South Beach Diet - Things I love, besides food, are...

06-25-2004, 05:45 PM
Yup, this is a feel-good thread! :D

Things I love, besides food, are...

my fuzzy pets and their unconditional love.
the rush I get after exercise (I did all that and I survived!).
being able to lean over and paint my toenails all girly-like.
sleeping in.
doing crafty things, like quilting.
a cool breeze when I'm lying on the grass in the sun.
the tinkle of my charm bracelet.
surprising flowers popping up in my garden.
fuzzy caterpillars.

Okay...your turn! What do you love besides food?

06-25-2004, 10:43 PM
Laurie ,
What a wonderful Idea! Mind if I steal this idea ;) for the tops thread?

I love my family
I love going to church
I love scrapbooking
I love shopping (a given)
I love gardening
I love reading
I love the feeling I get when I try on my jeans and they are too big :cheer:
I love losing weight and feeling healthier!


06-26-2004, 08:43 AM
I love my baby daughter's laugh
I love setting a good example for her
I love riding a bicycle with my baby-girl and hearing her sing la-la-la behind me.
I love building sandcastles
I love waking up first and sneaking in mommy-time
I love the feel of new running shoes
I love anticipating a soon-approaching vacation
I love my husband, he's fantastic and a perfect dad

06-26-2004, 09:30 AM
Great idea, Laurie. :)

I love: (not necessarily in this order)

The wind.
My babies.
My best friend... my DH.
Having my back scratched.
Digging in the garden.
Sleeping in my hammock.
My computer.
Hearing my Dad sing in the bathroom. (it means he's happy)
Waking up first and sneaking in mommy-time. (thanks, Traci ;) )
My big old house.
Living in Centretown.
People who sing to themselves in public.
My sister, so much.

06-26-2004, 10:41 AM

Hearing my husband and daughter playing together.
Snuggling with my daughter
A good book that I wake up in the middle of the night to read
Compliments :)
A good glass of wine (does that count as food?? :lol: )
Waking up first for coffee and computer time
My daughter's laugh
Being healthy
My husband- he truly is my best friend!!
Owning a home
Time with my family
The beach

06-26-2004, 10:51 AM
What do I love, besides food? Too many things to list but here are a few:
being alone in my house
my darling dogs
my husband (of course!)
gin and tonic on the deck after a hot and busy day
sitting by the woodstove on a cold winter morning
the library
walking in the woods by the Lake
the Island
my sister (even when she nags me!)
the CBC
my garden - especially the early morning view from the bedroom
lots more.....

06-26-2004, 11:30 AM
Things I love:

--Fitting into older, smaller, clothes
--Watching my garden grow
--My husband, especially when he's feeling goofy
--The sound of a really good brass section
--Seeing my nephews grow and learn new things
--Pay raises
--Long road trips at night, windows down, cool breeze, music blastin'
--Playing hooky
--Crafty things: decorating, crochet, cross-stitch, mosaic
--Camping vacations
--My parents, I was blessed with great ones
--Being loved


06-26-2004, 11:57 AM
Ohhh a tear jerking thread!!

* My kids
* My Husband
* My family
* My home
* a good book
* fresh clean sheets
* feeling healthy
* a warm fire
* Music
* my computer (lol obviously)
* LIFE!! And LIVING it for the first time in years!!

I could go on and on but I don't want to wear you out ;)
Have a good day girls!!

06-26-2004, 04:28 PM
I love:

My niece
Great books (Currently reading the Da Vinci Code)
Winter in Arizona
My family
Lake Tahoe
RAIN (We rarely get it here in Phoenix)
The pride in loosing weight
Make up and stuff like that

06-26-2004, 04:53 PM
What everybody said about their family, and

We have put bird feeders in the back yard, and I love watching them - every bird is so beautiful, and our squirrels are fat!
Better them than me!

06-26-2004, 07:29 PM
Yay, I'm so glad this thread took off! :D

Penny, you can totally borrow the idea! I love spreading good feelings! And by the way, you should not be allowed to post your picture when you are that GORGEOUS!!! :goodvibes: You are putting us all to shame, Penny, Little Chick, Michelle and Jenn! Before you know it, everyone's going to post their picture and this will become a forum of models! :D

I feel pretty :o for not posting that I love my DH. Today is our five year wedding anniversary...and I do love him very much that it seems sort of obvious! That's why I didn't post it. But allow me to add it now, 'kay? :goodvibes:

Krista, I LOVE fat squirrels! Our yard is full of the "tree rats", as our neighbors call them, and they are so fun to watch!

06-26-2004, 07:49 PM
Laurie, I saw your picture and you are beautiful as well!!! who knows maybe when we are all at goal we can do the 3fatchicks version of the swan, minus all the plastic surgery lol, and we can all be winners!!


06-28-2004, 02:16 PM
reading a good book on a rainy Sunday morning

going out in the sun to play on a sunny Saturday

my cat JoJo

my friends

a new artist I found this weekend named Katie Reider


a good shower after a good workout

a summer breeze on a warm day

06-28-2004, 06:03 PM
:thankyou: Michelle!

I agree...this forum is full of gorgeous girls, from what I can tell...we're going to be even prettier as we get more and more healthy! Look out we come! :D

06-28-2004, 06:32 PM
I just added some pics to the picture forum! Hopefully some from this weekend came out decently enough to post more recent ones.

I even have my long sleeves rolled up! Something I would shudder from a year ago!

:lol: Laurie - I agree!

little chick
06-28-2004, 09:50 PM
I love:

My hubby and my daughters
sappy romantic tear jerker movies
romance novels
red roses
my dad
my mom
my sister and brother
my friends and family
my house
my kids I babysit
hugs and kisses
warm raininy nights
warm starry night
my SB chicks
can you tell I am a true romantic :^:

06-29-2004, 06:16 AM
This is fun....ok what do I love as well as food....

dew drops on spiders webs
the Sanctus from Bach's B minor mass
sitting on a stoney beach in autumn
Rumi poetry
being alone for weeks at a time
long weekend lunch parties with good friends
seedpods especially magnolia, fir cones and poppy heads
oral sex
Leonard Cohen lyrics esp on The Future and 10 New Songs
sleeping on the sofa on a weekend afternoon
jasmine, esp in the evening
expensive moisturiser
wearing green and brown and purple velvet
going a day without knickers
being the only one in a cathedral (you have to get there v. early and sneak in)
reading to young children
laughing with my mates about troubles
crying with my mates about troubles
cooking with/for my mates through troubles (does that count as food?)
mens fore arms when they pour wine esp if wearing watches
verbena boreanis
roses roses roses
baby foxes
seeing woodpeckers, esp green ones but greater spotted also good
my shoulders
my eyes when not blood shot
the smell of rain
making love with the window open

I could go on....... :)

06-29-2004, 06:28 AM
In fact, I will go on....

french oak floor boards
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
choral evensong
when my therapist says 'and why do you think that matters?'
the sight of aubergines (eggplants) on the plant in the greenhouse
the coast path in Cornwall
listening to Maria Callus singing, when I am slightly drunk
burning rosemary cuttings on the fire in autumn
the smell of christmassy stuff like cloves, cinnamon, manderine and woodsmoke (is that food? I mean in pot purrie.... ;) )
having a savings account
buying new handbags
winking at people when I catch their eye when I am driving.
birthday cards with £5 in
looking at the blue sky through the top leaves of a silver birch tree
drinking herbal tea in the garden at five am
socks (woolley)

Thank you. :)

06-29-2004, 06:34 AM
Rodin sculpture

06-29-2004, 09:53 AM
i love....
my dh and kids
my mom dad and sisters
my totally obnoxious dogs
sitting on the deck and drinking coffee in the evening
being with friends
warm summer nights
not looking at a watch or clock for days at a time
singing and dancing and giggling with my kiddos when no one is watching
playing loud music in my car on the way home from work and singing the song even if i don't know the words.
surprise partys
the beach
i could go on and on and on....

06-29-2004, 11:29 AM
This is such a cute idea! :)

reading a good book
books by Jane Green
my family and friends
my 2 dogs and pet fish
spending the weekend at a friends
walking barefoot
singing at the top of my lungs in the car and then looking over at the next car and smiling
seeing the flowers I planted grow
being silly with my lil brother
reading to lil kids
watching Anne of Green Gables
seeing old couples hold hands:goodvibes

06-29-2004, 01:01 PM
I love:
Tim, my boyfriend
my family
my sorority sisters
Flowers: gerber daisies and iris
April through October
Having tickle fights with tim
going to the drive-in
Finding Nemo
Long baths and face masks
Buying new makeup

06-29-2004, 01:28 PM
Things I love... honor... and appreciate...
*God, for giving me what I don't deserve-- mercy and unconditional love
*Life, because it is so precious and can be taken away in an instant
*My husband, for the little things he does instead of the big things I expect
… his hugs for making me feel comforted and safe
… his kisses for making me feel consumed with love
… his heart…. because it is filled with love for me… something I want to spend the rest of my life returning
*My parents, for putting up with me when everyone else couldn't stand me, for loving me unconditionally, for sacrificing everything for me
*My family, the same above
*My cat Chanel, for mothering the other three and always offering a tummy to rub
*My cat Mr. Bing, for forgiving us for declawing him... twice!... and allowing us to pet him sometimes
*My Cat Earle, for keeping Mr. Bing in line and giving me warm teddy bear hugs and massages-- Earlesages!
**My fish, for staying alive even though we forget to treat their water when we change it
*those who supported me in 99 after my accident, for giving me the strength to go on
*people at work, for making me laugh everyday and irritating the heck out of me
*my mother-in-law, for creating such an amazing man that would become my husband
*my birth mother, for giving me away before I had the chance to know what neglect was
*The sun for giving me a chance to see the world... and to build my house
*The moon and stars for allowing me to see their beauty

06-29-2004, 02:20 PM
But I couldnt help but butt in to this cheer fest
my baby girl, Bella and all she brings (smiles, snuggles, kisses and hugs)
my hubbie and still feeling butterflies
my mom and her nagging (imagine THAT!!)
my sister and her babies
my brother and his
great books
fall in New Hampshire picking apples, smell (not taste) of maple sugar cooking
water in a stream (fishing with my dad)
concerts outside at night
baseball games
watching football and yelling at the TV (GO PATS!!)
feeling after exercising
dancing with my girls
drinking wine
great conversations with smart people
being spontanious
weekend getaways
walking/skipping in the park
kissing for hours
beauty time
the colors pink and apple green
my pool at night
massage, massage, massage
getting my hair done

06-29-2004, 06:55 PM
What I love.....

My GREAT Hubby... :doh:

My AWESOME kids... :angel: :angel:


The life we have made together... :cofdate:

Our 2 pups..Rosie and Jake...( :moo: Rosies a liitle chubby & :mouse: Jakes a 12week pup)

My Little Neice and Nephew,Marisa and Mackenzie... :queen:she is a princess and he has a little temper :bomb:


Too many things to type but .....

I LOVE MY LIFE!!!...Jilly