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05-25-2004, 07:03 AM
Welcome to a thread devoted to those who have the ultimate job of taking care of their family. Here you will find wonderful women raising a family and trying to find time to take care of themselves and their weight too. So if you are a SAHM jump right in and say hello and to all you who have been here before I look forward to a new day with you!!

05-25-2004, 07:12 AM
Wow, we made it through that last post in like half a day. That's great.
Oh no, it's already starting, I don't want my coffee... :( :( When I'm pregnant, the first trimester, coffee smells and tastes awful.
I didn't sleep well last night. Actually Andrew slept great, but I tossed and turned ALL night long. I never do that. I guess my mind was elsewhere. I'm gonna call this Women's Diagnostic Center today, they have an office here in Terrell but yet I can have the baby in Kaufman. I don't like the Terrell hospital. Maybe I can get in soon. I do but I don't feel pregnant, does that make sense? I haven't told my mom, she has lost excitement in all these latter ones. She just says, "Oh I'm gonna have 12 grankids", with sadness in her voice. I don't really want to tell her.

Geri, those boys are too cute. Is Will a big 3 yo? He looks like a big boy, of course, my Ally, almost 3 is tiny. Thanx for the congrats. My dh has said since Andrew he'd go get the snip, now he really thinks he might.

Melinda, thanx for the congrats. You only have one, so I can imagine how nice another one sounds. I really, really thought I was finished. But that's okay, the bible says they are blessings, and how dare I complain about being blessed. I am happy.

Ginny, thanks for the congrats. And the encouragement. I don't have any vitamins. I'm waiting to get reassured through a doc. I don't like doctors but maybe I'll find one that I like well enough, huh?

Michelle, Lisa, Leigh, Spryng, Katie, Cindi, and anyone I missed out there...HI!!!

I think I'm staying home today, if I can get an appointment at the last minute I'll go do that, but if not, I'll be home and maybe swim a little. TTYL

05-25-2004, 09:05 AM
Good morning gals :) I slept well last night and am now waiting for our morning walk at 9:30am. We decided to start going earlier now that it's getting hot, hot, hot. I love summer, though - most people think I'm insane but I love hot weather. You can take the girl out of Florida, but you can't take Florida out of the girl :lol:

Oh, I've decided to count my walks as a mix of 30min moderate, 30 min light - just to be on the safe side. I don't want to have too many points and then impact my weight loss. I'm hoping that, by June 11th, I've lost 10lbs - MIL, FIL, BIL, and BIL's girlfriend are all coming to visit us that weekend :)

Melinda - I'm so glad your on the road to recovery :cheer: That's wonderful to hear. Yes, it's super difficult in places like Charleston or Atlanta where food is so central to everyone's social life. That's why I'm doing my best to save my flexpoints for weekends.

Crystal - I don't think the home tests areever wrong if it's positive. In other words, it can sometimes incorrectly give a negative result, but not incorectly give a positive. At least, that's what I was told when I first found out I was pregnant. Then again, I also took the test FOUR times because I couldn't quite believe it!! :lol: Hope you get into the doctor soon.

Geri - CONGRATS on the TWO POUNDS!!!! :bravo: ohhhhh! What cutie pies those boys are! Adorable :D

Ginny - hope you got some rest.

I think I may order some stuff from Ikea for my big home reorganization project. Just wish it would arrive sooner than a week - I could be organizing in that time. Then again, I figure having it delivered is much easier than attempting to take Liam along and having to uinload all the stuff myself with him.

05-25-2004, 09:13 AM
Leigh, you're right. That's what my midwife always said. It can tell you a negative if you are, but can't tell you a positive if you aren't. It has to detect that horomone and the only way it can, is if you have the horomone. It's just I tried so hard for so long to get pregnant the first two times and took test after test after test in hopes. But when I've been pregnant, they've been right. I think I'm only about 4-5 weeks right now and it should be another week or so, before I start really having obvious symptons.
Anyway, glad you slept good and hope you enjoy your walk. You know I used to prefer the winter but now with kids I prefer the summer, always.

05-25-2004, 09:52 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

Leigh - Your home organization sounds like quite the project I would really love to see some pictures. Hows Liam doing?

Crystal - Have you told your other children about the new baby? Were they excited? Sorry you aren't liking your coffee as well this morning. I never drank any caffeine when I was pregnant only once with Teagan cuz the doc wanted me to because she wasn't moving even after eating sugar. Even if you want to wait to see what a doctor says, I think you should get some prenates from the store they do sell the generic over the counter type it will be good for both of you. :)

Melinda - We have been chatting at 10 pm central time on weekdays, please join us if you would like to :)

Geri - Those pictures are soo adorable and I just looovveee Tony's curls. How you feeling today?

Cindi - I really hope you are feeling better today!

I better get off my duff and get movin! I'll post again in a bit!

05-25-2004, 10:03 AM
Michelle, Alisa is the only one that understands and she is so excited. She wants another girl. But let me tell, girls can be pains in the tooshie, I enjoy having boys. Besides, Andrew is the baby, I'd like to have a boy for his sake. Anyway, yes she is very excited.
I will get prenates, I always just use Walmart brand. I won't go back to town until Friday, probably, I'll wait until then. I shouldn't drink caffiene, but I did with the others. I'll probably slow down from it. The midwife wasn't too picky, I'm afraid the doc will be. I gained 40-50 lbs. with all my pregnancies and I don't think the doc will go for that either.
Anyway, sure glad you're feeling better. I gotta go start breakfast.

05-25-2004, 10:35 AM
Good morning.
Crystal, congratulations. I too really like your attitude about this pregnancy. Geri, your boys are adorable. Melinda, glad to hear your feeling better. Penny, we will miss you. Hi, Spryng, cindi, ginny, jessie, leigh and anyone else I may have missed.
Those of you who have had trouble witht the wal mart photographers, sorry. I have never had trouble, the pictures are always good, and they always give me the advertised price for both boys together. I haven't been sleeping well lately. Youngest ds keeps waking up, from nightmares. I am getting ready to go do my pilates. I haven't done them in a while, and it seems like a good idea to be able to lay down and work out. I hope everyone has a good day.

05-25-2004, 10:40 AM
Good morning all!

Michelle, how are you today? :) Enjoyed chatting with you last night! Hope to do it again soon!
Leigh, have fun on your walk! :) I love spring, but I do prefer summer over winter anyday. The kids are cooped up inside all winter and at least can let out some of that energy all summer. Plus I love to swim and such so Im looking forward to everything this summer. What did you buy from Ikea? What are you having for dinner tonight?
Crystal, I can understand why is was hard for you to sleep last night. I did that ALOT when I was pregnant. My head would just get so full of thoughts about the baby... everything that needed to be done, etc that is made it hard to fall asleep. Do you go early with your pregnancies? I just found out my cousin is 7 1/2 weeks pregnant yesterday too. About a year ago she lost her baby at 20 weeks due to a very rare disease the baby had... it was so horrible on her. Well now she is expecting again. So maybe it's just that time of year! lol. My MIL wouldn't get excited if I was pregnant either. They tell me all the time they don't want any more grandkids. (they have 5 total) I don't know why people think that way.
Ginny, so glad you were able to post last night! is your computer getting better? or are you ready for me to send over the sledgehammer! lol.
Geri, congrats on those 2#'s!!!! It's even more sweet when you didn't expect a loss at all huh?? You are doing great! And I loved those pictures! Came out great.
Melinda, when does your dh want another baby? Did you want them close in age? I just love that my two oldest are 11 months apart. They are very close because of it, but even with Tanner being 2 1/2 years younger than my ds and 3 1/2 years younger than Ava they still play with him and include him in everything. Every time they head to the bedroom to play my dd will call Tanner and he will stop whatever he was doing and walk himself to their room laughing all the way! Yes he mostly walks now... only crawls if he falls or is really tired. It's so cute. Are you not on the pill? I was just skimming the other thread and saw you said you get ovarian cysts when your not on the pill. How did you "feel" it coming on if you don't mind me asking. Was it a pain in your side or something? Mirena has a side effect of causing cysts so I'm trying to be very intune with my body now. I sure don't want to get them many times a year that is for sure. I'll have mirena removed if I get many more. It's just too painful and keeps me down for 3-4 days.

Well I have a little bit of stuff planned for today. I'm going to work in my "zone" for 15 min sometime today. It's the master bedroom this week. I have one load of laundry to wash. Then at 4 pm I am going to go pick up Teresa's kids and bring them here so the boys can mow my lawn and then I'll make dinner for everyone. She has 4 kids and they are so well behaved. But they are older (10 years old thru 15) and I love having them over. I'm making Succotash Soup and Turkey Wraps for dinner. What is everyone else having?
OK, guess I will get off here. TTYL!

05-25-2004, 10:50 AM
Geri!!! So sorry I forgot to congratulate you on your 2 lb loss!! Way to go girl!! Keep it up!


05-25-2004, 11:04 AM
hey you all... did you hear about his new marketing thing from mcdonalds?? Check it out, very interesting!
I would definitely rent them there! lol

05-25-2004, 11:11 AM
Geri, congrats on the 2 lb. loss.

Spryng, this will make 12 g-kids for my mom between only me and my sister. Congrats to your cousin. Hope this one is better for her. No my pregnancies, let's see...Alisa was 4 days late, Ally was 4 days late and Andrew was 4 days early. Thank goodness at 8 lbs. 14 oz. I was glad of that. We moved the day before I had him and I think me moving so much made me go into labor.
Hope you have a good day.
Hope you ALL have a good day.

05-25-2004, 11:18 AM
Good morning ladies :coffee: :coffee:

Spryng, Tony's walking up a storm lately too. Walks more than crawls now. Did I tell you he's completely off the bottle too? I think I may have mentioned that before. Will and Tony are playing together much more too...too bad that Will still takes the toys away from Tony, but he loves to "help" him with everything...kind of a pain sometimes...but fun.

Michelle, how're things going with the neighbors? Have you tracked down the owner of the house yet?

Melinda..10 central is 11 your time? I would never make it at that time :lol: I can't even chat at 10 central! :lol: your ds having nightmares every night? Is it just a phase? Is there anything you can do? HOpe you enjoyed your pilates.

Crystal...I wouldn't be able to sleep either :lol: ! I don't understand grandparents who don't want any more grandchildren. I thought it was the more the merrier 'cause they can give them back to their parents when they're misbehaving? ;)

Leigh shopping with kids is a drag sometimes...I often go with my Mother to help or once dh is home I go alone. I'm too cheap to pay delivery charges :dizzy: . Depends what it is though. Can you come organize my house when you're done with yours?? :^:

Ginny...nice to hear from you again!

I did the 4 mile walk again this morning and now the kids are listening (not watching) Nemo so I can type this up. It's going to be cool here...maybe hit 60 and it was raining earlier this morning. If it dries up some we may get outside for a bit later on.

Hello to anyone I missed!!

Dinner...good question...I'd better get up to the freezer and figure it out!

Have a great day everyone and I'll talk to you later.

05-25-2004, 11:50 AM
OK, this is the last post from me this morning, lol. I really need to finish up my chores

Michelle I posted that asian burritos with ginger salsa on the mom's losing weight site for you!
If anyone else wants it here is the site

Also I have a question... my succotash soup tonight calls for a ducth oven. Well I don't have one. It's all made on the top of the stove so would a regular pot work?

Geri, how did you get him off the bottle?? I think I'll have a hard time with Tanner because he hates sippy cups! Refuses to drink them. I've been trying him out on reg milk and he loves that but won't take juice or milk or formula in anything but a bottle. My other two were drinking from sippy cups at 6-8 months old and Tanner is being stubborn about it. So who knows when he'll be off the bottle. :(
Crystal, yeah that whole myth of subsequent pregnancies being shorter never happened for me either. I was 2 days early with Ava, 1 day late with Bubba, and 1 day late with Tanner and they had to force him out with an induction or who knows how long he would have stuck around,lol. Are your labors long though? That did get shorter each time for me. 34 hrs with Ava, 15 hours with Bubba, and 5 1/2 hrs with Tanner. So my next one should be a breeze! lol.
Ricci, hope you got your pilates in. i am so hoping my dvd gets here today! I really want to start exercising but none of my dvds here are interesting me anymore.

OK, about the swan last night. I couldn't believe all the very flat bellies!!! I know they all got tummy tucks... but boy I wish I had those abs! They all looked really great. I was routing for beth, I thought she was just gorgeous, but she came in second. I'm sure they are all glad it's over and can go home to their dh's and boyfriends, and family now.
Ok, gonna scoot. I'll be back later LOL (does anyone here watch soaps??)

05-25-2004, 12:12 PM
Geri, I thought the more the merrier too. My mom just thinks about the birthdays and christmas and stuff. I know it's somewhat rediculous. She says though, that it's not that, it's that she thinks we're hurting our bodies with too many. It's kinda stupid. God knows what he's doing.

Spryng, Alisa's active labor was 10 hours, Ally was like 4 hours and Andrew, I don't really know. I had contractions all day, I just don't know how long active labor was. Pushing seemed to get shorter with each one. Even though Ally was the smallest and the shortest labor, she hurt the worst. But w/each one I feel like my body can't take it and I try to give up during pushing, I hate that part. But I've had three huge babies, totally natural, w/o tearing or being cut and I handled it well. There's no reason I can't do it again. Besides, I'm here now and y'all will help this be the healthiest one yet and hopefully smallest. I'm wishing for a boy and anything under 8 and a half lbs. LOL
Dinner: I'm thinking Spaghetti & Chicken in Roasted Garlic Sauce, sounds good to me.

05-25-2004, 12:22 PM
Spryng, I use to watch the ABC soaps. Haven't in a very long time. If I did it would be General Hospital. I try to read about it sometimes to keep up but my tv stays on toons ALL day!!! Do you watch any?

05-25-2004, 02:26 PM
I had the Go Active meal for lunch. It was pretty good, I have my pedometer on to see how many steps I take it a day. I weighed in today and I am up one pound. I am glad that it is only one being that I have been off program while feeling bad and not working out. I am one of those people that have to workout. My sister does not have to.

Geri - Good for you on the two pounds. I need a lose like that when I am off program. LOL I am so diet burned out. Dh is taking me to my fav restuarant on Thurs for my b-day and then the party on Friday. I am going to enjoy but try not to overdue it.I am with you on the delivery charges. That is why I do not buy much stuff on line. JW will take the sippy cup. When we are away from home or at the evening feeding I give him a bottle.

Ginny - So good to hear from you. This thread has gotten so busy.

Leigh - Is there IKea in Atlanta? We don't have one. There stuff is so neat. I had 10 bags of clothes and about 5 loads of household items I took to Goodwill. Dh is starting to help out. But as usually, the study is a disaster. I don't know anyone that has a non-cluttered one. I love the heat too. It is in the 90's here.

Michelle - I don't know if I will be chating. 1100 is late for me. But I will keep it in mind.

Ricci - Are you measuring inches lost from pilates? I have been doing yoga/pilates and I think I am losing the inches, but not the weight. I don't have a good starting pt.

Spryng - I could tell I was ovulating on Thurs and we were out to dinner on Fri, when I felt like the breath was knocked out of me from the left side. I can not tell when they are coming, but I definitely know it was a ruptured cysts. There is really nothing you can do for it but rest and wait. It is definitely worst than labor. When I am on the pill , it regulates and I don't have them as much. I didn't want to start the pill yet, bc I have heard that if you are off/on the pill it is harder on conception than taking it for say 5 years and then conceiving. I would love to be preg in August. That would make the kids 21 months apart, only if it work the first time. I don't think I can handle another summer preg. So if not this Aug, next and then they would be 33 months apart. I am so worried about JW being spoiled. He is the only one on my side and my parents and I am guilty of spoiling him. I don't want him to know that he is spoiled and not accept the new baby. So I think the closer would be better. But dh is not ready and I need to lose some more of this weight. I know you did not need all that, but that is my thought process.

Happy Tuesday!

05-25-2004, 02:47 PM
Melinda, don't worry about JW being too spoiled to deal with another baby. In fact sometimes it's easier on them if they are farther apart, because then he's alittle bigger and may understand somewhat better about what's going on. When they are really close it's hard for them to know why this new thing is here and won't go away. Just enjoy the time you have with him. Alisa and Ally are 32 months apart which is almost too far but pretty good, Ally and Andrew are 18 months apart, which was hard at first,but got alot easier. Andrew and this one will be almost 27 months apart. Not sure how this one will be. With Andrew the only boy, he's spoiled too, he's gonna be jelous for a while. But they soon get over it.
Anyway, just don't worry about it too much, God has it all planned. It's really not up to you at all anyway. LOL

05-25-2004, 03:13 PM
Good afternoon all!!

Melinda, our mcd's just got the go active meals. I haven't had one yet. But I'm not a big salad eater so I don't know if I'll like it. When I go to mcd's I have to get fries so I usually just wait and use my flexpoints for it. I hope you are able to get pregnant this august!! Will be sooo exciting! Now lets just hope your dh is ready by then too, lol. And I agree about the ruptured cyst being more painful than labor. It was a pain that wouldn't go away and was so sharp! I am so afraid of getting another one. I seem to get them only on my right ovary though. So I may be safe this month since I should ovulate from my left ovary. My fingers are crossed anyway :)
Crystal, yes I love my soaps. I watch All My Children and General Hospital every day since they both have great story lines going right now, but One life To Live is boring me to tears so I don't see any of it very much. Every now and then I'll watch a little to see if it is getting better... and so far, nope. So you have long pushing times? I was afraid with Ava that I would push forever, but she was out in about 5 pushes, 3 with Bubba and 2 with Tanner. So not too bad. I think you will do great this time! Think positive! :) Do you ever have post partum depression? I had a bout of it after Ava was born, but not with the other two. It's truly the most awful depression ever. I wouldn't wish it on my enemy.
OK, guess I will grab me a nap now. TTYL!

05-25-2004, 03:20 PM
Spryng, I have a tough time accepting post partum depression or depression of any sort. I got sad when dh went back to work after Alisa was born, because I was scared to death. That's it. Not really a depressed person.

Well, I've got to clean Andrew from his lunch, gross!!!LOL

05-25-2004, 03:34 PM
Hi all. Having a good day. Had Tofu-veggie stir fry in a spicy sauce for lunch with a 1/2 cup of rice : )

Michelle - Hi! Liam is doing well. He's now 7 months, which seems impossible.

Crystal - yeah, my midwife was very casual about the weight thing too - which I liked at the time :lol: Your dinner plans sound good!

Spryng - as it turns out, I've found some of Ikea's organizational stuff on ebay so I might buy it there. Just little storage units with mini-drawers, canvas magazine holders, etc. How cute that Tanner is walking. I wonder if Liam will crawl at all - he's constantly trying to pull himself up to stand while sitting, but doesn't seem interested in crawling :D Dinner tonight is Salmon in cucumber dill sauce . . . I think a regular pot will work in place of a Dutch oven - I seem to remember I had to do the same thing with some recipes once. Also - I noticed the exact same thing on The Swan, but it has to be partly because they have personal trainers and partly the surgery. I thought Beth was very beautiful too.

Ricci - I wish you better sleep! And for ds too :)

Geri - hi! So yours is walking around a lot too, huh? I'm curious to see what happens when Liam learns to walk! Ugh! I can barely organize my own house - and who knows how long it will actually stay organized once it's done, though maybe Flylady will help me with that.

Melinda - No - an Ikea is coming here in Summer 2005, which will be wonderful. I was looking online, but am now looking at Ikea stuff on ebay :)

Spryng/Melinda/Crystal: I had post-partum depression for a bit after Liam was born - it was awful. I think it was when he was 2-4 months old. Then it passed. I'm contemplating trying to get pregnant again when Liam is around 18 months. Not positive, just thinking ahead :lol:

05-25-2004, 04:09 PM
Leigh - I got preg with Teagan when Taylor was 18 months old, she was pretty jealous when Teagan first came home but now she loves here and actually asks me to hold her. Its soo cute. I need to put up some pictures on the moms losing website.

Spryng - I had fun chatting too!!! Maybe we can make it one day a week where the chat time is earlier so others could make it! I can't help you with the dutch oven question well because I don't know what one is lol, is it a crockpot? Now I know what a crockpot is!!

Crystal - I had horribly long active labors with both my girls! 26 hours for Taylor with 35 minutes of pushing and she was only 6 lbs 6 oz, 23 hours with Teagan with no pushing ending in emerg. c-section, she was 7 lbs 15 oz. Man I hated the pushing too actually that was what I was dreading the most in Teagans delivery I hate that burning feeling it made me want to stop pushing. I am like Spryng though I like hospitals I feel comfortable there in case something goes wrong, well its nice to be taken care of too especially after having a child. Oh and the food at our hospital actually isnt half bad :)

Melinda - I'm gonna try and get the chat up a little earlier a couple days a week :) Let me know what days and times would be good for you!

Geri - I still havent found out who the owner of the house next door is, I just can't seem to get a minute to get away lol. Until I find out I'll just keep calling the cops and they'll just keep getting citations lol.

Ricci - How is your bike riding going? You did get a new bike for mothers day right? I hope I'm not confusing anyone lol.

Whoa I am watching the travel channel and they are showcasing the waldorf-astoria in NYC omg is it beautiful!!! I am gonna beg my hubby to take me there someday!! Wow talk about being treated like royalty lol. Ok I really need to get my butt up and get a walk in I keep procrastinating lol. I'll post later


05-25-2004, 04:38 PM
Michelle, having babies at home is a more comfortable feeling. There is no better feeling than that. YOU are what they find important. Everything is revolved around you. They NEVER take the baby from you. You and your baby and bonding is what they take to heart. The environment obviously, is your home and there is NOWHERE you feel more comfortable. I understand about emergencies. I lost too much blood after Andrew and even fainted. I contemplated going to the hospital but DID NOT want to. A friend, paramedic, came over and gave me an IV. Most people are more scared to have a baby at home versus a hospital. Believe it or not, I'm more scared to have a baby at the hospital. A friend of mine has done both and prefers the home birth, and her home birth baby was 9.11 lbs.

Anyway, girls my doctor's appt is Thursday at 11:15. I'll have my assurance then.

05-25-2004, 05:41 PM
Michelle - Hi! Maybe you and DH can go to the Waldorf as your reward for reaching your ultimate goal weight :lol: Since DH and I are kind of cheesy - we've always wanted to renew our vows at a Las Vegas chapel and I've been thinking maybe that could be my ultimate reward - when I reach 140, but I'm not positive :D

Well, gals DH is coming home late, so it's going to be a Smart Ones for me - that means I have more points than I thought for snacks!! :lol:

05-25-2004, 05:56 PM
Hey you busy bee's! I'm not even going to try to get personal here, too many posts! LOL

So, just when I was thinking my daily routine was getting very dull, Gabriel decided to go fall down and break ( actually compress) his wrist last night. We spent 3 hours at the hospital this morning, and he came home with a tiny blue cast on his arm. I was good for lunch though, we were starving, and McD's was the nearest option, so instead of getting a burger and fries, I just got a side salad to hold me over till we got home. It did the trick! I was hungry when we got home, but I just ate my grilled pork chop like I had planned, and was satisfied. Hubby was the one that suggested the salad, I'm excited that he's actually trying to help me now, instead of sabbotage me. I think before he just thought it was vanity, but he knows now that its also health, and that I'm very frustrated, because the pounds are literally just melting off of him, and he's not even trying.

You gals inspired me to get out for my walk last night, but before I could get out, they posted a Tornado warning! So needless to say, I did not take the baby out for a walk...we didn't need to have an up close and personal meeting with Dorothy and Toto!
We never did have one hit, thank goodness.

Well, no tornadoes tonight I hope, I'm gonna get that walk in!

Loves to ya' all!


05-25-2004, 06:36 PM
We just got back from the doc. JW has had this cold for two weeks. I took him in and he is wheezing, he has to have 3-4 treatments a day. I have to put this mask over his face and let him breath the medicine in. He hates it. Poor little thing. I had childhood asthma, but the doc does not want to dx with asthma as it might be a one time thing. I don't know if I will work tomorrow, my mom can give him the treatments.

Lisa - So sorry to hear about Gabriel, how is he doing? It is usually worse for us than them.

Crystal - You are right, whatever will be will be!

Dinner is chicken, zuchini/squash, salad. Happy Evening!

05-25-2004, 07:36 PM
Good evening all!

Boy my evening has been stressful for some reason. Tanner was cranky and leachy when is woke up from his nap which made getting dinner going very difficult and stressful. What a headache. I tried everything to calm him down so I could finish but he refused it all. So finally I stuck him in his high chair and fed him crackers and bits of diced turkey and he was as happy as a lark, lol. I guess he just couldn't wait for dinner. But we didn't have the soup with dinner... just the wraps. I made the soup and it still simmering actually, didn't realize it would take so long. So that will be my lunch for the next few days. But the Turkey Wraps were ok. I don't think I'd make them again. The kids just opened them up and ate the turkey out of it, lol. But I filled up on steamed baby carrots too and had a 0 pt fudge bar for dessert so now I am feeling more mellow. Thank goodness! lol. I didn't get to mow my lawn because it's be raining all day and my yard is very soft now. I was afraid the lawn mower would get stuck. So who knows when it will get mowed. Maybe tomorrow if it stops raining.
Melinda, so sorry about JW. I hope he gets better soon.
Lisa, how awful for gabriel! How old is he? How long will he have to wear that cast? Great job on the salad at McD's! What plan are you on again? (I forget) And I know what you mean about the lbs melting off your dh, that is going to be my dh too. It took me almost 8 months to get off 40 lbs and I guarentee he has 40 lbs off in like 5-6 months tops, lol. Men are like that.
Crystal, I'll be looking forward to hearing all about your appointment on thursday. The start of an exciting journey! :)
Michelle, I don't mind making the chat time a little earlier for those who can't chat so late. I just don't know if I'll be there sometimes myself. My kids are usually in bed by 9-9:30, sometimes earlier but not very often. But you can always start without me and I'll just be a late comer! lol. And no, a dutch oven is not a crockpot, lol. It's a pot that is very thick with a lid that you can also stick in your oven, etc. Some are castiron and some are aluminum. I know I should just buy one but haven't got around to it yet. Oh yes! I remember the "ring of fire!" during the pushing stage! lol. not fun! lol.
Leigh, your dinner sounds good! I've never had salmon before but I think it's on the menu for next week. I can't wait to try it! How are you liking that meny mailer so far? You should get your first list tomorrow right? I thought I remembered it saying they email out on wednesdays.
Crystal, my dh felt like you when it came to depression too. He didn't understand it and felt it was all in a persons head. But then after Ava was born and he saw what I went through and that it was serious and couldn't be prevented or cured he got a new attitude. I don't really ever get it anymore, just a low day here or there, but I know for sure I never want it again! lol.

Well I'm going to get Tanner in his bath and settle in for the evening. AI is on tonight so you know where I will be! lol. TTYL!

05-25-2004, 09:46 PM
Watching Am Idol, so will have to get personal a bit later, but wanted to know if ya'll saw the ads for that new Coke? It's called C2 and has fewer calories and fewer carbs than regular Coke :)

05-25-2004, 10:03 PM
Hey girls!!

Just finished supper. I had a chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms. Yumm!! I got a lot of stuff done today I had 4 huge basets of laundry and linens to fold and got that done and pu them all away, bathroom scrubbed top to bottom, dusting, vaccuuming, went through a ton of boxes of stuff and got rid of a lot of it, Kitchen was also scrubbed top to bottom now I'm exhausted!!

I guess everyone is different on the home vs hospital birth. I just know I loved the birthing suites at the hospital here. Very comfortable and every room has its own jacuzzi tub!! I got in the tub like 6 times while in labor with Teagan!

Spryng - LOL I'm glad you said the ring of fire cuz I was going to say that but I didn't know if everyone had heard the term before lol. Sorry your turkey wraps weren't as good as you had hoped. Hopefully the soup will be awesome! I don't know if I will make it to chat tonight I'm sooo tired so I think I'll just go to bed after AI.

Lisa - Sorry to hear about Gabriel :( I hope the lil guy is ok. I'm glad your hubby is being supportive of your weight loss thats wonderful!!

Melinda - I hope JW gets well quick!! Taylor was in the hospital this year with RSV and pneumonia and she had to have the breathing treatments too and she absolutely despised them!! We had to hold her down so the nurse could hold the mask over her face.

Leigh - lol we're pretty cheesy too (especially hubby but don't tell him I said so ;) ) I was just amazed at the art that IS the Waldorf. Just absolutely stunning!

Well American Idol is on so I have to go I'm just so excited!!! I'll post once more before bed.


05-25-2004, 11:07 PM
Hi all,

:grouphug: Hugs to JW and to Gabriel! Hope everyone is doing well soon.

Melinda, I think the only reason I lost the 2 lbs was because I stayed the same last week due to TOM...most likely I really stayed the same this week and lost the 2 lbs from the bloat the week before. Does that make any sense :dizzy:

I'm with Michelle on the hospital thing. I had to have C sections with both boys so I'm so happy that I had chosen the hospital route. I'm more of a science girl than a nature girl if you know what I each their own I think :D ;)

Let's see, mine were almost exactly 24 months apart and they're just starting to play nicely together. I think Will was kind of bored with Tony because he didn't do much but sleep and cry as a little baby. He was and still gets a little jealous but he does OK most of the time.

Spryng...every day is like that with Tony. I give him a little snack at 3 but at 5 he's screaming for dinner like I didn't feed him all day. He's usually hanging on one leg while I'm trying to cook..gets really annoying really quickly :( . I think today was a big eating day for him. He had toast with jelly and some banana for breakfast, half an orange for a snack, green beans and almost a whole yogurt for lunch, crackers and the other half an orange for pm snack and then he ate corn and pork tenderloin for dinner plus some of the cucumbers from my salad and 1/2 a hotdog 'cause he couldn't wait for the pork to come off the grill! Yep, this is a 1 year old :D Add to that at least 3 cups of milk. Will was really easy to get off the bottle too but he went to daycare and they started the sippy really early with him. Now I just have to get the nuk away from him but I'll let him keep it a few weeks yet ;) .

Michelle, did you get your walk in today or were you too tired from all your work?

Hi to everyone I didn't mention by name! AI was OK...Fantasia rocked tongiht. I don't particularly care for her but she does have much more talent than Diana...even made me cry at the end.

OK, I have a list of things I would like to tackle so I must get off of here!
Bought a bunch of flowers and some green pepper and cuke plants today...spent $55 :yikes: and probably still need more flowers.

Have a great to you all tomorrow.

05-25-2004, 11:08 PM
Well, sounds like everyone is having a good evening.

Lisa, sure hate to hear how your night was. Hope everything gets better.

Michelle, your dinner sounded good.

Spryng, I'll let y'all know everything on Thursday. I still have huge problems with depression and Christians. I sort of felt like I was getting depressed a while back, but my sister shook me back and told me to open my bible and read and pray and those feelings soon pass. I think it's hard, but through faith and God, what we call depression, can be taken away. Anyway, sorry about Tanner. Andrew was the same way, he was pulling at my legs while I was trying to cook dinner. I stuck him in the bed and he passed out.

Well, I took another test just to be sure. Actually my FIL's wife, talked me into it, she had a couple of spares. It was positive. I still haven't told my mother. I'm actually sick to my stomach thinking about it. I'll manage at some point. If I don't tell her, we are having a cookout over there on Sunday. We come up with a name for a boy, although it could change, Alex Steven. Alex with an A and my dad and FIL are both Steven. We both like it, so I think we'll stick with it.
Well, Andrew is crying and I'm getting tired. I'll check in in the morning.

05-26-2004, 12:14 AM
Geri!!!!! Great to see you had time for a long post!!!! wow now if I could get Taylor to eat anything at all I would be happy lol she just picks at food and when she does eat a meal she is a total meat and potatoes girl just like her daddy lol.
OMGGGG Fantasia was Awesome tonight!! She made me cry at the end too!! I just really liked her here I am this is me take it or leave it attitude, I think thats what drew me to her fan base :) I just did a 3 mile walk and I'm feeling pretty good!! I go in tomorrow for my 1st weigh in (I do monthly with doc) I'm ready for her to see how good of a job I'm doing!!

Crystal - I hope you have "healthy" ways of coping with depression. It is a very real disease so I hope you have someone to talk to about it! :) Get some rest girl you need it!

Well got my 3 mile walk in and did some extra time on the stretchie band. Well I better hit the sack, I'm pretty exhausted we'll see if I can get up to go to bed lol.


05-26-2004, 01:07 AM
Crystal, I'm really surprised about your feelings about Depression and Christianity being mutually exclusive. Do you practice faith healing for other physical ailments as well?
I agree with you that faith can take away worry, and provide hope, but I'm from the school of thought that our Heavenly Father gives us knowledge in order to help ourselves, and that he expects us to righteously use science and medicine to assist us in healing. Depression is much more than a simple bad attitude, or poor outlook on life, it is a physical imbalance in the body. Some people experience the imbalance periodically in their lives, some do not. It can certainly be a trial, and faith can be a HUGE determining factor in whether or not a person will overcome their depression, but I don't think its kind to imply that its imaginary, by telling somebody who's suffered from it that all they have to do is open their bible, and it will go away. Scripture study is an important part of understanding our purpose in life, solving problems we may encounter along the way, and learning how to conquer the adversary, but it is only a portion of the expectation that He has for us, He wants us to heal ourselves, and be the best we can be, I beleive this with all my heart. I would hate for anybody in the group to feel alienated who has not had the experience of resolving a bout with depression through faith alone. One of my favorite quotes is "Faith without works, is dead"...I personally feel that this applies to everything in our lives...weight loss and depression ( which unfortunately seem to be commonly united themes) included.

I hope I don't sound too argumentative, I certainly don't want to make you feel that your opinion is invalid. One of the things that has been so great about this group is the support that has come to each of us from women we otherwise may never have known. My words are meant in kindness, and only to open up an additional point of view on a subject that hits close to home for many of us. It is certainly a blessing to be a person who has not had to struggle to overcome depression.

Just some food for thought, I hope I haven't overstepped my bounds.


05-26-2004, 08:38 AM
Hi girls, I'm not having my coffee this morning. Not that it didn't sound gross, but I really wasn't craving it either. But both of the girls are up before630, that will keep me on my toes. I slept okay last night. Still slept some on the couch with Andrew. I'm not sure how that will work when i get this huge belly, oh well. I had more cals than I should have yesterday, but I did walk hard for 20 minutes or so and even sweat alittle. I'm gonna try 30 minutes, but it was cloudy and late and getting dark so I had to call it a night.
The tooth fairy "forgot" to come last night. Actually I was gonna do it this morning because Alisa is never ever ever awake this early, but as soon as I was going in there, I saw her look under her pillow. I told her we'll try it again tonight that sometimes the tooth fairy gets so busy and may take two nights, but she makes up for it, by leaving alittle extra money, LOL. The tooth fairy felt terrible about it.
I think I'll mow today, I'll be busy the rest of the week and weekend so I'll get it done today. I have my weekly bible study this morning too.

Lisa, by no means were you too argumentative. Everyone has their own opinon and I don't feel my point is invalid. I refer to the scriptures as well where it says "Through God ALL things are possible", and "Just ask and you will receive". I know God is stronger than any medicine or science procedure and if you have a true heart, ask and you will receive. But nonetheless, I understand it can be a real problem. My best friend and almost her whole family suffer from depression. Her sister being the worst because she has bipolar and some other problems. She has to have meds for it all. My friend was suffereing not long ago but she is a Strong Christian and I told her open that bible, read and pray. She got on medicine and she knew I hated that. After I told her to use her faith, she got off the medicine and thought how goofy she had been and now she's fine. It can work this way, for the true heart. But I understand some people that suffer from depression, can lose their way sometimes. For that fact, Everyone can lose their way sometimes and usually do.

Michelle, glad you got your exercise in.

Can you beleive we've made it through another post in one day. And there are a few that haven't posted lately.

Hi Cindi, Ginny, Leigh, Geri, Spryng, Melinda, Katie...and whoever else I missed.

05-26-2004, 08:40 AM
starting a new thread...see you there...