South Beach Diet - Ideas for getting back on track...?

07-11-2004, 03:30 PM
Hey ladies...

Well, the Most Expensive Wedding of the Century (for the bridesmaids, that is, one of which I was) has come and gone. It was a marvelous success and my dear friend Stacey is now a Missus.

So, I had the rehearsal dinner on Wednesday night, then the wedding itself on Friday and the post-wedding brunch on Saturday.

I was okay with my food. My indulgences were fairly small, and I basically ate well in the morning and afternoon before the food at the other things. I enjoyed myself, while mainly keeping to the principles of the SBD.

For instance, on the wedding day, I had SBD meals for breakfast and lunch... but then as we helped to get the bride ready at her parents' house, I had a couple of scoops of taco dip with tortilla chips. Then for dinner, the chicken was breaded and had cheese and brocolli in it -- all of which I ate, as well as a whole wheat bun (I dipped it in Italian dressing, trying to follow the idea that if you have bread, you're better off to dip it in oil than use butter). I also had a few spoonfulls of the chocolate mousse and 2 glasses of wine.

I'm not feeling too bad about it all -- the conditions were difficult, but I did very very well. I took food in my purse, I had diet Coke when everyone else was enjoying an afternoon beer after the pictures. I didn't have beer at the reception, even though it's my favorite. I went with wine instead.


I know that I did some damage this week because of these events. Not much but a little -- no weight gain, I don't think, but I know the losing has stopped. And I'm trying to figure out what's best to do here. Do I go back on Phase 1 for a few days? Today I've had no starch at all, only Ph1 legal meals. And I'll probably continue that for the rest of the day. But should I do that for a few days? Should I go back to having one starch a day? Or the two-a-day that I should be at, based on where I am in Ph2?

Advice please, from the experienced among us! I have read the book but I just can't figure out what to do. I don't think I've gained -- I want to know what to do to get back on the "losing" track, as I was before.

Thanks all, I look forward to your thoughts.

07-11-2004, 06:21 PM
I would suggest going back to phase one for three or four days and see if you start to lose again. That usually works for me if I stop losing, and then I am able to go back to having fruit and starch. G'luck. :)

07-11-2004, 08:13 PM
If you are craving off-plan foods then it is best to go back to phase one for a few days. This has probably stalled your weight loss temporarily but if you haven't gained any weight I wouldn't be too concerned about it. You should start losing again from now on, now that you are limiting your carbs.