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05-28-2004, 09:18 PM
Welcome to a thread devoted to those who have the ultimate job of taking care of their family. Here you will find wonderful women raising a family and trying to find time to take care of themselves and their weight too. So if you are a SAHM jump right in and say hello and to all you who have been here before I look forward to a new day with you!!

05-28-2004, 09:26 PM
Good evening everyone. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. They are talking bad storms here on Sunday. When I got my hair highlighted, I got red and light brown put in. My hair is dark brown with ALOT of natural red in it. Maybe its called low lights. I don't know. I have good news, not pertaining to weight loss, but gas prices. We got gas here today for $1.79. That's .15 a gallon cheaper. We filled up both cars. I think it was a sale, and let me tell you, there were several very long lines.
Di, I completly understand about the boys having their own language. Mine aren't twins, but are only 22 months apart, and they used to be the only ones who understood each other. Sometimes it is still that way.
Leigh, you are so pretty. And your dh ain't too bad either. ;) Spryng, I would look on the rice aisle for your pearl barley. I think I have actually seen it there.
Well, tonight we got our car windows tinted. That will help alot with the summer heat. Tomorrow we are taking the boys to see Shrek 2, and to do some shopping. I hope eveyone has a great evening. I was down 1# this week.

05-28-2004, 09:39 PM
Back again!

Count me in as a toner with you, Spryng and Leigh. If I start my new video any time soon, that is! I like to do those exercises because I can do them without a video and on my own...I can even break it into smaller segments if I need to. But I hope my video will give me new ideas and a little inspiration.

I am cooking burgers. It's late, I know, but better late than not at all. I might have hit onederland if I had not had so much partying this week. I am trying not to be bummed about it. I was sure I'd make it. I must really buckle down after this weekend. I am not totally blowing it, but not watching as close as I should be.

So what are the plans for the hiliday weekend for the rest of you? Nothing much here, just the same as any other weekend for us, unless something changes.

Back after dinner. I would love to make it to chat if I can stay awake, is anyone gonna be there?

05-28-2004, 10:12 PM
Sheee'sss BaaaAAAcccckkkk!!!!! :lol3:

I had chicken for dinner again topped with mushrooms again and mashed cauliflower AGAIN lol I like those foods cuz they are easy to prepare and not too much of a mess either.

Cindi - I'll TRY to come to chat tonight but I'm in bed already lol so hopefully I can stay awake!! Congrats on your 2lb loss :) No plans here for the weekend just gonna hang at home! We're just home bodies lol

Ricci - My sister took Taylor to see shrek 2 last weekend and she loved it! We have our windows tinted on our car too it really is nice to have in the summer especially!

Spryng - I'm so glad you are enjoying your video!! I cant wait til I can join the toning group :D It will be awhile though lol I got lots of flab to lose first! Taylor would love to get outside in her pool but its still a bit on the chilly side. I'm with Leigh, that video you got looked difficult I would kill myself doing it lol.

Leigh - I hope you and DH have a great night home together. :D No passing notes girl I don't wanna get caught by the teacher, actually I had that happen when I was in Junior High and the teacher read it outloud eekkks My boyfriend passed me a note and said some embarrassing stuff in it. Good thing I can look back and laugh about it lol.

Well I took a nice bath with bath oil and I feel good now, tired, but good. I was gonna walk tonight but I'm just wiped out Fridays are my running around days so I think I got some exercise in ;) I'll do a 4 mile walk tomorrow.

Ok I'm gonna go play some games. I am a club pogo member and when the kids are in bed I always play a few games (yes I'm a kid at heart) ;) Ok I'll TTYL!


05-28-2004, 10:45 PM
Hi All,

Just a quickie from me tonight too!

Congrats to you losers Leigh, Spryng and Ricci and anyone else I may have missed! Terriffic!!

spryng, send some of your warm air up was 54 today :mad: . I had lots of outside stuff to do so that's OK that it wasn't hot but it could have hit 60! Got the rest of the veggie garden planted, did some mowing, took the boys for a wagon ride...doesn't sound like much but took all day! Oh yes, and lots of laundry for my Mom.

Don't know how much I'll be around tomorrow either. Have friends coming over for a break in the deck it's supposed to rain so we'll be looking at it from inside :lol: STUPID WI WEATHER! No official WI for me on Monday due to the holiday but if i remember I'll take my measurements and let you know how I'm doing...I have to hunt for smaller shorts in my storage room because the butt on these are pretty baggy :D .

Take care you all and I'll talk to you again soon!! Hi Ginny..I feel like you lately :lol: :dizzy: ;)

Love ya guys

05-28-2004, 11:48 PM
Well, I have had one busy day girls. And these boards have been busy for a Friday.

Di, glad to see you still around.

Michelle, glad your doc's visit went well. You are doing a great job all over. That hot bath with bath oil sounds REALLY nice, enjoy!!!

Leigh, I think the personal trainer thing isn't a bad idea if you can afford it. I think I would do half way through so by the time you reach the end you will be toned and you'll know how to continue. If I were you I would be totally pleased with those before pics. You know how you imagine how people look that you talk to, for whatever reason, I pictured you as a blonde and you couldn't have darker hair. Thought that was funny.

Spryng, glad you got grocery shopping done. I might have to do it tomorrow and Saturdays are the worst. Frozen pizza, huh? In the same sentence as you feeling at home in the kitchen, LOL!!!

Cindi, WTG for being down 2 more lbs. That is great. I don't have anything planned until Monday. We're cooking out at mom's.

Ricci, glad you got a break on the gas today. I wish we'd have some sales.

Geri, hope you have a fun weekend with friends.

Well, I cleaned mom's, went to an outlet mall got some prenatals and some plates and napkins and stuff for Ally's bday next weekend. Then dropped the girls off at MIL's, she took them to see Shrek 2. Andrew and I went to the mall to get Ally's bday gift, return my new clothes and go ahead and get some maternity. I got rid of ALL of my one size bigger clothes. So the ones I've got fit me now but won't in about a month so instead of buying bigger clothes that I would eventually not fit in, I got some really cute maternity clothes. Anyway, after taking all three kids to the mall a few weeks ago and today only having Andrew, the three were so much easier. He was a pain. Then visited my parents for a bit and then came home. Had left over beef fajitas for dinner. Did y'all know that Sonic has salads now??? I've been waiting for this and they've got them, I was SOOOO excited. I had the grilled chicken salad today and it was SOOOO good. Perfect size and everything. That with a Vanilla Diet Coke and I was full and had few calories. I was proud of me. I think tomorrow I've got to get caught up on laundry. I'm not going to do any heavy cleaning until next week because next weekend is Ally's bday party. So maybe I can go grocery shopping too. Man o man, tonight, when the kids came back from the movies, Ally was SOOOO cranky and wanted me to hold her, which made Andrew cranky. I was giving the girls a bath, Andrew had already had one, when dh and his friend came in and were hungry. There were like a thousand things going on at once and I was losing it. Dh and friend left for a while tonight, kids are in bed, I've done this posting, I think I'm gonna sit back and watch tv. Maybe rent a pay per view movie. I hope you all have a great night and a good tomorrow.

05-29-2004, 12:05 AM
Good gravy, I go to Costco for a couple of hours and I miss a whole novel of information from you ladies! LOL

I'll say a quick goodnight and try and keep up with you all tomorrow. Leigh I did get to peek at your pics and you look fabulous! I know what it's like to stop feeling attractive, it's difficult to get over that misconception, especially after your body changes after pregancy. It's something I'm constantly dealing with, even though my husband see's me in a completely different light than I do.

Spryng, about Yoga, I actually kind of fell into teaching it, right now just a couple hours a week. I have been doing it off and on for several years, basic Hatha and some Vinyassa. My teacher moved out of the area and suggested I take over the class. It's something I had planned on doing, in like a year or so, when I had lost that last bit of weight, but definately not this year. She basically talked me into it and helped me get certified in a hurry. The thing about Yoga is there are many different "styles" kind of like martial arts. It's all about finding the right teacher and finding a style that suites you. There actually isn't much sitting involved in the style I teach (vinyassa) we do a lot of sun salutations and pose flows, so we are up and down, moving a lot. Any pose (asana) can be modified so you can be comfortable doing it and not injure yourself. It actually quite a work out and should really help me burn off this last bit of fat around my belly! Feel free to pick my brain about it whenever you have a question, I just love it.

I'm very proud of myself, I AM very motivated about SBeach. Steve (hubby) had pizza for dinner and I had a huge salad with grilled salmon. Yum I wasn't even tempted by the pizza. I got some great things to eat at Costco, lots of good meats etc...

Well I'm off to play some video games with Steve, like Michelle, I'm a kid at heart most of the time too.

I'll check in tomorrow, pleasant dreams ladies,

05-29-2004, 01:01 AM
good evening ladies, its late, and I guess I missed two Michelle, and Crystal in the chat---had you in another window, and it never chimed atme, or blinked, or anything to let me know there was activity over there....lesson learned! Oh well.

I'm home alone tonight, hubby went camping with some of the boys from church he teaches. He'll be home in the morning. I'm not sure what we'll do for the rest of the weekend. I wan't to watch the PBS special "Letters from Home"...It will be a tear jerker for me ( and most likely Hubby ...even that new country song about soldiers putting their letters in their pockets and getting back to work breaks him down.) Hubby had a meltdown last memorial day, so I'm not quite sure how to handle it this year. I've tried to suggest he get involved with the VFW or something, and get active, but you know, he's only 33, and I don't think he's ready to socialize with 80 year olds he's not related too...but I can't really think of another organization that participates in the stuff that he gets so upset that nobody does anymore! I wish my flowers were in bloom, we live half a block from a cemetery that has soldiers buried as far back as the civil war, I would love to go put flowers on those old graves, but I can't afford to go buy any, so maybe a goal for next year. There's a volunteer group that cares for the grounds, maybe we should try to get in with them...of course there's the little matter of the snake I saw over there one day...I get creeped everytime I go by now.

Bad day food wise, started out just fine, but ended up with 5 pieces of pizza...andnot even full. BAD!

well, I'm off to go work on a surprise anniversary gift/ to you all later, have a great saturday. I doubt I'll be back till Tuesday, so I'll just look for SAHM 234 or

Laters, Lisa

05-29-2004, 08:18 AM
Good Morning Gals.
I hope everyone had a great night. Mine was okay, Andrew woke up pretty much right when I went to bed and we slept the whole night on the couch. He's really making that a habit, but I can tell when we sleep on the couch he breathes better, I guess it's because he's more propped up or something. I'm getting really tired of it though.
I woke up hungry again, I think I went to bed hungry too. LOL Well, I may have to go buy groceries today. If I go today I'll have to take ALL the kids and it will be crowded, if I wait until tomorrow maybe dh can watch them, but that's just a guess and I really am out of everything.
Well girls, I hope you have a full and fun SAturday. I'll check in later.

05-29-2004, 09:54 AM
Good morning everyone! Hope you had a good rest last night. We didn't - Liam was very restless all night, so he kept waking us up. Hopefully, tonight will be better.

Ricci - so are there storms there today then? :rain: Hope they won't be too bad. I know Tornado season has really been in full swing lately. Thank you for the compliments :thanks:

Cindi - okay, we can all be work out motivators then! :barbell:

Michelle - I don't think I ever had a note read aloud by a teacher, but that would have mortified me! :o I love taking baths - even if it's just 15 minutes it totally relaxes me.

Geri - I'm so glad your shorts are too big!!! I can't wait to see your measurements. Hope you get a few rays of sunshine here and there.

Crystal - that's soooo funny that you pictured me blonde!!!! :lol: I picture you blonde as well - am I correct? You have been one busy woman. How far away is the mall from you? Hope you were able to unwind a bit last night before bed. Did your doctor give you any specific advice about weight gain during pregnancy? I'm curious because I think about that a lot in terms of if we have another baby later on.

Di - Hi! I'm glad you satyed OP and weren't even tempted by the pizza. You should be proud of yourself, so bask in that feeling! :)

Lisa - :lol: Stay at home moms #234 :lol: That's funny! Well, don't get too down on yourself over the pizza - we all have our weak days. Just focus on starting anew today. Your idea about volunteering over at the cemetary sounds like a nice one. Let us know if you eventually decide to do it.

Plans for today: Get my Circle journal done and out in the mail - it's this little scrapbook that a group of seven other women and I do one layout and then send it to the next person for them to do a layout, etc. And then we're going to a BBQ tonight, but I've saved a bunch of flexpoints for that, so I should be okay. I'll check in later . . .

05-29-2004, 10:26 AM
Hi Leigh, NO I am not blonde. Very brunette. My doc and I didn't talk much about that yet. As a matter of fact, I forgot to ask him alot of questions, but I think since this is my 4th, he thinks I know about what I need to do or not do. When I go back, though, I do want to talk to him about it alittle more.

05-29-2004, 10:54 AM
I had to share something with y'all. I have prayed for twins since I started having babies. And after I had Andrew, the midwife said I had twin placentas which means there had to have been another one. Now I never bled or anything to show a miscarriage, but she said if there are twin placentas that is what it means. So I thought well, there were my twins and obviously it wasn't meant to be. As soon as I found out I was pregnant this time, I immediately started praying that it was twins. Then I got to thinking, my positive tests were very very visible, the more visible usually means the farther along you are, although the doc wasn't able to find anything. So I thought, what if it's twins, the embryo(s) would be so small you wouldn't be able to see, but yet the tests were very visible, maybe it's twins. So I shared this info with my sister and she said the other day her dh said I'm having twins, out of the clear blue. You have to know him, he's one of those that can tell you what you're having and you do. It's kind of scary how he can be so exact, but he usually is. I thought that was neat, my thoughts and then his. Maybe, maybe, maybe. I guess we'll see. I just wanted to share this info with yall. And btw, dh DOES NOT want twins. He thinks he'll go crazy. LOL

05-29-2004, 11:07 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!!

Lisa!!! You wascaly wabbit!!! Darn, about chat, maybe tonight if we're feeling up to it! I loved your comment about thread 234!! It gave me a great laugh!

Leigh - Ohhhhh a BBQ!!! I'm soo jealous I love BBQ!! But until I can find a good low sugar sauce I'm staying away. Hmmm maybe I should get inventive and try and make my own lol.

Crystal - Holy cow!!! You were certainly busy yesterday!! I'm glad you made it through the day lol. Its funny about the whole weight thing during pregnancy, with Taylor I gained about 70 lbs and with Teagan only 10 but I was eating better with Teagan, except when I got a snickers craving lol. Those snickers cravings are a pregnancy staple in my family all of the women had to have them!

Geri - Awesome on the shorts!!!! Keep up the good work!!! I hope you have a great weekend!

Well I better go get the day started! I'll be back later girls!!

05-29-2004, 11:31 AM
Good morning all!

Sorry I didn't post last night. The kids got in bed late and then I stayed up to watch a tv show, so by the time it was over I was sooo tired, so I went straight to bed. So now I am far behind! lol. Give me a sec to catch up.

Crystal, everyone thought I was having twins while pregnant with Tanner. I was in maternity clothes at just 8 weeks and had quite a pregnant belly. My midwife couldn't believe I was showing so soon and looked like I was 5 months pregnant and when she measured my uterus it measured at 12 weeks along and not 8, so she said either my uterus just gets big fast or I was having twins. I about died at the thought of it. So we went for an ultrasound and there was just one baby. Thank goodness. Did your doc measure your usterus while examining you? After all that talk about not wanting a 4th baby now you want twins??? That will make 5 kids!!! :o But I guess you'll know for sure in June. :) I guess if it is twins you'll definitely have to build your house right away. I do love twins though. I wish Ava and Bubba would have been twins, they act like they are now. lol. Then they could have started school together. oh and about the frozen pizza, lol, I do feel like a good cook now but even a great chef needs frozen pizza every now and then! lol. (it was really good too!, lol)
Leigh, I hope you enjoy your bbq tonight! Sounds like fun!
Lisa, I hope today is a better food day for you. And I hope your DH can find something to do for memorial day. I think it is great that he feels so strongly about it. Says alot about him. :)
Di, I may just have to get me a yoga dvd to supplement my toning workout now. You have me intrigued. :) And congrats on passing up that pizza!
Geri I hope it is warmer there for you today! And enjoy your get together today! Sounds so nice. :)
Cindi, what video did you get again? And I have no plans for this weekend or monday. I am a home body too and don't do holidays really.
Ricci, gas prices were down here too yesterday!! They were 2.07 and now they are down to 1.93!!! I was excited to see that too. I hope it continues to go down. And you'll have to let us know how you liked Shrek 2, I hope we can take the kids next weekend.

Well, I'm debating on what to do today. The in-laws have invited me over to swim in their pool (the above ground one I helped put up last weekend) but I'm not sure. I want to take the kids swimming but I don't want to deal with dinner over there. I'm out of flexpoints and I have everything for 6 meals this week so I should eat at home. They have nothing there that will remotely fit into my pts unless I save all my pts for thier dinner, but if I take my own food they will be offended. So like I said, I'm debating it in my head.
Anyway, I need to get off here and get dressed. Hope everyone has a great saturday!!!

05-29-2004, 12:17 PM
Crystal - that's really neat about all the signs that it might be twins! I wonder how soon they'd be able to tell you for sure?

Spryng - I'm certainly no expert, but I noticed Leslie Sansone has a You Can Do Yoga tape (I think) that I saw on collage video. You may want to check out the review as something that may be good intro to yoga. Hmm - maybe you can eat before you go to the in-laws and say you're full? I'm not sure if that would work well or not.

Michelle - I have a friend who became a Snickers fanatic while pregnant. She even wanted Snickers bar ice cream :lol: I have to admit, though not a huge craving for me while pregnant, Snickers tasted gourmet to me . . . just like Arby's did. I mean Arby'as is fine, but while pregnant I could have eaten it for every meal and it tasted like some delicacy to me! Weird.

05-29-2004, 12:22 PM
Just a quick hello..trying to keep up with all of the posts ;).

Raining here and only supposed to be 55 today...guess we won't be breaking in the deck tonight :(...oh well, we have all summer!

Have a great OP day (I, but I'll be enjoying myself!)

05-29-2004, 01:09 PM
Hey again!!

Spryng - I'm with you I have no idea of what to do today lol. I want to take the kids out somewhere but it is really hard to control Taylor and Teagan at the same time its just cuz of the age when they are older it will be easier to take them out places. Also the weather is kinda crappy too. Hmmm maybe I'll just paint with Taylor or something like that.

Leigh - OMG how funny!!! I hated Arbys when I was pregnant!! I got a beef and cheddar one day and it just made me gag lol. I normally like it but not when pregnant lol I think it was because the beef was too salty or something.

I was checking out collagevideo for a toning tape and I think I'm going to try balletone. It sounds and looks like fun and I always loved ballet! So I'm gonna see if hubby will let me get it! It will also be something Taylor would probably like to do with me too.

Dinner tonight I'm thinking I'll have ground turkey breast tacos but not totally sure yet. I've been craving some peanut butter but it is so high in fat that I've been avoiding it. So maybe I'll make a chicken satay or something :D **** who knows!! I'm wayyy to indecisive lol.

I got a 2 mile walk in, its all the girls would let me do before their screams got out of control lol. I think it scares them when I exercise lol I'm sure if I saw myself exercising I would be scared too lol. ;)

Well I better go I have some dishes to put away! TTYL!

05-29-2004, 01:41 PM
Afternoon Ladies!

Crystal, in regards to twins, they can see developement on the two pretty early on. We saw two heartbeats at 9 weeks. It just looked like two little flickers, but once the doctor saw that, we had many more ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy to check their development. The ultrasound device he used was internal, like a wand early on. Also my beta numbers where really high (blood test) which sometimes indicates more than one. I think that's what alerted the doctor in the beginning.

Michelle, good job on getting the walk in before the screaming starts! I've been wanting to take Logan and Ethan with me to my new fantastic gym, but the last time we went they had to pull me out of a class because they were crying so hard! I felt really horrible for them. So next week we will be going again, but this time for the first week, I will just stay and play with them till they get used to it. I'm hoping they will eventually like it and I will be able to get some more cardio into my routine and perhaps Pilates.

By the way Pilates is awesome for toning midsection (core) I just started doing a little bit of it last week and I can totally feel where its working, so I'm very optimistic about it.

Spryng if you want more of a workout from Yoga, stick to power yoga tapes or vinyassa or something like that. If I think of any really good tapes out there I'll let you know. One that comes to the top of my head for a decent work-out is actually the MTV Yoga tapes, sounds cheesy, I know, but they felt good once you got the hang of it after a few run-throughs.

Geri, that sucks about the weather! It rained in sunny California yesterday, but today it looks like it might be OK, fingers crossed as I have a TON of gardening stuff to do.

Not sure whats on the menue for lunch, but I'm definately having crab legs for dinner, yum, my favorite seafood! I'll probably make some cauliflower or broccoli to go with it as well and a small salad.

well off to play with the boys, I'll check in later this afternoon.

05-29-2004, 02:11 PM
Hi girls. Well I went to buy groceries. Just put them up and am getting lunch going. Not eating well today AT ALL!!

Spryng, I agree about the frozen pizza, that's what's for lunch today, although I hardly eat it, I may eat one slice if there is any leftover. I know I didn't want a 4th, but if I'm gonna have it, might as well be something I've always prayed for, huh?

Di, They couldn't see anything the other day which makes me think I'm 4 weeks or so, but the preg test was SOOOO visible. They took my blood and are hopefully going to call me next week to let me know something. When I go in June I'm hoping to be about 7 weeks or so and they should be able to tell if there is one or two.

Well, it's lunch time. I'll be back later.

05-29-2004, 02:16 PM
Hello again!

Well I am actually feeling productive today. I've been slacking on my flylady stuff lately as I mentioned in previous posts, even though my house is still looking good but today I cracked down on myself and did everything on the list! (my morning routine list, that is) So now I have time to kill and my house looks great again. I won't be going to MIL today because they decided to go watch movies and such so they won't be home (don't you love it when someone invites you over on a specific day and then makes other plans??) But I am actually happy about it. I'm just going to tinker around here today and now I don't have to worry about dinner. I'm making Pan Roasted Chicken and Potatoes tonight. The recipe looks so good. So here is my menu for this week...
Pan Roasted Chicken and Potatoes
Pasta Beef Satay
Black and White Checkered Chili
Blackened Salmon
Mexican Torta
Crock Italian Veggie Stew
but I probably won't eat them in that order.

Leigh, what is your menu for the week?

Di, was it a shock when you found out you were having twins? Did you have a c-section? And yes, I LOVE pilated. Can't do some videos (like Windsor Pilates) because it kills my tailbone to do certain positions but I have one dvd here I love. Actually a friend is borrowing it right now. And I have seen that mtv yoga tape, but I don't want one that is a hard core workout, I just want a basic yoga tape for my in between days of weigh training. just one to stretch my body and relax me. Know of any good ones? Where are you located in california? (if you don't mind saying) I was born and raised there and have lots of family still there. Some in Bakersfield and others all over the state.
Michelle, I saw that ballet workout too! I'm not graceful enough to try it. But if you want a good price check out (see if you can find a new or used one real cheap there)
Geri, so sorry you are stuck with rain today! Maybe next weekend you can break in the new deck! I'll come sun bathe with you! :)

Well, guess I will get off here and find something to do. I'm thinking about going through my pantry and throwing away old boxes of food. I used to be a box dinner junkie so I have lots of Helpers, etc and boxes of rice dinners that the bugs have made a home in (those little black ones) so it's time to just throw it all away. Not that I have anything again Tuna, Chicken or Hamburger Helpers because you can make it low fat and healthy too, but they are all so old.

05-29-2004, 02:52 PM
Hey, Geri! Sorry about the awful weather :( Hope you get to use the deck soon, though.

Michelle - good job trying to keep up with the workouts. Liam used to enjoy watching me do videos - he thought it was funny, but now he screams and won't let me do anything.

Di - that's a good idea about staying with the boys until they get used to it. Maybe you could do something where you start off leaving them for 5 minutes, then ten, then so on. I love seafood! Your dinner sounds good.

Spryng - I got back on track with Flylady too. I took a few days off because I was using almost all my spare time planning the reorganization thing. My menu for this week is: Day 1: RECIPE RAVE: Big Basil Burgers
Day 2: Shrimp Gumbo
Day 3: Twice Baked Chicken
Day 4: Honey Pecan Pork Cutlets
Day 5: Taco Salad
Day 6: Zesty Crock Pot Tomato Sauce with Pasta
But, I've decided to only make 4 items each week since DH is almost always called out of town 1-2 nights and then I waste food. So I won't be making shrimp or pork :)

Crystal - are you having any early cravings, or just hungry in general?

Okay, DH is taking Liam now so I can scrapbook :)

05-29-2004, 04:13 PM
Hey Ladies,

Crystal, 7 weeks is about the time you could definately see two heartbeats if they are there. I've also known women to have an early ultrasound and not know it's two until a second u/s. How exciting for you! Even if it's not twins, to have strong hcg in your system indicates a good healthy pregancy, so that's fantastic!

Spryng, I was a little suprised to find out it's twins, not shocked but pleasantly suprised if ya know what I mean. Part of that comes from trying for so many years without luck. As soon as I found out i totally embraced it and got as many books as I could in regards to nursing/raising twins. I'm an avid reader, so this was fun for me. I was able to nurse them both for the first year exclusively, so I consider myself lucky.
I'll have to get back to you on a more gentle style of yoga stretching etc... but I will definately look into it for you. I was born and raised in Southern California in the Claremont/Rancho Cucamonga area. That's about 60 miles east of L.A. About 6 years ago, my husband took a job up here and we live in a town called Tracy. It's about 60 miles east of San Francisco and 60 south of Sacramento. Our big plan is to purchase some land in Idaho, but that's like our 5 year plan at the moment.

Leigh, that's good advice on leaving the boys alone in small incriments of time, kind of build them up to the idea. I'll definately try that after the first day or so. Both yours and Spryng's menus for the week sound fantastic, I'm going to have to start planning a little more ahead as well. Luckily Steve will eat absolutely anything I make without complaint, so he'll basically be doing SBD with me. LOL

I used to do a modified version of FlyLady, but have since fallen off the bandwagon! I had to modify it because the zones didn't quite match up with my house layout. I really need to get back into that mode. Clutter is a big problem here and I could spend one whole day cleaning, only to see all my hard work dissapear in hours. That can be really frustrating. Either way, it needs to get done, so I'll probably start flying again really soon with you ladies.

Off to have lunch and stuff. The boys are down for hopefully a two hour nap and I just got my shower done! better late than never I suppose.


05-29-2004, 07:43 PM
It's me again!

Di, Idaho sounds like a wonderful plan. I heard it's beautiful there. Do you have family there? And did you get to have your twins naturally?
Leigh, your weekly menu sounds wonderful too! I was suprised to see pork on there because there isn't any in her book. She said she doesn't like or eat pork so she didn't include in pork recipes. I bet she got alot of emails wanting pork so she included them in her email mailer. And Honey Pecan Pork Cutlets sounds devine. Would you mind emailing me the recipe? I would love to make it for Dh some weekend soon. (

Well my dinner was interesting. You make a mixture of mayo and dijon mustard to coat the chicken and red potatoes in and it tasted like I was eating devilled eggs! lol. The kids ate every bite of dinner so it was a success with them, lol. I'm giving it 4 stars. What did everyone else have? I had 6 pts left after dinner (that NEVER happens) but with dinner now I really fill up on the side veggies which are usually 0 pts so after just one serving of the potatoes and chicken I was satisfied. So I found something to use my 6 pts on, I had a hershey bar with almonds... and guess what? It was 6 pts!!! MMMmmmm.... it hit my sweet tooth spot. Now I am donw for the day.
I guess I'll get off here. I came online to see what was coming on tv tonight. I hope there is a good movie, I'm so bored. Maybe I'll go crochet a little. TTYL!

05-29-2004, 08:39 PM
Hey Spryng, your dinner sounded yummy, nothing wrong with deviled eggs. LOL

The boys were both head down towards the end of my pregnancy, so I was hoping for vaginal, they had other plans! My doctor induced me at 38 weeks (considered full term for twins because placenta starts to break down after that) So I went in one fine Thursday morning started pitocin, and more pitocin then they broke Logan's water, he was first in line to come out. Well 30 hours later they still weren't out. My OB gave me the choice of starting the whole thing all over again because of the possiblity of over-saturation of the pitocin or going for a c-section. I had a feeling something wasn't right, I was exhausted to boot, so we did the c-section. Sure enough, once they opened me up they realized they were both trying to escape at the same time and I would not have been able to deliver them on my own because they were so wedged in there! Logan actually had a really big dent in his head from the pressure of Ethan on him. After some major tugging Logan came out weighing 6lbs then 2 minutes later, Ethan at 7lbs 10oz, great weights for twins. Recovery wasn't too bad, luckily so because the pain meds made me sleepy and I had a hard enough time getting up every two hours to nurse. All in all, it wasn't the birth story I had anticipated, but it was the one that was needed for a healthy outcome for us all. Funny how things work out that way.

Off to eat some gigantic crab legs and let the boys frolik out in the backyard.

Night ladies, I'll check in tomorrow.

P.S. my dad (biological) lives in Idaho, he's a retired dairy farmer. He's not a big reason we are moving there, more because of a job situation that may occur with Steve's company. It's also a state where we can get the most bang for our buck so to speak, in terms of land etc... and not too far away from the rest of the family.

05-29-2004, 09:27 PM
Wow, you all have been busy for a saturday. Saw shrek 2. I highly recommend it to everyone. It was soooooooo funny. We went to the mall here today too, and bought t-shirts at penny's for $5. Had Fuddruckers for lunch today, needless to say, I am not eating dinner tonight. We spenta fortune at wal mart too, which is extremly easy to do. Is any one gonna be at chat tonight? Let me know if you are, and I will join you. Not sure what we are going to do tomorrwo. Nothing but hang around here I think. the other day I went out to my mom's house, and wasn't planning on staying at all. I just needed to get something I had left there the night before. Well, I got there and my mom was there laying out in the sun, and had the sprinkler on. I let my boys strip down to their underwear and run through the sprinkler. Of course, I didn't have sunscreen to put on them and they got a little burnt on their shoulders. I feel so guilty about it, especially with all the warnings out about the sun burns and all that. You must understand, I am usually very anal about sunscreen and bug spray on the boys when we are out, so that is why I am feeling guilty.
Anyway, back on the exercise wagon tomorrow. Have a good evening.

05-29-2004, 10:19 PM
Well girls, sounds like everyone is laying down quietly for the night. I made spaghetti for dinner which sounded good, but everytime I make it, I never want to eat it, I ate alittle bit.
Di, that's an interesting story about your twins' birth. And those are GREAT weights for twins. No wonder you gained 70 lbs., right?
Spryng, a Hershey bar, yum, yum!!!
Ricci, hope the sunburn doesn't get too bad.
Be glad to hear from everyone else. I'll try to be back on later. I'm babysitting a little boy for a bit so I might get too busy. Have a great night.

05-29-2004, 10:20 PM
Ricci - I will try to make it to chat tonight :) It would be nice to chat with you :D I know how you feel about the sunburns taylor got a little one last year because I totally forgot to put it on her! Poor little punkin :(

Di - your boys are absolutely adorable!! I hope you are enjoying your crab legs!! I personally don't like crab or lobster or I guess much seafood at all but I do like shrimp and swordfish and tuna, or mahi but I can't get that here. If you ever move to Idaho we could meet one day maybe take a day trip to Spokane or something. It probably wouldn't be too long of a drive to anywhere in Idaho because the state is small lol. And you are dead right about getting the most for your money up here! Its wonderful we just bought a 2000 sf house for 110k 3 bedrooms and we are adding another bathroom. Not too bad!

Spryng - So far it doesnt seem like you are having great success with your new saving dinner (is that the name?) recipes. They always sound soo good! Hopefully tomorrows will be better for you!!! You lucky duck with the hershey bar ;) Chat tonight? I'm gonna try and make it! :D

I had chicken and squash and broccoli for dinner I abandoned the turkey tacos and opted again for the easy way out lol. Got the girls bathed and Teagan is in bed already now just have to wait til Taylor shows signs of wearing out lol. Me? I'm already in bed lol just relaxing, for some reason I have just been exhausted lately I think its cuz of TOM and hopefully tomorrow all signs and symptoms will be gone.
Ahhhhh its taking me forever to write this post because I keep getting distracted by elimidate lol oh thank god for trashy tv lol jk.

Ok I'm gonna end this and I'll TTYL!!

05-29-2004, 10:52 PM
Hey girls! I sure wish you could make chat a bit earlier on some nights, I always miss it!!! Maybe even a daytime chat for an hour or so would be cool, we could do a couple of 15 minute challenges and then we wouldn't have to feel guilty for ditching Flylady for Fatchicks, LOL!!! I don't even know if I will make it tonight, Christian is sick AGAIN and I didn't sleep at all last night, so who knows how long I will be around.

Spryng, I haven't had the pork ones, but I have had the honey pecan chicken cutlets and they were just awesome!!! Some of your meals sound so good!! I had barbeque porkchops and au gratin potatoes. Not the best choice, but it worked...I just need extra water and a workout to make up for it. It's hard to plan a healthy meal with a baby on your hip all day. *sigh*

Crystal, what a change in attitude for you in a week! So happy you are getting excited about your blessing!! One more would be no big deal, but two at once would certainly be a challenge. I had Seth and got PG with Hope when he was 5 mos old, so in many ways I feel like I have twins..two in diapers and bottles, double stroller and all that jazz! They are about the same size now, so many think they are twins. I love how close they are, they have a special relationship.

Di, I have a 9 yo named Logan...he exceeded the levels set for 3rd graders in ALL subjects on his standardized test this year! This was the year they decided if they didn't pass the test they didn't get promoted!! So we are thrilled, especially since we had a 3 month trial(and failed miserably) of homeschool this year. It was like a 3 month vacation and he still did that well! I am so sure he is gifted now! Maybe they will recognize as well!

Hello to everyone else, going to shine my sink now before I forget!

No church for us tomorrow, we are grounded with Christian! So I'll be around more I think!

Love to all!

Til next time!

05-30-2004, 09:21 AM
Good Morning Gals.

Well, I'm waiting for my coffee. I thought I could go today without it, but I really needed it. Well I slept okay, I think better than the night before. Only half the night on the couch with Andrew. Not many posters last night, the weekends get everyone so busy.

Cindi, I sure hope you had a better night last night than the night before. I hope Christian is better. Isn't he the one that was sick the last time? Sure hope he can get rid of this and stay rid of it. Hope no one else comes down sick. That's the worse thing having lots of kids, it gets passed around and you feel like you NEVER can get rid of whatever it is. Yes I am happy now. I just hate being pregnant, but I'm trying to make this one the best one. I mean there is no reason to be sad about it now. Although I still don't really feel pregnant I know it will catch up with me.

Michelle, hope you had a good night.

Hope everyone else had a dood night. We are staying home today I think. Dh said he wanted to spend the day with us, he was busy yesterday and of course tomorrow we'll be with my family. I don't think we're gonna do anything major today, just be together.


05-30-2004, 09:25 AM
Hi gals. Hope your weekend is unfolding nicely. And to think, there's still one more day of it :D

I did well at the BBQ last night. I had a Turkey dog, 1/2c of potatoes, salad (though I don't think this was a low fat salad - it had dressing already on it), then some desserts . . . I had saved up so many flexpoints, that it felt kind of nice to be relaxed about eating dessert and all. So, it felt like I kind of went off program, but since it's WW, I really hadn't at all :lol:

Di - that's awesome that you were able to nurse the boys and were so ready for them. Those are excellent birth weights for twins. I'm also a big "researcher" so I'm always first reading up on things to prepare myself :) I must say, the one frustrating thing about Flylady, or housework in general, is that you do it, but then it gets messed up so quickly again - that gets kind of frustrating for me.

Spryng - Yes, I'll mail you the recipe. That's funny - DH and I don't really like pork, so I'll send them all your way :lol: Anyway, any time one of them sounds interesting, let me know and I'll emial it to you. Dinner and dessert sound like they were wonderful. It's good that the kids will try all the different stuff - even if they don't like some of it - at least they're trying.

Ricci - I'd love to see Shrek 2! Don't feel too guilty about the sunscreen - we all forget things now and then - actually, I think I forget at least one thing every day :lol:

Crystal - did you enjoy your babysitting duties?

Michelle - Hope you fell well-rested today :)

Cindi - I hope Christian is feeling better :(

Well, we are off for a two mile walk and then getting coffee and a low-fat muffin (I'm hoping they have something lowfat, anyway!).

05-30-2004, 09:26 AM
oops! missed your morning post, Crystal! Good morning to you :) Hope you enjoy your family day.

05-30-2004, 10:05 AM
Good morning all!

Sorry I did not not post last night. I came onine about 10:40 pm and started reading in the posts and then remembered the chat so I checked to see if anyone was there and there were 3 still gabbing away so I joined them. By the time we were done it was really late so I went straight to bed. But I will catch up this morning.

Leigh, so glad you got to enjoy the bbq and all that food sounds so great! And the best part is you were 100% OP! Doesn't that feel wonderful! And yes, my kids will try mostly everything I cook but there are times I have to force them to take one bite, and then they are like "Hmmm... that isn't half bad!" lol. But I really want them to enjoy a wide variety of foods and you definitely get that from saving dinner. Hope you enjoy your walk and your muffin! :)
Crystal, I hope you enjoy your day at home! Sounds relaxing.
Cindi, I felt like you with my first two. They are 11 months apart so in alot of ways they felt like twins. Now of course everyone stops and asks me if they are twins because my ds (who is younger) is an inch taller than my daughter and weighs more. But my dd was 5lb 2 oz full term. She was and is super tiny. Now she is 4 1/2 and weighs 25 lbs and is still in size 2T clothing. I think she is always going to be tiny. I was petite most of my life too until after I got married. I pray she never has to struggle with her weight and body image the way I have. I want more for her. You know? I hope Christian gets better for you soon!
Michell, did you stay up half the night playing games? lol. I hope you are enjoying your sleep in day. I'd say my Saving Dinner has been 50/50 so far. Last night was good it was just different, lol. I gave it 4 stars out of 5, so that is good. :)
Ricci, I hope you feel better today about the sunburns. It happens. My kids don't burn (well I'm not sure about Tanner yet because he isn't out much) but the other two tan so I never put anything on them. Of course, I tan in a tanning bed so I guess I have no say in the matter, lol. But I do worry about skin cancer and sun damage. I will not tan next year, I already decided. because everytime I do tan I worry about all that constantly, so next year I will get a fake tan! lol.
Di, sounds like you had a great pregnancy with your twins. Are they identical? Carrying them to 38 weeks is so great! Did you say you were thinking about more? Hope you enjoyed your crab legs! I've never had any but they always look good!

Well I did get some exercise in last night. I was watching tv so I didn't want to put in my dvd so I just did my "own" workout. I did crunches, full sit ups, (in my new health magazine it said regular sit ups are making a come back) lunges, plies, squats, etc for 20 min. I got my heart rate up and sweating so it must have been good, lol. And I didn't miss what I was watching on tv!! :)
Today I guess I'm going to MIL. They called at 5:30 pm yesterday to see if I was coming out to swim. Yeah right... I wouldn't get there until 6 pm, the kids would swim for an hour or so then they'd want to feed us, I wouldn't get home until super late and I'm one of those who likes to keep my kids on as normal a schedule as possible and Tanner goes down at 8:30-9 pm so I did't want to chance being out and messing his bedtime up. So I passed. But I'm going out there sometime today. Now I'm debating on whether to go before or after the kids nap times. Not sure yet. But I'll be over there sometime today. They said they are going to bbq so hopefully I can find something that won't kill my diet.
OK, guess I will get off here and get showered and ready for the day. TTYL!

05-30-2004, 10:34 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!

Crystal - I'm glad you got a good nights rest in! I really loved being pregnant with Taylor I mean I had the thick shiny hair and the "glow" everything!! Teagan...she was my nightmare pregnancy, I was, no joke, in the hospital at least once a week for dehydration because of the morning sickness, I couldnt eat "real food" so I just started drinking slimfast because the body absorbs the liquid quicker than the food, that helped a lot! I really hope you begin to enjoy your pregnancy.

Leigh - Have fun on your walk!! I am going to see if hubby will go on a walk tonight with the girls and myself. I did sleep very well last night and feel pretty good this morning but Sundays are always "mommys day" I get to relax in bed and read until I feel like getting up. Hubby is so great about that!

Spryng - Thats so funny about Ava! Taylor is sooooo skinny but she is wicked tall she weighs 29 lbs but she has to wear a 3t because the 2T's are too short. But at the same time 3T's are too big in the waist. I do love her little six pack though!! Teagan now, shes like her mama ;) little miss thunder thighs LOL!! I just can't help but to pinch her little fat rolls lol.

OK well today was my WI!!! Down 3lbs from last week!!!! Yayyyyyy!! :cheer: :cb:

I was wicked worried that I wasn't going to have a good WI because I was bloating a little bit from TOM. But I was pleasantly suprised when I stepped on the scale this morning!!

Cindi, Ricci, and Spryng - I really had fun chatting last night!!! Thanks for the chat and the laughs!
Ok well I'm going to go read my book before I have to get up. I will TTYL!!

05-30-2004, 10:44 AM
Michelle, I was laughing when I read your post. I saw an episode on Trading Spaces once where an entire family like to use that term "wicked" all the time. Like "that was wicked awesome!" LOL. I didn't think anyone else spoke like that! But you truly are unique! ;) Anyway, it got me giggling. Thanks! Congrats on the 3# down!!! That is fantastic! You will hit One-derland in no time at this rate! Just think, next year at this time you can be at goal! isn't that exciting to think about? And I loved chatting last night too. I always have to clamp my hand over my mouth though to keep from laughing out loud and waking up Tanner, lol. But I do go to bed happy. Amazing what a little girl talk will do for the spirit huh? :)
Ok, done with my shower. Just got done putting on my Body Luster! lol. Now I'm "glowing!" Hey, if we can't get it naturally the bottle is the next best thing, lol. Time to paint the barn and blow dry my hair! TTYL!

05-30-2004, 12:53 PM
Good morining ladies, got to sleep in because Steve gets up with the boys on the weekend. it's sad that even then I don't sleep in, but I do Lounge about and relax a bit more.

Michelle what a fatastic job on losing 3#'s, with Tom too boot! My goodness there are at least 3 of us on the same TOM schedule as I started today too. Uhhhg.

Ricci, don't beat yourself up over forgetting the sunscreen, you are a great mom. Good luck getting on that exercise wagon. For me it's really tough to start, but once it becomes a habit you kind of look forward to and get upset if you miss it.

Cyndi hope Christian is feeling better soon. I'm totally amazed at the fact that you homeschool! You are amazing, and it sounds like you are doing a great job. I would be interested in learning more about it and the many different methods that seem to be out there. I know that homeschooling seems to be much more effective in teaching children in general, but what about the social aspect of school? Do you think that would ever be an issue for your kids? That would be my only concern in regards to homeschooling Logan and Ethan.

Allright Spryng, what the heck is BodyLuster? I know what you mean about tanning beds. I looked into the "spray" tan stuff and it's kind of expensive, but would definately be better for your skin.

Gotta go get some coffee into my body and some eggs. The crab legs were wonderful and we also had shrimp and a salad the size of my head! Tonight it's Jamaican Jerk (spicy) chicken.

Michelle whats your favorite cauliflower recipe? I'm in the mood for some tonight, or broccoli.

check in soon,

05-30-2004, 01:17 PM
Morning chicks,

Di...I have tried to homeschool Logan twice, but he really tries to get lazy, so he is back in school. I wanted it to be a pleasant experience and it was beginning not to be, so he is back in and doing quite well! I think homeschooling just isn't for all parents OR all kids. I think I could do well with my younger ones, but not sure which way I will go. There are SOOO many choices for curricula and so many ways to do things, the sky is the limit when you do it at home. There are also many support groups that would allow socialization for the kids that meet at least once a week. Between that and church activities, they get plenty of socialization...not to mention the large family we have. We have a great school system here, so we are lucky there, too.

Spryng, Michelle, and Ricci...I had fun last night with you crazies!! Slept a little better, but not enough for me, I am still dragging...not dressed or showered or anything yet!! YIKES

Christian is sooo cranky...he needs a nap and he will NOT keep his diaper on.

Hey Crystal, Leigh, Geri, and anyone else I missed! I will be back in a bit.

05-30-2004, 01:29 PM
Spryng - I had a such a blast last night!! Oh yeah and the whole wicked thing is a New England trait I picked it up when I lived in Massachussetts and I just can't stop saying it lol. Ohhhh body luster; I think I may need some of that!!

Di - I loveeeeeee mashed cauliflower sprayed with i can't believe its not butter spray!! MMMMMM I'm having some tonight!! Actually I'm having 1.5 c broccoli and 1.5 c. Cauliflower and a chicken breast. I always try and eat at least 2 cups of veggies with dinner I measure them before cooking them so I get the full size, since they cook down a bit after they are steamed. I've had garlic herb chicken almost everday this last week lol. Its easy and quick! I also buy alot of the cooked frozen squash its kind of a substitute for mashed sweet potatoes.

I just had a HUGE breakfast!! Whole wheat/Oat flour pancakes, lite syrup and boca breakfast sausage. Needless to say my breakfast was almost 500 calories lol but I won't eat again til dinner since I had such a heavy breakfast. Well I can't believe I hit my 25lb loss this morning it was great!! I do plan on walking this afternoon, I'm going to do 4 miles help me work off this breakfast lol.

Well I'm gonna read some more! I'll TTYL!!

05-30-2004, 01:33 PM
Cindi !!!! We were posting at the same time.

I hope Christian gets to feeling better so you can get some rest!! LOL and we are going through the tearing off the diaper stage with Teagan. Man I can't wait til I can get Taylor out of diapers. I get her in panties at least once a day and I tell her to let me know when she has to pee and about every 15 min I take her to sit on the potty and then usually about 5 min after we are in the bathroom she pees her pants. I'm not worried about it though, she'll potty train when shes ready, I'm not going to push her and scare her away from it. But let me tell ya I'm sooo ready for it to happen!
I had fun chatting with you last night hope we can do it again soon!
Have a wonderful Day!!

05-30-2004, 06:32 PM
Hi everyone! Today is okay - I'm still OP because I have a few flex points remaining, but I've been in this weird mood where I'm craving all sorts of things. I'm not sure if it's because last night I ate a bit more than I've been eating (though was still okay points-wise), or it's just one of those days.

Michelle - :cheer: on the 3lb loss! That's awesome :bravo: What book are you currently reading?

Spryng - I love your "paint the barn" phrase - :lol: I know you explained it before but it makes me laugh.

Di - ohhhh - I love jerk seasoned things - especially jerk fish of any kind! Hope the Chicken was good.

Cindi- hope you've had a great day today :) How is Christian doing?

Well gals, dinner tonight is Sushi with those good friends who are moving:( . . . I love Sushi and I can eat 8 pieces for only 4 points! I also have seaweed salad with it. Anyway, I can't wait to find out the details about their move.

05-30-2004, 07:06 PM
Hey girls!!

Well I opted for soft tacos instead of chicken for the umpteenth time lol. They are good and hit the spot and I allowed myself an apple with dinner hmmm tacos and apple sound wierd together but it was good :D

Leigh - enjoy the time you have left with your friends I know it's hard but we'll help you get through it!! Sushi!!! I love cucumber rolls!! I can't eat the raw fish sushi but I do love the vegetable ones without wasabi of course that stuff burns a hole in my stomach lol.

Well I need to go get a walk in still I've been such a miss lazy bones today lol. I'll try to make chat tonight but hubby promised me some "special time" ;) so I can't promise and **** who knows hubby may fall asleep snoring again lol. Hope you are all having a great Sunday!!


05-30-2004, 09:59 PM
Michelle - did you end up walking?

Well, I ended up going off program today . . . I just knew it was bound to happen today because I was feeling so weak. But I am now more resolved than ever to get back on track tomorrow :(

05-30-2004, 10:55 PM
Good evening all!

Leigh, don't worry about going off plan today. When is your WI? As long as you do good the rest of the week you'll be just fine. Maybe get in some extra exercise and more water. But it happens. WW is a lifestyle so we are going to hit a few rocky paths on our way, but as long as we keep going we'll succeed! :)

Michelle, soft tacos sound great. Glad you ate something different. Hope you got your walk in and enjoy your hubby time! lol. And I won't be at chat tonight. I plan on getting my Firm workout in tonight and then off to bed right after.

Cindi, I agree with you about the homeschooling. I homeschooled most of my high school year (against my will, lol) so I was able to graduate a year early. but I think I want to put my kids in public school and if later on down the road it gets hard for them or anything we always have homeschooling to fall back on. But I agree kids need it for social interaction or when they grow up and have to work in the real world they won't know how to interact with society. But it works for some and not for others.

Di, body luster is a lotion I got from bath and body works (warm vanilla sugar) that has sparkly stuff in it and it makes your skin so soft and smells so good and the sparkly stuff gives your skin a healthy sheen and glow. I love it. I've never had jerk chicken but it sounds good!

Well I spent my day at MIL house and it was fun. Took the kids swimming and my bathing suit was too big, lol. I have two suits over there from last year so I didn't take my new one thinking I'd just wear one of those. But I wore it during some of my pregnancy with Tanner last year and stretched it out beyond belief so it was weird on me today. But it stayed up so I guess that is all that counts! lol. The water felt really good and Tanner was sooo cute! A little waterdog! :) Lunch was bbq steak (way overcooked) and baked potatoes etc. I did ok with food until they brought out the ice cream and I caved. So don't feel bad Leigh, I went over pts today too. That is why I will be working my butt off with The Firm tonight, lol. But I'm not too worried about it. SIL wants to come over for dinner tomorrow so she'll be a new guinea pig for my saving dinner recipes! lol.
Well, I haven't been home long. But this will be my last post tonight probably. As soon as I get the kids in bed I'll workout and then crash myself so I hope everyone has a great nights sleep and I'll chat with you tomorrow! :)

05-30-2004, 11:43 PM
Leigh don't worry about it!! you have wonderful dedication and you'll be back on track tomorrow!!

Spryng - Have a good workout!!! I probably won't make it to chat either because I'm working on my food journal I used to have a notebook but now I got a binder and I'm graphing my loss and going to add in diary entries, just so it makes it a little bit more fun!

I did get my walk in but I only did 2 miles I wanted to do more but I messed up and drank 32 oz of water right before going to do my walk and I just ended up peeing the whole time so I did the 2 miles and called it quits lol. I won't drink a ton of water before a walk again lol. I let myself have a little treat today. I bought some sugar free reeses peanut butter cups the little mini ones mmmmm they were so good!! They were kinda high in fat but I'm not going to worry about it because my calories are good for today only 1235 so no biggie! Well I'm going to finish working on my journal and I will talk to you all tomorrow!!


05-31-2004, 08:21 AM
starting a new thread...