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06-28-2004, 06:30 AM
Just starting us up. I need drugs and coffee. :(

06-28-2004, 07:33 AM
Good Morning Ruth, and all you other Chickies,

I'm back to a normal schedule after the past 2 weeks, I've been babysitting from dawn to dusk, and housesitting for a neighbor. I checked in a few times, but was too tired to post.
Vacation time is almost here! We leave next Monday morn. for a week in Cape May, NJ. So today I want to get to the bank as soon as it opens for Traveler's Checks, and I have an appt. for a cut and color at the hairdressers. I went clothes shopping over the weekend, and was thrilled to discover I'm in a size 8!!!! I haven't worn 8s in years! So I went a little crazy and treated myself to whole new summer wardrobe. I usually never spend money on myself, so for a tiny while I felt a little guilty, but I got over it quickly. Now I have to make sure I stay in this size! This is going to be the year for vacations for me. In August I'll be spending a week with my DD and GD in a cottage on a lake in the Adirondacks in NY, and in Dec. I've been invited to go to Jamaica for a week with the family I nanny for. I love to travel, so I'm excited about it. DH is a homebody, but he doesn't mind if I go off, thank goodness.
Well, I need a coffee, and then it will be time for Curves, so I'll check in again later.

06-28-2004, 07:45 AM
Good morning, Chicks~~

Cottage, sounds like you have a busy year ahead. Congrats on the size 8's!! I think the last time I saw a size 8 was just prior to my first pregnancy! :(

It's been so wet here, I feel like I'm living in the rainforest. Not sure how many inches we've gotten, but it rained HARD at least 3 times yesterday for half an hour at a stretch. The back yard was a lake. So glad I have a mall to walk in.

Not much going on..dh had dreams about his upcoming surgery all night so he didn't sleep well. Poor guy. He's such a disgustingly healthy person...never gets more than the occasional bout with his sinuses, so "going under the knife" is a major trauma for him. :( I'm trying to be sympathetic and supportive. But I'm just so gosh-darned eager for him to HEAR again that I'm more excited about the surgery than he is! LOL!

Well, need to go get ready for the day.

Will try to pop back in in a bit. If I can't...have a great day at the Beach!


little chick
06-28-2004, 08:01 AM
morning chickiesjust a quickie while I am waiting for the kids to come in. Cottage good for you on the size 8's I am so jealous. And all the traveling sounds wonderful. Mamacita I must have missed what DH surgery is for? Ruthie I was hoping you were feeling better. Hope the drugs work. Well chickies I will be right back I need to answer the door and get some clothes out on the line.

06-28-2004, 08:29 AM
Oh, Ruthie... so sorry you're in pain, sweetie. :( I wish you were right next door. :grouphug:

06-28-2004, 08:50 AM
Never mind, ellis. I took the drugs, drank my coffee and managed to hook my bra. I've got my earrings on and am dressed so things have improved.

It's Gail Day, Sarah Day, Election Day and Fertilize the Village Planters Day so I'll be in and out.

Have a super Monday, chickies.

06-28-2004, 09:30 AM
morning everyone,
well we had a fab weekend here sunny not to hot perfect weather, but it is raining now and supposed to all day yuck. oh well i came into work early this am hoping to get something accomplished before the craziness starts. the reason for coming in early was i had to stop off at wally -world on the way and return a defective elec. scooter for my ds. he had to have this thing it was the coolest thing in the world he might not live without it etc. etc. etc. we bought the 1st scooter 12 days ago, it had a faulty tire so we exchanged it, the 2nd scooter had a faulty battery charger so we exchanged it, the third and final scooter had a faulty motor so i got my money back. the poor kid was really disappointed but he doesn't want another one. they tried to give me a gift card for the $168.00 i spent on the damn thing i asked for a manager she told the cashier to give me my cash, then they tried to give me the sale price cause it went on sale last week i spoke to a different manager she said to give me the original price. all this and i had a reciept!!! grrrr great start to the day!!

ruth you get better quick, glad to see your injury hasn't slowed you down take it easy!!!

ellis good morning nice to see you went out for a movie over the weekend, sorry your dad had a hard time. keep your chin up!!!

morning little chick good luck with the busy week ahead hope you have a nice time at the wedding!!!

congrats on the size difference cottage keep up the great work!!

hi mama have a good day.
to all you chicks yet to post i hope you have a great day!!!

BTW i was totally off plan again this weekend. still working on my self control i guess.

06-28-2004, 10:03 AM
Morning, all! :sunny:

Ruth, I'm so sorry you continue to be in pain! I hope things heal quickly and that you try to take it easy in the meantime. :grouphug: We would all be willing to take the day off an help you with your gardening and shopping, wouldn't we, chickies? :D

Cottage. :bravo: on the size reduction! How super exciting!!! :cp: All those trips sound wonderful!

Sorry things are so wet there! We had our first summer registration at school here and a family from GA was telling me that they hit quite a storm on their way up here on Friday. It must have hung around! Hope things dry up nicely soon. What is DH's surgery for?

LC: how's the OP thing going? :grouphug:

Jodi: How totally frustrating about that scooter! It's hard enough when the problem bums you out, but how tough that must have been for your son! :(

Did summer registration this weekend, which threw me off my exercise schedule and has me quite tired. I did manage to stay OP, in spite of things. I even stood up for myself and found the chef to ask if he had any salad without dressing, as it was predressed in the buffet line. I didn't even feel deprived at the dessert buffet! All in all, it was a positive experience foodwise. However, I am just exhausted...slept in too late this AM to get to the gym for my elliptical...just did the arm weights. My lids are falling down here...might need to have some coffee or something! :coffee:

We're having a cold Chinese noodle salad tonight. Last night I tried heating up the margarine and dijon mustard for the almond dijon chicken in the microwave. The pyrex dish hadn't been in there for longer than 50 secs when I heard a loud noise. I went to investigate, and the large rectangular Pyrex dish had shattered in the micro! :fr: I used to work at World Kitchen, the makers of Pyrex, and I know that it shouldn't do that... oy. Spent quite a while cleaning that up.

Tried watching a video I ordered from Amazon in the UK. It's a movie made by the BBC that I could not order over here. Go figure, it's a British video and does not work in my VCR. I should have thought of that! Now I can't figure out if it would be cheaper to ship it back and exchange for an American version tape or to see if someone locally can make a copy on an American tape.

Hope everyone had a great beach day! :goodvibes:

06-28-2004, 10:19 AM
Go figure...our fiscal year is July to June, and so our vacation dies as of Thursday. I went to the office to make sure I have no vacation left and found out I have 3 days!!! So I'm going to head home. We have a fun day at work tomorrow, so I'm sad to miss it, but it's a good thing. ;)

I'll probably pop on when I get home.


sweet tooth
06-28-2004, 10:55 AM
Mornin' everyone

Sounds like everyone is up and at it early. I am just crawling in to work and have a few minutes before I must start. Sounds like the weekends were fabulous. Our weather here was good, so I decided to finish planting my flowers - they have been on hold since I have not been feeling well. Halfway through, I got sick, left DH to finish and toodled off to bed. However, they are done now. The weather has been fairly warm and dry, so we have difficulty in keeping our gardening under control. Our county puts us on a complete water ban from May until August, so we use any water outdoors. We are considering installing a self collection system, so that we can keep flowers and trees from dying. We're not that far yet, though.

Ruth - Hope you are feeling well least the drugs take the edge off the pain. That is one good thing. Take care of yourself. You should post some pics of your garden. It sounds so wonderful. I would love to see it.

Cottage - Congrats on the new size. That is fabulous. You deserve that new wardrobe. Keep up the great work.

Mamcita - When does DH have his surgery? I can understand your anticipation of the surgery, however, you are in a bit of a 'Catch 22' position. Hope everything goes well for him.

Laurie - Congrats on keeping OP through registration. I think those are the hardest times when you are on a weight loss plan. Other people don't understand your needs and often are not willing to be flexible to them. It's great that you asked for the salad sans dressing to meet your needs. We need to all do more of that. Have a great holiday. We also run on a July to June fiscal (seems to be common in education). However, we negotiated a carry over of vacation entitlement days a few years ago. We can accummulate up to 40 days without penalty. However, 3 days off sounds might fine to me. Enjoy.

I spent part of this past weekend converting my regular recipes to SBD compatible. I will post them as I try them out and make sure that they work. Other than that, it was a busy weekend - cooking for kids and their friends, gardening, being sick still and trying to cope. I am really looking forward to holidays in a couple of weeks. Time away from the chaos will be terrific.

Have a great day. And don't forget to vote if you are Canadian.

06-28-2004, 11:46 AM
Morning chickies!!

Barb I hear you on the rain, I am sick of it!! I guess it will make me appreciate the beach when we get there on Saturday. (As though I wouldn't appreciate it anyway!)

Cottage What I wouldn't give for a single digit size. You go!!

Ruth Glad the drugs and coffee took the edge off. :)

Laurie Way to stay OP even though you were tired! Those are the times when it is easy to go off plan.

Not much planned for the day, I really wish the weather would clear up so we could get outside to play!

Later gators!

06-28-2004, 11:53 AM
Peggy - So sorry to hear you've been so sick! Hope you start feeling better soon. I've also been busy converting a lot of my old recipes to SBD. I was surprised that most of them only needed a few changes to make them OP.

Ruth - Hope those drugs you took are making your wrist feel better. I wouldn't have bothered with the bra til Sara or Gail could help you.

Mamacita - I missed the post on your DH's upcoming surgery, too. Hope all goes well, I know my DH can be such a baby when it comes to anything involving doctors or pain.

Justjodi - Glad you insisted on cash! Doesn't it just make you furious that most stores want to give a store credit on returns? I've had several showdowns with managers on that subject, and most of the time have gotten my money back.

Ellis - Sounds like your Dad is really having a rough time of it. Hope the situation improves in time. Hang in there.

Little Chick - How are you doing, still staying OP? I know it can be challenging at times, but hold on. You and I are about the same size, so I always read your posts to see how you're doing.

Beachgal - Enjoy your vacation!

All my errands are done for the day, and I'm free til 2pm when I have to go babysit til 8. Supper tonight is going to be leftover Pasta Primavera from yesterday. If anyone's interested you can come on over. I need to clean out my fridge before vacation next week!

06-28-2004, 12:27 PM
Morning all you fabulous chickies!

I was a bad girl this weekend and totally fell off -- there goes even hoping to have a minatain for June. Not worth it but I ate as best I could considering I had no say in where we went. I did go a bit overboard but not as bad as I could have. So showing some restraint is fine.

I am back OP today and will be for the next 3 days. I have an apartment-guest for the next 2 months so eating is going to be hard to stay on, but here's to hoping I can do it.

I will try to read up later tonight. Must get back to work and play catch-up.

Hope you are all well!


06-28-2004, 12:48 PM
Good morning all - well, I made it through yesterday without problems; so far Phase I is going ok. Tomorrow will be a week, and the scale is starting to call my name - Oh, Sue, come and look, you will surely the first person to lose 20 lbs in 6 days! LOL!!! I'm trying to stay off it, as I know that I should be doing this for health, not numbers. We'll see.
Cottage - wow, I think Cape May is just glorious! What kind of a place are you staying in? It's funny - maybe 'cause I'm old, I've been most of the places you're staying this summer - we had a summer place in the Adirondacks when I was a kid, and we took our daughter to Jamaica when she was 7. I would go to any of them in a New York minute.
JustJodi - what you described is why I try to stay out of Walmart - well, that and the crummy way they treat their employees. Fortunately, I've never worked anywhere where they teach you how to apply for Medicaid for your health insurance!
So today is my first day as a real employee. I have all my forms to fill out for health and dental, and I even get a week's vacation this year.
The weather here was perfect all weekend, and I lazed in our hammock for a while. This was good, although it looks as though the mosquitos had a Suewatch going - white arms at 3 o'clock! I'm a bit chawed. Our town had their fireworks this weekend - as everybody goes up north for the long weekend. Spectacular.
Take care, all. Will post again soon.


06-28-2004, 06:59 PM
Jenn Read your other post about the bathing suit. :) I am glad to hear that you are revving up your motivation- it is SOOOO hard to do sometimes, isn't it??

Laurie I also noticed the BIG change in your current weight in your signature. WTG!! :dancer:

I am so tired today, no real reason.... I am ready for a break in this gloomy, yucky weather we have been having for the last few weeks. It brings you down.

Nothing exciting to report, I should get results back from my biopsy at some point tomorrow. I am ready to put this behind me and get some good news. Then it is on with the "business" of baby-making!! :bb:

06-29-2004, 12:03 AM
Ruth gets us started in the morning and I'll tuck us in. I can't believe I can't get here quicker.

Warm here today and I loved it!

I know what you mean about the new clothes. My mistake was that I bought too soon. I was excited to wear a size 12, then I'm pulling them off without unsnapping them. So like an idiot I bought a 10. Now they are too big. I'm comfortable in an 8. It has been 18 years!!!! Do you have any idea what that is like???? My boss in the ER today brought in a dress she wanted me to try on. It was red and form fitting and beautiful. I'm definitely going to do some serious shopping!

Mamacita hey go without the bra! Be comfy and get feeling better!

You all sound like you're doing OK. Jenn, climb back on the wagon!

Sleep tight everyone!