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07-12-2004, 09:17 AM
Boy, this thread has gone into the toilet. What is going on with all of us anyway that we are too busy to keep in touch? I for one am ashamed of myself for not doing a better job. The last entry was on June 26 or 27th.

I hope that since we are halfway through July that we can come back together and post again. I was always amazed at how many diversified ladies we had that posted here but it has fallen off to just 3 or 4 and I am sure everyone that does post is kind of depressed about that. If you were a poster and haven't been for a long time, please consider coming back and getting us up and going again like we were!

I need to get my morning chores done so I can go to the pool if it opens. We have had a lot of vandalism this year and a lot of people who don't live here mucking up the pool.

Everyone have a great day and hope to see some posting going on soon!


07-12-2004, 11:43 AM
Hi. Sorry I've been MIA. I've been wanting to get in here. The last month has been really difficult. My Dad's illness got much worse and I was spending a lot of time at my parents house. My Dad passed away on the 4th of July. So, the last week has been spent dealing with all that comes with a funeral.
It's been rough and I have one thought that keeps pounding my brain....I can't believe he's gone. It just doesn't seem possible. He was 56.
I haven't had time to go back and read anything I may have missed on the June thread....maybe later this week.
I hope everyone is doing great, enjoying the summer weather and staying OP!

07-12-2004, 05:40 PM
Tigerlily, I am so sorry for your loss. My Dad died at 57 and it was so hard although he had been sick for several years. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.

Faye, glad you started this thread. I kept looking but nobody was posting. I felt like an abandoned child. How's your arm and knee?

Let's keep in touch!

07-12-2004, 08:55 PM
Tig: I am so very very sorry for your loss. How painful to lose your dad. I lost my dad and fil a month apart and one was 52 and the other 53 and my mil was 50 when she passed. I was in Indiana and even in your area on the fourth as we went to the Weslyn Church in Plymouth on old 31 with friends on the 4th. I will definitely say a prayer for your family.

Susan: I know I have been remiss at posting but been so busy and this stupid injury mess that I barely get my own thread done everyday. The arm is healed, badly and now when I twist it out the bone pops and is painful but nothing from anyone. I am just fed up with the whole stupid mess.

It is unbearably hot here and is supposed to be over a 100 degrees tomorrow. DH had a dr appt so I am going with him and then we are going to the mall since he has the day off. My birthday is in a couple months and I want to get clothes for my bday.

Hope everyone has a good evening!


07-12-2004, 10:10 PM
Hello All!

Thank you Faye, for starting this up again.....I have really missed hearing from all of you..

Tig......sincerest condolences on the loss of your father. I hope the love of family and friends will help to fill the void in your heart.

Between the rains and the heat w/humidity, I have not been tending my gardens as I should. They have became a weedy overgrown mess! I went out tonight and tried to salvage some of is amazing how an hour or two of weeding can make a difference in the garden....and my psychological outlook! When I came back in, I was so relaxed. (Also picked the first cucumber of the good is that?!) There is nothing like a little garden dirt under one's fingernails to put life back in perspective again.

So......I am ready to begin this weight loss journey........again. (Do you get as sick of hearing that as I get of saying it?) Has anyone tried journaling? Do you use your own notebook, or your computer.....or what?

Have a wonderful evening........looking forward to hearing from everyone!

07-13-2004, 07:59 AM
MsRD: I do journal but not consistently. I am not one for sitting still and doing that sort of thing. I have done it on paper and on my website though I am woefully behind on my website.

I feel sometimes I am shoving this weight loss thing down peoeple's throats. I talk about it a lot and I know I guess I shouldn't but it is such a huge part of my life now where it wasn't before. The problem is people ask me and then I tell them. I am in a bad place and have been. My hormones are so messed up with menopausal issues that I feel out of control with eating for weeks at a time then I will have 2-3 weeks where I am fabulous then here we go again. I just have to make a big commitment and get dh involved as he has gained a few lbs too.

We have a heat advisory on for today and tomorrow so we may not go to the mall afterall as it is never cool in that stupid mall. I went out yesterday around 5 pm and went swimming but the pool is getting too warm now and it no longer is refreshing getting into it.

Well, talk to you all later and have a good day


07-13-2004, 05:34 PM
I journal. I have a small spiral bound notebook that I carry with me and before I take the first bite, I write down what I am eating...even the "bad" stuff. I do much better when I do this. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Sometimes I write down a comment about why I ate or if the food was particularly satisfying or not. It really makes you aware of what you are eating and how quickly the little "just a bite"s add up.

07-14-2004, 02:09 PM
Technically afternoon ladies! :lol: Hope all is going well for you this week. Nothing much exciting here unless you count workouts in the pool and cleaning house. Tomorrow is errand and grocery day and so that is always busy busy busy.

Dh took me shopping after his dr appt so got lots of nice stuff. I get so jazzed shopping at regular stores.

Susan: did you find the hardest part to get off you was your behind, stomach area? I have lost there, but not nearly as much as other areas.

Thought you might like to see my July 4th outfit. I really love it, part of which is white pants that zip not polyester or knit! woohoo!


07-14-2004, 05:50 PM
Faye, isn't it fun to go shopping and know you'll be able to find something. I used to get so discouraged and there wasn't much to chose from when I was at my highest. My problem areas have always been my hips and thighs - not my butt.

Had a computer go down today at work, the boss' new phone needs to be sent to repair and it's going to storm again. SCREAMS!!!

07-16-2004, 10:49 AM
Hey Girls. TGIF, I think. :dizzy: There's so much to do, the days are running together.
Thank you for the condolences concerning my Dad. Today would be his 57th bday and my parents 38th anniversary, so it's going to be a rough one. My sister is coming over with her kidlens and my Mom. We're just gonna hang out, do lunch and go to a baseball game this evening. My sister and I got my Mom a necklace, it's a cross with my Dad's birthstone.
I haven't been to Curves in nearly a month. I've vowed to start back next week. In a month, the kids will be back to school and it will be easier for me to be on my "curves routine".
I journal on and off. When I'm doing it, I keep a spiral notebook on the kitchen counter and write down every bite, my weight that morning, exercise and a few thoughts. I know it helps and wish I could keep myself doing it all the time.
I've gained back a couple pounds...not at all where I wanted to be this time of the year. We have a weekend getaway planned in August, so maybe I have some new found motivation.
Getting back here with my friends is sure to help!

07-16-2004, 11:48 AM
Well I will join in here too.....Well ladies it boyfriend ended it this week and I am really struggling emotionally.....eating it unthinkable right now and I know I need to, but I just can't seem to bring myself to eat will get better I know.

07-16-2004, 05:23 PM
Ladies, have a safe weekend and stay on your plan.

07-16-2004, 10:28 PM
Hello All!

The weekend is finally here! :dance: I am going to try and pack as much fun and relaxation into the weekend as week my 'right hand gal' will be on vacation, which leaves moi doing double duty. Maybe I won't have time to eat......hehehe.

Lily......I am sorry about your relationship troubles. Guess there are pluses and minuses to every situation......and I believe that everything happens for the ultimate good......maybe that will make more sense when your world stops spinning. Meanwhile, take some time.......breathe.......and be good to yourself. I would love to go clothes shopping and have! I went shopping before vacation, and it was a nightmare! a few months.......:crossed:

Faye.....I think you and I have matching hormones! I start out motivated, determined, even enthusiastic.....and then the hormones soar (or dive) and I am up to my elbows in the cooky jar again! :cookie: Good thing that we are strong woman and.....never give up!

Have a lovely weekend all........:hat:

07-17-2004, 07:38 AM
Good early morning group!

Tig: Hope you and your family are well. I continue to keep you in my prayers.

Lily: I truly truly believe there is a person for everyone of us. I know that right now it is upsetting, but think of it this way, you now are able to look to the future and go on a happy search for the love of your life. Try to eat what you can, but don't stress about it. things will get back to normal so just let them come as they come.

Susan: I keep thinking about this everytime I post then always get my mind on something else. Do you do just blankets, wallhangings, etc or do you clothing etc when you quilt? I love to watch the shows even though it seems to take a Geometry major to put the stuff together.

MsRD: The funny thing is I don't have any bad food in the house any longer so when I feel bingy I over eat good stuff like fruit etc! :lol: Kind of sad I don't even get the adrenaline rush of a good ole candy bar! :lol: :lol:

Today is commissary day and I do so love to drive 30 miles and fight the senior citizen crowd and their scooters! If I didn't save a bundle doing it, believe me I wouldn't go. Speaking of that, SHUTTER, I got my Social Security benefits statement yesterday so I know I am officially on my way to Medicare now! :lol: :lol: Somehow, AARP bypassed me. They usually send you stuff starting on your fiftieth birthday.

Have a great weekend gals.


07-18-2004, 01:59 PM
Well trying to eat....thanks for the kind words MrsRD and Faye. I went out to dinner yesterday with my parents just to eat somethng and I have a friend coming over today for lunch......then later I am going to the store t stock up on lean cuisine.....something that is easy and takes little effort is what I need right now! Also I will start exercising again.....I need to get out of the house and on with my life!

07-19-2004, 04:25 PM
It is pretty boring here today. I am finishing up a book that isn't that great. I did shampoo the carpet in the dining room today and tomorrow I am going to do the lving room. I left that for tomorrow since it involves more furniture moving than anything else. I have to wait until next week to start on my spring cleaning project as I need some big rubbermaid storage containers and such to do the job properly. No sense in just moving from one place to the other. I am finally going to tackle all those too big clothes and get rid of them, part of them are going to my older sister. I have to tell you, I felt so incredibly sorry for her when we went to the ballgame on the 4th. She was too large for the seat and I know it pinched the whole time. I fit into mine fine, which is great news, but I know oh so well what she had to have been going through. It is torture to sit in seats that are too small for you.

I did an hour in the pool today but the water was pretty cool and there was a breeze so I didn't dawdle when I was done. I am going to be disappointed when I have to go back to walking in Sept. I don't burn as many calories. I will pick up the weights again though. I am beginning to get definition in my upper arms, which is cool even though I have my huge "batwings."

Hope everyone has a great day!


07-19-2004, 05:43 PM
Faye, perhaps your sister will get inspired by you and join you in losing weight. Getting rid of the fat clothes is a psychological boast - you'll never need them again! You're doing great with your exercise program. I love to swim, too, and we have adults only every evening so that is when I go. Works out good because part of the pool is in shade by them and I burn so easily - even with sunblock. I'm thinking of seeing if the Y has water aerobics for the winter or something for "seniors".

07-19-2004, 09:10 PM
Hello All! step at a time, little sister. You are already getting out, making good decisions.....I have the feeling this episode is going to have a happy ending after all.

Faye....your sister should be inspired by you.....but we all know that it takes personal one's own time and methods ....before we can see any results.

DH and I went to the flea market this weekend.....walked my little heels off and didn't spend too much money either. (I know this is not exactly high-impact aerobics, but I figure I was up and moving......) Also stopped at a charming little winery and did some sampling......yum!
My next challenge is to break the habit of snacking after dinner. I know it is a simple thing to declare that there will be no eating after supper......but quite a different thing to enforce it. I think I will take just baby steps on this one.....if there is a snack to be had, it better be healthy....probably yogurt or some of the fresh fruit available right now......

07-20-2004, 08:39 AM
morning ladies.

As for my sister, she had lost almost 50 lbs on WW and gained it all back. She is only 5' tall so weight really really shows on her. She has a really hard life and lets stress overrun it. She quit smoking so eating is now her drug of choice. I try to encourage but there is a fine line between encourage and browbeat so I step back a lot. Her dh has MS and is in wheelchair full time, is a big man and now falls a lot causing them to call the fire department all the time to help get him up, she is the breadwinner and works 60-80 hrs a week as a school dispatcher at lousy pay but it is the only thing she can get with good insurance for him, her children all late 30's are pains in the behinds big time, the oldest an alchie who has left his wife and is now liv ing back with mama though he is close to 40! She told her kids when she retires (she is 59) she is moving down here to be close to me. I used to stay away from her because she was the grumpiest, most unhappy woman I have ever known, then I stepped back and look at what she has to put up with and understood her life a little better and have made great strides to get back into her life a lot more. She is quite unlike me in everyway, we have little or nothing in common except being siblings and liking to play cards as a foursome, but I still love her and do worry about her so.

I need to go as I took meds this mornnig for a terrible sinus headache and they are kicking in making me sleepy. Guess the pool will be a late one today!

Have a great day gals!


07-21-2004, 05:38 PM
Faye, I'm like you. Only healthy food for me to overeat on. My husband does have his snacks but I never touch them.

MrsRD, I do not allow myself to eat except at the table in the dining room or kitchen with a properly set place. No eating out of containers or in front of the the tv etc. It cuts way down on the mindless snacking that is just a habit and not hunger.

07-23-2004, 05:03 AM
I have one young woman on my thread who only has about 10 lbs to lose and she doesn't give up the eating out stuff. If there is a killer for the weight loss it is takeout and drive-through and fast food. This woman does a big faux pas and that is eat in the car. The other big booboo is using huge amounts of prepackaged stuff which is usually loaded with fat, sodium and sugar in some form or other. Losing weight is a complicated thing no matter what you choose to do, you have to be well informed, ie read labels etc. People grab the Sugar Free or Fat Free stuff never thinking it has loads of the other product to satisfy what is missing. I have learned to automatically look at that back of a package before putting it in my cart to see if it would be something I want to put in my mouth. One thing I am hooked on, but it provides a good source of veggies is Bloody Mary Mix. I buy a brand called Mr and Mrs T in the spicy and bold and drink it without the booze. I do this instead of eating a snack between meals and I can drink a big glass for under 200 calories easy and it satisfies me. I just go through a lot of it and it isn't cheap, but it is better than soft drinks!

DH and I went out to the pool last night for awhile and that was nice. Nothing earth shattering just to cool off. Jack had worked in a building with no ventilation all day so was pretty wrung out when he got home as it was 95 here yesterday. I had dinner ready so we ate and went over to the pool after I cleaned up. There were a lot of kids in the pool with their pool junk (which of course they aren't supposed to have in there and probably don't even live here) but he just needed someplace to cool off and relax and that did it for him.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, the insurance company for the restaurant denied responsibility so we are dropping the lawsuit. I can't get any medical care for the two injuries as long as they either won't pay my insurer or my insurer won't pay because I have this going on and we talked about it and thought it best to drop it so we can see what if anything can be done for my arm and knee. It really angers me that these retail establishments won't take responsibility for accidents, but then the whole world is full of people who want to cheat someone so I guess I can understand their caution. All I wanted was my bills paid so I could get treatment! I should probably get the paperwork today and who knows how much my legal fees will be for this.

Have a great day!


07-23-2004, 09:45 AM
Faye, glad you are finally going to get your injuries taken care of. Now that you've dropped the lawsuit, you'll have to tell us what happened. Banana peel on the floor? :p When you lived in this area, did you ever go to Knox? And if so, do you remember a hardware store called Alts? Just curious...

Lily, how are you doing? Are you getting on with life and things falling into place? When I look back on my life, I notice that I took the best care of myself when I was w/o a man. Now, I don't want to go getting rid of my DH, but I would like put myself back on the priority list. :yes:

Quilter, MsRD :wave:

I'm still in the dumps and can't believe my dad is gone. Apparently, a row of Oreo's doesn't make any of the bad feelings go away. :dunno: I didn't get back to Curves this week like planned. Oldest DS has a.m. summer school for two weeks and it has totally messed up my routine. If all else fails, I know I'll get myself back when school starts up in a few weeks. Meanwhile, no more Oreo's. :^:

We got fish for our pond this week...grass carp and koi...and while we were putting them in, I saw other fish already in there...not sure what kind. I'm gonna go out for a walk and see if I can get a peak at any of them.

07-23-2004, 11:04 PM
Hello All! :wave: frustrating as it might be, I am glad to hear the lawsuit has been dropped and you can now get proper medical attention. I would hate to have your injuries escalate into something more serious and chronic.

Tig.....I lost my Dad a few years ago, and know exactly how you feel. It takes time to work thru all the grief.....and time seems to proceed in slow motion at this strong and life will eventually fall back into perspective. (note: choclate chip cookies do not improve the situation any more than Oreos)

My eating this week has been kinda sorta semi-ok......but I have been exercising. What amazes me is that exercising (even the low-impact beginner stuff I have been doing) leaves me feeling sooooo good! I have more energy and stamina and even my mental outlook is better! Now......if I can just break thru that next barrier on the scale.......:halffull:

Have a great weekend, ladies :smilie:

07-25-2004, 07:07 AM
ok, here goes with th restaurant story. We went into the restaurant, sat down had dinner etc, no problem. Jack was ahead of me and I was telling him I wanted to go to the bathroom before leaving and just as I had it half way out of my mouth I stepped from the carpeting to the tile and my left leg slid on the tile and my right lknee dislocated and down I went hitting my right arm hard on the tile and my head on a half way. They kept wanting to get me up and I refused and I looked at dh and told him to call an ambulance. The security guard there was the worst, trying to get me to get up but I couldn't stand even if I had wanted too. After all is said and done, I had a raidal fracture near my elbow and I have damage to my knee including a tear in my acl. I had 3 sets of xrays during the next 2 weeks on the arm and an MRI on the knee but none of the doctors would touch me because of the legal stuff so the arm healed incorrectly and now pops when I turn it outward and my knee is my knee. I can use it ok but it can still go out on me with no warning and it is painful to go from a sitting position and put weight on it. There may not be a lot they can do at this point. I am just waiting for paperwork to settle it all with the attorney and then pay the legal bills for the rest of our life!

Tig: I have only been to Knox probably 3 times so no, what happened at the hardware store? (I have been inside the Knox jail as my stupid stepbrother took my sister and I with him to see some friends that had gotten arrested) Sort of Mayberrtyish! :lol:

As to what we do in stressful times, I clean like a demon so I would probably have the cleanest house in town if something happened to one of my loved ones. Compulsion in any form is not good but we all have some sort or other, that's why we are in the mess we are in.

Have a great weekend


07-25-2004, 10:35 AM

I don't know whether to shout it from the rooftops.....or whisper, so as not to jinx this whole process......but I have just crashed through that last weight scale barrier! FINALLY, the exercise is beginning to pay off!

I went grocery shopping yesterday morn....then spent the afternoon in my long-neglected flower garden. I pulled weeds and threw them in my little garden cart......3 loads of them! It still isn't done, but looking a lot better. Then, last evening, I babysat for #1 grandson......what a corker!

Have a great day!

07-25-2004, 10:54 AM
Happy Weekend!
Faye, nothing happened at the Hardware store. Actually, it isn't even there anymore. I was asking because most people who had ever been there, knew who my Dad was. Even if they didn't know his name, they knew the tall, dark and handsome guy that ran the hardware store. It was just a shot in the dark, but thought I would ask anyway.

MsRD, shout and Ride the Wave!

My two big boys are out fishing (DH and oldest son). If they get home in time, we have a baptism we should attend. I don't really feel like getting dressed up and hauling myself out of the house today, but the "I shoulds" are attacking my brain.

I hope you all are having a good weekend.

Semo, Jello? Huntress? Dyan? Girls, where are you these days? DNW? Our MIA list is growing. :?:

07-26-2004, 07:25 AM
Tig: I wondered the same thing about the ladies as they all seemed to quit posting about the same time. I hope everyone is well, happy and doing well on their program. I wish I could have said yes about the hardware as it would have been nice to know who your father was. My dad has been gone a long long time (1976) as have my mil (1989) and fil (1976 a month between he and my dad) and my mom passed in 1997 so I have no parents living. I miss them from time to time but I always remember the good things and the funny things that happened while there were here on this earth. It is trite to say but it is true, remember and cherish those great times and not his suffering and sadness. He is as close as your mind so go there often and visit with him!

the weekend was a bust. I have had these horrible cravings and gave into them yesterday and went and bought fatty stuff and pigged out. It has got to be hormonal as it comes in waves and it seems overpowering sometimes like it did yesterday. It is so very hot here that it is awful to go out and do anything especially outside. I go to the pool around 8 am just because it gets so hot.

Everyone have a great day and those who are MIA know that we miss you and would love to hear how you are doing!


07-28-2004, 08:10 AM
Apparently Nutty Bars don't work either....making me feel better. I ate the whole box. The kids didn't even know they were in the house. I sure hope I have this binge out of my system. I got a post card from Curves yesterday. They miss me. :workout:
On top of my bad behavior, I have a headcold. My head feels like it weighs 100lbs all by itself.
Youngest son is going to a friends house for the day. That will be nice...for both of us. :o It will make for a quiet house for my huge head. :p

Faye, I wish I had the "clean when I'm stressed" issue. I clean in phases. I'll be crazy about having everything clean for a few days....then slack off for a few days...putting me back in square one with a mess on my hands. The biggest thing that motivates me is company. Then, I turn into a mad woman. :crazy:
Speaking of company, my son's mom will be here in a little bit...time to tidy up. :wave:

07-28-2004, 02:28 PM
Hello To Everyone:

Tig: My sincerest sympathy about your Dad..there are no words I can say to make it feel any better so I will say that I am grateful you have DH and kidlens the rest of your family to help you through.

gma2one: Jeez Louise haven't you had the worst time with the fall and the insurance company; I don't think I could have handled it!!

To everyone else sorry I haven't been problems...blah...blah...blah.

Journaling food and sanding off the inches and pounds very slowly....but surely.

Take care!!!!!!!!

07-28-2004, 05:24 PM
DNW! Hi Honey. Glad you popped in. My feelings are all over the place these days. I try to think about the "good times" and I'm grateful for the wonderful relationship I had with my Dad....glad he was so close to my kids. But then all of that makes the hurt even worse. I don't know how my Mom is getting I know you know all too well. She went back to work and is dealing with it day to day...probably more like minute to minute. She'd been with him since the age of 16. As bad as my hurt is, I'm sure I can't even begin to imagine her pain.
Since this headcold still has me feeling like a Bobble-Head, I decided to take it easy this afternoon. Youngest son is gone for the day so I took over the kiddie pool. Ya know, once you are on the raft with your eyes shut...ya forget all about it being a kiddie pool. Just glad nobody pulled in the driveway and caught me. :o

07-29-2004, 09:58 PM
Hello All! :goodscale:

I stepped on the scales this AM and saw that I had lost another pound! WOOHOO! Just to savor the moment, I stepped off the scale and then back see that I had, in that split second, lost another 6 pounds! This is my kind of scale! It is no wonder I can't make any sense of this....I would diet and exercise faithfully, then step on the scale and see a gain of 4 pounds......or would chuck the whole program, step on the scale and lose 3 pounds! ROFL!!! I thought I was losing my mind! Well, I trundled off to the store today and have purchased a lovely little scale....and now all I have to do is find the courage to get on it to find out where I REALLY am! nice to have you post again! And to hear you are still slowly and very surely successful with your journalling and program! What have you been doing with your summer.....besides fighting with the puter? :)

Tig......hugs to you, dear - I have been there and done that. After my Dad died, I could remember the last 2 weeks of his life, in the hospital, in minute-by-minute detail. But I could remember nothing prior to that time! Nothing! It was like I had known him for only those 2 weeks. I think my brain refused to allow me the memories because they would have been too painful at that time. At any rate, within a few months, everything came back and I now have all those wonderful memories to treasure.

08-02-2004, 04:00 PM
Hello, ladies. I've been AWOL because of junk going on at work. I swear I feel just like Jello before she quit. I'm sticking until January and if things aren't better, I going, too. I have been pigging out and sorry to report 8 pounds had shown up on my scale but I am determined to get it off - actually, if I have to go job hunting I'll need to so I can get in my suits. It made me feel better for 5 minutes then guilt took over so I ate some more and got into a horrible circle. I actually gained weight mostly on good for me stuff but let it all get out of hand. Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches do not a snack make.

I'm getting my life in order again so I'll be more regular in my posting.

08-03-2004, 06:37 PM
Hello all,
I know it has been a long time since I posted. Last time I posted I was in the midst of despair and pain after a breakup.....well nothing has changed there, although I still have hope that things will work out, since this isn't a relationship board, I will just leave it that my intuition says, to wait it out, there are too many signs to me that this is not over. Until I can truely feel it in my gut that it is over, I have to go with my prayers. Based on all of what the past 2 months has brought, I have lost some weight, mostly from not eating. I know that is not good, but between the emotional upsets, and increase in Paxil due to an increase in panic attacks from the emotional upheaval, I have been nauseous most of the time. I try to eat at least one decent meal a day as I can. I hate to get intot he mode of not eating much at all (sure the weight loss would be nice) but I know it will mess up my metabolism. I also have cut out all the diet pop and coffee, so basically caffiene free now. I am attempting a diet Mt. Dew as I type, but it makes me nauseous as well, just another side effect of the Paxil. On a more postive outlook, I have been working of trying to be good to myself. So I went to go get a facial, not really my thing, but a new experience no the less! I also hired a personal trainer for 10 sessions. I have met with her twice. She said I need to work on increasing my cardio endurance....ICK!!!!, but I have been and today she gave me a strength training routine, which I have been doing so that is not as hard. So on my way to a better me!!!

08-05-2004, 06:01 AM
Lily: I don't know, Dt Mt Dew makes me nauseous just thinking about it so it may not be the Paxil! :lol: I heard this new C2 coke is great but I haven't tried it. They don't carry the lower cal Pepsi equivalent here just the C2.

Quilt: Jobs can be a real pain in the neck. For me not finding one has been stressful enough so I just quit looking. I would like the extra money it brings in but I am tired of the discouragement.

Tig: Visions of a full grown woman flopping around like a fish in a kiddy pool is cracking me up!

I have done nothing interesting. My life consists of cooking and cleaning basically, neither I hate but it is not much for conversation. I have read about 50 books in the last month so I am cleaning out my public library! :lol:

Carol: It was nice to hear from you. Don't stay away so long next time.

Everyone have a great day


08-06-2004, 10:55 AM
Hi - time for a quick post before the dragon breathes fire least it's Friday and the weekend promises to be wonderful - cool and dry. We've had so much rain this summer, quite unlike the drought 2 years ago.

I'm enjoying the fruits of summer - nectarines, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, etc. and stuffing myself with tomatoes and cukes. We have a great farmers' market on Saturdays.

Carol - glad you are still with us. I wonder about you every once in awhile.

Faye - I know what you mean about job hunting. Maybe I could be a greeter at Wal*Mart....less stress than I have now.

Tigerlily - just how big is this pool? Did you count it as swimming exercise for the day?

Lily - has your doctor said anything about using something like Ensure or a protein shake to keep you going when you don't feel like eating? Hang in there - things WILL get better.

Ladies, have a great weekend and watch out for those calories that like to jump on our hips!

08-08-2004, 09:39 AM
Hello All :wave:

I am just going to chalk this weekend off......between activities and odd-eating times and some stress, I pretty much chucked the food plan. Started out by taking 85-year-old Mom shoe-shopping. Poor dear, she has dementia and is just lost at times.....even told the saleslady she was a waitress and needed good shoes. Saleslady was a gem - realized the situation and got Mom fitted properly. On Saturday, hubby & I went to a car a little walking in there! Saturday nite, we spent 2 hours in ER with hubby (he has a condition that causes him chronic pain....usually controlled by meds....but Saturday things got out of control and hence the ER visit). I don't think he got to bed until 4am.....hopefully will sleep a while more this morning and today will be better for him. I hate to see him go thru all this.....makes me feel so helpless! (and we all know that helplessness needs ice cream!)

Lily......FYI, Mt Dew has 37 mg caffeine per 8-0z.(this is from the Mt Dew website) Most folks don't know this, as they equate caffeine with "brown" colas. They do make a caffeine-free Mt hopefully that is what you were drinking.

Faye.....getting to read all those books is my idea of heaven. It just doesn't seem like I have time to read anymore. Maybe you should start up a book review for we don't waste our time on books that aren't worth it.

Quilter.....sorry to hear about your job woes. I guess I am just lucky in that respect.....25 years at the same company.....working with mostly great folks. The fresh fruits & veggies are plentiful around here too. We just finished up some fresh peaches.....want to get some blueberries next week. Have you checked out the summer fruit page on has some wonderful recipes.

Well......time to get moving......a little exercise is in order....maybe some chicken stirfry for dinner today......

08-09-2004, 09:11 AM
Susan: I am with you on the fresh fruits and veggies. I grew up with them and really miss them during the winter months. They are so expensive anymore though if they are any good. I bought apricots, plums and two kinds of cherries and the apricots were awful and bland and the cherries rotted before I could even eat them. I have to be careful where I get them as we don't have any kind of farmers' market here just groceries and high end stuff.

MsRD: I read about 6 books a week actually but I would rather work I think. It gets boring here a lot of the times and for me boredom means binging.

The kids go back to school today. Glad I don't have to deal with that anymore. I don't see how parents afford 4-6 kids and up these days unless they have ultra professional jobs and they usually don't HAVE kids! :lol: Kids here have to wear uniforms and depending on where you buy them you can put in a lot of money on them alone. We had a lot of issues with stealing and kids getting hurt when they wore street clothes so all city school kids have to wear uniforms.

Not much going on in my world. I have gained a bunch of weight. DH and I sat down and discussed it last night as to what is going on with me. I am having some health issues which are causing part of the problem, but I have to overcome it and get to the other side because it is not one of those, pills will make everything right kind of deals. We are going to Vegas in August of 2005 and I want to be down another 100 lbs and close to goal so dh said he will help me. We figured what I should lose safely each quarter than for every quarter I lose that weight he is buying me something. Maybe something I have wanted for the house like a sewing machine or an expensive handbag or clothes maybe jewelry, whatever it will be something nice for each quarter. I think it will help a great deal. That and the fact I am going out and buying an expensive dress in the size I should be next summer so I have a final goal too.

Everyone have a spectacular day!


08-09-2004, 03:52 PM
Faye, sounds like you've come up with a good plan for you. Isn't it wonderful to have a supportive husband!

I've managed to get 3 pounds off again - 2 to my WW goal then 5 to mine. Sometimes I am so stupid - but I get smart again and do damage control.

08-11-2004, 03:10 PM
Hi Everybody!

Quilter: Thanks for thinking of me...yeah when it gets bad at work I look for food, but lately I have had better control.. Generally my people are pretty decent...but I don't want to say that too loud and break the spell...

gma2one: The one thing that has helped me more than anything is journaling everything I eat on, which is free. In the beginning I didn't even try to change my eating habits. I just sort of studied what I was doing and only made a committment tobeing honest about what I ate and input every morsel to documentation that I put in my mouth. I really learned a lot and can no longer say I barely eat anything so why am I gaining...what a crock I was telling myself.

So far I am down about 26 lbs. in two years, which I have not regained any portion of back. Also slowly but surely, I have whittled my calorie count down to 1800-2000 per day which is good for the weight and exercise I am doing. Try you may be pleasantly surprised to see how automatic it becomes. Nothing has ever worked this well for me and besides you're on the computer everyday would just be an extra trip.

Tiger: I am thinking about you and hope you got my PM.. If not, let me know and I will resend to you.

To all my other friends on this thread I am doing OK and coming up on the first anniversary of DH's passing away. It will be hard but I find the grief nowadays only takes up as much my of my life as I let I try to be disciplined..sometimes I win the battle and sometimes I lose...but I try.

I am still going to the gym and working with the trainer. Seeing some results body does hold onto the fat for so long, but when it starts to respond to excercise I can see the changes pretty fast. Also I am sleeping so much better, which is always the case when I exercise regularly.

Much Love,

08-12-2004, 09:22 AM
Well, my morning started out just nifty! I took Jack to work this morning so I could run some errands. He works way back off the main roads just past a state park and you guessed it....I came around a bend and bam right into a deer! I hit him going 55 and tore up the front of the car. He/she ran off so I don't know how much damage the animal sustained. It tore through the whole front panel where the engine is and though I can drive it, it looks like the car has its mouth open. I have never had an accident and have no clue how to go about doing the insurance so Jack was going to call them from work and then call me. I think we have a $250 deductible but I don't know if we have car rental insurance or not. If not, we have to foot the bill for that when the car gets fixed. I am still shaky and very upset but there is no way I could have avoided it as I was coming out of a curve and I guess it had crossed the other side of the road while I was in the blind spot and then right in my lane when I came out of the curve. I guess I am a big weinie, but I had a perfect driving record and this shook me up pretty good.

It will probably be cold in the pool but I need to get into it anyway and try and de-stress so I don't eat over this. I am a nervous wreck and I hope I didn't hurt myself as my lower back hurts a bit. May just be nerves though and relaxing will help if I can.

You ladies have a good day PS: I will let things go for August and start a new thread in Sept. Sorry I didn't notice we had gone over but I didn't start this thread and those that did are not posting anymore so I don't even think about it. If one of you wants to start an August thread feel free.


08-12-2004, 11:34 AM
gma2one: I just had an accident in this past February (someone hit me while I was at a light).

My car insurance (State Farm) paid for a car that I had to rent for 16 days of the 30 days my car was in the body shop. Call your insurer, as you well may be covered. Also car rental places charge a lower price for rentals when you have had an accident. This is probably because you will have the rental out longer.

If you call your insurer they will tell you what to do as far as making a claim, etc. Once you get the car to the body shop also see if there is a rental place they always do business with as they may be able to get you a much better rate too. Even if their rental place turns out to be the same rental car service you have initially, they will negotiate the price down with help from your body shop. And if you find out from the body shop that you are going to be without the car for a month...get the monthly rate as this is the cheapest.

Also a very important point find out from your car insurance if they cover you on rentals in terms of insuring you as a driver...most insurers do, but check. This will save you about $20 additional dollars a day for the insurance that the rental service offers.

I am so sorry this happened to you, but thank God you are OK. Everything else will fall into place, as much as a this is a financial and personal nusiance this is out of your hands and in God's hands. I know you have been through so much lately but this too shall pass...Good Luck!!


08-13-2004, 05:06 PM
Ladies, just a quick note - have a good weekend and stay dry and safe if you are in Hurricane Charley's path - we're expecting a lot of rain and the ground is already saturated so there will probably be some flooding - I actually live in the flood plain. Oh, well, everything will work out...just paid flood insurance!

08-14-2004, 11:27 PM
Hello All!

I spent the day at my Mother's house......we are getting ready to sell it and it needed to be cleaned out. Yikes! I worked 8 hours straight.....and almost got the attic done! My parents were pack rats. They kept EVERYTHING.......most of which is pure-d trash. I must have been up and down the attic stairs eleventy-nine thousand times; forgive me if I skip the workout tonight.

Faye.....I am so glad you were not hurt in the accident. I know how terrifying an auto accident can be. Even worse, my last car accident was MY fault.......I don't think I changed lanes for months afterward!

Carol.....good to hear from you. You are doing so well with your weight loss......slow and steady wins the race!

Quilter......high and dry is rather unlikely these storms will affect our weather here in Michigan......but I am rather anxious to hear from friends in the southern states.

08-16-2004, 01:25 PM
Hey ladies, how is everyone this Monday?

Carol: thanks for all the advice. We have Geico insurance and I meet with the adjuster tomorrow. I didn't have rental reimbursement as part of my insurance, but right after the accident, went in and purchased it so maybe I can use it. Sure hope so as I have no idea how long with will take to fix and we have only one car.

Susan: Hope the rain has passed you by now and you are drying out. We could actually use more rain here. We have been kind of dry. It has been chilly for this time of the year for about 2 weeks so the pool water is now freezing but I get in anyway! It is easier cold and all than walking and I only have a few weeks left until they close it for the year.

MsRd: Hope things are going well for you.

We had a pretty quiet weekend. I put a chicken on my rotisserie to cook and it was pretty yummy. I have one of those Showtime Rotisseries from Ron Popeil and I like it but it is darn hard to tie the chicken up so it doesn't rub the heating elements. That would be my only complaint with the thing. I have a recipe that gives me spices for the rotisserie taste just like you get in the grocery stores and it turns out nice and juicy. I bad girl, ate one piece of skin but that was all and preferred the breast meat which tasted great.

I am back down again having lost 10 lbs in the last week. If I could get a handle on the hormone stuff I know I would do much much better as when I am not having those issues I lose like gangbusters.

Well, I need to go and wash this clorine off. Have a good day.


08-17-2004, 06:10 PM
How'd it go with the adjuster, Faye? More rain on the way here - 9 inches over average already for the summer and the reservoirs are 12 inches above normal for this year - and on the verge of overflowing. Wish we could send some of this rain to those who need it--several more days on the horizon with rain. My flower beds have turned into weed farms, the shrubs are all out of shape, grass is high as an elephant's eye. Can't get coordinated with my time and the sun to get the yard taken care of.

08-17-2004, 07:44 PM
Susan: Man, we could sure use the rain here. They are talking about rain maybe Thur but nothing significant. Of course, I don't think I want FLORIDA rain just a steady rain to soak things well even if that means I can't get into the pool, though it won't stop me as long as there is no thunder or lightening involved I exercise in the rain too! :lol:

The adjuster appt went just fine this am. He was pleasant helpful quick and answered all my questions. All we have to do now is decide on a body shop, call Geico back and tell them who we chose so they can issue a check, mail it to us and when the parts come in and they call us from the body shop, we call a special rental # with Geico and they send out Enterprise rent a car and Enterprise bills Geico direct. I went and purchased car rental insurance right away, paid the premium for that so that when it comes time, I can use it now as we did not have it before. It went into effect the 13th and I got the paperwork for it today so there should be no queston about it. Whew, load off my mind as I took the $1500 level and that pays $50 a day up to 1500 total and only increases my policy by $28 a year so that's not bad.

Hope everyone's program is going well and no one is having problems. I am pretty well back on track and am going to really fight the hormonal issues this month. I think dh is planning on getting me a new wedding ring set as one of my quarterly "wins." That would be awesome as I lost my wedding rings in a car fire 15 years ago and we never had the money to replace them. What I have now is a cheap cheap version, which I love, but I would like a full set again that he picked out for me.

Well, I need to scoot for the evening.


08-20-2004, 10:18 AM
Well, ladies, only 2 more weeks until Labor Day. Have you given any thought to how the winter will affect your weight loss? I've decided to actually stop in the Y tomorrow and sign up for a class or 2. They have some just for seniors (over 50!) that sound like what I need until I get back in shape. It's only $25 for 10 weeks (3 times a week) so the price is right. I thought I'd also sign up for a water aerobics class since I've always enjoyed that. Maybe alternate days. WW new program debutes Sunday and I'm going to drag my behind there - I am a lifetimer - a get the new info. Sounds a whole lot like South Beach and the emphasis is back on good basic nutrition and cut the junk - of course they are keeping flex points for those who just have to be able to eat anything (meaning junk first, nutritious food last). I'm always amazed by those who say they have to be able to have dessert or they'll binge. What do you do if you become diabetic and have to watch it? Should alcoholics go on drinking because they really want that drink? Should smokers keep smoking because they really want that cigarette? Food addiction needs drastic measures like eating good whole foods to get it under control. You don't cure an addition to carbs by eating more. Whew...sorry about than rant but sometimes it just gets to me. I get a lot of emails wanting my secret for losing all the weight. I'm sure they are disappointed when I tell them I actually changed the way I ate from the ground up and desserts and snack-type foods are rare now days.

I hope you are all having a good weekend. Maybe we can get posting a little more after Labor Day when we get into our non-summer routines. I do miss hearing from you and what's happened to Jello - went and got that new job and left us in the dust, I guess.

08-23-2004, 09:05 AM
Susan: I completely agree with you. Unless you change why you eat and what you eat forever you will never keep the weight off. I think some of the things people refuse to give up except rarely is fast food, soft drinks and sweets. The three of those are deadly for weight loss. I find nothing wrong with any occasional trip to Taco Bell, etc but keep it to once a month at the most and that goes for the other stuff too. I haven't had full sugar soft drinks in nearly 2 years though I tried the Pepsi edge and drank the 6 pack in one day so found I definitely can't handle sugared soft drinks at all!

We had a quiet boring weekend and dh is going to drop the car off at the body shop to get it repaired today. Supposed to be done by Friday. This could not have happened at a worse time of year. All of the birthdays and anniversariies for us and the kids are between the end of June and November then Thanksgiving and Christmas. That doesn't include siblings I buy gifts for and one of my friends. I also have car tags and dog and cat shots all now too so I just throw the money out the window and hope the right people get it I guess! :lol:


Everyone have a great day


08-23-2004, 11:46 AM
Sears has glasses on sale this week for $99 with the no line bifocals and ultra light lenses included so I took my new prescription and ran right down there and got me a new pair of rimless. Usually my lenses are $250 without the frame - so I feel it's a real bargain.

I'm so bummed out I can't get to WW until Saturday morning. I'm really psyched up to do the new Core program. I think I'll change my personal goal to 140 which would make the doctor a happy man...and probably lower my blood pressure a point or 2 as well although I've gotten it back into the normal range now with cutting salt and sodium.

Didn't make it to the Y to check on programs Saturday - had a really bad storm again. Oh but it has cooled off to the low 80s and I can walk outside again. I love that.

Got the South Beach and Dr. Phil's cookbooks from the library and am copying the few recipes I like from them into my Mastercook - no way I spending all that money for them.

08-24-2004, 08:23 PM
Hello All! :)

Sorry for the absence.....sure do miss checking in and seeing how everyone is doing!

Faye.....glad to hear that everything is falling into place with the insurance and car should be up and running in no time!

Susan.....what do you mean....Labor Day in 2 weeks? what happened to the summer? Around here, we have had a very cool summer......hardly any days in the 90s and only a few in the had hardly seemed like we have had a summer at all!

Lily......check in and let us know how things are going.......don't let the rough spots in life bog you down!

Carol.....just thinking of you at this difficult time.......

I have spend the past 2 weeks cleaning out my childhood home.....getting it ready for sale. My sister had been living there (since we put Mom in assisted living) and left the place an absolute filthy mess. My DH and DS and DD and their respective spouses all pitched in to help took 6 adults 2 full days to get it cleaned up! We filled a huge dumpster and had quite a pile to be given to charity. I spent this afternoon alone in the house (waiting for the Goodwill truck to pick stuff up)....and just remembered all the happy times we had there. I think I am suffering from nostalgia overload.....LOL!

Now that that job is over.....maybe I can get back on program! I don't think I realized how distracting the past months have been. It is amazing the impact that stress can have in one's life. Now, if I could just get THAT aspect of my life in order........
but first I have to go empty the car (well.....not EVERYTHING went to Goodwill!).......

08-26-2004, 12:28 PM
I tell you girls, there's going to be a new me by the end of the year. I'm ready to start the Core Plan at WW when I get to the meeting on Saturday and have signed up for a new place in my neighborhood that is similar to Curves but cheaper - only $25 a month if I sign up for a year and they don't deduct from my checking account - I write them a check. The machines are better, too. Very nice woman running it - and it opens at 6:30 am so I can go before work - and she will work me and my asthma. If there are times I can't come, she'll extend my contract if I bring a doctor's note. Anyhow, I get 3 free sessions so that should tell me if I'll be able to do it or not. I really feel walking just isn't enough and I need more upper body strength.

Do you all have plans for the long weekend coming up next week? Starting my fall housecleaning and painting my bathrooms. Gosh, our pool will be closing on Labor Day!

08-27-2004, 02:18 PM
Ladies, even the government thinks I need to exercise more. When I got home last night I had a great booklet from the National Institute of Health waiting for me - exercising for seniors (those over 50!) and it was free. 80 pages of great pictures on how to do the exercises, etc. You can go to their website and get free stuff on many subjects. They also have a video of the exercises for only $7 so I'm going to get that as well.

08-30-2004, 03:37 PM
Ladies, I guess I'll give up on this thread. Never seems to be anyone around. Good luck to all of you. :)