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08-10-2004, 07:45 AM
Morning chickies....

Went to bed quite early last night as I was so nauseous. :( It is either early signs of pregnancy, or signs that some of the crap I ate this past weekend was not what my body needed. I feel much better this morning.

Jen We are all here for you and thinking of you and DD today. Post real quick if you have a chance to let us know how you all are doing.

Ellis, Laurie, and Ruth Do our mods not love us anymore? You don't seem to come out to "play" much these days. :lol:

I am happy to say that I was totally OP yesterday, felt good to be more in control of my eating. I, too, am waiting a few days to weigh myself, I know I am up, but don't want to get down.

Have a super day! I won't be home until late tonight, so will try to check in later.

08-10-2004, 07:58 AM
Goodmorning Sleepyheads!

I have to get an early start today. I'm babysitting most of the day. Their calling for thunderstorms later, so I'm trying to decide whether or not to leave my windows open. If I close them it won't rain and it'll be blistering hot in here when I get home, but if I leave them open it's sure to rain!
Got a lot done yesterday in my flower gardens, and started packing for my trip. Seems like I've been living out of a suitcase a lot lately. Had a not-so-good day diet wise though. I overdid it on that darned Strawberry Dessert. It's so good that I had a piece for lunch and more after supper! I'm starting my day today with scrambled eggs and salsa and am really going to try to stay OP the rest of the day. I'm taking tuna salad and sliced cucumber with me for lunch, and plan to drink lots of water.

Little Chick: You'll find that recipe in the Phase 2 desserts thread.

skherb: I think that "something in your Chinese food that made you hungry" was the culprit MSG. You have to be careful to stay away from that nasty stuff. As you found out - it triggers cravings.

Pkapuffie: Welcome home! And congratulations on your loss! A friend of mine just spent 2 weeks in Florence, Italy, and came back 7 lbs. lighter!

Gotta get going -- have a great OP day!

08-10-2004, 08:02 AM
Hi Kiko, oh no, we both posted at the same time! Hope the outcome of why you're not feeling up to par today is a happy one!

08-10-2004, 08:12 AM
Good morning, Chickies~~

I'll post here and let the mods sort out the double thread. :D

Slept pretty good last night...I think... I remember once waking up and shoving Pester Ann away (she was digging those 9" nails of hers into my back.)

I'm hoping today is better than yesterday at the lab. I have a pkg. of ant baits that I'm taking with me and setting down in the corner. Maybe it will attract them and they'll stay the @#$% off my desk! :mad:

I'm thinking lunch today will be hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese and pineapple and a salad. Low carb protein shake for breakfast. Dinner is going to be baked chicken, and spinach. (potatoes for the guys)

Kiko, keeping toes crossed that your nausea was morning sickness in disguise. :bb:

Cottage, I'm envious that you got to spend time in the garden yesterday. Would have loved to do it myself. :)

Hope everyone has a great day on the Beach!


08-10-2004, 08:30 AM
HI everyone,

Not much to say today. It is so muggy out there. I am still catching up from being away for ten days. Any one want to finish my laundry?


little chick
08-10-2004, 08:41 AM
:coffee: morning chickies just sitting here eating my omlett and waiting for my tea to steep. I was totally OP yesterday. I ended up with a wicked headache at bedtime and I can feel it there again today, I know it is my body screaming at me for sugar, but it is getting eggs instead.

Cac- If you find someone to do your laundry when they are done please send them my way.Mine is piled high from the week end just can't get into doing it.

Kiko- are you trying to have a baby??? Glad that you are feeling better today though. Take care, and have a great day.

Mama- this must be the year of the ants I had tons of them in my yard. I feed them sugar and baking soda and they have decreased alot. Good luck with the traps.

Cottage- hope you have a wonderful day.

Well I am off to get my tea be back soon.

Under a Palm Tree
08-10-2004, 09:12 AM
Hi everyone,
Sorry I've not been posting as of late. Life is good, except DH's job. Looking forward to weighing in Thursday. I'm finally done with Phase 1 and guess what! Our anniversary was this weekend and we went out to dinner and I was mostly OP. Also Sunday at a friends I refused cheesecake. Big steps for me. Have a great day!

08-10-2004, 09:27 AM
The MODs have been pretty busy lately and have not been here to play very much. Believe me though, we do read the posts so don't try any funny stuff. :rofl:

Sarah was here before 8 and is out there turfing out goldenrod from the raspberry patch! I have fall berries and want to be able to get at them! She will mow the dog yard when the grass dries a bit - if we can start the frassing motor.

I wish I had more time to comment on everyone's post but life is pretty hectic these days. (Read my Journal ( if you like.) Still no word as to when darling Hersh comes home but that will mean a trip to the airport. I have a script meeting this afternoon, a Church selection committee meeting tonight and a farewell potluck tomorrow night but will try to be in here more tomorrow.

Have a happy Tuesday.

08-10-2004, 10:21 AM
:lol: Karen, I'm here. I've been so busy with my Dad lately.
I like to address everyone here individually (whether they like it or not :lol3: ), and getting up some mornings and finding about 63 posts already on the daily can be pretty daunting when I've got a full day ahead of me. :D
I'm here, and I love all of you. :grouphug:
Laurie is away on business. In other words, she's loafing around. ;)
I'm glad you're back on track and feeling better, hon!! Don't get discouraged... you're doing so well!! :hat:

Cottage! What the heck! Your friend lost seven pounds in ITALY!?!? :yikes: What did she do, stay on the plane at the airport and eat plane food? :?:
Stay OP today, girl... you're smart to plan your day!!

Mamacita, you have ants on your desk? :lol3: I'm sorry... :rofl: ... that just kills me. :lol: What have you been eating?

Cac, thanks for reminding me... my laundry has been sitting in the washer since yesterday... must get it out before it starts to smell. :rolleyes:

Little Chick, I'm sorry about your headache. :( I hope it's not too bad today. :grouphug:

Under a Palm Tree, Happy Anniversary! And congratulations for staying OP! :hat:
We celebrated our 16th anniversary last week. It was on the 6th, and we woke up on the 5th (Thursday), wished each other Happy Anniversary, and went out for dinner that night. It wasn't until Sunday that we realized, "HEY! Our anniversary was actually on FRIDAY!!" :lol3:

Yeah, Ruth, it's been pretty quiet in here for the past few weeks. I think they're planning something. Something bad. :lol:
I haven't seen any Monarchs this year. :( I always keep milkweed in my garden for them, but even Mom and Dad said they didn't see any on their four acres this year. I hope it's not a bad year for them.

Hugs to all of you... :grouphug: (by the time I post this, eight other people will have posted... )

08-10-2004, 10:40 AM
There is a STUPID FLY in my house. I hear him buzzing around and it's REALLY frustrating. I just can't catch him!

Went to a Party Lite party last night and decided that I may give up Pampered Chef and try out Party Lite for a third job. The perks are better, you don't have to do as much, and you get repeat customers because candles don't last forever. You make a higher percent commission, too. I don't's a "try us for just 3 weeks and if you don't like us, keep the free candles and accessories anyway" type deals. My best friend Molly and I are going to an informational meeting tonight to see if we really want to do it. It sounds really fun, and I have all the Pampered Chef stuff I could ever want/need. I want CANDLES!!!!

Well, I'm sneezy/coughy this morning. Great. Hoping just allergies, as the weather has been screwey here. Only gonna be 79 today. Hope everyone has a fantastic day!


08-10-2004, 11:09 AM
I'm finally back under 179! I was 178.5 this morning after several weeks at 179. Now I'll have to see if it stays down.

Last night was a cub scout training seminar and I agreed to be assistant den leader as well as the pack committee secretary that I already was. Our assistant decided she didn't have time. Now I just have to get my training and uniform and figure what else I have to do. This should be a lot of fun! I really enjoy helping out our den leader, Terri, and work is much less demanding now. I'm only working around 45 hours where I used to work around 70.

Karen, is it too early to take a pregnancy test? I didn't get the queasiness until I was probably 8 weeks along so I had already had it confirmed long before then but I know some people get it earlier. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

Ruth and Ellis :grouphug: - We know how busy you are. We just miss hearing from you but we understand. Thanks for letting us know that Laurie was away.

08-10-2004, 11:11 AM
Good Morning to all,

Well we made a dry run today to practice getting out the dorr for school. Went pretty well I think I just need to get up another 5 min earlier and we should be ready for next week.
Stayed OP yesterday except had a few snacks late. I think i need to add something to my dinners I seem to not be eating enough at that time. I made the stuffed Pork Tenderloin from the SB Cookbook last night with carrots and zuchini garlic and a few potatoes formy DH and DD's. Everyone seemed to like it.

Well I got on the scales this am and to my delight I am douwn another pound. :dance: :cheer: Very excited I have been felling a little frustrated so I am excited to see the progress continue.

Kiko- Hope you stay feeling good. Don't cath anything from those kids.
Cottage try to stay dry on the outside and wet on the inside! Meaning don't get rained on and keep up that water.
Little Chick- Do you think it could be a migrane? Hope not:sad: Feel better
weezle- I personally like Pampered Chef better. But I do agree with you about buying more candles. Good luck./ ANy word on how #2 interview went?

To all have a great day.

08-10-2004, 12:14 PM
Morning all

I had an eventful day yesterday -- played volleyball at the park for 4 hours --and scored a burn in the process. I went a little off for dinner - -but I didn't eat anything all day! Drank lots and lots of water though.

I am totally sick now and it stinks! I am going to upstate NY to see my aunt and cousins this weekend and I don't want to be sick...and I don't want to get too OP. Oh well. I am going back to bed. I can't keep my head up!

Prayers and love to you all...

08-10-2004, 12:39 PM
Hello All.

Today is the big day, Dad's surgery. He and my mother went up yesterday with my mother and 2 friends. I'm stuck down here running the business while he's out. Things are crazy.

Just got an update. He was supposed to go in this morning at 8 am. They started to put him under and there was a problem with his oxygen. They brought him back out and now he's in ICU. They don't know if it's heart or lungs, but they're running tests. He's's just a little scary for the Grizzlies left here at home....

Please keep us in your prayers.

sweet tooth
08-10-2004, 12:44 PM
Good morning everyone,

I have finally made it in while it is still morning. Can't believe how much busier it gets at work when the boss comes back from vacation. I guess the at work vacation has come to an end, as well.

skherb - I can't believe that you are so organized with the school run. when my kids were small, we didn't bother to do the school run to the end of the driveway to wait for the school bus... :lol:. They managed to miss the bus on occasion, anyway. We finally had to set up an account with the local taxi company for the times that they missed. Thank goodness, they are all past that stage. Much easier on my pocketbook. Congrats on the weight loss. It is so depressing to go several weeks, staying OP, and not seeing any results. Thank goodness, you are on the way down once again. Keep it up.

Barb - Woohoo, down again. :cp: You sound like you are going to have a busy year with girl scouts (?). My kids were never involved in the scouting programs, so I am not familiar. You will do a great job, though. Have fun.

Weezle - Good luck on the party lite job. I like both products - except the pampered chef can opener. I have such rotten luck with can openers - I am left-handed and they just don't work for me. I can destroy a can opener in less time than they can be unwrapped. The pampered chef can opener lasted about 2 years (I think that's my longevity record), the one after that lasted about 2 weeks. I have been banned from opening cans in our hose. :D I falls into the realm of 'men's work' now...along with vacuuming, laundry, cleaning :lol:

Little Chick - Nothing worse than a headache. Hopefully it is nothing more than the sugar or maybe caffeine. Hope you are well soon.

cac - Laundry? Men's work... ;)

LOUNGING Under a Palm Tree :D - Happy Anniversary. Congrats on staying OP when celebrating. You will be so proud of yourself when you lose all that weight.

Mamacita - Are you catching the ants to dip in chocolate? I HEAR they are very good.

Glad to hear most are being successful with their weight loss. Cottage, take it easy on that Strawberry Dessert. I haven't tried it yet - I'm not sure that I can handle the temptation right now. I am definitely going to keep it in reserve to make in a few weeks. Sound scrumptuous.

Kiko - Keeping :crossed: that there is a new :bb: .

Well gotta run. Work to do, boss is on the war path and having to plan a birthday party for the father-in-law's 90 birthday this weekend. BIG, HUGE problems with family members. Tell you more later.

Take care, stay OP and lose, lose, lose.

Oh yeah - hi to the MODS. I know you are all busy, and waiting to hear what is happening in your lives. Take care.

08-10-2004, 12:51 PM
Barb - Woohoo, down again. :cp: You sound like you are going to have a busy year with girl scouts (?). My kids were never involved in the scouting programs, so I am not familiar. You will do a great job, though. Have fun.

I DID love girl scouts when I was a scout but I ended up with a son so it is cub scouts. :) This is his second year so he is a Wolf cub scout. I was surprised at how many women are involved. I think about 3/4 of the leaders and assistant leaders are female. My husband helps out sometimes too.

sweet tooth
08-10-2004, 01:32 PM
I just found a low carb chocolate swirl cheescake recipe on another site. It is NOT SBD friendly as it is written, but i thought that I would experiment with it and try to combine some of the 'stuff' in it with the cheesecake recipe already posted to this site.

Anyway, the recipe calls for low carb flour substitute. Here are my questions - What is low carb flour substitute, where can it be purchased and is it SBD friendly?

08-10-2004, 02:00 PM
Hey everyone. I am glad it is about lunch time b/c I wasnt able to grab breakfast this morning and when I got to the office this morning there were 2 dozen donuts. A whole dozen of my fave--chocolate covered. But I was good and didnt even lick the frosting off the box. LOL So I am proud of myself. Only an hour til I can eat. Looks like either chicken creole or baked chicken today. Hope you all are having a good day.

08-10-2004, 03:33 PM
Hi all.....yesterday went well, even got my exercise it. :cb: Hope everyone had a good one also!

Do we have a place to weigh in at with South Beach forum. Is it okay to start one? Just wondering if we have one.

Barbara Congratulations on your weight loss! :dancer:

Lounging Under a Palm Tree, Happy Anniversary!:hat:

I hope I didn't miss anyone with a weight loss today. If I did, Congratulations, keep up the good job!

We are having a thunderstorm, so I'll be checkin' off the net.:rain:

Have a great day!!


Attitude makes all the difference!
So go ahead—think positive!

08-10-2004, 07:42 PM
hello everyone!!
nice to se you all in here , everyone sounds so chipper today. i am feeling blah blah today. not even close to a plan today. i am just down in the dumps for some reason. don't try and baby me ellis!! :lol3: i need some tough love here!!! my laundry was put in on sunday night and it is way past stink. sorry you have been so busy we all know you are here in spirit!! and yes ruth we all know if we try something fishy you'll be the first one to catch us. take care you two. and laurie we miss you!! hope you are having some fun on that business trip!!

islander good for you getting your exercise in!!

mkuhn72701 wow such will power you are my hero!!

sweet tooth i can't answer your questions but the cheesecake sounds great!! good luck tweaking the recipe

AdiaFaith hope all goes well with the surgery you and your family are in my prayers. keep us posted.

jenne1017 hope you get feeling better soon!! have a nice trip.

skherb and Barb0522 good for you!! keep up the great work!!

weezle hope you got that fly!! i think i would havr to try the candles pampered chef is great stuff but seems like alot of work. it might be a good time to jump into candle selling maybe you could contact some schools or small sports organizations in your area candle sales make good fundraisers!! good luck.

Under a Palm Tree great will power good for you!!

ellis happy anniversary!!!

cac you don't want me doing your laundry ...honest!! hope you get caught up soon.

lc poor dear hope the headache goes away soon.

kiko, mama, cottage hello :wave:
well i think that is all of you!! if i missed anyone i am sorry but it was not intentional i flipped through this frassin thread 200 times to get this much out. anyway i love ya all!! have a great evening.

08-10-2004, 08:08 PM
Well, we haven't gotten the thunderstorms, yet. In fact, it's really nice out, with a gentle breeze blowing. Expecting heavy rains from tomorrow evening into Friday. That's the last thing we need around here. Many homes have been flooded out, and there are sinkholes and watermain breaks all over the place.
I stayed OP all day so far, and supper this evening was SBD Meatloaf and a spinach souffle. I used all ground turkeybreast in the meatloaf, and it was pretty good. I still have a snack (dessert) coming, and I don't know what I'm going to have. I'm all out of ricotta.

Ellis: A belated Happy Anniversary!

Mamacita: Try applying rubbing alcohol in the areas where you see ants. Just wipe down the surface, and let it dry. It will turn whitish, but don't wipe it off. You'll never see those ants again, and it's completely non-toxic.

jenne1017: I'll be in upstate NY this weekend too!

AidaFaith: You must be under a lot of stress, you're in my prayers.

Ruth: We finally pulled out all our raspberries this year, they were being overtaken by weeds. I sure do miss them, though.

Barb 0522 and skherb: Congrats on the weight loss!

weezle: I have to agree with skherb about Pampered Chef. I really enjoy their products and recipes.

sweettooth: Adkins makes a carb substitute flour, but I don't know anything about it. It may contain a lot of non-legal crap. Most carb substitutes do. Still, it would be great to find a good cheesecake we can enjoy.

Hi! to anyone I've missed, it's hard to catch everyone! See you all in the morning!

08-10-2004, 09:01 PM
Regarding Ants:

What have I been eating? Well, other than smoked salmon, HB eggs and cottage cheese, not much at work. And I certainly wouldn't waste perfectly good chocolate by dipping ants in it. Blech! :no:

I have no idea what they were after...but I found them wandering around my stack-trays. :?: Boss had sent some gel bait for me and I used that along with the ant traps this morning. As soon as they scented the gunk, they were all over the time I left, not one single ant was crawling on my desk. YES!! And I got another 3" knitted on the sock! :)

Adiafaith...hope everything is ok with your dad. Keep us posted. (((hugs)))

About the flour substitute...Atkins makes a "bake mix" that is made with soy flour. IMHO, it tastes like wallpaper paste smells. Used it once and the results were so vile, I threw the rest of it out.

RNMOM, where ever you, I had to do a leg wound culture...I think I'm probably now ready to face just about anything the medical world has to throw at me...{{{{{shudder}}}}}} :eek:

Ok, gals, CYITM~~


08-11-2004, 01:58 AM
Thank you Jodi! ;)