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04-20-2001, 12:22 AM
Hello and welcome to the Thin Group! We are a great group of ladies (but men are welcome if there are any who care to join us) who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight in 2000. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another. Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

Please feel free to check out our website and learn more about us at:

Love, CJ

04-20-2001, 08:29 AM
Hi Ladies, good morning!!Last night sitter or no sitter I was bound to make it to the gym. ...and what an excellent wo I had. I did 55 min of cardio and 200 situps and ....I've lost another 1.5 lbs BUT THATS NOT ALL!!!
I measure myself once a month and after last months yo-yo of the same 2-3 lbs, I thought for sure there would be a 0" lost. I couldn't believe it!!! I had lost another 5" SOOOOOO, the moral of this story is.....
don't give up with the scale, there are other ways of losing and measuring your success!! Even trying to stay on plan, refusing a second helping, walking past that box of donuts, throwing out the leftover Easter candy....WHATEVER?.....YOU CAN BE A SUCCESS!!!
Boy, can you tell I'm PUMPED?? well, with good I'm within 4lbs of breaking the 200 and going into the 100's. Heres to the next hundred, CHEERS!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY, AND GET READY FOR THE WEEKEND....TGIF.

ps....rats! missed my weekly update ,sorry.....

04-20-2001, 08:39 AM
Way to go Angel --- you'll be into the 100's before you know it. You did not miss the updates ... I posted you last nite at 204 is that right? I was trying to follow your postings ....

I am posting the last updates here for you all to see because some of you have not given me an update in long long time and I need some "new figures" .... anyone else not on the list want to be on it? Just let me know. Here goes:


ANGEL-EYES (1/14/01)
227/204/160/23 {44}

BERNICE (4/01/99)
334/230.6/145/103.4 {85.6}

CH (2/27/01) *Joined WW

CHRISSY (4/27/99)
228/146/150/82 {0} * goal reached Jan/2000

CJ (1/25/01) * Joined WW
184.5/177/120/7.5 {57}

JO (6/19/00)
202/169.2/150/32.8 {19.2}

KERRI (3/12/01)
183/178/120/5 {58}

MK (1/27/01)
250/250/200/0 {50}

SANDI (10/12/98)
179/148/150/31 {0} *goal reached March/1999

SHARON (5/16/98)
224.2/193/155/31.2 {38}

ZOE (11/98)
209/179/148/30 {31}


Well, got to get in the shower before it starts storming here! Be back later ...

Love, CJ

04-20-2001, 09:45 AM
Happy Friday to all! Been a long week but today the sun is shining and it's Friday Friday Friday!!! Only have to get through the boss's first day back in the office and the company luncheon today. Yikes! Maybe I'll just go hide somewhere until the smell of food is gone. Hoping for decent weather this weekend for more backyard work but have plenty to do inside if those thunderstorms come through.

Sam, congratulations on the birth of your little one!!!! Seems like just yesterday you were announcing to us that you were expecting. OK, so maybe it seems longer to you LOL! Love the name Charlotte!!! :)

CJ, truthfully, I'm not even exactly sure what my weight is at this moment!! :?: I'll be sure to send you an update after I weigh in tomorrow morning. I'm NOT looking forward to it. :eek:

A gal at work here is leaving tonight for a week in Las Vegas. I'm so jealous! She won't even sneak me into one of her suitcases! How do you like that? Humph! And at the end of next month, my old buddy Gary is going to England!! And he won't take me with him either. Well, now I know who my friends are! LOL!

I guess I should get to work here but it's tough when it's sunny and going up to 70-something outside my window. Hm, maybe I could dig out my sneakers (think there's an extra pair in my car) and go for a walk while everyone else is stuffing their faces at the luncheon! Could happen!

Hope you all have a great day! I decided to put an autosignature in my user profile so let's just see if it works when I post this.

Much love to you all!

04-20-2001, 11:39 AM

Just stopping for a quick post. My husband and I are going to Virginia for the weekend to visit my son. We are going to spend Saturday at Williamsburg.

I'm happy to say I've lost another two lbs. so I'm down a total of 5 in the last two weeks. :)

Chrissy, hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Judy, I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. I'll remember you and Cal in my prayers.

Sam, congratulations on the birth of baby Charlotte!

Jo, glad you are feeling better. Another 2.2 lbs! Great!

Kim, sorry to hear about your grandmother and your fibromyalgia.

Sharon, have a great trip to Florida. Enjoy your visit with your daughter.

CJ, good job, another lb. lost!

Angel-eyes, you are doing so well. I'm sure you'll be below 200 soon. Keep up the good work!

Well, I have to get going. We have a six hour drive ahead of us. Take care!


04-21-2001, 11:34 AM
Hi everyone,
Today it looks like a very nice day here. May even hit the 80 mark. If it doesn't rain it will be perfect. Going to our grandsons soccer game this a.m. The little ones are so cute to watch.All is well in my part of the world. Have no complaints. I have been working some extra hours again and that really makes my week get messed up. But vacation time will be nearing and the money will help. we plan to spend a few days in Vegas (outlying areas) looking at property as we think we may retire there in about 3 years. So we want to look over the areas. Have gotten lots of info from real eatates there. Homes are very nice and so much cheaper than here. But of course I will find time to go to the casinos too while I am there. Maybe I will be lucky again on the Wheel of Fortune machine?

Angel-Eyes....Keep up the great job. I don't think I could ever do 200 sit ups. In a row anyway. LOL Whatever you are doing keep it up as it seems to be working.

Jo...I Like your new signature.

C.J....A pound gone. Good for you girl!!!
Sam...happy to hear all is well with you and the new baby. Like her name too.

Trish...Hope you had a nice trip to Va. It is always nice to see our kids isn't it? You are doing so well in losing weight. I am proud of you.

Kim...Sorry to hear about all the things going on with you, your Gram and Hannah. keep us posted.

Sharon...Have a fun time in Fla. and a nice visit with your daughter.

Love to all....Sandi

04-21-2001, 12:02 PM
Hi there guys,
We are at my daughter Tracy's house in Fort Walton Beach. Took about 12 hours or so to drive here. Yesterday Tracy showed us around and we went to the beach and saw the Gulf Of Mexico. Never saw the the Gulf before. I never saw such white sand was so and the Gulf was so green and beautiful. She also took us to here Air Force base, Eglin AFB and saw where she worked and met everyone she worked with. Her superior officers said that we have raised a fine young lady and they all said how much they liked her around and how funny she is and how much she makes them laugh. That's my daughter, just like her Mom everyone says. She is really always happy and easy going and fun loving. That is so nice to hear such great things about your kid. Both my daughters Kelly and Tracy are pretty fun loving I think. My son's have a good sense of humor as well. Yes you can say there we like to have a good time and that is the important thing is just to enjoy life while you are here. I am proud of all my kid!

Sam-Congratulations Mom! That is so neat that you are the parents to a beautiful-I just know it-baby girl. I also love that name Charlotte. You are going to love being a Mum I know. Thanks so much for letting us know and keep us up on how she is doing.

Judy-So sorry about all you have been going through with Cal and also you hurting your back. Hang in there Judy and please keep on posting with us too and we will keep both of you in our prayers.

Sandi-That is great that your weather today is going to be so nice. You are having almost the same weather as here in Florida. It is soppose to be in the mid 80's here. That weather will be perfect to enjoy your son's soccer game. Have a good time!

Trish-Hope your trip to Virginia to visit your son is a good one. I also hope the weather is perfect for you for your trip. You are doing so great on your program. Gosh down another 2 lbs-5 in all. Keep it up!

CJ-I see you started the new thread again you little BRAT! Miss you too and we will connect soon. Hope you are doing well.

Chrissy-Hey girl. Is Ellie back yet from Florida? Funny she comes back on the very same day her Aunt Sharon goes to Florida. LOL Hope you celebrated your birthday all over again with your little Ellie Bellie.

Jello-You don't have to hide during your company luncheon. All you have to do is just work out the extra's doing your yard work you are planning to do. LOL

angel-Wow Whee girl. You are losing both pounds (1.5) and inches (5) too. All those sit ups and other exercise you are doing is paying off big time. YOU GO GIRL!

Hi to everyone else too. Hey Sher-Bear where are you lately? I miss you lots and lots. Also Gail I know you probally are still busy with your MIL. Post soon too cause I miss you too.

Time to go guys. Another busy day planned today. Last night we went to this all you can eat seafood buffet. The crab legs were so good. I gotta get out of here and back home agan to get back on my program and exercise program too. Today we are going to the beach and I will to walk to burn some of those crab legs off. LOL

Love you guys. Sassy Sharon :cool:

04-22-2001, 05:34 AM
Thanks for all the love, support, and hugs I'm getting. It makes me feel better to know y'all are only a few clicks of a mouse away!!!

I talked to one of the nurses at the nursing home my grandma is in, and she did not give me much hope. Since Nan (my nickname for my grandma) doesn't have a phone, I can only talk to the nurse and pass on messages. She said Nan has given up. Won't eat but a bite or two, won't attempt to do anything with her left hand (the stroke affected her right side) except maybe scratch her nose or something like that. She also refuses to get out of bed (the risk of pneumonia increases from that), and doesn't want to do Physical Therapy. The PT goal is to get her doing things by herself to get her home, which is where she's wanting to be. Even if my Mom would move out there, She and Ray (my step-grandpa) wouldn't be able to take care of her without some kind of in home care, and Nan worries about the cost, etc. She doesn't want to be a burden. I've tried telling her it's not a burden to us, but a way to repay her back for all the care, love, support she has shown us all out lifes.

Mom and I talked about splitting the cost of getting a phone installed in her room, and splitting the monthly bill, but I can see the fit my grandma would throw. I wish there was a way to get out there, but we just don't have the money for me to make another trip out there.

All she would say to me the last time I talked to her while she was still in the hosp. is how she wants to die. I know she misses my real grandpa, and has been talking about him more the last few years, but I wish she could try. I just don't know what to do anymore. My grandma has never been a quitter before. I hate to think of her quitting know. But I'm not in her shoes. I don't know how much pain she's in everyday, or how miserable she is. I was hoping when I saw her last month that taking Hannah with me would help, but unfortunatly Hannah came down with the flu while we were in Kansas, and Nan didn't get to spend much time with her.

Well, now that I have totally depressed everyone, and got Niagra Falls going on my end again, anyone have any ideas??

I pray daily for her, and get frustrated once in awhile when it seems like God has forgotten about her (I know he hasn't). I want Him to hurry up and do something and I know that's not the way I should be. I will just have to keep praying, and keep my faith that it is His will.

Going to go and try to get some sleep. The church had a skating party tonight, and I'm kinda feeling it (it was worth it to see the fun Hannah had tonight).


04-22-2001, 10:13 PM
Hello everyone. I don't seem to get here much. I think about all of you. My son has to go to jury duty this week. My daughter has moved back home again. My dad had hernia surgery last Thurs. He is doing okay. My mom will probably be going in the hos. in the next week or so. She has fluid building up again and also has asore on her leg that can't heal because of the swelling. I guess this will be the way she will live until they figure it out. My husband had his blood pressure med up, but they don't hear the heart murmer so they think it might be working. But compared to some of you this is just easy stuff. I'll not complain. I still need to get busy losing this weight.

Dreamer: What a pretty name. Hope the breast feeding is coming around. I didn't do it, but have heard that it takes some practice. Keep trying.:)

Kim: Does your (Nan) have a picture of Hannah? Maybe if she could look at her she might decide to try a little harder. It is so hard to deal with things like this, but your doing everything you can. Your Nan knows this. Take care of yourself too.

Chrissy:Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

Judy: Sorry to hear the med didn't work for Cal. I don't like driving my husband around either. It dosen't happen to often, but he is for ever telling what I am doing wrong.

Well. I am tried and I have to get the dishes done. Will talk later. Mary Kay

04-23-2001, 08:36 AM
Sam, congratulations on your baby girl!! I just love the name you picked..Charlotte. Beautiful, hope you are doing well and just ENJOY this time together with your new baby daughter....take a deep breath of her babyscent for me......just love the baby smell!!!, are you having a tough time. Be strong, and make sure you take some time for yourself. Sounds like a very stressfull time, and if not careful next thing you'll be run down and getting sick. Please take care of yourself.

Well yesterday was another 'breakthrough' day!! You know those ones where the lightbulb goes off....and you say..."Wow". Well I was working out at the gym and really trying to push myself, did 35 min of cardio at a higher rpm than normal and then my 200 situps....well my mind started to wander abit and hit the daydream mode. And finally it hit me...I'm ready for the next level!!
Level? you say....yes, dh and I are ready to look at a home gym, treadmill or other excercise equipment. Ha ha, I bet you thought we were ready to start a family.....haha..nope, but IN MY MIND.....I COULD SEE MYSELF WORKING OUT MORE!!! Now that just blew me away as...usually my mind wanders looking at the guys in the gym and their cute but here I was and it was just so crystal clear and the answer so easy and within reach. IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME!!!! yesterday we almost bought one, but they don't stock them in and would have to order one....we had wanted to take it home RIGHT THEN AND THERE.
well.....soon, going to check around. This would be one of my success's for the weekend....another would be only eating a smaller portion of my dinner at a pub, planning ahead with water, snacks...for a 3 hr drive and also saying "I'm worth it" to buying some more clothes that absolutely look great ...(size L and XL) I just can't seem to get enough of the smaller sizes!!!!!
Have a great day Ladies....the day is fresh with all sorts of possibilites. We can change our outlook and our habits....success is just a meal away!!!!

04-23-2001, 12:45 PM
OK, so I weighed in on Saturday and faced the music. Gain of 1.6 lbs. :( Now I can blame some of it on that time of the month (cramps had me doubled over yesterday!) but the rest is most assuredly chocolate and marshmallow related. Oh well. It's a new week, right? But I was feeling really down and it didn't help to have to attend a memorial service on Saturday afternoon. It was a very nice service and we all had a good cry but celebrated the life of the man. Anyway, when it was over I was going to go home and a girl I hardly knew came over and asked me how much weight I'd lost and told me how good I looked, etc. Um, wow. Just what I needed to perk up a bit.

This morning I had to drop Watson off at the vet. He's having his teeth cleaned and I had to sign the usual release forms for anesthesia. It always worries me, especially since Watson's had a heart murmur since he was a puppy and he's almost 12 years old. Anyway, I put him in the big cage at the vet and closed the door and made the mistake of looking at his big puppy eyes asking what did I think I was doing, etc. Sniffle. I can't pick him up until tomorrow but will call this afternoon to see how it went. I miss my puppy!!!!! :cry:

Speaking of tomorrow, our dumpster will be delivered in the morning. I took the whole day off and Rich should be home by 12:30 or so. All that JUNK is going out. I'm tossing anything I can lift and that will fit in the dumpster. He's not saying much but I think he's a bit nervous. Yesterday, we were finishing breaking up the old shed and pulling up the old rotten floor boards and Rich lifted up the floor and there was a huge dead possum underneath. I just saw a lot of fur and big beady eyes and started screaming. But I calmed down after the initial shock and we had to dispose of the body. I'll skip most of the gorey details but ... well, can you say maggots. Yuck.

Sorry to bring up that subject guys. Don't know why I felt like I had to tell you that. Let's just say it's quite the appetite suppressant. Poor little thing must have gotten stuck or something.

Never mind. Enough of that. Guess I'll leave you now and get back to work. It's another beautiful day outside and it was tough to finally come in to work. Hm, maybe it's a good day for a lunch time walk??

I'll leave you on that more positive note. Hope you all have a great day.

Much love, Jo.

04-23-2001, 01:57 PM
Hey Everybody. Just popping in to say hello! It's been really busy here and I haven't had time to do much on the web. I actually gained a lb this last week. Just getting me motivated to do better this week. Trying not to feel down. . .

Sam - Congrats on your new arrival. I can't wait to see some pictures!

Sorry I don't really have time to address anyone. I hope to check in later.


04-24-2001, 07:10 AM
Hi everyone

Quick message as bub is in between feeds and I have to go and get something to eat before I collapse (I've never worked this hard LOL).

I weighed myself today - 1 week before I delivered I was 176 pounds, today I'm 150. 26 pounds and bub is only 9 days old? Hey I'll take it!

Of course the downside is I have lost most of my muscle no doubt, but we'll work on that.

Anyways love to all. By next week I should be back here more often, just only sleeping two hours at a go is pretty darn tiring (whinge whinge I know).

CJ - If I email you some photos can you put them on our site? That'd be great if you could....

176/150/132 (goal may change later)

04-24-2001, 01:40 PM
Hi Everyone,
Not a whole lot new in my area of life. It seems the same old stuff just a different day lately. We had such nice weather over the weekend, even was able to wear shorts. And now it is back in the 50's. Although I do like this weather for walking outside which I did earlier today.

Jo...Your possum story was a little bit gross. I hate them things dead or alive!!!!!! Do you brush Watson's teeth at all? The dog we got last year has always had her teeth brushed by her former owner,so my hubby just continued in. I must admit she doesn't have doggie breath. They have chicken flavored toothpaste and believe it or not, Shadow runs to him when she sees it coming. Hey, when you are all done with the cleaning and getting rid of stuff you can come here and do it for me.

Angel-eyes....Gee, if you get a hime gym you will only have your hubby's butt to look at. LOL What speed do you do your cardio at? What machine do you use for it?

M.K....You sure have your fill of things happening in your life. I do hope things get better for you soon.

Sam...Those sleeplesss nights will end in a few months or so. You have to try to nap whenever Charlotte does if you can. I know that isn't always possible. You are doing well having lost that much weight already. It will come off,don't worry. Bet you kind of miss playing all your sports now huh? I can't wait to see some photos.

Chrissy.......You are in my thoughts today as that jerk gets sentenced. Hopefully this will be your last time to have to ever see him and be in court.{{{{{{{CHRISSY}}}}}

Judy....I am sorry to hear that Cal's meds are not working for him. It is not an easy disease to deal with. If my hubby was to read your post about Cal talking to you about the way you drive, he would say that's what I sound like. LOL

So off I go to do some ironing. It sems to be piling up for some reason. Take care. Love to all. Sandi

04-24-2001, 07:58 PM
Sam....way to go...already showing a good wt loss!! Lucky you....when I had my second baby I lost only 12lbs and he weighed 7.6oz....I thought I was doing good!!! is the day!!! Good luck and hope the book gets thrown at that scub bag!!!

Well, after a little detour of a couple of pounds ....I am back down to 202 lbs. It is only natural for your body to show some signs of resistance, I think. Even when we'll be a goal weight our bodies will have a natural fluctuation of 2-4 lbs. I am LEARNING, (and constantly amazed) that I'm not freaking out anymore when I do have a slight gain. So this, believe it or not is my latest success .....getting to know my bodies natural rhythm when weight loss is concerned! I know that I will succeed and beat this, once and for all.

04-25-2001, 09:47 AM
Good morning. Chrissy, I spent a good part of yesterday thinking about you. Is that monster in jail for the rest of his sorry life now? I know I talked about maggots last time I was here and I guess that description fits him.

Oh sorry, I didn't mean to start my post with more gross talk. Yesterday we filled up that dumpster big time! Didn't think we had so much JUNK!!! But the back yard is all cleared out now and it's finally time for getting the garden all prepared and planted. The dumpster should be picked up and gone by the time we get home today. And speaking of picked up, Mr. Watson is home sweet home. Yay! :) He was feeling a bit punk for a while but he's on pain pills and antibiotics and was looking much better this morning. Sandi, I've decided that I'm going to start brushing his teeth regularly so he doesn't have to go through this again too soon. And neither does my wallet!!!

Oh but speaking of wallets, I got my security and pet deposits back from my apartment complex yesterday! Lots of bucks to go into the "Vegas Fund". Well, after I spend just a little on Jo. ;) Maybe some new clothes. Oh but I have to tell you! I didn't want to wear jeans yesterday (too hot) so I dug out some old light weight cotton pants from years ago...and they fit!!!! :D It was nice being able to wear light pants and a sleeveless shirt ... even though my upper arms are not too attractive. Hm, guess I'll have to dig out my little dumb bells too.

OK, the real reason for my post here today. Whatever happened to our short-term challenges? We gotta bring those back. Maybe we can start with a Memorial Day challenge?? Let's see. 33 days until Mem Day. I'd like to lose 6 lbs. by then. That's doable, I think. Anyone else?

Having said that, I made the mistake of getting on the scale this morning and am NOT happy. I'm hoping it's only because I didn't get in much water yesterday. I'm already on my second bottle this morning to make up for it. We'll just see how it goes.

Better go now. A few things to catch up on. Have a great day everyone!
Much love, Jo.

04-25-2001, 03:43 PM
Hi guys,
Since Ken and I were going to Florida and would be still there on Tuesday when the sentencing was going to be, we wouldn't be able to come to Michigan for that. But I really was bummed that I would not be able to be there for the end of it all. Soooo we decided to come home early and than I could go on Monday myself and drive to Michigan to be here. I just really wanted to come the full circle and have complete closure and make sure for myself that justice would be done for my brothers killer.

I didn't tell anyone here that I was coming for the sentencing, not my dad, Papa, or even Chrissy and CJ didn't know I would be here. I just went to my sister in law Chrissy's house and snuck up to the door and surprised her. LOL She was so happy that I came to see the sentencing. Than I called my dad and told him I was in town and he was pretty happy too.

The sentencing went really well. The judge gave Robert Persons life with no parole for the 1st degree murder charge, than another life with no parole for the felony murder and than a 30 to 40 year sentence for the armed robbery charge. So in all he will NEVER EVER see the light of day and he will not get out till they carry him out feet first when he dies in prison. That scumbag will NEVER hurt another human being again like he did my brother. My nieces Emily and Ellen-Chrissy and my brother Rick's daughters wrote a speech and got to go to up the microphone and tell everyone how their Dad's murder affected their lives and everyone around them. They did such a beautiful job that we all cried buckets all during their speech. They directed their words and their anger at Robert Persons. They more or less said that we were all glad that he would spend the rest of his miseable life rotting in prison in his little tiny cell for what he did to Rick. He heard them we knew that by the way he looked and his expressions. At least he heard their words and I hope he thinks about them EVERY SINGLE DAY for the rest of his pathetic life.

We all felt so much better afterwards and we left the courthouse in Detroit feeling like we have complete closure at last.

Chrissy is doing better now that this is finally over, finally after almost 2 years now. I have spend lots of time with her and we had a celebration yesterday and all went out to lunch afterwards. Now we will all TRY to go on with our lives if that is possible, but we know that things will NEVER be the same without my dear brother, Chrissy's husband and Emily and Ellen's Dad Rick.

I called CJ last night and told her I was in town, so we just got back from lunch at the Ram's Horn.We were pretty good although I don't know with all that I have been eating out, starting with going to Florida and all that seafood and now here, I just hope that when I go back to my WW meeting I won't be up 10 pounds. LOL Anyways CJ and I have had a nice visit today.

Tonight Papa and I are going over to Chrissy's for dinner. She is working at the hospital today so we should have a nice evening with her and Emily and Ellen.
I have enjoyed seeing her, the girls and my dad once again. Even if it was under these circumstances.

I am not sure when I am going home yet. Sometime this weekend. I am all done working so I am open, but it will be probally sometime this weekend.

Well time to get off here and CJ and I are going to go out in her rock garden and enjoy the beautiful sunny day.

I will try to post again when I can and address everyone.

Love you guys, Sassy Sharon :love:

04-25-2001, 10:06 PM
Hi and goodbye Ladies. Just found out yesterday that I need to attend a meeting for work. No problem..right? Wrong! Dh is also away(as per usual) and had to find sleeping arrangements for the two boys and the dog....keeping in mind bus schedule,daycare dropoff times, afterschool programs, carseats,clothes etc etc etc. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! There that feels better....and oh, arrange this in a matter of a few hours, while booking a ticket to fly half way across Canada. So I'm writing this now....with a very quiet house...nothing stirring not even a mouse. What a wierd sensation....when you're normally used to a hustle and bustle house and then ......theres JUST QUIET. So I'll be thinking of you all.....drinking all that water, munching on those low fat snacks,counting those points, crunching carrots,working out and sweating....I'LL BE DOING THAT TOO!! I'm packing my w/o gear and plan on a big jug of water right in front of me at my meeting, dashing for the salad bar and walking on meeting breaks....WISH ME LUCK!!! See everyone back here ....Monday night the 30th.

04-25-2001, 11:34 PM
Hi Girls:

Been quite awhile since I have posted last. But I have been lurking and reading all of your postings. I miss you all.

I see that Sharon, my sister-in-law, has posted and kept you all up to date. Thanks Sharon. The sentencing went well without any surprises. About time eh? Two life sentences, both with no chance of parole! Thank the Lord! Both my daughters, Emily and Ellen, had their own speeches. They both did so well. I was so very proud of them. I felt Rick from above beaming with pride. They really gave it to Robert Person. First, Emily gave her speech. Emily is my oldest. Emily really looks alot like her father. And in many ways is alot like him too. She had a very nice and effected speech. At the end of her speech, she told Robert Person that it comforts her to know that he will rot in prison for the rest of his life. Then Ellen got up. It was her turn. She really gave it to him. Big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like jumping up out of my seat yelling.......You go Ellie!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe that was my daughter speaking up there. And to top it off, I saw reactions from Robert Person. He kept glancing up at the girls and was squirming in his chair!!!!! They got to him. Just what I wanted. In fact, he looked like he was going to get up and say something, but it also looked like his attorney stopped him. She said something to him, but he ended up not saying anything. Which was probably for the best because he doesn't need the last word in this. I tell you, I cannot believe that it is over with. At least this part of it. The big part. What a relief, but on the other hand, reality has set in.......Richard is dead. I feel that with all of these court hearings, motions, appeals, mistrials, all of this crap, kept Richard's name alive. In my mind, I didn't bury him yet. I buried Rick body, but not him. Tomorrow morning, I plan on going to the cemetery alone and telling Rick that it's time I have to get on with it. I have to bury Rick. I will never stop loving my husband. He was the love of my life. The father of my children. I miss him everyday and will never forget him. But tomorrow I will go and just talk with him. Please, all don't think that I am crazy, just something that I have to do. Today I went to work and had a very hard time. I cried alot at work. It felt good too. Rick is gone.....he is dead. Even though it's been a year and a half now, it just now sinking in.

I love all you ladies. Maybe now I can just post now and try to loose some of these pounds that I gained when I quit smoking. Have to admit, some of my pants are somewhat tight!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!! LOL But, I sure can breathe better, and feel healthier.

ANGEL EYES - Have a good trip. Try and have some fun.

JUDY - Sorry to hear about Cal. I do think of you and pray for you and Cal. Please do take care of yourself Judy. You are so important.

JO - Thanks so much for thinking about me! Thanks too for the nice birthday card! I love reading your posts. You make me laugh. I guess me being a nurse, maggots don't gross me out. Believe me, I have seen worse! I could really gross you all out with patient stories. But, I am so very happy that you and Rich are happy. It sure seems like you both are!

GAIL - Hope that you are doing well. I think of you often. ((GAIL))

SANDI - Miss you girlfriend!!! Yeah, I can see Spence right now cleaning Shadow's teeth!! LOL I hope that Shadow doesn't jump on the couch. She would get into trouble! LOL

KIM - Sounds like you are having a rough time. My mother lives in a nursing home. It is hard to see her there. Try to take just one day at a time Kim!

SAM - Congratulations on the new baby! Hope that you and the little one are adjusting well. Try to get some rest too kiddo! Being a new mum take adjustments also. Can't wait to see the pictures of you and the baby!

MARYK - Hope that all is well you too! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

SHARON - So glad that you made it to Michigan! I love you so Sharon! ((((Sharon)))) I know that it wouldn't of been complete for you if you didn't come for the sentencing.

CJ - Heard that you and Sharon had lunch at the Ram's Horn today. Hope that you two had a nice lunch! I worked today!! UGH......but that is life I guess. I will send you some updates on my weight and all. Would like to take off a few pounds or so. Are you and Dick going up to the cabin soon?

To everyone that I haven't addressed ((((((BIG HUGS)))))! Maybe if I posted more I wouldn't have this problem. I really need to go to bed now. I am so very tired. Had a very emotional day. Tomorrow Sharon and I are going to hang out. I guess that I will be going to her father's house after I see my mother and then I will go to the cemetery.

Take care everyone!!!

Love to all, Chrissy

04-26-2001, 04:14 AM
Hello ladies! :wave:

I just popped in to say hello. It's been crazy at work. They laid off 18 people ... my department went from 5 people to 3. My boss told us that she will be moving to Arizona in two months...bringing our department down to 2 people. So sad.

I had a fabulous experience on Saturday. I went to do some shopping, found quite a bit of cute clothes in the size I thought I was (before my vacation)...I went to try them on and they are big on me! I was so happy. Even my feet have shrunk. Is that possible? My weight has stayed the same but everything is so big on me now. I'm going to sign up for the gym this week and try Pilates. I heard that they do wonders for your muscles in a non impact way. I hope it's true! I'll let you ladies know!

Chrissy- First of all, Belated Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a wonderful day! I'm so happy that that monster will rot in prison for what he did to your Rick. I think it will be good for you to talk to all takes time. Remember we are here for you ...we've always been. God bless you and your family! {{{{{{Chrissy}}}}}}

Sharon- I hope you are having fun with your daughter and with CJ. You are a good sister in law to drive to Michigan for the sentencing. I wish I had family members like you that would be there for me in a heartbeat. You are truly a special person ... but we already knew that!:D

Sam- CONGRATULATIONS!!! A beautiful baby girl with a beautiful name...especially her middle name (Sylvia) :lol:

Judy- You and Cal are in my prayers

angel eyes- Congratulations on your lost inches! WOOOO HOOOO!

Kim- I hope your Nan gets better. Hang in there!

Well, I've got to run to bed. :yawn: It's getting late and god knows I need all the beauty sleep I can get!

A big hello to all that I didn't mention individually. I may not post often but, I always think of all of you!

Before I go let me say this... It's a beautiful thing to have such a wonderful group of friends that come together in good times and in bad. People only dream about having friends like the ones we all have in this group ...for that, we are truly blessed. I thank you all for being such wonderful people.



04-26-2001, 11:06 AM
Well, it's Bring Your Child To Work Day and we're overrun by pint-sized people in oversized lab coats touring the building and peering into microscopes, etc. Just hope I survive the day here! A couple of the guys I work for are taking me out to lunch for Secretary's Day today. They were telling my boss that they didn't take me out yesterday because HE was supposed to do it and now they're teasing him because he didn't do anything for me. I've got them trying to convince him that it'd be a good idea to give me tomorrow afternoon off in exchange. :lol: Let's just see what happens. I'm not holding my breath. Meanwhile, I'm trying to think of where I can go and what I can eat for lunch today without blowing it. I'll let you know how it goes.

Chrissy, I would have been surprised if you DIDN'T go and talk to Rick! Don't ever think that it's crazy to feel the way you do. Rick will always be alive in your heart and in your daughters' hearts. And thanks for your kind words about me and Rich. Well, let's face it. With a man named Richard, how can I lose, right? :)

Sylvia, congratulations on having to go out and buy new clothes LOL!! And yes it is possible for your feet to shrink too I think. I've never heard of Pilates though. What's that?

Well, I have to get on the phone and call those people who were supposed to get that big old dumpster out of our driveway yesterday. It's still sitting there looking ugly. *grumble* As you can tell, I'm not a patient person. I tried to call yesterday when I got home but they close at 5:00 apparently. I just don't want to get home tonight and find it still there and have to wait another day to call.

The weather's supposed to be nice for the next couple days (I hope I hope I hope :^: ) so hopefully we'll get the garden tilled and planted, etc. I've got a list of "projects" a mile long. Poor Rich. Oh, but he did get on my scale yesterday and was surprised to see that he'd lost some weight since "I" joined WW. Go figure. :D

Hope you all have a good one!
Much love, Jo.

04-26-2001, 01:56 PM
Hey Everyone. I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I just wish that today was Friday! It has been a long week for me. I found out that my brother and sis-in-law that I live with are moving away. So in the very near future. . . all depending on when this estate mess settles. . . I will have to find a new place to live. This is God's way of putting me on my own again. I had decided to stay with them just weeks ago. :)
Oh well. . . now begins the fun of apartment hunting again. Joy! It would help if I had any idea of when all of this is going to settle. It is great fun home shopping when you have no idea when you are moving.

Chrissy - It is so great to hear from you. I am happy for you all that this creep is finally put away forever. Now you can get on with your grief. I know you must miss Rick terribly. I cannot even imagine. Quitting smoking is an incredible thing. I am so proud of you. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts as you go through grieving now. ((((Chrissy))))

Sylvia - Glad you survived the layoffs. Sounds like there are a lot of changing going on around you. Congrats on the clothes shopping. That is a great feeling. What is Pilates? I don't think I am familiar with that.

Jo - I'll take you up on that challenge. I'd like to loose 6 lbs by Mem Day too. . . sounded like a good number. :)

Angel-Eyes - I know what you mean about knowing your body's weight cycle. I am learning the same. I don't mind checking my weight often because now I can usually tell what by body is up to and is about to be "down" to by that number.

Sam - Sounds like you are shedding those lbs already. You'll be a skinny mama before you know it!

OK. Better get back to work now. A big howdy to those I didn't mention by name.


04-27-2001, 11:53 AM
Hi everyone!

TGIF! It's a beautiful, sunny spring day here in Pennsylvania, and I have the day off. Yay!

There's not much new to report from here. My trip to Virginia last weekend was very nice. We enjoyed the visit with our son. It's amazing how close and comfortable we all feel even though we don't get together often. We spent Saturday at Williamsburg. It was a really nice weekend.

I'm still counting points and have lost another lb. bringing the total to six. I'll join in Jo's Memorial Day Challenge. I hope to lose at least 8 more lbs. in the next month. Maybe we should start a special thread to post our progress on this challenge.

Has anyone else been watching Survivor? I was sorry to see Elizabeth go.

Gina, good luck with the apartment hunting.

Jo, have you gotten rid of your dumpster? Your possum story was so gross! AAGH! I don't even like coming across a dead mouse... It must have felt great being able to fit into those old pants. Keep up the good work!

Sylvia, I'm glad to hear you still have your job. It must have felt great to go shopping and need a smaller size. Tell us more about Pilates.

Chrissy, nice to hear from you. The ordeal of the trial is finally over. I'm glad to hear the guy got life in prison.

Angel-Eyes, I hope your business trip is going well. You are committed if you are bringing your w/o gear with you!

Sharon, Chrissy must have been so surprised when you showed up at her house. I'm glad the long ordeal is over for you too. I bet you and CJ had fun together.

Sam, you are losing that pregnancy weight fast. I bet you'll get to your goal weight in no time!

Sandi, how often do you brush your dog's teeth? I've never been to Las Vegas, but have heard a lot of people say they like it there.

Mary Kay, good to hear from you again.

Kim, sorry to hear your grandmother is not doing well. Maybe a few photos of you and your daughter would bring her some comfort.

Have a great weekend!

Trish :)

04-28-2001, 02:16 AM

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted, to be honest I am kind of embaressed. It has been a hard month for me but, I am doing a little better.
I seem to be on an up swing. I am working like a nut and I did change my meds as I said I was going to have to. I'm not sure if I like it.... I am trying.

It is hard managing both my weight and my mental disorder. I am so sorry that I have disappeared again. I will try and post when I can.

Sharon, I got your email, thank you.

Well, I have lost 2lbs since I posted so that is good but, I haven't been eatting much. I am sure I am going to blow up like a balloon real soon.

Ok, time for bed. Sorry I didn't address everyone.

Hugs & Kisses


04-28-2001, 09:23 AM
Hi guys,
Sharon here, not Chrissy on her computer. I have been having a good visit and I have been spending a couple of days at my sis in law Chrissy's house.

Last night Chrissy and I went to a party given for her by her friends at the hospital where she works. They wanted to show their support for her and to let Chrissy know they are very glad of the verdict and sentencing. Lots of nurses, if we got sick I am sure we would have been taken care of LOL They had a bar-b-que and lots and lots of great food as they all brought a dish to pass. Don't even want to think about my weight with all the eating out and parties here. Than we went to see a movie afterwards-Town And Country with Goldie Hawn, Warren Beatty, Garry Shandling and Diane Keaton. Don't waste your money guys, it wasn't too good, full of spouses cheating on their wives/husbands and trying to cover up. It was a comedy and I really don't see anything funny about that. Chrissy and I both said afterwards that we kept hoping it would end soon. LOL

Today I am going to have lunch with CJ again. We are going to a really old established store called Hudson's for a Maurice salad that they have in their great restaraunt. I can't wait, it is a great salad with ham, turkey and cheese, but the best part is the Maurice dressing they have with it. I will have mine on the side naturally. LOL Well at LEAST I am having a salad guys. LOL Than tonight it will be my last night, so we will all go out to dinner. Chrissy, Emily, Ellen and my Dad too. Tomorrow I will leave Michigan and head back to Indiana and my family. I really miss them so much.

Brite-Hi, so glad you posted again. We missed you and I am glad you had that 2 lb weight loss. Good for you! Please don't be embarrased, we all have our up's and down's and keep on trying and we will be there for you in the meantime. You will do better and better everyday, we will all help each other.

Trish-So glad you had a great time with your son. Yes I agree with you that it is so good to be with your loved ones. We miss them so much and than when we are together it is as if time stands still. At least that was the way it was for me when we visited our daughter Tracy in Florida. Yes I watch Survivor faithfully and was dissapointed to see Elizabeth get voted off. I thought Keith should have went this time for all the times he set people off and messed up the rice or cooked too much. This is a chef? LOL I reallly want Tina to win thought, that Colby just wins EVERYTHING doesn't he. Every food challenge, and immunity one. Than he goes and wins a new Pontiac Aztec too. It is about time someone else gets something don't you think?

ginabob-Gosh so sorry that your brother and sister in law are moving away from you. I know how close you are with them. Good luck in finding a place to live. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Jello-Your boss DIDN"T take you out to lunch? Man what kind of a boss is he? Glad your other co workers are taking pity on you. You work much too hard to not get an occasional free lunch. Hope you are successfull in getting a day off with the boss. Give him the old guilt trip!

Sylvia-Good for you girl, with your clothes getting big on you. I know that is a great feeling so enjoy it and if you join that gym you will be throwing those old clothes away. Thanks for your kind words I think you are very special too. I have always thought that.

Chrissy-I have had such a great time with you this week. I always do when we are together. Glad we have been finally able to laugh and thanks for being there for me too. I am also thankfull that you have this computer so I can post to all our Thin Group friends. What would we do without them?

angel-Hope everything goes well for your business trip. That must be rough when your husband is away and you have to make all these arrangements for your kids and dog too. You have such a positive attitude with packing your workout gear, water and what you are going to eat and all that walking you will be doing. Good for you, you are sure to do well.

CJ-Hey girl, see you soon at lunch. We will have do some walking at the mall just in case we get into something we shouldn't. LOL No just kidding, I HOPE! See you soon!

Gail-Hey girlfriend, where have you been? Miss you! Is your MIL still there visiting? How is it going? Hopefully great. Post with us and let us know how everything is going for you. WE MISS YOU and I really feel that the thread is not the same without you girlfriend.

Sherry-Oh SHERRY, where oh where are you? Come on back and post with us if you are around. You are sure missed by all of us Sher-Bear. Hope all is going great for you. I have been reading your Mc Skinny posts and see that you are going to Florida in June. Good for you. I'll bet you can't wait either to go. Are you workiing on a tan or just going like I did, EXTRA WHITE? LOL Hope to talk to you soon.

Well guys better get off her and go upstairs and see what Chrissy is doing.

I love you guys and will talk to you when I get back in Indiana.

Love you's Sassy Sharon :love:

04-30-2001, 06:04 PM
HELLO, HELLO.....I'ts me!!! Well, it sure is good to be back. Listen up....all you Texas girls...sure have it good with all those good ol' cowboys...FOR SURE!!!

My trip was to a small rural town in Saskatchewan where its mostly farming. Cash crops,cattle and sheep farms. OOOOhhhhh, boy those cowboys sure look good in those Wrangler jeans and Stetson hats. We worked really hard and had meetings during the day but found some time to go into downtown to a local bar. I found myself dancing to a few good tunes and slow dancing to "a belt buckle polisher".....was very funny though....seems even the fast songs everyong does the "country two-step" Pretty funny watching a city girl doing the two-step-seems I wanted to do the leading..he he.
Well I DID have good intentions.....the hotel I thought we were staying at was actually a motel with no work out room and although I ate abit light with salads at most meal....I still managed to gain 3.5lbs. Geez, I thought my dancing was a workout!! Anyway I landed at the airport at 1 am and finally got home at 2:15am then straight to zzzzzzzzzzz....but by 2 pm, I was doing the elip. machine at the gym and did my 150 situps!!!!
Ha!!!not only am I BACK BUT I'M BACK ON TRACK
Haven't read all the posts yet....but I will. Take care

05-01-2001, 12:45 AM
Check it out...

I am here again. I will try and say hello when I log on at the very minimum. I went shopping with my mom (the greatest) on Saturday. I found a couple of things but, I still hate to shop.

Anyhoo, just want to say hi


05-01-2001, 08:37 AM
Good morning everyone - just found this message from Jetall on the last thread and thought I would bring it on over ...

Originally posted by jetall
Hi Everyone,
I asked to join and then I lost you. This morning I finally found you again. Thank you for the welcomes. My name is Judy. (I think I saw another Judy here.) Jetall is a combination of my initials before I was married (JET) and part of my married last name (ALL). I needed a 'name' and that is that I came up with.

I am not sure what to tell you about myself. I tend to be quiet but when I get started sometimes I go on too long. I will try not to do that now.

Since I wrote the first time I started to walk twice a week with a friend (mind you it was only last week when we started - LOL.) With summer coming I will also be walking behind a lawnmower at least once a week.
(I find myself really tired after that one - yesterday I took a nap.) Right now my legs are feeling the extra that I have called on them to do but I know they will eventually feel better.

That is enough about me for now. Thank you again for allowing me to join you. I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

jetall (Judy)

Glad to see you found us again Judy!

Welcome back Brite! Have missed you and glad to see you posting with us again. Don't worry about the time in between, as long as we hear from you!

Will be back later guys ... sorry, have to get ready and go! DIL and granddaughter in from Arizona!

Love you,

05-01-2001, 01:30 PM
CJ, thank you for taking care of me. Hopefully I will catch on soon.

Jetall Judy

05-01-2001, 11:43 PM
Hi all you Thinsters,
Got back Sunday afternoon and was soooo glad to be back home in Indiana. The trip from Michigan was not too bad for a 6 hour trip. It was good seeing my family, Ken and the boys again. Also happy to see my kittie cats and they were happy to see me as well. There sure is no place like home is there?

The bad news is that I went to my WW meeting yesterday and was up 5.6 lbs, for 2 weeks. Better than the 6 lbs I gained the last time I went for the trial. But I guess being on vacation on Florida than in Michigan the next week and again all the eating out we did takes it toll on a person. I had lunch with CJ on Saturday and we did have our Maurice salad and did really good and by passed the Mr. Fields Cookie stand though. That was hard, but as CJ was saying as we were passing "Keep on walking" I was thinking the same thing exactly as her. LOL So we did pretty good.

Now I am getting back on track and today had a grilled chicken salad for lunch at TGIF Fridays when I met my daugher, Kelly and niece Becky there. Also had a salad for dinner as well. Trying to drink my water and plan to get back to the gym maybe tomorrow and will really try hard this week to get some of that weight off. So at least I am in a good frame of mind and not saying "The heck with it" like I could do. Will just take things a day at a time and not try to lose it in one day. I will get there, now that the trial and sentencing and vacation is over, it will be easier to get into a routine once again. I will keep on trying, I may slip some, but I am still determined to get all the way down to my goal. No matter how long it takes. I won't give up on this. This group really is my salvation. I don't know what I would do without the wonderful support I get from all of you's.

jetall-Hi and welcome back to our great group. You are doing great and with the walking with your friend that will really help you to lose the weight. That walking must be really helping if you can feel it in your legs. Don't worry you will get used to it and they won't be so sore soon. I am glad you came back to post with us. We are looking forward to getting to know you much better.

CJ-Hey girlfriend, just wanted to let you know how much fun I had with you for both our lunches we had. I think we did really good program wise at least. If you keep on doing what you are doing soon you will be the proud recipient of that 10 lb ribbon. I know you can't wait!

Gail-Hi there, thanks so much for the email you sent. I just saw it today from a few days ago. I haven't been on the computer yet since back till now. I will answer your email soon. So glad your mother in law's visit went really well. I know you are glad however to have just you and Ken there. Things will be back to normal now and there will be just you, Ken and Little Big, your kitty once again.

Chrissy-It was so great seeing you again and I sure had fun staying with you as usual. We sure got some things done didn't we. Like starting cleaning Dad's basement (don't worry I will come back this summer and we can finish it up) and raking your leaves (wasn't that fun?) and your garage never looked better. I like doing projects with you and 4 hands are better than two don't you think? But we had fun too, like the party your nurse friends threw for you and going to the show, even through the movie sucked big time. LOL I know you are ready now for your vacation in Florida. Gosh you are going to be so busy, with Ellie graduating, that wedding and going to Disney World in May. Glad everything went well for that idiot sentencing and we finally got some justice for my brother and your dear husband Rick. I love you Chrissy. :love:

Brite-Hi Kerri! Glad you had fun shopping and found some things you wanted. Glad you posted and keep on posting everytime you have a few minutes to spare. Hope you are doing good.

angel-Glad you are back and I know you are as well. Your trip to Canada sounds like it was a really good one. Don't worry about the gain. I too gained and the important thing is that we are both back on track. Good job getting back with your exercise too.

Sherry-Hey Sher Bear where are you???? Post and let us know. I miss you girlfriend! Oh Sheeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrry? Come back to us!

Well guys, time to get this posted and get ready for bed. It is nice to have some time off from work since H & R is done. I want to get somethings done around here while I am off this summer. We will see what I can get done. I am gonna enjoy being off for a while.

Take care guys and love you much, Sharon :cool:

05-02-2001, 09:38 PM
How is everyone doing today? I hope the weather was as beautiful where you are as it was in southern Ontario. It was actually hot. Did you hear that it snowed in Newfoundland yesterday?

I got another walk in today. When I managed to lose some pounds a couple of years ago it was the walking that helped the most. That is why I am really trying to stick with it. (Unfortunately, I gained back the pounds I had lost but this time I want to stop the gaining before additional pounds are added.) Can you tell that I know a lot about yo-yo-ing? But they say that as you are a winner as long as you are trying and I am still trying.

See you soon. Thanks for 'listening'.

Jetall Judy