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06-04-2004, 09:53 PM
Hello! Hello! I am new here and just had a question to ask of all the walkers here.
I have just started walking recently. I take my daughters out and we walk about 2 miles/day. Sometimes when I get a chance, I have walked about 3-4. I walk for about a half an hour most of the time, at a very fast pace. When I do the 4 mile walk, I go about an hour. I have notcied some of you keeping track of your June miles. I would guesstimate that mine is at about 7 for June so far.
My question: Will this help me lose weight?? I know it's hard to answer that outright without knowing anything else about me. I have also switched to drinking about 2 L of water a day and have started to be more aware of what I am eating.
Has walking alone helped a lot of you shed pounds? I have just glanced and noticed a lot of people have lost a bunch of weight with walking (good job!) I am just wondering if this is from just walking or other exercise. I plan on including weight training next week. I just want to start seeing results.

Thank you so much and I hope you welcome me to your community!
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06-04-2004, 10:14 PM
Hi Kendra,
I just happened by and noticed your post. Welcome! In short,Yes walking or any physical activity is going to do two things. It will burn calories. And it will increase your metabolism. Both of those things will , along with watching your intake of food and drinking plenty of water help you lose weight. The more your body burns and less you take in the more you will lose. It will depend on many factors how much and how fast but yes you should lose some weight. Have you seen your physician about a nutritional evaluation? When I started on my lifestyle change I saw a nutritionist for guidance and found my visits to be valuable. She fine tuned my intake and increased my output and I began to lose weight very efficiently.Young people lose weight easier than us old fogies so if you are young you are fortunate. Good Luck and enjoy your walk.

06-05-2004, 08:45 PM
Yep those pounds will come off with walking. Just because it isn't as high intensity as some exercises ie. aerobics etc... doesn't mean its not as good for you!! Infact I prefer walking as I have an auto immune disease that has attacked my lungs and I'm not able to do aerobics, or running. I am also hypothyroid and a very slow metabolism, walking daily has helped me bump it up! I don't need to take a nap during the day anymore just to make it to bed time!!
I like Jack have discussed my weight loss with my doctor and I am attacking my weight from all angles!! I exercise, I eat according to the South Beach Diet (which I love!! It is also teaching me how to eat right, and I take a prescription weight loss med) I am at my 25lb loss mark right now with a weigh in tomorrow! I had a 17lb loss last month alone and I attribute it all to working out and eating right!!
Good luck and Keep moving!!