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05-31-2004, 09:18 AM
WELCOME to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

This is a very warm and friendly group of ladies who talk about everything. Who also provide daily support in our everyday lives, as well as our walk towards a healthier lifestyle.

We would love for you to join us! :cofdate:


05-31-2004, 09:35 AM
Happy Memorial Day Ladies!

Is your flag out??

Cristi - where are you, my friend?? It has been too long since you posted last, and momma hen is starting to worry. :?:

Angie - glad you had fun with your mom. Pansies are annuals around here, too, and die off as soon as it gets hot - they hate heat.

Sue - Yay 2# down!! Did you have bad weather last night? We sure did! And in Darmstadt (near Evansville) a tornado touched down right at the end of the block by family members' home. Luckily, they were spared.

Susan - Yay for 1 1/2 down for you!! You never said when the position will be filled? Soon I hope, for your sake.

RosieKate - we also were looking for a church w/open communion, and the one we went to yesterday has it. It is an Epicopalian Church, with a small congregation. They all made us feel very welcome, and I liked the service. I was reared Catholic, and Neal was reared Lutheran, so it is kind of in-between the two. Hope you are feeling better today.

Marti - how's your weekend going? Hope you are having fun with your family.

A big hello to all the others... :wave:

Well, the party was so much fun, then I paid Katie and Kayla to wash all the pots and pans and crock pots (3 of just those!) Today I want to soak up some sun, play with the grandkids and then watch movies. Totally veg out, lol.


05-31-2004, 12:37 PM
HI! My name is Jen. I've posted my bio, so now I'm "locked in" to be a regular here. I've read through your bio's and some posts. This sure seems like a great group. I may not be able to post every day though. I hope that is all right.

A little about me, I'm an RN, gained weight in nursing school (1995), up to 190. Worked on losing weight after graduation, slowly. I was down to 125 in the summer of 1999. I've gained about 5 lbs a year since then. I'm now fighting to get under 150 again. I would be ecstatic to be 140. My clothes would fit well, and I wouldn't have to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe. Not to mention, 125 is a little thin for 5'9"!

My weakness, especially this time of year, is ice cream. I LOVE IT! What I need to do is concentrate on fresh fruits and veggies. I love strawberries. That is what I did back in 1999! So, here we go again. I also need to get off of my butt! I'm very good at finding excuses to not exercise. I "try" to walk everyday, but trying doesn't get you far!

Here are my pledges for this week:

1. I will eat at least 6 servings of fruits and veggies every day.
2. I will exercise, in some form, 5 days this week.
3. I will drink my 8 glasses every day.
4. I will clean out the spare bedroom for an exercise room on rainy days.

sw: 152
gw: 140 by June 30

05-31-2004, 03:35 PM

Welcome Jen :) I will go read the bio, wonderful to have you here!! Speaking of ice cream.....there is a Ben & Jerrys close by and my co worker has photo copied free 1 scoop coupons that are good until Aug
I have about 50 coupons , was going to use them with my daughters. I swear!!! :)
I have been getting this oatmeal flavor, figure that is a healthy choice.

Anyway, no I said the position was open until the 4th of June-, between you and Marti.....geez.....hit ya with a wet noodle or something.....

Church on my end was really good. There is a basketball camp coming up that I inlisted the girls in.

My dad gave me a computer but I gave it to the girls.....he has others, so hopefully I will get one of those. He also has sewing machines....go figure. Why an AA counselor needs sewing machines....maybe they were teaching that if they gave up drinking they could learn how to sew?? Look fashionable??? lol

Going to show him a unit this morning, has a 1 bedroom , which he needs. Afterward head over to Shari's for lunch.

I guess that is it.

Best to you all........and welcome again Jen!! :)

05-31-2004, 10:17 PM
Well I'm back.....

Jen - a big welcome to you!! :wave: Glad you decided to join us. We're a crazy (but fun) bunch. I also am 5' 9" although my goal weight is a lot higher than yours. I too think 125 is too thin, even if you have a small frame. So how did you lose down from 190? Have you tried the Blue Bunny fat free, no sugar added ice creams? For a smoothie, I use 1/4 cup of vanilla ice cream with 3/4 cup milk and any fruit with a sprinkle of Splenda in a food processor. Very yummy! We grow our own fruits (and vegetables) so I've been freezing whole strawberries on a cookie sheet. Then keep them in a gallon baggie. The coldness of them is what makes the smoothie thick. Cherries are just now ripening, so they are next on my list! Can't wait to read your bio! Anyway, post when you can, even if it isn't everyday.

Susan - get the wet noodle, I can take it, lol. At least the end of it is near so we can start getting confused about something else. :D Hope you and Shari had lots of fun today.

Cristi - okay, I truly am getting worried now! Please check in....

I didn't get to play with the twins and the baby today. Mary and Dale took them to see his parents, can you believe the audacity of that?!? LOL!! But Gina brought out her 2 and I snuggled on them. I also hoed the sweet corn, popcorn and cabbage. I feel so good that my back is well enough for me to do that!

Back in the morning...

06-01-2004, 12:28 AM
Just got back from the IL's - had a nice family get together for Memorial Day. We put out our flag and James ( my 7 yr old son) and I have had a few nice talks over the weekend about what it means to remember those who died in combat. He and I watched the tribute on 60 minutes last night. All they showed were the faces of all the casualties so far in the war in Iraq. He said that if he were to die in a war it would be because he was protecting someone - out of the mouth of babes.

Welcome Jen - I'm still a bit of a newbie and have found this to be a great group of people. The support has been helpful as I have been stuck at a plateau and have been trying to get jumpstarted again. I also like to garden, but do not have 9 cats ( wow) However 2 kids give me enough to clean up after :)

Jana - glad you liked the new church, it's great that they made you feel welcome. Sounds like you grow quite a bit of your fruits and vegetables. I'm slowly adding more every year. Nothing like homegrown tomatoes, IMO.

Susan - oatmeal ice cream sound so good right now! I was so good at the in-laws. I ate lots of fruit with dinner and no chips, and politely turned down dessert. Boy, I could go for some Ben and Jerry's! But, I'm not. I'm here posting instead, then I will go to bed and read a book. I'm reading Under the Tuscan Sun and I'm just about done, then it's on to The Time Traveler's Wife

Is anybody else reading anything good right now? I'm always in the mood for recommendations. I belong to a book group which keeps me busy, but I love to read. Keeps me out of the fridge at night :lol:


da fat n da furious
06-01-2004, 01:38 AM
Hello Jen and welcome!
There are two Canadians,,,I being one of them.

I don't know how these pansies are growing...and spreading all over the place...I planted one lil plant last year in the back yard and now they have taken up a meter of flower bed.
I went to see Hidalgo (SP) the long distance horse racer,,,a true story about Frank T Hodgkins. I like movies like that...
Angelika and Lori both have interviews with my work now,,,that will be 4 of use from Pennington's working at the beer
I went shopping,,,bought a pair of jeans,,capris and 3 nice summer tops..
had a moment this morning...*sigh I do that some times,,,,not sure if you all have noticed I do get fuddled up every so often,,,today was one of them. I had to change my top 4 times today. Got tooth paste on the first top, deodrant on the second spilled coffee on the third and stained the 4th with hair dye. Tanner is now back to Hair color that is.
I watched the game tonight so the Flames lost,,,again.
I painted the entrance into the house yesterday,,,plus all the trim outside. House is looking good.
Have been reading an awesome book by ERica Spindler,,,called Fortune.

Jana,,,my mouth watered when you talked about your smoothies...mmmm if I wasn't so lazy I would make one right now but Im tired..Im going to have to go buy some protein powder to make my smoothies...cranberry juice frozen strawberries...YUM!
well night all

06-01-2004, 02:11 AM
Evening ladies--

Been having issues with the computer and for the life of me, I forgot my password!! Can you believe it? (still don't know it, but it remembered me by the time our computer stopped messing up!)

Had a great weekend with James. Only had a day and half with him but it was a good day and a half. Yesterday we went shopping for a bed frame OR a treadmill. (I want both of coarse) Since there was a sale on bed frames in Albany at a store that is going out of business, we went for that. We found a beautiful Mahogony Sleigh bed frame....for only $470. Originally $1000. So we put money on it until next weekend when they'll have in the store. I hate spending that much on stuff, but it was just beautiful. And we want to start getting nicer furniture for our house.

James says we'll get the treadmill in a couple months. (no problem, I can walk my butt around the neighborhood!!)

Colored my hair today. My own color,,,,nothing different. Just wanted to "wash that gray right out of my hair!" :D And it worked. No gray popping out until next time I need to make a trip to the store!

OMG......I forgot to do this first-----

Welcome Jen!!! :wave: So glad to have you here. You will find us to be a bunch of chatty gals! I have the same goal as you for weightloss...only difference is that I'm barely 5'1".... I'm not going to say that 125lbs is too thin, because it's really hard to determine that without looking at you. Some people look great at that weight, and others it does look too thin. I hope you enjoy our little neck of the woods!

For you Portlanders.....James is on his way up there tonight...will be there all week until Sunday night. So if you see this handsome fella working on the trains...that's my man!! :lol:

Tomorrow night, Jhanai's choir has a singing program....a tribute to the Beatles. She's been practicing and will sing to me over the phone and when she's over, she pops in the CD in my car and that's all I hear!! (I go to sleep with the beatles singing the "Yellow Submarine") :dizzy:

Well girls, it's late...I will do individuals tomorrow.

You all have a great night...(you're all probably in bed by now!)

Take Care

06-01-2004, 11:05 AM
Morning ladies--

Quickly posting before I need to leave for school. Something is going on with my settings......

I collapse all the other forums and when I get out of one, they're all back to where it started! Plus, I have to keep on logging in!

If only those were the issues I had in my life. :D

Ok...I need to wash up and get going. Need my cup of coffee for the morning. :coffee:

Chat with you all later on......


06-01-2004, 02:48 PM
Morning (again) ladies--

Where is everyone today? Catching up from a long weekend??

Went to class this morning....really had to drag myself out of bed since James and I had been staying up until 3:00 every night!! (so bad!!) But I managed to get into bed last night at 11:00 but laid there until way past much running through my head!

Anyway...on to individuals!

Jana--Were you having twin withdrawals?!! You poor thing! At least you had someone to hug and love over the weekend. :) I'm going to have to try the smoothie you mentioned! Sounds so good, and it sounds like a great breakfast!

RosieKate--I find it amazing what little kids will say sometimes. How neat that your little James feels the way he does. I'm sure it's frightening though to even imagine him when he's older going into war. Hopefully he'll choose not to go into the military. My brother (who is now out of the military) had so much to talk about after coming back from Iraq. I'm so thankful that he didn't get hurt considering that he was on the front line of it all when it all started!! He's 6yrs. younger than I am and I remember changing his diapers as a baby. So I'm protective over him!!

Susan--Oatmeal Ice-cream?! That doesn't sound too good to me. I love oatmeal, but only as breakfast. I don't like it in cookies and I can't imagine it in Ice-cream! :lol: But this is coming from a gal who likes fish tacos!! :D

Jen--Once again welcome. Don't worry about not posting everyday. We have few girls who post when they have time. Sometimes we panic though and wonder where they're at! :D (Kayecee!! Cristi!! where you girls gone off to?) I like your pledges for the week. Would you like to come over and clean my spare room so I can workout in there too?

Angie--Boy...did you have a day with your tops!! I want to go buy some flowers to put in my front yard. We have something growing in there right now, but I think they are too tall for the front area. I don't even know what's growing.....(I didn't plant them) last summer I pulled out a bunch of bulbs, and there are still plenty left!! I believe they are yellow. I really want to pretty up the place. James and I had sprayed ( was James who actually did it) some weed killer on our front lawn...we don't have grass up there...just weeds. It got the crawling clover, but not the dandelions!! So next weekend we plan on attacking those.

Hello to the rest of you girls!!

Well tonight I will see Jhanai sing...her last program before school is out. Hard to believe that she'll be in the 5th grade next year! Where is the time going??? She's very excited about her field trip this Thursday. Her dad isn't looking forward to the long drive up to Portland on a bus full of 9 & 10 year olds!! :lol: I think he's brave to do it in the first place!

Been wondering how long my grandpa plans on being away!! He told me a week...should have been home on Saturday...but with the Memorial Weekend I'm sure he decided to stay a few extra days. Must keep watering the plants.....he's attempting to grow popcorn! Love if it turns out, I will be chomping down on that stuff this fall!! :D

Alrighty....I've wrote an awful long post. (making up for those who haven't posted this morning!) :p

I will check in later.


06-01-2004, 02:55 PM
Hiya ladies,

RosieKate - Yay for all the control you had at IL's. :cp: That can be hard, I know. I just finished reading Flirting with Pete by Barbara Delinsky. And although I had sworn off all Danielle Steel books, I am beginning The Dating Game soon.... I think that's the name, lol.

Angie - it's nice to have your friends at work. Makes it much more fun. There is never any end to laundry anyway, so what's a few more shirts, lol. I told Mary what you said about needing one of her daughters and she said there are days she would let you have all 3, lol.

Marti - I'm lookin for a second hand treadmill. I had one but gave it away to my son when I got plantar's faciitis in my foot. But first, I have to make room for one, and that is the problem. The only space available is in the playroom, so that seems to be where it's going when I do get one. I like to watch TV while walking so I tape up movies and series. Your bed sounds gorgeous, by the way, and you got a real deal. Have fun at Jhanai's program tonight.

I got all of my ironing done this morning. Cotton campshirts sure do feel good, but they are a pain to take care of, lol. Right now I'm waiting for Madison to finish a nap, then she and I are going to Walmart.

Be good,

06-01-2004, 03:14 PM
Hi Jana--

About the treadmill, Sears has some on sale...a real nice one for only $299 orginally $700. There are others that are on sale also. James kept asking me which one I liked and I kept pointing to the cheapest (they all do the same right?)...and he would keep telling no, you want a better why ask me? Just get what he wants!! :lol: But I thought it was so nice that he wants to get one for me. We plan on putting it in our office room until our extra storage room is cleared out. (not sure when that will be) Eventually we want to make that a workout room. I've been feeling I have a hard time spending money like that!!

Time for the dogs outing......wheres the leash!? :D


06-01-2004, 03:57 PM
Hi Ladies~

Sorry for being MIA for a few days, just been busy, busy, busy. Friday evening went shopping for things for the deck and front yard and a ceiling fan. Boy, never thought finding a nickel ceiling fan would be so hard. But we found one. Ended up getting a couple other things as well. Saturday we did a little work in the front yard before the bad storms hit so stayed off the computer. Tornado's missed us but we got some pretty bad wind, lost our tree we just planted in the front-snapped it in half. We did get the front yard finished, planted two trees, maples-I love the color of the leaves in the fall. After planting the one, we thought we should have planted two, so went ahead and did. We stained the deck, what a job! We got it done pretty fast, but it was a lot of work, and there was three of us doing it! Anyway, like I said, a very busy weekend working around the house. Of course now I have to catch up on the inside!

Jana~sorry for worrying ya. I checked in Saturday morning and there were so many posts I didn't have time to respond to everyone, but I should have said Hi at least. Glad your party yesterday was fun.

Marti~about the treadmill, I too feel they all do they same. We bought one at Wal-Mart for a little over $200, I think, can't remember for sure. I am cheap when it comes to certain things. But it has a few things on it. All I am concerned with is that it works! :lol: It tells how many calories you burn, how fast you are walking, of course the mileage and a few other things that I don't concern myself with. It has several settings also, but I like it. Your bed sounds nice. I love the sleigh beds, but can't have one. DH is too tall. We are wanting to get a new headboard sometime. I've never cared for one because I like a lot of pillows on the bed and I lean them against the wall, but now after years of not having one, I am wanting one. Hope you guys have fun tonight at Jhanai's concert!

Angie~thank you for the card, that was sweet of you. I have had days like your shirt day. Hope it gets better for ya.

RosieKate~I am reading a book, in between the South Beach one, but can't remember the name of it! That's terrible! I think it was called Going Home?? I need to get back to it, it was just getting good. I have too many I want to read, but not into it right now.

Susan~I have to agree with Marti about the oatmeal ice cream, sounds kind of icky. I love oatmeal, and oatmeal raisin cookies, and have even been known to eat raw oatmeal, but I don't know about ice cream. But now you have me wondering...I think I will have to try some. Haven't had much ice cream though. When I do, it's usually something low-fat, fat-free, or frozen yogurt.

Hi Jen~a big WELCOME to you! This is a good place to be-the ladies are wonderful!

CONGRAT'S to all the losers this past week! You ladies are doing a fantastic job! :bravo: I didn't weigh in this past Saturday. All the talk about TOM here, I think you ladies jinxed me! LOL I haven't had a TOM since Dec. and BOOM! Surprise! So wasn't about to get on the scales. I hope that (TOM) is not a regular occurrence! :lol:

Anyway...had to run to the library this morning to return some books, then off to the scrapbook store. I ran out of glue Saturday evening so got a few extra things while there. Then went next door and bought a couple pair of thongs (flip flops). Now I need to get off this thing and get some cleaning done. Did a little this morning before leaving, just need to get a couple loads of laundry done.

Take care ladies and have a good one. :wave:

Sugar Plum
06-01-2004, 04:13 PM
Hi all. Another neebie here. I don't really know how this thing works, but I'm gonna give it a shot. I just turned 32 last month. I'm 5'10". 190 lbs. I would love to be 140 and have tons of energy to keep up with my kids. I'm not sure how to get started. I've tried ALOT of diets. I have lost on them but it always comes back with a vengence. I think I just need some encouragement and maybe someone to pry my butt out the chair...LOL. Any advice?

Sugar Plum
06-01-2004, 04:37 PM
Just added my signature. Wanted to see how bad I screwed it up........LOL. Can't seem to get my picture to work so why would this....LOL

06-01-2004, 04:56 PM
Baby's napping, so I have time to post a little -

Welcome SugarPlum! I've been posting here for a few months and this is a great group! You've come to a good place for support. I can relate to needing some help getting the posterior in gear, lol. One thing I have learned from years of trying get to and stay at a healthy weight...diets don't mean a darn thing if the lifestyle doesn't change as well. I used to get my weight down, then just go back to my old eating habits - and then of course it all would come right back. I'm focusing on making small, but permanent, changes. The 21 day challenge thread here has been very helpful with that ( Thanks Marti -for getting it going!)

Marti - check out epinions on those treadmills. I have found that you do get what you pay for with those things. If it is not motorized, eventually the walking band (the tread thingy) starts sticking and it gets very difficult to get a good stride going. When we were snowed in, I went a little nuts and ordered a folding stepper. It does the trick for those days when I can't get outside and it folds up, which I need as our house is small and I can't really dedicate a permanent spot for a large piece of equipment.

Jana - I can't remember the last time I got out my iron :lol: We are casual to say the least. I did get outside this morning and hang three loads of laundry on the line - now that the rain has gone away for awhile.

Christi - am in awe of everything you got done this weekend. We really need to stain our deck, and do other DIY home improvement, but it's waiting until DH is done with school - two more weeks. Then he gets to start the "honey-do" list. My TOM hit me pretty hard this weekend, so I stayed off the scales also. I felt so bloated, couldn't bring myself to do it.

Thanks for the book ideas, ladies - I keep a running list of recommendations - I use the library alot! I also just picked up a bunch of books at the used booksale at James' school. So i am set for awhile! One of the books is called Motherhood made a Man out of Me I liked the title so much - didn't care what the book was about!

James and I made it to OMSI yesterday and the Titanic exhibit is pretty good. Everyone gets a ticket at the beginning of the exhibit that looks just like a ticket to board the real Titanic, with the name and class of a real passenger. At the end of the exhibit, they have passenger lists of people who were saved and who died. Both my son and I had tickets of third class passengers who died. James was describing the exhibit to his grandpa and said " Basically, if you're third class, you're dead". Marti - Jhanai should have a good time this week. I can't believe the school year is almost over.

Have great day everyone!

06-01-2004, 05:30 PM
Here I am again.....

Finished a take home test for math. Just love those take home test. (Of coarse I waited until the last day to do it!!)

Welcome Sugar Plum!!! Glad to have you here!! I agree with has to be a lifestyle change rather than a diet (I'm still working on that) when you use the word "diet" it tends to put a burden on least for me anyways. I think that if you just change things you eat and add more exercise you'll see results. I started watching my portions again, drinking lots of water and I'm trying to be more active. It has worked for me before and I know it will work for me again! As for the avatar....I have no idea how to work that. Made my husband do it for me. :D It was always too big and he managed to shrink it to size. How he did it is beyond me. I'm ready for a new picture...getting tired of seeing my face all the time! Signatures are easy. You can change it anytime....(which I do it seems) Wish I could have been of more help! Hope you enjoy our little corner!!

RosieKate--Love the comment from your son!! How funny. Only little ones would word it that way. All the treadmills we looked at were motorized. Had the heart rate options and all that stuff. Very nice selection. I have to wait for a couple months to get one. Will be nice when I do. Books......I haven't read a book in awhile. The last one I read was "Odd Thomas" by Dean Koontz. Was a good book. Actually scared me in spots! I like to read all kinds of books. I tend to read more of the horror ones...not sure why. But there are times that I enjoy a real racey romance novel!! (I better find me one for the days James is away!!) ;) The book I read before that was "The one minute millionaire" It was a book we had to read for class. I couldn't put it down!! I was amazed at what this woman went through to get her kids back. It's a true story. She had her kids taken away by her in-laws (her husband passed away)...and the only way to get them back was if she would be able to make a million dollars within 90 borrowing. Worth reading and gives you idea's to make money and how to do it.

I believe I'm going to go out and trim my roddy (spelling that right?) bushes. I have a lot of dead leaves and it doesn't look to pretty.

I will check in again when I start getting lonely and want to venture into the kitchen!! (this place has saved me many time from there!!)


06-01-2004, 06:40 PM

Welcome Surgar Plum what a cute name :) Hope you find some friendly support here, pretty sure you will.

Hey again to Jen!! Would love to hear more about you.

Shari's is a restaurant Jana,.......not a person, lol. I took my dad TO Shari's. I had an eggs & sausage with some cottage cheese and a slice of tomato. That is their low cal fare........instead of hashbrowns, I guess.It was yummy and a great change. Enjoyed time with my father. Think I have him taled into moving , he really needs more room.

So, you are planting popcorn- Jana?? That is sooooooo cool. It comes on a plant or something?? lol I don't know.

YIKES, boss is coming!! Better go........:)

06-01-2004, 09:07 PM
Good evening! :cool:

I have a few minutes to spare this evening, so I figured I'd spend it with my new gals! Thanks for all of the warm welcomes! I knew I picked the best group! :D

I've done pretty well today. Yesterday, well, I gave in to the ice cream demons! :devil: But I did work out on my stair stepper yesterday. Today I did my weights and took the dog for a long walk, or was it that she was walking me? Strangely enough, I feel more guilty when I don't walk the dog then when I don't walk myself. I have definately stuck to the meal plan today. I even have enough left over to have a snack before bed. If you eat right, it is alot of food!

Rosiekate - I like to read the books by Robin Cook, but they are medical mystery/thrillers. I guess that's the nurse in me. I haven't read one for awhile though. Maybe I should look into that.

Marti - I hope you enjoy your daughters singing program tonight. I would love to come over and get your spare room into shape. Mine has been a "kitten nursery" for the past 4 months. (2 litters) and I am done now. My youngest is 6 weeks old, and she is just starting to mingle with the pride. Now the room is MINE, MINE ALL MINE.

Angie - I have had some days with my clothes, but yours really takes the cake. I would have just gone back to bed after all of that!

Susan - Oatmeal ice cream sounds wonderful. Two of my favorites, starch and ice cream. I wish we had that here, wait, no I don't!

Jana - Your smoothie sounds great. And yes, I have tried the Blue Bunny ice cream you mentioned. I'm not allowed to buy ice cream and keep it in the house. I eat it all, ALL of it in 1 or 2 days. And that sugar-free stuff, in great quantities, causes a ton of gas and abdominal pain. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! :eek:

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day at work. I am a "Homecare Lead" for shift care at a home care agency. What that really means is I'm a supervisor/case manager. I have 35 staff and 23 clients right now. We are hoping to hire 4-5 more this month to take on more clients. I have a waiting list. Anyway, I have been sharing a 10x10 office with the lead for the peds shift care. She is the glass is half empty type of person. I could stand it for 5 months, but I'm done. I'm tired of hearing complaints and gripes all day. I have bad days to, but geez, get over it. I'm sure she's mad at me now. Whatever. But I'm moving to my own office, well, cubical. But it's just me! So who cares. At least I'll be able to hear myself think! But I'll spend the morning packing up my desk, file cabinet, etc and move in the afternoon. At least I'll have my desk cleaned out for the summer!

Man this has gotten long. I'm going to go rest a bit before bed.

Jen :smug:

06-01-2004, 10:26 PM
Hi Jen :)

omg- you get your own office space too!! Ain't that the coolest?? I still need to go to Office Depot and pick me up some cute things for my office. I wanted color file trays........just HAVE to have them.

Right now though I need some black ink for my printer.Supplies have not come in , also I need a binder for my Voyager stuff.....they have a bunch of icky ones that look like they have seen better days.

Also.....the secretery left this African American picture behind.....I thought it was of a college graduation but looking closer it is of a funeral.They are all in a line going up a hill..........never did notice a coffin before.....umm, kind of gloomy, might take that down.

The oatmeal ice cream is really very good!! After all this IS Ben & Jerrys!!!

I took the girls yesterday and got a flavor with almonds, chocolate chips and coconut.......wonderful. I bought Gaby a Cherry Garcia.......yummy......her lil tongue of course can't lick as fast as mommy's and I offered to help
Becky was Strawberry and forget what Rachels was......anyway, might go again tonight.

Hope you have a good night with Jhanai, Marti!!

I work alone tomorrow in the office from 8am to 5pm......going to take off the evening shift and go see Rachel at school, she is getting some award.

Better get! :)

06-02-2004, 01:16 AM
I'm back!! (not shocking news is it? :dizzy: )

Jhanai's program was fun. Although, there was band there that sang four song first---I'm sitting there thinking...I came here for the kids!! But I got over my impatience!! Then, they had a mother/daughter duo.....the mother got up there like she was the greatest singer.....(her daughter was much better!) but it was a nice little song...They sang "When I'm 64"

The program lasted much longer than they usually do. Usually it's half an hour...tonight it was almost an hour and a half! But I'm home now and can relax and go to bed somewhat early.

Jen--How ya doin'? Good job with sticking with the meal plan. I've been doing ok. Really trying to watch my portions and the types of foods I eat. With the weather getting warmer I should be drinking more water...but that hasn't happened yet! Don't ever worry about long post......that's what we're here read them!! :)

Susan--It's fun seeing your kids get awards in school isn't it? Jhanai received one tonight for going through Choir the whole year and not missing any rehearsals...(she'd have to be extremely sick for her to want to miss one!) She was quite proud and told me to bring it home and get a frame for it!! :lol: So I guess I'm stopping at Wal-mart tomorrow!

Hope everyone is having a good night.

I better get off of here and let the dogs out. Pesky little butts!! :D

Talk to you all tomorrow....


da fat n da furious
06-02-2004, 03:08 AM
Hello everyone,,,,
Welcome Sugar Plum! This is an awesome place to hang out...these ladies have become some of my closest friends.

Today was a good day,,,a one shirt day...ha ha ha
I went and hung at Angelika's , traded fitness books. Called up my old boss, who has quit Penningtons too, and chit chatted,,,we have plans of going for walks,,,we live so close to each other.

Jana,,,I bet she wouldn't mind taking a break from 3 lil ones under the age of 2 every so
Marti, I have had weird computer things happening with mine this past couple of days too.
Susan,,,Ill send you a pic of me for your
Cristi, good to know your ok....hate that some of you live in tornado areas.
Rosiekate, I felt so horrible watching Titanic,,those poor people...dying cause they were third class.

I got the best news tonight....*smile
my realtor called to say he found the perfect house for us...ya right Ryan...well he did. Actually we found it. The house we had made an offer,,,then another offer was given and we had to drop our offer,,,remember that house 2 weeks ago? Well those peoples financing fell throu so its ours again! I will have enough room to get a tread mill...right now I can't even get another pair of
ok I lied...I threw away 2 pairs this weekend and a chair.
well I need to get to bed,,,night all

06-02-2004, 10:15 AM
Hi all you chatty ones!

Marti - there's nothing wrong with being spoiled.... I admit that I am. But Neal was single for a long time, and said he learned how to treat a wife by watching his friends mess up. Hope you find a nice frame for Jhanai's award.

Cristi - wow you have been busy, and I'm glad to see you back. Sorry Aunt Flo found you again.... actually I gave her your address so she'd leave me alone, lol.

Sugar Plum - Welcome!! I do WW (at home) while following Dr. Phil's advice about less processed foods, etc. I also drink lots of water, and have smaller, more frequent meals. Well, 3 meals and two nice-sized snacks a day. Try to find something that is do-able for the rest of your life.

RosieKate - I just love the smell of clothes that have hung outside to dry. Especially bed linens. I also use Epinions! I recently was checking out smoothie makers, and decided to just keep using the food processor I already have, lol. Saved myself some $$, lol.

Susan - yeah, popcorn starts as a seed in someones field! It is very similar to sweet corn and feed corn (for animals to eat) but the kernels are hard. Neal has grown it all his life, and the taste is much better than store-bought popcorn. There is a small iron shucker thingy that strips the kernels from the cob... wanna help with that? What is Rachel getting an award for?

Jen - if you have read our bios, you know you're among the biggest group of dog lovers at 3FC, lol. Glad to know you are one, too. I read Coma by Robin Cook back in the late 70's and it scared the bejeebies out of me. He sure can spin a tale! Like you, I also have little tolerance for negative people! There were two of them on a church committee I chaired, and they just about drove me bonkers. They found the darkness of every situtation and so I left the committee to avoid knocking their heads together, lol. Wanted to recapture the Christian spirit, lol.

Angie - oh, I am so excited for you! When will you know for sure that you get the house?? Glad yesterday was a one-shirt day for you, lol.

Had coffee with my son unexpectantly this morning. He came out to bring some firewood to the stack, and so we visited on the back porch for awhile. It was nice to talk with him by ourselves. Nothing against everyone else, but I love to spend time with each of my kids with no one else around once in awhile. They tend to be more open, or something.

Going to Walmart for groceries later today, a day early. But tomorrow is Dale's outpatient surgery on his shoulder, and we'll be watching the kids til they get back from the hospital.

Have a good one,

06-02-2004, 11:50 AM
Good day sunshine... :sunny:

Hey Marti, now you've got me on a Beatles kick -- guess what I'll be listening to today? :D If James wants to spoil you a bit and get you a better treadmill, then let him. At the risk of sounding sexist, guys tend to gravitate toward better made tools and techno gadgets that might cost a bit more, but will ususally work better and last longer. Bells and whistles you can do without, but you want a treadmill that's sturdy and will last, and you will enjoy using.

I am sick today :( sore throat, earache, no voice, and since I work on the phones all day, I had to call in to work.

Welcome to Jen and Sugarplum! This is a great bunch... :balloons: very supportive :grouphug: and VERY chatty! :blah: :gossip: :blah:

Angie, great news on the house -- I hope this is the one for you! Sorry the Flames lost. Tim and I stopped following the series closely after both the Red Wings and the Sharks were out. Being from Detroit and California, we were hoping that at least one of them would make it to the end. We saw Shrek 2 this weekend and loved it! Puss in Boots was hilarious.

Cristi, you have a three day weekend and you actually get stuff done around your house. I have a three day weekend and I run away out of town. No wonder I'm not very productive! Glad the tornados missed you, even if the wind attacked your tree.

Jana, smoothies are a big hit around here, too. My kids love them. I buy different frozen fruits at Trader Joe's -- pineapple, mango, mixed berries, peaches -- and we just try different combos. I ususally use OJ and sometimes throw in frozen banana chunks.

Susan, I don't know if B&J make anything that doesn't taste good. I bet they could make spinach ice cream taste good...well, maybe not... :lol: I have pints of their Cherry Garcia and Half-Baked frozen yogurt in my freezer right now.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

My middle son, Michael, graduates HS on the 9th. Wow, such big changes...I can barely remember what it was like to be just starting out, your whole life ahead of you...he's been living with his dad, but will be moving in with my husband and me sometime before fall for a while so he can get a job up here and get enrolled in community college.

Lake Tahoe was beautiful!!! :love: We went on a sailboat cruise of the lake, lounging on the deck, listening to Jimmy Buffet, drinking Mai Tai's -- and Tim said, "Congratulations, baby...once again, you have planned the perfect vacation." :D And -- I can't believe I did this -- but we took the Gondola at Heavenly to the top of the mountain. I am so afraid of heights! It was terrifying, but so much fun. There was an observation deck halfway up. The city of South Lake Tahoe looked like a postage stamp. I asked the girl at the snack bar if they had any Valium for people who didn't have the nerve to go back down. :rofl: I got pics, if I can just figure out how to post them...and I bought postcards to send, but forgot to bring your addresses with me! Doh! So those will go out in the mail today.

OK, I'm going to make some tea with honey for my throat. :coffee: Talk to you soon...


06-02-2004, 12:29 PM
You ladies have been busy little is good to see all the posts.

Jana~thank's alot! :) Don't want anymore visits from Auntie Flo! Hope everything goes well tomorrow with Dale's surgery. And enjoy your time with the grandbabies.

Marti~glad you enjoyed Jhanai's program, I bet she was great! Would love to hear her sing. And yes, there is nothing at all wrong with being spoiled. You are lucky to have such a sweet man. I think we all are!

RosieKate~I am telling ya, we did have a busy weekend and I am definitely feeling it today. Not as bad as last night though. Of course too, I forgot to use sunscreen and my neck, feet and head are burnt. Haven't heard of epinions, fill me in please. I think I know. Just don't spend as much time on the 'puter as I used to. Isn't that sad how that works, the Titanic? I have seen the movie a zillion times I swear, and read a few books, and it is just so sad, but I bet the exhibit was cool. I have always been fascinated by it and anytime there is something on about it I will watch it.

Jen~haven't read anything from Robin Cook in a while but do love the books. Have a couple if I ever get around to reading them. I seem to read more in the winter than the summer. I would rather be outside doing something than inside when the weather is nice.

Angie~CONGRAT'S on the house! I hope everything goes through and you get it, when will you know for sure? Have you guys had any offers on your house as of yet? Keeping my fingers :crossed: for ya. Yeah, I have never actually been in or even seen a tornado but they are a little scary.I have been in my share of earthquakes, and they too are scary. I hope I never do see one, a tornado that is. I think they can be worse than earthquakes. There was a woman who was taken out of her mobile home by the one the other night, there was actually about 5 that were cought on video. Two guys, tornado chasers saw a person coming towards them, they said it kind of looked like a zombie, they way she was walking. Of course they didn't know it was a she. When she got closer she was covered in blood from being tossed around in the air. Luckily she lived, she is in the hospital doing fine. But if they hadn't been there she would have been dead, scary stuff.

Susan~I think I have seen that picture you are talking about, I don't think it would be so bad, gloomy. Of course in an office, I don't know. I would want everything bright and cheery, lots of knic knacs and family pictures. Of course I am obsessed with angels, so I would probably do angels if I had my own office space. As it is, our office I put Vince's stuff on the walls, picture of him river rafting in Colorado, his hunting stuff, a big stuffed fish he caught and had mounted :lol:, etc. and just added a few of my little knic knacs, and of course my table and scrapbook stuff. Enjoy your evening, let us know what award Rachel gets.

WELCOME Sugarplum! Glad to have ya aboard.

Hi to everyone else, Katie, Kathy, Kayecee, Rita, Suetalks and anyone else I may have forgotten. :wave: Hope you ladies are fine-we are missing you.

Well, normally I do Wal-Mart on Wednesday, but have decided to take in a show. DD, DS#2 and I are going to go see The Day After Tomorrow. Saw the previews when we saw Man on Fire and it looked good. I'll let ya know. Will make a trip to SAMS when DH gets home. He wants to get a haircut and we need to stock up on a few things. Okay, I best get going and get ready. Didn't mean to write a mini-novel. :) Take care ladies and have a GREAT day!

06-02-2004, 12:42 PM
Well, Hi Miss Katie! I completely forgot you went to Tahoe! Glad you guys had a wonderful time, of course how can you not at Lake Tahoe?! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, hope you get better soon.

Yeah, I would have loved to go away for a three day weekend...but...I am in such a hurry to get things done around the house, make it all purdy and be done with it. I told Vince after we did the deck, not it feels like home. He laughed and said is that what it took to make it feel like home? Well, no, but when I looked out on to the deck there was nothing, it didn't look good. We stained it, bought some new patio furniture, a big pot of flowers and now it looks finished, it looks like someone lives here. :) To me it is like an extension of the house, which it is, and needs to look nice also. Anyway, we did get a lot done. The only thing we didn't get to was the garage door opener which Vince is going to tackle this evening.

CONGRAT'S to Michael on his graduation! Don't they just grow up too fast?

Well, I really need to get going. Just wanted to say Hi to ya. Guess we were posting about the same time.

Bye ladies :wave: for now...

06-02-2004, 04:09 PM
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, life goes on, bra, La-la-la-la-la life goes on!!!

(can you guess which song is stuck in my head at the moments?) :lol:

Only a two more days of school...then three days of finals and I'm finished!! I'm just too happy about that!!

Stopped at the store on my way home today. Had bought some strawberries the other day and wanted to make some I can. Bought some cottage cheese......light lunch and dinner today. I don't like making a "meal" when it's just me! So I'm saving money by not having to shop too much!! :D

Angie--Congrats on the house!! I hope you get it! I will keep my fingers crossed for you. And I think it's great that you're getting together with friends to walk. I have been talking to two of my friends who moved to the same town and I am and one of them doesn't know the town well. So I told them that we could start walking and make it like a guided tour!!

Jana--How nice to have been able to have a private morning chat with your son. I used to love getting up and talking with my grandma (this is when I lived with her back when I was 18) Always has our coffee and talked about everything. I like to have my moments with Jhanai right now too. She's growing so fast so I want to enjoy every moment with her. This weekend we are going to see a movie...I will let her choose...either Harry Potter or Shrek2....She may want to wait for Harry Potter since this is the opening weekend and it will be crowded!!

Katie--Your trip to Lake Tahoe sounded wonderful!! I envy you!! I miss being there. James and I have talked about his first vacation...(long ways off I know) but we had idea's of places to go...I think I want to add that to the list of possiblilities!! A BIG congrats to your son Michael for making it through school!! It doesn't feel that long ago that we were all graduating does it?...and now our children......(Can we stop time for a little while!!)

Cristi--Enjoy your movie. James and I have talked about going to see "Day after tomorrow" but we just haven't had time yet. I've been watching a lot of movies from the satellite! So far I've seen "Sweet Home Alabama" "Legally Blonde" "Fried Green Tomatoes" "Coal Miners Daughter"....all good movies that I haven't ever seen. I guess I shouldn't be watching so much late night movies...that's why I don't ever want to get up in the morning!! :D

Thank you all for thinking I deserve to be spoiled. I have to say.....I have never been used to being pampered or treated so wonderfully ever. It's nice.

Well if you all could see my dogs right now...You would see that they are dancing around wanting to go out. So I better get going.

May check in later

06-02-2004, 09:30 PM
Hiya ladies,

Angie - aww you sweetie! Thanks for the card - it made my day.

Katiecat - hope you're feeling better. Your vacation sounded so beautiful and relaxing.... Neal and I will have to put Lake Tahoe on our list of places to visit once he retires.

Cristi - Just give Aunt Flo somebody else's address like I did, lol. How'd you like the movie and who stars in it? Speaking of which...

Marti - Shrek 2 is a MUST SEE movie either now or later. I want to see it again to catch some of the stuff I probably missed the first time around. I've never read or seen any Harry Potter stuff, but my Katie likes all that. She uses words I don't understand, lol.

I got two crock pots ready for tomorrow with roasts, potatoes and carrots. One for my house and one for Mary's. I know she won't want to cook after being at the hospital for who-knows-how-long. And I won't want to either, after being with the 3 musketeers all day, lol.

Be good!

06-02-2004, 10:19 PM
Hi ladies~

A quickie here...just got back a few minutes ago and I am a little pooped. Luckily SAMS wasn't busy at all so that was good.

Marti~hey, those are some good movies. I have seen them all and liked them all. I love the part in Fried Green Tomatoes where she rams those girls in the parking lot. Of course I like Kathy Bates, she is funny.

Jana~gotta love crockpots! I don't use one a lot during the summer, but love soups and stews in the winter time.

Jen~a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! :hb: :gift: :balloons: Hope your day was a special one.

The movie was okay. I must say the special effects how ever they did them were awesome! I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5. I guess I thought it would be better, not sure why. :shrug: It was kind of weird because it was about the weather and when the storm started it was also storming outside. I didn't think we were supposed to get any bad weather today but as we were leaving the black clouds were moving in. Anywho...have a good-evening all. Almost forgot Jana, Dennis Quaid, Sela Ward, and Jake Gyllenhal (sp??) were the main actors in the movie.

06-02-2004, 11:18 PM
Happy Birthday Jen!!!!!
:hb: :cb: :hat: :gift: :hb: :flow1: :balloons: :cb: :balloons:

da fat n da furious
06-03-2004, 02:59 AM
Happy Birthday Jen
Have a wonderful day.....

da fat n da furious
06-03-2004, 03:14 AM
Katie, congrats on Micheals Graduation! I can't even think about Brandon graduating...
Good to know your trip was wonderful...I am scared of heights too...went to Banff, and did the same thing you did,,,I was even thinking of walking down the mountain I was so scared.
Ya once the Red Wings left I just lost any interest I had in hockey,,,but with our city literally insane with it...hard not to notice,,,its called the Red City...there is 17th ave which is now called the red mile...lots of spray painted Go Flames Go all over...

Jana,,,my mom and I do that,,,go sit out on the deck and Its hard with family around all the time, we are the only women in our lil family. Your welcome about the card,,,I had bought them awhile back before Easter...

Cristi, I want to see that movie,,,day after tomorrow,,,plan to sometime soon. I shouldn't talk,,,my area has had alot of touch downs in the last few years,,,getting pretty scary around here too. 5 yrs ago on July 14 we had one touch down in a camp ground...killed alot of people. Really horrible.

Well we have a second viewing from a family who looked today,,,they are wanting to come back tomorrow to look again...the pink house may be mine! Did I mention that? making the guy live in a pink house? Im not going to get excited...relax,,,breath. I will not jinx myself.
Today was another 1 shirt

I bought Monte a BBQ for fathers day,,,plus a silver suitcase with all the untensils ....he should like that.
Well off to bed I go...night all
oh ya I did finally finish the Erica Spindler book,,Fortune...awesome...I give it 4.5 out of 5 eggs on the 3FC should say egg whites...healthier...ha ha ha

06-03-2004, 09:08 AM
Jen, so sorry I spaced out on your B-day.... go get the wet noodle from Susan.... I can take it, lol.

Happy Birthday a Day Late, Jen!!


06-03-2004, 12:09 PM
Hi y'all :coffee: I'm enjoying my coffee before I take off onanother busy day. DH is off today to squeeze in some doctor appointments, so somehow that translates into more errand running (?) One of life's big mysteries :dizzy:

Other than that, the weather's been great, so I've been hanging lots of laundry and working out in the yard. We've declared war on the buttercups in the back yard. I've been pulling and pulling, and hubby is getting out chemical warfare today.

Jen- Happy Birthday (late) Sorry I missed the big day - hope it was a good one. I read Coma when I was 15 - it was so good, scared the you-know-what outta me!

Angie - hope you get your house sold soon - Keeping my fingers crossed for you - Our 3FC mantra should me "Think Pink" all day today to send house selling vibes your way.

Marti - I put One Minute Millionaire on hold at the library. Sounds like a pretty quick read -what an interesting story. I'm a blackbelt tightwad - I look at it as paying my salary as a stay at home mom - so I like reading stuff about financial management as I'm kind of where the bucks stops in this house. Hey, I just saw Under the Tuscan Sun w/ Diane Lane and I give it a thumbs up! If you liked the movies you mentioned on satellite, then you would like this movie. I told DH "Be nice to me, man, or I'm picking up and moving to Tuscany" ;) I'm finishing up the book which is also good. The story has pretty much nothing to do with the movie, but is still pretty good, IMO

I can't remember who was asking about epinions - anyway is a site where you can look up something you are thinking of buying and see what people's opinions are of the product. I bought a folding stepper after checking it out through epinions. You can also do the same through Amazon, as they are selling lots of stuff these days, not just books. When we bought our cell phone, I checked out amazon and epinions for customer feedback and it was very helpful as phone plans are very confusing.

Hope everyone has a great day

06-03-2004, 01:01 PM
Up bright and early this morning. Wanted to get an early start on the day, actually get to Wal-Mart before the crowds. I try to avoid the place the first few days of the month-too many people. So went tanning early, and grocery shopping. Now I have the rest of the day to clean house and do laundry, and possibly finish my books. Also, want to get some exercise in. Of course I know come about 3 o'clock if I sit down I am going to fall asleep.

Angie~keeping my fingers :crossed: and sending good vibes :goodvibes: in the hopes that you guys get the pink house. I actually like pink houses-there is a victorian house not far from here that is pink, kind of in between pink & mauve, really light, with green trim and it is soooo very pretty. Maybe when we move again...which of course won't be for a long while.

Jana~almost forgot to ask about Dale and how things went yesterday. Is he feeling okay?

Hi to everyone :wave:

Going to go look up a couple of things and then going to get busy cleaning. Take care ladies and have a wonderful Thursday.

06-03-2004, 02:19 PM
I'm back again! :lol: Thought I would take a quick peek to see if anyone has posted before I get off for the rest of the day. Was looking up a few things.

Where is everyone today? :shrug: Hmmm, I must have scared everyone away. Okay, I am going now so you all can post! ;) Have a good one.

06-03-2004, 03:40 PM
Hello I'm home!!

Just got back from school, had to go meet with my advisor and then pick up some feeder fish for our I'm finished running around. It is very nice out today and I'm so glad since Jhanai and her dad left for her overnight field trip!!

RosieKate--I just gave that book away!! I could have sent to you!! When you read it.....the pages that are outlined in purple is the story...the other half is how to manage.....(I think anyway since I didn't read that half!) Tell me what you think.

Cristi--You check in for the last time today? It's not even noon yet! Ok..for us west coasters anyway!

Jana--I too forgot to ask about Dale....hope he's doing fine. I'm sure he's doing so much better getting into this knowing that he doesn't have Cancer.

Angie--I agree with RosieKate.....Thinking Pink!! Sending good luck your way!!

Ok..this is a quick one for now, I have to figure out some homework that is due by 2:00....if it's not done...oh well!


06-03-2004, 07:30 PM
Hiya! Thanks for all of the birthday wishes. You guys are so great. I've only been here for what, 3 days? Like I said before, I picked the best group!

Yesterday wasn't all that out of the ordinary. I went out to dinner last weekend with my BF. He also gave me my gift then. But since I'm on call for work this week, until Monday morning, I hate to do to much, I'm sure to be interrupted with a page. The best part of my birthday, I moved into my own office. It is very small, but all mine. I did take myself to Panera Bread last night for some take-out. I had the Strawberry Poppyseed salad (boy was that good) and vegetable soup, all for about 350 calories. And I stopped at that darn ice cream parlor and got some frozen yogurt (195cal) so that sure beats a piece of cake! But the soup must have made me retain some serious water, up 2 lbs today. NO SOUP FOR YOU! (soup **** flash back!)

I took my dog for a short walk this evening, but that sun sure was warm. She must've been cooking. I guess I will have to start walking her in the morning before work from now on, until fall.


06-03-2004, 09:34 PM
Makenzie and Madison picking cherries....

(This picture has been edited out by Jana)

Sorry the pics have been so huge, but I don't know how to resize them! Be back later with individuals.


06-03-2004, 10:06 PM
Hiya ladies,

RosieKate - would your buttercups be the same as dandelions? We had to battle those like crazy this year... they were running rampant all over the countryside. I don't remember ever seeing such a massive amount of them and commented to Neal that since the cicadas are supposed to be in the billions, maybe they feed on those, lol.

Cristi - you're gonna be all tan when we meet and I'm gonna be all pale! Not much more than a month now...yippee! Btw, I took your lead for having a new signature.... what do you think? Does it look okay? I really like yours.

Marti - ohmygwad... did you say an eel.... as in a long slimy snake-type fish?? ((shiver!!)) Is it a pet or what??? Just don't put it on a taco. :lol3: (For those of you who missed it, Marti eats fish tacos.)

Jen - YAY for the new office. :cp: Must be nice to be away from Ms Doom, lol. I do remember the soup **** on Seinfeld. That episode was hilarious!

Dale's surgery was today and all went well. The doc told Mary that he (Dale) has a lot of arthritis in his clavical that will be a problem later. But at least the surgery is over.

Neal and I had a ball with the kids today. (See above photo :D) They also picked some strawberries and the first ripe tomato of the season. I just love all this fresh, healthy food.

Chat at ya tomorrow!

06-03-2004, 11:06 PM
Hello ladies--

Jana--CUTE girls!! I miss Jhanai being that young.....but I wouldn't trade her age!! :D (10 is a good age too!) The Cherries on my grandpa's tree are still green.....wonder if it has to do with climate and weather? I don't know, but I can't wait for them to ripen!! And yes...we have an eel. When we got it it was maybe 6ins. long....but now it's maybe 15ins......getting big! (that's James's pet!) I would rather have an eel, than a snake! Don't know why....probably because you can't take the eel out of water! :lol: And don't eel taco's for me!! :dizzy:

Jen--Sounds like you had a good birthday!! How nice to have your own office. Now..if I ever get a job....maybe I can celebrate having my own office too! The Soup ****!! Loved that episode!! I heard somewhere (don't know if it's true) that the episode was based on an actual person.......can you imagine? Depending on the soup.....they can be very healthy...but it sounds like you had some that was high in sodium. Just drink tons of water and it should all go away. (the bloatiness...or water retention....)

Well, I have to say....I'm feeling bad. Just got off the phone with James and I had to tell him about Cocoa running off into the road---AGAIN. This time I was grabbing the newpaper (which is right by my door) and I don't have a screen in the screen door and she bolted right out when she saw a woman walking her two kids. (about 2 & 3 yrs. old) Scared the poor things! Well James commented that Cocoa is running off an awful lot since he's been gone. (which she has) but I haven't been doing anything different, and I have been putting them on a leash everytime I take them out. I guess I kind of got my feelings hurt like he's assuming that I'm not watching them carefully. What can I do? I'm going to talk to my landlord and get a screen put in the door and I want a fence up soon. I'm tired of running around after a little dog looking like the fool since she DOESN'T listen and won't come to me. I wish she would do this while James was around and can see what I'm dealing with.

Oh well....I'll just feel bad until the next time he calls.....tomorrow night.

I better get going. I'm going to try and get to bed early tonight.

You all take care

da fat n da furious
06-03-2004, 11:51 PM
Hello everyone,
Good that you had a good birthday Jen! And even better that you got you own office away from THE woman. I liked that episode of Seinfeld...infact I used that line for everything,,,No ____ for you

Marti, A screen would be nice just to let the spring/summer breeze in...its easy to install...

Jana,,,the girls are soo cute...I just love that age. And Im glad about Dale, I was telling one of my oldest friends about all of you...told her about how you had a horrible run with family members...Was talking to her tonight and she even asked about Dale, was happy to tell her that it wasn't cancer.

I was suppose to bake a cake for the teachers at Tanners school,,,but opted to buy some wonderful strawberries instead...and they were a hit. When I got to the school they were all high on sugar,,,,,lol

Funny you guys should say that about pink,,,I just bought 3 new tops...all pink! Pink in the air for sure! Think Pink!

RosieKate, I swear I am the cheapest person,,,I refuse to buy anything full price.

Well I think Im going to bake that cake now and bring it for the girls at work tomorrow.

06-04-2004, 10:37 AM
Top o' the mornin'
I'm up before everyone else this a.m., so here I am
Jana - Love the pix of your dgds, they are so cute! I envy the produce you are getting right now. My tomatoes are just now getting a few little blossoms. My lettuces finally came up, but not enough to eat, yet. I do have peas coming out my ears, though. They are yummy - and I've frozen a bunch for later. The buttercups are invasive just like the dandelions, and we have those, too. David keeps a pretty good handle on the weeds. We try not to use chemicals and for the most part it works, but these buttercups just got too out of hand. So glad Dale is going to be alright. Arthritis won't be fun, but compared to what it might have been, seems like not so big a deal :)

Marti - sorry Cocoa is being so naughty. Wonder if your landlord would reimburse you if you put a screen in yourself? Some cheap baby gates might help, so at least you could open your front door, or keep Cocoa in a designated room when you need to go outside.

Christi - I 'm in a pink mood, also - must be 'cause of summer and sunshine - and Angie's house! I swear with all the pink we're putting out there, she'd better get that house! Our Oregon strawberries are in season now and I sear there is nothing like an organic Oregon strawberry! I put some plants in my yard this year,but too late for much of a harvest this year. Next year we should be in good shape.

Have a good day everyone!
Rosie Kate

06-04-2004, 10:52 AM
Morning ladies--

Are you saying the west coasters are up first?? :D

Just wanted to pop in real quick this morning and say


Ok, I have three days of finals next week, but they don't usually take me the whole 2hrs. to do the final. The longest I've been in a class for finals is an hour!!

So I'm dancing on air!!!

I will pop in later


06-04-2004, 01:35 PM
Jana~the girls are adorable! So very cute! Does Mary dress them a like a lot? My SIL dressed the twins up the same I think till they were about 6. Brittany is kind of sassy, and definitely her own person and always wants to pick her own clothes and such. Tiffany is the quiet one like her mom, Brittany is like my brother. Of course she still will for pictures sometimes. I like your signature, looks good! I like the dragon fly. You know July will be here before you know it. I don't normally tan and this is the first time I have ever been to a tanning place. I get in my moods like every other year or so and want to tan. It actually is more like every two years or so. I thought I would try a tanning salon rather than lay out in this heat, just can't take the heat anymore. Glad surgery went well for Dale.

Marti~I was thinking the same as Jana-an eel! :yikes: But like you said, it's not a snake. My son wanted a pet snake for a while, of course he never got it. I am scared to death of snakes and there is no way there will be one in my house! I know how you feel about the doggies. We don't have a fence in the back yet, but we put up a temporary one built with wire fencing, it's kind of like chicken wire, but not. Of course we will have to take it down soon being in an association. It's just meant to be temporary because it is a pain to take him out on a leash. But we had it up in the country, and it is cheap and doesn't look bad, and most important, it keeps Ernie in the yard. there's a lot of options for fencing that don't cost an arm and a leg, maybe your landlord will do that for ya. We too have to be careful when opening the door. He's okay for the most part but if he sees someone he will take off if the door is open. Hey, enjoy your last day of school! :hat: I try to get on the computer in the morning, it's usually between 11 & 1, just depending on what's going on that day. Yesterday I was up and out early and got back so before getting things done around the house I like to get my computer time in and then that is usually it for me. I hardly ever get on the computer in the evening, unless I am really bored.

Angie~I think pink is the color this summer. I love it! All this talk about strawberries, mmmmmm, sounds yummy! :T I haven't had any yet.

RosieKate~I too was thinking buttercups were dandelions. I know our backyard is mostly weeds I swear. But since we just planted the new grass, we were told by several people not to put any fertilizer or weed killer on it till it has been mowed at least three times. Hmmm, not sure if it will ever get to the first mowing! :lol: Need to reseed some spots. Oh well, eventually it will look like decent and all the gaps will be filled. I was going to plant some cheery tomatoes but forgot with everything else we have been busy with. I've never attempted strawberries, but they sure sound good.

Jen~loved that Seinfield episode also. Glad you got your own office.

Hi to the others, Shanna, Kathy, Katie, Kayecee, Rita, and anyone I may have missed unintentionally.

Not much going on with me today. Did my house work yesterday and have no errands to run so just kind of hanging out. There's always straightening to do of course, and I will do some laundry and a lot of reading. Hope everyone is having a great Friday. Talk with ya soon. :wave:

06-04-2004, 04:13 PM
Hello gals!!

I'm out of school and feeling pretty good about it. Now, if only the places I put in resumes would call.......

Get this, I come home and see a message on my answering I listen of coarse and all it has on it is (I believe a recording) someone saying "hi" over and over and over!! The dogs started howling and this continued for at least a minute. I ended up stopping it since it wasn't going anywhere beyond "hi". What the *bleep* is that all about? Saving it for James to listen too.... :D

Stopped at Walmart after school. Got some cleaning supplies to clean my bathrooms. And got some air freshners.....Lavendar!! Love that smell!

Cristi--We have talked about putting a temporary wire fence up, but my grandpa told me that they plan on cutting a couple trees down in the next week or so.....and they need access to the backyard. So until that's finished, on the leash they go!! I was just angry yesterday when I posted. Cocoa's been very loving and listening to me when I "yell" at her. I think the last spanking then being tied up for a few hours got to her! :lol:

RosieKate--How are you liking this weather?! It's suppose to be up to the 80's today. It's noon already and I already have to put the A/C on in the house! Sometimes the 80's can be too hot.

Everyone else---where are you? :?:

Talked to Jhanai about going to the movies this weekend. She chose Shrek2. She's been wanting to see it since she's heard it was coming out..(ok she's been wanting to see Harry Potter too) but SHE told ME, that it would be better to see Shrek this weekend since it will be crowded with people going to see Harry Potter! (boy...I didn't have to explain that one to her!) So we have a date tomorrow afternoon to go see a movie and then have lunch. Or the other way around.... :dizzy: :lol:

You know something? Today I realized that I managed to go through all term not talking to ONE person in my math class!! Can you believe that? I didn't even talk to ask questions. Let me tell you, it's hard to keep quiet with a group a people, but I did. It wasn't a goal of mine or anything, I just never grouped up with anyone. How strange is that? I yap my butt off in my other classes!!

Ok...I'm babbling on......I have a bathroom to clean!!

You all take care and if I get the chance I will pop in later.


06-04-2004, 06:16 PM
Hey again--

James' brother called and asked for a ride to wasn't far so I agreed, only to find out that no one was there!! (he was suppose to be doing some kind of contruction of some sort?? Not really sure) so I had to take him back home! I'm not a fan of any of James' brothers (shame on me I know) they just don't seem to want to "grow" up and take responsiblity. And I actually graduated with his brother I drove today. And he hasn't really changed a bit since high school. I had a talk with him about all that and I told him that he's almost 33 and it's time to act your age! (he's going to conversion classes for his 2nd. DUI!!) I told him that life is worth living and if you have problem with drinking....then you need to do something about it. He just laughed. And tried to convince me that he doesn't have a problem......ok ok...whatever I say.
James has three brothers...him being the youngest, and James is the only one who has his head on straight! (I must have lucked out on that eh? :D ) You would think that they would see that and try to improve....the oldest can't keep a job and stays with friends until they tire of him and moves on to the next friend available....what kind of life is that? And it's not like they're not capable of getting a job, they have them, but drinking and drugs kind of keeps them from keeping the job.....

Ok...enough venting about James' brother.

Angie--Thank you so much for the card!! I got it today! That was just soo sweet!!!

KatieKat--I got your postcard today too!!

I feel popular!! :D

I still haven't clean the bathroom, so I suppose that is what I will go do!

Take Care girls


06-04-2004, 09:22 PM
Wow---Did everyone start their weekend early? I'm waiting for Jhanai to get home so I can go pick her up. She just called and said that they are an hour away from the school...She had fun. She'll have lots to talk about tonight I'm sure!!

So where are our MIA ladies?? Kayecee?? Susan?? Kathy?? Rita?? (I know there are more but thats all I can remember right now)

Received my checks today with my new name. Now I don't have to explain why my drivers license and my checks don't match!!

I spent an hour or more cleaning both bathrooms. It's not like they were horribly dirty or anything....I just was on all fours cleaning up against the walls on the floors ...stuff that gets swept up to it or mopped up to it. And cleaning around the darn toilets. My least favorite job. So shouldn't have to do that for another 6mos! :lol: My bathrooms sparkle!! Maybe more the master bath than the hall bathroom since I spent more time in there!!

Just what you all wanted to read about eh? :D

I don't have much news, just wanted to pop in while I was waiting for Jhanai. I'm off for awhile. Hope you all have a great weekend and that the weather is as nice as it is here. (although it says it may rain tomorrow!!)

Take Care

06-04-2004, 10:33 PM
Hi ladies,

Thanks to everyone who commented about my granddaughters. :D

Marti - maybe Cocoa learned her lesson? I like Angie's idea about a screen door and Cristi's idea about a kiddie gate. YAY for this being your last day of school. Sounds like you got lucky getting the "good" brother when you got James.

Angie - awww, it's sweet that your friend asked about Dale! Tell her I said thanks! I talk about you guys, too.

RosieKate - sounds like you enjoy your strawberries as much as I do! I made homemade shortcake for Neal using his mom's recipe, but I spend 2 WW points each on the Hostess cups for mine. I love those things!

Cristi - Mary dresses the girls alike or almost alike most days. Even the baby has some coordinating outfits. She says she'll quit matching them when they complain about it, lol. I have tried to lay out to get a little bit of a tan, but with all the rain we've had, it's a hopeless case! My legs especially are way too pale.

Today I went to Evansville with one of my sisters on the spur of the moment. We had a lot of fun. I bought a new crock pot cookbook with pictures. It's not low-anything, but I figure I can lighten up the recipes if I want. But I especially like using the crock pot in the summer so I don't heat up the whole kitchen.

Tomorrow will be busy for me, but I'll try to make it on with my weigh-in news. Neal and Katie are going to Indy and I'm making dinner for 2 of my friends. It's low-calorie chicken cacciatore, and it is really good! But I have to clean the house before they get here. :o It's a mess. Marti, since you're on a roll, how about you come and help me? My bathrooms need spiffed up, lol.


06-05-2004, 12:17 AM
Well, I really didn't forget this place. I just had to stop in and mention that I lost 2 lbs. again. Maybe there is something to this being sick stuff. When you are nauseated it is easy to diet. :) I go for an ultrasound next week to find out if I am having gall bladder attacks. UGH! I am still walking every chance I get, only missing 2 days when I was having the pains.
Hope you all have a wonderful week-end. My grandson graduates Sun. and that will make a body feel old.


da fat n da furious
06-05-2004, 01:26 AM
Oh Sue,
I have had that test....its not bad, but I had a reaction and felt horrible. And all for nothing,,,I had the beginnings of endrometitis. Hope you get better soon.

Jana, I have this recipe for shortcake,,,the cake is really low in if I can find it I will post it. Its like a biscuit...
I dressed the boys a bit alike,,,and di one photo of them together,,,even thou they are 5 yrs was cute.

Marti, you are welcome...I thought I will be the just because chick....
4 showings today...comeone already someone BUY!

Cristi, OMG I must of had your share of strawberries! I have bought probably 10 lbs Ive got 2 lbs sitting in the fridge..I love to just stick in a container and off to work I go. Today was grape day thou,,,yummy

I like only fresh strawberries,,,nothing else. I have made jam,,,but it just loses its awesome flavor,,,Monte loves strawberry jam and so I make him is batch. I totally love raspberry jam..*shudder I need some raspberries
I am now down to my last jar of salsa so will have to make a batch soon...since its summer and we eat more nachos and salsa during the summer.

did anyone read the star mag? bought it tonight and read about Carnie Wilson,,,she had the gastric bypass 2-3 yrs ago...shes gained alot back already. She went from 300 to 148 and they figure shes about 225 lbs. ITs such a dangerous surgery and all for what?
Well I should get to bed,,,another showing firs thing in the moring and I need I can get up to clean...yay

06-05-2004, 01:45 AM
One last pop in before bed.......(I only came to read!)

Sue--Sure hope you start feeling better!! Amazing that you can still get a walk in while you're not feeling good. Get well vibes your way!! (((((GET WELL!))))))

Jana--Please post the recipe for that Chicken Cacciatore!! It used to be one of my favorites and I haven't had any since I got together with James (he doesn't like green bell peppers) but with only me at home half the time, I can make some and keep it for leftovers!!

And Angie--post that shortcake as soon as you find it!! And---if you wouldn't mind....your salsa recipe. I had at one time, went around to all my co-workers for their see if they vary and to see which one is the best. Lost chips and salsa....(almost TOO much!) to bed I go. Since James doesn't come home until Sunday, Jhanai is wanting to sleep with me.....she is a kicker and a mover so we'll see how much sleep I actually get! :D

Nighty night!


06-05-2004, 12:27 PM
A quick hi for now - I'll post again later with weigh-in.
Jana - I like my crock pot, too and I have a chicken cacciatore crock pot recipe as well. If you or anyone is interested, let me know and i'll dig it out. One of my fave things to do with my crock pot is to make chicken stock. I just throwq all the chicken leftover in there with onions celery and carrots. Fill with water and leave it on over night. Another good overnighter is to make applesauce. I sure love the convenience.

Angie - I didn't see the Star, but did see a story on ET about it. Her spokespeople say she's only gained 10-15 pounds, but the photos sure looked like it was more. There were interviews with others who have had GB and they all say that you lose fast, but it is possible to gain the wieght back, so it pays to take care of your food issues before the surgery. I agree with you that its too big a risk if a person isn't going to change their lifestyle. I sometimes get a little frustrated with the images of weight loss portrayed on TV. They make it look like somewhere out there is a quick and easy solution - just a little surgery and voila! Hey - hope you get a buyer today :crossed:

Marti - have fun at Shrek - I hear it's really funny

Later gals

PS - Sue - hope your ultrasound brings good news. I have had my share of those things. When I was pregnant with James, the docs couldn't believe how huge I was getting, so they kept checking out his size via ultrasound. He WAS huge - 10lbs 3 oz. Thank God for C-sections! Congrats on your loss and hope you feel better soon.

06-05-2004, 12:48 PM
Hiya ladies~

Looks like we are going to be in for some nasty weather today. Supposed to move in later today.

Jana~I think it is cute to dress the twins the same. I too even dressed the boys the same when they were small, not too much but once in a while for a picture. Of course people were always asking if the boys were twins which I thought was silly. Because there was a difference in height and they did not look alike, except for the black hair. I am undecided about this tanning booth stuff. I thought the whole point was to get a tan faster than laying out in the sun. I have been going a month, probably 3-5 days a week and am not dark at all. If I had layed out in the sun I would have been darker in less time. Not sure if I will do this again or not. Anywho...hope you have a great dinner with your friends today. and yes PLEASE share your recipe. I haven't made chicken cacciatore in ages, it sounds so good. :T I also like cabbage rolls, but the kids and Vince don't like cabbage so I don't make them. I should just make them and let them deal with it. They can eat the filling...:)

Marti~love the Hi message. I have never gotten a message like that, although I did get a call early one morning years ago from someone that said "Good moning" , and then a couple other things and then said "What are you wearing" I thought it was funny and couldn't quit laughing and asked who it was. They wouldn't say and then said something about being naked and wishing they were there! I immediately hung up, although I was still laughing. Never had one of those calls before. Now all I get is hang up calls which is very irritating. I have almost broken my neck trying to answer the phone only for someone to listen to me say Hello about three times and then I hear a click or I hang up. Should get caller ID again just to see who it is but feel it is a waste of money, so half the time I don't answer the phone. I figure if it is important and actually for me they can leave a message. Anyway...hopr you and Jhanai have a fun time today with lunch and a movie.

Sue~sorry to hear you are not feeling well. At least with the ultrasound you will finally know. I know gallstones are not fun at all. Me, my DD (at age 15) and my DS#1 have all had our gallbladders removed. Of course DD and I suffered for a while first. DS had one attack and went to the emergency room and they scheduled surgery within the next few days. Better to get it done and over with than endure the pain for months. CONGRAT'S to your grandson on his graduation! Also, WTG on your loss this week! :bravo:

Angie~I don't read the star but do get People once in a while. I had bought the issue a couple of weeks ago when Gwenyth Paltrow had her baby because I had to see if there was some resoning behind naming her baby Apple, yes I did say Apple! Didn't say anything about it though. But I also read about Wilson Phillips making a comeback and thought Carnie Wilson was looking good-didn't look like she had gained any weight at all. Of course I thought her sister was looking chunky, but I told DD I thought she looked pregnant, and sure enough I read the article and she is. They are a nice looking family. Sending some good vibes your way in the hopes of getting an offer on your house this weekend. :goodvibes: :goodvibes:

Hi to EVERYONE else! :wave:

Guess I better get going. I went to tan early, or should I say try to tan? Now I need to get in the shower and get on with the day. Need to run a few errands, one of those being taking a pair of shoes back I bought last week. Just not liking them much. Penneys is having a sale today and I may head over there to see if they have a comforter or quilt. Been looking for a new one but haven't seen what I want yet. Anyway...

Have have a GREAT weekend ladies!

06-05-2004, 02:00 PM
Hi all--

Wanted to pop in real quick...did my WI and I'm the same. Didn't budge!! That ok though......TOM is around the corner so who knows.

Got Jhanai in the shower and I'm getting ready to take one myself (oh my sparkly showers!! :eek: )

Will be seeing Shrek2 today. When I checked out the paper though....I was amazed at how many movies were showing...not many. We have a theatre that has 17 screens (and another one that has 12-----in the same mall!) and Shrek2 and Harry Potter are the main movies depending on how the crowd looks.....we'll see what movie we end up watching. We'll see the movie we don't pick the next weekend!!

Ok....babbling and making no sense again.

I will try to check in later and do individuals!! You all take care!


06-05-2004, 03:35 PM
Ok did weigh in - down one pound. I'm happy about it, yet depressed at the same time as one of my goals was to be at 190 by my birthday which is in ten days. I'll get over it and I will exercise today. That always perks me up:)

have a great day

06-05-2004, 09:34 PM
Don't post here.....go to chit chat #51!!

See you there. :wave:

01-24-2005, 08:13 PM
No matter what I eat, I get bloated. I'm not on my period. How can I get rid of the bloated feeling?

01-24-2005, 11:14 PM
Hi Sissy, :wave:

I see this is your first post, so I'd like to welcome you to 3 Fat Chicks, and especially to the Jaded Ladies club. Now about your problem, you may be bloated due to eating lots of fresh veggies, or other foods that cause gas. If it's really happening no matter what you eat, you'd be wise to check with your doctor.

This is an old thread, so I'd like to invite you to hop on over to chit chat #107, which is the current one. Hope to see you there so the other members can chime in and discuss your problem more, and also get to know you better. :)