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04-10-2001, 04:49 PM
Becoming Vegan I guess isn't really a diet plan it's more a way of life,HOWEVER,I can't help but think that it'll definetly help in my weightloss journey.Is anybody else on this board Vegan?Has it helped at all?I was vegitarian for a while but I gained weight!I guess from the milk products.The good thing about being Vegan is that you take interest in food,like you can't just eat everything in sight,you have to actually read ingredients and stuff like that.Also,it's not so hard now that soy is around,I still eat realistic tasting hamburgers and hot dogs that have nowhere near the calories and fat as the real meat.I plan to have alot of fun finding and making recipes and I even plan to start a garden to grow a few vegetables?I'll see how things turn out,I'm so exited!

04-10-2001, 07:10 PM
Heya. I eat mostly vegetarian and don't really have an interest in going totally veg or vegan..but I drink a lot of soy products because liquid dairy like milk doesn't do good things to me!

Anyway, I have found that there are many products that have both vegetarian and vegan versions, but the vegan tends to be higher in fat than vegetarian...don't ask me why...maybe they don't use fat-free soy/rice milk instead of skim milk...I don't know. Anyway, your vegetarian diet probably isn't causing you to gain can still eat "badly" and unbalanced on a vegetarian diet. Vegetarian doesn't mean fat/calorie free. I'd say if you have a major cause with becoming vegan, do it...if not, if you're just doing it to help you lose weight, I'd say stick with vegetarian and use low fat dairy products, like skim milk and fat free/ 2% cheeses.

Personally, since I have cut the meat except for broiled or baked fish, I have lost weight. I really have to doublecheck a lot in the stores because even vegetarian meat replacement foods can be higher in fat than the actual meat!

Oh, and I think you should always have an interest in the food that you eat, everything that you put in your mouth! That's what 3FC's is all about!


04-13-2001, 10:46 AM
That's how I would describe myself. I went vegetarian and gained lots of weight. (I have always been a heavy person anyway so I can't blame being a veg on that!) I was more like a "junkitarian"LOL I would eat french fries, candy (hershey's and m&m's) a lot of cheese, icecream, etc.. In January I decided to lose weight and get a healthier diet so I bought a veg book "The complete idiots guide to being a vegetarian " and I am eating a lot healthier now. I have cut out drinking milk and eating cheese for the most part (that's where the 90% comes in at!!) and I dont eat eggs either. The difference now is I eat cheese occasionally like on a bean burrito but not tons of it like I did before. So far I have lost 27 pounds!! You can do it!!

We should start a vegetarian/vegan thread, I bet it would be popular!!

good luck!

04-22-2001, 03:55 AM
Hi, I decided that if I was really going to lose weight that I would cut out meat and milk and eggs and cheese. I didn't know what the heck it was called, some kind of vegetarian thing so I went to the library and got a book. Since the end of January I have lost nearly 20 lbs. I am drinking soy milk, eating no cheese, or ice cream. I still partake of honey from time to time and gelatin (both animal products) but I really can't think of any other animal products that I am using.
I think what you need to remember is that you have to be careful with the amount of grains you eat. I am very careful that I don't stuff myself with rice or beans or that sort of thing. Sometimes I wonder if I am eating enough calories but then I am not losing 3 and 4 pounds a week so I think I must be doing ok.

04-25-2001, 03:23 PM
Hi justaveggie, I recently cut out all meat products and was wondering what else you're eating. I've been doing this a week and have lost 1.5 pounds and feel great, but was worried about eating rice and potatoes. I usually eat rice mixed with applejuice, apple and cinnamon for breakfast. Very filling and then lunch I'll have veggie chili, and some WOW chips. What book did you get antway? I might try the book lorelei1 got. :D

04-26-2001, 04:31 AM
I rarely eat potatoes. I took out the meat and dairy. I eat rice but only about 1/2 to 3/4 cup cooked rice then I put about the same amount of black beans or something like that ontop. I do eat pasta and I have an herb sauce that I make with olive oil for that. Mostly I have always eaten food plain, I've never been into casseroles or that sort of thing. I try and have no more than two pieces of bread a day either. I use soymilk. Once you get used to the smell and a little bit different taste then you start liking it. I use Whitewave Silk. The vanilla flavor. You can use this on your cereal (shredded wheat or a fiber bran sort of cereal). Or there is rice milk which some people really like. It's not as thick as the soy milk and is a bit watery. You can make smoothies from the soymilk with whatever fruit you like. Also oatmeal is good for breakfast, plus it's cheap. Lately I have really been trying to up my fiber intake. Lots of vegetarians have told me that their weight was gained by eating too much dairy and starches like bread and rice. To really do yourself justice you just have to up the amount of veggies and fruits you eat to make up for the starch you cut out. Really look into the benefits of soy, wether it be the milk or tofu or soyburgers.
I think the book was "Becoming Vegetarian" but don't quote me on that. Just go to your library and I am sure they will have lots of books on the subject. Try and choose one that is nutrition based (tells you what you need to be eating or supplementing).
Also you can go to They have alot of info there but they have lots of info on animal rights as well. I don't personally feel that it is wrong to eat animals I just think that for me cutting out that fat in my eating is going to be the key.
Good luck and hope to see you on the board.

04-26-2001, 02:20 PM
I feel the same way about meat, in fact I do fix my family their meal with meat. There is no way I could do it anyother way for them. But for me I'm trying not to eat it at least for awhile. I feel good so far so maybe it will become a life time commitment. Who knows! They still can't make a hamburger taste like a hamburger:D

04-27-2001, 08:32 PM
There are so many other things that you can eat...check out all of the meat replacers that are out there...try "I can't believe it's not beef (or chicken)" for stir frys, and Veggie ground round for tacos or "hamburger helper" or Chick N Patties, etc. You can find a lot at

I love carrots and asparagus and broccoli, so I load up on those a lot. Many times, I don't use any type of carb besides bread with my meals, You can load up on veggies and have a really good meal.

If you are vegan, make sure you aren't using pasta made with any dairy, like anything with egg noodles. Try spelt pasta.

I saw a really good book about going vegan this weekend at Barnes and Noble, something called "How we Vegan" something like that by two young ladies. They have tons of recipies, even for household cleaners. Technically, if you're vegan, you don't use any types of animal products, even wear them, like leather or wool. They have tips for that type of stuff too.

04-28-2001, 11:12 PM
Glad I clicked into this thread. I am wanting to quit meat, milk, eggs, and cheese. Am becoming, with ol' age, lactose intolerant. Don't like eggs! Would all of you like to keep this thread going as a support for the rest of us that are just beginning.

Meat is okay. But could do without it. But I do agree a Good hand-pressed hamburger with bacon, cheese and onion is really good once in a while. Do like fish as long as it is not breaded and deep-fried.

04-29-2001, 02:54 AM
Girlie, Were you vegen before? I never thought of being vegen in every aspect of my life but I guess I am close. I mostly were cotton or synthetic fibers, no leather or wool (too scratchy). I do have a down jacket though.
Also if you know of any pitfalls we might take with eating vegan like too much oil that I mentioned before. Like I was explaining to my mom about how I was eating and something I have about once a week is an avocado sandwich and she said that it was just full of fat and that it wasn't diet food. I told her that I know it had lots of fat but I only have it about once a week so i think its ok.
As for the pasta thing, I have been reading ingredient labels and some things I just can't get around but i hope once we move back to the USA that I will be better able to find more vegan options.
Thanks for the info and please pass on more.

04-29-2001, 03:50 PM

No, I'm not vegan, don't have the desire to be. My ventures into soy, like JMTANK, from an intolerance from lactose, though i'm young...drinking a glass of milk doesn't treat me very well! So I drink soy milk now...and love soy products. I don't even consider myself vegetarian. I just hate to cook meat. I eat it sometimes if I go out to eat, usually I choose fish though.

Most people, I think, who choose to become vegan/veggie, do it for the animals, or some other strong conviction, not really for weight loss, but it can be done as long as you want to live that way for the rest of your life. If you go back to eating meat, you might end up gaining because your diet up until then didn't include that.

Technically, being vegan means that you have cut out as many animal products as you possibly can out of your's more of a lifestyle than a diet. I just tell you that because most vegans would get upset if you call yourself vegan and still have leather shoes, etc. I am a part of a board for veggies/vegans and a few omnis are on there too, I think you should check it out..

and go to the forum.

You kinda sound like me, in that sounds like you're not a big fan of meat, but you eat it, and want to cut out most dairy. If you are planning to go full-blown vegan, I think you should start out slowly. Quitting meat for good is a big commitment, especially if you actually like some meat. I have no big conviction against eating it, so I don't strive to become vegetarian, just eat a lot of vegetarian foods. I do love fish though, and will never stop that!

The only dairy-free foods that I haven't tried is vegan cheese. I still us the fat free lactose free slices. I do love soy milk though. There are dairy-free chocolate bars too....just beware that a lot of these have even more fat than a conventional candy bar..I'm not sure why. Not all soy and rice milk products are fat free.

Anyway, I love to hunt for vegetarian foods and quick recipies, so I think it would be a great idea to keep the thread going if anyone is interested.


04-29-2001, 04:29 PM
Was in a web site that have a section for vegetarians. It is

I have a recipe box set up where I can add recipes. Just found a cucumber sandwich but one ingredient I did not know what it was. I think it is those long yellow pickled hot peppers that are not too hot.

I am not into starting the vegetarian life style because of the animal rights. :( My husband is a rancher and cattle sales put food on our table. I am into it because I am reading a book about eating by your blood type and I should be a vegetarian and have been leaning that way for years.

Girlie, I agree about having the thread for vegetarian, if it will be just for the life style and not a statement of animal rights. We could exchange some ideas and recipes to help everyone keep going. :^:

04-30-2001, 03:53 AM
Thanks for the sites everyone. I will go and check them out. And while there I won't call myself vegan, I don't think that I am up for rocking the boat so to speak. Ha Ha.
Also I'll be back here looking for interresting stuff you guys are posting as well.
I wouldn't say that I am a huge animal rights activist just trying to find a new way of eating that will produce weightloss and weight maintance. I do believe that I will eat as I am right now for the foreseeable future and I know that it is much healthier than my previous way of eating. Mission accomplished no matter what label someone is wanting to put on it.

04-30-2001, 03:54 PM
Hi... my husband and I went vegetarian a couple years ago when I was pregnant. We just cut out all meat. We did it for ethical reasons, but it didn't have much an effect on my weight because I still ate ice cream and cheese, etc. About six months ago, we cut out all dairy and eggs and without actually dieting, I've lost 30 pounds... still have about 40 to go, but I don't feel deprived and it's easier to deal with since I'm "choosing" not to eat animal products for another reason, other than just my health. We live in Connecticut and there is tons of support for a vegetarian lifestyle and lots of great products. If you want info the best web site on the web is Well, best of luck with your goals!

04-30-2001, 10:52 PM
I started a Veggies thread if you guys are interested. It's in this same forum....hope to see you there!