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little chick
06-21-2004, 01:45 AM
Morning is 1:32 am and I am wide awake so I thought I would start us off good and early this morning then I am back to bed for a bit before the wild ones show up full of chatter as it is the first day of vacation :eek: they are always wild on the first monday.
I hope all had a great fathers day yesterday. We had a nice one we went beachcombing for sea glass, then we were off to the lake to visit with DH's family, the ladies left the dad's with the children for a little swimming and bonding and we were off to the second hand store. I bought a pair of pink lounge pants.( sorry Ellis :lol: ) and a green shortie shirt and a little beach wrap for one of the girls. It was slim pickings lots of moms out shopping on dad's dad. Then we came home and went to the board walk to watch DH play beach volley ball. Came home and called my daddy, who lives in Yellowknife then went to bed. It was a great day. Well I think I might be sleepy enough to go off to bed but I will share a nice picture I took with you. We also seen a sea worm anyone ever see one of them. YUCK.

06-21-2004, 06:25 AM
Great picture, Little Chick. I can smell the sea!

No moaning this Monday although I do have a sore shoulder from digging yesterday afternoon. Yes, I could have left it for Sarah but I wanted to do more planting and enjoy being alone out there in the lovely afternoon.

After Church yesterday, two friends from Church came to see the gardens. Christine is really keen to get a garden going and was checking out what blooms in June. Of course I gave her a bouqet and then took a picture for future reference. I'd post it but the camera was set to high resolution and the darn thing is 1.8 MB! I wish I was better at resizing!

This morning I have a load of jeans started and will hang them outdoors as soon as they are finished. They take so long to dry! The Girls and I will walk down for the paper after eight, depending on Harry's situation, and then Sarah comes at nine for gardening. I have about 30 daylilies for her to move along the sunny side of the dog privacy fence. I've no idea what colour they are but that are supposed to be "assorted". I'll be pretty PO'd if they are all orange!

It's a busy week coming up with lots on the schedule so I'd better move my fluffy butt and get started.

I'll leave the coffee, tea and OP breakfast stuff on the deck for you.

06-21-2004, 07:43 AM
Good morning, Chicks~~

No moaning here. I now have to give a slightly larger number when someone asks my age, but I still feel like a young chick mentally. :twirly:

Had a great weekend. Went to see The Stepford Wives. Wicked funny. Great plot twist at the end.

Dinner was at Dante's Down the very favorite Atlanta restaurant. Had their Mandarin fondue. Chicken, shrimp, and beef with mushrooms and squash. Passed on dessert. Stopped at the store for some yummy strawberries instead. :D

Yesterday I made my Famous Rotisserie Chicken, sour cream and dill potato salad (which I did not eat) sliced tomatoes and grilled squash.

Since today is my *real* birthday, dd spent all day yesterday making me a carrot cake. It looks so scrumtious. I DO plan on having some this evening. Dinner will be leftovers since I also must take Pester Ann to the vet. Then, it's back to business for me tomorrow morning.

Has anyone tried that new Dannon yogurt that is supposed to be low carb? Sweetened with Splenda. It's okay, but I wouldn't want it on a regular basis. Has sort of a fake texture to it. I wonder why they feel the need to things like carrageenan and guar gum to something that is naturally thick in the first place :?:

Oooh, just looked at the clock...need to get in the shower... You all have great day on the Beach!


06-21-2004, 09:37 AM
LC Your picture is beautiful!! There are so many beautiful places out there- too bad one of them is NOT the Dallas area!

Ruth I will cross my fingers for the assorted colors. :)

We wound up having a great Father's Day! DD was too cute- we were on our way home at about 9:15 and she is chanting in the car "We wuv Daddy! We wuv Daddy!" Over and over, as loud as can be. All of a sudden it is silent and she is totally asleep. Too cute...... that child adores her father- we have GOT to have a boy, so I can get someone on my "team". :lol:

I did wind up being OP all weekend with the exception of a Bud Light on Saturday night. Yippee!

06-21-2004, 09:44 AM
Happy Monday all!

In response to Jenne's question-
In the South Beach Diet cookbook, Dr. A states that whiskey is bad because it converts to sugar immediately. This is the only one I took notice of because I like Jack-we're good friends really. Plus red wine had great benefits. I don't remember reading this in the normal SB book though. Vodka and Gin are usually pretty safe. Anyone else???


06-21-2004, 09:45 AM
Little Chick, what a beautiful photo! We're definitely heading east again next summer. Newfoundland this time, I think.
Your Dad lives in Yellowknife!? :yikes: You can't get much further away than that! You must miss him. :(
Hey, pink lounge pants sound COOL! :smoking: It's just those pink tops with ... never mind. I may get myself into trouble here if I go any further. :lol3:

Ruthie, enjoy your gardening day!! You've reminded me that I need to dig up some stuff from Mom's garden before they sell the house...

Mamacita, I don't know if you realize this, but your entire post is all about FOOD!!! :lol3: I'm glad you had a good birthday weekend!! :)

I'm getting ready for my appointment with my psychi. He's noticed that I haven't much to talk about since the onset of Dad's illness. I think I'm just drained emotionally, and don't have much to say about myself. I suppose I could make something up... :lol:
And that laundry thing is happening again. I think this'll be the fourth time I've washed this load. :rolleyes:

We had a very nice day yesterday with Dad. Well, Mom created a little tension and I snapped at her. I must remember to tell my psychi that. He'll be so proud of me. :rofl: He's determined to whip the British reserve right out of me.

I hope everyone has a good day!! :grouphug:

06-21-2004, 09:46 AM
Karen, what a sweetie. :lol: I hear ya... our daughter is "Daddy's girl", and our son is a "Momma's boy". :D

06-21-2004, 09:50 AM
Hello everyone

Little Chick, great picture. A sea worm??? What is that?? :p

I had a weekend of preserving.......well, not quite true but as I am phase one I cant eat the cherries that were bought for me so I put them in a bottle of brandy with some sugar and cinnamon to be opened in a couple of years time (hopefully by me and not by an adolescent visitor who will have the cherry brandy initiation.......remember that one? :p although I think they all have alchopops now, whatever that is). Inspired on the transforming of fruit front I then made some rhubarb schanpps, again for future consumption (basically vodka with rhubarb and sugar. I though of doing it with splenda but that joy awaits another day). Then I dropped a vanilla pod in the rest of the vodka, to make christmas vanilla vodka. By then I will be so thin I will need fattening up with all these strange concoctions. I am certain of it.

Ruth, hope the day lillies turn out appropriately multicoloured. I had some wall flowers (mixed) this year and gave a couple of plants to Hanna on the allotments and she said 'I hope I shall get purple ones' in her very Germanic way, and I worried for months until they came in to flower. She got one purple one ('I hope it will come true to type in the seed?' eeek! more months of worry for me).

Mamacita you have a great birthday and enjoy the carrot cake.

So now I have to go and pick up my old cat's ashes from the vet.....yes, during my absence from the beach he finally surcumbed to his old age illness and passed away two weeks ago. :( . He was 16, and by the end he was so ill, I should have called the vet before I suppose but I did not. I am not sure that I really believe in that euthanasia thing. Hmmm. It's a dont know for me. Any how, in the end that is what happened, and our little household here has lost its alpha male.

have a good day everyone. xx

06-21-2004, 09:53 AM
VTProp, I moved your post... happy Monday to you, too!!

:( Clovey, I'm so sorry about your dear cat. :grouphug:

little chick
06-21-2004, 10:11 AM
This is a sea worm..... there were hundreds all over this small little beach that we found you had to be careful were you stepped. :^:

06-21-2004, 10:28 AM
Eww! :fr: That worm is definitely yucky looking, and I like worms! I thought it would be more like a sea cucumber or something (which are wonderful and soft!)

Ruth, I wish you luck on the daylillies. I love their lush foliage, but the yellow and orange colors are pretty boring and commonplace. I would love to have some pink ones!

Clovey, what are wallflowers like? Do they climb? Hanna sounds so quaint! :D So sorry to hear about your cat. :grouphug: We lost ours when she was 15, and though she had a long life, we still missed her horrible and still do. All that preserving sounds delicious!

Happy Birthday, Mamacita! :hat: I'm so glad you were able to stay OP and enjoy yourself! What did you did the meat and veggies in for that fondue...was it cheese? What kind? Sounds delicious!

Ellis, :bravo: for standing up to your mom! This Father's Day must have been really hard for you and you didn't need her stuff on top of it! YGG!!! :cp: Glad you had a good day with your dad, otherwise. Your sweethearts sound wonderful. My poor dad is a bit adrift...all three of the girls are momma's girls in our family. He was so excited when I got married and he had DH to hang out with! :lol:

Stayed mostly OP all weekend in spite of venturing to new restaurants and being in a rebellious mood as a result of Friday's lunch mishaps. We went to the fabulous Italian restaurant near us on's very modern for our area. Had the most incredible appetizer...a portabello mushroom with plum tomatoes, spinach, feta, and covered in mozz. cheese and soaked in balsamic vinegar. It was tangy and cheesy and soooo good! :T I had chicken piccata (unfried) and a side of spaghetti with garlic and olive oil. Put balsamic vin. and olive oil on my salad and gave my croutons to DH. All in all, it was a good dinner...high on the fats a bit, but really good and satisfying. Asked for no bread even though their ciabiatta is to die for!

On Saturday, at the alumni lunch, I had a tofu dog with mustard and some lettuce and tomatoes. It was a depressing looking lunch, but I just tried to get over myself and spend the time talking. No one really looked askance at me, so that was good. :D We had a wondeful dinner on Saturday...DH suggested I use the extra broccoli in the fridge to make a broccoli cheese soup. It was fantastic!!! Not super low fat, but low enough for me, and with a low enough starch content that I didn't count it for my starch. I'll post the recipe in the forum under Phase 2 Misc. (Ruth and Ellis, can we get a soup category in the recipe forums?)

Didn't do too much all weekend. Have to work all next weekend, so did some relaxing in preparation. ;) Played a lot of Civilization, a computer sim game, and did chores 'round the house. Finally washed the dog, who was really ready for a bath, and watched a couple movies with DH.

Tonight we're making Middle Eastern kabobs with cucumber sauce and tabouleh with feta cheese. Yum! :T

Hope everyone has a wonderful SBD day! :sunny:

06-21-2004, 11:34 AM
Mornin' all!

Clovey - My heart goes out to you for your lost kitty buddy. Our longest lived pet was "Mama Kitty." She stayed with us for about 18 years, though she was full grown with kittens when we found her along the country road I grew up on. Who knows how old she really was?! For a long time after she died, I could swear I saw her slinking around corners and still expected her to greet me when I came home. It's just like losing family. :(

For those of you who live near Cracker Barrel restaurants, I discovered on Sunday that they've added a very nice low-carb menu for breakfast and dinner! I have really missed having breakfast out on the weekends, so this was a very happy surprise for me.

Looking forward to a relaxing Monday at work as my long-winded office mate is out of town and my boss is on vacation! If I'm lucky, I'll be able to break out of this joint early. :D

06-21-2004, 11:59 AM
well morning everyone!!
crazy busy at work today (again) so i will apologize for the scattered thoughts, misspelled words, horrible use of the english language and not addressing everyone seperately before i start :D

we had a nice but hectic weekend, i again ate too much and fell off plan a dozen times, i am starting p1 today for the 30,000th time and i know i will get it right sooner or later.

jenn- sounds like you had a great time at your party glad you are feeling better. i'm with you on the mixed drink thing. i have fallen in love with bacardi vanilla rum and diet vanilla pepsi. i don't think it is allowed but it sure is good. i'm not a big fan of wine it gives me a headache.

ellis- glad you had a nice visit with dad, don't let mom get to you. so now dad has a big ghetto blaster and his bag possible next gift might be a little bling-bling :lol3: tell the psyche you were told "if you have nothing nice to say....don't say nothing at all" hang in there girlie

ruth- i love the red hat thing it sounds like such fun!! i have about a gozillion orange daylilies if you need some???

laurie- glad your weekend was good!! the italian place sounds great!!

mama- have a great day!!!

clovey- so sorry about your kitty!! your fruity drink mixes sound great, do you go by recipes or just make them up as you go along??

everyone else hello and have a great day on the beach!!

sweet tooth
06-21-2004, 12:07 PM
Good morning...

I am amazed that this is called Monday moanings... I am certainly moaning this morning. First day that I am out of bed after my surgery last Thursday and feeling sorry for myself. I had wild imaginings that I would be back to work today, but I am just getting out of bed.

Since Thursday I have eaten 2 omellets, 2 bowls of yogurt, 1 beef patty and 1 cheese stick...and drank lots of water. Hopefully, by tomorrow I will be eating more and feeling better.

The bonus is that the weight has come down a few pounds, but not that much. I thought that not eating would be a huge loss, but I guess any loss is OK.

Wishing everyone a great week and I will drop in within the next day or two.

Take care...

06-21-2004, 01:18 PM
Mornin' mornin'...

being 3 hours behind most of you (in California) I feel so far behind when I get up and everyone has been posting posting posting! :^:

Big news here today is "Spaceship One" ... the morning news is reporting that we're waiting for them to come land, but so far so good!

Jenne... we were just reading the SBD book the other day... it says (page 56) "Wine, and even whiskey, are safer bets [than beer] because they're made from differnt grains, vegetables, or fruit. Not that whiskey is part of any serious weight-loss effort, of course. White wine is better. Best of all is red wine, because it brings with it some significant, proven cardiac benefits thans to the resveratrol contained in the grape skins." there ya go.. :halffull:

Sounds like everyone had a nice weekend :D

We DID finally get the living room cleaned up a bit... and it was decided that I'm NOT going to do the summer practicum. SO... now I have more time to devote to chores and me. I'm actaully kinda relieved. Unfortunately no grocery shopping got done :halfempty and I still don't have a scale! I'll have to go off in search of one today.

I spoke with a young woman that is looking to do a 1/2 lease on one of her horses and sounds like a good situation for both of us. When I told her that I'm overweight and if she was uncomfortable with a rider that's over 200 pounds she needed to let me know she was plesantly emphatic that it was not a problem, she said that her saddle would most likely fit me and stuff... I hope to hear from her by Wed. about meeting her and the horse.

Saturday night we went out to dinner at a local itallian resturant that has some lower carb dishes, the also have spelt and soy pastas which are low carb... I ordered chicken picatta with fresh veggies instead of pasta, Rob had some steak thing. Saturday afternoon Rob was doing a favor for another part of his army unit (not paid, taking equipment to them and hanging out with this guy from Arizona). They went to lunch and I happened to call him while they were waiting for their lunch. When he told me he was having fish taco's for lunch I was floored (remember we've been doing this together and we JUST STARTED phase 2 on saturday).

My husband is not the best thinker when it comes to things... sometimes I don't know if he just lies to me when I ask him what his thought process was or when I ask for more details (like was the fish plain or coated in breadcrumbs/batter and he claims not to know or remember). He said that he didn't think fried was bad. I'm like when did fried foods stop being bad? He says we fry things all time... I'm lost... he says we fry eggs... I point out that there's a big difference between a quick squirt of soy, canola or olive oil from a can and deep fried food.

I don't want to be the food police, lord knows that I have more than twice as much weight to loose as he does and he can probably get away with having two fish tacos and still loose weight but this isn't just about loosing weight... this is about his family history of poor cardiac health, and his Dad having had type 2 diabetes and like 3 coronary artery bypass grafts (CABG) and multiple heart attacks and dying from complications of his last CABG. :( I swear sometimes he just flat out doesn't think.

We went and saw my Dad for Father's Day. My (step)Mom had tried to make things that would be on plan for us. All of the sudden she's lost like 20 pounds and almost looks too thin... For dinner there was a dressed salad made with those fancy greens that always taste bitter to me but I forced it down because I wanted the fiber... chicken breasts that my dad made cooked in a marinade that I later found out was made with orange juice and probably not the fresh kind (sugar), corn, and bbq'd red pepers and zuchini. She served cut up white nectarines and blueberries along with the FF coolwhip and some carb solutions mint/chip ice cream.

After eating the fruit (and I mean like within 15 minutes!) I felt hungrier than before I ate. :( I had about 2 or 3 tablespoons of the icecream becuase there's no added sugar and it's loaded with cellulose and some protien and I hoped that would help... it seemed to. Maybe I had too much fruit... I don't know. I'm nervous about adding in carbs, I don't want to wind up gaining back what I've lost so far... and to top it off it's almost my TOM and I usually feel bloated.

Hoping for a good week...


06-21-2004, 03:10 PM
I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't think Monday's should even be an official day of the week...ugh.

At work early this AM in the education department. Was on call for the ER all day yesterday, but didn't have to go in. They were able to handle it all without me. Yippee.

Staying away from scary foods still, but have been so hungry that I'm eating more than I should of the legal foods. Ate fruit like a madwoman yesterday. I made my husband a burnt sugar cake for Father's Day. We all love it. It's frosting is a cooked cream, butter, sugar thing that is to die for. I didn't have any. Last night he's having a bowl of ice cream and a big old slice of cake, my son is having a hot pocket thingy dripping with cheese and my daughter is eating about her third piece of cake....I finally lost it! I told the pigs in my house that it was about time they quit pigging out in front of me!!!! None of the people in my house are overweight and it isn't fair. Anyway, I left the room and ate an apple! :smug:

Haven't stepped on the scales today. I'm trying to breakup with "him" after my week in Nashville. I just can't believe that "he'll" ever be true to me again so I'm thinking I should see "him" less. I might invite "him" over on Thursday. :dizzy:

Well, now you know how looney I am! :lol:

Hope you all have a great Moanday!

06-21-2004, 04:43 PM
Morning all.

No time to read as I am at work and busy, but didn't want you to think I was dead or that I gave up.

My computer has a virus on it. I tried buying software to no avail. So I am a SOL for a while at home with no access to the internet.

I ate carrot cake today. It was yummy. I have a stomach ache now, but it was worth it.

Other than that, things are ok. Hope all is well with you all!

06-21-2004, 05:26 PM
Jenn, I hope your computer gets fixed! What a mess!

ADD, so sorry about the way your DH is carrying on. I totally understand your feelings. I know my DH is probably smarter than me...he's a PhD wielding scientist/engineer who is speaking Greek to me when he talks about what he does at work. But he can't seem to grasp simple food rules, and has no interest in doing so. I, like you, have much more to lose than he does, but I worry about his health. His grandfather, mother, and sister all have heart problems. He just doesn't seem to get it...I can totally see him saying the same stuff about the fish. Oy! [throwing hands up in the air, dramatically] Men! :p On the fruit, I find that I do better when I combine it with some protein. Try berries with yogurt or cottage cheese, apples with peanut butter, pears with Laughing Cow cheese, etc. That keeps me from feeling hungry and craving. I also do best when I have them as a snack, sandwiched between meals. If I had it for dessert, I know I'd be off ransacking the kitchen! ;) I wish you so much luck with the horse. Stop worrying about your weight, ADD! Imagine what it would feel like for him to sit on you! :lol: You are going to feel like a feather on that horse's back, and you'll look gorgeous while doing it! YGG! :high: :grouphug:

RN, :bravo: for eating an apple! That is so amazing!!! And super congrats for standing up for yourself in front of your family. They need to understand how hard this is for you and how important it is that you lose this weight so they can enjoy having you around for many, many years! My mom's big weakness is mayonnaise. I remember when she was dieting and we were little, we used to wrap the jar in napkins so she couldn't see it when we were using it. :lol: We just wanted to make it as easy for her as we could. I hope your family gets it and starts supporting you with what they do! In the meantime, pat yourself on the back for a job well done! I am with you on the scale boycott. Mine has been jumping around so much that I am pretty darn ready to go on a "break" (to quote Rachel and Ross) with "him"! I've been bouncing around between 187.5 and 185 for more than a week now. And my diet has not changed much at all. I'm exercising like a crazy person. I'm drinking almost a gallon of water a day. Yes. I'm having a pity party, and you can all come, but my scale can't! :lol: :devil: Today I was thinking of cheating on "him" with the scale at the gym, but I figured two wrongs don't make a right... :lol3:

Sweet Tooth, glad you are recuperating well. Don't push yourself too hard...believe me, you'll regret it. I'm saying that from experience! Remind me of what your surgery was for? Hope that you can eat more healthy foods soon to help you heal!

Fuzzy, thanks for the tip! We always stop at Cracker Barrel on our way on long trips. Good to know they'll have something for us to eat, though we did pretty good on other trips with just our SBD book and good guesses. It's nice to know that stuff is OP for sure, though!

06-21-2004, 06:28 PM
Hi everyone, I just wanted to stop in and say hi. My progress has been moving along, however, I did go back to phase 1 for a little bit. I am a little worried moving back to phase 2 since I stopped losing for 2.5 weeks when I did the last time. BUt I am going to give it a try regardless.

Laurie you are doing AMAZING!!! I think your loss is astounding in the amount of time you have been on this. And you are so darn postitve! It is so great to see.

Jenn: My two fav desserts are carrot cake and cheesecake so I am super jealous. Glad you enjoyed it. My comp has a virus too. Darn those hackers with no lives.

RNMom: I can't believe your willpower. I almost cave when my bf eats something off plan that I don't even LIKE. I still want it. I can't imagine 3 people eating yummy things. Good job on the apple!

LittleChick: Nice pic you have, kinda looks like one of the many harbours here around Halifax. :) I can't believe you were up for the day at 1:30, hopefully you did get a nap in before the day began.

Ruth: Hope your shoulder feels better. I hurt mine in a car accident a few months ago and it still twinges once in awhile.

Mamacita: Happy birthday!! I have never had a fondue before (well a chocolate one with fruit) but never a dinner one. It sounds amazing. What do they use for the dipping stuff or is it just oil to cook the meat?

Kiko: That is so cute about 'daddys little girl' I think it is awesome when a daughter loves her daddy so much. Hopefully you'll get a "mamas boy' (in a good way of course)

Eliis: I'm sorry you are so drained with your fathers illness. My bf is going through the same thing right now. Maybe you can do something just for you that will make you feel good. *Hugs to you*

Clovey: sorry about your kitty. At least he lived a long life with his mommy. :)

Whew there are so many people on this thread. I wish I could get here earlier to say hi to everyone! So I am saying hi to you all now. Hope you have a great week. I just wanted you to know that I didn't drop off the face of the earth, I am still here and doing well with SBD, even though I haven't been posting much. Hope you are all well.

little chick
06-21-2004, 09:29 PM
Hi chickies just popping in to say good night. I am sitting here with a mask on my face and my feet in my foot massaging bath. I thought that maybe if I started doing a few nice things for myself I would get this butt back on track. Beachgal and RN I am with you on those darn scales. I did break up with mine I have not been on them for over a week. TOM is just around the bend so I really have been avoiding them. Probably not a good thing. But that is life. Steph we do have lots of warfs around here as an hour up the road is lots of little fishing places. Well I have to go dh can't find the cell and he is off to baseball. See ya all.

06-21-2004, 10:40 PM
Evening chickies!

Sorry to hear of the lost love for the scales. I must confess that when I did my weekly "official" weigh in today that I almost french kissed mine! :dance: I finally broke into the 150s. Granted- 159, but it has been more than four years since I have weighed below 160. I am so pumped!!!!!!! :cloud9: I may not make it to my goal by the time we get pregnant, but I KNOW I can lose the weight afterwards.

We had a great evening at my parents. DH was at work, so I made the Taco Bake for them for dinner and then went swimming with DD, my mom, and brother. Very fun and relaxing as my body is achy due to TOM.

Have a super evening and thank you girls for all of your support. It truly does make a difference!!