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07-28-2004, 11:53 PM
Jacob: You will be the thought that keeps me going when this journey gets tough. You will be my rock. And by helping myself I will be helping you.

yes, darlin. another meditation in your own words!!!

and why did i do this right now??? because i just got back from running the support group. tonight, instead of presenting a question for discussion, i let the conversation run along. i wanted to see what happened. the whole thing was about FOOD. what we're eating, not eating. on and on and on.

and after awhile, i asked about how we're taking care of ourselves... and got blank looks. and someone piped up about getting her nails done.

and then off they went on another food discussion.

so, sandi,. here it is: TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF. for whatever reason you choose. for you, for jacob. for both of you. IT'S NOT ONLY ABOUT THE FOOD!!!!

much love...

07-29-2004, 10:16 AM
Ahhhh....the jiffster making me think this early in the morning. Only someone who truly loves you would do that to you :D

The good news is that yesterday I did take care of myself. I stuck to my points and even gave myself 8 hours sleep which is something I rarely get. It's funny when you really think about it. We focus sooooo much on the food, but the other key ingredients like exercise, sleep and state of mind get passed over far too often. It's about more than losing weight. It's about balance in your life. Waking up and feeling good. Mentally and Pysically.

07-29-2004, 12:00 PM
YES YES YES!!!!!!! you're doing great!!!!

07-29-2004, 07:41 PM
*stands up and applauds loudly for Jif!*

Our wise Jif has once again hit the nail on the head. There is SO MUCH MORE to why we are here than what goes in our mouth. Someone once referred to those "what I eat/ate/didn't eat/wish I could eat" type of meetings as "food porn." They're poisonous to me. One step inside a mess like that and my disease kicks me in the behind. I lose that balance and I tip over.

07-30-2004, 12:28 AM
jennellle... i LOVE that: food porn!!!!

may i use it in our next meeting???? it's really starting to bug me in these meetings. obviously, folks who've had wls have FOOD ISSUES. and we're adjusting to a new life. but when i asked how people how doing with stress, i got more blank looksl... although a couple of people gave me the 'politically correct' answer: they were exercising>>> now the folks who said this are less than a month postop. let's be serious.. are they REALLY up for a long walk??

ummmm.. no. but maybe they're not stressed? i hear rumors of people like that, but i've never actually MET anyone who's not stressed..

thanks for the applause... i really appreciate it...

07-30-2004, 12:57 AM
Of course you can use it, Jif, considering I stole it from someone else! :lol: