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07-28-2004, 03:43 PM
I've made my way back here. We had Larry's funeral on Monday and it was a beautiful service. Mom is holding up. She's going to get that smoke away stuff tomorrow when she gets paid and give it a try. This is her 2nd brother she's lost to lung cancer (both in their mid-50s) and she's already 53. One of her brothers quit after the oldest one died of lung cancer a few years back.

Jeff is supposed to get his stone out tomorrow (he'll find out in an hour or so what time).

I've really struggled with my eating and exercise this week. I see how easy it is to let a couple of days turn into old habits really quickly and easily. I had planned on getting back on program yesterday and well not planning out solidly to eat breakfast (went to the convenience store across the way and bought granola bars at 300 calories a piece) and then eating a pizza buffet with coworkers and SOS (gravy on bread for those who don't know) for dinner. But I'm back and ready to get back on track now. I did not weigh this week because I didn't want a possible gain from last week to upset me further.

Now to Sandi I think you are a wonderful and super person for getting back on track like you did as quickly as you did. You are an inspiration to us all and I thought of you through this and how strong a woman you are and it's one of the reasons I'm back here now instead of ordering out more pizza, stopping by micky ds for a big ole hamburger. So I want to personally thank you for the inspiration and courage to not stay off the wagon for a long time and gain back all the weight I've worked hard to lose. Thank you so much