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06-01-2004, 09:44 AM
Thought I would start the June thread.

Hello to tinlizzy and welcome! Have you thought about Dr Phil's book? It is a very good life long approach. Borrow it from the library to read instead of investing more money. One thing I do as far as food is when I go grocery shopping is come home and baggy things into individual servings. That way, you only have to grab baggies to pack your lunch. I do pretzel servings, veggie and fruit servings then have ff yogurt cartons, those individual mozzerrella sticks etc for lunch or snacks. Cutting out soft drinks was a prime for me and I am not sorry I did. I used to drink 8-10 a day! I now occasionally have a diet but never regular soft drinks.

Today I go to the regular dr to get a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. We will see what comes of that.

MsRD: I got into the pool yesterday. A real struggle to get in and out but it was wonderful.

Have a great day girls


06-01-2004, 09:33 PM
Course I could be even happier, if the weather was more June-like..:rain:...but then, I can't have everything. Only 3 weeks til vacation.....I had a goal of losing 10 pounds by then. Well, the first 5 came off easy enough.....:crossed:

Faye....great idea on the lunch-size portions in baggies! I always leave packing my lunch til the last minute, so this will be ideal! I have yet to buy the Dr Phil book.....but have gotten some good tips on his website. When I find a page that is particularly helpful (like the one on willpower or staying motivated), I save it to my favorites....then I can call it up almost instantly for a little 'shot' to keep me going.

The temperature is dropping here....should be in the 50s tonite......think I will go close some windows.

06-01-2004, 10:20 PM
Hi all----

I have been posting on The Plan 2004, but thought I would join in here as well…..not to bore anyone if you post there, but a bit about me….

I have had quite a weight loss journey over the years, but most recently, I lost 80 lbs “just doing my own thing”. Three years ago I was 310 lbs, left an abusive relationship and dropped 80 lbs in just short of a year, just eating in moderation, eating healthy and exercising. I have since been “stuck” at this weight give or take 20 lbs. in the past two years I have tried Atkins….ICK, may work but I JUST COULD NOT DO IT!!!!! I tried Weight Watchers, great diet but, again, not for me this time. I have had success on it before, but I seem to get obsessed when I have to keep track of everything and then I end up cheating. So now I am back to just eating healthy, tracking stuff on Fitday, and “considering” exercising again.

I know I need to start exercising again, but I have had such a hard time getting motivated. I went out to walk to night and it was misting out and turn around and cam back in the house. I also have a shoe problem so I ordered some new ones tonight……I work in education and life is always hectic the last few weeks, so when I am done, I am going to make it my “job” to work out daily and get back to the habit so I can follow through again.

I enjoy logging on and checking out how everyone is doing……just a question, on Fitday I have been trying to stay between 1200-1600 calories, knowing some days are harder than others….does this seem reasonable?


06-02-2004, 08:56 AM
The doctor appt went pretty good. I am now waiting for the paperwork for the mri but may not have any damage to my leg so keep your fingers crossed. The good news is they re x-rayed my arm and looks like it is not fractured so I am getting to leave the sling off now and I am using my leg too without the walker so I am glad about that. The bad thing is all of this stress on my body spiked my blood pressure so now they have me on meds for that, which is ok, but hope I don't have to do that very long before it is back to normal.

Lily: Welcome and I assume you are a cat lover. My cat is Butterscotch. I didn't even like cats and dh brought him home as a kitten that had been abandoned out in the woods by where he works so he is part of the family now along with my yorkie. They think they are brothers! :lol: One of the fitness experts says you should jumble around your calories during the week. For example, mon-wed eat 1600 then thur 1200, frid 1400 then back to 1600 etc. He says it keeps your metabolism up. Don't know if that is true or not. Girl, get into an exercise ROUTINE so that it is just part of your day. I do not ever regret doing it. I do 5-7 days a week during the winter and 7 days a week during the summer because I do water aerobics, which I love. I also walk and am doing some toning with weights.

Everybody have a good day. I need to get mine going!


06-02-2004, 09:40 AM
Howdy Chickies!
Welcome Lilybutt!
Faye, hope your MRI comes back good. Anxious to hear about this fall when you can talk about it.
MsRD, where is vacation taking you?
I've been trying to talk my DH into taking a day off work so we can take a long weekend somewhere. He's not cooperating. Thinking I should just make reservations anyway....he wont let me and the boys go alone. :twirly:

I only went to Curves one day last week and so far none this week. :sorry: We've been booked with appointments and sporting events. If I don't make it there this week, I promise myself I'll be back there next week full time. :yes:

Yesterday I got my haircut and today my boys have appointments for cut and color. Boys and color....never would have thought that. They get blonde tips. I only let them do it a couple times a year.

News on my Dad, he's going downhill. He still goes into work a few days a week. His voice is down to a whisper. The doc suggested he call hospice. My mom called and a hospice person is suppose to visit Thursday evening.

Has anyone seen our Jello?
DNW, glad to hear from you!
I'm off to wake the little monsters. :sp:

06-02-2004, 05:31 PM
Tigerlily, I can't say enough about the good work hospice does. They helped with my mother-in-law. I'm so sorry about your dad.

Faye, hope everything comes out okay. Doesn't sound like you are having any fun at all.

Welcome, Lily - glad to have you aboard.

Anyone heard from Jello?

06-02-2004, 07:41 PM
I am still having pain and boy oh boy sweeping and mopping today was really tough, but I got my house cleaned. I have one of those sponge mops that you push on the handle to make it squeeze out and I have very little strength in my right hand to hold onto the mop so I was trying to hold the mop handle between my legs tight enough to push the handle with my left hand, which is badly bruised from the IV mess so it was pretty comical. I am sure my house is not as clean as it should be (well up to my impossibly set standards anyway) but it looks clean so that is all that matters right now.

My dd took me to the dr yesterday and neither she nor my gs had seen the condo since we got finished. DGS said, Nonny why did you change everything? It doesn't look like it did before. You put the microwave in here and the table and it used to be in the kitchen. He is one of those kids who freaks out about changes and it seemed to bother him a bit that my house was so changed but God bless him, when we left to go to the dr he took my hand and promised me that he wouldn't let me fall down!

DH and I are going on a date Friday night to dinner and then to a movie. I am going to make sure I go someplace I can stay op with and I think then I can sneak a lowfat snack into the theater and buy a diet drink rather than fattening nachos or whatever. I have problems with popcorn kernels getting stuck in my throat and then infecting the lining of my throat so I rarely eat popcorn anyway. I am a hot dog and nacho girl.

Everyone have a super evening. We miss you girls that have been absent! Hope you are doing well!


06-04-2004, 12:03 PM
Woohoo! Friday AND I made it to Curves this morning. :cb:

How ya feeling Faye? Have you been back in the pool? It's been too chilly here for swimming, but weatherman saying 90 next week.

Quilter, I haven't talked to my mom since hospice visited. I know she's feeling stress keeping all his meds right and she does the feeding tube. But I also know he wasn't ready to call hospice...knowing it's the last step.

After missing a week of Curves, I was scared to weigh myself this morning. But to my surprise I was down another pound! 10 pound total loss since starting Curves. :D I keep thinking how great I'm gonna feel when I loose another 10 so I gotta keep at it!

This evening my youngest son has two baseball games back to back...probably get over around 9pm. And then tomorrow he has two soccer games...the first one starting at 8am. :faint: (Faye, soccer is in Argos) And then for kicks, another soccer game Sunday afternoon. I'm glad to say soccer is finished this weekend. :p

Lots to do today. House work, yard work, pay some bills.
Have a great weekend Chickies! :wave:

06-04-2004, 12:19 PM
Tigerlily, the hospice people know most people aren't ready to call them and can deal with that. They are so kind and supporting.

Faye, hope you are on the mend. It has rained every day since the pool opened and cooled off by 10 degrees so I haven't been yet. After I was all psyched up, too. Darn!

Have Quilting Bee tonight (hope we have something decent to eat) and tomorrow 4 of my friends and I are going to Chantilly to a big quilt show. I'm really looking forward to that. Means Sunday is housework and grocery shopping--DARN!!

06-04-2004, 10:41 PM
:) Hello All!
Whew.....Friday......we made it! must be a very hard time for you and your family. Hospice provides such extraordinary services. Make sure you Mom signs up for all they have to offer....they are wonderful with bereavement counseling and will check in on her for a year afterwards too.

Faye....hope you are getting some good reports back from the doctors. I didn't know you were a cat lover too! Our resident cat is a yellow tabby named Jackson.....he just showed up on the front porch last summer and cried until we couldn't stand it any! (and just for the record.....DH caved first!)

Lily....I know how hard it is to plan and stick to an exercise program. I was doing pretty good....mostly low impact aerobics....but extending the exercise times, more times a week.....and then I 'fell off the wagon'. This week was terribly hectic, and I just couldn't (didn't) fit the exercise in. I think I made up for at least part of it today though.....we went to a car show and I nearly walked my little heels off!

Have a great weekend!

06-04-2004, 11:55 PM
Stray cats do have a funny way of sitting on your porch screaming, "I'm a HOUSE cat damn it, let me in the house!"
I had a hard day at work today and the thing is, I can see my workload at the start of my shift. I can't get off work until I'm done (usually 9-10 hrs). I am always optimistic that i can "beat it", but an hour or so into my day if it becomes apparent that I won't be off work in 9 hours I start thinking of snacks. More specifically a fast, fattening, flavorful lunch and an icy cold pop followed by a piece of refrigerated chocolate cake with frosting. The self-talk is that I deserve it. I work hard. Well you're unhappy in your job you think. That may be true but, I am bound to my circumstances just as surely as any housewife is bound to her children. Besides, my circumstances have been different yet my weight has always been an issue. I haven't broken my diet rules of no pop or convenience foods but I have to get rid of the notion that food is the cure for what ails me or I am bound for failure. This is where I always get stuck. Feeling that this diet business is way too difficult on top of my hectic life. I deserve to be happy while enduring the daily grind. I'm sure not happy growing out of my pants so why do I not see the forest for the trees?

06-05-2004, 11:26 AM
Hi to All:

Got on the scale this morning and I am down another pound for a total loss of 21.5 pounds since I started posting on 9/11/02!

I tell you between posting on this thread (albeit I have been a bit MIA since Bob died last Sept.) and sticking faithfully to posting ALL and EVERYHTHING I eat daily at; seeing a therapist for food and grief issues over the past 20 months, and not giving up I see that little steps do make a big difference!

I no longer beat myself over the head for ONLY losing 21.5 lbs. in this time period, but I am rather proud that I made the effort at all...given the challenges I've been dealt.

This is what I know for sure...trying counts and time passes...and wounds begin to heal...I will never give up on me!!

Much Love To ALL!


06-05-2004, 01:25 PM
Good for you Carol
Do you ever watch I Lost It! on the Discovery Health channel? There was a story on there this week of a women who lost 75lbs in 2 1/2 yrs. That's a 2.5lb weight loss a month! Hardly anything yet it all adds up and time passes anyway so who cares how long it takes. I thought to myself that I bet she keeps it off permanantly too because she changed her eating habits for so long.

06-07-2004, 11:19 AM
Carol, slow and steady wins the race.

You see people who lose fast and regain faster - 95% of people who try to lose weight fail. Despite all the diets, lifestyle plans, etc., that percentage has remaind constant. Those who are in the "winning" 5% say they lost it slowly, made changes that would be forever like learning to eat new foods, doing without snack food, having dessert only occasionally, etc. Something to think about. Dr. Dean Adele was talking about the low carb "substitute" foods that have come out. One of the big Universities did a huge study on low carb and low fat dieters. Low carb lost faster because they had more statisfying foods and ate less. However, when they started using the low carb breads, cereals, snacks, ice cream, etc., they ate more and lost that edge. Same thing with all the low fat snacks that are touted as being "good" for us - we eat too much of them, they have way too many calories, and we don't lose. Those who did best cut out processed foods except for the rare occasion, at whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies, meat, dairy and good fats.

06-08-2004, 01:39 PM
Wow Quilter you are at exciting is that...I know how you have been struggling to get there...and thanks for your good advice....since my glucose has started to creep up a little bit that is my focus for losing weight...not to have a flat tummy...

I am so glad you're still with us...anyone heard from Semo, Jello, and the rest of the old crew here at Doing your own the way I am thrilled at seeing all the new members too...thank to all of the newest members for a warm welcome back...


06-09-2004, 10:03 AM
Hi. I'm still peak'n in every day to read. Just not feeling too "posty". In between running the kids to & fro and worry over my Dad, my energy is zapped. I can't fall asleep at night...and then I can't get woke up and moving in the morning. I've been off coffee for awhile, but tempted to make some this morning just to start me up.

06-09-2004, 05:22 PM
The following is kind of long but very interesting. Its from the 24-hour fitness website.

Satiety - Problems & Possible Solutions
Nutrition & Healthy Recipes
The mechanics involved with fat and weight loss are quite simple: eat less energy (calories) than you expend. However, in order to reach or maintain your fat loss goals, your body and mind must have a sense of fullness and satisfaction from the foods and liquids that you consume. But if the achievement of your desired body leaves you hungry and lethargic, the likelihood of you being successful long-term is remote at best. In modern society it is a fact that few people live hungry forever, especially when food is easily accessible, tantalizing and plentiful. One thing is true: if you cannot live the lifestyle it took to get in shape, you will not stay in shape.
Satiety is defined as a state or condition of sufficiency or satisfaction; the full gratification of appetite or thirst resulting in the elimination of the desire to consume more food or liquid. The mechanisms of satiety are quite complex, numerous and on the whole, poorly understood.

Why do I get hungry?
At this time we should distinguish between hunger and appetite. Hunger is the true, physiological need for nourishment. Appetite, however, is simply the desire to eat, and has nothing to do with the need to eat.

Why do we feel the need to eat?
Messages sent to the brain by the body (hormonal, enzymatic, etc.) that it is hungry and in need of nourishment (physiological) Learned associations or habits with food and fluid ingestion (good or bad) (psychological).

Problems and Possible Solutions - Internal Cues to Eat (Physiological)

Problem: Eat to survive
Humans are designed to consume food and fluid until the nutritional needs of tissues and organs are fulfilled (i.e., adequate blood sugar, liver glycogen repletion). This is not however, our only mechanism for satiety. If it were our only mechanism for satiety, our desire to eat would end immediately after consuming what we needed, rather than continuing to eat due to the presence of external cues (palatable food, social setting, anxiety, etc). Newborns up to six weeks old may be the only true depletion-driven eaters. They eat only the amount they need and only when they need it because they have not yet had food-related experiences.
Possible solution
To maintain current body composition, the amount of energy we expend must match the energy we consume. With the goal of fat loss, the caloric deficit must be as small as possible to assist with a maximal level of satiety.

Problem: Innate craving for sweetness
Nearly all humans are born with a craving for sweetness. Newborns are a perfect example of this fact. Obviously, without learned eating behaviors, a newborn responds positively to sweetness (e.g., mother's milk), and negatively to bitterness. These biases were probably at one time necessary for our species' survival. Bitterness tends to be correlated with toxins and sweetness with energy, favoring the bias for sweetness. This innate human characteristic causes us to crave sweets even when we are not hungry. Unfortunately, food manufacturers prey upon this natural craving to lure customers into consuming more than necessary (i.e., eating dessert after a large meal, delicious, nutritionally useless foods).
Possible solution
Eat meals consisting of agreeable percentages of protein, fat, carbohydrate and fiber, at least three to four times a day (depending on total caloric intake allowed). Each of the aforementioned nutrients triggers it's own satiety mechanism. Collectively, when consumed at each meal, they may initiate and prolong satiety better than if they were consumed alone. Additionally, if the desire for something sweet follows the consumption of a full meal, either satisfy the craving with a low-calorie dessert (e.g., frozen yogurt, fruit, etc.) or ignore it. Just because one feels the desire to consume something does not mean that the body needs it. The desire will usually subside about 30 minutes after the meal as the internal satiety cues are triggered and received by the brain.

Problem: Inherent set point
Evidence is accumulating that genetics may influences the chances of an individual becoming fat or what body fat percentage they will settle into as an adult. The idea that genetics can influence adult body weight or fat is part of the set-point theory, which essentially means that attempts to sway from this level of fatness or weight result in the body taking steps to bring the person back. This can be accomplished by a combination of factors that have the effect of increasing food consumption, decreasing energy expenditure, or both. This is not to say, though, that genetics are a "death-sentence". Ultimately our lifestyle (eating and exercise habits) determines what degree of influence our genetics have.
Although your ancient ancestors may have had the same set point as you, it is unlikely that they reached it. Energy spent acquiring food and food preparation itself increased the energy cost of eating. Also, food was not as readily available as it is today, making chronic overfeeding unlikely. Today, we drive a car to the grocery store and buy prepared foods, reducing our energy cost of eating. Genes also get the opportunity to express themselves because of our sedentary lifestyles. Unless you are an ultra-endurance athlete, your daily activities pale in comparison to those of your ancestors. We are dealing with internal wiring made for a world where food was not plentiful or readily available and energy expenditure was high. Tiring of this we changed our environment. However, we have not been successful in changing our physiology. Our bodies have been designed to "save for a rainy day", if you will. The problem is, in today's society, that rainy day does not come.

Possible solution
Your current lifestyle dictates your current body. You must adhere to the principles of your customized plan, which means making gradual changes and incorporating a realistic amount of work with realistic, convenient foods. Upon achievement of your goal, maintaining your body composition is dependent on whether or not you like the lifestyle you adopted to achieve it. At times, vanity and health can help defeat an appetite not conducive to the goal, but the bottom line remains the sameyou must be addicted to your new lifestyle.

Problems and Possible Solutions - Learned Eating Cues (Psychological)
Following the newborn period, an increasing number of experiences with food begin to influence or create learned eating behaviors. These behaviors interact with our purely physiological signals in order to control appetite and satiety. These learned cues are created in part by our parents, culture, commercial influences, etc. Keep in mind these are learned cues, and as such, they can be unlearned.

Social or ritual eating
We often drink and eat when we are not truly hungry. Holiday feasting, going out after dinner for drinks with friends and consuming buttered popcorn throughout a movie are but a few examples of eating as a result of environmental influences instead of hunger.
Possible solution
Eat a healthy snack before attending an event. People make bad food choices when they are hungry. Eating properly throughout the day will assist with making wiser food choices and early termination of the above-mentioned ritual foods.

Problem: Judging foods for content Some people avoid foods or stop eating them before the "plate is clean" because of presumed caloric content (i.e., how they believe the food will affect their physique, health, religious or economic concerns). Some people will consume for an extended period of time for the same reasons.
Possible solution
Consume good foods regularly, but do not deprive yourself of "fun foods" just because you think they will make you fat. Anything in moderation will not significantly interrupt your progress.

Problem: Habitual consumption
Eating behaviors and patterns developed during youth, passed on to you by your parents or peers, will affect your choices throughout life. High-calorie foods and desserts after meals may not have been a problem during youth when energy expenditure was high, but now forced into less activity in order to make a living in adulthood, these behaviors lead to energy storage (i.e., fat). Additionally, ethnic groups mainly consuming foods indigenous to their culture for many generations develop a digestive physiology (e.g., enzymes) that is compatible with the food they eat. Therefore, changing foods, if necessary, may be unpleasant until one's digestive tract adapts to the new food choices.
Possible solution
Gradually incorporate changes into your current way of eating. Eat foods you like within your new adult caloric allotment.

Can your mood affect your appetite or more specifically, a craving for a particular food (e.g., chocolate)? There has been a fair amount of research in the area of food, mood and appetite, but any conclusions drawn from this data have had little effect on our society's expanding waistline.

Thankfully, no one must be stuck with sinful food cravings for life. Ask a friend who has reached and maintained a fat loss goal. Often you will find that the baked potato dripping with butter, fast food hamburgers, sauces and milkshakes they used to enjoy, no longer taste good and may even be considered unappetizing. This is because they are addicted to healthy, lower-calorie, high-volume foods that allow them to look and feel great. This individual will not allow anything to interrupt this feeling. In other words, they unlearned these food-craving behaviors and replaced them with positive and beneficial eating habits.

Possible Solution
Incorporate some of your foods cravings into a healthy diet.

The level where regular satiety occurs will vary for each individual, influenced by their genetic predisposition (set point) and learned eating behaviors (environmental stimulus for eating). In today's environment, people often consume food or drink even though they are not hungry because of the setting, type of food or habit (learned). Additionally, at some level, people are not regularly satiated until they reach a certain body fat percentage or weight, and then, internal or physiological cues direct them to maintain that daily energy intake. This causes the body fat level to remain fairly constant (physiological). This may take place at a low, moderate or high body fat percentage, depending on familial characteristics. Learned behaviors may override this internal mechanism creating a weight control problem. Ultimately though, we are all responsible for what we eat, and what amount of movement we do in a day. Finding a balance of sensible choices and behaviors and enjoyment is the key to long-term success.

06-10-2004, 11:49 AM
Watched "Losing It" the other night on our public TV station. I thought overall it was a great program, but I thought the bypass surgery came off as too easy. I have heard and also read on the thread for it here at 3FC that this surgery is not always without significant problems post-op. Over all I am finding that the more I focus my TV watch on "Fit TV", an exercise channel here in the East, and programs like "Losing It", the more I stay away from the food.

It's a very positive type of "brain washing" and I'll take it. Love to all!


06-10-2004, 01:47 PM
I agree, DNW - the more we educate ourselves the more successful we will be with getting the weight off and keeping it off. I had a friend who had the surgery - lost nearly 200 pounds and has now gained 250. The magic bullet still hasn't been found...except learn to eat nutritiously in the right quantities for the activity you do. :)

06-10-2004, 06:52 PM
Ok, I'm ignorant about the surgery. How does someone gain back that much weight if their stomach is so small? Does the stomach just stretch back out again? Hmmm

Sometimes I get frustrated that I've only lost ten pounds, but then I look at the other side. I've lost ten and I'm keeping it off. I've turned the train around and going slowly in the right direction now. I'm at 198...been here before. But doing it with exercise this time and hope that is my missing link. Go Curves! We are planning a weekend get away with my sisters family in August. She's petite. Grrr. But maybe I can pull some extra motivation from it.
Really starting to wonder what happened to everyone. *scratching head*

06-11-2004, 12:24 AM
:) Hello All!

No - have not fallen off the edge of the earth....been lurking, and not posting. It seems the past couple weeks have been incredibly hectic - seems like I am just going in circles, spinning my wheels. Everyone wants a piece of me..:dizzy:...but then, that always seems to be my "pre-vacation mind set". Just need a few days off to get everything back into perspective. is so hard to figure out why we respond to food the way we do....probably differently with each individual. Myself - I just fail to comprehend the cause and effect principle......hmmm......can't seem to grasp the fact that if I eat another piece of chocolate cake, it will eventually show up on the scales. :rollpin:

Quilter.....awesome post on satiety. I have to keep reading and learning in the hopes that eventually something will 'click' and make my weight loss journey easier. But then, maybe that is the problem.....because this is never going to be easy and I should just buckle down and do it and not wait for my fairy godmother to wave her magic wand. :wizard:

Tigerlily....Exercise is the key. When I have had any weight loss success in the past, it has always been tied to exercise. The bonus is that when I exercise, I find that I don't need to be quite as strict with my diet...:hun:..thus avoiding any dementia problems that result from chocolate cake deficiency.

With vacation coming up too soon, I have to go clothes shopping this weekend. AUGHHHH :( I have not lost enuf weight to make the shopping experience remotely pleasant.....but desparately need something to wear. Pray for me......

06-11-2004, 09:06 AM
Wow, good to have so many of you post again. We just need to keep plugging along and we'll get to our goal.

Tigerlily, the stomach does stretch to accommodate more food - and the wrong, higher calorie foods creep back in as well. Sound familiar? My friend was not supposed to eat more than 1/4 cup of food at one time and then about every 2 hours. Big list of don't eats as well...causes dumping (ugh!).

Though I'd let you all know about Not only do they have great recipes, they now have a new meal planning section that is great. You can get a menu plan for a week, with recipes, and then make subsitutions to get what you really want - and it prints a grocery list! Lots of good tips. Best of all - it's free. :bravo:

Have a good weekend! I'm out to walk before the rain.

06-12-2004, 01:21 AM
Hello all…..

I haven’t post this last week, I kind of had a big upset last Friday night, my boyfriend of a year and a half told me he still had feelings for his ex. I was caught totally off guard by this, just a few months ago we were talking marriage….and then this…..needless to say the diet and exercise has been very screwed up. At first I ate very little the first 5 days and did not exercise much….then I had to hit the road for 2 nights on a business trip and got to the motel room and was all alone and I just ate……no I do have to say….my big binge was NOTHING like a binge used to be…..I simply can not eat so much….so that was good. But still I felt out of control so I let myself eat out of control for a couple of days. I am back home now and will get back on the wagon tomorrow, but I feel very fragile. I am trying to concentrate on doing what is best for me in ALL areas of my life and take one day at a time both with my diet and exercise and trying to come to a resolution on my relationship.


06-13-2004, 09:36 AM
Hi ladies, I am sorry I have been so bad about posting, but I don't want to always come here and ***** about something and these days that is pretty much my life. At will be 3 weeks on Tue and I still don't have a cast on my broken arm. The current thing is that my insurer, which is Tricare and federal because it is military won't pay because there is a 3rd party involved, namely the restaurant. SOOOOOOO, nobody here wants to cast the arm because they are afraid Tricare won't pay! I even got a letter from the insurance yesterday saying they want me to make an appt at a clinic 2 HOURS away. To heck with that. I am going to ream someone and ream them good on the phone, or I may just go out there as Tricare has these like satellite offices you go to. I cannot tell you how fed up I am. I did finally get my MRI and am waiting on the results of that for my leg.

MsRD: I became a cat lover by default! My husband found this kitten 18 months ago at the back door of his plant and no one would take it including the rescue places so he called me. Never one to let an orphan suffer, I told him to bring him home and he is now very much a part of the family. Actually, I never liked cats but I love him to death. I am including a pic I took of him yesterday when he was bugging me here at the computer. He lays here and thumps my hand with his paw while I type! He is a real ham!

Tig: HUGS to you sweety and hope you get up and running soon and remember I pray for dad whenever I see your name!

I need to get going as I was so sick yesterday I didn't get anything done all day.


06-13-2004, 12:05 PM
Hello all!

Just popped in this will be here soon for dinner and the circus will begin! heart goes out to you with your relationship problems. I know that he completely blindsided you with the news.....but, on the other hand, perhaps better now that after a marriage? Give yourself a few days ....concentrate on taking care of you...the two of you will get thru this if it was meant to be.

Faye.....I am shocked that you still haven't gotten the necessary medical attention for your arm! After 3 weeks, it has probably started on knit on its own.....but do you know if it is properly aligned? I absolutely hate insurance companies.....a necessary evil at best....and have been a total failure when dealing with them. It all comes down to the fact that you have to jump thru their prescribed hoops if you want anything done at all.
Loved the cat pic Faye......what a beautiful animal! Don't you love the way they just lounge around...expecting to be spoiled by their human housemates?
I don't know why cats are so fascinated by computers. Our Jackson likes to stand in front of the screen so I can't see, or occasionally sits on the keyboard (which makes for interesting chatroom conversation). Love him to bits, nonetheless! a full day ahead.....not to mention a full getting ready for vacation! Will stop in when I can.......hugs to all! :grouphug:

06-14-2004, 01:44 PM
Dear Friends:

Tiger: My heart goes out to you...the stress of your dad's illness must be incredible...I know how I felt when my Mom was ill for so long...I really do say prayers for your dad and for your peace of mind. I am happy that you are patting yourself on the back for losing the 10 lbs and keeping it off. As I stated earlier this month I am very happy with the permanent 21 lb. loss I have experieenced since joining 3FC, and primarily this thread, 2 years ago...we have to applaud our accomplishments...and you have so much you have accomplished with all your responsibilities!!

gma2one: All managed care companies should fall off the face of the earth...I am so sorry you have to go through would have been better off with charity care at a local hospital! Please call a lawyer now....this is not going to get better. Good Luck! :mad:

Lillybutt: Sorry to hear about your boyfriend and his decision...let him go...I agree with the others...better to find out now...but we do feel your anguish...this is not easy but for your own self esteem chalk it up to another life experience...the right one is just around the corner..I didn't get married until I met my Bob at 42 and although we only had 12 years together (he died last year), they were the best 12 years of my life because I never had any doubts about him and knew he adored me...extra pounds and all...keep an open heart!!

What has happened to Semo...does anyone know what's going on with her? :?:

Hey Quilter: :D: Thanks for the great post on while we are on that subject I found the most divine protein bar..."Momentum" by General Mills. I buy the Double Chocolate. It's only 150 cals. and has 12 grams of protein and 3 net carbs.

This is as good as a chocolate bar and maybe better because it's so good I can only eat one...two would make me feel icky it's so good!! Don't know how the other flavors taste and don't care; I am chocoholic!! A little pricey at $5.29 for 4 bars but I got a load of them on sale for $4.29...try these if you can get your hands on them you will not believe the taste...I was shocked!! :devil:

Lots of Love to All and I'm Sorry if I overlooked anyone,

06-14-2004, 11:03 PM
MsRD.... I leave on vacation to Mexico on Fri. night. Had to go swimsuit shopping this last weekend. I had 4 suits in my hand and went to the dressing room and said to the clerk, "Let the nightmare begin!", and she says, "oh no, it will be fun" (getting a new bathing suit). It was not fun!
We've all had those Good God moments. For me it was noticing in the sideview mirror of my car that that there was a big roll on my forearm as I leaned it on the window. I noticed it finally looks better :) My thighs are another issue but that will take some time.

06-15-2004, 08:21 AM
Carol: I have an attorney and have had one since the day after I slipped and fell. The issue is a federal recovery law that my insurer, which is federal government has to abide by. I am hoping this will all be settled with my arm the 23rd. I have an appt about getting it cast.

Tig: Hope you are doing well and dad is doing ok! I know you are terribly busy right now, but know we are thinking of you!

Hope all you vacationers have a grand time. Jack and I can't wait to go back to Vegas next year. It is all we talk about!

I haven't much time this am so I am going to go.

Hi to all of you missing folks!


06-15-2004, 09:17 AM
Hello Ladies :wave:
It's another busy week. Like there isn't enough going on, I've had two a/c contractors at the house and have two replacement window appointments, one this evening and one next week. And just for icing, a loan officer for an equity loan will be here Thursday. :dizzy:

Lily, sorry to hear about the boyfriend. Sounds like a good time to put yourself at the top of your list...take care of yourself! :flow2:

Tinlizzy, Mexico! :p < that's me green with envy. No vacations in my near future.

Thank you for all the prayers concerning my Dad. He is going down hill fast. They (my mom and dad) have had a couple incidents where he either fell or couldn't get up during the night and my mom has had to call friends to come over and help. Hospice has brought lots of equipement to help them and is checking in on them a couple times a week. I was there Sunday and plan to make a trip over there some time this week and again on Father's Day. (Faye, they live in Knox)

Youngest son has a dentist appointment today, so off to get ready.

06-15-2004, 09:25 AM
Tigerlily, I'm keeping your father, you and your family in my daily prayers. I know this is a very difficult time for all of you.

Faye, I hope your arm gets fixed before it starts setting wrong ... what a nightmare.

Swimsuits - oh, God! I only go to the pool when it's "adults only" 7-8 every evening. Kids are just too truthful sometimes.

Getting that wake up moment can really be a jolt. But at least we know what we have to do to make it better.

Have a good day, ladies - work calls! :coffee:

06-16-2004, 08:43 AM
Tig: I will continue to prayer for your mom and dad and for you too! Which hospital does the hospice work out of, the one in Plymouth? I have a bil with MS and he is a very large man. When he falls now they have to call out the fire department to get him up because my sister and the neighbors just can't do it anymore. He used to be able to help, but since his body just doesn't work he is totally dead weight so I know what you are talking about. We are coming up there for the 4th, leaving Friday and coming back on Tues. In fact, going to church with friends in Plymouth on Sunday morning so I will wave as we go by the general area, watch for me! :lol:

Susan: I never let myself be embarrassed no matter what size. I know it is difficult to ignore anyone who whispers, but at the size you are now, you shouldn't really have a problem with that. Me, I get up in there face! I have even asked a little boy why he was black when he ask why was I fat and had a discussion about acceptance with him. Hope it stuck! Be proud, put on that suit and hold your head up HIGH you have come a very LONG LONG way!

I don't know where you are Jello, but we miss you and the rest of you who quit posting all of a sudden! Hope to hear from you soon!


06-16-2004, 09:36 AM
Good morning ladies. Today is my 32nd wedding anniversary and I have declared dinner to be with dessert. I think we might be married to long - I got my husband a fax machine and he got me a new iron (I really had been wanting it, the European steam Rowenta - for my quilting, not my clothes!). Why he wanted a fax machine I really can't comprehend, but he did and he rarely expresses anything he wants. It's always "I don't need anything." After dinner we are going to see the new Harry Potter movie...just kids at heart.

06-16-2004, 02:16 PM
Susan: Our 32nd will be in November and we pretty much go with whatever each other wants. I am past having to have romantic presents all the time, though I do still appreciate them. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I don't know about you two but we consider each other our best friends so we have been truly happy all these years. Talking about presents, for Father's Day I bought Jack a leather Tony Stewart jacket. Has stunk up the whole closet! :lol: We went to see Harry Potter opening night. In fact, I am listening to the last book on tape right now. I have already listened to it, but the books are compelling and interesting enough I think to read over and over. Hope you enjoy your anniversary and all it involves!


06-16-2004, 03:56 PM
Well everyone…still hanging in there….first……finished up work for the summer last Friday. I have off now until late July, then work sporadically until mid August when school gets back in session…..I am a special education consultant so I work longer than schools but similar schedule. It is good to be done for a while and just have time to relax and refocus on myself. Secondly……I got the LASIK surgery done yesterday. It was a very odd experience, but I found it very easy. The best part was the valium when I got home so I could sleep all day. I did sleep until 3, about 4 hours, and then was in a fog until about 5. But after that I was feeling fine, seeing okaying and bored……watched TV but noting was on, I couldn’t read, but tried until my eyes started to hurt, couldn’t really focus well enough to use the computer, so I called as many friends as I could.  Today I had my post op check and he said it was all good, slightly over corrected, but that is not unusual for the first day out and that it will fluctuate for awhile. I go back next week for another check. Next….my boyfriend has been out of town on business, in the town the ex girlfriend he still “has feelings” for lives. They met for dinner on Monday night and he called me afterwards….we didn’t talk much bout it, other than he said it went okay. But then he has called maybe 6 times since Monday night to check on me and to tell me he loves me. He also text messaged a lot. I am just staying reserved on the whole thing….we will talk this weekend, but right now I m in a place that I am the most important person to me and I will take care of me at all costs. Lastly…..I still have managed to lose a little bit. Slowly but surely it keeps coming off…8.8 lbs from a high of 250 a month or so ago. I am back to exercising regularly, except for yesterday!!! I am headed to the gym today to lift weights for the first time in a few months…..I am planning of walking most days, swimming laps at least once a week, when the DR gives me the go ahead on that, and do the weight machines free weights once or twice a week. I liked my arms when I had some definition from the swimming and weights so I am trying to get that back!!!!

Well enough for this dissertation for now!!!


06-18-2004, 01:15 AM
Hi Ladies,

I'mmmmm bbbaacckkkk..... We are FINALLY getting settled here in Utah. I've gotten the 5 & 3 year old set up for school. They are so excited, they want to start tomorrow. Kaleigha, the 2 year old, wants to go so bad. She keeps telling me she's a 3 year old boy!! (like her brother who's starting pre-school in September). She's a pill.

I started W.W. last week and am down 5.8lbs this week. I started back at Curves this week. Need to go tomorrow to have put in my 3 workouts this week. I am feeling really motivated right now. I'm not sure why, but hey I'm NOT complaining. It's going to take a little doing to learn the whole "points" thing, but I am really feeling like it's do-able.

I haven't posted since mid-May, so I am way behind on posts, although I did see some new "faces"! Just want to say HI to everyone, and let ya'll know that I'm back up and running.

I'll check in tomorrow!

06-18-2004, 09:28 AM
Good morning all!

Lily: I don't know how single women put up with men these days. I would be kicking that little snot to the curb. Love is not a feeling of convenience but commitment. Sheesh! I cannot believe he is telling you he loves you and then seeing the other one. I guess I am just an old lady who has been married a very long time, but I can tell you that I wouldn't put up with that at all.

Dyan: Glad you got moved ok. How did the landlord thing all turn out, alright?

We have made plans to go up north for the holiday and I am looking forward to it even if I am in a cast, which should make helping to drive interesting! :lol: It is right at a 10 hour drive. I go to the regular dr on Monday so should hear about my MRI then and to the orthopedic doctor for the cast on Wednesday finally. It will be a month on Tuesday since the accident and my arm is still broken and no cast. Insurers are a bunch of jerks sometimes.

Everybody have a super weekend! I am down 10 olbs since my dr appt!


06-18-2004, 09:55 AM
Dylan, welcome back, we've missed you!

Faye - Way to go...another 10 pounds. Hope your arm turns out okay.

Lily, you are way to good a person to be treated like this. There is a man out there that will treat you like you should be. Like Faye, I've been married a long time to a real gem but I didn't find him until I was 30 years old...well worth the wait.

Stay with whatever food plan you have over the weekend - have a good one!

06-18-2004, 11:15 PM
:wave: Hello All!

Made it thru the was super busy, as was getting everything ready for vacation. I got a lot accomplished....but still need to pack and clean the house (one of the downsides of having a feel the need to have everything in order before leaving)

Tinlizzy.....swimsuit shopping? That would probably send me right over the edge for sure! :eek: I have spent hours and hours trying on clothes.....managed 2 new tops and a pair of slacks. Absolutely nothing looks is soooo discouraging. But I know what I have to do......

Faye.....TEN POUNDS! :goodscale: AWESOME! I am so glad you will be getting your arm taken care of this week.

Quilter.....Happy Anniversary! How nice to hear of so many years of happiness! :) We will be celebrating #36 this August!

Dyan.....glad to see you again. I am glad the move went well....imagine you are happy to have DH around for reinforcements. And those numbers are looking good too!

On the weight front......I have lost the same 5 pounds over and over again. I know what I have to do,:dz: but seem to lack motivation (does this sound familiar?) Anyway, I am going to take next week to relax and regroup and reset my priorities...hopefully that will be enough to get my started.....yet again
See you in a week!

06-19-2004, 10:53 AM
Faye: :cheer: :cb: :bravo: :dance: 10 lbs!! Congrats and keep up the great work!! Not sure what happened to your arm, but a whole month w/o a cast!! :mad: I'm mad for you!! As far as the ladylord, it's still not over. Oue lease isn't up until the end of the month. He called dh a few days after we got here and had asked for the keys. originally we were going to send him the keys when we moved out, but the more I thought about it the more I was against it, especially since he was such an ***. So dh told him I had mailed them, well I had to call him back and tell him that I had decided not to. He then tells me to let him talk to dh, I was like, no, you can talk to me. (as much as I love DH, he hates confrontation and will avaid it at all costs). He started to tell me that if he didn't have the keys in 3 days that he was going to call a locksmith and take it out of our deposit, blah, blah, blah. So I told him that I already talked to a lawyer and it looked like I was already going to have to take him to court. He hung up on me :shrug: , what did I do? HA. Anyhoo, he called back started telling me it the law....See he wants to give the keys to a realtor, so that they can start showing it. I told him, I didn't want anyone trekking through there until our walk thru on the 30th, and legally we paid the rent for the month (because he just HAD to be an ***)... So things aren't going to well... I'll let you now in about 4 weeks (when we get our deposit back) how things go.

Lily: Sorry to hear about your relationship woes. I just keep thinking....WOW...what do ya do in that situation? He didn't have to tell you, but he did. He could have cheated until you found out. But he didn't. But just because he told you, doesn't mean he's a good guy. I've only been married for 8 1/2 years (compared to the 30+ ladies we have on here). Funny, we met in June, then on the 4th of July he asked me to marry him. 6 months later we were married (I was 28), and now we have 5 children between us (4 together). I told him there was one thing I will not tolerate and that would be him cheating on me. I told him (and I mean it!!) that as much as it would hurt me, I divorce him in a heartbeat and then take him for every cent he has (I do have 4 kids by him). I told him, if doesn't want to have to live in a cardboard box, he better thing twice.... He always looks at me strange and tells me to cut it out! In my heart I don't feel as though he would cheat, but hey, what does the heart know?

Crap the kids are waking up....gotta run....

06-19-2004, 11:36 AM
Thanks for the support everyone. I know that this is not a relationship support board, but it DOES affect my eating…..Thursday night he told me that I am in his heart 90%, but she is in his head 10% and if he can’t give me 100% something it wrong. So we agreed to a weekend apart….it really hurt when he said he would make an excuse to his parents for Father’s Day dinner, but my therapist said that the most loving thing to do is to give him the gift of time and all that crap about letting him go and if it is meant to be he will come back…you know the drift…….so that is where it is at. I know that I should feel good that he is honest. He could have kept pretending or had a thing with her, but he didn’t. Right now he wants no contact with either one of us and sort it out for himself. So here I sit. My food fear is not that I will eat until I am sick, but that I will not eat at all. And I know from experience that that is not good either. I track my calories on fitday and as of 7 last night I had about 600 calories…just a sandwich and I must have had something at breakfast….and no desire to eat. So I went for a walk and decided that I had to at least keep 1200 calories. I know that less puts me in a starvation mode and then eating anything cause a weight plateau or gain, so I decided I could use all the rest of my calories on a DQ blizzard, so I got in the car and went there and ate that. I am down a bit but manage to eat about 1500 calories yesterday which is good. Right now if it takes comfort food that is what it takes I guess!


06-22-2004, 06:58 AM
Good morning all!

Dyan: Good to hear from you and sorry the landlord is being such a jerk. We lived for NINE YEARS in an apartment community, great renters and all and when we moved out (we were so valued we had NO deposit) thought everything was hunky dorey. We dropped off the keys in their box as the office was closed when we left town. Three weeks later, I cannot rent anywhere and finally find out why. They LOST our last months' rent and the bozos because we were moving never called or sent a letter or anything saying our rent was in arrears so I never knew. It is still going on as I was royally pissed off about the whole thing and got the back to issue me a refund and refused to pay the last month's rent. We had hired a lawyer a few months before moving because there were damages in the apartment from water (ceiling had come down and was never fixed over a 3 year period mainly because they were having financial problems that I of course had no clue about.) My daughter became allergic and asthmatic due to the mold in the ceiling and the lawyer told me they could tie it up in court for years and it would be expensive for us so we let it drop even though I have photos of the damage and doctor's reports etc. I decided I am going to make them come to me and I feel this was the least they could do. I am in a better financial situation and already have a lawyer for my accident (oh and my arm and knee is from slipping and falling in a restaurant in May) and will pursue it if I have to. I have already sent a letter to the collection agency they just hired saying I don't owe the debt and won't pay. Landlords have rights, but renters have rights too!

I had a regular dr appt yesterday and she didn't have the MRI and had it faxed over. I have a copy to take on Wed to the Ortho. She said it says there is some damage to the knee but she can't say whether or not it can be fixed surgically. THE GOOD NEWS IS...DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... MY CHOLESTEROL. IS 105 AND MY TRIGLYCERIDES ARE 40. I am not anemic nor do I have thyroid or diabetic problems. I have lost 6 lbs since seeing her the last time and I got nothing but praise about my weight loss etc. She said she has never seen anyone with better cholesterol or trglycerides. (I guess normal is 120 and 50) So I was jazzed that for the first time I was applauded instead of harrassed though I have been very forthright with this new doctor and wasn't about to start with her by letting her harangue me about being overweight. I took charge! :lol: I will let you know what comes of the Wed appt.


06-22-2004, 12:07 PM
:balloons: :stars: Faye, way to go. Isn't it great to know your health is good. My doctor says I don't need to worry about a heart attack with numbers like mine I could be the poster child for lowering chloresterol. I hope they get you fixed up soon. Have you been able to go to the pool?

06-24-2004, 02:26 AM
Hola Chicas!

Wow Faye ~ Congrats, AGAIN!! Your just zipping along aren't cha?

The jerk (A.K.A. landlord) is up to something, not sure what, just have a feeling. He's supposed to be going to the property tomorrow, so I'll be on pins and needles. Anyhoo, my mom and sister went over there the other day and someone had put the hose in the crawl space under the house and turned it on full blast!! The livingroom screen was off and they found beer cans in the garage. Luckily my family is looking out for us. After tomorrow, it's all on the jerk. Have a feeling we may have to take him to court and at this point it's more on principle than anything else (If you tries to screw us!). Because so far all he's done is tell one lie after another.

Enough about him...I have W.W. tomorrow and on my scale at home, I haven't lost a single pound, as a matter of fact it looks like I've gained! True my aunt flo is visiting this week, but sucks to here you gained, even though you've done what you need to.

06-24-2004, 12:20 PM
Dyan: Man, I would have one of your family get a camera and go in and take pics of how you left the house. They should be dated on the back though so you have proof you didn't leave it that way! Boy, some people will do anything to keep their money!

The following in red is what transpired on Tuesday after I posted! I just cut and pasted this message which I sent to my sister regarding all of it.

I got a reminder call for my ortho appt on Tuesday and now they are saying they won't see me because I don't have paperwork from the lawyer with a payment guarantee (telling her I had a subragation agreement was not enough) or that I would pay for the appt myself. I got pissed and told her fine if she didn't want me to come she could cancel the appt and hung up on her. I called my doctor first only to be told she wasn't there and that I was supposed to call the restaurant to pay for it and when I said I had an attorney she said, well you need to call the doctor back and make arrangements because dr thomas is not here and hung up on me. I called the paralegal and sobbed it out on the phone and she told me she would run and talk to my attorney who called me back and told me I have a few options that this happens a lot. A) pay for treatment just to get treated but then would probably have problems getting it settled with the restaurant B) give him the info and let him try and get my appt back C) fire them and then the insurance would pay when they found out I wasn't pursuing legal action against the restaurant D) go to the emergency room or a med facility and try and get them to cast my arm. I told Jack I am about at the end of my rope with all of this. No wonder people end up getting millions of dollars for getting burned by coffee! I have just sat and cried this afternoon about it all. For God's sakes I guess all drs care about anymore is money and not treating people!

God love him, my attorney called me back about an hour ago apologizing profusely because he couldn't get those jerks to budge. They won't see me. Now the thing is, Jack called Humana and talked to a supervisor and that B told him that even if we fired our attorney unless they have written proof that the insurance company for the restaurant denies the claim for good reasons they won't pay! Can you believe that? I told my attorney that and he said, ok, now it is time to play some hardball with the restaurant's insurer. He said he was going to the main partner (this is the partner that does all the tv commercials here) and to the other attorneys to check and see if there is anything he missed before putting the thumb on the insurance company. He said, I am saying this only out of respect for you and not saying all I feel, but doctor's are supposed to treat people. He said he was angry and so very sorry I have had to live with untreated injury for a month. He said if they refuse then he will demand a refusal to pay letter so we can fire the attorney and he said he will send me all the paperwork to send to Tricare so I can get my arm fixed, but you know that will take weeks with getting the letter from the restaurant's insurance, getting the paperwork together and sent back to us and we in turn getting it to tricare then I would have to start all over going back to my doctor getting another referral etc. Jack lost his temper with the lady at humana and told her he bet if she had had a broken arm for a month and a damaged knee she would probably get help because she was one of their stinking employees and she got mad at that! She had the audacity to start reading to him from their stupid policy manual!

Anyway, I sit here with a messed up knee (there is damage to it btw, though we don't know if it is surgically repairable because we can't get to an ortho surgeon to look at the results!) and a messed up arm but I have been through worse in my life and had to deal with it alone and at least I have Jack to help me through it all.

I am fine with it now. I talked to my husband yesterday and told him I believe when you have done all you can and there is nothing more you can do, you must move on with your life and be happy so I cleaned house yesterday though it didn't need it just because it de-stressed me!

Everybody have a great day!


06-26-2004, 03:49 PM
Well hello to all!!!!!

It has been a week I believe since I posted……last weekend I was in the middle of a break up with my boyfriend of a year and ½. I came as such a shock to me…I was totally unaware of any changes in him and it took me back to BAD places. Hence my eating, when I ate, was not necessarily good and healthy. I had no energy to exercise at all and found that I overindulged in alcohol to ease the pain…….well that was a week ago……this weekend, I feel much better on track, back to exercising, eating is ok….not great, but I have found that my stomach has certainly shrunk….I simply can not eat a much as I did before. That is a good feeling that I have been doing some good!!! I am still down 1o lbs since end of May… success there. My goal was to lose 30 lbs by vacation, 8/10…..not looking good, but still going for it! I even went for an hour long bike ride last week and my behind hurt for days!!!!! I think I will try it again early next week, hopefully it will get better. On the relationship front, after a long weekend of soul searching, he has decided that I am who he wants to be, so we have has a lot of honest talks and are going to give it a try. I feel like I am in the drivers seat this time and have control over myself and my destiny and THAT makes a huge difference!!!


06-27-2004, 09:44 PM
:) Hello all!

Back from vacation yesterday and still am exhausted today....just don't snap back like I used to! Still.....had a wonderful time.....ate too much....spent too much money.....and the real bummer is that the maid isn't coming in today to clean!

Faye.....I had hoped your arm and knee injuries would be resolved by now.....but glad to see it is not discouraging you in the health/diet department.....praise from the doctor can really lift your spirits

Lily......I guess it is time to be cautiously optimistic about your relationship. If the 2 of you can work thru this, it will make you all the stronger.

Just read the sticky "Falling off the wagon..." on the message boards (and recommend it highly). It compared the peaks and valleys of dieting to the game , Chutes and Ladders; and said "you can't win the game unless you keep on playing"....maybe I should post that on the front of the fridge! I felt so physically crummy on vacation.....just fat and waddly and it is time to spin the spinner on this dieting game and, hopefully, with a little bit of work(ok ok....a LOT of work), I can break this spiral I have been in.
In the meantime, I have to unpack and get the laundry done......tomorrow is back to work!