Exercise! - A small addition with big possibilities....

06-01-2004, 07:18 PM
After losing 70 pounds my body went into this maintence mode for the past couple months. I've lost a pound here or there, but nothing consistent. I am a consistent exercisers and stick pretty darn close to my food plan. However, I realized a couple weeks ago that I had gotten a bit too lax on both those fronts. So, I got myself re-focused. Wow, it's really paid off quickly! I've lost 3 pounds since then.

Still...I wasn't satisifed with the number of minutes I was exercising each week. I want to average 300 minutes a week. Here's what my routine breaks down to:
5-6 cardio (with at least 1 interval and 1 short, intense session)
2 upper body strength
2 lower body strength
3-5 Ab/Core strenght
1 Yoga

That's great, right? Well balanced and all that. But I felt like I was lacking in cardio minutes. So I came up with a plan.

Get up early (7 am for me) and walk for at least 20 minutes. Just by doing that 3-4 times a week, I'll add in at least 60 "bonus" minutes of cardio exercise. I, also, get the benefit of starting my day earlier, burning more fat, revving up my metabolism early, and toning up my legs and rear-end. :D

What about you? Is there a little something you could add to your weekly routine that could make a difference in your weight loss? Think about it. :idea: And then make it happen for yourself!