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06-30-2004, 05:58 AM
Guten morgan ladies

coffee on the patio, very nice. I have had two pints of water already and am feeling like a swimming pool. I will have to be careful or cottage will electrocute me and sue will be dunking mosquitos in me. eeek.

Yesterdays weeding went well, and the veg garden looks a little more presentable. The cucumbers are fruiting very well, and I am getting about two a day at the moment....bliss, warm from the greenhouse, almost nutty. Wimbledon will be on telly this afternoon, although I have a couple of clients, scheduled irritatingly for when Tim Henman will probably be on court (I work as a psychotherapist and counsellor).

This weekend I am off to view some properties.......I am wanting to buy a weekend cottage, with a view to gradually relocating to the countryside. There is one I like the look of, quite near Bath in south west england, over three floors, two bedrooms. But the kitchen is tiny. But it has a 200ft garden, which appeals to me. It says it has period fireplaces but does not say which period. If they are georgian or early victorian they might be huge....too big. Hmm. The picture suggests it is a tall thin house, and it is a terrace, probably an old workers' cottage. A bit near the neighbours (I have reclusive tendencies).

Well, that is in a few days time. For now, I am working working working at my desk and I might go and buy some spring onion seeds to get a crop before the autumn. The tube strike is still on so no social activities tonight for me. Maybe the weather will be nice for an outdoor supper?

What are you all up to today?

06-30-2004, 07:33 AM
Good morning, Chicks~~

Clovey, I always look forward to your posts. They almost make me homesick, except that England isn't MY home! My great grandparents home, yes, but not mine. I have been to visit 3 times and fell in love a little more each trip. :love: If you buy that cottage in Bath, may I please come to visit???? I'll help weed the garden...

No gardens here, unfortunately. :( We've gotten so much rain lately. But we DID see the sun yesterday for a bit. Yay! The light was almost TOO bright. :sunny:

Ok, time to hit the shower. I'll try to pop back on but if I can't...

HAGD at the Beach! Don't trip over any washed up jellyfish :D


06-30-2004, 08:10 AM
Yes mamacita you can definitely visit and we will do some weeding together...and plant loads of good op things like cabbages, lettuces, green beans, and garlic. Yummy.

06-30-2004, 08:19 AM
Good morning!

Clovey, have you been drinking? It's much too early, darling. :lol:
That cottage sounds absolutely gorgeous!! Get it!! :D

Mamacita, I hope your DH's operation goes well. I had no idea such delicate surgery was possible!

Nette, I'm so sorry about your friend's husband. :cry: I'll be saying prayers for the family...

Jess and Jen, welcome to the Beach! Glad you both found the daily thread. :)

Karen, that is wonderful news!! :hat: Thanks for keeping us posted!!

I'm just rushing around trying to de-junk the house before a friend comes over. Back later... love and hugs to all... :grouphug:

little chick
06-30-2004, 08:26 AM
:coffee: morning chickies.... the sun is shinning here but there is threats of thunder showers this afternoon. I am trying to decide if I should do a load of towels. Today is the last day and then I am off til Monday. Yeah a mini vacation. Not sure what we are going to do maybe go uptown and take in some of the Canada day activities. They are having a big flea market and the City Market will be open :chin: maybe I can find something for my sisters wedding present. Clovey the cottage sounds lovely. I would love to someday go to England for a visit. My fathers family roots start there as well. I picture England to be cottages as castles. Mamacita morning to you too. Hope you have a good day on the beach. Well I think I will go throw in some towel.... so far there is only 3 little ones here but that will change quickly and they are into a grand game of house ( 3 girls ) so I might be able to sneak in a cup of tea and a load.... check in again later. :coffee:

little chick
06-30-2004, 08:27 AM
morning Ellis I guess we were posting at the same time. Have a fun day visiting with your friend.

06-30-2004, 08:35 AM
Little Chick, enjoy your vacation! You deserve it, hon! :grouphug:

06-30-2004, 08:41 AM
Good morning!

It's sunny today after yesterday's rain. The weeds are having a heyday in my garden! I can't do a darn thing about it with two screwed up arms. Yes, I'm still really sore and my left hand looks like a piece or roadkill! I should take a picture to post as an appetite suppressant.

Harry's ultra-sound went OK and we ended up going out for breakfast yet again! I really have to watch that. I ran the breakfast through fitday and it was over 500 calories and loads of fat. I'm sure restaurant people can still make poached eggs - I must try it!

Major screw-up on my allergy shot yesterday afternoon! :( When Nurse Fran got the shot ready, she noticed there was no serum in the tube! I had to drive back to the Pharmacy to get a new package of PollinexR, drive back to get the shot, come home to pick up the old package and drive to the Pharmacy to return it. That sure screwed up my afternoon!

This morning is drag the garbage to the road morning and then Hershey and I are going to her job at the Nursing Home. Kevin came and fixed my closet rod yesterday afternoon and I have a lot of clothing to sort. I am biting the bullet and sending a lot of skirts, dresses and blouses to Goodwill. I've been hanging on to stuff that I've not worn for two years so out it goes!

Here's wishing you all a great Hump Day!

little chick
06-30-2004, 08:41 AM
Thanks Ellis :D .

06-30-2004, 09:46 AM
morning everyone!!
hard to believe it is wednesday already!! not complaining mind you it's just a hop skip and jump to a long weekend for me. first of all i have an announcement!!!! aaaahem (clears throat) i stayed totally op yesterday!!!! woooo hoooo. i also got up early today and packed my lunch and cooked my breakfast!! (jodi takes a bow) seriously it has been a long time since i had a good day so i am HAPPY.

karen so glad the test came back good. keep taking good care of yourself!!!

ruth you poor thing with 2 bad arms, take it easy today!!

little chick the flea market sounds great, i just love going to them.

clovey what a nice idea getting a summer place the one you described sounds lovely, put me down for one of the visitors!!

ellis have a nice visit with your friend.

laurie congrats on 2 new charms you go girl!!!! hope you are enjoying your time off.

jenn sorry bout the mouth thing hope you are feeling better today.

mamacita morning hope you have a good day too!!

to everyone els hello!!! nice to meet the new chickies!!! welcome.

well i am off work tomorrow, i am supposed to take the kids to the camper tonight and make a very long weekend of it. the 2 big ones promised they would have all their stuff ready to go when i get home from work today so we will see. i got up extra early today and packed for myself glenn and little ds. the weekend will be busy 2 parties on saturday and then ds brandon has his 13th bday party on sunday!!! my oh my how they grow!!! this is kind of funny ....dd told me yesterday that ds(soon to be 13) decided it was time to shave his peach fuzz on his upper lip so he gets out dads elec. shaver and does his thing then just like dad he gets a little handful of aftershave and splashes it on. dd said the neighbors more than likely heard the screams from the bathroom followed by 10 minutes of it burns!!!! it burns!!! welcome to manhood brandon!!!! lol

well thats about it for now i have alot to get done here today to have a guilt free day off tomorrow hope you all have a good one!!!!

06-30-2004, 10:13 AM
Clovey...I would love to start every morning with a post from you! They are positively delightful! :flow1: Almost like reading a movie LOL
Yes, definitely buy that quaint sounding!

Hi, everyone...I'm pretty new...on day 4 of Phase 1. I'm so glad to be here and to have found this website. I don't think I could do a diet without some kind of support and comraderie with others. It really makes a difference. So, here I am! :D

I'm hoping today that the lethargy and clouded feeling I've been having starts to dissappear. I've been very tired feeling and I'm sure it's the carb withdrawal. Also, my family has been having to suffer through my grumpiness...was anyone else grumpy at first?

Phase 1, Week 1

06-30-2004, 10:15 AM
Good morning, South Beach Chicks!

Justjodi, how wonderful for you! Girl, learning to eat like this one day at a time is what this stuff is all about. I have this skinny sister-in-law and this is how she eats - when she's hungry, she eats good food. Can you imagine? I really don't get it, but I'm trying.

Well, I just couldn't stand it any more - I hopped on the scale this morning - I finished my first week on Phase 1 - down 4 lbs. Naturally, I was a little disappointed, and then I thought, Self, what's with the attitude? Any other week, you would have been thrilled to be down 4 pounds in one week! Even if you don't lose another ounce, this is good for your blood chemistry, and you are going away from your sugar addiction. Now shut up, tell people that you weighed yourself, and be grateful.

No great plans for the weekend, but I think I'll get things organized, and continue my swimming. In the past week, I've been 5 times. And ...
here's the neat part ...
my husband has been on glucosamine for a while. When I went to a surgeon last year about my knees (he said they have to be replaced, but they don't like to do it until people are 60), he said that would be useless, as it would just wear away off the surface of my knees - but I'm taking several pills a couple of times a day, and walking is starting to hurt less! What a gift. Even if it rubs off every day, I'll still be walking on a bit of a cushion.

Well, have a good day all. See you in the AM


06-30-2004, 10:21 AM
Morning all.

Sounds like most are off to a good start! So am I. Things are going well because I went and got fresh veggies to eat for today. Although I WISH I had a garden like most of you...

My mouth is healed, thank goodness. I go back for one more filling on July 15th. * hours being novicained up is a bit much...

I got on the scale this AM and lost 5 lbs in the 2 days of being OP. I am hoping for 2 more before tomorrow AM. Hey, it can happen! That would mean a maintain for the month and no gain. Despite the bloat, I hope it can happen.

I am off to get work done. Talk to you all later!

06-30-2004, 10:21 AM
Morning chicks!

Jodi Your story about DS is too cute. :) I remember that I couldn't wait to start shaving my legs and now it is the biggest nuisance!

Ellis You sound like me whenever my mom says she is coming over- I race around the house, vacuuming and picking up TOYS!

Ruth I am sorry to hear that you are still so sore.

Laurie WTG on sticking with the plan and breaking through your plateau! That is awesome. I seem to be stuck on one, I gained a pound this week, and have really stuck with the plan with the exception on Saturday night's pizza. Oh well, onward and downward..... :dizzy:

Clovey I love the description of the cottage!

Mama Best wishes to DH!

Still freaking raining :rain: here in Dallas.... grrr... we are going the library this morning for story time, and then it is a laundry fest this afternoon! Bunco tonight with the girls, I am really looking forward to that! Not sure what the dinner menu will be, but I am going to eat a snack before I go so if it isn't OP (which it probably isn't) I will eat afterwards. My problem at Bunco typically is the wine consumption. Oh how I love the grape juice! :lol:

Thank you for all of your support and well wishes! I am so relieved! :spin:

06-30-2004, 10:58 AM
What is it with this rain! I think we need to start building an ark! Kiko, did you see the pictures of Six Flags yesterday? They had to close it due to flooding. Well, go to run and facilitate a meeting. Be back later.

06-30-2004, 11:09 AM
Jenn Morning... we were posting at the same time! WTG on the 5 pounds- I am jealous!

Barb I didn't see the pics, but am so tired of this rain!! The good thing is that we will save on our water bill by not having to run the sprinklers. I just hate feeling stuck inside!

Need a shower and another cup of coffee!

06-30-2004, 11:20 AM
Good morning everyone!!
I'm guessing that OP means on phase? or am I wrong? Clovey the cottage sounds so cute! Looks like you're gonna have lots of guests visiting you! :) I help out with my parent's garden, well actually it's a big garden that two of our neighbors help out with. We have green beans, squash, eggplants, tomatoes, corn (but i can't have that*sigh*), radishes, cucumbers and there's one more but I can't remember it. Barb0522 I saw the Six Flags on the news today, I couldn't believe it! This weekend my Mom want's to have a cookout, being that it's the 4th of July and my dog's b-day :lol: It will be Beach friendly though because my mom, brother's girlfriend and I are all on the Beach! Maybe we'll go see some fireworks as well. Today I'm in my dad's office answering phones for him because he's out of town. I'm hoping that the two places I applied for a job at will call me to schedule an interview. I'm starting to get frustrated with this job hunt.

I hope everyone's haveing a wonderful morning! :grouphug:

sweet tooth
06-30-2004, 12:05 PM
Good Morning...

It has been a very busy morning already and it is only 9:00 am. I drove DH to work, went for a dental appointment and still managed to get to work on time. However, when I got to work, we were bombarded by police cars...seems someone planted a bomb early this morning.

The dentists says that the teeth are healing fine, but the numbness is still persisting. He did warn me prior to the surgery that there would definitely be numbness for a long period of time following the surgery because of the way the tooth was wrapped around the nerve. He also suggested that the numbness may be permanent. I am hoping that it will eventually heal, but am prepared in case it doesn't.

Well got to run...have a cute cop at the door asking questions.

06-30-2004, 12:34 PM
Peggy- I hope your tooth is better and that the numbness goes away! That's crazy someone planted a everything ok there?


sweet tooth
06-30-2004, 12:53 PM
Yes. Today is a crazy day. The police are still here and have evacuated the building, brought in the bomb squad and the little robot. When the police go to those lengths, it is fairly serious. I think this is the third or fourth bomb threat that we have had this year so far. The first that they have brought the bomb squad in.

I will find out more of the details later...they don't have the time right now to brief, so when they are on campus, we let them do their thing. There are no people in the building now, so at the worst, there will be property damage. We can always recover from that.

06-30-2004, 01:03 PM
Here is the link ( to the house I was talking about, and here is another (,buying,PropertyDetails.vm/svr/1038?p_id=2976333&pa_n=11&tr_t=buy) I am interested in.....or at least interested in does not look so pretty.

There are a couple in Watchet which look nice....they are on but I cant post the link for some reason. I like the one with the 'summer room' (whatever that is....unheated shed?) but it does not say how big the garden is and I am not sure about the salty air. I seem to recall going to Watchet on holiday as a very young child...I am going to check it out again at the weekend and see if I want to live there. I had not thought about living in a coastal village, but it might be really nice...early morning walks on the beach etc.

And no, Ellis, I have not been drinking, but come to mention it that seems like quite a good idea. Tim Henman lost the tennis. At least he is a traditionalist.

06-30-2004, 01:05 PM
Peggy, a bomb?! that is dreadful. Why would someone do that? I dont think we have robots over here for that sort of thing, just dogs.

06-30-2004, 04:22 PM
Morning all! Wow, lots of excitement!

Clovey, I couldn't see the first cottage, but the second looks beautiful! We are heading to England this November, and I am dragging DH to Bath. I cannot wait to see it in person! I've read far too many novels set in Bath (Austin, just to start) to not see it in person. Any recommendations for what to see, where to go, and where to eat? Any lovely little place for a traditional afternoon tea? It *is* so nice to hear your descriptions of things. I agree with coolflowers!

Peggy, how scary about the bomb! Hope they find it and no one gets hurts!

Sorry the texas folks are getting soaked! :p

Ellis, know the feeling about dejunking! That's the way it is with my place, too. Of course, that does take away any latent urges to invite anyone over... :lol:

ADD, so glad to see you back! I was wondering where you were! The horse adventures sound wonderful! Aloe up those shoulders, girl! The weight loss is truly impressive! :cp:

LC: your plans sound very fun! You enjoy that well deserved vacation!

Ruth, your description of your day has *me* exhausted! I hope you get some help with the bin dragging to the curb and have some time today to put your feet up and rest off yesterday's madness!

Jodi, :bravo: on your OP days!!! :cp: :high: :cheer: :cp:
Good for you!!!! The shaving story is hilarious!

Coolflowers, stick with it! I know it's hard, but many find that day five is a whole new world! The headache will leave and you will feel sooo good! :D We're all :cheer: for you!

Krista's Mom: :bravo: on the four pounds! That's fantastic! Have another week like that you'll be 8 pounds down! Many people only lost four for all of Phase 1, so you are doing great! (love your talk with yourself...I have many just like that!)

Jenn, congrats on the weight loss! Love that we can jump back on plan and the pounds melt off! Hope the fresh veggies help and you have a great OP day!

Karen, thanks so much for the support! I am thrilled to be through the plateau! I'm sure you'll be in the same place very soon!!! That pizza can't have done that much damage! The Bunco game sounds great, and storytime on a rainy day is just the thing!

Barb, hope your meeting went well. That 6 flags thing is crazy!

HistoryChick, good luck with the job hunt. I'm a job placement coordinator for a college, so I know what you mean...the economy sucks! (which I frequently tell my students!) You'll find something soon, I hope! The garden sounds gorgeous and I think it is sooo neat that you have family also on SBD so you can have BBQs and such! Yes, OP can mean on plan or it can mean off plan...just look at the context. It's used all over these forums no matter what plan the people are following. There is a list of terms and acronyms in the FAQ to help you out. :D

I woke up late today (the pleasure of being on vacation), but I feel a bit woozy and overheated. *sigh* I'm going to the gym to do the elliptical and some arm weights. I'd like to weed and mulch the front yard, but we'll see--we ordered some mulch weeks ago with our neighbors that didn't arrive until now, and all the beds I carefully weeded then are horrible now. *sigh* They haven't told us that it arrived, so I hate to waltz over there and start using it, but we can see does that mean we can use it? ;)

We leave on vacation tomorrow, so that means lots of packing and such to do! Better get moving!

Have a wonderful day on the beach! :sunny:

06-30-2004, 11:48 PM
Better late than never. The head ache is gone..for now I had it earlier today though. Everyone is talking about rain, we are in the middle of a normal drought like year for California.


07-01-2004, 12:11 AM
You know all this talk about rain....well...we had thunder and lightning this afternoon and evening...but no rain....funny thing is that about a mile up the road it rained cats and dogs...weird