Side Dishes - Phase 1 - broccoli with carmelized shallots

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06-08-2004, 11:13 AM
Just had this dish last night. It was the first time I'd tried shallots, and I loved it! Not usually a fan of having nuts in cooked food either, but it was very nice in this.

1 bunch broccoli, cut into florets
1 cup shallots, thinly sliced
2 T chopped walnuts, toasted
1 T olive oil

Heat olive oil in a frying pan. Sauté shallots in olive oil until deep golden brown (about 10 minutes). Season with salt and pepper at this point.

Meanwhile, cook broccoli florets in boiling salted water for 3 to 5 minutes or until just tender. Drain and transfer cooked broccoli to the pan with the shallots and stir to coat. Sprinkle with toasted walnuts and serve. (I added a tiny bit of shredded parmesan cheese on top.)