 16 chinos and I am in my last notch on my “fat” belt. I am still surprised at how heavy I let myself get.

Hope everyone has a nice day.


08-11-2004, 12:57 PM
Oh, Peggy! Cheeeeeeez!!! :rolleyes: Families can be such a curse.
Take some deep breaths, and remember... this is her problem... not yours. Ignore her as best you can. (difficult, if not impossible...) :grouphug:
I think it's lovely that you continue to include the other sister's husband and his new wife. It sounds as though you're part of a very caring family (apart from the one on the broom).

Little Chick, there's nothing I'd like more right now than to sit with you and have some tea. Providing you're not having sex, of course. :lol:

Under a Palm Tree, thanks for the anniversary wishes! Karate sounds like a hoot! Our daughter took it for a few years, and we're thinking of taking it as a family at the Y.

08-11-2004, 12:58 PM
Cac, we posted together. Don't get discouraged, girl!! You're doing so very well. We're here for you, sweetie. :)

08-11-2004, 02:33 PM
Good Afternoon all,

Today has been a really good day for me. I am wearing a shirt that I havent been able to wear since I bought it 2 years ago. That has put me in a very good mood. I think it is annoying the co-workers b/c they are all down or grumpy. It is prolly the weather. It is very cool and rainy out. My fave kind of weather. Hope you all are having a good afternoon. It is now time to go find something for lunch.

sweet tooth
08-11-2004, 02:47 PM
When I was posting, I forgot to announce my latest mini-goal achievement. I now weight less than DH...


I was also posting at the same time as Jenn and Weezle - Hi to all. Have a great day, or as great as it can be at the OBGYN, getting your cold checked. :lol:

08-11-2004, 04:31 PM
Good afternoon ladies -

First Kiko and all, thanks for your thoughts about my DD. The CT scan went as well as possible, but we heard the news I was dreading. She was born without her right kidney. Intellectually, I know she will be fine. But my heart is broken.

So forgive me if I am quiet for a day or two while I sort out my guilt. You moms will understand what I mean, I feel like I did this to her. Of course, god just sneezed somewhere between weeks 5 and 13 gestation but still...

Some silver linings though? DD did the whole Itsy Bitsy Spider song with me while waiting at the hospital. And I packed our little Pooh backpack with her favorite things. She put it on for the first time, grabbed my finger and wanted to go for a walk. She was SO grown up. I was so proud. :love:

And despite hearing the bad news AND driving home to face my MIL (who was THE LAST PERSON I needed to see) I did not take a detour through the drive thru for some french fries. I stayed OP. I did let myself have 2 small handfuls of chocolate chips while having my cry fest, but I think that is DAMN good. OP today also, even stayed away from the bad lunch they brought into work. :p

I want to reply to everyone's happenings. Know I am thinking about all of you.

sweet tooth
08-11-2004, 04:34 PM
Jen sorry to hear the bad news. My prayers are with you during this time.

08-11-2004, 04:43 PM
Jen, give yourself and you kids a big hug from me :grouphug: and try not to feel guilty. I think you have done great by staying OP (those chocolate chips don't count in this circumstance as far as I am concerned). You are being a wonderful Mom.

08-11-2004, 05:07 PM
Oh, Jen... you dear girl. :grouphug: I'm sorry the news wasn't good, but thank God you know what you're dealing with now.
You're so right to stay OP... stay strong, Jen! I'll continue to keep you and your DD in my prayers.

little chick
08-11-2004, 06:24 PM
Jen big hugs to you and your little girl. I totally understand about the guilt. Take care of yourself and her hugs to both of you.

08-11-2004, 06:33 PM
Jen sorry to hear about your daughter. I understand about your guilt. I had a 85 percent bilatteral loss of hearing for the first seven years of my live and nobody knew it. My mom till this day feels guilty and because of her guilt her response to me has always been "You did not tell me you could not hear" I of course had no idea what sound was. What I am really trying to say there is no reason to feel guilty. Things happen that is out of our control. Your daughter will understand that it is part of life.


08-11-2004, 09:46 PM
Dear Jen, my heart goes out to you and your little daughter. In today's world, though, with all this new technology, I'm sure she'll be able to live a normal healthy life. But have yourself a good cry, you can use my shoulder and I'll cry with you. And God bless your little one. Now no guilt, OK? It's not your fault.

08-11-2004, 10:20 PM
Jen :grouphug: I am sorry to hear of your news. My thoughts and prayers are very much with you and your family.

08-11-2004, 10:35 PM
oh jen so sorry you had bad news today. great job avoiding the drive through though. don't beat yourself up too much some things are just beyond our control.

ellis i knew i could count on you!!! prozac??? my dr had me on that a few years ago and i was absolutely beyond wacko. it gave me this strange feeling like i was sitting there watching myself in a movie all day!! and it wasn't a good movie at all!! thanks for the hugs and right back at you!! it is the weather and the period and the kids and the house and the job and so on and so on just a little bump in the road though i'm feeling better today thanks.
hello to all of you beautiful beach beauties i would love to address each and everyone but i am pooped so have a good night and see ya all tomorrow.

08-11-2004, 11:05 PM
Oh my! Do we ever need hugs! I hope tomorrow is a much better day!