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06-27-2004, 07:04 PM
I don't know where this one started, but it circulated around work as a true story.

A woman hadn't been to the gynocologist(sp?) for years and her daughter was on her case stating that just because she wasn't in her child bearing years did not mean she should neglect herself. After much nagging the mother agreed to see the daughters gyno.

The mother was extremely nervous and self-concious about the visit and her anxiety was mounting. She showered, shaved her legs and powdered herself but was still nervous. She asked her daughter if she had any feminine deodorant. The daughter told her yes, in the bathroom she would find it, but to stop worrying so much.

That night when the daughter asked the mother how the visit went the mother stated that she was quite surprised at something the gyno said to her. While doing the examination, the gyno stated everything appeared to be ok but then said "you didn't have to dress up for me" the mother being a little shocked and confused by his statement had said nothing in return. The daughter was surprised stating her gyno had never said anything like that to her. Then it dawned on her and she went into the bathroom and found the answer. Her mother had not grabbed the feminine deodorant but had grabbed the glitter hair spray.

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