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06-21-2004, 01:29 PM
The Plan thread is not based on any one plan, though we all agree having a plan is better than no plan at all. We are currently doing a variety of things, BFL, Weight Watchers, Counting Calories, etc. All newbies and lurkers are welcome to join in.

06-21-2004, 02:54 PM
Hi, this is neat a shorter board and new one.. i feel so good this morning. got a good walk in. sticking to my no sugar and less carbs. more water and exercise this week. i am so happy everyone is doing so good with what plan is best for them. that is why this board is good. as each are different and lose in different ways.. so i wish all of you a good day.. LaDean

06-22-2004, 10:51 AM
Ledom, thanks for starting this thread :coffee:

LaDean it is so nice that you are feeling so good. Keep us posted on your progression with low carbs.

Well, I hoped on the scale a day early and it doesn't look like anything has moved, weigh in day is tomorrow. I am fighting being impatient. I have been using my flex points for junk like low fat frozen yougurt, ice cream & sundae topping. Maybe I should start using them for snap peas. carrots etc. I will try to focus on that for the upcoming week.

We are having wonderful summer weather here. It is nice to be at home to enjoy it.

Alice, you must be so busy with moving. Let us know how things are going.

06-22-2004, 11:02 AM
judi - well patience is the name of the game isn't it?!?

I had a bad streak after my last trip, but I am back in control. Weighed yesterday and I am same as before. If I backslid on the scale, at least I didn't know it because I waited to weigh. Can't tell you how encouraged I was to be the same and now I feel like a thrust forward is in order.

Judi, are you keeping up w/ your walking and exercise. That will get the scale moving for you!

06-24-2004, 12:42 PM
Morning to everyone. just got in from a nice walk, cooler out again this morning so makes a good one. also scales are just up a lb this morning. have been up like 3 start of week then down. so got my work out for me today. that is be GOOD. LOL I was good with plan. just added more carbs and all i think... oh well i keep my food charts so i look back each day.. no sugar a week today again. so that alone is a accomplishment for me. one i love as i feel great and so much better. so taking it one step at a time with this new plan and all. good luck to everyone and i wish you a great day...woooffffffff lacee from tuffy.. LaDean

06-25-2004, 09:10 AM
Good morning, how is everyone doing this week? I am having a much better week than last. (Knock on wood), I seem to have come out of plateau mode - keeping to the diet and working out is resulting in some steady losses. Maybe I am doing a better job of the above, but I think it is a little more than that. Perhaps I have built up enough muscle that my metabolism is revved, I don't know but some subtle thing has changed lately. Every 6 months or so I go to JCPenneys and try on a pair of 501 buttonfly jeans. When I was in my 20's I had a pair and they are a symbol of good times for me - or maybe a good weight? I did it again last night and finally I was able to button a pair up. The first time I tried they didn't even come over my hips. I didn't buy them because they are still too tight, but I see ownership of a pair of 501's just over the horizon. I got a little thrill out of that success last night. Anyway, success breeds success and I am really pumped about losing weight right now.

06-25-2004, 10:11 AM
Ledom... good for you that is great. always neat to try on something and have it fit better and i know you will be getting them soon. just keep up your good work.. LaDean

06-26-2004, 02:01 AM
Where is everyone???

I didn't lose...stayed the same... :( I think I ate too many carbs...bread ones...I am trying to cut down this week.

I made a cheesecake out of the WW cookbook. It was just like the real thing. I used Splenda instead of sugar.

My D is here with the baby this weekend, it is so much fun.

Hope to hear from you all soon, I miss you.

Oh, my computer (I am using my DH's) got not a virus but a worm and it is a major one so my computer is SIL is trying to fix it. Word to the wise...that I wish I took myself...don't let your virus protection lapse. :^:

501 Ledom! :cool: That is so amazing. I guess I would like to have a "little black dress" opposed to a big black dress. It is nice a clothing item is a special marker like that, it makes it fun and something to look forward too.

06-26-2004, 07:42 AM
Happy weekend to everyone!

ledom, congratulations on being able to button 501 jeans! WAHOOOO!!! You go girl! You really are doing fabulous.

judi, don't be too disappointed that you stayed the same, as that is going to happen from time to time. You are doing so well with your weight loss. Glad that you have your DD doing WW right along with you and that you're enjoying it.

LaDean, you are doing fantastic and it should help with your blood sugar. Keep up the good work.

I've been MIA for a while. I just didn't have anything to say and we've been having on and off computer problems. Earlier in the week we kept being disconnected from the internet. We called our IPS and they sent a tech out 2 days later. They found some faulty equipment in one of their lines and supposedly fixed it. It started again a day or so ago. Called again, and a tech is coming out later this morning to hopefully fix the problem for good.

I have started packing a huge box with clothes and handbags from my closet. The box still isn't full, so I'll throw in the clothes from my bureau drawers. We have gotten rid of some stuff we brought home when we sold the cottage. DH has sold his plow and my late father's snow blower. We're coming along slowly but surely.

Have a great weekend.

06-27-2004, 07:42 PM
Aleka, thanks so much. i surly hope so. each day i find out something new so in a learning now. got to get me a plan to follow for me.. glad all is going good and your back with us..

to all a great week.. take care.. LaDean

06-28-2004, 10:33 AM
Alice, you sound busy! What an exciting time.

I don't have much to say either. The diet is going good and around home things are the same but that is good. I am enjoying my life as a blonde.

LaDean it is always so good to hear from you.

Today is a big day. It is election day in Canada. For the first time in my life I am voting Conservative (that would correspond to your Republican party) and it is DH and my 27th anniversary.

This weekend I won a $157.70 on the lotto. I don't spend a lot of money on the lotto but buy a ticket from time to time (certainly not $157 worth even in my lifetime).

The baby and my D were over for a couple of days. It was so much fun.

Best wishes to everyone for a good weight watching week! :coffee:

06-28-2004, 11:25 AM
Morning judi! Happy Anniversary!!!! and congrats on the Lotto win - what fun! I thought of you this past week when I got to hold a baby. She was about 7 months old and so cute. Just a strangers baby in a waiting room, but she seemed happy to see me and I couldn't resist asking to hold her. Made me want a grandbaby. I smelled like baby the rest of the day, I love the smell of baby powder.

Well watch out on those conservative votes judi :-), though I am sure you have a good reason!

It was not a stellar weekend for me eating wise, I regret it this morning too. Have you read Aphil's sticky at the top of this thread on falling off the wagon? It is great!

Have a great week everyone.

06-28-2004, 01:48 PM
Hi All, Judi, glad your enjoying being a blonde. i think we need changes to.. they make us feel different. so far have not changed my hair. but i guess at my age will let it be like this. its changing alright on its own. lol i like it..glad your plan is going good and all.

My scales were down this am. when it is on a monday after a weekend it makes my week. i only have couple to get off now and be even with this week. so watching the carbs. i did good first 2 weeks. then i added fruit . well alst week i was up. so watching the fruit and carbs more this week. made me a vegie soup. no meat. so eating on that lots.. i have my peaches.. they are lower..

well to all have a great day, week to.. LaDean

06-29-2004, 08:22 AM
judi, Happy belated Anniversary! I hope it was a wonderful one. What did you do to celebrate? Congratulations on your winnings! Isn't life fun as a blonde? I get an uplift every 5 months when I'm due for highlights again. ledom is right, you have to watch those conservative votes :D Although, in the primary 4 yrs. ago I did vote Rep. because the candidate was more moderate. Unfortunately, he didn't win the nomination.

ledom, glad that diet and exercise is going well with you. Exercise is going well with me now that I'm back into the swing of things. Now, to conquer the dieting.

LaDean, congratulations on your weight loss.

We're still having problems with our computer. This is getting very annoying to say the least. The maintenance person was out here Sat., but the internet was up and running so there was nothing he could do. About 2 hrs. after he left we kept getting disconnected again. Hopefully we can get this problem taken care of.

My IL's came up yesterday and they wanted one of our mattresses and box springs that we had from the cottage, that Lacee & I used to use, which is practically brand new. So, after they left we brought it down to them and didn't get back until late. My girlfriend took another mattress and box spring we had from the cottage, then DH took a load of furniture to Good Will. We're finally seeing some space in the garage. :D

Take care and have a wonderful day.

06-29-2004, 09:42 AM
Aleka, so glad your on. hope you have your computer fixed.i know we use to have those problems. then finally got on cable... i am glad your exercise is good and your plan will get together to. mine is.. scales are down again this am. so looking like just maybe i will get the 3 off and then some. working at it.. i do feel better. keeping the carbs down. and less fruit this week. then i think i am getting to understand this plan more.. no choice now to be good. but sometimes God does this. if i cannot handle it he gives me a way i have to. ha i been walking again and feet are lots better. so all in all things are going ok. glad your selling some things to. woof to lacee. tuffy is doing good.

to all of you happy belated anniv. here to. hope you had a special day.. Hope everyones plans are following into place and getting better and all. have a great day. LaDean

06-29-2004, 10:29 AM
Good morning girls, everyone sounds good.

Alice, I find that keeping up w/ my exercise somehow helps me stick to my diet better. So keep that up and the good eating will follow.

I am intrigued by your move. I know you really are having to lighten your load to do it. I need to do the same in order to simplify my life! I am keeping boxes around to fill up w/ stuff to get rid of and have been using them too. I spent yesterday working on a little home improvement. I ordered a new fridge, mine is original to the house which was built in the 60's. Actually it still works so I'll move it to the garage where I can have some extra fridge space. I also made an appt. for a cabinet man to come measure my counter tops for new laminate (also original to the house). Kind of exciting.

I am really having to stay on myself about eating too much. Ended up w/ a 7th small/ clean meal last night. At least it wasn't ice cream! But, I have already started on telling myself it won't happen again today. I plan on drinking more water today and having a cup of tea tonight if I get hungry after my last meal.

07-01-2004, 10:29 PM
Hi Everyone , this day has been good. started it off with my walk. a good one . Early before it got hot. then went shopping and walked all over. got warm by then.. eating is good today.tops is in the am. scales down a lb this morning. not getting off what was gained last week. but then thats over and gone. so what i do this week is what counts.. drinking my water and trying to figure out the carbs. ha ha monday its atkins for me and no carbs.... thats the only way i think i am going now.. fruit makes me gain and is loaded with carbs and sugars. so i as of today have had no sweets for 3 weeks. so its best for me to just give it up... have a good day all. LaDean

07-02-2004, 04:54 PM
Friday 2nd ,,, gee July already.. a new month and i am ready.... i had tops today loss 1.25 last week. so happy day for me.. i am glad its going down again the scales. have not exercised yet but will get some in. drinking that water its warm so that helps me with drinking it.. I feel better. this is 3rd week NO SUGAR. YEHHHHHH i feel so GREAT... a big THANK YOU to all my friends here on the board. you help me keep going with the inthusium and encouragment i get. makes it fun.. well have a great weekend... A VERY HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY TO ALL OF YOU....... LaDean

07-04-2004, 04:20 PM
i wish all of you a nice FORTH OF JULY.....
I am having a good day. got on scales and down 2 lbs since friday. so talk about happy me. i sure am.. tomorrow i will start a low carb diet plan.. so looking foreward to it. my neighbor and i are doing it together. so that is always helpful. I am excited. did it before but has been awhile. so hope the rest of you are doing good with your plans and all. have a good day.. LaDean

07-06-2004, 09:40 AM
Hey Ladies, How are you all? Got DD back to school today and, I hope back to my own routines. My new refrigerator came yesterday! It is so beautiful. I have entered the 21st cent. (old fridge is Harvest Gold if that tells you anything!) it dispenses water, ice (cubes and crushed) from the door. As a result yesterday was a great day for getting my water in as I played w/ my new toy. I kept the old fridge as well, it is out in the garage now and it feels so luxurious to actually open the doors w/out stuff falling out. As an added benefit I cleaned the garage in preparation for having the fridge moved in there. It was a busy weekend for me in that respect. I have a mound of stuff for the garbage man to pick up and and about 10 boxes of stuff to take to goodwill.

On the diet front - last week was pretty lame. Yesterday I was back on it and I feel that I will have a good week this week.

Take care.

07-06-2004, 12:33 PM
Ledom,,, good for you. glad its going good for you. i wish we had gotten the ice thing with our new one when we got it years ago. they are sure nice. my brother has one in garage to. so handy for cold drinks and all. sounds like you been abusy one.

well for my diet plan. its going great. yesterday first day on atkins. went good. scales down this am. so of course i love that part. just had my 3 mile walk. drinking that water and off the sugar now 5th week. so got that down pat. the carbs to now.. so all in all i am ready to reach my goal...

Hope the rest of you are ok. Hope everyone had a great weekend. i did... woof lacee from tuffy.. Hows Florida he says and all that sun... we have had it lately. to warm for me. ha LaDean

07-06-2004, 08:53 PM
Well I don't believe I have posted on this particular thread, but it doesn't seem that the other threads are getting much use.

I have been doing fairly well here.....trying to stick to the 1200-1600 calorie range and exercising as much as possible. Walking outside, biking outside and lifting weights once a week. You would think I would be melting away...but NOOOOOOO. Oh well, slow and steady as they say. I have been under some personal stress and find that makes it easier to stick with a diet at some times, and harder at others....Yesterday was a harder day, not stress-wise, but eating-wise.....but I entered it all in to Fitday and figured it could have been worse ;)

I have noticed a few things just lately though.....I used to drink at least 2 sometimes 3 glasses of diet coke at one with lunch and I am stuffed! I also noticed how a meal is plenty...seconds are not only not wanted, but there is NO way I could eat more!!!!

On the flip side I have delevoped a bad habit of diet Mt. Dew. I drink 1 24 ouncer in the morning and one in the early evening.....sometime an additional one later depending on what I am doing. I still drink water in between times. Ahhhhhhh one bad habit for it goes!

07-07-2004, 07:31 AM
Hi Lily, Don't you remember us? You posted with us not that long ago - this is a new thread though. Glad to hear you are hanging in there. I hear you on diet sodas, I gave up diet coke for almost a year. It was a big habit too. Recently I started drinking diet rite, mainly because it uses splenda which I feel is a safer sweetner. But you know, I am not sure why I added that expense, I know water is better for me and I did just fine w/out soda for a while. Now I am hooked again. I would still prefer diet coke, but you know what? The worst part of me was that it triggered my eating, it would go something like this, another glass of d.c. to finish off what I was eating, oh....another serving of food to go w/ the d.c.......and on and on. The diet rite doesn't seem to affect me that way, maybe because I don't like it as much.

Anyway, welcome back.

07-07-2004, 09:59 AM
Lily, welcome back. so glad you dropped in on this board. you will do it. we just have to get into new habits and find that plan and go for it. this is what i have done. I know have no choice since finding out i am now a border line debetic. that was added to my already problems from the sugar. so in 2 years i seen what the sugar can do. so now i am off it for life. been 4 weeks this week and all is going great. i started eating some fruit the lower kinds. and i started gaining. so that showed me. so off it i went.. so monday i started the atkins as i was watching carbs. so since monday i am down on scales and l love it. i walk for exercise. so start out slow and build it up. i drink dp to but water alot.. so good luck to you..

Hey gals I wish all of you a great day. i am taking it one day at a time. forgetting the day that has gone byeeee and looking forward to a fresh day that i have. good luck to all of you... LaDean woof lacee from tuffy...

07-09-2004, 06:41 PM
well good day to all. lost 5 lbs this week i was so happy. plus i had gained 3 lbs from the forth and was down it to. so all in all 8 lbs on my plan since Monday. cannot complain about that at all. i have till friday and then can slowly add some things. so hope i have a loss this week to. I am so glad to have this board to share with all of you. it sure helps me lots. good luck to all and have a great weekend to all. LaDean

07-11-2004, 04:39 PM
Well I just about threw in the towel breakfast, than lunch at the Bonanza food bar, off to the movies with popcorn AND candy, then later that night when I wasn't even! Just a bad food day all the way around. I thought I would just throw it all the way, but then this morning I decided to get back on the wagon....the alternative is not only probble weight gain, but I HATE how I feel when I over eat like that. I feel much better when I eat less, so back to it. As I mentioned before, I have some personal life stress and I can control only my part of it......the rest is out of my I guess I look at it as taking control of all parts of my life and focusing on that. Since I can not control others, I will keep myself in check and take control of myself and bask in the glow of knowing I am doing all I can! That is all for now!

07-11-2004, 05:56 PM
Yep lilybutt, you have come so far!!!! You aren't going to throw all that hard work away. Also, as you proved to yourself yesterday. You FEEL better when you eat right!

07-16-2004, 11:08 AM
I see no one comes to this board anymore. so i will just not come in. i see there going to other boards. so i wish everyone good luck in your programs. miss you. but have a good week. LaDean

07-16-2004, 09:17 PM
LaDean, we have been awfully quiet here lately. I have been posting on the BFL thread mostly because that is the diet I am doing. I noticed Alice is posting on a couple of other threads too. Don't give up on this thread quite yet, we have a way of getting quiet and then resurrecting. I hope you are doing good and that your plan is working for you. I have been working hard on sticking to my plan this week and have had a really good week.

07-16-2004, 09:23 PM
Ledom. thanks i will not give up on it. i understand moving to one that is your plan. as i went to the tops one. so that is ok. I am doing just fine. i have finally had no choice as to what to do. its a have to be for my health. sometimes it happens like that. I could not get with it //So God said ok you will do it. so i am. I loss 3.50 lbs this week. total of 9.75 so far this month. so i am happy that i am doing this. i have had no sugar will be my 6th week coming up. so on the atkins and is working. so a life time plan for me. I am so happy your doing great with yours to. i read the other boards. so its ok to not come in to this one. is hard to do several. i understand. i am in tops some. so what ever. i see that everyone is doing ok and that is what counts... thanks LaDean

07-16-2004, 09:26 PM
LaDean, you have had an EXCELLENT month! Way to go!

07-17-2004, 02:29 PM
Ledom. you to thanks so much.

08-16-2004, 04:37 AM

How are you all doing?

The scale hasn't moved for 3 weeks, the food part is OK but the exercise part has been abyssmal :(

Your new fridge sounds great Ledom, I know "Harvest Gold" I had one too, the one before was "Avocado" ... what MADE us like those colors :p I also had a "Coppertone" stove, which was impossible to keep looking nice.

Summer has been quite busy. I have been enjoying "grandmothering" a lot. The baby is 7 months and he is a cutie...he has 2 big dimples.

I am still doing WW online and so is my D and her BF. She has lost all her weight that she gained with being preggers and then some, he has lost weight too though he didn't have much to lose.

The DH and I have been doing more things socially than we ever have, I guess it is because we are home this summer. We haven't gone to the US since late spring. Miss my shopping there though.

Alice, did you move to Florida? I hope you were not around anywhere where Charley was.

Hi LaDean and Lilybutt, how are you girls doing??

Ledom, have you been kayaking? You must be getting ready to go back to school.

I hope everyone will pop in and touch base. I would love to know what you all are doing.

08-16-2004, 07:40 AM
Hey judi,

Happy to hear from you and that you're doing well. Glad that WW is working so well for you. How much weight have you lost? Congratulations to your DD and her BF for their weight loss. Your grandson sounds sooooo cute.
No, I haven't moved to FL yet. We were supposed to pass papers the end of July. If we had, we would have been down there working on the floor before we moved our furniture, when Charley hit. The house that the sellers are building isn't ready to be moved in yet, so we thought we'd give them plenty of time and put the date to sign papers Aug. 27th. Then they thought they'd be out by the 15th, so we moved the date to sign papers to the 16th. Then we got a call from our RE agent and because of rainy weather they've been having, there had been more delays. So, we went back to our original Aug. 27th date. :dizzy: Thankfully we didn't own the house when Charley hit. DH & I have been on pins and needles for the past few days. We got a call last night from the people we're buying the house from and everything is fine at both houses. Both the houses had very minimal damage, just some shingles missing. The city, North Port, where we're moving to was extremely lucky because all the devastation starts in the very next town, Port Charlotte, then onto Punta Gorda. Needless to say we were very relieved that they and their dogs were alright. As far as passing papers, I'm assuming everything is up in the air, as I don't know how much damage was done to the offices involved. Hopefully people will be assessing the damage this week. Last night before we hung up, they said they'd keep DH & I informed as to what is going on.

Hi ledom..LaDean :wave:

I haven't been posting here because it didn't seem as though anyone was interested in this thread anymore. I've missed you all.

Have a good day.

08-16-2004, 11:13 AM
It's so good to hear from you ladies! Alice, I was very concerned about the hurricane in regards to your new house. Thank goodness it was spared.

judi, ohhhhhh, it sounds as if things are going great for you. Your grandson sounds like so much fun.

Yes, I go back to work Friday. I had a great summer, really relaxed w/ some nice little trips interspersed throughout. I am still kayaking and have been doing my usual summer darkroom work. I just taught myself how to make albumen prints which has been a great challenge and gotten me feeling passionate about making art again. That had been lacking for a while.

Weight loss has been good this summer. I am stalled now, just got back from a trip to Kentucky, but am ready to tear into my plan again w/ the coming of fall.

We have had a glorious summer. Cool fronts have kept moving through steadily so it has been the most pleasant summer in terms of weather that I ever remember.

Thanks for starting us up again judi.

08-16-2004, 12:50 PM
HI, just quit coming in no one here. so glad you started it back up Judi. thanks. i have missed hearing from everyone. I started atkins July 5th and have not had a gain since. loss every week. down 18 lbs. and only 8.50 from my goal. so happy with me. i had no choice had to do it. i am a border line debetic from not taking care of me. that added to the list. so i decided hey i have to do this for my body. so i have been off sugar since and its life time for me this plan. i love the scales going down.. I finally found my life time plan.. I am so happy all of you are doing good to. Judi so happy to hear the grandbaby is doing so good. mine are growing up so. grandaughter in 1st grade this year and grandson in kindergarden. i feel so good. garden is coming on the cucks. so eating lots of them. had my first corn on cob. it needs alittle more to stay on. i have to eat it sparingly and i will. then tomatoes are so late this year. lots of great big ones. but have not ripen yet. we are putting up dill pickles got lots of cucks and give lots away to. well hey i wish everyone a great day. THANKS AGAIN JUDI FOR STARTING UP OUR BOARD AGAIN... i have missed it lots.. LaDean

08-17-2004, 02:00 AM
Wow! It was just WONDERFUL to read the posts :grouphug: :cloud9:

LaDean I bet you will be able to reverse that borderline diabetic thing with diet. I hope so. I know I haven't taken care of myself in the exercise dept. and now I have an ankle that has started to act up and I am sure it is because of the weight. I am glad you found a plan that you like...Atkins works for a lot of people. There are a lot of low carb stores popping up for the low carb crowd. I envy you your tomato crop, we don't get enough sun to grow tomatoes in yard. My mom used to send me tomatoes and I would make chili and freeze it.

Alas Alice, the weight loss has only been ten pounds down this summer :o The hurricane must have been a real nail biting time for close to where your new house is. Are you looking forward to moving? Have you been at your lake house this summer? You must be eager to go down and take a look at your new place to see how it fared. How is dear Miss Laci? Bentley finally has got his allergies under control but he can never deviate from his potato based dog crunchie or they immediately flare up.

Ledom, what was Kentucky like? That is some place the DH and I would like to go. "Albumen" does that have anything to do with egg whites? That is very creative dark room printing. I have been doing just photos with my digital camera ... nothing fancy. My darkroom has turned into a big project room. The projects have turned out to be mainly ironing and scrapbooking. I am going to start making earrings again. Just for fun. My D and I used to make them and sell them at a little store that has jewellery. Has your D. gone back to school yet? Did she have a good summer?

Last Sat. I went to a huge garden party for a friend who turned 65 but looks and acts like 49. It was such fun, the ladies wore big hats all except me because I had some carefully constructed curls (with the aid of a lot of gel) and it would have flattened them. I now have short reddy gold hair with platinum streaks. I like it.

I am reading a good book "Reading Lolita in Tehran" by Azar Nafisi. It is a memoir of a teacher who gathered together her most committed female students once a week to read Austen, Fitzgerald, James and Nabokov and how their lives intertwined with the fictional lives they were reading. It is very good. I have been reading it slowly and savouring it. Has anyone got any good books to recommend for remainder of summer reading?

08-17-2004, 08:37 AM

LaDean, glad that Atkins is working well for you and that you have found something you can stick to for life. Are you using any of his products? I bought one of his muffin mixes and it really was good. It was quite a while ago, so I forget which flavor I made. Congratulations on your weight loss. :cp: That's fantastic you're so close to your goal. I know you will reach it. You should be happy with yourself. How is Tuffy doing?

ledom, hope you had a nice time in Kentucky. I've never been there, but from what I've seen in photos and such, it's very beautiful in the countryside. I have a friend who lives near Louisville. Unfortunately we only get in touch with each other once a year at Christmas. I bet you can't believe you're heading back to work Friday. I honestly don't know where the summer went. Actually, we haven't had any summer to speak of. It's been raining most of the time and when it's not raining it's only been in the high 70's, low 80's, which is ok. Usually we have 90's and humid throughout July, but it hit 90 deg. for 1 day, which I believe has set a record. I think I've worn jeans and a sweatshirt more than shorts and a T-shirt this summer. :lol:

judi, I would like to add my thanks for starting the thread up again. Congratulations on losing 10 lbs. :high: That is wonderful. I have mixed feelings about moving. On one hand I'm sad moving away from whatever family I have left and leaving this house. On the other hand, I really don't want to spend another winter here, that became apparent when we thought the house in FL was destroyed. I have sold the lake house I inherited from my parents. The property tax was horrible and we just couldn't afford it anymore. We passed papers on that last May. Lacee is doing fine, she's still a little :devil: and keeps us on our toes. Glad that Bentley has gotten his allergies under control. How are Esteban and Marley?
The book you're reading sounds interesting. I haven't had much opportunity to read for the past month or so. I have started reading Patricia Cornwell's, Blow Fly. If you like mysteries, comical, and some light reading, I would recommend Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. So far there are 10 books in the series. I would start with the first one, One for the Money, as it introduces the characters. They're the type of books you can read in a day.

Got to start my day. We have some cleaning and straightening up to do, as Saturday the RE agent will start showing our house...hopefully. :crossed:

Hope you enjoy your day.

08-17-2004, 09:02 AM
Good morning,

Kentucky is beautiful. The part of the country we were in, including Tennessee which we drove through have all benefited from a rainy and mild summer so that the landscape is lush. We rendevouzed in Bardstown, kind of a half way point between my relatives home and ours. It is smallish but historical, it reminded me a little of a laid back Williamsburg. It was just right for meeting and visiting family.

Yes, albumen printing has to do w/ egg whites. You coat drawing paper w/ egg white and salt, then you coat it w/ silver nitrate. The albumen coating keeps the chemistry from soaking into the paper. It was the technique used during the Civil War era. I like all the old printing techniques and teach a class every few semesters on the subject. I'll be teaching it this fall as a matter of fact.

Wow LaDean, you are so close to your goal. That is wonderful.

I have been slogging through books this summer. Nothing recent that I would recommend. Your book sounds good judi, I have been noticing it at the bookstores. I stopped at a great bookstore on our trip and picked up a couple new books but haven't started them yet.

08-17-2004, 11:07 AM
Thanks for the kind word from you all. its my friends that give me the inthusium and encouragement. yes i am so excited never been this close. they just keep going down the scales. and of course that keeps me in good mood and all. ha ha i just had to make this choice to do it.. i am not one for medication or shots. ha so figured this is my way. so glad its working. I know aleka it must be hard to move on to different area and all. but you know the way i figure it is things are what there meant to be. theres a reason for everything. so glad your place was not destroyed by the hurricane. that would be awful. i sure feel for those people. i complain about the heat we are getting but does not compared to what those people are going through. I am so glad Lacee is ok. tuffy is doing ok. just has his little days. i feel sorry for him. we have had him 12 years now. so i take care of him. he use to take care of us. hes still playing and full of it at times. just sad to see him run into things and all. but a tough little guy just gets up and moves on. ha well to you all i wish you luck. you will be close to goal one day to. we all can do it. together as friends is the main part helping and sharing with one another. yes the atkins is good for me. as carbs are my problem and all. some i know its not. but we each have to find our plan for life i believe and stick to it and go for it. i am all dressed now and waiting for my walkiing partner to come by. i do this and drink my water. trying to build on my carbs now to find what is good for me. oh have a good day all. LaDean

08-18-2004, 08:17 AM

Everyone seems to doing so well with their eating plans and exercising. Right now I'm not doing so well. I'm so busy packing that I just can't think of dieting. The only exercise I'm currently doing is running up and down our basement stairs. I've done so much of it that I can now run up them without breathing hard. :lol:

The RE agent that is selling our house came yesterday with a quite a few agents from his office for a walk through. It was like a tidal wave. They were here for what seemed like 2 seconds, then they were gone.

LaDean, glad that Tuffy is doing well.

Sounds like you had a good time in Kentucky, ledom.

judi, hope you had a good day yesterday.

Enjoy the day.

08-18-2004, 08:28 AM
Alice, I am sure when things settle down you'll get back to your good habits.

judi, I meant to say your garden party sounded fun. I am glad you are involved in more social activities these days. My social interactions are in a bit of a lull at the moment. I suspect things will get busier with the coming of fall. I have slowly been meeting some very nice people that enjoy camping and paddling. They are from all over the state so I don't get to see them really often but I do have a camping trip planned in early Oct.

On the pet front. Some sad news here. We lost Beatrice this summer. She died very suddenly, just a few hours after I realized she was sick though in retrospect I don't think she had been feeling well. It was a shock. There is a new kitty, her name is Rosie, she is a chocolate point siamese and fits right into the family. Brody is especially fond of her. DD and I can't keep our hands off her though, she is so cuddly.

08-18-2004, 08:35 AM
ledom, I'm so sorry about Beatrice. I know how much you loved her. How old was she? Your new kitty, Rosie, I love that name by the way, sounds so adorable. I wish you many good years with her. Did Brody accept her right away? Again, I am so sorry for you loss.

08-18-2004, 08:51 AM
Thanks Alice. Little Bea wasn't that old, only 5. She had a real problem w/ fleas. We kept her doctored, but she would just chew on her bites until they were infected even after the fleas were gone. We went through this every summer and eventually things would improve. I believe that is what got her though. I felt terribly guilty that I wasn't more on top of her condition. I really didn't get a chance to know exactly what happened as I only considered taking her to the vet when I realized she was sick and then it was too late.

Brody pretty much accepted Rosie right away. He was freaked out but he liked her. He is a bit high strung. Rosie on the other hand is as cool as a cucumber. She was advertised in the paper. Actually her mother was a stray and found the kindest home to come have her baby (Rosie is an only child.) The lady that advertised her in the paper put food in the pet carrier, Rosie walked in and ate while we locked her up. She didn't make a peep in the car on the way home and when I let her out she just stepped out and started exploring. Late in the afternoon she meowed a few times, I think she must have been calling for her mother. That was it, from the first day she just acted like she belonged, no hiding under furniture or anything.

08-18-2004, 10:15 AM
Ledom. so sorry to hear about bea. pets are our babies and so hard to lose them. and when its a shock makes it even harder. but glad you have a new little one and all.

aleka, I have not tryed any atkins products. but wondered about the muffin mix and all. i did get there catalog. so thanks for letting me know. i am trying now to add the carbs slowly. it seems to be helping. the fruit especially. that is one reason i chose this program is i wanted to eat more protein as its filling. and get off so much fruit. so its working and helping. oh if these darn tomatoes would ripe and turn. there almost starting hubby said. so late i am afraid when they do come on it will come a frost early and tehre they go. got corn to. i am waiting for it to get bigger kernals. have to eat it very very sparingly. so i am not going to bring a lot of it in and cook. just what i want to eat. i been doing up apples into apple sauce. so keeps me busy and mind off food. ha also we pick cucks every other nite. so that is good good exercise. still walking.

well thats enough of me. I wish all of you a good day.. LaDean

08-19-2004, 03:53 PM
Thursday afternoon,

ledom, I got an e mail from 3fc with your post, but when I went into the site, you post was nowhere to be found. :?: :?: Very confusing. So, I read what you posted in my e mail. I absolutely loved your story. Thank you for sharing it with us. That got me thinking. I've been packing, and found my wedding dress, a mumu from Hawaii I bought when I was 23, and a sun dress I got in Hawaii on my honeymoon, all size 12. I looked at them and wondered was I really ever that small? Even though by today's standards, size 12 is a plus size. Speaking of photos. My girlfriend found a photo of the both of us when we were 12/13. We were always told by other people we were fat. We both look at those photos now and realize we were not fat...we both are now though. ;) It's nice going down memory lane.

LaDean, how many carbs do you add at a time? I know in the book, Atkins for Life, he has an eating plan for various amounts of carbs ranging from 45 to I believe around 125 (I'm not really sure of the 125). Glad that it's working for you.

judi, how have you been these last couple of days?

We've been getting the house really..really..really clean because our RE agent is supposed to start showing it Saturday. Hopefully there will be people coming to look at it.

Enjoy your afternoon and evening.

08-19-2004, 04:59 PM
Hey Alice,

I deleted it! Sometimes when I write a post that is so personal it freaks me out and I can't leave it. You know, just writing like in a journal and then it feels like too much to really put out in the world. But thanks, I am glad you did get to read it! You know, the sizes were smaller back then than they are today. Some of my old size 8's looked a lot smaller than an 8 today and DD thought so too.

Anyway, good luck w/ you house cleaning and selling!!!!

08-20-2004, 12:31 AM

Ledom, I am SOOO SORRY to hear about Bea, what a terrible thing for you. You have lots of good memories of her and you gave her a wonderful home full of love. I am glad you got a new kitty. I love choc. point Siameses. I was watching a show about royal pets and Princess Michael adopted a big gray & white cat from the Battersea cat shelter for a mouser in the garage and he wormed his way into the Big House so they called him "Prince Charming" until he beat up Percy, the more aristocratic Siamese then he got demoted to being called "Dick" (to show his low born origins). It was a pretty cute show. I am always tempted to get another cat. Our foundling is the king of the place now.

Speaking of sizes I would be delirious if I ever was size 14 again. I would just love it and have no desire to be any smaller. I am 5" 4 1/2" and my smallest was 10 but being older now I think size 14 would be just great.

LaDean it must be great to have a garden like yours. Stuff from the garden is always so much better than anything bought in supermarkets.

Ledom, in the Civil War did they use glass negatives? I have seen glass negatives and they looked quite neat.

Alice, I agree with you...where did summer go? It seems to have gone by so fast. It really was the best summer for wise and just being home and not travelling. Though when the rains hit in winter I will be glad to travel again. Are you looking forward to setting up your new house? That will be fun and in such a diff. part of the states too. At our age I classify that as a first class adventure :hat:

I have been doing a lot of baking. A group of people are painting at our church and I am making the desserts for the meal together. It is fun. I bought some cookbooks (with recipes that I had when I first was married and misplaced) at the library annual book sale for 50 cents each. I have to take my baking there on Sat. morning. I still have one more thing to make...a tomato soup cake with carmel icing...that is the same time frame as your Harvest Gold fridge Ledom.

That is about all the news here.

08-20-2004, 08:09 AM

It's a rather dreary Friday so far. Hope the sun comes out later. It was rather humid here yesterday, a taste of summer for one day. Our summer has been that way this year.

ledom, I too will sometimes write something personal then change my mind and delete it. We are the same in that way.

judi, the big move is kind of scary, but as time grows nearer I am getting a bit excited. We're down to 5 weeks now. We are supposed to pass papers next Friday, 27th. But, because of hurricane Charley, the Title Co. who is doing the closing isn't up and running just yet, so hopefully we'll get the papers we have to sign in time. Glad that you had a good summer weather wise. Our's was a lot cooler than normal, which wasn't bad, but it rained most of the time. Cool, damp, and muggy is very uncomfortable.

Hi LaDean! Hope you had a good day yesterday.

Tomorrow is the date for our RE agent to start showing our house. Hopefully someone will show an interest in looking at it. We're getting down to the wire now in getting it all spiffied up. Only a few minor things to do today.

Have a great weekend.

08-20-2004, 08:31 AM
Hey Girls,

That show about siamese cats sounds so funny. I know D and I would get a big kick out of it. When I was in the 6th grade I got my first siamese. I have had and loved many cat in my lifetime but somehow I always want a siamese. First off, I like short haired cats and they can fit that bill.

I agree on moving to a new place being a first class adventure. We are living vicariously through you Alice! I wish you a very smooth transistion.

Ah back to work today. I am sitting here w/ my bowl of vitamins. I have just ordered a bunch of vitamins and am trying to be faithul to taking them every morning. It is a job! It takes major effort on my part and longer than you might think to swallow all these horse pills! I have made it easy in one way though, they come divided out in little bags for each day so I don't have to remember how many of each one to take.

And now down to the basement to do my workout, no more dawdling for me! The work year has begun.

08-20-2004, 09:08 AM
ledom, good luck to you on your first day back to work. Let us know how it went for you. I also take a lot of vitamins and it does take a long time to swallow them! Speaking of which, I've got to go and take mine.

08-20-2004, 04:32 PM
HI, thanks to all of you. I loss 1 1/4 more lbs today. i am a happy one.
Aleka, i am still working on the amt of carbs a day. i know it said 60 so starting there and see if i gain. if not and still losing then add like 5 carbs at a time. if i gain on that amt then go down that many a time. its fun as i pay attention to what i eat now and all. wheres before never watched the labels to much. i have not gained since July 5th so this is good for me. got 8 to go.. then i will be there. so excited. i feel so good and got lots of energy.. i have the atkins kit which i love,. and his book that goes with it. then i have his other book. its very interesting to read up on it and all. I just hope and pray doing it that when i go back in my carbs, and trig/s especially are down. they should be with the wt loss. i have added corn on cob, allow me 2 at a time. ha then bread i am adding. taking it slow. the fruit to. very slowly with that. but potatoes have not gone to yet. ha they are my big weakness. but i will just do it said one group at time. so that is what i am doing.

I am so happy with everyone doing so good. thanks so much for sharing and the kind words. this keeps me going.. have a good weekend all of you. LaDean

08-21-2004, 07:46 AM
LaDean, I am so pleased for you!!! You are doing great and are an inspiration. It sounds as if you are doing everything right.

Yesterday after I finished posting I went down to do my workout and was stunned to discover at least an inch of water in my basement. The night before we had 3.5" of rain in about 3 hrs. The basement has never flooded before! My workout did not happen. I had to leave as it was the first day of work but I worried about it all day. When I got home it had mostly drained out. I think I have some drain problems along w/ the extraordinary amount of rain! Hopefully the treadmill is ok, I am not going to plug it back in until some of the dampness has time to evaporate. Hopefully it wasn't deep enough to effect the motor. If it's not one thing.......

Anyway, I did do biceps when I got home but no cardio. I was WIPED OUT after sitting in meetings all day. Nothing is more tiring than that, especially when it isn't particularly interesting and you have been in the habit of an afternoon nap.

Well on to a brighter day. I have yoga this a.m., that is always a treat.

Oh yeah, I am having good success on my diet this week. I am down into the next "decade" of numbers - honestly, I think I weigh less than I have in 15-20 years. It is getting exciting!

08-21-2004, 08:19 AM
A good Saturday morning,

ledom, LaDean congratulations on your weight loss that is really fantastic. You both are doing so well. Keep up the good work. :cp:

LaDean, I love corn on the cob. That is one of my favorite summer treats.
You will find a balance of carbs that is good for you. Have you had anymore blood work done since you've started Atkins?

Glad that the water drained out of your basement, ledom. What an awful thing to find first thing in the morning. We had that problem a couple of years after we had moved into this house. The problem was that the drain outside the house had filled up with leaves so that the water backed up into our basement. DH was away for the weekend at one of his trade shows, but had to cut his weekend short and come home. In the meantime I was vacuuming up water with his shop vac which is a wet/dry one. I was vacuuming about every 15-20 min. Our neighbor came down after DH got home and helped DH locate the problem and gave us some sort of cement to put on the concrete where the leak was and we haven't had a problem since. That is wise not to plug in the treadmill for awhile. I hope the motor wasn't damaged. Enjoy your yoga this morning.

Hey judi, how are you doing?

Enjoy your Saturday.

08-21-2004, 02:48 PM
Ledom. how sad i hope the water has all drained out and never got anything not working. ha especially the tread mill. its one thing we need. ha

aleka,, no have not had any more blood work done. i will first of year again. i hope its all good. blood pressure sure is. i will go off the pills for it after i reach goal. but i went off the sugar for a year and everything blood work was so good. then back on it and a mess and worse. so i think that and watching carbs and losing will be all ok. Hope so..

Have a good weekend to all. tuffy says woof lacee....LaDean

08-23-2004, 11:02 AM
Good Morning everyone!

We had rain for the first time in weeks this weekend. That is good because there is a water use ban on the island, we are OK though because we have our own well.

Sorry to hear about your basement being flooded. What a HUGE pain!! I hope your treadmill is OK. Ledom, that is great about your weight. Are you still saving to buy jewellery as a weight loss treat?

LaDean way to go on the weight loss. What a good job you are doing.

WW has now added a new plan, instead of daily point range and 30 flex points they changed the plan to be all you can eat of certain core food lists (and potatoes is on one of them, SHOCK) and 30 points in the week. I guess it is good for people who don't like to track points. I like tracking points. I also want to get away from the concept of "all you can eat" whether it is broccolli or peanuts...I think the "all you can eat" mindset makes you stuff yourself even when not hungry and that is bad. SOOO I am staying with the FLEX plan. I know it works if I work it.

Today I am beginning DAILY exercises (yeah, same resolution for the zillionth time but I am doing it anyway).

Alice, did you sell a lot of your things in preparation for the move? Or are you taking it all? When we built this house my DH (the dear pack rat) stored a lot of his stuff in storage and we paid a hundred bucks a month for a year and then when he went to look at it after a year he found he could throw practically all of it away as he didn't and wouldn't need it. Whereas I myself am a "collector" as a opposed to a "pack rat" ;) I have been wanting to clean off my dresser top now for a few months I have a huge collection of make up, skin and hair products, perfume etc. and I only use a few bits. I have to throw some out because I don't have the space. I am always trying new stuff...the things I buy on impulse rarely work out but the things I buy because they have received a good product review in a magazine are always my best things. Hmmm, the first step in throwing out stuff is make a bag of it for the girl friend...see if she wants any...sometimes yes, ususally no because she should be making her own bag to throw out...after she has looked at the bag and refused it then take it ruthlessly to the trash can and don't be sad because most of it is still on the credit card :^: CHUCK IT OUT!! So wish me luck that is my plan for TODAY :smug: I did my food pantry and my cupboards last week and they look great.

08-23-2004, 11:15 PM
judi, thanks so much. oh that new plan of ww. i am like you i want to get away from eating all i want. i am doing good with this plan. but i had to is why. not much choice. i am enjoying finding new ideas and things to eat. today i tryed the strawberry cool whip on my sugar free jello. oh its so good. for ones that can eat the strawberries and all it would be good on those. i am watching alot of my fruit. as i can eating to much of it. so i am now working with the carbs trying to get an amt i can have and still not gain.. have left the potatoes out. but did have some corn on cob. but allowing myself 2 ears now down to one. i just bring that amt in and all. i now look at labels more and figure out what is low in them and all.

I want to wish everyone a good week. LaDean

08-24-2004, 08:12 AM
Today I am beginning DAILY exercises (yeah, same resolution for the zillionth time but I am doing it anyway).

judi, the lord knows quite a few of us have been there! I am proud of you for realizing the importance of exercise and not giving up even if it is a struggle.
I can't say it is easy, but it is doable and it makes SO much difference in how you feel and in your muscle tone. ;)

Good luck with it. What are you planning to do? The thing to remember when you start is not to make it so unpleasant you never want to do it again. You can build on what you do as your body adjusts. And a variety of activities helps make it not so boring. Are there any yoga classes on the island? I think you would love it judi. Yoga has made me more aware of how good I can really feel.

LaDean, glad you are getting to enjoy your fresh corn! My source for fresh tomatoes has ended, I do still see them at the vegetable stands so I need to buy some while they are still around. I bought a watermelon yesterday from the back of a truck on the highway, the last one I bought at the store was too old.

Ya'll take care.

08-24-2004, 11:06 AM
Good morning to all.
Ledom. i love watermellon. just have not bought it this year as i can not eat that much so would rather have none. ha ha that is just me. i was allowing 2 ears of corn but down to one now.. watching the carbs close. still want to lose rest of goal. just got 7.50 to go as of this morning. down 1.50 since friday. so i am a happy one. I am glad your doing good.

Judi, exercise is so very important as you know. i walk daily and love my exercise. is cooler now started raining so really going for it.

08-24-2004, 11:12 AM
Good morning,

I just got back from having my hair done. I'm blonde again and got a much needed cut. During the summer I was letting it grow to put it in a pony tail, which is much cooler than having it hanging on my neck. I couldn't stand it anymore!!

judi, DH & I are collectors and pack rats. A lethal combination I'm sure. I have quite a lot of Boston Terrier stuff, statues, post cards, photos, etc. DH had an extensive beer collection, trays, posters, neons, etc., which he has slowly been getting rid of these past few years. We have sold quite a lot of things, but the majority has gone to Goodwill and/or St Vincent DePaul. Unfortunately, or fortunately, my girlfriend is also moving to FL sometime in the near future and she has started cleaning out her house. So, she didn't get anything of mine. I did give some stuff to another friend who summers here. We are taking down the bare minimum. I plan on getting new living room furniture when we get down there. Our living room set is old and worn, plus a certain party, who will remain nameless, chewed on the couch when she was a puppy, and I'm not talking about Shamrock...she was the good dog. :lol: How did your exercising go? I've heard that WW has come out with a new plan. I found the food list on the Prevention website, but don't know if it's accurate or not.

LaDean, congratulations on you diet. Glad it is working for you so well. Lacee says "WOOF" to Tuffy. DH & I had some fresh, local, ears of corn the other night. They were delicious.

ledom, have you plugged in your treadmill yet? If so, did it work alright? I read a post on another site re: exercising. That person said that once they stopped exercising to lose weight and started exercising for fun, they found they enjoyed it more and stuck with it. I think that is good advice. Have classes started yet or are you still having meetings and getting your lessons planned? My cousin's youngest child is starting her first year of college next week. It seems like yesterday I saw her sitting in a highchair being fed.

Hope you all have a great day.

08-24-2004, 11:39 AM
Oh yeah, Alice, the treadmill is fine. Thank goodness! I love my treadmill and have already gotten such good use out of it. About a month ago I had to have the belt replaced and at that time I bought the warranty plan that is good for 7 years. I can't do w/out it! DD loves it as well.

Classes start tomorrow. I had to stay home this a.m. as I am having some dead trees cut of my property. I will be going in late this afternoon to run off syllabi, etc.

08-25-2004, 12:39 PM
Ledom, glad your treadmill was ok.. that is the way i am with my ex bike i love it. so rainy and ucky out this morning. i love the rain. but just tired so rode ex bike 3 miles this morning. may get out for walk later in day.. i like the freshness of being outdoors. scales are still down this am as of friday at tops. so today has to be lower in carbs though. will be glad when i find that miracle number that my body needs. ha ha well hey i hope everyone has a great day. LaDean

08-26-2004, 07:24 PM
Thursday evening,

I had blood work for a lipid profile, as I have high cholesterol and triglycerides. The numbers were not very good. So, I have made up my mind to start Somersizing again. My cholesterol and triglycerides went down considerably when I was on this WOE. I really think it was all the carbs I've been eating since I did WW a couple years ago. Once I started on the carbs I just kept at it.

ledom, glad that your treadmill is in good working order. Did the guys come to cut down your trees? We had an awful time getting the men we hired to cut down a few trees to come when they were supposed to, half the time they would say they were coming on a certain day, and never showed up. How did your first day of classes go?

LaDean, congratulations on your weight loss. :cp: You are getting closer and closer to your goal. You must be excited.

judi, whatcha been up to?

Have a good evening.

08-26-2004, 07:32 PM
Hey girls,

Alice I was so lucky w/ my tree men. I called them because they came by and left a card in my door. After I did that I wondered what had possessed me as the were an unknown entity. They could not have been more professional though. They were here 10 minutes early for the free estimate and the same on tree cutting day. After they finished they even went over to my mother's house and did a little job for her. I am planning to recommend them to all my friends.

I wasn't prepared for how overwhelming everything is when school starts again. I think you know I also direct our gallery and I planned for the Faculty Show to open the 31st which is this coming Tuesday so not only am I getting my classes started I am also hanging a show. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I remember, after Tuesday it will be done and I won't have to do it again for another month. Anyway, I am already worn out.

Take care LaDean, judi, and Alice.

08-27-2004, 08:45 AM
Hi everyone,'s the day we're supposed to be passing papers on the house in FL. We sent all the papers yesterday via overnight FED EX. If they get there in time, later this afternoon DH & I will be FL property owners. I am getting a bit excited about it. After everything happens our RE agent in FL will notify us.

ledom, glad that you had a good experience with your tree men. They sound like very reliable people. The one's we hired were doing quite a bit of work in our little development one summer. So, DH asked them to cut down a couple of dead trees in the back yard near our house before winter set in. They at least managed to cut them down before winter....just. It wasn't that long ago that someone had told us that particular tree company was very unreliable and a lot of people had trouble with them. Good luck with the Faculty Show next week. Will you be doing another show with your photographs like you did a few years ago? I saved the invitation you had sent me for that show when I was packing a few things the other day. Hopefully you can relax a bit this weekend and be all fresh on Monday.

Hey judi..LaDean hope you have a good Friday.

08-28-2004, 05:58 PM
:wave: Girls !!!!

Aleka peek a boo !!! :s:

08-29-2004, 08:49 AM
Good morning,

Leenie, I see you! ;) Welcome to our thread. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

08-29-2004, 10:52 AM
Alice keep us posted on the closing!

Hi Leenie.

08-29-2004, 11:13 PM
Hi! Sorry I haven't been here...I was sick. I was feeling kind of blue and I thought ....hmmm, maybe I need to take a Paxil again...I quit taking them early summer...I took one and it made me SO sick. Anyway ... long story short...I went to the Dr. and found I need hormones NOT Paxil. So now I am on a very low dosage of hormones made from of all things ...YAMS!! I felt better in 2 days.

The kids were here for a few days with the baby. That was so much fun. I had that wonderful "this is home feeling" that I used to get when I was a little girl and my mom was preparing some fabulous feast and my grandmother was coming over and everything was so great ONLY now I AM the grandmother. But we really had fun and did a lot of cooking...and eating. My D (who has lost 20 pounds since Jan.) said she gained 2 this weekend and was going back on the straight and narrow this week. I lost a few pounds when I was sick but I am sure I gained them back this weekend so I am going to stay away from the scale.

We finally got some rain. I don't know if you have heard about the forest fire situation up here in BC but it has been bad.

DH and I are thinking of going RVing at the end of Sept. but up in Canada, just get in the bus and drive east. I feel ready for a trip.

Do you like your new hair Alice? I love it when I get mine done.

You are doing so good with your carb watching LaDean. I should be more careful with carbs, I am such a carb lover.

Ledom, I am going to walk. There is Yoga on the island but I really don't like group exercise things because I always feel self conscious and always am the worst in the class. I walk with a friend but that is about the extent of exercising with someone.

Hi Leenie!! :D

Fall is such a good time, around this time every year I get that "fall feeling" which is the start of something new and exciting...I guess it is from going to school and university. Are you looking forward to the new term Ledom? Is your daughter still at home or back already? Alice, fall is going to be exciting for you with the new house and FLORIDA. Good for you for giving away stuff to the Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul so much better than just throwing out.
LaDean do you do a lot of canning?

We were supposed to get some alders taken down too this summer but the tree cutters haven't come. I like alders because the leaves are such bright green and fluttery but my DH says they are "weed" trees. We have big cedars and alders on our property.

Is this weekend a long weekend :?: Since Dh is retired and at home I lose track of things like that.

08-30-2004, 01:37 AM
Judi, sounds like alot of fun with babies. mine are growing so. have not seen them in few months. kids both work and so busy and on weekends they spend taking grandbabies. there going to be starting school. grandson kindergarden and gets same teacher his sister had in kindergarden last year. she is a first grader this year. so both are excited he said. so they been busy getting them ready and all. so i well understand. Yes carbs was my bad thing. and fruit was to. so had to do something. so this is working for me. i had corn on cob from garden today.but just one. that is all i am allowing me. ha and not everyday like i would like. ha yes we do canning. hubby loves to can so we do it together. tomatoes are coming on now. so we make juice and can tomaotes. i have some carrots i am going to can this year to. just a few. have put up apple sauce. so taste so good of winter and the garden gives hubby something to do and he loves it. gives alot of it away to everyone to. we have canned all pickles we need so a friend is getting them and doing hers. so makes u s feel good to help others that do not have space for gardens. then to we had well drilled and a excellent one. so have alot of water to take care of a garden and all. i love this time of year to lose my wt as eat from it alot.

aleka, tuffy is not feeling to good. so may be making a decision that will be the hardest ever for anyone to make. so say a prayer for me everyone. i sure been praying. this is one i do not want to have to make at all.

i wish everyone a good week and glad everyone is doing good. is fun to come on and share with all of you. tonite i needed it. thanks for being there. LaDean

08-30-2004, 07:49 AM

LaDean, I am so sorry about Tuffy not feeling well. I definitely will say a prayer for you and Tuffy. That decision is an awfully hard one to make. You sound very busy canning. It is fun, but a lot of work. The fall before my mother passed away, for the first time ever, we canned some relish. She got a recipe that came from my great-grandmother. We had a wonderful time and now I have that memory to look back on. Please let me know how Tuffy is doing.

judi, tell me more about your hormones. Are these made especially for you or are they something that is massed produced like Premarin? Suzanne Somers has a book out, The Sexy Years in where she talks about her experiences. She went to an MD who deals in this sort of thing, did some testing, and prescribed some bioidentical type of hormones. But then you have to be near a pharmacy that deals in that too. Glad that the hormones made you feel better. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your grandson. I get that homey feeling when fall starts. That's when I start making hearty soups and get the urge to bake which I don't act upon. ;)

Hi ledom..Leenie :wave:

Everything went smoothly on Friday, and now we own a house in FL. We'll be moving 3 weeks from tomorrow. I'm excited and sad at the same time. My cousin, who I am very close to, came up yesterday for a craft fair. We said our good-byes, and I'm glad it's over because I knew it was the worse one I'll have to go through.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

08-30-2004, 01:57 PM
Aleka, tuffy is lots better this morning. prayers answered for sure. i prayed all nite. thanks so much for your prayers. i am so thankful. yes canning is fun for us retired and all. hubby loves staying busy.. is digging carrots this morning. figured we would can them as i make lots of soups and always buying them. also roasts in the fall. then its tomatoes tomorrow. my neighbor and friend make relish. its so good. yes memories are great to have for sure. my mother and hubbys mom canned all the time. so guess we are just keeping it on. ha ha i love to open canned things though and make soups so much better. well thanks for caring and your prayers again...

I want everyone to know that my scales are down 3 lbs from friday am. i am over 5 lbs from goal now. i am so excited. its this staying busy hubby says.ha ha i have so much more energy and all. i want to thank all of you over and over. so glad our board got started back up to.. have a good day to all of you.. tuffy being better made mine. LaDean

08-31-2004, 06:29 AM
Good morning all,

Had to take Lacee to the Vet. She was starting to lose her fur in spots, just on one side. He thinks it could be a reaction from some dog shampoo I used a couple of weeks ago when I gave her a bath. Her skin is terribly dry. I believe it started not long after said bath. He gave her a shot, and we came home armed with some liquid antibiotics, Omega 3 oil to put on her food, and some dog shampoo. He wants to see her in 2 weeks. That will be good because we'll be able to get a copy of her health records and we can get a health certificate before we move.

LaDean, that's a big relief about Tuffy. I'm glad that he is doing better. I'm sure there will be days when he'll feel out of sorts. Our other Boston, Shamrock, used to have those days when she was older. Congratulations on your weight loss. :high: When you reach your goal you should go out and do something nice for yourself, as you have earned it.

Hey ledom, judi, hope everything is well with the both of you.

Watching hurricane Francis...hoping it doesn't hit FL, especially now that we own the house. YIKES!!!

08-31-2004, 08:12 AM
A quick good morning ladies. LaDean you canning sounds so nice. What better way to spend ones time than growing and preserving food. It sounds like a great lifestyle you have. Sorry to hear your puppy has been out of sorts - best wishes to him.

Alice and judi, ahhh, I have been keeping up with you. Just not much time to write the last few days. I am glad grandmotherhood is agreeing with you judi. Alice, what a big move you are making. Keep us posted.

My system is in shock from having to work so hard. I had to pick up speed fast too. Was in the gallery until 9 last night and it still isn't finished. The show opens today at 2 so I will be busy up until the last minute. Labor Day week is looking awfully good to me. By the way judi our long weekend is coming up this weekend.

08-31-2004, 04:12 PM
Ledom. thanks. hes better. he did sleep all nite last nite a first for some time. so that made me happy. ha
My scales are still down this morning. so that is a good thing. and i had a good walk. before it got to warm. i did get warm. rain on way tomorrow. love my rain. yes its fun to raise our food and can it. we know what its got in it and all. ha i love to eat the fresh things. but got some prunes today from friend. and there sparingly. ha so got to be careful. i never had corn yesterday so can have some now one day again this week. i think its just learning about the food and what is high and low and good and bad. this has helped me pay attention i know..

to all of you have a great day.. LaDean

09-01-2004, 01:03 AM
LaDean ... you are doing so GOOOOOD!!! on your food plan. :bravo: It is so encouraging to hear that. It inspires me to try harder. Your garden sounds so very nice. It is good your hubby likes gardening, it must be great to have someone to garden with. How is Tuffy???? (A couple of years ago I had to put my wonderful little dog Parasha down, but sad as it was it was a good experience, I held her in my arms the whole time. It was a good thing to be with her as she took her last breath, it was just like she fell asleep. I still miss her but she left us with lots of great memories.) My D.'s dog is a Boston, he had allergies quite bad but now they seem under control. He is so cute, he really loves me....she says it is only when I come over he wiggles and squeals. Bostons are such adorable dogs.

Ledom, can you post your pictures from the show online? Yes, I found out that this is our long weekend too...Labour day as well. Did you all grow up with "No wearing white shoes after the Labour Day weekend"? That used to be popular fashion wisdom when I was a girl.

Alice, these hormones I am taking are mass produced I think. Marley lost his fur in spots once when he got too hot. It was when we went down to Ft. Worth last year in August. I hope you find out what is causing it. That must be worrisome...poor little thing.

Today I went to visit my D. and my the baby. We went for a walk and out to an outside cafe. It was a nice day but it is starting to feel like fall. I am going to babysit every Friday, my D. is going to the university on Tues, Thurs, & Fri. so I opted for babysitting Friday

:comp: a good night one and all

09-02-2004, 03:08 PM
Thanks judi, i am so glad i found a plan that works for me. as long as i lose i figured it is the one. i feel good. got alot of energy. so get lots done. your doing good to.

good day to all of y ou. have a good one. LaDean

09-03-2004, 07:33 AM
Happy Friday!

LaDean, congratulations on the lower number on your scales! When you reach your goal you should do something nice for yourself. How is Tuffy? Hope he's feeling much better.

judi, I grew up with not wearing white after Labor Day. I guess it's sort of ingrained in me because it's till a habit. The only white I wear after Labor Day are my sneakers.

ledom, how was the show earlier in the week? Hope it was a big success and that you get a much needed rest.

Hope you all have a wonderful long holiday weekend. We'll be glued to the TV watching the path of Frances.

09-03-2004, 01:01 PM
Well, I wore my white linen pants yesterday and they felt so comfortable. I guess I need to think of giving them up after Monday. Maybe I'll wear them again today!

The show was stunning. It all came together at the last minute (they always wait until the last minute.) If I do say so myself, our faculty rocks. The show is so strong and it was well attended. Now all the local public school and college art classes in the area are making field trips to our gallery. I am very satisfied with how everything turned out. I showed my albumen prints that I worked on this summer.

But on the other hand. I had, what in BFL terminology is, a free week. I didn't exercise, I didn't eat like I was supposed to. I didn't really bring any junk into the house, I just scoured the house for every morsel of food I could find. Unfortunately I also went through a few drive thru windows. Bad bad ledom!

So here's the plan. I have a 4 day weekend. I am cooking up enough food to last a while, going to go ahead and box it up for lunches and snacks at school. And I am going to exercise everyday. Try to get my groove back with this little breather.

I have been working in my flower beds this morning. I planted a pkg. of Mixed Italian Chard. I hope it grows!

09-03-2004, 05:11 PM
Aleka, tuffy is lots better. we got to thinking maybe he had arthritis in his back part. well started giving him a hafe aspirn. its working i think hes getting around some better. so happy about that. has his days though. thanks for your concern. Yes i am going to do something special for sure. going to Reno in October so that is my vacation. my sister in law and i go yearly. so sure looking forward to that. so hope to have my goal reached by september 18th. our tops rally days. so trying. its going slow now. but i am going to lower carbs back these next weeks. i just feel so good and have alot of energy. helped hubby get corn in this morning and also we got row of potatoes done. so i am so happy i feel like helping. was cool to or i cannot be out there. ha I loss another .50 lbs at tops today. have not gained in 10 weeks now. got 16.50 inches off to.. hey hope lacee is ok. hope things are going good with the moving and all.

Ledom. hey you will do it. we all need a rest. so take it and get back with it always is the right foot forward. just so we do not give up and do nothing. good for you working in flower beds good exercise. i been out in garden. the bending up and down helps me i need it in that area... my worse with wt and all.

judi... have a great day ,,,, enjoy that grandson. i just want to see mine has been awhile. so each week end hope this is the one. ha but school time and bussyyyyy., so i understand.


09-05-2004, 03:40 AM
Hi all!

We have been watching hurricane Frances all day like probably you all. I hope it is no where near your new house Alice.

I lost 2 pounds this past week so now I have finally made it back to where I was when I was on South Beach way back when, it was a 15 pound total weight loss now for WW. ( I had been losing and gaining for the past few months.) So now this week I am into the "new" fat, I went for a good hike that included a beach and a hill today and I am drinking lots of water. I want to go down on Wed weigh day.

Hope Tuffy is feeling better LaDean.

That is so :cool: to hear about your show's success. That is wonderful Ledom!!

I have a pair of white linen pants and a pair of red linen capris and didn't get around to wear them at all this summer...I guess it is too late now. Red linen capris sound pretty awful don't they...actually they are not that bad ;)

09-05-2004, 08:02 PM
Judi, tuffy is lots better. we are so thankful. i am just not ready to let him go. God knows this to. i need him lots more.. so thankful for prayers answered. I loss another .50 lbs. so 10 weeks now. so happy with me. hey those pants sound neat. i love it to get into clothes looser. all my dresses are now. got one on for church this morning and made me feel so good. going to cut down on carbs again these next few weeks so i can reach my goal...
Oh aleka hope the hurricane is not where your home is and all. i sure feel for all those people./ i know when my daughter went to hawaii for couple years they ahd that one tehre and i prayed so hard and cryed. so far away and knew with her job she would be sleeping. but someone knew and the kids all were young and lived there. so they went to her place with her boss and they got her to go to higher ground. so thankful it never hit her island the one heading for... prayers ans for sure. so i am praying for all these people. its so sad to have to lose everything.

i wish you all a nice LABOR DAY..... we just stay home and off roads. canning tomatoe juice this morning. then its pick cukes later and cut corn. wanting to get lots done before another rain. we do it together and make it fun. still work though. ha but i am doing so good with all my new energy and all. we love that. ha ha have a good day all. LaDean woof from tuffy thanking you all for your prayers...

09-06-2004, 07:33 PM
Hi! Glad to hear Tuffy is feeling better.

LaDean, your garden sounds so nice. I just have a flower garden but it is the nicest that it has been this year. It is about 8-9 years old now and the plants are established. This year because we were home it had more work done on it too, which always helps.

Hi Ledom and Alice...hope you both are having a long weekend.

We are having some good sales here. I bought a few things for my D. Now that she is a mommy she spends everything on the baby and doesn't buy for herself (like most moms, right?). She is going back to university this week so I thought I would get her something for a treat. How is your D. Ledom? Is she living on campus again this year?

Not much happening...I have been trying out some new recipes, bread ones mostly. It has been kind of fun.

Have a good day :chef:

09-07-2004, 12:07 AM
Judi, yes our garden and flowers are better this year. a good year. cukes are almost gone. got to cut rest of corn in morning.he got last of potatoes dug today. got some apples i have to do. yes we enjoy it. gives us retirers something to do. ha our grandbabies start school tomorrow. there so excited. grandaughter in 1st grade and grandon in kindergarden.. I bet your little one is sure growing to. they grow up to fast. that is sweet of you to get your d something special. know she appreciates it. i am not much of a shopper and my d loves to go. shes always bringing me something home. the closet is full. i love it. ha

aleka, hope all is going good with you and lacee. hope the storm is not doing damage to your place and all.

Ledom. your doing good keep it up.

to all of you a NICE LABOR DAY.... the rest of it anyhows. lol

09-07-2004, 07:40 AM
Good morning,

My weekend was ok, unfortunately I was very lazy. Lots of TV watching, I think I might have gotten my fill yesterday. I believe I'll try to limit TV for a while because I left so many things I'd planned to do undone.

I am really working to get some momentum going again on diet and exercise. Letting it go is never a good idea, it has been a struggle to get back to where I was a couple weeks ago. I got cooking done for the week and back down to the basement for a good workout yesterday. Got another successful day planned. I am logging calories in fitday for a few days to get myself to focus.

judi, glad to hear DD is taking classes. It sounds as if motherhood is agreeing with her. What kind of sale stuff are you finding? You ladies know me, I LOVE to shop. Back mid-summer I walked into the first day of a sale at my favorite store. I stocked up then and really need NOT to shop for a while. I do enjoy clothes though.

Alice, I hope we hear from you soon. Hope all is well with your Florida property. The thing is, after this horrible hurricane season, surely it won't repeat itself for a long while.

09-07-2004, 08:32 AM
Good morning,

Hope you all had a great weekend. Since we'll be moving 2 weeks from today, we started up our packing again after a week or so of relaxing. I cleaned out my hutch, which was a catch-all, and that was a 2 day job, and I cleaned out the desk I inherited from my parents.

We have no idea what impact Frances had on our house in FL. We were glued to the WC most of Saturday and Sunday, and it looked like they got an awful lot of rain. We haven't heard from anyone yet, but if we don't hear anything by tomorrow we'll give them a call. Thankfully the previous owners are still in the house. We told them to take their time moving out because we're not going to be there that soon. Now we're watching to see what Ivan is going to do. I do think this is a bad year to think of moving to FL, and it could only happen to us! :lol:

Saturday night we went out to dinner with some friends. As usual I ate too much and felt very uncomfortable. My girlfriend is extremely upset that I am moving.

LaDean, you garden sounds great. When DH & I moved to NH we tried to grow corn. The ears were about as big as my little finger. :lol: That was the first and last time we ever planted corn. We used to plant cukes, tomatoes, and radishes.

judi, congratulations on your weight loss. :high: Are you doing the new CORE plan? What kind of sales did you find? I love to shop! A friend and I love to go to a store in the mall, The Bon-Ton, that has terriffic sales, especially around the holidays. Glad that your D will be going back to university. I'm sure she'll miss the baby. How did your bread turn out?

ledom, glad that you had a nice relaxing weekend. How is EFL coming along?

Have a good day everyone.

09-07-2004, 10:37 AM
Aleka, i bet you will be glad its done and all over the moving. I hope all is ok with the house. i know thats the way our luck usually goes. ha i hope when your all settled you all will like the change and all. our corn done pretty good but should have been more in sun we think. i am finishing it up today. giving most of it away. as its lower carbs for me starting this week again. i had added a few but now back to less till i reach this goal. its always hard to pack and move. especially to different state and all i would imagine

to all of you a great day... LaDean

09-08-2004, 06:20 PM
I am finding sweaters...I got a couple of really nice heavy Nautica ones and then a long sleeve Tommy H. one. I was surprised they were one sale too because they are heavy and for fall. I am not complaining. One of the Nautica ones is really beautiful .. a heavy pink cable knit in pure wool.

Breadmaking is going a little TOO good, I have been making 2 french loaves everyday and they are gone in 24 hrs. Last night I made a 100% whole wheat, it is good but I am not as crazy about it as french bread. It was time to put the bread brakes on. Though I am going to make 2 French loaves later tonight ...for the freezer ... honest. I making a huge pot of Borscht today, it smells good...lots of dill.

Have you heard about your house yet, Alice?

LaDean I bet the little ones are excited about starting school. I hope they love it and have a wonderful experience.

Do you still kayak in the fall, Ledom?

I have been walking with Mr. Marley. Speaking of him, I have to go wash him now and save myself 45 bucks. That is what I usually pay, but I am on a new austerity regime so I am going to wash him hard can it be to wash and blow dry a dog? Usually I send him just to have a day free for myself :devil:

09-09-2004, 01:18 AM
Judi. Oh there so excited they love school. as durning summer its like a school. but a baby sitting program at the community collage. so the kids are with them most weekends doing things. i am so glad to. Your sweaters sound so pretty. i love them but just get to warm and hot to wear them.. I bet your dog would love to have you bath him. we take ours to get nails trimmed. told hubby i bet we could do it now. hes older and is not so fisty and cannot see or hear. so going to give it a try. they grow so fast. Hey Aleka does lacees nails grow fast/??? boy tuffys does. Hope your place is ok and all. are you getting more excited now time is here and all? I have been so busy today. peeled apples and tomatoes. then watered flowers this evening. then cleaned kitchen stove and all. now that is a job. ha but nice when done. then got a load of wash in. we did 2 batches of tomatoe juice today. there sure coming on now.. i love staying busy just happy wt is off and i have the energy to do it and all. well good luck to all. have a great tomorrow to all of you. thanks for being here to share with. i missed it for awhile when no one was here. glad were all back now. LaDean

09-09-2004, 08:48 AM
Good morning all,

We're having a lot of rain from remnants of Frances. We're supposed to have the rain into tomorrow. At least it will be good for our well.

Yesterday morning DH & I went out for breakfast to our favorite place about an hour's drive north of where we live. They have the best pancakes and they're only open from spring thru fall. We wanted to get one more feed of pancakes before we move. We also bought some bags of their pancake mix to bring with us.

LaDean, you really are busy canning and cleaning. You will have some great canned goods come winter. Right now my house is a total mess with boxes, packing material, etc. The mess is starting to get to me though. Lacee's nails do seem to grow quickly. I cut them myself and she's not very cooperative when I do. After it's all done she expects her "cookie" (dog biscuit), but I keep telling her that only good dogs get their cookie, and that she wasn't very good while I was cutting her nails. But, as usual, she always gets her cookie in the end. ;) Ya, I'm a softie when it comes to Lacee.

judi, your sweaters sound lovely. Enjoy wearing them! Quite a few months ago my girlfriend and I went to a Liz Claiborn store in our local outlet mall. They had these gorgeous heavy sweaters that zipped up, which would be great to wear as a winter coat if it ever gets chilly in FL this winter. My girlfriend bought one, but I thought it was quite expensive, so I passed. A few months later we went into the store again and they still had the sweaters, but they were half off. So I bought one and my girlfriend was so mad because she didn't wait. But, she ended up buying another one in a different color. How did Mr. Marley's bath turn out? No, we haven't heard anything about the house. DH called down there, as the previous owners are still living there, and nobody has gotten back to us yet. Now we're watching Ivan very closely.

Hey ledom, whatcha been up to?

Have a great day everyone.

09-09-2004, 11:07 AM
Hey Alice,

I have been keeping my nose to the grindstone. Eating right and trying to get in a little extra cardio. I have been record in fitday for 4 days now and each of those days I have been able to reduce my calories a little. Trying to shink my stomach back from starting back to work week.

The semester is under way now and I am getting a better routine.

judi, I love Tommy Hilfiger. His clothes fit me better than anyone elses and his styles are so cute. Now that he labels more discreetly I have no reservations about his clothes.

The weather here is slowly cooling down so I have begun walking outside more. Also, my yoga teacher is out of the courntry and there is a substitute teacher. This woman is amazing, the next 6 weeks of yoga are going to take me to a new level I believe.

09-09-2004, 03:11 PM
Ledom. good for you. your doing great. that is good. to all of you a great day.
I started out with my walk, then picked cukes. have 51 hills so is alot of bending. there getting less each day. then i cooked apples i had them peeled. then i peeled tomatoes. now hubby is putting juice in jars. so a busy morning. taking a break and get some picking up done in here. then got some apples to do. but will all taste good this fall. picked last of corn. i added carbs and scales up a lb today first time. oh well i hope if i am good today i will be same or down a bit tomorrow . i seem to be retaining water. or eating to many tomatoes. ha ha and of course got into the corn on cob. so gave rest of it to neighbors yesterday. i never even wanted it around

aleka.. hope all is going good your way and your getting the packing done and all. have a good day.. tuffy is so much better. we got him off the canned food. i thought for a long time was what was causing it. and it was. so glad we decided that.

Judi enjoy that grandson every bit you can. there so sweet and precious. alot of fun. seems just like yesterday mine were little. ha i still call them grandma grandbabies. ha guess that will always be that to me. i can't wait to hear all about there school and all.

to everyone a good day .. lets stick through thick or thin together and get this wt off. we can and we will. through thick or thin. ha ha ha LaDean

09-11-2004, 09:39 AM
Saturday morning,

We're watching Ivan very closely. DH & I are really worried about what he's going to do. We're now talking about the possibility that we may be in NH longer than we had planned. We haven't stopped packing yet because if everything is alright in FL, we only have next week to get things done before the movers come in. We've been watching the Weather Channel a few times a day to get any and all updates. Thankfully we do have insurance on the house. We were talking with the previous owners the other day, they are still living in the house, and everything was ok with Frances. They did say that if Ivan does threaten them, they will not be sticking around this time. I'm just glad we're not down there yet.

ledom, glad that EFL and yoga are going so well for you. It's great when you find a diet and exercise plan that you can stick with. Once (now we're talking, IF) we get to FL we're going to start walking again. I'm determined to work up to an hr. There are no hills and that will be great!

LaDean, that's great Tuffy is feeling better. Was he having some sort of allergic reaction to the canned dog food? Lacee eats Science Diet's Oral Care dog food, the food is large for her mouth, but that is all she'll eat. I've tried smaller nuggets of dog food, but she'll sniff it then look at me as if to say, "You expect me to eat this?" :?: :lol: All animals are cute with their own personalities.

Hey judi, how are you doing, girl?

Have a great weekend.

09-11-2004, 09:30 PM
Aleka, do you just feed lacee dry food. this is what we are trying to do to tuffy. his teeth are bad so i have to get the tiny ones. but we got purina one and he loves it. yes it was the old canned food that was effecting his bowels and all. hes so much better. so happy we finally decided it was that. oh i sure hope this hurricane is not bothering your place. glad your not there yet. i know you are to. we just never know do we. we had a bit of rain this morning. nice and cool now.. we canned tomatoes all morning. but was cool so i do not mind. I know when you get all settled and moved you will get back with your program. meeting new people and all and it will be good. so just hang in there. prayers with this weather. tuffy says wooofffff lacee
I had my first gain yesterday with a forth of lb. so not worried at all. trying to add carbs and they say at first this is expected. so not that bad. this morning i get up step on scales and down 1.25 so i was happy. i will work hard this week for a good loss. i love this plan is the one for me.

Ledom and Judi... have a good week. hey another gal use to come in here what was her name.. can never remember they come and go alot.. LaDean

09-14-2004, 12:01 AM
Hi everyone!!

Marley kept trying to bite the blow dryer....he is getting quite bossy in his old age, but he smelt better and he sleeps in my bed so a wash was in order. Today I went out into the garden and guess where he had to dig, just where I planted a bunch of tulips and the only muddy spot in the garden.

It is really wet and cold and fall here...My DH is working on some software that he is planning on selling online...I am hoping he will finish soon so we can get on out of Dodge...and go someplace. We have to go to Alberta (where they got SNOW already) and Sask (my brother says they had the rainest summer he can remember in his 47 years) the weather has been crazy all over.

Dieting was bad last week...baking and eating and cooking and eating and watching tv and eating and no writing anything down and NOT drinking water...and 2 days until weigh in day. :o

Do you girls get "Cooking Light"? I have just started getting it...I love that magazine. I got Southern Living's "Christmas 2004" it ever nice. Wonderful recipes and splendid decorating ideas.

You are doing so GOOOOD on your carb watching LaDean :cool:

All these hurricanes are a nail biting experience...I am biting my nails up here for you Alice thinking about your house! The season for hurricanes must be over soon. It will be so exciting to have a new place. I am starting feeling antsy being home all summer and need a travelling change...I hope I get one soon.

What are your new batch of students like Ledom? Sounds like you are really enjoying yoga, that is great. I like TH favourite is Ralph Lauren I think. The stuff is so over priced I think because when it does go on sale it really goes down. We also have Bianca Nygard and it has nice styles and colors. More "drapey" than Ralph. I like drapey type stuff more than the tailored. Even when I was regular weight I felt better in stuff that wasn't so structured. Colors seem pretty much the same as last year and this summer...lots of pink and still lime green.

Enjoy the week everyone :dance:

09-14-2004, 07:48 PM
Good evening,

We are breathing a sigh of relief that Ivan will not be hitting where we are moving to. I do pity the people who will be effected by Ivan. Now they are talking about Jeanne, and depending on where it hits and when, we may be experiencing our first ever FL hurricane, or we may run into it on our way to FL next week. The hurricane season ends Nov. 30th.

Our friends stopped in Sunday morning, and later that day I had lunch with a cousin. I had a couple of painful good-byes to say. Hopefully they will be down to visit.

judi, I have gotten "Cooking Light" magazine and it has a lot of good recipes in it. Another magazine I get is, "Light and Tasty" by Reiman Publications, which also has a lot of other magazines. The recipes are sent in from readers in the U.S. and Canada, and the recipes have nutritional information so that you can figure out the WW point value. It has been a weird summer all around. Here in New England we haven't had a summer to speak of. Usually in July we're in the 90's with high humidity. We only had 1 day that it was just 90 deg. It has been a wet, damp, summer.

LaDean, along with "people" food from the table, Lacee eats dry dog food. It's funny because we've had 3 other Bostons before her, and they would turn their noses to dry dog food. That's good you're not concerned about that little gain. You will find your balance of carbs. The Atkins plan has done wonders for you. After seeing how my cholesterol and triglycerides have gotten higher, once we get settled I am going to start Somersizing again. I have incorporated a lot of her foods already.

ledom, hope things are going well with you this week.

Have a good evening everyone.

09-14-2004, 08:07 PM
Hi Ladies,

Alice I can only imagine what you are experiencing now with your move, saying goodbyes, going to a place that is so different. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.

judi, I like my classes this semester. I have two photo I classes so all those students are new, it is too early to tell specifically but in general they seem like a good group. A couple of obvious slackers, but you always get those. Hopefully there is some good talent among them. I have 17 advanced students this semester. Five are doing independent study and 12 are in my alternative printiing techniques class. I really enjoy these students, for most this is there 3rd or 4th semester with me and I get a kick out of them.

I have something lined up to do for the next 4 weekends. This coming weekend I am going to Memphis to see an exhbit of art from Renaissance Florence with a couple of girlfriends.

The following weekend I'll be camping, then to Wichita Falls, Texas for a conference and then camping again the following weekend. By then it will be time to start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ya'll take care.

09-14-2004, 09:16 PM
Aleka, My prayers are with you for the move and the trip. i know its sure a change weather wise and all. i just hope no bad ones anymore... i think how sad for those people. makes ones like me never complain anymore about our weather be it heat or rain. ha ha yes tuffy use to eat table scarps but got sick on them to rich now hes older. so i am so thankful hes taken up to this dry food. his teeth so bad i just soak it in water drain it and he loves it. says its got it all in it. so i know its better for him. My daughter said when she lefted for work the other morning she wanted me to see him so bad. i was out walking. he was laying on his back snorning away. he has not did this in years. so this i am so thankful for. he says wooofffff to lacee.
Yes this atkins has been a prayer answered for me. as i had no choice i had to get my wt off and get off the sugar. before this debetic thing got worse. My trig's are skyyyyyy high to. another reason i went on the atkins. now watching fats some more to. my friend went on it with all this and her sugar down and trig's and all. so its helped me to know that. yes its going slow now trying to get carbs lined up for me. but i finally decided hey go for 60 a day and then from there. so going for it. scales are down 1.50 this morning . so that made my day.. well hey hang in there.

thoughts for all this day. have a good one. LaDean

09-18-2004, 12:49 PM
Happy Saturday everyone!

We're in the last stages of packing, as we're moving on Tuesday. I've said a few good byes, some tearful and some not, those I prefer. We're bringing my car down to my IL's tomorrow morning. DH will be following me in his truck. The auto transport co. will pick up my car on Monday and drop it off at my door in FL the following Sunday. Monday the movers are coming to wrap and box the furniture, then come back on Tuesday to load the van. We'll be leaving shortly after they do. DH will be disconnecting the computer tomorrow, so I'll be MIA for a while, at least until we get it up and running down there.

LaDean, glad that Tuffy is doing much better. I know it is a huge relief. Lacee knows something is going on and she hasn't left my side for a minute.

ledom, hope you will enjoy the art exhibit this weekend. It sounds like it will be fun. That is something I would love to do sometime. Have a good time on all your trips. Do you plan on doing any kayaking when you go camping? The holiday season is just around the corner. It seems like we just got through celebrating the last holiday season.

judi, how are things going with you?

Well...I won't say good-bye, so I'll "see" you all later! :wave:

09-18-2004, 11:36 PM
Travel safe dear Alice. We look forward to your first post from Florida.

09-19-2004, 11:49 AM
prayes with you for a safe trip alice. hang in there now. things will be good. LaDean

09-21-2004, 01:43 PM
Hi girls!!

Everyone sounds so busy :coffee:

I am not dieting...not pigging out either but not far the weight is the same.

How is Tuffy doing?

We are going on a cross Canada trip with the motor home so we have been getting ready for that. The main place we want to go is Niagara Falls, neither of us have ever been. If we still feel like travelling we are going to go to the NFLd. We are planning a month or so. I hope gas goes down...well, the RV is diesel but it is affected by the price of gas. On the way back we are going to visit my brother and DH's dad. We plan to go leave on Oct. 4. I have to get my hair streaked and cut before then and have a million other little things to do.

We are babysitting the baby this week. It will be fun.

Alice, we will be looking forward to hear about your driving down to Florida experience...also what your first impressions of your new home. What does Laci think of all the moving activity?

Ledom, you will love the exhibit. In the seventies I spent some time in Florence and the art galleries and the museums were out of this world!! I haven't seen a really good exhibit since a year or so ago I saw Georgia O'keefe, Frieda Kahlo and Emily Carr all in one exhibit. It was travelling around North America.

Good for you Ledom on your dedication to exercise.

"Light & Tasty" is a magazine I get. I love it, I got one for my brother too.

LaDean, I guess all the garden produce is in by now, eh? On our trip we will be driving thru the fruit growing region of BC so we hope to pick up a few boxes of things.

That is about all the news I was nice to read what you all are doing. I hope I will be able to get email when I am gone. We no longer have that service that allowed us to email remotely. It was ok when the DH was working but now we would have to pay for it ourselves and it is too expensive. Anyway I will be checking in before I leave for sure.

09-22-2004, 02:08 AM
Hi judi, tuffy is so much better. we are so happy. got him on a hafe aspirn daily and changed his food. that was the cause of his problem right there. cannot believe the change in him.. Yes garden is about over. the tomatoes are anyhows. and cukes to. still getting some of them. these colder nites is not good for tomatoes. but hey we got so many qts like almost 200 right now. so cannot complain. got them in garage to do. we have to pick orange then ripe in garage as of weather we have. not warm enough. but still enjoying eating the garden things. I am still losing so love that. we were with grandaughter tonite her 7th birthday. i told her how happy i was 7 years ago to be a grandma. she thought that was neat. you are so lucky to get to watch yours. have fun.. well to all ahve a great week. LaDean

09-26-2004, 12:12 PM
judi - I just wanted to wish you pleasant travels. Your trip sounds like so much fun and what a wonderful time of year to be out and about.

LaDean - I am harvesting my basil today. I making it all up into pesto and freezing it.

Diet and exercise has been sliding miserably since starting back to work. Today is my first day back into some serious business w/ both.

09-27-2004, 10:11 AM
Ledom. oh sounds like fun. i have never raised the herbs and all. they sound interesting my neighbor does. someday maybe i will. we are done with tomatoes now a light frost got them. so may have a few cucumbers lefted. its my apples now i will be busy with.. so will do some of them today.. Your doing good to get back to your program and all. thats what its all about us going back and moving forward. have a good day..

Aleka, thinking of you and the huricanes.... i guess your moved by now.. hope ok and all. tuffy says wooofffffff lacee..

Judi glad all is going good your way. glad your enjoying the grandson. always fun... have a good day.

to all who come by this board a good day .. LaDean

09-27-2004, 10:19 AM
Morning LaDean, Looks like it is just you and me while our buddies are out moving and traveling. I worked out this a.m., it was kind of puny but it was a start back in the right direction. I cooked for the week yesterday as well. So no excuses, just one foot in front of the other. I hope your day goes well.

09-27-2004, 07:20 PM
I'm Baaaaack!

We made it to FL all in one piece. We arrived at the house on Thurs. around 5:00 pm, only to find that they had just laid the ceramic tile, sans grout, that day. We had no bathroom facilities so we had to find a motel room that would allow Lacee for a couple of days. We did find one, but they weren't taking reservations. Rooms were on a first come first serve basis because of all the displaced people and work crews from Charley. DH explained our situation. The desk clerk said that they had 2 rooms available and if we could get there before they were taken we could have 1. We rushed right over and we were able to snag a room for a couple days. We officially moved into the house on Sat. just in time for our welcome from Jeanne. We were extremely fortunate, as we were just south of the storm so all we got was high winds and a lot of on and off rain. We never lost our power, TV, or phone. There was considerable damage just a few towns north of us. Our furniture is sitting someplace in North Carolina because of Jeanne and we don't expect delivery until sometime later this week. We've started having the new carpeting put in, that is a 2 day job. The living room is done, now all that's left are the bedrooms.

Needless to say I haven't been dieting at all. Things are in such a turmoil.

judi, your trip sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I hope you have a good time. You will get in the mood to diet again. I have a friend who has lost 45 lbs. doing WW and she really looks fabulous.

LaDean, glad that Tuffy is doing well. Lacee seems to be doing ok in the new house. Once we get our furniture in she'll probably feel more comfortable. Lacee says "WOOF!"

ledom, it sounds like you're getting back on track. Good for you! I want to start walking again ASAP.

Have a good night ladies.

09-27-2004, 07:42 PM
Ah Alice!!! I am so happy to hear from you. Sounds like Jeanne was good to you - I'm so glad you avoided damage. Maybe the hurrican season is over for this year! I sure hope so. Thanks for checking in. You'll get back w/ your routines soon I am sure. It is 6 p.m. and I have had my first legal day in a couple of weeks. I am not beating myself up over this, I thoroughly enjoyed my break. But....I was starting to feel icky and it was time to get my good habits back I am ready. Anyway, I won't weigh again for a few days. Once again, so good to hear from you Alice. Sounds like you are fixing up your new house really nice.

09-28-2004, 01:38 PM
Aleka.. so glad your in your place and all is safe and sound. i was thinking about you. tuffy says woooofffff hes happy lacee. glad winds and rain was all you got of it. glad you found a motel those 2 nites to. but once it will all be done and you all 3 can just lay back and relax. ha ha do not blame you not staying with a plan so much to do. you have plenty time once settled to get back with it and all. you will to.. our garden is done. so got enough cukes to pickle yesterday.. the gal is done that was taking them. so no waste at our place. ha ha tomatoes are gone. eating my last one today. i will truly miss those. still making some apple sauce from our little trees. then its all done for year. i have not been walking just to tired. not really an excuse. but today i plan to get some kind of exercise in for sure. i am only 1.50 lbs away from goal. hoping so much to have reached it friday. so being a gooddddddd girllllll. ha ha well hey have a good day.

Ledom and Judi... sounds like all is going good y our way to. i am so happy. have a good one .....LaDean

10-01-2004, 07:35 AM
Good morning,

I can't believe it's October 1st! Our furniture still hasn't arrived. DH called the moving company and the man said that the moving van was on its way, but because of hurricane Jeanne they called the trucks back to NH. Since the driver had driven all the hrs. he is allowed, the truck had been sitting in NH for a few days. He said we'd get delivery Sun. or Mon. I just want to sleep in my own bed!!! WAHHHH!

DH & I have already gotten our new drivers licenses and registered our vehicles. We are all set in that dept. We left Lacee home for the first time and I think it was more traumatic for us than it was for her.

LaDean, you are doing so well. Did you make your goal? That is fantastic only being one lb. or so from goal. Atkins really works for you. When will you have your blood work redone? I bet your anxious to see how good your numbers will be.

ledom, have you weighed in yet and if so, how did it go? It's amazing how icky you can feel after not eating right. I can't wait for our things to get here so that we can start having healthier meals. Now I am relying on frozen dinners and restaurants. I am not a big fan of frozen meals, but I have found Life Choice brand which is low carb, very filling, and very good. They are in the same calorie range as Lean Cuisine or WW Smart Ones, but you get so much more to eat.

judi, you must be on your cross country trip by now. Hope you're having a wonderful time.

Have a good day everyone.

10-01-2004, 02:31 PM
Aleka, i bet you are anxious to have your bed. glad its on the glad your there and all is ok. oh i know when i have to leave tuffy i am worse then he. he has good care as hes with hubby and d. but i just hate to leave him.. glad she done ok.. glad your doing ok with your eating and all. I loss 1.50 lbs this morning. 2.50 away from goal. i was closer but scales were different. oh well its close enough for me.. got to do it this week. trying anyhow..

Ledom and Judi... have a good day. glad all is going great with the both of you...


10-04-2004, 02:28 PM
GOOD MORNING EVERYONE,. A good one here. never got walk in but i will ride my exercise bike . i been cleaning. a day of no canning so other things to be done. ha just got apples to do. so hope everyone had a great weekend in. i did. scales just up a hafe lb this morning. so that is not that bad. after a potluck at church and all. vacation trip in another couple weeks. so i am going to be good and eat right also.. have a good day to all. LaDean

10-04-2004, 07:35 PM

I am having a very bad day today. DH talked with the moving company last Wed. and they said the furniture would be here either Sunday or Monday (today). DH called them this morning and the truck is still sitting in NH, and they say we won't see them until Fri. They loaded our furniture 2 weeks ago tomorrow (Tues.). DH just about bit the poor guy's head off. I have had just about enough sitting in our lawn chairs and sleeping on a blow-up mattress. Needless to say I am very upset by the news. The good news is, I didn't run out and buy a pint of Ben & Jerry's Super Fudge NY Chunk to consume in one sitting. :lol:

LaDean, glad that your diet is going so well. Did you ride your exercise bike?

Hope you all have a great evening.

10-04-2004, 09:28 PM
Aaarrrrggghhhhh Alice, I really feel for you. Hope the furniture gets there soon!

I am just piddling around trying to get serious on my diet again. I was out of town Th-Sun which was hard and tired today. But I am determined to get things going again ASAP.

10-09-2004, 12:21 AM
HI, I gained this morning. knew i would as i fixed a stew last week . trying to add carbs and not gain. but its taking time i guess. was up 1.50 . but i will lose this week. good luck aleka, Ledom and Judi... hope all is fine with all of you. LaDean

10-09-2004, 03:07 PM
Saturday morning hi to Aleka, lacee(woof from tuffy) Ledom, Judi. and others that come in. I hope your day is going good. for me it is. down this morning what i gained yesterday. so happy. its a new day. canned the last of the apple sauce. garden is plowed under and all is done. we are so thankful to have a good garden season. my flowers were so pretty this year to.. I just hope winter is mild. ha I never walked this morning but rode exercise bike 2 miles. may do more today. No line dance was cancelled as not enough signed up for it. darn... i was anxious for it.. oh well will do it on my own. ha sticking to my plan . just adding more carbs and trying to get that amt for me. so its an adjustment to.. taking it slow. 4lbs to go to goal. so i will do it.. I hope all of you have a great day. LaDean

10-10-2004, 12:14 PM
LaDean you are so close to your goal! Sorry your dance class didn't make, that sounded like fun. Our drought finally broke. It hadn't rained in 45 days and now it hasn't stopped raining for 4 days. It's either feast or famine around here.

Alice, did your furniture arrive? I sure hope so.

Well girls, I am starting something new today. South Beach. I just needed to shake myself up a little bit and I think this two week phase I is just the thing to do it.

judi, hope all is well with you and that you get to check in soon.

10-10-2004, 01:21 PM
Good morning,

LaDean, you are doing so great. That's a shame about the line dancing. From what I've seen, it looks like a lot of fun. Maybe if they offer it again more will sign up.

ledom, that's great you're trying something new. It's good to shake things up once in a while. That way you never get bored. Will you still be doing your BFL training? I've decided to try the new WW Core program. I bought the materials to start. I am going to do my best and start tomorrow. Our stuff finally arrived and we're in the process of unpacking boxes. I've unpacked my pots and pans and more than ready to cook. DH has the grill all set up, all he has to do get a full propane tank and we'll be "cooking". Let us know how Phase I is going for you.

Have a wonderful day.

10-11-2004, 04:24 PM
Aleka, I am 1 lb from my goal today. so happy. have loss 3 lb since friday. so happy with today. thanks. i feel so much better. They said they would offer it again next fall. so maybe. i just turn on music and do the dances i remembered. is fun.. well hope you got your furniture and things are going ok now... woof tuffy says to lacee//

Ledom. thanks. Oh the SB plan i went on it and loss it. a good plan. i like it.
you 2 have a great day.... LaDean

10-11-2004, 06:39 PM
Good evening,

LaDean, congratulations for being 1 lb. from goal. :high: You must be thrilled. Dancing is a fun way to get exercise in.

ledom, how is SB diet coming along?

Have a good night.

10-12-2004, 11:22 AM
Aleka, thanks so much. i am so excited yes. can hardly wait till friday wish it was here already. ha especially saturday morning. ready for my vacation. but will miss tuffy alot. he has his good and bad days of getting around mostly. just searches house for me all the time. but he has good tenderly care with d and h. so i am thankful for that. well hows it going in Florida. quiten down some i guess. I hope you all are getting settled in more and all. Hows lacee doing?

Ledom. let us know how the SB is going? i liked the plan. almost like the atkins. similar i should say...

Have a good day.. Oh Judiiiiii where are you? busy with the grandson i bet.

10-12-2004, 12:16 PM
Hey girls, sor far so good with South Beach. Into day 3 now. Alice, no I am not exercising and haven't been the last couple weeks. Don't know, I am just tired from work and then running around on weekends. I must get back to it though.

Alice, I bet you are really feeling more like home now that you have your stuff. Do you still love your house?

LaDean, I thought you must be doing something like sout beach when I read the book. The clue was you always mention slowly adding back carbs. I miss my oatmeal in the morning. On the other hand the change is good and I am enjoying some new things to eat. It was time to shake things up a little.

10-12-2004, 03:01 PM
Ledom. yes went on it and then loss good. but went off and got back on the atkins. but its all the same in ways. i like both.. you will like it.. there is alot a person can have. i missed the fruit on it. but then decided hey that is why i gain is to much fruit. then found out i a border line debetic. so that put some scare in me. that is when i decided to go on atkins. its worked. and i am so thankful for that. good luck to you. i been slow on exercise also. got to get with it. ha i will saturday running all over reno. ha ha can hardly wait. ready for a vacation. still a lb away today. so hope by friday i have it off. ha ha have a good day.,

aleka, hows the new home???? fun i bet now your getting all settled down and all. Hope so..

10-12-2004, 05:13 PM
Good afternoon,

ledom, glad South Beach is going well for you. How long do you plan on staying on Phase I? You can add oatmeal back into your diet in Phase II. Then it will taste sooooo gooooood. Yep, it's starting to feel more like home. Even Miz Lacee is feeling better. The windowsills on our front windows reach almost to the floor. Whenever we come home from running errands, Lacee is lying on the floor looking out the window for us. They're a perfect height for her, as she can watch the comings and goings on "her" street. I do still love the house, but I do miss the house in NH. I have found to my dismay that I don't have as many kitchen cabinets in this house as I had in NH. So, it looks like I'm going to have to do some downsizing. I know I'm sure liking the weather here in FL a lot better. I haven't gotten into the swing of exercising yet. What I have been doing is putting whatever box I'm unpacking at the time in another room so that I have to make quite a few trips. That's about it.

LaDean, you will reach your goal on Friday. I just know it. You have done so well on your plan. I'm sure you'll get a pleasant surprise when you have your bloodwork done again. Lacee says "WOOF" to Tuffy. When will you be leaving for your vacation and how long will you be gone? I bet you are getting excited about your trip.

Have a great evening ladies.

10-13-2004, 11:12 AM
Aleka, wooofffff says tuffy to lacee. enjoy the sun he says. he is going to start missing it around here. he hates the rain. but so far its not started coming. lol

Yes i hope friday. things are still looking good. i have been praying and being good. its so exciting for me. i look at my other pictures and can then notice a change. see it that is. i notice it for sure all this new energy i have. I leave Saturday morning for Reno. stay till Tuesday. this is a yearly trip for my sister in law and i. my sister and i did this for years. then she passed away in 1994 so now we go. so neat and alot of fun. she has a aunt and uncle there and get to see them to.. we have a rent a car so is nice. if we get tired of spending money in slots. ha ha we just go shopping. the casino were staying has a big ex room. its got windows all in it and over looks the mountains and all. from picture it looks so neat. so we are taking our suits to it has a huge zucuci. (missspelled) so thought we would try it out to. is on like the 17th floor so would not be out in public going to it. ha ha

oh your new place sounds cute. glad your getting things like you want more and all. oh the windows are my thing. i love having windows to see out. tuffy use to but does not get up on things now to see out since hes blind. i do believe he can see some in his one little eye.. well hey i will let you know all about my trip. enjoy the florida sunshine,. LaDean

10-14-2004, 12:32 PM
OK ladies, I started a new thread for us. See you there.