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06-24-2004, 08:07 AM
Good morning, Chicks~~

Sitting here with my head in a towel, but I do have my face on (shades of Eleanor Rigby :lol3: )

I made the most yummy chicken last night. I'll post the recipe in the recipe book.

But yesterday at work...Ugh! I made the stupid mistake of not eating I ate my lunch lunch, I'd eaten both my mid morning and afternoon snacks and was pacing the office like a caged beast looking for something...thank God the cupboard was bare or I'd have eaten everything in sight! Will NOT make that mistake again.

Ok, off to finish getting ready for the day. If the modem is working still haven't dealt with that...I'll try and pop back on in a bit.


06-24-2004, 08:22 AM
Good morning, Mamacita, and the other early chicks to come.

Never give your dogs bones in the early evening! Hersh left hers outside but Lucy snuck hers in ay bedtime and there were a few spats during the night. :( Actually it may have been Hersh's bone as Miss Lucy Smarty Pants usually buries hers and then grabs Hershey's. Brat!

Harry got up at 6 this morning and we had breakfast and all the other morning crap over by 7! :) This morning is Roadrunner Ruthie Day as I run around the county picking up school entries for the Fair. I have a tank of gas and several bottles of water. I need to get it done this morning as Jane comes at noon and I need to be in town for a 1 PM haircut. (I finally smartened up and made my appointment when I got the last cut. Usually I leave it until it's too late and spend a week or so looking like Godzilla until Danny can work me in!)

I'm not sure what we are having for dinner tonight but am pleased to announce that I have been strictly on Phase II since Monday and definitely am back on the cusp of ONEderland. I know I won't make my June goal but sure hope to be able to post "the same" rather than a gain. :yikes:

I hope everyone has a great Thursday. Have a relaxing morning coffee for me! :cofdate:

06-24-2004, 09:29 AM
Mamacita, you're too funny. :lol:
Can't you get high-speed? Are you on a mountain out in the boonies somewhere? ;)
I love it when people post recipes. I like to read them. I just need someone to come and make them for me. :D

:lol3: Sounds like you need to colour-code the bones, Ruth.
Congratulations on being OP! (what the ****, Ruthie! You're pulling ahead, damnit!!)

***-caps, Little Chick. :rofl: I should post that on the dash of my car to stop me from pulling into Tim Horton's. :lol:

Cac, I hope you're feeling better soon! :grouphug:

Jodi, I will be wearing black today. Disguised as an eggplant, perhaps?! :D
Deep fried Snickers!! Good GRIEF, that sounds AWESOME!! :lol3:

Karen, I ALWAYS have plans to do something like that "21 day meal plan". I get all organized and write stuff down. And then I just admire my handywork, perhaps make the first meal or two, and then it's OVER!! :lol:

ADDFlower, you've lost 17 freakin' POUNDS!! Wow!! Congratulations, hon!! :hat: (Laurie, look out... ADD is gaining on you. I mean losing.)

Laurie, my old uncle had a pig as a pet. A huge, pink pig. Her name was Miss Piggy, and she was so sweet. He used to give her an occasional beer as a treat. It was pretty weird seeing this pig chug-a-lugging on a beer bottle. :)

I'm having breakfast this morning with my oldest friend. Skinny witch. :lol3: She has a two-year old now, and I remember thinking, "I'm going to lose 75 pounds while she's pregnant, and then SHE'LL be the fat one!!" :rofl: Obviously THAT didn't happen. :rolleyes: I love her, but god, I wish she'd put on a few pounds. No, that's not right. I wish I'd lose some. :( waaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Have a great day girls... back later, perhaps. Hugs to all... :grouphug:

06-24-2004, 09:39 AM
good morning all,
well i hope everyone is doing good today, i thought i would get in here early since my days have been so busy i have a hard time posting in the afternoon.

well after a busy day at work yesterday i flew by my house picked up the kids and headed first for the dr so middle ds could have his cast removed!!! yeah for him he has been miserable!! poor kid. his first plan is to go swimming this weekend. then we headed over to for the baseball field ds lost his 2nd playoff game so they are out of the running. it was a really good game with a tied score in extra innings. ds got a really good hit so he was super happy!! 2nd game was dd and they won by one run in the bottom of the 7th. both really good games. since we had all the running around and we didn't get home till 10pm i was totally off plan eating 2 pieces of pizza for dinner (they don't have any op food at the concession stand). i'm not feeling bad about that though life just happens sometimes.

ruth good luck with the mad dash around town today!!! enjoy the haircut.

mama have a good day!!

to everyone else yet to post hello!!!

06-24-2004, 09:46 AM
hey there ellis we must of posted at the same time. have a good lunch with your skinny friend. my middle sister is skinny and she always says things like "well jodi you aren't THAT big, why are you always dieting?" what the heck girl are you blind??? it just makes me want to spend more time with my fat sister. if you are going as an eggplant wear a green hat. have a good one

little chick
06-24-2004, 10:14 AM
Morning my fine feathered friends. Woke up this morning to a vistor.TOM now where did he come from. Not a pms symptom before hand. Well I managed to stay totally OP yesterday and so far the day has started out great. I with you Ruthie I am totally phase 2 I don't think that I could go back to 1 to much pressure and then I cave. Ellis I think you will make a lovely eggplant. I hope you enjoy your lunch with you skinny friend. Come to think about it I don't think I have many if any skinny friends. :chin: wonder why that is :?: Mamacita make sure you eat breakfast I do the same thing if I don't eat it then I end up picking all day long. Take care and have a great day. Justjodi :bravo: to your kids on their baseball games. Deep fried snickers you have me drooling. Hope you have a great day. To the rest of you chickies yet to check in hope you all have a great OP day as well. :dance:

06-24-2004, 11:16 AM
Morning chicks-

Back from dropping off DD at preschool. Man, was she grumpy this morning! I hope she isn't getting sick. :(

Ruth I do the same dang thing with my hair- I am never on the ball enough to make an appointment when I leave. DUH!

Ellis Have fun with your friend!!

Mama I agree about the breakfast comment- eating some good 'ole protein in the morning will help tremendously.

A happy OP day to all!! :flow2:

06-24-2004, 12:36 PM
Morning all! Please talk very softly, as I have a bad sugar hangover! :mad: We went out to dinner last night as it took until 7:30 to get errands taken care of, and I had misplanned...chicken salad with almonds for lunch and dijon chicken (with almonds) for dinner...too many nuts! I could have saved dinner, but by the time it would be done, it would be pretty late. DH opted for Charlie's cafe, which has good options, but I had not been there for dinner. I decided to have chicken (for price reasons), and was choosing between the basil cream and the piccata. I figured the basil cream had more fat, so decided to go with the piccata in spite of the white wine, which I was hoping would be more on the dry side. Unfortunately, I didn't consider the words, "with preserved lemon". Who preserves lemons??? It arrived and was covered in sticky-sweet lemon slices...they must have been preserved in a sugar syrup. Ack! :fr: I was part way into dinner, pushing the lemons aside and eating as little sauce as possible, when I started feeling awful. Terrible headache, achy legs, just yucky. I finished my dinner and knew that it was going to be a heck of a night. :p I still feel pretty bad today and am craving like there is no tomorrow, but thankfully ignorning the cravings, which is a good thing. This just really reminds me of how much I hate what sugar does to my body, so I'm just going to focus on it as a positive reminder and not on the raise to 287 this morning. :(

Mamacita, I can't wait to read the recipe! I'm with you on breakfast. It really is the most important meal of the day.

:bravo: to Roadrunner Ruthie for staying OP for almost a whole week!!! :cp: I think that's marvelous! They better send the cabana boy to dust off your ONEderland beach lounge, put on a fresh towel and a frothy crystal light on the table with a lovely book (something frisky!). You're on your way! Too funny about the bones...Ellis has the right idea. :lol:

And speaking of Ellis... ;) No fair urging ADD on! She's doing just fine on her own...and definitely getting way too close for comfort, as I'm still plateau-ing... :lol: You are way too funny, girl. I love the story about the pig! I have a friend whose bunny loves to drink beer. They keep it from her, but she always manages to tip a bottle over and sip some before they stop her. Oy! ;) I hope you have a lovely dinner with your skinny friend. My BF for many years was a girl who was a size 0 and had a size 36 C chest. If you are that small, you are not allowed to also have boobs! *stamping foot*. What I found about being friends with her is that even though she had everything I wanted, she was still pretty unhappy with herself. To be honest, she had to work extremely hard to maintain that weight, and I didn't want to have to do that. We all have our issues...but I know that doesn't help much when they are sitting there eating everything you know you shouldn't! ;) I hope you have a wonderful lunch in spite of all that and that you enjoy being disguised as an eggplant. ;) I love Jodi's suggestion of a green hat. Perfect! ;)

Jody, congrats on your great attitude about things (I go into panic mode when I'm hungry and nothing OP is available!) and on your children's accomplisments! What a busy and fun afternoon! How did ds break his bone?

LC, might it possible be from being OP? My secretary asked yesterday about how I felt on my TOM during SBD, and I realized that my cramps are less, my IBS is much less, and I overall feel better. Does anyone else find that to be true? I hope it's true for you and that you find your TOM being much easier on SBD! :) Wouldn't that be great??? :goodvibes: Congratulations on being OP yesterday in spite of the cake! I think that is just awesome! :cp: I haven't been tempted by anything that attractive since I started...I think you have HUGE willpower! :D

Kiko, hope DD is feeling better!

Honestly, the deep fried candy bars sound really, really gross to me. I like deep fried things like funnel cake, but deep frying a candy bar? Blech! Now, a melty candy bar would be yummy, but no extra grease and covering. What do they cover it in?

Not too much else going on here. Had a night off yesterday, reading travel books and looking for things to do in Europe. A big stray dog (had a collar, but no tags) came barreling into our yard as DH and the dog were waiting for me to finish watering plants and go for a walk. The dog was really interested in Lady, our little dog, and scared the :censored: out of her! I had to chase it out of the yard twice, during which time it lifted its leg on several spots in our yard. Urgh!

Looking forward to next week's vacation to Maine. I'm taking Thursday off, as I have only one vacation day left and need to spend it or lose it by July. Then we will have Friday through Monday in Maine and VT. Fun!

What are the other U.S. folks doing for the 4th?

Tonight we are having Frisee salad with walnuts and bleu cheese. I think I'm going to throw some chicken on their for protein. :crossed: that the cravings go away by this afternoon!

little chick
06-24-2004, 12:51 PM always have the most wonderful sounding meals. I think I am going to move in with you. Maybe then I could stay OP. I could walk the dog for you while you were at work. Maybe do a little housework, or I could just lay around in a lounge chair in your back yard read a book and watch your gardens grow. :lol: I am liking the sound of this better and better.sorry to hear about the sugar hangover. Worse that it was not intentional.

06-24-2004, 01:35 PM
LC What a great idea! And then once Laurie and her DH start a family- you and I could be live in nannies! :bb:

Laurie The sugar hangovers are horrible, hope it goes away quickly!!

For the 4th, we will be in North Carolina with our family. I cannot wait!! The funny part is that July is the month we are going to start "trying" for a sibling for DD. I was doing an online ovulation calendar and it just so happens that my fertile days are all while we are on vacation. Sounds great, with the exception that under the same roof will be aunts, uncles, my grandma, and DD will be in the room with us. Guess we will have to make some late night trips out to the beach!! :joker: (Sorry if that was TMI!)

Off to make a quick grocery list and head to the store. Laurie has me motivated to try some a new recipe for dinner tonight.

06-24-2004, 02:22 PM
Damn. Anytime I say anything "bad" about someone, no matter that it's in jest, it always backfires on me.
I had a great time with my girlfriend. She just got home from a six week trip with her DH and DS. (it was a business trip for DH) And she HAD gained some weight. On her stomach. She hadn't told me, but just before she left she had a miscarriage. :( Poor girl... it's her third since she had their first child.
Anyhow, she looked great, and I'm encouraged to lose weight. Right this second, anyhow.

06-24-2004, 02:29 PM
Laurie, I'm so sorry about your sugar fit. :( On the postive side, it's GREAT that it affected you that way!! You're burnin' baby!! :grouphug:

06-24-2004, 02:53 PM
laurie- actually the fried snickers was Very good they put it on an ice cream stick and put this light batter on it and fry it. it was melty and delicious. anyhoo ds cracked the tip of his radius in his left arm at school. he was sitting there one day with his arm relaxed stretched out and sort of hanging over the top of the desk when the girl in front of him got up and pushed back her desk really hard smashing his arm between the two. it was an accident of course but after 5 weeks with a cast on he is sure glad to be out of it.

for the 4th we are going camping as usual. i took off thurs the 1st, i have to come in for my 4hrs on fri the 2nd but after that i am off til monday!! i love long weekends.

ellis sorry to hear about your friend. hope you had a nice visit with her.

06-24-2004, 04:00 PM
Hi all.

Computer still messed up, as am I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't seem to get my motivation back at ALL! I was OP yesterday until I had a serving carb karma ice cream.

Oh well.

I am worried because I am travelling on business all weekend. Maybe I won't have time to eat???

Gotta make the best choices that I can with what I have I guess. I just lost my mojo is all and need to find it!!! AND FAST.

Happy weekend all. See you Monday.

06-24-2004, 04:25 PM
Jodi, your DS must feel so much better with that cast off!
Camping?! In what, may I ask? We used to tent a lot, but now I require a 40 foot trailor with separate bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a media room. (ummm... we don't HAVE one of those... we just go to the cottage now. Outhouse, no running water, but it has BEDS!)

Jenn, is there anywhere to exercise when you're away? (I know what you're thinking. heh heh.) I know what you're going through with the eating... hang in there, hon. It's such a hard pit to get out of. :grouphug:

So, today is the first day that both of the kids have been home, and already I can't wait for September. :rolleyes: I used to hate it when women/men said that, but I AM GOING RIGHT UP THE FREAKIN' WALL!! All I ask is a little quiet time on the computer, but it ain't happening.

On another note, today I look like a total babe. :lol3:
Seriously, remember in high school when you almost ALWAYS looked good? You might have one bad-face-day a month. When you just couldn't do a thing with yourself, and no amount of primping could get you the look you had most days. You know... you had a major pimple on the end of your nose or right in the middle of your chin. (what's with the symmetry thing with the pimples, anyhow?!)
By the time I got half-way through college, I was having bad-face-days more frequently. Say, once a week.
After my second child, I was pretty hard-pressed to have more than one good-face-day a month. It took major effort on my part to look anywhere near decent enough to leave the house.
Obviously my standards have gone down over the years. I'm certain that if the high school Ellis could see the Ellis of today, she'd be freakin' right out. :yes:
But I have to tell you, today I. LOOK. GREAT.

06-24-2004, 04:59 PM
good for you ellis!!! you got to be feeling it to look it (well at least that's what i think) sorry the kids are making you crazy, i'm in the same boat as soon as i get home from work they all have their bulletins to shoot at me and they continue well into the evening most days. as far as camping we have a trailer not a 40 foot one but we have all the essentials beds, tv, and a/c. honestly it is better than being at home.

06-24-2004, 05:38 PM
Ah... Jodi, that sounds delightful. I'm glad you'll be comfortable. :lol: I hate to think of any of us lying on the ground on one of those wobbly air mattresses. :)

Laurie, the prize for verbosity today goes to me. :D

I'm about to share one of my deepest, darkest secrets with you. I like to read the tabloids.
Ruth thinks I'm a snob, and she's absolutely right. Until a few months ago, it was physically impossible for me to pick one of those mags up and place it on the conveyor belt.
During the past few years, my parents have been picking up the tabloids for their trips up to the cottage. It was a real shock to me when I discovered this. I'd get to the cottage, and there would be these magazines lying around LUSH with photographs and every kind of gossip imaginable. It took SECONDS to hook me on them. Seconds.
Well, a few months ago I thought, "This is ridiculous. Other reasonably intelligent people buy these things. Why shouldn't I?!" (did I also mention that I can't buy lottery tickets?)
So I started slipping the occasional tabloid in amongst my groceries. The first time I did it... no, that's a lie. The first several times I did it, I felt obliged to apologize, not only to the cashier, but to the person behind me. Ellis: "I'm just buying this for my Dad. He's in the hospital." Or, "I don't usually buy these things. They're really trashy, aren't they?"
So now I've pretty much reached the point where I can put it on the counter (face down, of course) without any exchange of words with the cashier. I mean, that's her job, right? Just to punch in my items and not comment on my mental abilities.
I'm still TERRIBLY embarrassed. I check out the line-ups before joining one, hoping that some science professor won't join the queue behind me. My shoulders tense up. My eyes are darting all over the place. And my face is pretty much beet-red.

So, I'm at the grocery store a couple of minutes ago. I'm very excited because I see that the latest Star is out. I quickly grab it, plus a copy of US and In Touch. (****, if you're gonna embarrass yourself, you may as well do it in one fell swoop instead of three times)
I cleverly conceal the magazines in a large tin tub I've picked up (ice/beer/garden?). No one can see those magazines but the cashier. Well, isn't one of the freakin' things on sale! 25 cents! The cashier is completely stymied. First she says to me, "Do you read these?" I give a light laugh, and say, "Oh, it's just a little bit of trash to cheer me up."
Then she holds the damned thing up so that every damned customer in the bloody store can see it, and starts calling all the way across the store for a price check! In the meantime, an incredibly intelligent and attractive looking man has joined the queue behind me.
That's it. Except that I almost waited outside the store so that I could explain to the man that while I don't normally buy these things, my father is dying of cancer, and while most often I would read a classic for some light entertainment, today I need a tabloid.
Fortunately I pulled myself together before he exited the store, and I slunk off down the street. With my trashy mags.

That's all. I'm going to read my tabloids. And I'm going to enjoy every trashy word.

06-24-2004, 05:58 PM
That's it, ellis! You have blown it bigtime! I am going back to read my New Yorker, Harpers and Walrus and completely ignore you!

Hey, chickies, all the schoolwork was ready for me to pick up! A frassing miracle! Of course there will be a phone call from some poor teacher tonight who has just cleaned out his/her classroom and found a stack of kiddies' entries! I'll wait until next week to start the next step in the process just in case. It was a busy day and I have a meeting of the Fair Board tonight but I am amazed that it went so well. As well as the roadrunner stuff, I got some groceries (again!), got my haircut and booked a perm for later in July.

AND I STAYED OP! It's a miracle!

Have a fun evening except for chick on the beach who is already on her TGIF!

06-24-2004, 06:03 PM
Ack, I lost my message by trying to copy using a Mac...sheesh.

Anyways, LC, I LOVE your idea! We always make way too much for dinner, have a lovely guest room always available, and would love to have anyone over who wants to love up the dog and bunnies, eat the extra food, and keep the pesky neighboor kids from tearing the garden to shreds (by sitting in it with a book)! Kiko, you come too!

I'm glad you're making neat stuff for dinner, Kiko! I think making interesting things to eat that are worth looking forward to are the key to making this major eating lifestyle change! At least, that's true for me. That and eating a pickle/PB treat now and again. ;) I wish you much joy in sneaking off to the beach with your DH! May the sand be soft and the night be lovely! ;) I must say I'm envious, even with all the visitors in the house. But I hope to be at that point around this time next year...or sometime near that. :D

Ellis, I'm so glad that you had a nice time at lunch. I totally know how you feel! I bought $600 worth of new clothes at Lane Bryant (which are now, two months later, falling off of me) before going to our family reunion because I was so insecure about meeting up with my perfect cousin. She is skinny, gorgeous, fashionable, has a wonderful marriage to a doctor, tons of money, a beautiful child (the first great grandchild on either side), and such a seemingly idyllic life. Everything I would like to have...especially the baby. We went to the reunion, where I was reminded that my cousin is a terrific person, so sweet, kind, and caring, not mentioning a thing about my weight or even giving me a strange look. Her FIL was currently dying from Parkinson's, and her in laws were pissed about her and DH being at our reunion instead of at his bedside. Her DD fell and shattered her two front teeth two days before flying...she had to get them fixed and then persuade DD to only eat soft food during the vacation. She had a lot on her plate that I did not know about. I felt like this... :foot: *sigh* I definitely get how you feel.

I'm glad you are having a "yay for me" day, Ellis! Though I agree with Jodi, still there are just days when you wake up and you look so fantastic, regardless of your mood...those are special days. :goodvibes: Still, since I started SBD, I find that I actually look in the mirror *gasp* AND like what I see! :cp: I hope that as you become more and more OP, you'll feel this way more often, Ellis! :dance: I am certain that you *are* that beautiful! :grouphug:

Sorry the kids are making you crazy! They aren't supposed to start bothering you until they get bored...sometime next week. :lol: Here's hoping that they realize, and soon, that Mommy has a life and it does not center around entertaining them 24/7. :lol: (no, I'm not that harsh, but I believe in bounderies and in peace and quiet. :D )

Jenn, I know you can do this! (BTW, how was that carb karma ice cream? It seems like more and more SBDers are eating low carb ice cream...I must resist the dark side.... ;) ) Don't use going away as an excuse to eat off plan...instead, use it as a challenge to stay as OP as you can!!! I'm sending some extra mojo your way. I won't need it until the :censored: sugar hangover leaves me! Have a good, and safe, trip!

Jodi, your poor kidlet! What a trooper to have that cast on for five weeks! Good thing it is off just in time to jump in the pool! :D You do make that candy bar sound good...but I'm still leary of all that grease. Maybe a slightly microwaved candy bar would be better. Hmmm... The camping sound delicious! I love camping, but the darn bugs love me, so I can't do it in this area. We did camp in CT by the beach a couple years ago, and that was awesome!