100 lb. Club - Back on the Dr. Phil Rapid Start Plan

07-18-2004, 06:29 PM
I started this plan again today. I did so well with it the last time even though I didn't follow it 100%. I'm planning on following it to the letter this time and I'm certain I will see amazing results. The thing I like best about it is that I don't have to count anything, just follow the outline of what I am supposed to be eating and have the proper portions sizes. I'm going to post regular updates, hopefully this will keep me honest!

07-18-2004, 06:54 PM
Good luck, Jen! Definitely keep us posted. I'm excited to hear how it goes for you.

07-18-2004, 11:30 PM
Jen!!! I'm so proud of you!! :goodvibes From the sounds of it, it seems like this plan will provide a good foundation for you! I can't wait to hear how things are going for you, and I can't wait to applaud your success as you move forward through the program. You're going to do great......just make sure that you stay on top of your portions (how are you tracking those -- measuring or what?) and that you keep turning to us for support.......and tough love, if necessary!

And this is CRITICAL: YOU MUST EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!!!!!!!! :coach: Serious as a heart attack, Jen -- I'd be happy to send you some lovely soybeans as soon as I get the green light from you. ;)

I'm absolutely positive that you're going to do great, Jen....just keep your head in the game and take it one pound at a time. :) :) :) :)

07-18-2004, 11:46 PM
Sarah - Dr. Phil gives portion sizes in his Food Guide ie a serving of meat or fish would be about the size of a deck of cards. Keep those soybeans at home!! I ate lots of veggies today thanks!

I had a very good first day, may the rest be the same! I probably had too much roast beef at supper but I BBQ'd it and it was amazing. It was a lean roast and I cut off all the visible fat and I just eat it plain with a bit of salt and pepper. Also I had seasoned it with sage and onion salt before bbqing it. Still better to go a bit overboard with some roast beef than with ice cream!

07-19-2004, 10:34 AM
A good start to the day. I ate a bowl of all-bran cereal with milk and a banana. Then I went and brushed my teeth and used Listerine and I am not tempted to eat anything after that! Practically anything you try to eat after using Listerine tastes nasty!! I'm going to do some bike riding and a few chores this morning. Have a great day everyone.

07-19-2004, 01:02 PM
Great start, Jen! I know how you love your All-Bran! ;) Don't forget your water!!! Keep checking in, because you know I, for one, will be wondering! :hyper:

07-19-2004, 01:41 PM
Yay Jen. We know you can do this. Keep up the good work.

07-19-2004, 10:50 PM
Another great day and I even got in 30 minutes of bike riding! I feel a lot better already, it is so good to not be eating a lot of refined garbage. 2 days down and 12 to go on this part of the plan. It sounds like a lot but really I am taking it one day at a time.

07-19-2004, 11:11 PM
Jen - congrats on taking steps back in the right direction!! 2 days is great!! I know you can do it! Keep it up!!!

07-20-2004, 09:40 AM
Great Job Jen.. I have often wondered about the Dr. Phil plan...

07-20-2004, 12:23 PM
Good job Jen!!!

07-20-2004, 10:04 PM
Way to go Jen! :cheer: I've also been wondering about Dr. Phil's plan... Could you please explain the rapid start plan a little?

07-20-2004, 11:37 PM
Hey Jen! How did today go?? :hyper:

07-21-2004, 11:58 AM
I had a not great day yesterday. All was well until after supper and I had about 8 cookies. It was an emotional thing. My toddler was behaving very badly and I was feeling terrible and gave into temptation. I was so upset by eating badly and by how I was feeling emotionally about my son's behaviour that my stomach was so upset that I'm surprised I wasn't sick to my stomach.

Anyway that was yesterday, this is today and I'm back on track. :^:

For those of you who were inquiring about the rapid start plan I typed in a ton of info way back on April 21 under the title "Anyone interested in doing the Rapid Start Plan". I'm not very good at bringing up links so if someone would be so kind as to insert that in a post on this thread than that would be great.

07-21-2004, 12:34 PM
Hey there, Jen. Sorry to hear about your slip-up -- and very happy to hear that you're back in the saddle today. It's all a process, right? The key is to not let it get you off track or feeling so horribly that you beat yourself up... It's a new day, and you're in the driver's seat. NOT your toddler! ;)

Here's (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39659&highlight=rapid+start) the link to Jen's original thread.

07-23-2004, 12:23 PM
Hey there. I have done okay the past couple of days, not following the plan 100% but keeping very close and when I did eat stuff that was not on the plan I had very tiny, tiny amounts. ie my husband had some potato chips and I had 2, honestly I stopped at 2! Just little things like that and not all day long, just a couple of times during the day but I can't say that I followed the plan 100% but that's okay because you have to learn to deal with all kinds of situations like that and if I am able to stop at 2 potato chips then I think that is a good thing. So I'm down 2 lbs already and I'm very pleased with that. Take care all, thanks for your support!

07-23-2004, 12:33 PM
Woo Hoo, Jen! 2 pounds is a great start!! Great job staying on track! :bravo:

07-24-2004, 12:19 AM
:cb: GO JEN GO! 2 LBS is great! :)

07-25-2004, 12:02 AM
Disaster, complete disaster day. Won't say anymore, it is too depressing to even think about. Tomorrow is another day and overall I'd say I've done well. I won't let this upset get to me and ruin the rest of it. I can do it, I know I can!!

07-25-2004, 11:44 PM
Jen - Don't let yourself get depressed over 1 Day! You're doing awesome! If it makes you feel any better, I had a medium movie theater popcorn with butter :eek: to myself last night... And you're right, today is a NEW day. As long as you're on track 90% of the team... you'll be fine!!! :grouphug:

07-25-2004, 11:57 PM
Jen, don't worry about it, sweetie.....just turn the page and move forward from this moment. You don't have the power to take back the wrong choices you've made, but you DO have the power to remember how badly they make you feel when you're faced with them next time. Jen, you're WAY too smart, and you want this WAY too much, to let one stupid day throw you off track. You're gonna love tomorrow, I just know it. :grouphug:

07-26-2004, 12:13 AM
Jen, repeat after me...
"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can" (if the little engine could do it, so can you!!!!)

go knock em dead!!

07-26-2004, 01:07 PM
Thanks everyone for their encouragement. Yesterday was much better than Saturday and today has been even better. I know I can do this!

07-27-2004, 12:16 AM
See Jen - Now what'd we tell ya! ;)

07-27-2004, 11:38 AM
Keep it up Jen - one day at a time!

07-28-2004, 11:37 PM
It's been an okay couple of days, not 100% but okay. I'm going to do another week though on this plan without going to phase 2 because it hasn't been going as well as I would like. Also I am PMS'ing and retaining water and feeling like I want to eat anything in sight!

07-29-2004, 01:12 PM
Jen, whenever you want to eat, drink water instead. Just repeat to yourself what you already know, "It's all in my head. It's all in my head." You know it's not actual hunger, and you know you'll feel badly afterwards, so don't give in. Take control, and drink H2O till you float. You can do it!

07-29-2004, 02:33 PM
I don't know if green tea helps anyone else but it does me to curb my appetite. I get diet green tea and it is pretty good. It sure makes you potty alot also. For me it works better than water. I have a really hard time at drinking just plain water so I try to find things that will balance that. Propel from gatorate is yummy too.

Jen, PMS is the devil itself!! Just try to find things to munch on that are healthy choices. I know how hard that is. You can do it!