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07-20-2004, 06:04 PM
Lately I am not very motivated to lose weight. I have alright lost about 30 pounds and now I just seem to be off my diet and cant hop back on. If you could just tell me what motivates you, maybe it could motivate me to.

07-21-2004, 10:21 AM
When I get into a slump I usually go back and examine all my reasons for getting healthier in the first place. New clothes. Nice looking muscles. Being able to walk uphill without getting winded. Not having a stomach that looks like it's housing a baby elephant. Being stronger.

You've already lost 30 pounds and that's wonderful! Quite the accomplishment. Sounds like you're just bored with the whole thing and that's my biggest problem too. Maybe you could try to find something new to do. Take a new workout class. Try a new video. Go for a hike. Whatever. Try something new and keep in mind how much harder it would have been to attempt these things with that extra 30 pounds you had.

Good luck with getting motivated again and congrats on the weightloss!


07-22-2004, 11:51 PM
What always gives me the most motivation is looking at old pictures of myself when I was a normal weight. I have started pulling them out once per week to get a firm visual image of myself at my ideal weight. It is working so far.

Also, I look at old clothing that I've kept, even though I'm sizes too big to wear them anymore. I haven't kept too much, but I like to take them out and try them on - sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes I feel pretty blue about it, but it normally helps provide a kick-in-the-arse for me. :)

07-23-2004, 08:26 AM
What got me motivated to lose weight was when I went to put on a business suit--an expensive one--that I had bought only six months before and had worn once, only to find I couldn't get into it. I suppose it was like a last straw.

Look at what else is going on in your life. Are you depressed? Do you not like your job, if you have one? Do you feel deprived in other ways? Do you have financial problems like credit card debt? All of those things can lead to using food to feel better.

Remember it's your choice! You have lost 30 pounds--that's a great accomplishment!

Stay with a program. You won't be sorry.