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04-11-2001, 06:11 PM
Hello and welcome to the Thin Group! We are a great group of ladies (but men are welcome if there are any who care to join us) who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight in 2000. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another. Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

Please feel free to check out our website and learn more about us at:

Love, CJ

04-11-2001, 06:17 PM
Sorry girls …. I’ve gotten a little bit behind on all the posts. I have just been busy with other things and have not taken the time to post. I don’t know why …. I have read the posts but just have not felt like “talking” so to speak. Sorry….

Have you ever felt like you have a lot of things to talk about but didn’t really? I just can’t explain why I didn’t want to post … I am not depressed or anything – and I am still OP – I have just been in a really strange “funky” mood … can’t explain! So please forgive me if I miss anyone here …. I’ll do my best to catch up with you all!

And, I really have been busy too! I’ve been getting all our stuff together for taxes, finally got them done and have been getting stuff ready to take to the cabin (going up tomorrow). Been taking many many walks (almost every day) minimum 2 miles, sometimes 4 – 5 miles. My last weigh-in was up a lb!!!!!! But my leader says not to worry, probably just a temp gain from all the walking. I sure hope she is right! I get weighed in tomorrow again, but I don’t feel like I am down. Oh well, sloooooooooow and steady, eh? I’m not giving up tho! NEVER!

Then, my youngest daughter conned me into making her a webpage for her art work … so I have been busy working on that this week ((I think I have found my nook – haha). She paints, and has actually sold some of her paintings on Ebay and private commisions. If you would like to check out the page, the address is:

Won $150 at bingo last week, and last nite won $300!

Well, I assume you got home safe and sound from your MI trip …. Sure had a good time with you and Ken when you stayed here. I think it is so great that this trial is now over and you got your justice … now you and Chrissy and your families can have closure. It’s about time!

So glad that the trial is finally over for you and the girls. I can just imagine how hard it was for you to have to get up there again, and again. Now, maybe, you can have some closure and move forward. I know it will never be the same but, at least with some justice, it will help.

I do hope you are feeling better now with your kidney infection. That is no fun I can attest, as I used to get them quite often myself. Knock on wood, haven’t had any in a long time … maybe all this water I am drinking is doing some good. Anyway, hope you are feeling better now.

Hope all is well with you and Cal. I got your new email address. Isn’t cable wonderful? I’m enjoying it while I can, cuz when we move up north I will probably have to go back to dial-up …. Unless we get satallite.

Hey Gail … where are you? Is this the week Ken’s mom is staying with you? I see you have not been posting on the food journal … come on kiddo – YOU CAN DO IT! Keep trying – don’t give up! Everything will fall into place one day! Hope to hear from you soon.

Well, you should be leaving tomorrow for Kentucky … hope you have a wonderful time! Give big hugs to Joanna for me, and drop a line or two while you are there. Sounds like you are having a ball with your new Explorer!

Glad things are going well for you (except for your divorce, tho). Yes, the lemon in the drinking water is great isn’t it? Sharon got me hooked on that …. We always order lemon with our water at restaurants. Glad you are fine now after your hospital scare!

Hey, girl …. You should be just about ready to have that little baby, eh? We’re all excited for you … make sure you let us know asap! Hope all goes well for you.

I am so sorry to hear your news about your friend. I know it is hard for y ou. Life is so unpredictable, isn’t it? We have to live each day to the fullest, and make sure you tell your loved ones how much you love them every day! At least you have good memories of a wonderful friendship with your friend. That will always be with you.

I will be away for the weekend, but hopefully I will be home in time to try to catch your program Sunday nite …. I hope anyway. Would love to see you on the tv.

Well, I know I missed a lot of you … so a big HELLO to everyone I missed …. I’ll try to stay more up to date now …. I’ll let ya know before I leave tomorrow how I did for weigh-in. Wish me luck!

Talk to ya soon….
Love, CJ

04-11-2001, 08:03 PM
Hello Girls!:wave:

First of all...{{{{{{Chrissy and Sharon}}}}} I'm so happy that the trial is over and that monster is behind bars! As, always, my prayers go out to you and your families! :angel:

Well, girls, I know I said I was going to post more often and give you details about my trip...unfortunately, all h*ll is breaking loose here at work. Let me just say that I'm happy that I have a job to come to!

I found out today that they are laying off 20 more people tomorrow and my boss recommends that we start looking for new jobs because we just got funding for the rest of the year...after that, it's unclear. I have quite a bit of thinking to do. And this is not a good time to lose my job...especially when we are trying to have kids. I think I'm going to ride the wave and save as much money as we can so that we...ok, I... won't be so stressed. My eyelid is twitching just thinking about it. The sad thing is that this layoff is a complete surprise. There aren't any rumours flying around. My boss was nice enough to warn my group about it and we were told to keep it hush hush. So sad. :sad:

I've got to run before I get caught and fired!

I may not be able to post all the time but please remember that I think of all of you often!

Sylvia :wave:

04-12-2001, 06:25 AM
Hi everyone!! I don't know if anyone remembers me....I last posted gosh...probably close to a year ago! I work at Applebees and I was pretty close to my weight loss goal (I sent a picture of myself on a Harley), however........since I got my new job and I just couldn't help myself around all that new food (that I could eat for FREE!!!) I have to admit I have gained about 20 pounds!!! UGH!! I HAVE to lose it and all of you guys have never left my mind. I just got this new computer 2 days ago because our old one crashed and I had to come here and say "what's up"! I see that Sam is about to have a baby, Congratulations! How exciting! My little one is 2 1/2 and my oldest is turning 10 in a couple of weeks. The time sure flies when you have little ones! Well, I hope I'm still welcome here and I will make the time to visit often. I need all the support In can get to lose these awful pounds I've gained and I miss the friendship that I found here. I'll check in as soon as I can!!! Bye!!

:) Lisa

04-12-2001, 07:51 AM
Hi all! Just a short note to wish everyone a very Happy Easter...... My sis should be on the road soon and so should I..... I am having to fly to Michigan this morning for a meeting and she is driving from Michigan to KY for the Holiday....... but luckily I will be flying home this afternoon..... hey sis, have a nice trip and I will do the same.

Been super busy here, Tim laid us a small patio this week and we just bought a patio set complete with a 9ft market umbrella. I have always wanted one of those, not sure why though...... I want to decorate it with the small white lights - I guess I've been subscribing to Better Homes and Gardens for too many years.

Can't wait until I see my sis today, she doesn't know it but I got about 3" cut off the length of my hair and now it's layered. It's also no longer really blonde. I had low-lights put in it. It's about 30 different shades of blonde - everything from light blonde to dark blonde. I like it but I don't know how I will ever keep it up, it was so expensive to have it done here......

Talk to everyone soon!
Love, Joanna


04-12-2001, 09:35 AM
Good (????) morning all. I question it because I'm so sick. Came into work just to get anything that needs doing done and then I'm outta here. Spent the night tossing and turning. I'm achey and nauseaus and have a fever of 101. Came in just long enough to blame a gal here who's had the same symptoms and has been hanging around me too much. Just want to go home to bed. :( Rich kept telling me to stay home but I'm a dummy I guess. Boss better not give me too much trouble over this or I'll breathe on him!!!

We're going to Easter dinner at mom and dad's on Sunday and I want to be all better by then so I'm going to drink lots of fluids (water water everywhere!) and get lots of rest. Maybe I'll WATCH Rich work on the yard. LOL.

Sorry this is all about me me me. And now I'm completely out of ambition. Hope to be able to check in from home before Easter. Hippity hoppity happy Easter day!!!!

... no I can't believe I just said that either. :dizzy:

Much love,

04-12-2001, 10:26 AM
Good Morning Everyone,
It really is one windy day here. I have been in the yard trying to capture lots of things that have blown away. Like the top to the ground lights and a few lawn chairs. I bet I looked cute out there in my P.J's chasing them. LOL
Just want to tell everyone to have a blessed and joyous Easter. We will have the grandkids overnight on Sat. while their parents go to a party. So it will be egg decorating time when they are here. I like to do that with them.

C.J....You sure are one lucky gal at that Bingo stuff. I will have to find time and give it a try here.

Sylvia...So sorry to hear that you may be out of a job . That kind of stuff is happening all over though. Downsizing so they say. There are people where my hubby works that have been there for over 20 years and they are let go. And at an age of 40 plus it won;t be easy to find another job for them. You are young and have lots to offer an employer, so you won't have a hard time finding a new job.

Lisaa.....Goiod to see you back here. I imagine being around all that great food that Applebee's has would be very tempting. Especially when it is free! Just start working hard at it now, and by the time bikini season comes you will fit right into one.

Joanna......Your new man in your life sounds like a great guy. You are sounding so much happier around here and that's a good thing.Have a nice time with your sister when you meet up. I bet she will like your new hair as much as you will like her new Explorer.LOL Yes, getting highlighting etc can be very coastly. But I don't mind the price as long as it covers the gray. LOL

Jo....Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you are all better by the time you go to your parents for Easter. Rest and drink lots of fluids.

Chrissy....Slow down girl and quit working all those hours. I will try to call you this weekend. But not on a cell phone I don't know how to operate. LOL

I best get going and get all the plastic eggs stuffed here for the Easter egg hunt for the grandkids Sunday. Our daughter has one for all the neighborhood kids on Friday night with flashlights. They have a ball. Then of course the parents participate in the food and drinks afterwards. Too bad I have to work then!
Again, Have a very nice Easter. Love Sandi

04-12-2001, 05:22 PM
I only have a few minutes here .... waiting for Dick and as soon as he gets here we are leaving for the cabin. I just wanted to drop by and wish everyone a very happy Easter ...


Love, CJ

04-13-2001, 12:45 AM
Hi Thinsters,
Thought I would post while I have the time now. Since I got back from Michigan I have been working everyday to make up for the week I missed I guess.

I have also just been busy unpacking, doing laundry and everything else we do when we come back from a trip.

Went to my WW meeting and didn't do nearly as bad as last time, remember I had gained 6 lbs during the last trial? Well this time I tried to watch it, especially after we got our guilty verdict than I really tried to do good. I even walked over the weekend with his sister once for a couple of miles in her neighborhood and than the next day when we had the cookout, after we ate than me and a couple of my sister in laws walked a few miles more. So I guess that really helped cause I only gained 2 lbs this time around. Much better than 6 lbs, which if you remember took me a couple of weeks to get off too. So I will take what I gained. I guess it paid off just to kinda watch it a bit. So now I have another week or so and than Ken and I are going to be going to Florida on April 20th to visit our daughter in the Air Force, Tracy, stationed in Fort Walton Beach. I am excited cause I have NEVER been to Florida and looking forward to seeing Tracy's apartment and her again. Can't wait! Just waiting to get done with H & R Block which the last day we will be open will be April 16th, to make up for the day before being Easter, guess the government will give everyone another day to send in your tax returns.

Jello-So sorry you are feeling so darn bad there. My gosh you better get right home and into your bed. That's an order girlfriend. LOL And don't forget to just WATCH Rich work in the yard too. Yes here's hoping that you are much better by Easter. No fun being sick during a family holiday.

Joanna-Thanks for posting and letting us know what is up with you. You and Tim sure have been busy too. That patio he made sounds really nice and it will be relaxing to sit on your patio with your patio set too. I think the white lights would be a nice touch. Try it and see, I'll bet it will look really nice.

Lisaa-Hey girlie girl! How the heck are you? I am so so happy that you came back and posted with us again. OF COURSE you are welcome back here. ALWAYS! Don't worry, your gain will soon dissapear with all of us helping each other. Keep on coming back and I just know you will be right back where you were before. We all have our ups and downs. I sure have had my share. Glad you are back and welcome home.

Aivlys-Oh Sylvia, so sorry about what is happening at your workplace. That is nice of your boss to warn all of you thought. Shows he really cares about you. I know everyone there is probally confused about what to do. :?: But things will work out for you I just bet you. I will hope and pray for you and your new husband that things all come together for you.
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((SYLVIA))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))

Sandi-HA HA I can just imagian you running around in your pajama's chasing everything in the wind. LOL Have fun with the grandkids this weekend and I am sure your egg decorating will be fantastic.

CJ-Hope you got my email back. So you are going to the cabin for Easter? Well hope you have a good week there. I had so much fun and so did Ken when we went there with you. Never knew we could laugh so much as we did. Wow you rich lady you winning all that money at Bingo. You sure have been luck lately. Post when you get back from the cabin and let us know how your Easter went.

ginabob-I will try to catch your Easter special with Dino. That is great that it is on so many times. I will look for you, looking just smashing I'll bet. :D Hope your cold will go away, no good to be sick during Easter, as I told Jello. Take those Cold-Ease, I usually have good luck when I suck on those. The cold usually never matializes.

angel-Hope you are feeling much better and your kidney infection is clearing up. Get well soon and let us know how you are feeling. You are right you are doing really great losing those 30 lbs that you have so far. Keep up the great work and just keep on plugging along and you will get where you want to be.

Mary Kay-So you son got picked for jury duty. If he wants to get out of it all her has to do is kinda mess up the questions they ask him. LOL I mean they are looking for specific people and know what they want. So maybe they won't pick them, they question so many people just to get 13 jurists-one alternate. So maybe he won't fit the bill. Try not to work too hard althought I know you will. But take care of yourself MK. We want you healthy so take it easy.

Carolyn/Regency-So you don't like the taste of diet pop yet eh? Have your tried that new Pepsi One yet? It taste pretty good I think and I am not sure what is all in it, but I like it. Give the diet pop time and it will grow on you and soon the regular stuff will taste soooooo sweet. I like diet pop, but have it sometimes and try to concentrate on drinking more water, but for a treat diet pop is great I think. My gosh you sure are burning up the miles on your new car. LOL Oh well you gotta get the bugs out of it to make sure it runs good right? LOL

Kelster-I am really glad you posted too. I know that your friends death really hit your hard and I am again so very sorry. You have so many beautiful memories with her and cherish those moments always.
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((KELSTER)))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))

Bernice-You are still doing such a wonderful amazing job on your weight loss. Keep it up, your clothes are probally falling off you am I right? Hey slow is better you know. It will stay off forever that way.

Gail-Hey girl, how are you doing? Your Mother In Law must be visiting you by now. I hope that you are enjoying her visit and visa versa too. I will connect with you soon. You are on my email list to get back to. I missed you when I was gone to Michigan. Hope things are going well for you and your family.

Chrissy-Hey sis in law I miss you already. I was so so happy to be able to spend the time I did with you and your girls and my Dad and brother last week. I know now as you do that we can begin to heal, although it is hard without my dear brother Rick among us. What are you doing for Easter? Are you gonna be seeing Papa? I know he always enjoys your company and loves your and Emily and Ellen so very much. I will connect with you soon too. Hey is Ellie in Florida visiting my brother-her Uncle Skip now? I forget when her and her girlfriends were going. Hope she has fun fun fun. I got those pictures developed the other day of Ellie's birthday and at the courthouse. I will get those off to you soon. Love you Chrissy!

Take care guys and remember I love you guys.

Sassy Sharon :cool:

04-13-2001, 12:57 AM
Hi again guys,
This new article was in the Detroit News the day after the guilty verdict. By Pete Waldmeir again. Chrissy sent this to as many Thinsters as she had the emails of, but just in case some of you didn't get it sent to you. Here it is. This man was so helpful to our family I thought and we owe him so much for running these 3 articles to help our cause.

Christine Scandirito slept through the night on Wednesday for the first time since her husband, Rick, was brutally murdered in 1999.
"I got 12 hours of great rest," said Scandirito, a mother of two from St. Clair Shores. "I was so relieved. We finally got justice for Rick. Frankly, at this point, all that I wanted was some kind of a decision one way or the other.
"But a guilty verdict for his murderer was marvelous. I'll never be able to thank those jurors and all the other nice people I met in Detroit for what they did."
Richard Alan Scandirito, a 42-year-old circulation supervisor for Detroit Newspapers, was killed during a robbery shortly after midnight on Oct. 6, 1999.
Ex-convict Robert Person of Detroit shattered Scandirito's skull with the victim's thermos bottle.
Then he stabbed him several times before dumping the body in an empty parking lot.
When Rick failed to report for work, a supervisor called his wife and the police. Chrissy retraced his route and found his blood-soaked van abandoned on a Detroit freeway. Person turned himself in hours after the killing and signed a confession, which he later recanted.
There followed one of those classic screw-ups from the Detroit police and the city's criminal court system that have become all too common.
Too cynical, you say? Try this on for size: Despite the evidence and Person's confession, the case dragged on for 16 months with seven court-ordered delays. Two Wayne County Circuit judges and four different county prosecutors were assigned to do the trial work.
Wayne Circuit Judge Bruce Morrow threw out the signed confession, and had to be overruled by the Michigan Court of Appeals before it could be admitted into evidence.
When Morrow finally got the case to trial in mid-February this year, he heard testimony for two days and then declared a mistrial after one of the Detroit homicide cops let slip before the jury that Person had been a parole violator at the time of the murder.
"I was so frustrated and hurt," Chrissy Scandirito said. "I'd had to get on the stand and testify about finding Rick's van with all that blood and everything. And then that judge calls a mistrial so I'd have to go back on the stand and tell that story all over again?
"He must get some sadistic pleasure out of siding with criminals and watching victims suffer. I can see why the court employees have nicknamed him, 'Turn 'em Loose Bruce.' "
Scandirito was summoned back to the stand early this week. And once more, she tearfully recounted her story for yet another jury. But this group listened intently, then huddled for less than two hours before finding Person guilty of first-degree murder, felony murder and armed robbery.
"The next big date is April 24 when Person is sentenced," said Scandirito, 45.
"Rick's whole family will be there for that one. The prosecutor says Judge Morrow has to give him mandatory life without parole. But I won't feel really safe until I know he's done it."

Pete Waldmeir's column appears Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday in The Detroit News. Call him at (313) 222-2345 or send e-mail to

Sassy Sharon :love:

04-13-2001, 03:53 PM

It's been about two weeks since I've posted so I'll bring you up to date. My trip to Orlando was very nice. the first three days were restful. I spent the days lounging by the pool reading a book while my husband attended the conference. The last four days were busy. We went to Sea World, Kennedy Space Center, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. My legs hurt by the time we came home from all the walking!

I've finally decided to get serious and have been counting points this week. So far, I've lost about two lbs. :) I got the dress for my son's wedding in July, and it's very pretty but a little snug around the midriff and would look better if I lost some weight. I plan to try it on once a month until the wedding to check my progress. My husband has joined me in my efforts, and I must say it's easier when we are doing this together.

Chrissy & Sharon, I'm so glad that the trial is over and justice has been served. I'm happy to hear he will probably be spending the rest of his life in prison.

Jo, sorry to hear you are feeling ill. I hope you are better soon.

Sam, do you have any baby news for us yet?

CJ, hope you enjoy your stay at your cabin.

Sandi, enjoy your evening with your grandchildren. Easter egg decorating sounds like fun!

Sylvia, sorry to hear about the job situation.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!


04-13-2001, 05:03 PM
Hey Folks. . .
Just wanted to check in with everyone before I check out for the weekend. I should be pretty busy. I am cooking on Sat and Sun and I have three services to sing in on Sunday. I love it though so it won't be work at all. And I get to see myself on TV tonight! :P Yay!
The best news of the week is that I lost 3 more lbs. Yehaa! I just can't believe it. I saw a friend of mine last night and she said. . . "I mean this with love . . . Witch" Last time she saw me I was 20 lbs heavier. She just couldn't get over it. Wait until she sees me with all 70 down!

CJ - I know all about those funky modes. I just get there sometimes. Glad you are checking back in though. It just isn't the same without you. You are the web queen. The pages you do all look so great! Have fun at the Cabin.

Sylvia - Sorry to hear about the layoffs. It does seem to be happening a lot lately. Nice of your boss to give you some heads up so you can prepare.

Lisa - Welcome back. A lot of us have just come back recently. Some of us . . OK ME. . . came back heavier than we left. It was 20 lbs for me too. Post away.

Joanna - Nothing wrong with Better Homes and Gardens. I can't wait to get a house that I can start fixing up! I bet the hair looks great.

Jo - Sorry you are sick. I know it stinks. Take care and drink lots of fluids. Feel Better

Sandi - Have fun egg decorating. I am gonna try and get my 4 year old nephew to color some with me this year. Should be fun. Have fun with those grandkids.

Sharon - Way to go on keeping your weight down during the trial. That is such a bir accomplishment to me! I am happy for you. Already feeling better here. Thanks for the well wishes. Thanks for sharing that article. It really does spell it out. I bet I'd like reading more from that guy.

Trish - Way to go on the loss. Keep heading down. :) Lucky you in Florida. I am so jealous.

Love you all. A big howdy to those I missed individually. Gonna get back to the crazyness here. Hopefully I can leave on time today.

Happy Easter. . .


04-14-2001, 01:48 AM
Just want to stop by and tell everyone to have a Blessed and Happy Easter. I will post again and address everyone. Love to all.....Sandi

04-14-2001, 10:12 AM
Hi Ladies. Geez, I can't believe I'm still at the same weight! Going nowhere fast, (as the saying goes) I did however make it to the gym yesterday, which felt really good. I did 40 min of cardio and 100 situps.I've no one to blame but myself, it has been about 3 wks since I was there the last time. Seems the whole house has been sick and then life just got too busy on the weekends....I will make more of an effort , starting...NOW! This whole month has been a real struggle. Nothing much to show for a whole months took me a good 2 wks to get over that kidney infection and then I got TOM. I'm really hoping to start fresh and make a stronger committment to looking and feeling better. I'm still eating healthy food choices but can feel myself wandering (mentally) and giving in a bit to .....the dark side...eeeewwwww.Thank goodness I didn't buy too many sweets and chocolate for the boys with Easter only one day away.
I really look forward to reading everyones posts and motivation. I guess( feeling like a bit of a failure for not losing this month is) the reason I haven't been posting so much. I need to smartin' up and get with the program to speak! Well there, I'm officially venting and rambling on...time to go! Thanks for the support

04-15-2001, 11:40 PM
Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We just now got home from the cabin, so I'm going to make this quick, as I am so tired and need to get into that hot tub bath! Just wanted to check in ... will post tomorrow to everyone! But, wanted to bring a new post from the last thread from a "newbie" to the group. So, everyone, a big welcome for Jetall....

Originally posted by jetall
I have been looking for a group to join. I checked out your webpage and I see that you have some older members. I am 55. I am not thin. Today I am motivated to get more serious about losing some of my extra weight but I know from past experience that sometimes my motivation leaves. Can I join you?

So, welcome Jetall .... you'll like it here!

And welcome back LisaA!!!! We're glad to have you back with us!

Love, CJ

04-16-2001, 03:25 PM
Hi everyone,
Today is my day off from H & R Block. This is the last day we are open but tomorrow I will go in, in the morning and help them close everything down and pack up the place. Should be fun LOL We will be closed and we have to take all of everything in the office in the truck and take it over to our main office. Computers, desks, different machines and all our paper work, forms ect.

I went to my WW meeting this morning and hoped I would lose that 2 lbs I had gained when I went for the trial cause I have really been trying, exercising-4 times this week so far, and we even went to a Easter Buffet here at Sirloin Stockade and I was amazed that I used some self control there and stuck with things like the salad bar and some lean meat like Roast beef and didn't eat too much either and even for desert just had a piece of angel food cake with strawberries and no whip cream even. So I thought the scale was down fairly well, but was surprised to see when I stepped on the scale the girl said that I was down .2 lbs. You could have knocked me over with a feather. But now that I think about it that is ok with me. I know weight can flectuate so much depending so I figure that is better than a gain and I will just keep on trying to get the other part of that 2 lbs off than go from there.

The big thing is that we are going this Thursday or Friday, not sure which to Florida to see my daughter stationed in Fort Walton Beach for a few days and I really wanted to lose before I go to hopefully keep me on track, you know incentive? But oh well. I am not even sure we will be back to weigh in next Monday either, will probally be driving back from Florida. But hey things will work out and a loss, no matter how small is certainly better than a loss right guys?

Jatell-Welcome to our wonderful group. You will love us all here. And OF COURSE you can join us. We are a very supportive group and we are all different ages and weights too. I am 51 so am not too far from your age, but we have some in their 20's even and we all get along very well. Don't worry we will help you and you can help us too. Tell us about yourself, where you are from, your family ect. Is your real name Jetall? that is a very interesting name, how did you get it? We will be sure to motivate you so post often and again welcome aboard.

angel-Hang in there girl. You have been through quite alot lately with your kidney infection plus your time of month as well right around that time. That combination is sure to add water weight to you, I know the medication probally did too. Than everyone getting sick on top if it so cut yourself some slack and start fresh just like you seem to be doing. The fact that you are back at the gym and working out is a great start. Good going not to buy too many sweets for your boys too. You are not a failure to me, just going through some things as I have with all going on in my life-the trial ect. Let's start fresh and help each other get going. I am game if you are!

ginabob-Busy Busy Lady! You must feel as if you are going 100 miles an hour with all you are doing. Man I meant to catch you on TV too, but had company over and forgot. How did it go anyways? I am proud of you, you know it? Glad you have enjoyed all those articles I posted. If there are any others I will be sure to post them. Glad you are feeling better and that makes 2 of us. Thanks for your support too and all the other Thinsters, it kept Chrissy and myself going I'll tell you. Contrats on losing those 3 lbs. And on losing 20 lbs as well. Won't your friend be surprised when she sees you when you get the rest of your weight off. I would love to be there too.

Trish-Welcome back from your trip and glad you got some rest and relaxtion while you were at it. Good going getting back on program. That's 2 lbs down and soon that dress for your son's wedding will be fitting like a dream. That is so nice that your husband is joining in your efforts too. It always helps to do this with a partner. Thanks also to you for all your support during the trial. Glad it is finally over too.

Sandi-Happy Belated Easter to you too. Hope you had a great one with your family and especially the grandkids. I know you had fun with them this weekend.

Gail-Hey girl, where are you? Still busy with your company I'll bet. How are things going with your Mother In Laws visit? Hope well. I will email you soon and I had been planning too so talk to you soon. Miss you and think of you so often.

CJ-Glad you are back from you cabin and posting again too. Don't worry we will pick you up and glad you posted with us. Even if you did start a new thread you little BRAT! BRAT BRAT!!! There I feel better after saying that. LOL Post again and let us know how your Easter was at the cabin.

Chrissy-Hey SIL! I was gonna call you last night, but daughter Kelly came over with her boyfriend Brian and we got involved playing Trivia Persuit. Hey can you believe that Ken and I beat those college guys, Kel and Brian? HA HA You niece couldn't believe that her parents beat her. Hey we even helped them and gave them hints to give them some of their pies. LOL YOUTH EH? One of these days when I come up I should bring Trivia and you and I can play Emily and Ellen eh? We should beat them I bet. My nieces may be smart but I'll bet we are smarter. LOL I called my Dad last night and he said he and Jerry were going to your house for dinner for Easter. How did it go? I will try to get in touch with you before we go see Tracy in Florida. Love you Chrissy and miss you too.

Well guys time to go and get some things done.
Bye guys and love you, Sassy Sharon :love:

04-16-2001, 04:01 PM
Hi! :)

Hope all of you had a happy Easter! My daughter (a newlywed of 10 months) decided to have Easter dinner at her apartment, so I didn't have to host it this year. It was nice being a guest for a change! I helped her in the kitchen, and everything turned out fine. She invited her husband's parents and grandmother in addition to my husband and me, and everyone got along well. Now I have no leftovers to snack on. That's good! I also bought NO Easter candy this year so I would not be tempted to eat it. The self control seems to be paying off. After one week of counting points, I've lost a total of three lbs. :smug:

Sharon, I didn't know H & R Block was only open during tax time. How many months a year are they open? What are the job qualifications?
I hope you enjoy your visit with your daughter in Florida. A small weight loss is better than none at all and much better than gaining! Keep trying!

Angel-Eyes, nice to hear from you. It sounds like you have had a tough few weeks.

Ginabob, congratulations on the 3 lb. weight loss. Way to go! :D

CJ, hope you had a good time at your cabin.

Jetall, welcome. You are right; there are several of us who are over 50, and we're not thin either! We just want to be! :rolleyes:

Jo, are you feeling better? Hope so!

Take care,

Trish :wave:

04-16-2001, 05:00 PM
Hi Ladies, hope everyone had a great Easter. I've been having some problems lately and anyone who's been on chat at night, sure knows about them. I've been having problems staying or should I say straying from plan.
I'm trying to stay motivated and pumped but since March 1, my weight was at a standstill or up/down a few pounds: resulting in 0 lbs lost for the whole Easter I've decided to get on with the show....(so to speak) and focus/regroup and start anew! Afterall isn't that what spring is? The weather is getting really nice and I think that in itself is a motivator for most to get out and enjoy. No one said this was going to be easy but I didn't think it would be quite the rollercoaster (full of ups/downs both mentally and physically) I'm taking it now instead of one day at a meal at a time until I get really back on track. And I don't care what my dh promises me....NO MORE COOKIES!!! in the house. I started to feel quite good being able to resist the bag but after having 1, then 2....I had no control and ate whenever, so since I do the shopping, I'm going to be quite forgetful....he he. Thanks to those who rallied and gave me the peptalk on chat (and in the posts, thanks Dena)and I'm hoping
to start with a fresh "new improved" mindset. To all those in the same boat.....Lets just do it!

Sassy....thanks for the kind words and as you can see...I've my mind made up for a loss this time!

Hi Jetall...welcome and nice to meet you. Hope you post often, it'll be good for you and you won't meet a nicer bunch of ladies.

By the way...anyone seen this website? full of weight loss success
I would highly reccommend it!!! bye and take care

04-16-2001, 08:56 PM
Happy Monday after Easter!!! I'm glad it's over, I fought food all day. I didn't do to badly but I could have done better. I just returned from Fla. on Friday. I was good as gold there. I still can't believe I did so well. This is so hard although WW is better than it used to be. I remember when liver was required once a week.

Welcome to all the newbies, they weren't lying when they told you - you will love it here. Many of us are over 50 (I'm 55 and glad to be here) Stay with us. We will encourage you all we can.

Sharon I spent last week real close to where you are this week. It was absolutelly beautiful every day. We usually have at least one bad day but not this year. It was also very warm at home but now that I'm back with have freeze warnings out for tonight. Go figure! Have a great visit.

I will try to catch up on all posts and be back in a day or two. Everyone stay OP and we will all be losers!

04-17-2001, 09:28 AM
Chrissy....I hope you have a super dooper birthday tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU{{{{CHRISSY}}}}

Jetall...A BIG WELCOME to the group. We are all of various ages and weights. You will like t here where you will get lots of support and lots of laughs at times.

Angel Eyes.....Hang in there girl. It isn't an easy road to follow but you will do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginabob...I too missed your program on T.V. and so much wanted to see it. Way to go on your 3# loss. Keep up the great job!!!!!!

Sharon...Have a nice time in Fla. How long of a drive is it?

Trish.......Congrats to you also on your 3# loss. Glad you enjoyed your Easter dinner at your daughters. It is always nice to be waited on every now and then. Your trip to Orlando sounded very nice.

CH.....Glad you did so well O P in Florida. It is hard at times when we are away from our natural surroundings. I am glad I never had to join WW when they made you eat liver. YUK!!!!!!!

My Easter was very nice. Spent it here and had roast, turkey breast and ham. Just found out my grandkids really love ham. Then had our annual egg hunt in the yard. Thought for sure it would have to be inside as it rained in the a.m. but then cleared up later. Can't believe I was outside without a coat last wekk, and now we have snow on the ground. What's happening here? LOL
Gloomy day here again today. I am going to go visit my sister today whom I haven't seen in a while. So we wil have fun catching up on all the news. Love to all...Sandi

04-18-2001, 09:38 AM
Hi all. Sorry I haven't been around. Last time I was here was last Thursday and I was so sick. Ended up staying at work until almost 4:00 anyway. Yeah, I'm a dummy. Then I went home and slept until Friday morning. Fortunately, I felt better then and was fine all weekend. The weather was beautiful so we did a lot in the yard.

Saturday's weigh-in was ... drumroll please ... down 2.2 lbs!!! Sadly, I undid all that good work on Easter Sunday. Where in the world did all that chocolate come from!?!?! Actually, my biggest problem was the meats and cheeses and oily olive and red pepper salads from the italian market. Oooh, those stuffed pepper thingies!!! I was back on track (well, except for a few leftover chocolate eggs and jelly beans) on Monday but it's going to take a while to undo all the damage.

In other news....

Happy Birthday to Ms. Chrissy!!!!! Have a wonderful day!

Welcome to Jetall. You'll love it here. Come by anytime and don't worry about not knowing what to say. As you can see, some of us tend to just ramble on and on and on ....

Angel-Eyes, I like your ideas about spring being a time to start fresh. What a great idea. It was nice here on Saturday so I rode my new bike to WW class. Thought I was going to die but I did it. Could be the start of a new tradition.

Hi Trish! Good to hear from you again! I was up your way for Easter at mom and dad's. Had to drive past Just Born. Dangerous with all those marshmallow peeps and bunnies running loose at this time of year!!

For anyone who doesn't know, Just Born is the company that makes those marshmallow peeps. Are you guys familiar with them? Not sure just how "world wide" they are. I just love the stupid things and not just because they're made in my home town.

Sharon, have a great time in Florida!! I've never been there but some day.....

CJ, I thought of you this weekend. At my parents' house I found some really great big rocks for my garden and asked dad if I could have them. He thought I was nuts (always has LOL) but gave them to me. Poor Rich, having to load them into my car!! So now I have rocks for my garden. Not exactly as good as the Queen's rock garden but it's a start.

Well, better get to work. Went to a seminar on Monday and I'm still catching up. The weather has turned cold again *grumble* and I really just wanted to stay in bed. But hey as long as it warms up for the weekend again. Garden and back yard are really shaping up! Got a lot planted last weekend but they're calling for snow showers today!!!! I just can't stand it!!!

Quick funny story. I went to my WW class on Saturday morning. Was gone for all of an hour and a half and when I got home, Rich had torn down the entire old shed!! It was completely gone ... well, except for huge pieces of scrap sheet metal and wooden floor boards. I was very very impressed! Looked like those pictures you see from the path of a tornado or something. Hurricane Rich strikes!!! Film at eleven!

And now off to earn my millions...

Ooh, speaking of that, I made hotel reservations yesterday for the Flamingo Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas for September. Yes, it's early yet but I just wanted to make sure they didn't sell out or something. I plan to be in Vegas for my Big 4-0 B-day no matter what!!! Winning a million dollars or so sounds like a great birthday gift, don't you think?

OK, this time I mean it. Talk to you all again soon!
Much love, Jo.

04-18-2001, 10:00 AM
Just a quick note here to say:


Hope you have a wonderful day Chrissy - you sure deserve it!

Will be back later ... am on the run now. Gotta go!

Love, CJ

04-18-2001, 01:01 PM

I HOPE YOU HAVE GREAT BIRTHDAY SISTER IN LAW. I just sent you an email and I hope you like it and I enjoyed writing it. It hopefully will bring back all those good memories and all the fun we used to have when we were young and carefree. I have know you for over 25 years and with each year you mean more and more to me. I see now why my brother chose you for his wife. You are my best friend, but I couldn't have chose a better choice than he already did!



04-19-2001, 04:20 AM

Man, it's been about 2 months since I was last here. So much has happened. I've wanted to come and talk to all my friends, but just been to down to do it.

First, my daughter, Hannah is being evaluated for possible autism, and is starting speach and developmental therapy. She is 19 months old, and is elav. at a 10 month level on speach. She had the measles back in Nov. and stopped talking after that. her theapist is hoping that is what's wrong, and feels she will soon be talking. The eval. for autism is a just in case thing. So we know what we are dealing with when it comes to her theapys etc. She is not that far behing on development, though. Some things, like feeding herself she doesn't attempt to do, and other things, like trying to run, she's right where she needs to be.

Next--My grandma had surgery and then a stroke last month. My mom, brother, me and my daughter headed to Kansas to be with her (we live in Ind.). She is so down and depressed, asking why God is doing this to her, wanting to die. Her stroke affected her right side (she's right handed), and she is now totally dependent on people. She is 82, and has been in relatively good health, and is soooo independant. She also has such a faith in God, and I have NEVER heard her question Him like that (you just don't do that-ever-that much she always tried to instill in me). That broke my heart to hear her say that, and that made me realize how much she's suffering, and how miserable she is. To make it worse for her, she had to go into a nursing home. I've worked on and off in nursing homes for about 15 years, and I know, more than likely, she may never come home. If she does, she is not going to be indep. like before. I guess she has been told this is a "step-down" facility, not a full fledged nursing home, but the nurses there tell me it's a nursing home. They are not very hopefull she will do well enough in her therapy (which she gets everyday--with the goal to train her to go home) to go home, since she is not getting any movement back in her right side. I don't know how many prayers I've said, how many my friends have said for her, and how many times I've cried myself to sleep over this. Unfortunatly, this is my excuse for cont. to binge on everything in site!!!!

last, but not least--I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I'm still learning about it, and boy is it frustrating. All this time, I and my dr thought my depression was due to post partum depression. Well, I've been sooo stiff and sore lately, he thought I might have athritis, but all those test came back okay. He ran every blood test I think there is, and everything that's supposed to be normal is, and all that. Basically, he's ruled out everything else but this. With FMS (fibromyalgia syndrome), I can experience depression, insomnia, charlie horses, "restless legs", stiffness and weakness, fatigue, and sore achy muscles. I walk around like I'm about 100 most of the time now. Pain meds help, but then I feel drugged. It has to be comical in a way to see me try to move and walk after getting out of bed in the morning. The worse for me is the fatigue, though. I can deal with the pain that gets a little better after moving around some, but being tired all the time just stinks. I feel as if I'm neglecting Hannah because I don't have the energy to get on the floor some days and play. I think there was one day when I got about 8 hrs sleep that night, and still slept at least another 3 or 4 hrs later that day, and still felt drained. I feel like a hypercondriact with this, but my dr. keeps trying to reasure me it's a real disorder, and we will find a method of "controlling" it that will work with me. A friend of mine has this, and for her a diet high in fiber and protein, and low in "simple sugars" helps more for her than pain meds, antidepressants, etc. Maybe this will be the way I FINALLY get my act together and learn to eat right.

Unfortunatly, excersice is out right now, unless it's walking (which has been hard for me to do with the fatigue and pain) or water excersises (too cold right now--give it a month). I'm going to join the YMCA again and give there pool a try. Hopefully Hannah and I can enjoy the pool together.

I guess I've taken up enogh space for one person. I will try and post more than once every two months. Maybe a goal of once a month??


04-19-2001, 08:26 AM
Just wanted to post before we leave for Florida. It is about 6.15 AM, we are up early so we can get on the road.

Can't wait to see my daughter Tracy AND FLORIDA, Finally! I am so excited.

Chrissy-It was great talking to you on the phone last night on your birthday. Wish it would have been a better one for you. But Ellen will be back today from seeing my brother and her Uncle Skip and Aunt Terri in Florida. I know she missed you so much. Glad you loved my Memory Land Email. Love you Chrissy!

KimV-Gosh so sorry about all that has happened to you lately. I know it is hard to face all what is happening. But I know that just knowing right now is the most important thing for you, so you can know and know where to go from there. I have heard of Fibromyalgia and know there are support groups with others to help each other. My thoughts and prayers are with you for yourself, Hannah and your grandma as well. Thanks for posting and please keep on posting. We are here for you Kim and all love you. Keep your chin up!

Jello-Good weight loss, over Easter even. Congrats and keep up the good work. Don't worry Jo, if I can get to Florida so can you too. LOL

Sandi-The drive to Florida should take about 12 hours so I better bring some of my magazines to read. I tend to read most of the way while Ken drives. He loves to drive and wants to drive all the way. Alright with me thought, I can read AND SLEEP TOO. LOL Glad your Easter with your family was so nice.

Carolyn-Glad your Florida trip went well. I guess it is a bit colder there, but from what I see it is about maybe in the 70's there, which is fine with me. I HATE HOT WEATHER!

Angel-Hang in there and at least you didn't have an Easter gain so that is at least a positive thing. I know you will do it and your mind is made up and that is the important thing. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Trish-The main H & R Block is open all year, but our branch is just open from mid Jan till mid April. Anyone can be a receptionist there. I do not do taxes-THANK GOODNESS, I would be hitting my head against a wall if I did. LOL They train you to be a receptionist and it is really fun too. This makes my 4th year so far I have done this. YAAAA on those 3 lbs lost.

Well time to go everyone. I will see you guys when I get back and remember I love you and will be thinking about you while I am gone.

Love ya, Sassy Sharon :cool:

04-19-2001, 09:14 AM
Well this morning I'm still at 204 lbs, but thats okay I feel a LOSS A'COMING TODAY!!! And yesterday I took the big plunge.........(hmm, what could that be?) I finally took my current big clothes to the tailor so they could be altered!!! This is a big step for me as I've given so many other clothes to goodwill and these ones are my fave' now there's really no turning back. He also told me he would give me a deal if I brought the rest in...???I didn't know you could get a "deal" on altering clothes....ha ha...sort of like clipping coupons for clothes! Anyway, its a done deal fate is sealed, no more fat clothes to fall back into.
Have a good day...stay on plan!

04-19-2001, 09:41 AM
Well, I had a nice big juicy post all written and then my computer crashed. :mad: Darn I hate that. My post was brilliant too, I swear!! :smug:

KimV, I've missed you around here and I'm glad you posted. I'm sorry to hear about all your troubles though. Add me to those friends of yours that are praying for your grandmother. I hope Hannah's OK too. And I've never heard of fibromyalgia but it doesn't sound very pleasant. Hope you and your doctor can get it under control. Hugs to you. {{{KIM}}}

The rest of my post was full of stories of cleaning out Rich's house, hopes that the weather is finally warming up and Jo trying to get back on program before the weigh-in on Saturday. Guess you've heard it all before anyway. :^:

Hope you guys have a good day.
Much love, Jo.

04-19-2001, 10:27 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

Like CJ, I've been around but just not posting. The new shot for Cal's pain (my husband, has prostate cancer spread into his spine) was supposed to work for 3 to 6 mo. stopped working after about 3 weeks. Then the pain came back with a vengence!

While trying to lift him up to his feet, my back went out! We're a fine pair now! I have to drive him to the hospital for x-rays and to the doctor's office every wek. He really hates to have to get into the passenger seat. Talk about a back-seat driver! He drives me crazy telling me how to drive ......" get into that that guy ahead of us....slow down.....that light is going to change, etc." So far I've managed to maintain my sense of humor, we both had a good laugh when I showed him my driver's license!

My weight loss efforts are non existant right now! I keep going up two and down two. Easter candy...oh my!...those little marshmallow peeps are my downfall. I just love biting off the heads of those little bunnys and chicks!

Chrissy, darling! So sorry I missed your birthday! Hope you enjoyed your special day.

Sharon, have a really good time in Fla. I know you will!
We drove down to Fla. from Corpus Christi, when we lived in Texas, for my son's graduation ceremony from bootcamp. We loved it! So much to do there, and so much to see!

Jetall, a big welcome to you. I'm over 50 too, in fact, ( let's be honest here), I'm 59! This is a good group, you'll fit right in.

Gina, I missed your program too. So sorry, I really wanted to see it! Maybe next time, be sure to tell us when, OK?

Kim, I know sometimes it seems like "when it rains it pours" troubles, but hang in there. Times will get better.

Jello, your weight is still going in the right direction, good girl! LOL You and Hurricane Rich can come to Okla. and work on my yard when you get your's finished! My yard man finally showed up yesterday and did the spring clean-up that should have been done 2 months ago! Looks much better now.

Sandi, are you and your dog, Shadow, still going for those long walks? I keep saying I'm going to take Rowdy walking, he's always ready but I never get around to it.

A big "Hello" to all the rest of you. Sorry but I've run out of time already this morning. Got to get started with breakfast, then a big stack of dirty clothes just begging to get into the washing machine.

Hugs, Judy

04-19-2001, 10:32 PM
Quick message before the little on wakes up to be fed (in about 10 miuntes I'd guess).

Our little GIRL Charlotte Sylvia Gonzalez was born on Sunday April 15 (her due date!) at 9.56am. She weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and was 49cms (19.6") long.

We are all doing well, trying to get used to this no sleep thing and with me trying to learn to breastfeed (who would have thought it would be difficult!)

Anyways I'll come back in a few days and write more. And of course I'm back on the weight loss track now too!

Love to all (and Charlotte sends sloppy baby kisses, well if she could kiss yet she would I'm sure, he he)


04-20-2001, 12:21 AM
Once again just poppping in for a quickie. Sorry, just have been so busy. Am cleaning out kitchen cubbords and getting ready to paint in the kitchen.

Weigh in today … down 1 lb! Back to 7 ½ lbs now gone!

Kim: So sorry to hear about your baby – hope all works out well for her. And so sorry to hear about your Grandma. I feel for you. It is so hard for a person who is so independent to suddenly become dependent on others -–to not do for herself. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and pray for the best! And gosh, as if your plate is not full enough – you get FMS! I sure hope you can find some solution to easing the pain …. Definitely will keep you in my prayers!

Sharon: Was thinking of you today ….. I hope you have a wonderful time in Florida and will talk to you when you return.

Chrissy: Hope you birthday was a great one!

Blunder: So sorry to hear about Cal and your back! I will keep you in my prayers too!

Dreamer: CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderful! A beautiful baby girl! Wow! Glad to hear all is well … can’t wait to see pictures! Thanks for the sloppy baby kisses! Loved them!

Well, sorry I didn’t address everyone – I promise I will get back into the posting groove soon!

Love you all!

05-01-2001, 07:45 AM
Hi Everyone,
I asked to join and then I lost you. This morning I finally found you again. Thank you for the welcomes. My name is Judy. (I think I saw another Judy here.) Jetall is a combination of my initials before I was married (JET) and part of my married last name (ALL). I needed a 'name' and that is that I came up with.

I am not sure what to tell you about myself. I tend to be quiet but when I get started sometimes I go on too long. I will try not to do that now.

Since I wrote the first time I started to walk twice a week with a friend (mind you it was only last week when we started - LOL.) With summer coming I will also be walking behind a lawnmower at least once a week.
(I find myself really tired after that one - yesterday I took a nap.) Right now my legs are feeling the extra that I have called on them to do but I know they will eventually feel better.

That is enough about me for now. Thank you again for allowing me to join you. I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

jetall (Judy)

05-01-2001, 08:41 AM
Hi glad to see you found us again! When you post with us look for the most recent post before you reply, ok? You posted on #48 and we are almost finished with #49 already ... I don't want anyone to miss you. We only do 29 replies with each numbered post then we go on to the next one. We are almost ready to start #50! So just watch for the highest number on the thread and everyone will catch your rjeply. I transferred your last reply on this thread to the most recent one. Glad to have you back with us.


05-01-2001, 11:34 AM
Well today certainly is a DIFFERENT DAY. My little one, Evan woke up at 6:30 am screaming blue murder and by the time I ran to him....I could see why. He had vomitted from his room all across the hallway!! Poor little guy and if thats not enough, he also has diarhea. Well if this isn't" a nice how do you do" and "its so nice to have you home again Mommy" LOL,LMAO....but what can you do? ...right? Every little boy always wants his mommy to make him feel better. So there's no work for me today, which is a good thing as I'm still very tired from my trip. I think both of us will have a nice nap after lunch....can't wait actually! My allergies are really really acting up...yesterday I went to the Drs. to get my prescription eyedrops and they are still so itchy I want to gauge them out and roll them around in a nice soothing lotion and pop them back in.....IF ONLY I COULD!!!LOL,...Well for the good news, I'm back on plan and am losing again from the 3.5lbs I gained on my trip.....I think you are right Weesa, could be all the water retention of the different foods and the flight. But I did go to w/o at the club yesterday and felt better for that and also today will be eating right. Oh, and I know I should be grateful that dh did the groceries while I was away.....but what do I do with the treats and big box of cookies he bought!!!!UGH!!!!I know, I know he was trying to be helpful but he also re-bought half the stuff I picked up before I left so he wouldn't have to do them...well time to check on Evan, he seems pretty quiet and that can only mean.....time to change his diaper again!!!wish me luck...bye