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08-10-2004, 05:59 PM
I woke up today and decided to come to the library.
i was here to look for some ideas on healthy cooking and I saw the site.
its very empowering to know im not the only one going through this..
I was going to go to a place called "LA weight loss" but they wanted almost 700$ to put me on a diet that they said would work..... ive always heard that if you eat healthy and exercise(sigh) you could lose weight and keep it off. They make it sound so simple...... I figured out in my whole 18 years on this earth that its more than what you eat. its how you feel... and when people hurt me or i feel upset ( even if im happy for that matter) i eat. its the only way i know how 2 deal with my emotions. my goal through all of this is not only to lose weight its to gain respect for myself and love myself and be happy with myself and how i am and how i look and who cares if im not a size 2? very few people are! I decide to wait till that start of sept and start my new eating healthy diet... i really hope itll work cuz im running out of options at theis point! and i dont wanna have 2 look at the scale ina few months and be 20lbs heavy-r..... i wanna be 20lbs lighter :) if i havent bored you... please write to me.

Suzanne 3FC
08-10-2004, 06:17 PM
Welcome to 3FC! Emotional eating is very common, unfortunately. It does take some practice to deal with it, but it can be done :) Check out our Support forum, you'll find some good advice in there! You are wise to decide to do something about it now before it escalates. It's easy to put it on, but not always easy to take it off. Yes, it is just eating less and moving more that does it, and you don't need to spend $700 to do it. While it's not that simple, it's not that hard, either. The important thing is to find a plan that fits your lifestyle so you'll stick to it. Or, if you normally eat well but it's the emotional eating that concerns you, then you can find other outlets and ways to deal with it, and maybe you don't need to follow a specific diet. Look around the forum and see if there is a group, diet, or theme that interests you and jump in :) Feel free to use all of the forums as necessary, until you find something that makes you feel comfortable and helps you take control :)