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08-07-2004, 01:53 PM
im 16, 5'7'' and 165lbs, i wear size 13 juniors clothes, and i really want to los weight, i always try and go on diets just like healthier eating and more excercise and i always end up stopping after about 4 days. i cant do any of these south beach or atkins diets coz im at home with my parents and my mom always just says eat healthy and do excercise and she always cooks healthy for us. and when im not at home im at boarding school in england where there is nobody stopping me from eating what i like.
can u guys give me sum help on mainly how to keep my diet going for longer than about 4 days and any realli great tips on how i can lose my weight!!
thanks guys!! :)

08-08-2004, 12:36 AM
I was wonding if youwould be interested in becoming buddies where we can share stuff like what we ate that day and what kind of exerice we did. I am 14, 5'2, and 140lb. I used to weigh 164 but lost about 24 pounds on the South Beach diet. And last year when school started I stopped adn cant seem to get back on. Now I am trying to exercise more and eat less. I hope that you would like to buddy up! My email is haleylol@yahoo.com if you want to get me there!

08-12-2004, 03:23 PM

it sounds great tht we cud be buddies. i been lookin in the forums, and went to a site called www.room42.com which you put ur stats into and it gives you figures of what food content you should be eating everyday to lose a pound a week, safely and so that it will stay off. its all kinda confusin tho, i'll try n work it out!! my email address is lifesa*****350@yahoo.co.uk. drop me an email whenever you can, n we'll see wat we can do for each other!!!!