General Diet Plans and Questions - Eating For Life / Body For Life July 2004

Jennifer 3FC
07-01-2004, 10:59 AM
Happy July! For those of you not familiar with these programs, here's some general info:

Helpful links:
Chat with Bill Philips on WebMD about the EFL plan ({5FE84E90-BC77-4056-A91C-9531713CA348})
Eating for Life official site ( which includes sample recipes and program basics. Make sure you read the Q&A.

EFL Basics:
You eat 6 times a day. This is generally small balanced meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks (which usually are a meal replacement bar or shake, or a nutrition shake from book recipes) and a healthy dessert. You can enjoy fruits, breads, etc, and it can be adapted to fit a vegetarian lifestyle. You follow the plan 6 days a week, and then you enjoy a free day.

The recipes in the book look heavenly, including Santa Fe Chicken Soup, Balsamic Salmon Salad, Turkey Bacon Quiche, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and many more. If you already have Body for Life, you'll notice that Eating for Life includes more food choices. These are easy to follow recipes with easy to find ingredients.

Exercise is recommended, as it should be included in ANY weight loss plan. However, you don't have to follow the weight lifting routine recommended in Body for Life, unless that is your goal. The EFL plan is meant to enhance Body For Life, so please do consider it.

It isn't a hard plan to follow. Carbs and Protein are 40% and fats are 20% of the meal. In general, if you have a palm sized protein, a fist sized carb and cook in a low fat style, that's the plan. It's easy once you try. You also need to add vegetables to at least 2 meals a day.

If you have any questions, please ask. We'd love to answer your questions! Most importantly, read the books - the key to success on any program! :)

Jennifer 3FC
07-01-2004, 11:00 AM
Yum! This is very similar to one I used to make regularly, but I used cocoa and Splenda instead of SF hot cocoa mix. This sounds really good!

~~Frozen Mocha Shake~~
Makes 1 serving

1 c. skim milk
2 tsp. Taster's Choice instant coffee
2 packets of Splenda [or 4 tsp.]
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 envelope of Swiss Miss Fat Free Hot Chocolate Mix
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder [16g. of protein]
1 1/2 c. crushed ice

Blend all together in a blender until smooth and thick. The nutritional
stats are;

07-01-2004, 02:35 PM
Jennifer, back to the deviled egg recipe. I make these by mixing half of the yolks with cottage cheese, as well as a wide mix of other tasty ingredients such as those mentioned in your recipe. I don't use mayonaise at all. If I use mayo in anything, it's one of the "light" flavored ones like the Wasabi Gourmayo.

As far as a protein to combine with friut, I sometimes make a thin very light eggbeater pancake (like a blintz) and eat it topped with fruit and sweetened cream cheese. It is also good w/o the cc.

Jennifer 3FC
07-01-2004, 04:14 PM
Interesting about the blintzes! Do you have a hard time getting the protein balanced? Have you tried whirling cottage cheese for a filling, or using ricotta cheese? That sounds REALLY good (your blintz idea) and I think I will have to try it this weekend.


Oh, I got my menopause Diet Mini Meal Cookbook today in the mail. It looks like quite a few of them are Turkish or Indian. Does anybody know of an acceptable replacement for curry? I don't like it. (We need a smiley with crossed eyes and a tongue sticking out)

07-02-2004, 03:01 PM
Happy Holiday Weekend!

Another nice creme frache idea is splenda mixed with fat free sour cream. I am serving that and blueberries on top of the EFL Cheesecake this week.

I got out my original BFL book today and decided to go back to that lifting sequence w/ one change, I'll work each muscle group only once a week. It felt so good to do back and tris differently, my muscles were bored and I was bored! I haven't been practicing yoga as much as I'd like, my class time was switched and I haven't been taking the time at home. I'm losing some agility and centeredness - I am going to work on getting that back.

Jennifer 3FC
07-02-2004, 09:53 PM
I get to go back on plan!!! I start tomorrow, after I have suitable groceries! Who am I kidding - I'll wind up eating yogurt and cheesesticks and eggs half the day regardless of what new stuff I bought. I really will make an EFFORT to try new recipes and not eat the same old easy stuff. I can walk on the treadmill, but no weights. Next week I'll ask again about the weights. Eventually she's probably going to stitch my mouth shut!

07-03-2004, 07:03 AM
Great news Jennifer!!!

07-03-2004, 02:55 PM
I just made the EFL Singapore Shrimp and I highly recommend it.

Jennifer 3FC
07-03-2004, 10:33 PM
Ok, shame on me. I waited to start back all the way today so I could get prepared, and I did exactly what I laughed about - I'm eating plain old stuff!

M1 - 1 egg, 3 whites, and yogurt
M2 - Myoplex Bar
M3 - Yogurt and a cheesestick
M4 - Nothing - I made a protein shake, spilled it, got mad and took a nap instead.
M5 - Jerk chicken, corn and green beans
M6 - Will get something when fireworks are over!

07-05-2004, 09:51 AM
Happy day after the 4th, though I hope everyone has the day off today as well.

I had a miserable week last week, it just went downhill from last Sunday and try as I might my fire was gone. The result, just feeling like s#!t - I can't be a slug anymore.

So, this morning I am concentrating on reinvigorating my fire for the quest. I planned my meals for today on fitday and did a killer leg workout. I chased it w/ glutamine because I added lunges back into my workout and I know I am going to be sore from it.

I guess I still have issues because hitting a new low weight often has the result of sending me into a tailspin! You'd think it would be motivating - I don't know if it is because I feel I can relax a bit or if it is fear of being thin. Anyway, my goal is not to let one bad week turn into two.

PS - Skwigg's latest blog post reviews an intereting article from Hers magazine I am going to try to find it to read for myself.

Jennifer 3FC
07-05-2004, 11:45 AM
I'm sorry you had a bad week! Today is a new day and you can start over. I totally understand about being stuck at a new low. I've been thinking the same thing lately - that I've become comfortable with myself and allow myself to not work as hard. Actually when I was on BFL I never felt like that. I only allowed my self to feel comfortable on free day and that was it. I've never stuck to a plan so beautifully! It is so nice to be back on the eating plan. Don't let your guard down! You can be comfy and relaxed on free day. You can do it! Make this a perfect week. :)

Jennifer 3FC
07-05-2004, 11:53 AM
Ah! I read (oh I'm hungry, I wrote ATE) Skwigg's journal entry and this was eye opening:

There was a study showing that the old energy equation - eat less and exercise more - is hooey and that timing is everything. They found that female gymnasts and runners who didn't eat or snack for 3 hours or longer had the highest body fat percentages - even if they weren't consuming more calories than they were burning. The longer the gap between meals, the higher the body fat, especially if they exercised during those non-eating periods. The study also showed that those who ate less than their energy needs - the old formula for weight loss - weren't losing weight. The runners in the study ate an average of 200-400 calories a day less than they were burning. At times during the day they would have up to a 1,100 calorie deficit going based on their intense training and infrequent meals. But they weren't losing weight like they should have. The meal-skippers and over-exercisers were the fattest athletes in the study.

The frequent meals part reinforces what I'm doing, that makes me comfy.
Now the follow up to the second half:

They suspect it's because when your body is deprived of food for even a few hours, it starts clinging to any calorie it gets. Your whole metabolism shifts so that when you do finally eat you have a larger than normal insulin response, store more fat, and get hungry sooner. You also have impaired appetite regulation and a greater tendency to binge. The conclusion was that for maximum leanness, you should never be at a calorie deficit or surplus of more than 300 calories. So, if I were to burn 700 calories during one of my whacked out 90-minute personal training and sword fighting sessions, I would need to eat 400 calories beforehand to avoid slipping into a deficit of more than 300 calories. I was already eating before, between and immediately after brutal workouts. I do it because I'm hungry but I guess it helps keep my percentage of body fat down. I'm starting to really question Bill Phillips' empty stomach theory.

Ok! In order to know if I am over exercising I will have to do a lot of number crunching, and I hate number crunching! That is what I love about BFL. Palms and fists. Now I'll have to find one of the calorie counters, enter weight, exercises, get my BMR, calculate it and figure out the daily totals, plus the 'session' totals. I don't HAVE to, but now that I know there is a more efficient fat burning way, I will have to test it for myself or it will drive me nuts.

Good article!

07-05-2004, 11:54 AM
Thanks for the encouragement Jennifer, you are so right and I do feel renewed this morning. I am so glad you are back on the eating plan and I look forward to you getting back to your workouts as well. I know what you mean about being able to stick to this plan - sometimes I falter but all in all, it's the only WOE I can imagine doing successfully. Have a great day!

07-05-2004, 01:24 PM
Hi Jennifer and Ledom,

I've been reading your posts on BFL & EFL. I am intersested. As a 10 yr type II diabetic who is close to becoming insulin dependent(and I am not taking my meds as I should. I lose better off them...bad me :devil: ) I need to find a lifestyle change thats doable. Dr Phil, can't even get thru the book. He has some good advise, but it's just not doing it for me. I bought Bob Greenes "Get with the Program" By the time you get to Phase III you'll be trying to fit so much exercise into your life that you would have to lose weight. But I know I can't possibly put so much time into exercise. I'll be stressed just trying to fit it into my day and just quit again. I'm so sick of failure. I've tried so many diet books without much long term success. Sugar Busters, So Beach, The Zone(to much measuring) Bob Greene, Dr Phil, I just want a good reference and guide. I went to the website and it seemed pretty interesting. I want to by the books but don't feel I am worth investing even more money on when I don't follow thru. I was a little confused with the EFL/BFL. Which one should be done first? Should both be bought together? Do you need to buy both? I'm going to go back to the site again. But you both seemed happy with the program and I've been told everyone, especially diabetics, that 6 small meals is advisable. That's what drew me to the program. I also have been exercising and plan to increase as I'm ready and EFL doesn't seem to push a specific regamin. Any help would be appreciated. :thanks:

07-05-2004, 01:32 PM
Donna- EFL is simply a cookbook to go along with the BFL program. EFL recipes are BFL friendly, at least for most people.

Jennifer- I wouldn't worry about the measuring, calculating, etc, if you are going back to BFL. I did 2 challenges before I ever started measuring foods and calculating ratios, or counting calories. The only change I made to doing it by the book is that after the first week, I never did a weight workout on an empty stomach. I usually did my workouts in the afternoon, so it was just impossible. Even early morning workouts, I still eat first, since for me no food is the quickest way to major injury in the gym. Don't sweat the small stuff!


07-05-2004, 01:51 PM
Thanks Mel!

I just went back to the sight again and read some reviews on Amazon also.
It seems most think that EFL is a nice compliment to BFL. Now what I didn't read about is whether or not BFL is possible if you are 75lbs or more overweight. Is this for those who need to lose those last 20-30lbs? I guess BFL must outline acceptable foods for the challenge? I guess I should just bite the bullet and buy BFL and wait on EFL. Thanks for the response. :D

07-05-2004, 01:58 PM
Hey Donna, Welcome! I would recommend the BFL over the EFL book if you want to start with just one. It lines out the basics and the theory of the diet and you can pick up new recipes all over the place on the web. If you buy books online you can probably pick up a used Body For Life book. You ARE worth it!, and I recommend this diet because eating those 6 meals a day makes sticking with it so much easier. On the exercise, that is well explained in the BFL book and I think it is an incredibly important component of the plan. Some of the old time BFLers think the EFL recipes are too liberal, once again I'd recommend spending some time on Skwiggs blog and reading what she has to say about that. Good luck and keep on posting!

Jennifer, it is all I can do to occasionally make myself journal in fitday. I am not driven in that way.

07-05-2004, 02:02 PM
Hey Donna we were posting at the same time. From my experience, starting from being way overweight, the diet works great.

Jennifer 3FC
07-05-2004, 04:06 PM
Mel - thanks for the advice. I tend to get too anal about maximum weight loss. I lose so slowly that I find my self scratching for ounces. I'll save the sweating for the treadmill!

Donna, this plan is so easy for me to follow. Mini meals were the greatest invention of all time! :D You can lose weight on it no matter how big you are. I've seen some really good before and after pictures. Now about the exercise - it isn't too hard to find the time for this plan. 45 minutes weights, alternating days with 20 minutes cardio isn't much out of our day. You'll probably find yourself looking for ways to add in more time as you get used to it.

You ARE worth the price of the book! This has to be all about you! Now if you're starting your own little bookstore with diet books you never finished, maybe it's time to cash them in at a used book store.

The BFL book is the most important. EFL is mostly a cookbook to go in addition to BFL. BFL has the exercise portion in it. I've also found many good recipes on the web and hopefully as this thread grows, we'll have a lot more shared here as well.

07-05-2004, 04:58 PM
Thanks everyone for getting back to me so quickly. I do think I will go and get the BFL book. I guess you really can't waste money buying a book. As long as you get something out of it. I'm actually kind of excited about it. I figure it can't take much longer to pack the extra smaller meals than it does to pack my regular lunch. Hopefully I'll be able to start soon. I will try to pick up the book in the next couple of days so I can start reading it. That's my other problem. I get so anxious to start, I don't read all the way thru. I really intend to put my full effort into this. I've made some possitive changes in the last 1 1/2 yrs. I quit smoking, I've increased water intake and starting exercising regularly a couple of months ago. (of course I'm still in rough shape weight and health wise) but I want to continue with the positive and hopefully I won't be in such rough shape next yr. I would love for next yrs "new year resolution" to be to continue and maintain the new healthier me instead of the usual lose weight resolution.

Again, thank you all for your help. I will be back to post with how it's going.

Jennifer 3FC
07-05-2004, 06:04 PM
This book is an easy read. The whole second half is pictures of exercises and charts you can photocopy. For packing lunches - when I'm short for time I can always pack a Myoplex bar or yogurt and cheesesticks. Very quick!

And for a money saver, I don't use the Myoplex Lite protein shakes. If I want a shake, I use regular low carb protein powder and add fruit. You only have to use the Myoplex Lite if you are entering the official challenge contest. That might not make any sense right now, but when you read the book it will. :)

07-07-2004, 12:09 AM
Hi everybody,

Well I plunked down $29 at barnes and noble today and since I got in so late I was only able to read the preface. Hopefully I will get to read more tomorrow night. I have friends stopping by after work and then dinner, so my time will probably be limited again. They keep mentioning this 12 week challenge. Now I'm already a little nervous as I will be going on vacation the first 2 wks of august. It's a camping type situation. I will get a lot of walking in, but exercise isn't really possible as there is nowhere to work out. We will be in a small back yard that will be wall to wall tents. (its a big motorcycle rally in N Dakota.) Will I be able to start this or will I have to wait until I get back? I'm going to go ahead and read the book anyway. Hopefully I can start the eating portion and the cardio. Wish me luck. Any other advice is always appreciated.

07-07-2004, 01:32 AM
Hi Donna, glad you got the book. I can only say what I think I would do. Go ahead and read the book and start getting used to the diet and exercise. Go on your vacation and don't sweat it but prepare yourself to get going when you get back from your trip. It is hard to stick with a program when you are away from your home and I wouldn't frustrate myself with it. Of course that is my opinion based on my own reality. I think going ahead and getting a couple weeks of BFL under your belt though will be helpful.

07-07-2004, 12:31 PM
Good morning, this week I am back on track and feeling 110% better. Just out of the shower after finishing a new yoga tape, it is Anna Forrest's Strength and Spirit and it is excellent. I chose to do that today instead of abs and shoulders, it has a good ab workout and right now my back and shoulders are tingling and vibrating like after a good massage. My yoga had been falling by the wayside and these are some of the things I was noticing, my shoulder was freezing up again after getting better after I started yoga, my face is breaking out. I don't know about breaking out, if that is summer humidity, a bad diet week, or not taking those cleansing breaths, somehow I think yoga is going to help out there. Anyway, just wanted to sign on w/ an upbeat post and to say I'm feeling really alive today.

07-07-2004, 12:55 PM
Dang - I wrote a big long post, and just lost it :(

Jennifer 3FC
07-07-2004, 01:29 PM
Cat - I hate when that happens! It isn't too often, but boy does it hurt.

Donna - If it were me, I'd start eating the plan, but wait on the weights until you get back and then start it officially. I was on BFL for 8 weeks before I had surgery and the break was a real downer because I got into it and was disappointed that I didn't get see how I would have done otherwise. The eating plan is GREAT. Those first few meals feel funny because I'm thinking WAIT, that's not enough! But a couple of hours later I'm eating again and after a couple of days you'll even be having to set a timer to eat because you will hardly be hungry.

Ledom, glad you're feeling better! Isn't it great to be back on track? I love it back on the treadmill. I still miss the weights, but now I have 2 out of 3 back and I feel a lot better. I'm not as sluggish as I was.

Still haven't tried recipes yet - this is my last week home from work, too! I need to get my butt on the ball and do some cooking this week.

07-07-2004, 05:26 PM
Ok, I guess I'll try to do this again....

Ledom - glad to hear you're feeling better. I've been the same way myself - maybe it's the lazy days of Summer pulling us down...

Well, my 5th Challenge ended with a wimper - I didn't take 8 week photos, and I didn't take final photos. With the bicep tendon injury and the slack eating, I think it was actually a wash....

But, today is a new day, and I'm working this week to get myself back on track. It's my TOM currently, so I'll wait until Sunday to take new photos and then plan to start Challenge 6 on Monday, the 12th.

I'm going to post my daily menus here to keep myself honest - I was getting all high and mighty about being able to do this "with my eyes closed", and that sure backfired on me. Some accountability might just be what I need...

On another subject - is there some way to "book mark" this thread so I can find it quickly? Or so that I can see when there are some new posts?

You gals have a great day!

07-07-2004, 10:47 PM
Hi Cindy,

I think posting daily menus is a good idea. Workouts too for that matter. I know you'll be back in the groove once your mind is set. Another thing to love about BFL, I find it relatively easy to get back to when I stray.

Jennifer, what did you cook today? Let us know what you are up to in that department.

I have noticed that it is hard to navigate back to this page when I am surfing 3fc. General Diet Plans doesn't appear in the Forum Jump list, or am I missing something?

Another good day on the record. I am feeling empowered.

Donna, how is your reading going?

07-08-2004, 10:05 AM
Good morning,

Thought I would try to lay out my BFL day here. Today is 20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill.


Meal 1: EFL Strawberry Cheescake
Meal 2: Turkey Breast/Watermelon
Meal 3: Salad w/ grilled chicken
Meal 4: Zone Bar
Meal 5: Chicken breast/Apple (I'll be packing this meal for on the road meal)
Meal 6: Scrambled egg whites, one yolk/oatmeal

Today is a special day for me. I have an opening reception for an exhibit of my photographs, I am pretty good at passing up reception food. I get to wear one of my cute new outfits and thanks to having some good bfl days under my belt I feel ok about myself - a lot better than I would have at the end of last week say.

07-09-2004, 03:01 PM
OK, I am talking to myself here. How are you all?

I had a really slow morning, just could not get moving! But finally headed down to the basement and did chest/tris. I decided to go for another cardio session.

Got the nerve to weigh again and I wasn't thrilled. But having the nerve to weigh is a good sign. I feel all in all this week has been good. I have used the thought of free day to get me through the week. There are 2 things on my list. A hot dog - guess I should have had one on the fourth. I don't eat them very much but I am in the mood for one. The other thing is some homemade pesto. I have a great basil crop this year and some fresh tomatoes. I am even thinking that made w/ olive oil and in a small portion it might do as my EFA if I use it as a condiment instead as a topping for pasta.

Jennifer 3FC
07-10-2004, 12:50 AM
Hi! Sorry I've been sidetracked so much. I had appointments all day yesterday and today. I will try and start posting my meals also. I have gotten as far as writing them in a notebook on my desk each day, but the last 2 days weren't written down - tomorrow I'll try to start writing them here and on paper.

Today there were no mini meals. I did well overall, but it was in 3 regular meals. I have to figure out how to eat mini meals on the run. I am not normally this busy, but I go back to work on Monday and I've been playing beat the clock to get things finished.

I am setting a goal to PLAN AHEAD.

Jennifer 3FC
07-10-2004, 12:55 AM
Cindy - I forgot to mention. If you go to User CP at the very top on the left, you can go to Edit Options and click to get email notification for replies, if you haven't already done it. Also, you can click right above this thread on the right where it says Thread Tools. You can click that and choose to subscribe to this thread.

We're going to add Eating For Life in the description under General Diet Plans. I can't find it either unless I go from email notification! I always stop and think of where it is.
I hope this helped!

07-10-2004, 07:39 AM
Jennifer, I totally understand the week before going back to work frenzy! How are you feeling these days?

Today is my much anticipated free day. I plan to keep to 6 small meals, it's just that about 3 of those meals will be non-bfl type. I started the morning off with oatmeal, protein powder, cottage cheese, & blueberries - a 1/2 portion of each protein and each carb. This is my favorite breakfast and I sometimes have it during the day as well.

Today is a cardio day, I will try to do a yoga tape as well.

07-10-2004, 01:07 PM
Hi Jennifer, Hi Ledom,

Well, It's been busy. Also after our anniversary weekend it was tough getting back to a work schedule.

I started reading the book but haven't gotten very far. I have a tendancy to scan when I read. But I really want to read this all the way thru as the author states it's important. I just finished the 3 or 4 testimonials in the beginning. Hopefully I will pick it back up later today.

I figure I will do the best I can prior to and on vacation but not actually start the 12 weeks challenge unti I get back. I haven't been exercising as much as I was, but still get cardio in 3-4 x a week and I look forward to starting with some weights.

Ledom, I did not know you are a photographer. How exciting. I hope the show went well. (and you should feel good about yourself)

Jennifer, Good luck getting back to work. I'm sure after a couple of days it will feel like you never left. I know I kind of jumped in late here. You had surgery? That's why you were out? Nothing serious I hope.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the book. Of course in all of the pictures I see of before and after, I don't see any befores with the challenge I will have. I hope I can do this. I need to lose quite a bit. But all of your advise(all of you) has been great and I look forward to sharing my experience...Or should I say my SUCCESS!!!

ttyl :D Donna

07-10-2004, 03:26 PM
Hey, I was trying to find some pictures for you Donna and ended up w/ this recipe instead. I think it looks pretty good.

I have weighed as much as 295 and weigh 235 today. This is not all a result of BFL but I weighed 264 this time last year and that is a BFL result. As you can probably tell, I am a dawdler when it comes to weight loss. I do feel healthier and better about myself every day I stick w/ my plan.

Your vacation will give you the opportunity to contemplate your new lifestyle, you'll be raring to go when you come home.

Are you a biker?

~~Mexican Casserole~~
[this is "cappuccinocarrie's" recipe]
Makes 8 servings
6 whole wheat tortilas
1 lb. lean ground beef [or you can use turkey]
1 taco seasoning packet
3/4 c. water
8 oz. low fat cottage cheese
8 oz. fat free cream cheese
1/2 c. chopped onion
1/2 c. chopped red bell pepper
1/2 c. fat free cheddar cheese
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray the bottom of a casserole dish with cooking spray. In a non-stick skillet brown the beef rinse and drain. Add taco seasoning and water, simmer until most of liquid is absorbed and set aside. With a mixer, cream together cottage cheese, onions, and red pepper, set aside. Tear 2 of the tortilas into pieces and put in the bottom of the casserole dish. Layer the taco meat over the tortila pieces. Tear another 2 tortilas into pieces also and cover the meat with them. Spread the cottage cheese mixture over the tortila layer. Tear the remaining 2 tortilas and place on top of the cottage cheese layer. Spray the top of the last tortila layer with cooking spray and bake for 20 minutes. Sprinkle cheddar cheese over the top and bake an additional 10 minutes. Serve with salsa. Makes 8 servings. Nutritional stats per serving are;

Jennifer 3FC
07-11-2004, 01:28 AM
Donna, I had surgery at the start of June to remove ovarian cysts, but I was full of adhesions so they had to do major surgery instead and clean me out. It was a big surgery, but mostly it went well. I know you are unsure if you will make it or not, but I can tell you this is the most sane way of eating that I have found yet. None of the plans will be easy, but they can definitely be livable! If you want to lose the weight enough, you'll find a way to stick to it. :)

Ledom - I decided to make today this weeks free day at the last minute. I slept late, got off track before I even woke up. Tonight we had a big family dinner at my parents, so I thought it would be wise to use it up.

How long does protein powder stay until it goes bad? It hasn't expired on the can, but it's been open a few months. Should I risk it?

07-11-2004, 10:08 AM
Hmmm, I don't know about protein powder. I generally go w/ the expiration date but it boils down to your own personal comfort level I guess.

Free day sure saved my life this week. First the thought of it was what kept me going last week, then yesterday was the most bad a$$ free day I have had in a long time. At the end of the day I wanted my clean food more than ever and I don't think I have to go whole hog again for a long time.

I spent quite a bit of time reading from skwigg's site last night, the what I eat page.

I am going to be modifying bfl a little between now and mid-august. I am going to try her suggestions for a cutting phase. If you're interested you can read the details at the above location.

Today is cooking day and I am planning to try 2 new recipes. The one I posted yesterday and one I found in the August issue of Shape. It is Basil-stuffed Chicken Breast. It has a pesto made w/ water instead of oil. I'll let you know how they turn out. I am also going to make a baba ghounash to eat w/ crudites and EFL strawberry cheesecake. SO, time to get crackin'. DD will be getting care packages to take back to her apt. w/ her today.

Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday and a good week.

Jennifer 3FC
07-11-2004, 06:42 PM
Today is going ok - but I am behind on meals. I've only had 2 at it is after 5pm!

Tonight we are eating Jerk Chicken. I sprinkle the chicken all over with the jerk spice blend and saute in a pan. When the chicken is almost done, I dump a can of drained pineapple-in-juice-chunks in and heat those up with the chicken juices. Mmmm. Not quite enough carb though, I'll have to eat a little corn or a red potato with it.

07-11-2004, 07:51 PM

Both my recipes turned out good. Here is a review and the other recipe.

The Mexican Casserole is good, when I was dishing it out the serving looked on the small side. I didn't have a salsa made up so I ate it with a sliced tomato and enjoyed it. I think having the salsa to go along w/ it will stretch it out. Actually, it did not leave me hungry at all.

Basil Stuffed Chicken w/ Red Potatoes and Olives

Cooking spray
2 T. pine nuts
1 cup packed fresh basil leaves
4 cloves garlic
1 T grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 cup water
4 4 oz. skinless, boneless checken breast halves
salt and ground black peper to taste
6 small red potatoes, quartered
16 pittled kalamata olives
1/4 c. balsamic vinegar
1 T. honey
2 tsp. olive oil

Preheat oven to 375. Coat a shallow baking pan w/ cooking spray.

Place pine nuts in a small, dry skillet and set pan over med.-low heat. Cook 2-3 minutes, until nuts are golden rown, shaking the pan frequently to prevent burning.

Transfer nuts to a blender and add basil, garlic, Parmesan and water. Puree until a thick paste forms.

Use a sharp knife to make a "pocket" in each chicken breast by slicing into the side of each half. Spoon 1/4 basil mixture into each pocket. Place stuffed chcken in prepared pan and season w/ salt and black pepper. Arrange potatoes and olives around sides of chicken.

Whisk together vinegar, honey and oil. Pour mixture over chicken and potatoes.

Bake 45 minutes, until chicken is cooked through and potatoes are tender when tested w/ a fork.

Each serving is one breast 6 potato quarters and 4 olives

OMG - this is the best thing I have made in a while. Good enough for a company dish. D had the chicken in her salad and raved about the flavor.

When I entered it into fitday the numbers didn't jive so I figured all the ingredients and here are the nutritional stats (in case you have Shape and are wondering at the differences).

(a close estimation)
384 cals.
fat grams 20
carb grams 14
protein 35

Here are my meals for the day:

1: 4 whites, 1 yolk, 1/2 c. oatmeal
2: Protein Shake
3: Mexican Casserole, fresh tomato
4: zone bar, coffee
5: basil-stuffed chicken, potato, olives
6: EFL Strawberry cheesecake w/ blueberries instead of strawberries

07-11-2004, 11:42 PM
Ok, this is my second try at this post. The reason I haven't been around is that my pc was down. I was just in the middle of a rather lengthy post and lost it. Seems I still may be having some pc issues.

Jen, Its sounds like you went thru quite an ordeal. Glad you are feeling so much better. I have been avoiding possible surgery myself. Last fall it became evident during routine blood work(I'm type II diabetic) that I was extremely anemic. After several tests, including a bone marrow test (the worst thing I've ever been thru) and a weight gain of 30 lbs from the stress of it all, I became apparent that my problem is my monthly cycle. Very heavy at times. Also fibroids(which I know are very common) and a couple of cysts near the ovaries that seem to come and go with my cycle. My gyno said there are a few options and he seems to be leaning towards the big H. :eek:
But I noticed when I was exercising and eating right last summer(when I had lost 30lbs) that my cycles where more regular and "normal". Anyway, I'm just avoiding.

I finished the book. I must say it makes sense when you read it. I'm sure it will be difficult. It does take planning and I'm not really good at that. I have a tendency to overthink and stress myself out. But I think this is definitely the way to go. I've been told as a diabetic, smaller more frequent meals can be beneficial. I actually tried the 20 min cardio on my :tread: this morning and couldn't believe how much of a work out I got in 20 mins compared to the usual 30 - 45. I've never done weights before(some machines at the gym, but never for any real length of time) But we do have a bench, dumbells and bar that have been in the basement and I will bring them out of retirement. They are the dh's and he said go for it. Maybe I can get him going. I don't push hard. He just quit smoking 3 mos ago and it's been really tough on him. So I figure the next few weeks before vacation I will work on the cardio. When I get back hit the weights. I also intend to start working on the eating portion. I will try to keep it simple for now. I don't like to consume myself by thinking about food all the time. But I have to get used to the planning. It seems the shakes are an important part of the plan. Can they only be purchase online or have you found a store that carries them?

Sorry I have so many questions. You have both been so helpful. And Ledom, some of the recipes sound great. I noticed you have the strawberry shortcake. Sounds good. I have trouble getting fruit in. Do you get your recipes from EFL. I haven't purchased it. Was planning to wait and see how I do on the plan before plunking down more $. I'm trying to stay positive, but I have failed many times.

Well, thanks again. ttyl :D

07-12-2004, 12:11 AM
Oh Ledom,
I forgot to answer your question. Am I a biker? Well, I don't ride my own anymore. I went down in Minnesota in 2001. I was doing 85mph and my front tire blew. The bike dragged me about 100 feet. I was extremely lucky as the forward controls on the bike kept me off the pavement. It wasn't until I slid of the after the bike stopped. Really bad road rash( and in some places actual holes) mostly my hands, elbows and lwr arms. No skin grafts though. I was extremely lucky. I had no helmet on and my head wasn't touched. I only rode the bike a couple of times after that, but couldn't get past it. So its been almost 3 yrs since I rode my own. But my husband still rides and I love riding on the back of his. We go out to South Dakota for the Black Hills Rally in Sturgis every year. We love it. Thats the vacation I'm talking about. Though it's not a real "vacations" My dh rides out on the bike and I drive out and meet him there. I do the 1800 miles in just over a day and a half. (but in a car, but it's still quite a haul) But we camp in a friends small back yard with about 20 to 30 others, sharing one bathroom. But its still fun, just not relaxing. Except when we go for rides thru the mountains. My avitar is a picture of us riding out of the badlands. Where "dances with wolves" was shot. So, yeah, I would say I'm still a biker.

Jennifer 3FC
07-12-2004, 09:53 AM
Ledom that sounds so good! Gosh, your menus are more adventurous than mine!

Here's what I had yesterday:

M1 Fiber Cereal with skim milk and cheesestick
M2 Turkey and WW Sandwich
M3 Yogurt and Cheesestick
M4 Grilled chicken with sundried tomatoes and mushroom, veggies and salad
M5 Rest of M4 (we had takeout)
M6 Yogurt - it was late, I was tired, made it small!

I'm getting ready to pack my meals for today. I bought a new cooler to tote it all to work in. It has built in ice pack gel and it stores in the freezer. Glad we have 2 freezers! Yesterday would have been totally boring if not for bringing in the takeout.
Tonight we'll have stir-fry. It is one of the frozen stirfries in the freezer at the store. I think it is Green Giant. It has an almost perfect balances between carb and protein.
I bought another bag of stirfry veggies to stretch it. Hopefully we'll still be close after that. If not, I'll swipe a boiled egg or a cheesestick.

Donna, it might look hard but it isn't. If you are stumped, there is always yogurt, cheesesticks, fruit and eggs! My backups when all else fails. I've never been to Sturgis, but I went to Bike Week in Daytona for my honeymoon to husband #1. Haven't been on a bike since I got pregnant 12 years ago.

07-12-2004, 10:22 AM
Good Morning - Hey Donna, I agree w/ Jennifer that it really isn't that hard. Especially after the first week or two when you figure out a few meals for yourself. You will love the sense of well being that comes from eating 6 small meals a day.

Jennifer, yesterday was an especially nice food day. Believe me, they aren't all that organized. I eat a LOT of oatmeal and cottage cheese. Cottage cheese w/ fruit, cottage cheese w/ oatmeal, cottage cheese w/ baked sweet potato, oatmeal w/ egg whites and a yolk, and a lot of protein pancakes.

It is nice when I take Sundays to cook for the week.

Donna, I live in a town where there is a Harley rally every October. It looks like so much fun. That is a great picture, I figured out I could double click on your avatar for a bigger image. And yes, sounds like you were very lucky w/ your crash.

Jennifer, your cooler sounds great.

07-12-2004, 11:52 AM
Good morning gals! Hope you three are doing well today.

Those recipes are sounding good - think I'll try some, as well as sit down with my EFL book again and try some new ones myself.

I'm officially starting Challenge 6 today... a bit tired out from the weekend, as I put in a large garden plot on Saturday - I'm sore and sunburned, but happy to have it done.

Had a good workout this morning - still babying that tendonitis, so no working to failure, but definitely felt it. I'm planning on getting extra cardio in on lifting days, trying to see if that will give me a bit of a fat-burning boost.

So far today food is good - I'll be posting a day behind, so tomorrow I'll start by telling you what I ate today, for some accountability.

Food this weekend was not so good, but it's behind me now - onward and upward! Wish me luck!

PS - Jennifer, thanks for the thread subscibe info!

07-12-2004, 11:44 PM
Well, I wasn't completely on program yet, but I haven't commited to a start yet as vacation is in a few wks. But I did try to split my meals into smaller portions today. Still did pick on crackers when I got home which is a no no.
I will do my cardio again tomorrow morning.

Jennifer, when you say cheesestick, what kind of cheese sticks are you talking about, a low-fat mozzarella stick? It seems everyone goes pretty heavy on the dairy. But if it works, it must be ok.

I'm hoping by making small changes now, I'll be ready to take on the challenge the end of august.

Well, hope everyone has a happy tuesday! ttyl :D

07-13-2004, 06:16 AM
Donna, I forgot to repsond to your question about shakes. is the cheapest source for the EAS shakes. They are not at all neccesary for the diet. Some people make them a big part of the plan, others don't. I really don't. You can also make your own w/ cottage cheese, fruit, protein powder, there are lots of way to go w/ the shakes.

My menu yesterday was very similar to the day before.

My treadmill is slipping!!!! I hate that! Repairman is scheduled to come fix it in a "few days". Today is cardio and I am going to kayak for cardio.

Have a good day everyone.

Jennifer 3FC
07-13-2004, 10:35 AM
I use the regular EAS protein powder ( I think it is called Complete or something similar) and when I bought my last container it was about $20 for a 5 pound jug at Vitaglo. I also use Designer Whey protein. If you add fruit or yogurt you will balance the carbs and it is a lot cheaper. I think the Myoplex Lite is foamy and I don't like it. If you are going to do the official challenge where you register with them and compete for money, you will be required to do the Myo Lite. Otherwise, you can incorporate your own, if you choose to do shakes at all.

I had a good day yesterday. I didn't feel so good though and didn't eat much through the day (2.5 mini meals) so at dinner time I ate a steak quesadilla the size of two minis. Probably not the lowest in fat grams, but it looked to be the most balanced.

Appetite is better this mornng. Here's the plan:

M1 cottage cheese and oatmeal
M2 apple and cheesesticks
M3 turkey and raspberry mustard ww sandwich
M4 Myo Bar
M5 chicken stir fry
M6 undecided. maybe a shake.

Jennifer 3FC
07-13-2004, 11:08 AM
Oh postd too soon -

Cindy, good luck on C6! I hope I'll be saying that in about 60 weeks! :lol:

Donna - yes, the lowfat Mozzarella ones. They are about 6g of fat, but most carbs I think of eating with it are fat free, so it evens out I guess. :)

07-13-2004, 08:45 PM
Thanks for the info on the shakes. I will ask one of my sons about the protein
powders. I know they all used to use them.

I've done the 20 min of cardio a couple of times now. Starting at level 5 then 6 and so on. It is really a workout. I am so out of breath and sweating like a :ink: when I'm done. But honestly, the :tread: is much more tolerable 20 mins at a time. (even if it is a killer 20 mins) I have been eating 3 smaller meals during the day but then too much at night. This is going to take some practice.

Well, hope everyone has a good "hump" day. Take that any way you want :o :lol:

07-15-2004, 10:25 AM
Good Morning, Jennifer, how is it being back at work? I hope it is going well for you.

Donna, when you get ready to commit to a full out challenge you will be surprised at how much you like it. I won't say it is easy, but it is difintely doable and it makes you feel so much better.

I have had an excellent week. I just really needed to get serious and work the program a bit more seriously. It is really paying off. I saw a new low on the scale this a.m. and believe that if I keep it up I will meet my summer vacation goal.

I have been logging in fitday this week and trying to keep my calories at or around 1500.

I do plan on a free day Saturday. I have my menu planned too. Yesterday I spent all day cooking for a sick friend. I made a homemade foccacia, it looked so good that I must have it too. But just on free day.

Not much new, I miss my treadmill. I got outside and walked early this morning and it was so humid. Exercising indoors in more convenient in the summer than the winter in the warm climate here. Also, there is a new kitten in my household. Rosie, who is keeping us entertained being her cute kitten self.

07-16-2004, 09:11 AM
Good morning ladies! Not sure if youíll remember me or not but I popped in back in May inquiring about the Body for Life program. I REALLY appreciated all the generous input I received from ledom and Jennifer but I never pursued.

Well, Iím desperate again! I have been on South Beach since last September and not having the kind of success that others are reporting so Iím thinking itís time to make a change.

I have been lurking and searching on this board the last couple of days and monitoring this thread. I ďthinkĒ Iím going to give this a shot and need to invest in the book. Before I do so though, I read somewhere on here (canít find it now) about a similar program called ďBurn the Fat.Ē I hope I have that right. Any opinions or personal experience between the two programs?

07-16-2004, 12:18 PM
pbaus there is an ebook called Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. If I remember correctly it is not so much a "diet" as a book explaining how the body works and loses fat while gaining muscle. It is much the same principle as BFL only more detailed. I have read most of it and recommend it. is the website explaining it all.

In comparing, I think if you have a lot of time, are into number crunching, etc. BFFM would be good for you. I personally find the BFL is a good starting place, it is easier, you might be taking more of what Bill Phillips say on faith than clear understanding of how everything works. But IMO that is not a misguided faith. I don't think I was ready for BFFM until I had experienced BFL.

Hope that helps.

07-16-2004, 12:47 PM
hey all!! Well i dont think i have posted on this tread before but i have been talking with others on another tread about BFL/EFL and well i picked up the books last night. At first glance im excited about this and think that i can do it. I plan on finishing the books before I start of course and also gonna wait till i get back from Miami i leave next week and dont get back till the 26th so i will get started that week. You have all given put up so much information that helps on here so thanks. Everyone have a great weekend and ill talk to you next week since i will be out of town this weekend as well.


07-16-2004, 07:26 PM
Hey Brittnye,

I will be starting around the same time as you. My vacation ends 8/23. I also have about the same amount of weight to lose. I didn't buy the EFL book but I think the BFL book gives enough info to start. I'm a little nervous about the 6 meals and I'm having a little trouble figuring out what to do as cardio. I tried the :tread: for a couple of days, but to get up to level 9 I had to run and at my weight, my back and knees are killing me. So I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do. But it will be great to have someone starting about the same time. Everyone here has been so helpful. I've got to give it my best shot. Look forward to hearing from you again. ttyl :D

I just realized you probably meant 7/26. oops :o

07-16-2004, 08:15 PM
Hey Donna, Just read your post and I am wondering if you are interpreting the cardio correctly. When you say you get the treadmill up to level 9 do you mean you set the pace at 9 on the machine, or that you hit your 9's. Somehow I think you might be doing the former. When Bill Phillips says to hit your 10's, he means that the effort you put out is to the point of giving it all you've got. I have to go find my book, but I think he gives details on how you should feel, not really able to carry on a conversation, sweating, that sort of thing. Anyway, you shouldn't be hurting yourself. I do cardio on a treadmill and don't set the speed high at all, 3 at the highest. I increase the intensity by setting the incline higher and higher. Just wanted to clarify your interpretation of hitting 10's.

Brittnye welcome. You'll love BFL.

07-17-2004, 01:03 AM
Hi Ledom,
Well, I think I've got it half right. Yes, I am trying to work at a easy level and then increase the intensity so that I am working harder and harder thru each minute of each interval. But I think the mistake I'm making is I am taking it from 2.8mph to 4.2 mph and at that point I'm running and that's where I'm hurting myself.(haven't done anything for 2 days. any pressure on my legs were causing pain in my lower back and knees.) I never thought to just incline. duh :dizzy: I feel so stupid. I will certainly try that tomorrow. I don't know how easily my tread will go up and down between minutes and intervals. It is powered but I don't know if its powerful enough with my big chasis on it. :?: I am supposed to go walking (trails) with a friend tomorrow morning. If my legs and back are feeling better, maybe I'll try the tread again on sunday.

Thank you so much for catching my mistake. I know I haven't officially started yet, but I certainly want to do this correctly.

Jennifer 3FC
07-17-2004, 01:30 AM
Sorry to take so long to reply - this week has been NUTS.

Welcome, Brittnye! Have fun on your vacation. We'll be here when you are back and ready!

Donna, I like Ledom's suggestion about the incline. I've been going faster on the treadmill, but I think it would be a lot easier on my joints to just raise the height instead of the speed. Are you doing cardio every other day? Even though the book calls for that, I do it more often. I just feel like my sluggish metabolism needs it.

Ledom, work has been hard to adjust to. I'm not lifting, but it is a lot of up and down, back and forth. Pretty quickly, too, and it is draining me. I don't think I've ever been as tired as I am this week! I will be off on Sunday and I'm going to make menus for the whole week. Hopefully it will go smoother. I've been eating mostly right - but not quite on target. I need to do some cooking ahead of time also!

07-17-2004, 03:22 AM
Hi, all! Just lurking and wanted to note that if you're competing officially with EAS you just have to use any of their supplements, drinks or bars ... at least that was the rule when I did it ... this is an interesting thread. You all are doing great! :cheer:

07-17-2004, 09:31 AM
Amarantha, it's good to "see" you. I hope you will speak up more often!

Jennifer, I hear you on going back to work. With the addition of having been through a major surgery I can see how you would be wiped out. When I go back to work after having the summer off it is a major shock to my system. What do you mean no more afternoon naps! One of my guilty pleasures in the summer.

Donna, good luck w/ your treadmill. Mine is broken now as you might have read. I am happy to say it broke when my 130 lb. daughter was on it instead of me. It is under warranty and the company will fix it. I never buy those maintenance agreements on appliances but decided to go ahead and buy one for the tread, I was still eligible when I called about this repair. It is getting a better workout than I am I'm sure. Anyway, hope you can get the incline. I really feel it in my hamstrings and butt when I do a high incline. I am trying to increase my speed, but I am doing it very slowly. Each week I try to make my max speed .10 faster. I assume as I get lighter the speed will come easier.

I have to brag on myself for the week - it was perfect regarding both food and exercise. I don't get to say that very often! I am going to enjoy a free day today. I don't anticipate a free for all like I experienced last week though. I have a list of everything I want to eat today, but I don't plan to gorge on anything. An added bonus, my yoga teacher is in town this weekend so I get to do yoga and more importantly the wonderful relaxation she guides us through.

It is amazing how my vocabulary has integrated into my daughters habits. She is working on her weight now as well. Doing great by the way. Free day is one thing she has incorporated into her plan as well. That concept just works! I find the thought of free day throughout the week keeps me honest so I can truly enjoy and feel I deserve that treat on Sat.

07-17-2004, 05:56 PM
Hi BFL-ers.

I am considering this program, I have skimmed the book at the store, but have not bought it yet - I have a few questions - can you help me out please?

1. How is this as a program for weight loss? I have 60 lbs to lose, which I gained while pregnant last year. I want to be fit, but I also want to get back down to a healthy weight.

2. Is there a place for yoga in this plan? I know it's cardio/weights, but I also love yoga - would I be able to "count" this as exercise on this plan and if so, how?

3. I have been trying to get back into Weight Watchers, which I used 6-7 years ago to lose 20 lbs. I like the program for its accountability, but I don't love the way it leaves you to eat pretty much anything at any time. I am insulin resistant and need more structure in my eating. What do you all do for accountability on the program? What keeps you motivated?

4. For those of us who are cooking-impaired, can the plan be done with some commercially bought foods - i.e., rotisserie chickens, steamed chinese veggies & protein and similar?

5. Are Zone or Balance bars acceptable? I do not like Myoplex bars.

Sorry to impose with all the questions. I am just trying to get a sense of the "real life" aspect of this plan. Thanks so much for your time.



07-17-2004, 07:34 PM
Hi Daisy, welcome and I will take a stab at your questions.

1. If you want to be fit, this is a great program. If you want to lose the weight very quickly, it probably isn't. I have lost about 40 lbs. in the last two years, I am not the most consistent dieter and if I had followed it to a T I would probably have lost twice that. I do consider those lbs. gone forever. BFLCat who posts here some has lost about 60 lbs. in the last year so how well you stick w/ the plan certainly determnines how well you do.

2. I especially relate to this question. Honestly, sticking to BFL "by the book" is highly recommended for at least the first challenge. You need the strength training to build muscle and the cardio to burn fat. Yoga doesn't really apply to either of those purposes though IMO it transcends and strengthens both. I have lately used yoga tape as a substitute for the ab and shoulder work but I may be a bit cavalier to do that. Try to do your yoga because you love it and for flexibility but don't count on it as a substitute it should be something extra.

3. Accountability. That is a big one! I use 3fc for that to a large extent. I often come here to vent or to brag. Ultimately I try to find it from within which is, after all, the only thing you can truly rely on. I have sometimes gotten into trouble by taking too much to heart things I read here. There are some other tools that are helpful to me. Using to record my diet for nutriritional quality and caloric count of what I eat, and reading about other's diet experiences on both this thread and other places on the web.

4. Watch out for rotisserie chicken as it is cooked w/ the fat on. I guess it depends on your local resources. I do believe there are outlets (though not in my town) where you could find clean protein. Food need not be extravagant. I eat a lot of scrambled egg whites, oatmeal, and a protein pancake w/ egg and cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a great easy lowfat protein source. I probably am not the best to answer this question as I cook 99% of the food I eat on BFL. The EFL recipes are simple and quick. I also do most of my cooking one day a week so that the rest of the week I am just warming my entrees up.

5. There are different opinions on this. Personally I go by skwigg's philosophy ,and by the way, this page could be helpful to you regarding question 4. I do limit myself to one bar a day.

Daisy, I hope this helps. This is the only diet I have ever been on that I could see myself living w/ for the rest of my life. You have to be willing to exercise 6 days a week. Eating 6 small meals a day is not a problem.

07-18-2004, 09:47 AM
Ledom: your reply was *so* helpful. Thank you for taking the time to explain things to me.

Jennifer 3FC
07-18-2004, 02:32 PM
Daisy, I feel mainly the same as Ledom, but a couple of things I would like to add - The weight loss can vary WIDELY. I've seen people lose 30 pounds in once challenge, and others lose 5 pounds. One thing that is consistent is that you will lose inches if you really do follow the program.

Eating some convenience food is easy! I make a large batch of oatmeal and spoon it out and heat in the microwave for the next few days. Cottage cheese, cheesesticks, yogurt, it's all really easy. I eat meat 1x or 2x a day, and then the fruits and veggies. Sauteeing veggies is easy, and so are salads. Tuna salad and chicken salad are good protein choices. Have you seen the EFL book? They have a LOT of easy recipes. Frozen dinners are generally hard to find balanced, but some of the stir fry bags ( I think the Voila line, but I'm not sure) are perfectly balanced. Read the labels. You can cook a bag (which consists of pour in a pan and push it around for 5 minutes) and have 3 meals out of it (for the brand that I buy).

Bars - Have you tried the Myoplex LITE bars? There are regular Myoplex bars also. The Lite bars are like rice krispy treats. I only eat one a day to keep from overdoing it, and I usually only eat them at work or when I'm out. Some of the Zone and Balance bars are ok - just read the labels. You need balanced protein and carbs, and not too high in calories. Read the labels to see that your carbs are coming from something other than sugar and that they aren't high in fat or sat fat.

I am also insulin resistant. You can eat sweet potatoes and brown rice and whole wheat tortillas for your carbs. I have a very tough time losing weight due to IR and PCOS, but sticking with it and toughing it out is the only way I will make my goal.
The exercise portion of this plan will be very beneficial to you. Give it a try and post to 3FC and we'll help keep you accountable. If you want a local face to face support group, try TOPS. You can go to the meetings no matter what plan you are on.

07-18-2004, 03:07 PM
Hi everybody! I'm new to this thread but I just completed my first week of BFL and I am extremely pleased with it. The first week I have lost 5 pounds, which I know is mostly water weight and the loss will slow down, but it's nice to have progress! I have tried BFL before and stopped after the first couple of weeks due to some flu virus that my husband and I passed back and forth to each other, then you know how it goes...never quite got back into the groove. This time around I am not necessarily following it exactly. For example I have cut down on the carbs in the first 2 meals. I get enough carbs from the Myoplex shakes and dinner. I am also eating 5 meals right now. I figure if I get really hungry I can always add one meal on, but right now 5 meals is sufficient. I have also added to the cardio. I was already doing 45 minutes on the treadmill on a consistent basis so I am now doing 60, it's really the same I have just added in a warm up and cool down. I am also doing the intensity intervals, trying to hit those 9's and 10's :D My goal for the first challenge is to lose 25 pounds. Since I've never completed a challenge before I don't know if that's doable, but I'm just setting the goal to give some incentive. At this point it's slightly over 2 pounds per week so I'm confident I can accomplish that if I stick to it. I'm looking forward to talking and learning from everyone! :D

Jennifer 3FC
07-19-2004, 12:39 AM
Hi Jacklyn, welcome to the thread. I do know somebody that lost 25 pounds on her first challenge, but I don't know if that is the norm. I'm not officially on BFL right now. I had abdominal surgery 8 weeks into C1 and I'm still not released yet, 6 weeks later.
:( I'm eating right and doing light cardio until I'm released. I guess I'll just start over with C1. Can't really 'continue' after all this time. I lost 4 pounds on the first 8 weeks. It isn't much, but I had been on a 4 month plateau before that, so it was a big loss when I look at it that way. I have metabolic issues though, so I'm not the best example! You didn't mention weight training in your post. Are you following the weight plan from BFL?

07-19-2004, 10:24 AM
Good Morning, I hope everyone is looking forward to a good week of BFLing. I got my week started off right w/ a hike and a clean day yesterday. I'm working Chest/Tris today and added a 1 mile walk in my hilly neighborhood this a.m.

1. 1/2 c oatmeal, 1/2 c cottage cheese, 1 scoop protein powder, 2 oz. blueberries
2. protein shake'
3. mexican casserole (I am loving this stuff), sliced tomato
4. 4 oz. turkey, 2 c watermelon
5. protein pancake
6. EFL strawberry cheesecake

Welcome Jacklyn, good luck w/ your goals. I am not doing a challenge right now. More a 4 week sprint before going on a short trip and then starting back to work. I am calling it my fat burning sprint and I'd like to lose 6 lbs.

07-19-2004, 02:27 PM
Hi everyone, I'm 'transitioning' to EFL (and adding BFL later) at the moment. Just got the EFL book from the library and it does seem a lot more open-ended than the eating plan in the BFL book. My particular challenges are going to be adapting to the 6 minimeals, as well as being a vegetarian. I think it's doable, though.

1. ww bagel w/ LC light, 3 veggie bfast links
2. lf yogurt and cheese stick
3. spaghetti w/ tomato lentil sauce, yogurt
4. cheese stick, apple
5 & 6, dunno yet

Plus a 30 minute training run this afternoon.

07-19-2004, 02:29 PM
Ok i was going to say morning all but guess what???? its after NOON already!!! Where is this day going lol.

Anyway im glad to see that everyone is doing well.

DonnaD ~
Yes i will be starting hopefully July 27th with BFL and EFL. Im very excited to get started and there are some great looking things in the EFL book that i cant wait to try. Even though im gonna be starting about a Month before you thats ok its close enough lol we can still do the challenge together!!

Jacklyn ~
*waves* nice to see you pop in over here on this thread and congrats on your 5lbs!!! :cheer: Keep up the good work.

ledom & Jennifer ~
Thank YOU!!! thanks to both of you, you provide us newbies with such good information about the program its great to have some on here that know there way around the program and can answer questions at the drop of a hat lol and we seem to have lots of questions!!!!

Daisy ~
I had actually done a modified version of Atkins and the Curves diet before had a lot of success with the curves diet but not much with Atkins. When i started reading about this program (which i will not call a diet cause well its not, how many diets do you know where you get a free day !!!!) i was trying to read as much info a possible and well while all of the information here and other places are great the books are even better! It is an investment in my future thats how i look at it. I hope you decide to get the books and join us!!!

I will pop back in a little bit later today i think and hey if anyone has MSN messenger or aim and would like to add me be my guest i love to chat :)

OH and Ledom do you have the recipe for that mexican casserole you listed in your meal plan?? I love mexican !! In fact i was gonna have a salad for lunch today but i might have mexican instead lol.

Have a great day all!!

07-19-2004, 02:41 PM
I just happen to have it on my desktop Brittnye.

~~Mexican Casserole~~
[this is "cappuccinocarrie's" recipe]
Makes 8 servings
6 whole wheat tortilas
1 lb. lean ground beef [or you can use turkey]
1 taco seasoning packet
3/4 c. water
8 oz. low fat cottage cheese
8 oz. fat free cream cheese
1/2 c. chopped onion
1/2 c. chopped red bell pepper
1/2 c. fat free cheddar cheese
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray the bottom of a casserole dish with cooking spray. In a non-stick skillet brown the beef rinse and drain. Add taco seasoning and water, simmer until most of liquid is absorbed and set aside. With a mixer, cream together cream cheese, cottage cheese, onions, and red pepper, set aside. Tear 2 of the tortilas into pieces and put in the bottom of the casserole dish. Layer the taco meat over the tortila pieces. Tear another 2 tortilas into pieces also and cover the meat with them. Spread the cottage cheese mixture over the tortila layer. Tear the remaining 2 tortilas and place on top of the cottage cheese layer. Spray the top of the last tortila layer with cooking spray and bake for 20 minutes. Sprinkle cheddar cheese over the top and bake an additional 10 minutes. Serve with salsa. Makes 8 servings. Nutritional stats per serving are;

I LOVE this. I made it again on Sunday for another week of lunches, DD took part back to school w/ her. That says volumes on how good it is.

If you haven't noticed - I am a MAJOR skwigg fan I like her attitude. Anyway Laura here is her menu for bfl vegetarians.

Welcome to efl/bfl!!!!!

07-20-2004, 10:38 AM
Hey everyone! Thanks for the welcomes! Hey Brittnye! Since I'm doing the BFL I'm branching out to learn abit from the other threads ;) That mexican casserole looks really good! I absolutely love mexican food, so I may have to try it.

Hi Jennifer! I am following the weight lifting program from BFL pretty much by the book. I try to alternate the exercises so my muscles don't get used to the same ol' thing. Yesterday I did the lower body workout and did the standing calve raises. Can you say OUCH?!?! I got up this morning and could barely walk! Its gotten better though as the day goes on and it's only 9:30 am here. Abdominal surgery sounds pretty painful, I hope your recovery is going well. Its funny how you never realize how often you use the stomach muscles until they are sore!

Okay progress report: As of yesterday I am officially down 6 pounds. I had my "free meal" yesterday so I didn't bother weighing this morning. I'll probably do my next weigh in on Sunday. That'll be when my next free day is. Another good thing is that even though my husband isn't currently doing the BFL, he dropped 2 pounds this week as well! Just from eating the low fat dinners that I was cooking. I am really hoping that when he is able to start seeing my progress he will want to join in. We'll see! Everybody have a good one!

07-20-2004, 06:34 PM
Ledom - thanks for the link. Her site is very helpful.

Speaking of recipes, can anyone provide a link to the "protein pancake" that several folks have mentioned? I thought I had it somewhere, but apparently I am losing my mind....

07-20-2004, 07:56 PM
Laura, here are several variations I have collected. There is one thing I do differently in the preparation. I just put all my ingredients in a bowl and stir vigorously w/ a spoon rather than blend. They are more textured and not as runny (also don't have to wash the blender). I have a medium non-stick skillet and 1 recipe just fills the bottom. I use a rubber spatula to loosen the edges and then flip w/ an egg turner spatula. Also, don't forget to spray skillet w/ Pam and don't rush the first side. The second side cooks fairly quickly.

The chocolate pancake is my standby, I put a few walnuts and blueberries in the batter. I serve w/ a T of natural peanut butter and sugar free syrup on top. This is my most high cal. meal each day and also my favorite. It is one I never get tired of. You don't have to add the bells and whistles though, it's good plain too. These days I am using sweet 'n low, at first I used splenda but have developed a sensitive stomach to the splenda.

Jacklyn - don't you just love it when you are revved and focused?!? I am feeling the same way these days and am loving it. I am a measley 1/4 lb. from the goal that sends me to the mall for the new pair of jeans I have been promising myself.

Protein Pancakes - Basic

1/3 cup cottage cheese
3 egg whites
1/3 cup oatmeal
a little vanilla
a little cinnamon

Blend together and pour into hot non-stick pan sprayed with Pam. You can make one big pancake or several smaller pancakes. I have also found that if you let the batter sit for a few minutes (like while the pan is heating up), the pancakes don't run together.

Sometimes I will microwave a few little blueberries and then pour on top. I use a little sugar-free maple syrup too.

Mel's Chocolate Pancake - (look for Ghiradelli cocoa powder for a RICH chocolate taste)
4 egg whites
1/2 c. cottage cheese
1/3 c. oatmeal(dry)
1 tbs. cocoa (unsweetened)
dash vanilla
2 packs sweetener

I add a few walnuts and blueberries to this.


4 Egg Whites
1/4C Cottage Cheese
1/2C dry measure Oatmeal
Cinnamon - 1tsp or more to taste
Splenda - 4 packets or to taste
(optional) 1 cap of Vanilla Extract

Place all ingredients into a blender for 20-30 seconds. This makes a very thin watery batter. Preheat a non-stick pan on low to medium low. Spray with cooking spray and pour in the batter. I make 1 large pancake but you can make several smaller ones. The pancake is ready to flip when small bubbles appear on the top of the batter.

** Gentlemen would need to add another 4 or so eggs and another 1/2C or so of oatmeal (or fruit) to this recipe.

** Add 1/2 a banana (or other fruit) in the batter for a change of pace and a boost in carb count for this meal.

** Try adding canned pumpkin and some additional pumpkin pie spice for another variation of this meal

** I cook up 4-5 pancakes in advance for a tasty and very convenient on-the-go meal! As soon as the pancake has finished cooking, flip onto a sheet of plastic wrap. Roll the pancake like a fruit roll up or a burrito, cover in plastic wrap and store in the fridge. This will keep your ShannyCakes soft and moist.

In the same spirit of the pancake here is a muffin recipe - I use 4 mini loaf pans instead of muffin tins.

Choc. Muffins


12 egg whites
1 1/4 c. uncooked quick cooking oats
9 T Low sugar red raspberry jam
Dash of vanilla extract
1 1/2 T cocoa powder 4 T Nestle no sugar added chocolate milk mix powder
Splenda to taste


Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Blend ingredients in a blender and pour into muffin tins that have been sprayed with Pam.
Bake for 20 minutes.

07-21-2004, 01:26 PM
OMG, I am in repairman he!!!!!!. The repair person for the treadmill is going on 48 hrs. of not returning my call (keep getting the answering machine.) And to top that off I am getting new counter tops today. When they took my stove out, they broke the glass on the oven door! They don't know if it can be replaced! I guess I may get a new stove out of it, but in the meantime I don't have a stove! Both appliances are CRITICAL to my daily routine!

I did a little cooking last night in anticipation of being out of commision w/ the stove today.

I'll keep you posted. Meantime, deep breaths!

07-21-2004, 03:57 PM
Ledom - thanks for the recipes; they look great. I hope you are having better luck with getting your appliance mess cleared up!

I'm still not 'eating clean' but at least I feel like my mental image of what's healthy is starting to change. Plus - lf cheese sticks are my new favorite thing! :)

07-21-2004, 11:10 PM
Woo-hoo - I *finally* had a clean eats day! It's about time!

After last week's false start, I decided to postpone a week and start a new challenge today. Got back from Niagara Falls yesterday - had a great time, but eating was not clean at all. Not a lot of food, but just not good choices. Lots of walking though - the park on the US side is beautiful!

No workout today - my legs were still sore from the weekend, so wil jump back into my regular workout schedule. I do need to come up with some new exercises to shake up my body a bit.

Well, time to get caught up on all your posts - I'll check in later...

07-22-2004, 10:45 AM
Good Morning everyone. Cindy it's great to have you back! Congratulations on getting day 1 under your belt.

I survived yesterday but only barely. Stove door has been reordered but the gaping ugly door has taken the shine off my pretty new counter tops. I also hate not being in control, the cabinet company is ordering the door and I can only hope they will be prompt. STILL haven't heard from the treadmill repair. I know in time everything will be put right but I don't feel patient at all about any of it.

Oh well. Walks out in the steaming humidity will have to be my cardio - I might end up substituting yoga for a while, not what I really want to do but better than nothing if I can't force myself outside.

I will stay focused, I will stay focused.

07-22-2004, 12:21 PM
Hello everyone! Ledom~I hope things get worked out with your kitchen! I would hate to not have a stove!! Of course my husband probably wouldn't care as much...seeing as that would get him a couple nights of eating out (especially since everything I have been preparing is a low fat variation). Congrats on your clean day of eating Cindy!

I had my upper body work out yesterday and am pleased to say that I was able to lift 5 pounds heavier with the dumbbells! Yeah!! I love progress! I figured my upper body would be pretty sore, but it's not too bad. I'm ready for the cardio tonight. Eating has been on plan....started day 11 today!

Everyone have a great day!

07-22-2004, 01:08 PM
Hey again! Hey Ledom, I was going to try to make the mexican casserole this weekend but had a quick you mix the cream cheese in with the cottage cheese mixture...just wondering, I couldn't see where the cream cheese went in...I AM recipe illiterate!! :dizzy:

07-22-2004, 01:32 PM
Hey Jacklyn - yes, put in the softened cream cheese at the same time as the cottage cheese, onions and pepper. I went back and edited the recipe. I just copied and pasted that recipe - I didn't even notice the error when I made it. Guess I was on auto pilot.

07-22-2004, 03:00 PM
Thanks ledom, I figured that the cream cheese was blended in with the rest but I just wanted to make sure...I'm excited about it and didn't want to screw it up first try. Thanks!

07-23-2004, 01:58 PM
Well, whatever the opposite of 'eating clean' is (eating dirty? ;) ) that's what I did yesterday. Lots of processed carbs and alcohol and sugar and caffeine.... The funny thing is that I feel bleh so I know that this much unplanned junk is bad for me! It was fun because I made dinner for some friends, and the dinner itself wasn't that bad, but I was stressed out to get everything done and ate badly at lunch yesterday and breakfast this morning because I was so tired. Thankfully today is Friday, and I can calm myself down tonight and get back on track. Hope everyone else has a good weekend!

07-23-2004, 05:25 PM
Ok, two clean days, nearly three, under my belt! Today is rough though - I'm getting hungry too soon - had an extra lf yogurt at 2pm, and am eating peanuts now. Need to get some milk at work - I use it to fill me up whenever I'm having cravings when I'm first starting to get back on track. Not exactly authorized by Bill, but it's what works for me, and does the least damage of the other stuff I might be tempted to eat.

Ledom - sorry to hear about your kitchen woes, and I don't know how you survive in humidity - then again, maybe you don't know better! I like to call myself a "Northern vampire" - not big on the sun or heat! It's been humid here the past few days, and it just drains my energy....

Bought the newest Muscle & Fitness Exercises 101 supplement at Wal-Mart yesterday - I really need to shake up my workouts and get more variety in - I've been doing the same 'ole thing for way too long.... and I know better than that!

My bicep tendonitis is pretty much healed, so next week I plan to really get into my workouts again and get back into lifting to failure!

You gals have a great weekend - I wish clean eats for all! I'm sure I'll pop back in some time tomorrow...

07-23-2004, 09:09 PM
Hi Laura and Cindy -

Laura, stress did me in yesterday as well. Finally it just seemed like everything was going wrong and I had a pity party w/ some of the free food I still had left over from the weekend (never a good idea to keep that stuff around). I got a grip before the day was over but now I am really going to have to rein myself in on my real free day. I am going to be kayak camping on islands Sun. and Mon. which precludes carrying an ice chest. I am packing a lot of bag tuna, fruit, and whole wheat pita bread. I'll try to keep the status quo by taking in less food and doing a lot of paddling and swimming. Anyway, I don't get to report a perfect week this week.

On a brighter note. My treadmill is fixed, never dreamed I'd miss it so much.

Cindy, when I get back Tues. I'll join you in some intense workouts, I am ready.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Hello to the rest of you BFLers.

Jennifer 3FC
07-24-2004, 12:28 AM
I didn't mean to be away so long! This has been a horrible, stressful week. I've had ice cream (plain softserve) 3x this week. I don't have energy, and I haven't been walking like I should. I have just felt wrecked since I went back to work. I have 2 days off. I have a HUGE project I have to work on this weekend, but I vow to everybody that I will plan meals for this upcoming week and have things to brown-bag to work, and I will stay out of restaurants. Oh - I will make a schedule to eat by. That is my big problem. Whoops, it's 2pm and I've only eaten once. Starved, I double up and eat a regular meal and convince myself that it's meals 2 and 3. Strictly by the book, that is the only way I can eat this coming week.

I was released from the doctor today, I don't have to pack gauze in my incision anymore because it is very narrow now. However, I didn't ask about lifting weights. I was so excited about the gauze that I totally forgot about weights. I did ask her more about the surgery and she said the recovery is about the equivalent of a hysterectomy since they did so much to me. I guess that explains why I'm tired. I'm going to push myself through this week regardless. I will eat clean and I will do my cardio religiously and I will start on leg and arm exercises. Ok, maybe not on the exercises. I might do one and see how it feels and take it from there. The last thing I want to do is compromise this incision.

I'm holding myself to this - I might not get to post regularly for the next few days, but I'll update as I can!

Jennifer 3FC
07-24-2004, 12:30 AM
PS - Cindy, congratulations on making it through the last few days! Hopefully I'll be saying the same line on Mon or Tues!

07-24-2004, 07:17 AM
Hey Jennifer, hang in there. I can imagine how hard it must have been for you. I would encourage you not to rush yourself on the weights and as you said to start out light. The good diet will probably make you feel better and give you more energy. Is it hard for you to stop during your workday for meals? I sometimes find that to be true in my job. Having something really easy to eat helps. One of my favorites is cottage cheese in pineapple that I prepare before going to work, or some of the muffin recipes also are easy to eat on the go. Anyway, I know you'll figure it out. Take care.

07-26-2004, 03:29 PM
Thank you for your reply to DaisyNYC's questions. She asked some questions that I had (and I am sure other lurkers had too). I appreciate the response.

07-27-2004, 09:03 AM
Meredith - My pleasure. I am glad the post was helpful.

How is everyone doing? Back home to my home gym and looking forward to a good session this morning. I'll be working back and bis today.

Cindy, how is your new plan shaping up? Jennifer, hope this week is not so hard for you.

07-27-2004, 01:13 PM
Hey all back from Maimi and im all rested (but still tired) and tan!!!!!! I had a great time and im ready to start BFL and EFL. I plan on starting tomorrow i have to sit down this afternoon and plan out my meals and exercise and hit the grocery store tonight. So wish me luck as i start my 12 week Challenge woohooo!!!!!!!!!!

im sorry to hear that you had appliance troubles but glad that things have been taken care of for you.

A clean day of eating thats great!! That's also what im hoping for tomorrow! Keep up the good work.

"eating dirty" haha :lol: I think we all have those days even if they are not free days!

hope you get your strength back soon! I know your looking forward to getting back into your exercises. Keep up the good work and eas back into as to not overdo it.

Oh yeah i have a question i have noticed that several of you have mentioned cheese sticks and im just wondering do you mean string cheese or actual breaded cheese sticks?

Oh and by the way i have 24 oz of water down already and its only 11am im planning on getting in my 64 oz today if it kills me lol ok well maybe thats a little strong but you know what i mean.

Glad to be back and hope everyone had a great day :flow2:

07-27-2004, 04:06 PM
Ok i have a question i hope someone can help me with i thought i had read that i can print off copies of the menu planner and grocery list online is that true??? I tried to copy it on my copier and it didnt look that great lol.


07-27-2004, 09:25 PM
Brittnye - Yay! That is fabulous that you are getting started tomorrow. Hey, I don't know about the print outs. Can you give me a link and I'll go see if I can figure it out. I have access to a copy machine at work and I copied my pages out of the book, increased the size a little bit.

Hey, I'll be out of town for a couple more days but I hope everyone is doing good. Brit, I know you are going to have a great challenge!

07-28-2004, 10:30 AM
Thanks Ledom!! So far so good i fixed my midmeals and lunch last night so that i wouldnt have to fix them this morning. I have already had 1 glass of water as well. I was going to get up and do my exercises this morning but i need to finish reading up on them from BFL before i jump into them so ill read them today while im at work lol and start that when i get home from work. So other than not doing my exercises so far im doing ok lol. I went out yesterday and got the success journal so i dont need to copy the forms now but i thought i had read somewhere that you could print off forms online i think it was for the web site though. Anyway im still tired from my vacation but hopefully this weekend ill get rested up lol. I know it said to start the program on a monday but i figured hey i can start on a wednesday i will just have to adjust things a little.

Im sure ill pop in today some so see yall later!!


07-29-2004, 09:30 AM
Hello everyone! Just a quick post to let ya know I'm still going strong! Day 18 and I am very proud to say that I have stuck to the plan 100% for the entire time ( with the exception of missing a couple meals here and there but that's better that eating too many, right? :) ). I am down 6.5 pounds so far. I did my LBWO last night and I had to increase the weights on all of the exercises so I am definitely building muscle and getting stronger! Ledom, I am preparing the mexican casserole tonight so wish me luck! Oh yeah, great news is my husband is able to tell a difference with me and started the program Monday so he is on day 4!! Yeah!!! That was my goal, to get him healthy as well. Everyone have a great day!

07-29-2004, 10:42 AM
Morning all :flow2:

Thats great!!! I know you must be excited about getting him on board too. Now you have support right in the house as well as here :) My dad was looking at the EFL cookbook side last night and he said he thought most of the meals looked good except for the fish lol. So he is eating the meals at night cause thats all i fix lol but hopefully in the next few weeks i will get him on board as well with all the meals and then the exercise.

As far as my first day on the plan i did alright i guess. I drank 5 glasses of water for a total of 60 oz so thats better than i have been doing. I ate all my meals as planned the time might have been off here and there. But the one thing i didnt do that i really needed to do was my upper body workout. I ran out of time :( I was going to do it last night and by the time i got home got dinner fixed ate went to the grocery store and got home and put everything away it was almost 10pm. So i decided that i would just put down that i didnt do anything in my exercise part of the journal and continue on time management is obviously one of my weak points lol. Im happy to say i have no where to go tonight so i will get in my 20 min aerobics no problem.

I hope that every one is having a great day i have to get to work now so ill catch ya later :) Have a good one!
Brittnye :coffee:

08-01-2004, 01:34 PM
Hello all!!

I see everyone has been really busy this week not many post so just wanted to say hi and ill talk to all of you next week :)


08-02-2004, 01:04 AM
Britt- sorry I have been missing in action. I was traveling and since I have been home I have been really busy. Glad you and Jacklyn are doing well. Carry on! I'll be back when I get caught up on some stuff. I am hanging in there w/ workouts and mostly good w/ food though there is room for improvement in the coming week. I am gearing up to go back to work and it is time to get organized for a change of lifestyle now.