30-Somethings - HAPY EASTER!!!!!!Week of April 15th!!!

04-15-2001, 10:51 AM
Good Morning everyone!!!!Happy Easter!!!(Isn't that better than Happy Almost Tax Day?????):D :?: :p :wave: :lol:

04-15-2001, 12:29 PM
Hi everyone,

I am trying to get on here more often but so far it hasn't been working! :) I hope you are all well. I am glad to see Ellen and Shauna back! (congrats on the new start, Ellen!)

I gained 3 pounds last week. I used up my last 12 week ticket (prepaid for 12 weeks and saved money) and I was thinking of not going to WW anymore.. but then a friend from work who I am really close to, joined last week so I got renewed enthusiasm. I don't expect a loss this week, but I am going to get 12 more prepaid tickets and commit to my original plan which was "stick to this until I get the job done no matter HOW long it takes!) Also, I am really moving on the moving thing! We are almost all packed up and we've taken lots of things over to our cousin's house for storage. We found a townhouse to rent on a short term basis while we find the house of our dreams. :) We are about to start a new phase of our lives and I thought this is a good time to start a postive phase.. good health included! Instead of waiting till I hit bottom to motivate me, I am going to do what I think I heard Dr. Phil say once and that is move TOWARD something.. maybe I heard it somewhere else.. I forget. But the point is, I have not been unhappy at this weight.. I am not feeling the pain of this extra weight and instead of waiting till I do, and perhaps cause damage to myself in the meantime, I am going to be pulled toward something good instead of away from something negative. Does that all makes sense? It does to me somehow. So with this new start I am unloading unnecessary baggage by sorting though my belongings and getting rid of 'stuff' and emotionally, I am going to leave my extra baggage behind too, with any painful times we've had here (though there were many wonderful happy times too), but I thought I would add to that list of unwanted baggage, the unwanted unhealthy lifestyle and excess weight. So, with that renewed motivation I am heading forward.. toward the next phase of my life driven by the possibilities of what is to come.

I am going to be moving into the townhouse on or about May 5th. We close on this house on the 14th or in that week. I am off this week. I will try to read and post and reconnect with you. I do credit this thread with whatever success and change I have had so far in my thinking and in my health.

I wish you all a happy Easter! "See" you soon!

dani :) (I still haven't learned how to use the new smilies)

04-15-2001, 01:34 PM
Hello again!!!!

Went to Refmans to do the "easter bunny" thing...I had to hear how "mom" made it more fun cuz she hid things better than me...Hmmmm...this is hard work to "compete" with someone who isnt here anymore...I think U asked Lauren about her being in the wedding???, she says she isnt even going if her dad goes through with it..Either way, it will be the happiest day of my life and I am doing it!!!!:love:



Horray for everyone else who excercised and stayed on points or followed the diet!!!!!!:lol:

Terri-Hope the braceless vacation is going good!!!!:devil:

Well--one month from today--I will be waking up in Paris!!!!!Can't wait!!!!I can't believe things are getting this close!!!:love:

Bauna-I think yardwork counts double for excercise!!!

Ellen--Great to see U again!!!Glad the life is getting back in control!!!

Happy-COngrats on selling and good luck in finding that dream home!!!We will sell both houses next year and look for "our" house!!!!!

Well..off to my mom's for lunch!!!!
Everyone have a great Easter!!!!I bought granola bars, panties, fingernail polish etc instead of candy this year!!!
Keep down the temptations!!!!!

04-16-2001, 10:07 AM
Good Morning All!

I did my weigh in this AM and I lost 2.5 pounds!! :D I feel confident that I would've lost more, if I had not screwed up terribly on Saturday, and if Aunt Flo was not here! I can see it in my face that I lost...that's where I lose it first, usually. I think Jim forgot to weigh in, I meant to remind him last night, and I was not coherent this AM!

I did post some pics. They're not real good, because they're the table cameras, but here's the link... http://www.picturetrail.com/members/ ...hopefully that works!

I'm not even going to try and figure out everything I ate Saturday, it was the Easter Party at the firehouse, and I just didn't even have time to think! I did good yesterday though, we spent the day with his parents, after church. They eat very healthy, so I had no problems. :)

Have a great day all!

04-16-2001, 10:42 AM
Hi everyone! :)

Lauren, the link you gave, required a password. I can't wait to see your pictures! Let us know how to get around it. Congrats on the loss!! I am going tonight and if I don't gain I will be lucky but I am back on track and so the next one should be better!

RR, wow one month and you'll be in Paris! How wonderful! Sorry sd isn't coming around.

dani :)
OH! I figured it out! First I was :?: and then I checked it out and now I've got it! :smug: Some of them are really cute!

04-16-2001, 11:07 AM
Good morning everyone. I didn't weigh in this week but I did get outside on walks a couple of times and did a bike ride. I also paid more attention to what I put in my mouth. Yesterday is a whole other story, but it's behind me. On to a new day.

Lauren, that's great. 2.5 pounds is wonderful. Keep up the good work.

Dani, I'm happy to see you here!

Vicki, just give the girl time. It seems to me that she's trying to see where the line in the sand is, trying to identify how far she can go to test your love. My daughter has been doing that lately, too, and I think it's just a normal thing, no matter how maddening it is at the time. I'm so excited for you. Lucky Refman. :)

I got my acceptance letter for graduate school and I think I'll start feeling less stress now. I was pretty scared.

Have a good Monday.


04-16-2001, 09:05 PM
Hi guys!!! ALOOOHAAA!!!! Oh my gosh, Hawaii is so wonderful!! We are already planning our next trip. We had the best time ever. The hotel was great, we were a little worried because, after all, it was the military hotel. It was simply geourgous. The weather was great and everyone was so nice. We only got to see Oahu, so next time we want to see the other islands.
The time difference was really hard to get used to and I was totally useless today. I took off so I could go take my midterm and man, I'm so glad I did. I didn't have to take the test until the afternoon, thank goodness. I couldn't stay awake this morning to save my life.

Lauren: Yeah on the 2.5!! Also yeah that Jim is doing this with you, that's terrific. My DH says that he is going to diet with me but he never does. This time he says he really has to so we'll see what happens. OK, what's the secret to the picture sight? Dani said she figured it out, but I must be a doofus, cause I can't get it!!

RR: Wow, one month. Paris will be wonderful!!

Sonya: Congrats on grad school!!!

Have a great evening!! :wave: :wave:

04-16-2001, 10:11 PM
Hi again,

I am really motivated to do this. I started getting motivated yesterday thinking I was working TOWARD something and then at weigh in I gained 4 pounds! So now it is both. I'm feeling the pain and I also want to move toward something.

Karen, I didn't figure it out. I just saw that it required a password and I couldn't do anything from there. By the way, Welcome Back!! I'm glad you had such great time in Hawaii!! :)


04-17-2001, 10:32 AM

Let's see if this works!

04-17-2001, 04:42 PM
Hello Everyone,

LBH - The thread worked. You looked great and very happy. 2.5 lbs :eek: Congratulations!!!!

Dani - Good Luck getting back on track. I seem to do that at regular intervals :o.

KarenK - Glad you had a fun trip. I have yet to hear from anyone who doesn't love vacations in Hawaii. I take it from the military hotel, that you or you DH are in the military?

Sonya - Congrats on getting into Grad School!!!

RR - One Month :eek:. You are so close!!! Hang in there with SD, it's gotta be hard but if you're consistent I'm sure she'll come around when you least expect it.

Well this weekend went well. It started Thursday night with going and getting our engagment photo taken. Yes I've only been engaged for 15 months...

I spent 4 hrs Friday walking around the Zoo while they worked on my car. Then I couldn't figure out on Saturday why my thighs were sore!!

Then K and I went and bought our wedding bands on Saturday because the jewelry store was having a big sale, it made the wedding seem so much more real :^:. I have a feeling it'll be here before we know it.

Sunday we went out to my folks for my sister's b-day and Easter. I got so annoyed with my sister she goes "Are you two still doing WW? 'Cause Keith looks like he's loosing weight." Ok so K has lost 18 to my 13.5 lbs, but I still know I look like I'm loosing, all my clothes are fitting better :mad:. She back tracked saying she'd seen me recently and told me the same thing, but still....I shouldn't let comments like that bother me, but I do.

Yesterday I just laid around the house, my sinuses were (are) acting up and I just could not get motivated to move. I need to get to work cleaning and organizing my house (I'm a slob) so that we can list it at the end of the month. We really want to have both houses sold and buy something new and move in before Sept. But we're both such procrastinators :o.

Oh well, This is getting kind of long, so I'll say bye.

- Tech :spin:

04-17-2001, 04:53 PM
Hi guys!! I'm sooooo jet lagged today. One of my patients was talking to me today and my eyes were actually crossing I was trying so hard to keep them open. Thank goodness she's shorter than me (and I'm short!!) so she couldn't see what was happening. I still have class to get through so it's gonna be a long night!! I'm going to start caffeine infusions as soon as I get done with this.

Lauren: The pictures are great!! I love your hair. It looks totally cool.

Tech: Aren't families great!!! Just tell yourself that you are doing great WHICH YOU ARE!!!!

OK, gonna start with a cool shower and the caffeine!!
Have a great evening all!!

:wave: :wave:

04-17-2001, 05:37 PM
Good Afternoon!!!!

Karen-I will feel what U feel next month with the jet lag.That is a miserable feeling..Soo glad U had a great time.

Lauren-Congrats on the loss!!!The pics were nice!!your hair and dress were very pretty!!Have to agree-U looked very happy!!!

Well off to pay the photographer and the cake people!!Man, I am getting nervous about this!!:dizzy:
Have a great day all!!!

04-18-2001, 07:08 PM
Hi everyone :)

Lauren, great pictures. You look very pretty!

Karen, I hope you are feeling back on the right time zone. :) But I bet the trip was more than worth it!

Tech, I'm with you on the sore thighs.. actually everything hurts. I am off this week so I walked yesterday and today (today was a big one) and my muscles are being woken up after a long long rest! Good luck with getting your house ready. We just went through that. For several months I sorted out cabinet by cabinet and room by room. Now I've been packing and packing (how could I have fit all this here!?)

Well, I started off eating well yesterday but it didnt' last. I have been eating too much. I am very proud of the walking (today ds wanted to walk home from school so I walked to his school and we both walked home). I also am proud to say I've been drinking water. One funny thing I did, sort of a self sabotage, was I packed my water bottle, so I couldn't drink water! Likely excuse! So, last week at WW, I bought one of their large water cups. I'm not waiting till I find a house and unpack before I drink water again! (but I tried )
Have a great day, all!


04-18-2001, 08:33 PM
HI all. Don't have a lot of time but wanted to check in. Easter in Dallas was great. Am leaving this weekend for Mom's weekend at DS' school and from there straight to Chicago to open another store. So I'm hope for a couple days to get the laundry done and mow the lawn!

happy - I love Dr. Phil! Sorry about your gain.

RR - I'm sure sd will come around sometime also. Just don't let it bother you (easier said than done, I know), and don't worry about competing - remember this too, shall pass.:)

Lauren - congrats on your loss!

Sonya - congrats on your acceptance to grad school.

Karen - glad vacation was so great!

Gotta run - hello to all I missed!


04-19-2001, 12:12 AM
Things have been so busy, I have not had time to post. I was OP all last week, yeah!! I wasn't very good over the weekend but have been back OP this week. I have not wieghed but I am wearing a pair of jeans that I couldn't button 3 weeks ago so I must be doing something!

Dani - I am glad you didn't quit WW, you'll get back into the swing of things.

Lauren - Congrats on the loss!

RR - hang in there and give it time. My daughter is funny, she excepts my ex's girlfriend but has a hard time with me dating.

Rabbit - I am glad you had a nice Easter.

Hello to everyone I missed :)


04-19-2001, 02:50 PM
Hi All,

Guess I was to busy to post anything worthwhile the last couple days!

I'm doing pretty good...could be doing better, I'm just barely staying OP.

Ellen - Cool on the jeans!! I'm looking forward to getting back into the smaller size jeans I bought 1 1/2 yrs. ago, or so...when I was behaving myself!

Rabbit -Welcome back...busy time of year for you!! Have fun at Mom's weekend.

Dani- Thanks! I'm soo glad to see you back here posting! :D Good for you walking DS home and for drinking the water...despite self-sabotage!! Eat a lot, just make sure it's low fat, low pt. food!! :D

RR- Stop getting nervous!! Please, I called a DJ at one of the stations I listen to the other night, because she was saying that she's getting married in November, and she was getting neurotic! I said, Amy, learn to say, "I Don't Care"!! It's the best thing you can do for yourself!! LOL!! She was like, OK, I'll try and remember that!

Tech- Same advice goes to you too!! When is your wedding? September?? Remember, I looked soo happy because I learned to say I Don't Care!! :D

Karen- Jet lag all gone?! My, I hope so, can't imagine trying to work all day, and go to school being that tired!! :( I was very happy with my hair at the wedding, except when it came time to take all those bobby pins out!! :eek: What a disaster!! Was mad at myself because I forgot to put the blusher down in front of my face before I walked down the isle!

Sonya- Congrats on the acceptance letter!!

OK, time to get back to work! :D

04-19-2001, 06:10 PM

Lauren--I DON'T CARE!!!!:smug:
U R too funny!!!!!!I am meeting with the piano player tonight-then next week I will have to pay everyone..I guess we are well on the way!!!!!

Well..off to Refmans house for my evening jog--I do the two jobs on Thursdays and hate the health club in the evenings!!!

04-22-2001, 06:19 PM
Boy this has been a quiet thread!!!See ya;ll on the new one!!!!!!