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07-31-2004, 09:41 AM
Do any of you use the fit day site to keep track of the calories you have eaten for the day. I went to that site, but it seemed kind of complicated. What if you have something that day that is home made ~ how do you put that in there? What if you have something that is a different quantity than they list?

I have been writing everything down, but (especially when I am working) I don't get time to add it up. I was thinking that using the fit day thing might help me ~ but it looked kind of confusing.

Any help would be appreciated.


07-31-2004, 11:59 AM
I use fit day and at first it was a little comfusing. I am getting the hang of it. You can add your own foods by clicking Add Custom Food when you are eating something that they don't have listed, or when it's nutritional value is way different than what they have listed.

Using it for homemade foods is kinda hard. I made beet soup one day and I added up all the ingredients, then divided it by how many servings... I don't know how accurate it was but at least it gives me a good idea of what I am eating.

Don't know if I helped ya, but if not I am sure someone else here will. These people are pro's at all this stuff. :)

07-31-2004, 12:03 PM

I use Fitday everyday, otherwise I wouldn't have a clue what I was eating within any given day. Its become my bible.

I found it very hard at first but now after 1 full month, its getting much easier. My tips for you are to get out all the food in your fridge & cupboards that you regularly eat and enter them in as custom foods so you have that done! Also, for homeade, I just put in all the ingredients and it gives you a great idea where you are for the day. Again, just keep going with it. It takes a bit to get the hang of it. :D

Here's the link to mine incase you want to take a look and see how I do it.. Ignore my "treat" days though ;) Kidding...


Hope I've helped!

07-31-2004, 12:47 PM
Fit day does seem a little complicated at first. It just takes some practice. I agree about adding alot of your own custom foods. That will make it so much easier. Also there a alot of websites out there that have the caloric value of foods. I don't know them off the top of my head right now but a search will help. Then you can add alot of custom foods that way. I like fitday for the most part. I add most of all my own foods through the custom option. Then I know that I am getting the exact information correctly. Good luck.

07-31-2004, 01:41 PM
I used to use FitDay, until I discovered DietPower (http://www.dietpower.com) and I FAR prefer it. I've spoken about it here and elsewhere, so if you've already heard me talk about it, then stop reading now. ;) It is not free after the first 2 weeks (after the first free two weeks, it's like 40-50 bucks to own the software on a disk - so you can install it on more than one computer and then transfer info back and forth between them to remain updated) but you don't have to be online, it does SO much more than FitDay, and it is much easier to use in many different ways. It's won a bunch of awards, and has been recognized by some different health/fitness mag's and organizations, and has a forum and great technical support.

It tracks your metabolic rate, adjusting daily based on your weight, exercise, and caloric intake, among other things. You can set weight loss goals and it projects your anticipated results in comparison to the goals, complete with graphs.

You can customize your exercise, adding exercises that are not in the database, and it modifies the calories burned as you lose (or gain) weight.

In addition to having a huge database of foods and the ability to customize foods, you can create recipes, then indicate how many servings are yielded, and it breaks down the micro- and macronutrients for each serving. You can keep a section for favorite foods (and vitamins, etc.) and then just drag and drop the items into the new day's entries.

It has calendar, calculator, and journal functions. It has a huge library of information on different nutrients, including which foods are rich in them. It tells you where your nutrients are lacking (based on customizable nutritional goals -- like for instance monitoring your sodium or sugar) and then makes recommendations for foods you like based on previous entries.

It has so much more that I couldn't possibly go into here. Suffice to say it rocks, and I just love it!!! FitDay is cool, but DietPower is just in another category altogether.....another level of product. Also, they offer discounts on different products -- so I got my Tanita food scale and body fat scale, as well as my pedometer at a good discount. I would have gotten those things anyway, so I sort of mentally applied them against the cost of the software. For me, the cost has absolutely been worth it.....I think of it as the cost of a decent dinner out with my sweetie, and so spending that money in this way is certainly worthwhile.

07-31-2004, 01:48 PM
Oh yeah, and you can have more than one user on the same program, so if you're doing this with a partner, you can each have separate data.