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08-09-2004, 04:00 AM
I just wanted to know if anyone could give me advice for a good plan to follow. Im 18 and I wear a 20 :( and I really want/need to lose weight.

08-09-2004, 07:37 PM
Hey! There are plenty of good plans out there. Weight Watchers is a plan many folks follow, also South Beach, also Atkins, also the Zone, also Schwarzbein, also Dr. Phil . . . you get the idea. Do some looking around. Here are things I have found helpful in a diet:

- Nothing really odd or unbalanced. Like, no diets where you only eat grapefruit. Or that Special K Diet where you eat cereal twice a day. By two weeks you are really tired of cereal! (Yes, I did try it.)

- Many small meals are good, for example, 3 main meals and 2 snack meals at regular times.

- A choice of different, healthy foods, but not too much choice or I go too far and make bad choices.

- A regular plan to follow, so I don't find myself not knowing what to eat. Or I choose the wrong things. ;)

The main thing I have found helpful is to stick with a plan, which for me means measured amounts of some foods and set meal plans. And then it's just a matter of keeping on doing it!

Good luck! I hope some of the "really big losers" on the site will give you some ideas also.

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CW: 178 8/4/04
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08-09-2004, 11:47 PM
Hey there, Samilynn! Hello, Jayell! (Nice to see you again, Jay!) I agree with Jayell -- check out some different plans, don't go with anything too crazy or limiting, and don't try to do something that's so hard to stick with that you'll fall off and give up. I would also recommend that you pick some means of losing it that you'll be able to stick with for years afterwards, otherwise you'll regain it. You don't want to work hard to lose it, and then find that you end up regaining it because you're back eating the same way that put it on in the first place! You know? Also, it's not just the plan for eats, but the plan for how you're going to move your butt.....and you need to keep on moving it for the rest of your life. So find something fun, and start slow -- you don't want to burn yourself out or get bored and then give up.

You need to know that you can DO THIS --- I swear!! I'm not the fastest loser here, nor am I the biggest loser here, but I've lost 52 pounds in 5 months, and I am totally not depriving myself or missing out on anything.

What do you like to do for physical activity? Start there, and make a commitment to do it 2-3 times per week more than you are right now....and then build on that. What foods do you have trouble stopping eating once you've started? Avoid those, and that'll be a good start. I would DEFINITELY recommend eating 5-6 small balanced, low fat, low cal meals per day, so you keep your energy level up and are never starving. When you're hungry you're not just physically weak, you're also vulnerable to temptation.........so graze with small meals every 4 hours or so. I totally believe that's key!! And last but not least, stay positive and don't worry about it if you mess up a little......just hop right back in the saddle and don't freak out. Take control of the new moment and move forward rather than dwelling on whatever you did wrong.

You can do it, Samilynn -- just make up your mind that if anyone else can do it, you can too!!! Best of luck to you!! :grouphug:

08-11-2004, 01:19 PM

I'm not a big loser (yet) but I just felt that I needed to post a reply to samilynn. If it goes slowly, that is okay. I'm aiming for a measly 1-2 pounds a week; I don't want to get sick (I have some stomach trouble) or feel like I can't do this because it is so sudden and extreme.

I've found the best thing that I've done so far is change my attitude. When I thought of being on a diet I went to the cupboards to munch. But now that I'm thinking that I'm not "on a diet" but that I've changed my eating habits and my lifestyle it is so much easier.

I try to eat foods that are less fatty and have less sugar. Both of those together equal less calories, which is what I find it to be all about.

Most importantly when I'm eating, it's not that I'm eating only healthy food, I'm eating pretty much the same things, just smaller portions. I have the ability at a summer bbq to eat two or three hotdogs, potato salad, two corn on the cobs, mac and cheese and baked beans. And other stuff. But I'm really am just as satisfied eating one hot dog, half an ear of corn and a spoon of the beans. It's about portion control and frequency of eating. When there is food in my mouth now it is because I really am hungry, not because I thought that some cheddar crackers sounded like a good idea and I could use a munch.

I drink alot more water and seltzer, I like bubbles. I got rid of regular soda and only drink diet caffeine free colas now. The caffeine isn't good for you, it helps to dehydrate you making you crave food and salt.

I still eat ice cream and donuts. I just a very small portion and only when I really want to have something sweet. Two bites gives you the same taste and you don't feel all stuffed like a big ole sausage.

Change your life and the way you think. Eat smaller portions, reduce the calories you take in. Keep a food diary to really get a picture of what you are eating all day and how much and how often. You aren't trying to stay on a diet, you are trying to be healthier forever.

And the first time you have to go out and buy new jeans because your old ones are just too baggy around the butt it'll feel more satisfying than all of the desserts and snacks that you've had in your entire life.

Sorry, didn't mean to go on so long, but you can do it. And you can make it last forever. Really.

08-14-2004, 01:21 PM
I just wanted to know if anyone could give me advice for a good plan to follow. Im 18 and I wear a 20 :( and I really want/need to lose weight.

Hi Samilynn,

After many decades of trying every diet on the market, I've finally found one that is really working for me - the Schwarzbein Principle (by Diana Schwarzbein). I wish that I had found out about this way of eating when I was 18 (I am 55 now), I would have gotten healthy a lot sooner. Anyway, I encourage you to check it out before you decide. You can have carbs, protein, and fats and you're never hungry. You will slowly lose weight and stay healthy in the process. You can check the book out at most libraries or order it online through Amazon.com. Read it and learn about how your body handles food and what it needs to be healthy.

Good luck!

08-14-2004, 10:24 PM
I know they can, because if I can, it can't be all that hard. LOL

Hi all! I just found this board posted in a thread about weight loss at a Stephen King board no less. I just got back from shopping earlier, where I bought my first size 8 pants. :D

People are suggesting different diet plans samilynn, so I'm going to go another route. I didn't follow a plan, I just started eating healthier and exercising, and I'm losing the weight slowly, but it's guaranteed to stay off! But now that you want to lose, you need encouragement and tips. So here are some of the ones I followed.

1. Buy a really nice outfit one size smaller than you wear and keep it in plain sight everyday until you can fit into it, then buy another one a size smaller than that...and so on.

2. If you ever start gaining a bit, do NOT EVER justify buying a size larger to fit into. Wear them in discomfort until you get the pounds back down. Once you make one justification, you'll continue to do so until you're back up there.

3. You didn't get overweight overnight, you won't get skinny overnight. So if you ever get discouraged, remember that.

4. Water tastes good. If it doesn't now, it will by the time you flush all the toxins out of your system.

5. Exercise maybe painful, but it boosts your energy so you can actually get more done, it makes you healthier, it adds years to your life, and it gets you whistled at. :lol:

6. If you find it hard to exercise, try a change of times or places. I found getting up at 5:00 a.m. to jog outside in the dark, rain and snow wasn't my thing, but going to the club right after work, before I sit down at home or have dinner is doable.

7. Never ever ever go hungry, just eat right. If you're hungry in between, eat veggies or fruit as much or often as needed. Drinking lots of water helps fill you up too.

8. 100% whole wheat...it's filling. Cut down on breads and pastas and change the ones you do eat to whole wheat. Check the ingredients. They often lie on the front just to pull you in.

9. Speaking of...get to reading those ingredients in everything.

10. Park several blocks from work and get in some walking. Find the furthest parking spots from all your favorite stores and ALWAYS return your buggy. Four times across the entire lot is good exercise. ;)

I'm sure there's more and if they come to me, I'll post them. You just gotta sike yourself out over depressing feelings that you may be losing the battle by reminding yourself of some of these simple facts every day. The hardest is to try not to hop on the scale every day. I kinda stuck at 150 for a bit and was hopping on every day. Best to keep it to once a week. Pick a day and weigh in each morning before you have breakfast.

I was 165 after the birth of my daughter. I've been on about half a dozen diets. Every time I stopped dieting, I gained back what I lost plus. When I hit about 220, I stopped trying to diet and finally topped out at 240. I was about 240 pounds for about 12 plus years. I weigh a bit more now than I did in high school, but because of the exercise, I have a better shape than I did then...I look smaller. But because of all those years of stretch marks and flab, I'm working daily on tummy tightening exercises. Wish I could afford a tummy tuck. ;) But I did buy my first 2-piece this year, and at 39, I'm wearing miniskirts and loving it! Feels good to get whistles at this age, knowing my previous size. I just don't tell my hubby about them. LOL!

Edited to say: I've run two 5K marathons this year. I'm doing about 10 minute miles and proud as a peacock. :D

08-15-2004, 12:17 AM
Bastet, I agree that Schwarzbein is a really good plan for healthy eating. I've been doing a different weight loss plan for the past few months, but I plan to use the Schwarzbein maintenance plan once I get a to my goal.


SW: 196
CW: 178
GW: 145

08-15-2004, 10:36 AM
Bastet, I agree that Schwarzbein is a really good plan for healthy eating. I've been doing a different weight loss plan for the past few months, but I plan to use the Schwarzbein maintenance plan once I get a to my goal.


SW: 196
CW: 178
GW: 145

Hi JayEll,

I'm curious what plan you're on now? Since reading these boards I've seen so many different diets that I've never heard of before. I recently tried the South Beach diet, but after having done Atkins, I just couldn't get my head around cutting back on fat. It didn't make sense to me and Schwarzbein says go for the fat (in moderation, of course). But once you know the underlying reasons for fat consumption, it makes sense. I'm just not into deprivation anymore.

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