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05-24-2004, 02:11 AM
WELCOME to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

This is a very warm and friendly group of ladies who talk about everything. Who also provide daily support in our everyday lives, as well as our walk towards a healthier lifestyle.

We would love for you to join us! :wave:


05-24-2004, 08:40 AM
Good morning ladies,

Marti - I am so glad your grandpa is travelling and doing things. He sounds like a real sweetie. Sorry you are weepy - are you maybe pregnant? That got your attention, didn't it?? Maybe you are still sad about your grandma... it hasn't been very long that she's been gone. If I could, I'd take you somewhere or do something to cheer you up.

RosieKate - glad you're feeling better. I have allergies too, so I know how you feel. Tylenol makes the best OTC meds for that. When is it that you'll be going to Sylvia Beach? It sounds great! Can I tag along, lol. Good luck at weigh in today. :crossed:

Suetalks - Yay for the 1# down! Nothing wrong with losing one pound! Cristi or somebody posted a poem about Just One Pound... you ought to read it. We had some really bad weather here yesterday, even a tornado watch. How was it in your part of Indiana?

Hi also to Cristi, Susan, Kathy, Shanna, Angie, Katie, Kathy and anyone else I forgot.

Gina will be bringing Macy (16 mo. old) for me to watch today. She has a fever, and the daycare can't take her. I need a little one-on-one with that sweetie anyway, so I'm glad she'll be here.

I bought several new t-shirts at Walmart yesterday for October when we go to Disney World. I figure by then, sweatshirts will be on the racks, and I won't be able to find short-sleeve stuff. I bought them another size down.

Hope all of you have a really good Monday!

05-24-2004, 11:10 AM
Just a quick one before school.....only two weeks and three days left and I'm finished with the school thing!!

Today after school I plan on stopping in at Cascade Hardware and putting in a resume. They are looking for an Office Assistant, and will train if needed!! Now.....this is in my town!!! So I'm hoping that I can get it. to dry my hair and drink some coffee! :coffee: (got to bed a 1:30 last night)



05-24-2004, 11:54 AM
Quickie here, too
Good luck, Marti - the job sounds perfect for you!

Jana - Sylvia Beach will be June 15-16. My plan is to work hard at staying OP, then I plan to relax when I'm there as they have fabulous food. I want dessert!

Yay! I'm down 2 lbs! Finally the scales budged! It really helps to see even a little progress, its motivating me to keep on keeping on....


05-24-2004, 03:33 PM
I have some catching up to do...our computer was messed up again with that virus of course it was my fault. We switched over to AOL after getting it the last time and I am not crazy about AOL so...I thought I would download MSN again and get rid of AOL-didn't happen. Well, it did...and it totally screwed things up. I did get it fixed and am just staying with AOL regardless. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Anywho...didn't fill like messing with it yesterday. Boy, was it hot yesterday. I am afraid it is only going to get worse and I can't stand the heat already. It is supposed to rain today and I am hoping :crossed: it does to cool things off, and give the yard a good soaking! LOL

Didn't do much yesterday. Went to Mass and then to lunch with DS. Got home and did laundry and some reading. Need to get back to my scrapbook. Going to go pick weeds out of the back later, if it doesn't rain. Can't believe how they have just about taken over back there. That's about all I have planned today, except for some ironing later also.

Jana~WTG on staying OP throughout the entire week. I know how stressful it can be, and tempting with all that food around. I need get into that thinking mode. I took a gander at your photo's, they are good and you DEFINITELY can tell! You should be very proud of yourself lady. You have come a long way.

Susan~keeping my fingers :crossed: in the hopes that you get the new postion. And CONGRAT'S on your loss this week! You ladies are doing a fantastic job getting the weight off.

Marti~I will send you a post card also, from KS. I too was thinking the same, maybe you are pregnant! Keeping my fingers :crossed: for this job.

Sue~CONGRAT'S on your weight loss this week also! :bravo: Yes, it was I who posted the poem about 1 pound-it's in the Inspiration thread-you might want to check it out.

RosieKate~your house (the paint) sounds nice. I have seen a pink kitchen before. It coordinated with the rest of the house and I must say I absolutely loved it! I have always liked pink in the bathroom, not sure why but that is what my bathroom is, and one wall in my bedroom. I just love color on the walls. Anyway...CONGRAT'S on the 2 pouinds gone! :bravo:

Shanna~you are welcome for the cards girly. :) I am sorry you didn't get the gift that you really wanted though. The camera sounds nice enough. Maybe, he is going to wait on that special gift for a really special time.

Angie~keeping my fingers :crossed: in the hopes that you guys get that house. Though, like Marti said "If it wasn't meant to be...I don't envy you girl. I am glad our house hunting is over. For some reason this was the worst experience ever and I hope I don't have to go through that again, not for a long time anyway. And in case I don't get back early enough in the morning, I hope you and Monte have a fantastic anniversary!
:love: :hat: :gift: :balloons: :cheers: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY tomorrow!!! :cheers: :balloons: :gift: :hat: :love:

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

I guess I need to get going ladies. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. See ya!

05-24-2004, 04:08 PM
:lol: :lol3: :rofl: Sorry for laughing.....but pregnant?! Let me say one thing.....if I were, then it would be one deteremined baby!! James has been "fixed" and I have a contraption inserted. :D

Just thought I would clarify on that subject......hee-hee....I'm still giggling!!

I will post more later, must get this application in today!!


05-24-2004, 07:45 PM
Ok back for a few minutes.....

I filled out my application, grabbed a resume and James took me back to the store to turn it in. There was a woman there filling out an application.....and another one came in a picked one up....I have no idea if I will get this, apparently there were many people coming in to apply. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best. The woman said she'll start going over them next week.

Beautiful day here today.....must get out and enjoy some of it. I will try to check in later.


05-25-2004, 10:46 AM
Good morning ladies,

Cristi - thank you so much for the sympathy card - got it yesterday. So what kind of scrapbook pages are you doing? The kids? Vacation? Mel Gibson? lol Just bein' nosy...

Marti - if you're supposed to get the job, you will. Hey, let me tell you, Katie was one determined baby! Neal was told he couldn't father children, and I was using a from of bc anyway, just to be safe... thank goodness it didn't work, though, 'cause I wouldn't have my sweet Katie.

RosieKate - YAY!!! for the 2 pounds down!! I agree that having a loss show up really does do wonders for our moral. Even if it is a loss of inches instead of pounds.

I am sitting at the library, because both of our phone lines are out. Grrr! We had a bad storm that knocked out the service in the boonies where I live. The phone company said they will be fixed by 5pm today. Thank goodness for the cell phone, but it isn't much good for the internet, lol.

I'll check back later if I can...

05-25-2004, 02:20 PM
Good Morning,

Congrats to SueTalk & RosieKate...for their weight loss! YAY :) Keep up the good work!!

Happy Annie to Monte & Angie :)

How old is Gina, Jana???

AOL never lets you switch to another internet server thingie, Cristi. My ex tried to switch from AOL to Comcast and the computer got all messed up. He just threw the thing away. Though AOL is still taking out $$$ from his account for

I handed in my application,cover letter,resume...a pint of,anyway, took it in this morning, now sit back and cross limbs and see what happens.

Kind of fun to look around at rentals and dream of where I could live.

Better go. Hi to everyone!! Best of luck with your job search Marti :)

05-25-2004, 03:40 PM
Jana~what a sweet story about Miss Katie. Isn't it funny how things happen. There was a guy DH#1 worked with years ago and he had had a vasectomy and his wife got pregnant. He swore up and down it couldn't be his and accused her of having an affair-they almost broke up over this. Well, they went so far as to have blood test done and sure enough the kid was his. Why he would have thought otherwise is beyond me because the baby looked just like him, red hair and all! So stranger things have happened, hear that Marti??!! They do come undone. You are welcome for the card, I just wanted you all to know I was thinking of you. Oh, the scrapbook-well this one is about me!! :lol: On the first page I put Cristina, The Early Years. I did one for Vince and am going to do one for the kids, eventually. Also, would like to do a vacation one, eventually. But this one is me growing up, even though I don't have a lot of photo's. Supposedly my mother is looking for some, but the way she is it could be years!

Marti~I do hope you get the job. That's one thing I hate about applying for jobs, for every job there's at least 20 people or so applying for one position and it makes it hard. Anyway, wishing you :goodluck: with the job search.

Susan~I do understand about AOL not letting you have another server, but it was MSN that messed us up, not sure why. I'm not crazy about AOL but it will suffice. We just have to get used to it again 'cause I'm not changing again! Your ex threw away a computer!!! :goodluck: to you also with the job, I do hope you get it so you can move into a dream house.

We also got some bad storms blow through here last night, geez, I hate that lightening! Didn't have any outages though, and no tvs or computers being blown! It's cloudy today but I am loving it because it is not hot. It has been too hot the last few days. Had some errands this morning. Actually did the Wal-Mart thing today only because I needed a couple of things and didn't want to waste money at the local store. They are almost finished with the new Super-Target-can't wait to check it out. That's about it for my day. I will work on the scrapbook some later, and of course there is always laundry to do. Anywho, hope everyone is having a good day. Take care ladies, see ya :wave:

05-25-2004, 10:50 PM
Quickly posting tonight,

I have some more homework I want to finish before tomorrow. It's not due until friday but I rather have it done and over with.

Spent a lot of time in the yard this head aches from the sun. It was beautiful day!! Then we went to the mall and bought James some luggage. One piece, at Ross....and some nice lounge wear as he calls it!! :D He kept asking me what I wanted and there just wasn't anything I wanted at this time.....must save it for when I do want something!

That's how my day has been,,,I need to get on with the homework, then relax, and take some aspirin, gotta get rid of the headache before it gets worse.

Take care and I will do individuals tomorrow.


05-26-2004, 01:24 AM

You are a BEAUTIFUL girl!! I'm so glad that you sent your picture!! (I sent an e-mail also saying the same thing) And here it took you so long to share....there was nothing to hide...I will say again....BEAUTIFUL!! You have one of those smiles that makes everyone want to smile with you. (Yes...I can tell that with a picture!)

I just had to pop in real quick and let you know....

better get back to homework.

da fat n da furious
05-26-2004, 01:32 AM
Good evening ladies,

Its only Tuesday? Feel like it should be the weekend...*sigh

Marti, adding my two cents in,,,my youngest brother who will be 21 this July was a very determined baby,,,my mom had her tubes tied in 1972 after a horrible tubal pregnancy that almost claimed her life. 11 yrs later....ITS A BOY! Ive heard of others that have gotten pregnant after a vasectomy,,,and such so....

Susan,,,fingers toes and eyes are crossed!

To all who are losers this week,,,GREAT JOB!

So the house we put the bid on was lost as I think Ive said before... feeling a bit discouraged. So after so major argueing between Monte and I we have decided to do some minor renovations around the house. We cleaned the yard from top to bottom today,,,(we really couldn't with the snow earlier) need to do some painting,,,the railings and such look dull. I am going to do some touch up paintings in the house...give it more of a fresh look... we are also going to empty each room as much as we can and store it all in our already crowded basement. I swear we can furnish another home.
Sunday went ok, I did go visit Andrea,,,didn't break down. Till a good 10 miles away when I ran over a gopher,,,and well I bawled for a good 50 miles. By the time I finally got home I needed a nap.
Well off to bed I go, my day off is about
night all

05-26-2004, 10:30 AM
Angie - Sorry you lost that house - I was rooting for you. David and I have gone through similar discussions about this dinky house we live in. We absolutely love the neighborhood, but it is too small. He's finally convinced me that expanding this house is preferable to selling and moving. When I look around, this place does feel like home to me, don't know if I'd feel that way anywhere else. You should have a big ol' garage sale and spend the proceeds on something very indulgent to cheer you and Monte up about the whole house thing.

Marti - you and I had similar days. I had a sleepless night Mon. ( I HATE that -- its a TOM thing) so I was pretty listless yesterday, but did make some progress on the back yard. It was a gorgeous day to be outside working. School's almost over, then its fun in the sun all the time, right?

Saw a TV thing on South Beach diet - Pres Clinton has lost 40 lbs on it. I think I'll check it out from the library. Tho' must admit, these high protein diets are getting a bit pricey with food prices increasing like they are - ugh.. However, the gas prices are motivating me to walk more places - that's a good thing :)

Have a great day everyone!

05-26-2004, 11:41 AM
Oh gosh ladies---

Ok, when I was all weepy, it was during TOM....which really lasted what seemed like forever!! :mad: And losing grandma took some time to heal (although I still get sad, which everyone does I'm sure) plus, when James was gone, I had realized that was the first time in my LIFE, that I spent that much time by myself. I have NEVER been alone before :cry: ......(wow....isn't the bizarre? 33yrs. old and never been alone) so I contribute my weepiness and depression from all that.

IF I ever got pregnant, it would definately be a surprise. :eek: And I too have heard of some crazy conceptions! A woman I knew had a sister (or cousin or some relative) that had her tubes tied, and her husband also got fixed....apparently that wasn't enough, they ended up with another baby. (they already had three and were finished) so the arguments between them was really something else! :dizzy: I also went to school with a girl who had a baby, and after she had him, 10 months later she had her daughter! She didn't even know she was pregant. :yikes: She was a very thin girl before, and she never grew any bigger after her son, she didn't experience any symptoms and when she went in to have her, she just went in for severe stomache "ache" How crazy is that? Wouldn't you FEEL that baby? She had thought that it was just taking a long time for her to heal after the first one!!(plus, I think it would take me a few months before I would want to be touched again!!) :lol:

Anyway....I'm ruling out pregnancy until I go in to the hospital for severe stomache "aches" :D

I will do individuals later tonight...James will be leaving tonight for Albany again and then it's off to Salem.....don't know yet if he'll get to come home in between or not....if not, then he'll be gone two weeks straight, then home for a day and back out for another week. Trying to get used to that. I kept thinking how nice it would be to not have to work, but I think I need to, to keep me preoccupied!! Plus, I can make some extra "spoiling everyone" money!!

Alrighty then, I'm off to make some coffee :coffee: and read the newspaper before I head off to school.

BBL for individuals!


05-26-2004, 01:47 PM
Not in such a great mood.

Just want to let everyone know that Jana may be away for a little while. She has a lot on her plate right now and is not up to posting. I will leave it to her to explain when she does post. But she could use a lot of prayers right now ladies.

Jana~know sweetie that we are with you in thought and prayer. :grouphug:

Marti~about the girl who was pregnant and didn't know, I can relate a little. With my second had my belly not been sticking out, and me not having a period I am not sure I would have known I was pregnant. It was such a relieve to go in for my check-ups because Joshua never moved, I am serious, the baby never moved. My first did a little, he would kick once in a while but DD, geez, that girl made up for the 2 of them. She waited every night till I went to bed and I swear it felt like she was doing somersaults. She kicked so hard DH thought I hit him. :lol: Hey, while James is gone that would be a perfect time to do some scrapbooking!

Angie~sorry you guys didn't get the house. And :thanks: for the picture-you ARE GORGEOUS lady!! Why have you kept a picture from us for so long?! :)

RosieKate~I thought about trying SouthBeach also, and still might. I really need to do something! Of course I can't get it from the library unless I get put on a waiting list. I have seen it for $9.95 somewhere so may just buy it.

Hi to everyone else. :wave:

I got up too early this morning and now I am feeling it. Had planned on cleaning house but don't think I will. Need to get some letter writing done and sent today! Maybe I'll run the vacuum a little. Just kind of out of it somewhat. Anyway, try to have a good one ladies. :grouphug: I will try and check back later.

05-26-2004, 02:38 PM
Good morning-

HUGS for Jana.

Sorry, RosieKate- for thinking you had 2 boys, I just read that it is a boy and a girl.
I am sorry!!!
BTW- I do wear glasses I was wearing them when I saw the picture....:) omg- I may get contacts now that I have medical - YAY

Is Angie not the pretty thing??? She looks even better all dolled
I thought she wore this pink fuzzy shirt when we went out once??? Anyway, she is very pretty and that reflects both inside and out..........

K???? Now do I get my $$$ Angie??? lol

YIKES- there goes Gaby!!!! The library ladies are evil eye-((???)) ing me.....


05-26-2004, 06:20 PM
Afternoon ladies--

Jana--My thoughts are with you and your family!!! Just wanted to let you know that I will be thinking of you all! :grouphug:

Cristi--Great idea about doing scrapbooking while James is gone...unfortunately I haven't done much with it since before the wedding!! I felt so far behind with everything that I kind of put it on the back burner for now. I have idea's...just seems like I have no time. But I will be having time soon! (once school is out!)

Susan--Once you get that job, you'll be able to afford to get your own computer so you no longer have to deal with the librarians evil eye!! Have you heard anything yet? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

RosieKate--SouthBeach has crossed my mind too! I have no idea what its all about I just know it similiar to atkins without leaving certain foods out. I will have to look into it.

Got my score for Adv. word test I took yesterday....59/60!! Not to shabby! And I know exactly what I got wrong.....(we don't actually get the test back she e-mails us our results) I couldn't remember how to put in a field code for a certain footnote....but I figured it was one point and I wasn't going to worry about it!! So I'm pretty happy with what I will end up as a grade in that class!! Accounting is kicking my butt!! Took a quiz and I did good on it, but I'm just worried about the final! Oh well.....

What are everyones plans for Memorial Day weekend? James may be home that day, but I'm not sure. So I don't really have plans yet. I'm going to go up and take flowers to my grandma....Jhanai took three roses from our bushes Saturday (or was is Sunday?) she felt a little weird putting them on the grave, so she kind of tossed them on it. I told her that nothing was going to get her if she knelt down. But she wanted to leave, and James and I didn't want to make her uncomfortable.

Went to my grandpa's and watered all his flowers and his garden....and then today it's been raining! (of coarse) but the sun is trying to peek through the clouds...not working very well. While I was at school, James and a friend of his pulled the dead tree in our front yard out! Looks much better. It died before we moved in last year.....our landlord kept telling us to water it so it won't die, and I kept looking at it thinking "it's already dead, what's he talking about?" Slowly getting the yard to look nice.

Ok...I'm rambling on and I better get going. Work on some accounting or take a quick nap.....(yea right, are naps quick??)

Take Care ladies


05-26-2004, 07:41 PM
I'm back

I put South Beach on hold through the library - but I anticipate a long wait. Susan - I must have just missed you - I was at the Hillsdale library at 11:30 today, dropping off books and picking up a hold for James. I love the new library, but I have to say the acoustics there are just terrible. I don't feel real comfortable there with Leigh as she seems so loud to me. Bet the designer of that place didn't have children.

Jana - honey hope you are getting all the support you need right now - we are all thinking of you and sending you good thoughts.

Marti- big pat on the back for your excellent grades. As a former teacher, and student, too;), I liked handing out good grades, and getting them too! it's just a great accomplishment.

Scored some strawberry plants today and I love free plants! My neighbor has a 1/2 acre and pays for landscaping service. Well, a whole hillside of hers was covered in these plants, but didn't turn out the way they planned so the gardeners just yanked them all up and left them in piles next to the street. She said, "take what you want". Woohoo - happy day.

Rest of the day is pretty tame - James has a playdate, then we are off to swiimming then its home,eat, and American Idol. I was absolutely floored by Fantasia last night - 'bout had me in tears. If she does not win, there's just something really wrong in the world. I can't believe how involved I am in this show. First of all, how can a 19 year old pull off "Summertime" in the first place, let alone improve her interpretation every single time she sings it?! Amazing!
Enough gushing - Cheers and have a nice afternoon everyone

05-26-2004, 10:24 PM

Just about to start work again after my dinner break. Which I didn't take, starving........

I was at West Slope, RosieKate this morning. :)
The library is very nice, though I think rather small. The inside steps I think could have been for library space.
I don't think it is very child friendly.

Though I am pmsing--- nothing seems friendly to me right about this time of

West Slope is great.... The librarians are usually very nice and try and entertain Gaby while I am on line.

IF I get the job, Marti. I know it is open until the 4th. My boss is happy that I applied.......we'll see.

I found the cutest place for only $595......2 bedroom, ground floor, 4 plex, off the road, near a horse, omg- yard all around!! Would love it.

better go.............hungry!!

05-26-2004, 11:32 PM
Hiya ladies~

Just checking in for a quickie to see what's happening with you all.

Marti~:cp: :bravo: to you for all the good grades! I bet you will be glad when school is over?? When I went, I kept saying I would be glad, but when it was over I actually thought about taking more classes because I missed it! How crazy is that?! I love learning.

Susan~that place sounds very nice. I bet Gaby would looooove having a yard.

RosieKate~don't watch American Idol myself, but the radio station I listen too was talking about her this morning and people kept calling in requesting her music-I must say she has a beautiful voice. They all were putting their money on her to win. But some were thinking the other girl, Diane or Diana?? might win because they thought she looked more like an American Idol. I think if you have the better voice you should win. I think either way, they will both end up with a record deal. I haven't heard the other girl.

Okay, this was supposed to be a quickie...:) I was in the middle of watching a movie and if I don't get off this thing I am going to miss the end of it! See ya.

05-27-2004, 01:03 AM
Hi Cristi-

It really is the cutest place. They have these 4 plex's scattered on the property , with another complex in back. The 4 plex's though are what caught my eye. There are 2 in front and you go around to the other side and that is where the other to are.
Along side the one I looked at is just yard with 2 mature tree's....and the horse pasture beyond that.....considering you are coming off a busy road you don't even hear or see nuthin,
It has a washer dryer hook up and with all the $$$$ I am going to make ((think positive!!! )) I can buy me the machines. Also , I would probably just take my bed and love seat and trash the rest of the furniture, time buy new.

OMG!!!! SOoooooooo, excited. Wish they would just give me the darn

Anyway, if not I still can fix up my place. My first full time check comes this Friday! Plus a $200 bonus for getting voted into the union.

To answer Marti. I was going to take the girls to Ft Stevens and rent a Yurt.....called tonight and they were all booked up but he said to call back in the morning and see if there was any availablity.......because people cancel at the last minute.
So, fingers crossed!! I think it is only $27 a night to stay in a yurt, they also have wagons and teepee', ya,,,,,,,cabins too!!

Best go..........

05-27-2004, 01:03 AM
I hope everyone had a very nice day. I know you are all lots busier than I am. Retirement has it's pluses, but some days I get wishing for more. I am seriously thinking of taking up scrapbooking after hearing about it here, and from my neighbor. I could make them for the kids....
Do any of you go to Curves? I just heard of one near me and wondered just how expensive they are. My daughter is trying to talk me into going to the gym she uses, but I honestly think Curves might be more my style. I have never gone to a gym!
Marti...good for you on the grades. My son has his last final of the year tomorrow night and is anxious to have the summer off. He is in law school in CA.
RosieKate...I tried South Beach and am considering doing it again. I only lost 4 pounds the first 10 days, but that beats what I have been doing lately. I got tired of eggs for breakfast since I am fond of bread and/or cereal and couldn't have those. You can't have fruit for Phase 1 and I am a big fruit eater. Sugar free jello saved me..I even had it for breakfast. lol.. It isn't a hard diet to follow and gets rid of cravings quickly.
Here's hoping you ladies applying for new jobs will soon get the answers you desire.
Hump day is coming to an end! Happy tomorrow... :)


da fat n da furious
05-27-2004, 02:22 AM
Jana, just in case you are reading these,,,my prayers are with your family.


05-27-2004, 01:38 PM
Good Morning Ladies~

I am thinking I enjoy the cloudy weather over the hot sun. :sunny: I do love the sun, but don't care much for the heat. Not sure how hot it it, but the air came on this morning really early, I keep it on 76 most of the time since we have ceiling fans in most of the rooms. Needless to say I don't spend a lot of time outdoors. Went to Wal-mart this morning to pick up a few things that I forgot to get the other day.

Sue~I am not retired, just a housewife and don't have a lot to talk about or do, although I do get busy once in a while. My kids are grown, even though they still live at home, and no grandkids. I haven't visited a Curves but where I go to tan is a place like Curves called It Figures. I am not sure what they charge to join, but do know they require a year contract and you can pay monthly, which is $30 a month. I have been meaning to talk to the ladies who own and run the place, I know them through my son who used to work under one of them. But it looks like it is fun and there have been a lot of women who have lost a lot of weight by doing that and dieting of course.

Marti~didn't mean to skip your question about Memorial Day. I meant to answer and realized I forgot after I signed out last night, sorry. :( Of course there is not much to say as we are not doing anything. Thought Vince was going to have to work so didn't make any plans, but we never do anything anyway. Although, we are thinking about going to the cemetery and putting some fresh flowers on our sons grave. Not sure yet. Our HOA is having a pool opening on Saturday, a BBQ to meet the neighbors but Vince is working and I don't want to go myself.

Susan~okay girly, what the heck is a yurt??? I have never heard of it, and I looked it up in the dictionary and didn't find it. Sounds fun though whatever it is. And the new place sounds awesome, and perfect! I do hope :crossed: that you get the position so you can get it. I know what you mean about having a washer & dryer. I lived in an apartment on the third floor and had to drag laundry for 4 to either a laundrymat or to the apt. complex laundry room. The bad thing with that was people would do their laundry and leave it in the washers for hours and I didn't like messing with others stuff so started going to the laundrymat once a week. A real pain in the booty. Anywho...

Hi Angie, and to everyone else. :wave:

I guess I better get busy doing something around here, speaking of laundry! Have a good one ladies.

05-27-2004, 03:50 PM
God is so gracious!!

We are back from Indy, and Dale does not have bone cancer as suspected by a local bone doctor. He saw a bone cancer specialist and this doctor says he's 99.9% sure that he has "fibrous dysplasia" which bacislly means too much fiber in the bones, and has had it from birth, but it is not a problem. He goes back in 3 months just to make sure there is no change.

I can't begin to tell you all how much your prayers and thoughts mean to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

I will do individuals later, okay? I've got a bunch of stuff to do and have to get moving, but wanted to tell my cyberfamily the good news!


05-27-2004, 04:00 PM
Good Morning-

Wonderful, Jana!!! Certainly a relief to your family. Hope you can relax this weekend and get some deserved TLC, seems like tooooooo much coming your way.

We have a CURVES close by, Suetalk......I was thinking of joining, like the idea off all women members.

A YURT???? Maybe go look at the Ft Stevens website, Cristi. It shows pictures and everything of what they look like. I think basically like a cabin, sleeps 5 and up....they have rustic and deluxe....

I certainly DO take out others laundry!!! YAY People are soooooo lazy not to remember when to come back on
OMG , we had one resident a few weeks back come unglued when another person took her clothes out of the dryer.
Attacked and everything.......she was evicted though and the person she hurt didn't even remove the clothes, just was at the wrong place at the wrong time......

Now you know why this job pays so

Best get!

05-27-2004, 09:29 PM
Jana--I am so happy and relieved that Dale is ok!! I can't imagine how you must have felt these last few days!! I'm just gushing here that I'm so happy for your family!!

Cristi--Here is a site for yurts..... They are pretty neat little things. They come in all sizes. And they are round. The have a place here in Cottage Grove that makes some. I myself have never been in one, but always thought that it would be cool to check it out.

Susan--Hope you have fun with your girls what ever you end up doing this weekend!!

Sue--I have a Curves here in my town, but I haven't gone to check that out either. I don't particularly want to be in a circle of machines. But I don't know...I may check it out after I find a job. I need a gym to go to.

Hello to the rest of you!!

Well I spent 3 hours in the tutoring area getting my assingment done in Accounting!! It was driving me crazy last night trying to figure out why my balances weren't matching! I will be so glad when this term is over!! :D
But---the sad thing about being in there for three hours....I had my phone on vibrate so it wouldn't disturb people studying....and James tried calling me the whole time. He was so worried that he drove all the way back home! As I was leaving, I took my phone out and looked and seen 8 missed I immediately called and he was only 10mins. from home. I felt terrible. He worries when he can't get in touch or hasn't heard from me, and I love him dearly for that!!! So nice to know someone cares about you that much. I promised him that the next time I plan on staying late, I will call him first and leave him a message.

Ok ladies..I need to clean up around the house and tend to some Math.

You all take care!!


da fat n da furious
05-28-2004, 12:14 AM
You must of felt us sending prayers...have to admit I spent alot of time thinking about you all,,,especially Mary. I am so relieved to know all is well with Dale. Your family has had enough.

Marti, that is sweet. And could you please PM your last name?

Cristi, you are one hot I could go for some heat,,,I wore sandles to work today and I swear my nails turned blue,,,thank goodness I had a sweater. We had thunder clouds which amounted to nothing,,,but we did have the brrr cold spell come over.
*sigh I have to go rescue Monte from Skittles....

da fat n da furious
05-28-2004, 12:31 AM
Why Skittles thinks Monte wants to play when he is asleep is beyond me...I could hear her tearing around the room,,,hes under the covers and shes jumping on him,,,nipping at anything that sticks out,,,fingers nose or
Mac Towne,,,the burb where I live is having a yard sale. Anyone who wants to have a yard sale can have one on Saturday...about 100 or more will be participating. My mom is coming for the day.
I am hoping to find time on Sunday to paint the trim around the house...and possibly the entrance way in the house.
One of the ladies I work next to has a husband that long hauls through out the states,,,almost had an accident in Kansas yesterday...dispatcher told him is route,,,but didnt' look careful enough,,,had a over pass that was too low for his he hadn't been on the ball he well it would of been bad. He blew out a tire stopping....
Oh ya who all here saw Shrek 2? Did you like it? I laughed so much...*are you wearing womans underwear?* that had to have been my favorite
I went to the cheap theatre and saw 50 first dates...OMG I laughed so much,,,I will have to buy that dvd,,,the penguin part cracks me up.

I had like one of the WORST food days today,,,Ive been clean for so long and today I just well dived off the wagon!
Well tomorrow is a new day....
Brandon's ingrown nail is back! So Monday we go back and eeewww whatever he does...yuck. We are waiting for the Pediatric Dr.'s call,,,I think I mentioned Brandon needs surgery possibly on both feet...poor kid. Hes got build up on his bones which have fused together....making it impossible some days to walk. He is over 6'1 and over 200 lbs,,,I can't carry him up the stairs.,,Have dragged him up a few times when he was unable to get up himself.
Im trying to get Angelika a job at my place,,,and another lady who I hired at Pennington's to come over to beer
Well I should get going,,,talked enough for one night.
Susan,,,when will you know?

05-28-2004, 10:46 AM
Good morning ladies,

Thanks to you all who shared your prayers with us for Dale... they sure helped!!

Susan - To answer your question from a few days ago, Gina is 31. I do so hope you get the position at work! I had no idea what a "yurt" was, either. It sounds like something from Whoville, lol.

Cristi - Thank you for taking care of telling our sisters here what was going on. I really really apprieciate it. I hope you're going to bring your scrapbooks to Evansville. Now, missy, I better never hear you say "Just" a housewife anymore, lol!! That is the most important job you could ever have! I've worked outside the home (for years and years) and I've worked as "just" a housewife, and the latter is way more hard to do well! We can tell from your posts how dedicated you are to your family.

Marti - YAY for you getting a good grade in Adv. Word.!! Our plans for Memorial Day is that Sunday we're having some of Neal's siblings and their families in. There will be around 30 people here. Mary and Gina are helping with the food, thank goodness. I am making some points-friendly dishes, too. Have you decided what your plans are yet?

Angie - where is my picture of you??? I can't wait to see it! The way I read your post is that you are spucing up the house to give it more curb appeal and not that you are planning to stay there. Is that right? I also saw Shrek 2 and thought it was hilarious!!!

Sue - since you like the Dreamsicle cake, I have to tell you - try using lemon flavors instead of orange for a change. It is delicious!! I used the diet Minute Maid in a can, but you could use 12 ounces of any sugar-free lemonade. And then also use the lemon sf jello. Yum-yum!! The ladies I know who went to Curves liked it, but complained of it causing knee pain. That is one reason why I never went, but it not hurt your knees at all.

I got an extra 2 hours of sleep last night - 9 instead of 7 - and I feel great today! We have had 5.2" of rain since Tuesday, and now the sun is shining so I plan to go pull some weeds. I think I'll post photos of my astilbes - they are gorgeous!

Have a good day!

05-28-2004, 11:50 AM
Jana~I am so happy and relieved to hear about Dale, as I know you all are too! And you are so very welcome, it was the least I could do. I am just glad that everything turned out fine. You know, you are right. I don't know why I said 'just' a housewife because I do do A LOT even though some days it seems I do nothing, or hardly anything. Because just having a house gives one lots to do.

Angie~sounds like you are having a rough day. Poor Brandon, geez, he has had his problems with that toe. I hope they get to the root of the problem so he doesn't have to suffer any more. Haven't seen the movie yet, but my son will probably buy it when it comes out on DVD and I will watch it then.

Marti~thanks for clarifying what a yurt is. I have never seen one before. Poor James, I bet he was worried to death about you. I know I worry if I can't get a hold of Vince or if he is late and I know he is on his way home. Of course he worries to.

Susan~hope you and the girls get a yurt and have a wonderful weekend camping out. Yeah, that is why I never touched anyone's laundry!

Hey to everyone else :wave: Hope all is well with you all.

Well, I was up early this morning not sure why. But I did get an early start on the day. Just sticking around the house today until Vince gets home and then headed out to do some shopping. We are going to finish up the front yard, actually just around the shrubs with some mulch and brick and get some paint for the deck I don't like the look of raw wood. It has already faded so bad and looks dirty and ugly, to me anyway. Think we are going to start the fence in a couple of weeks, can't wait for that. Anywho, going to do a little bit of cleaning today, and laundry of course-going to be a lazy day today which is fine with me. Hope EVERYONE has a great day today and a great weekend!

05-28-2004, 02:47 PM
I think YURT stands for Year-round Urban Recreation Tent? Our family likes yurts, too. I grew up really roughing it. Dad was an avid flyfisherman and we camped and backpacked all over Oregon when I was growing up. I married a city boy, however, whose idea of roughing it is a hotel with no room service. After 18 years of togetherness, we reached a camping compromise of yurt camping. They have heat! And if all that togetherness gets on our nerves, we could even rent a tv and vcr! Haven't had to do that thankfully.

They book up very quickly, and I've had no luck getting one for this year, so we are going to try tent camping in August, which we haven't done in about 5 yrs. The kids, of course, are very excited, I'm very excited, DH is adjusting to the idea and even acts like he's looking forward to it. I think as long as he can get a shower and a newspaper, he'll rise to the occasion.

Susan - hope you get one at Fort Stevens. That will be one fun weekend. I enjoy that park. I have a friend who does civil war re-enactments and living history stuff there, so I've taken the kids to see her do her thing.

Jana - I'm so happy for your good news! and it's so nice to check in here and read your posts - glad you are back

Marti - Hang in there - you are almost done! the last few weeks are the worst, I think. A real crunch time. Then - you will feel free!

Everyone else - have a great day and enjoy your holiday weekends. David has taken his athletes to Eugene for the state track meet, won't be home til tomorrow late. He's been so busy with track n field stuff, we just haven't bothered to plan anything for Memorial Day. OMSI ( our science museum) has a new Titanic exhibit which James is very excited about, so maybe we'll do that.

Rosie Kate

05-28-2004, 03:36 PM
RosieKate - I just noticed that I left you out earlier, and I didn't mean to! I always try to comment to anyone who has posted after me. Regarding your earlier comments about South Beach, I think people do lose really well on it, (especially in the belly, it seems) and it is refer to as the Healthy Atkins. I personally like WW because you can tailor it to your own family's likes and dislikes and no one food group is limited. Also, I meant to mention how cool it is that you got the strawberry plants from your neighbor!

Cristi - I also don't like the look of raw wood, and would never leave it that way. It just looks.... unfinished, or something. Have fun in the yard today.

05-28-2004, 03:56 PM
Hello ladies--

Here I am.....thanking god it's friday. And having 3 days of no school!! How great is that? Plus,....the sun is out!! It has POURED the last two days!! "Darn Oregon weather"

I believe I drank too much coffee today!! :coffee: TOO MUCH!! I'm feeling a bit gittery (did I spell that right?) I need to put that extra energy to cleaning my house,,,,,I'm having pal Shanna who I haven't seen in weeks!!

Took my audit test in Accounting.....I felt great leaving the room. That should help my grade in the end! (or I'm hoping anyway)

Angie--I haven't seen Shrek2 yet, but Jhanai is wanting to go see it. Also wants to go see Harry Potter. Might go see both the next weekend she is with me!!

Jana--Sounds like a big crowd you're going to have this weekend!! Enjoy every minute with your family. I watched Oprah last night (didn't know she was on at 9:00pm) and it was an interview with Sharon Stone and about her head issues....I can't even imagine what she went through!! Near stroke or anerysm (I can't spell today!) She spent three days with out help. Made me want to cherish every day to the fullest and not sit around sulking! (which I'm sure I'll still do)

Cristi--I will be looking for your postcard this weekend. I believe they have some at Walmart that is just for Cottage Grove. I love getting post cards from other states and towns!! (hint hint to you other girls!!)

RosieKate--My daughter is having an overnight field trip next week and OMSI is one place they will be going. Her dad is going with her and that really ought to be interesting for others to see....a bunch of kids with this fully tattooed and pierced father! Jhanai is very excited.

Ok...I gotta go clean up. I will check in later tonight!


Ahhh!! Just when I say the sun is trying to peek through and I hear the rain!! It is pouring out!! What is up?!

05-28-2004, 05:28 PM
Hope everyone is having a great day :)

Jana, I am sooooooo glad everything turned out ok and Dale is fine!!! :D :D :D That was wonderful news to read this morning...

Susan, have my fingers crossed for you about the job and the new place. :goodluck: Camping in a yurt sound like a real adventure. Tim was an avid camper and canoer (is that a word?) when he lived in Michigan, but hasn't been camping since he came out to California to live with me. I did my share of Girl Scout camping when I was a kid, and I like the scenery and the fresh air of camping, and like to cook over a campfire, but at night I want a comfy bed and NO BUGS! :yikes: :df: So, I'd probably "camp" best in a nice RV or in a lodge at Yosemite ;) I'm sure we'll work out a compromise eventually, heehee...

RosieKate, homegrown strawberries are awesome! :T I have some that were growing in the front flower bed when we bought our house, but they never produce worth a darn because it's just too shady. I have been trying to decide if it would be worth it to try to transfer them to one of those big strawberry jars in a sunny spot, :sunny: or if I should just go buy some new plants. About South Beach...I have a male co-worker who went on South Beach, his mom needs a kidney and the doc told him he had to lose 40 lbs before he could even be tested to see if he's a compatible donor. It worked really well for him -- I think he's lost over 50 lbs. He loves to cook, and said there are a lot of good recipes. I am very leery of low-carb diets -- I've looked at Atkins and similar plans and it just looks very unhealthy to me -- but South Beach seems much more balanced and a much healthier eating plan. I do agree with Jana, though -- WW is tried and true, and I've had the most success in the past on WW. The thing gotta watch yourself and maintain, and keep on top of it, or you will gain it back, like I did :sorry: But I guess that's true of any weight loss endeavor, no matter how you do it.

Suetalks, I like the idea of the Curves program, but it's pretty pricey around here. My husband has been talking about joining California Family Fitness, but to be brutally honest with ya, ladies -- I don't think I could handle trying to huff and puff on an exercise bike next to all those gorgeous, trim, tanned, young things. :tread: *sigh* Catch 22, huh -- too out of shape to go to a gym to get IN shape. Tim says I worry too much about what other people think. I do have a gym at my work that opens at 6am. It's small, but only about $20/month, and it's certainly convenient. And I heard that not too many people are in there early in the morning. I'm not an early morning I'd really have to get motivated to do it before work. Motivated = massive amounts of caffeine! :coffee: :coffee2:

Cristi, I wish you lived around here -- I'd drag you to Lake Tahoe this weekend! I'm fighting a summer cold, but I don't even care...I've got three days off work and I'm going to the mountains with my sweetie :)

Angie, haven't seen Shrek 2 yet, but loved the first one, and I'm looking forward to seeing this one. Pretty sure I told you we saw Jesus Christ Superstar at a local theater; one of my friends at work is playing the dentist in Little Shop of Horrors, so we will go see that in the next couple of weeks. He must be doing pretty well, because they approached him to play the lead in The Music Man next :) I am so sorry to hear Brandon's feet are causing him so much trouble! Poor guy...hope the doc can do something to relieve the pain.

Marti, you are in the homestretch. Congrats on the good grades so far! Are you taking a break for the summer, or are you taking summer school? Tim is trying to decide if he is taking math or English comp over the summer...

omigosh, this was a long post! Well, I had to make up for being away so long :) Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. How do you guys post pics for others to see? RosieKate, Suetalks, and Rita, if you like to exchange snail mail cards, PM your addresses to me...I think I have everyone else's address, just about...


da fat n da furious
05-28-2004, 09:18 PM
Did I mention Im helping out with this new play? Kiss Me Kate? Well I brought home a very long curly wig that needed some TLC,,,it had a bit of a friz, no big deal,,,left it on the table this morning,,,went to work and came home to,,,soemthing that looks like a rat's nest,,,yes you are guessing right,,,Skittles *sigh
She is a character that

Well one of my friends has an interview next week at my work...need to email HR and get my other friend
oh ya a Strike party is,,,,,tearing down the set,,,then actually partying afterwards.

well off to the mall I go...may need to buy a new
ps Jana this is horrible of me to say,,,but i don't have your email...I sent the pic to all those' emails I have....

05-28-2004, 09:47 PM
Hey I'm back-
David is out of town, kids are watching Veggie Tales, and I have some extra time! When does that ever happen?

Katie and Jana (and others I can't remember) thanks for the input on South Beach. I had some success on the Zone (sounds similar to SB) several years ago, but it's hard to keep everything balanced at every meal and snack and feed my family as well. I like your input about WW, also. I'm going to read the SB book, out of curiosity, maybe I'll get some ideas. We are eating pretty healthy now, so if I still need to get my butt in gear, WW is still looking like the best fit. The ebay prices on starter kits is very reasonable. I get pretty skeptical about the "latest" diet, 'cause it all comes down to pretty basic nutrition and exercise at the end of the day. But I can see something like SB getting the momentum going.

Marti - If I see a fully pierced tattooed gentleman sobbing uncontrollably at OMSI, I shall offer my support ;) 'cause we all know what a bunch of pre-adolescent girls can do to a poor defenseless daddy! They should have a good time - I just got the OMSI magazine and the Titanic exhibit looks really good. There's going to be a live hookup to a diving expedition to the actual Titanic. Maybe Jhanai will get to see some of that - I can't remember when that part starts. My son is all worked up about the Omnimax movie about the Titanic - gonna have to take him to that, too.
Have a great holiday everyone

05-28-2004, 10:09 PM
Hi ladies,

Neal is watching a ballgame, so here I am!

Marti - hope you enjoy your long weekend. Sounds like you got some fun things planned.

Katiecat - I post pics at yahoo photos for free. If you go that route, be sure and click on edit, then make the album public or we won't be able to see it.

Angie - I pm'ed you my email addy, okay? I had to laugh when I pictures Skittles with the wig.... shaking it all around, lol. Hope you can salvage it, lol.

RosieKate - if you want something to get the momentum going, WW's fast track is good at that! I lost 8 1/2 pounds the first week. It is very limiting, but I felt good because the foods I ate were so healthy.

I posted a pic below of DGD Madison smelling the astilbe flowers in my yard. Isn't she just too sweet?? The color of them is called Bressingham Pink.... not easy to find, but so pretty. There are some lavendar ones coming up also, but were just planted this year, so they are behind. Can't wait to see how they turn out. For those who don't know, these are a real good shade flower. The blooms only last about 3 weeks, but wow they are really something.

See you in the morning with a report of my weight loss. I have been OP all week, even during the funeral dinner, so I feel good about that.

Ta ta,

05-29-2004, 12:09 AM
At my DD Katie's request, I tried "". Trying something......

(photo edited out by Jana)

da fat n da furious
05-29-2004, 01:07 AM
I want a little girl,,,Jana can you ask Mary if I could ummmm have one of hers? She has 3....
shes soooo cute...all in pink...*sigh Does she have her ears pierced?

Yes I did save the wig...took some elbow grease...and Tanner wearing the wig while I combed out the really bad tangles...gawd I hope I haven't scarred Monte wouldn't do it and I couldn't trust Skittles,,,she still was eyeing the wig like it was something to kill. And well Brandon was at he did wear it once and acted like he was a rock star....he was playing his guitar and everything yes there are some days we live a colorful life around
Boy is it ever cold outside,,,rainy and just plain miserable. Tomorrow will be sweater and thick jacket day while yard saling...
Went to Pennington's tonight,,,hadn't seen one of the girls since I left,,,she was with her mom and sister shopping,,,her mom even hugged was sweet. So many pretty little time...*sigh
Angelika and I went for a walk in the mall tonight,,,we are going to start dating these gorgeous.
well off to bed I go...

05-29-2004, 01:14 AM
Madison is a beauty!! Beautiful picture, thanks so much for sharing!!

No YURTS in my future. So plan B is to help my father at his place. Taking a chair over that he needs and perhapes clean his apartment. Would really like to see him moved because his place is too small. We'll see. If I could get some of the other sisters and brothers to help subsidize his rent that would be great!
Thinking of going to see Troy.
I kind of talked with my supervisor ((not my bosses boss))via email tonight. He thought I did a good report on my vacancies.He asked if I thought about applying for Site Managers position........duh. I wrote back saying I HAD........he wrote back saying that he was glad to hear that. He said he thought I would make a good manager. His only concern was putting me in such a big complex. I DO manage at the 2nd biggest in the HAP
I truthfully am not scared of the size (175 units) I am pretty confident that I can do it. Most of the places are 80 units.
Whatever happens...........happens. I was adding up my net today and when I add $500 credit (...because now my housing is free) I am doing pretty darn good!!
I just wish I had a final answer...........
My boss is sweet.........he keeps saying " I am pulling for you!!"

I guess I better go. Leaving early to hand over a cell phone for someones on call weekend and pick up the Gabster.

Tomorrow is weigh in??? Wow........time goes sooooooo fast.
Best of luck Jana!! Congrats to everyone else that is losing!!!


05-29-2004, 02:28 AM
Everyone got chatty after I left!!

Well today ended up being a LONG day! I called Shanna late in the afternoon, to see if she was still coming over, and when she answered she sounded tired. So I told her to stay home and not drive all the way to my place...I had some errands to do in town (grandpa is still out of town so I"m still watering his plants) I went to the bank to get my name changed on my checks and my debit card. Can't stay with the old married name for too much longer! Mailed some letter that needed to be sent and then came home. And have been doing pretty much nothing since I got here.

Shanna--Hope you woke up some and got to enjoy the rest of Friday. Hopefully BF took you out and did something fun.

Jana--Cute picture of Madison! She is so cute. I love photos of little ones smelling the flowers!! That's definately scrapbook worthy!!

Katie--Home stretch is right!! Can't wait for it to end. I'm not going back to school so I will be looking for a job. And hopefully it won't take too long to find one....but of coarse I know it will. I sure miss working for Sony and having 4 days off and only working 4 days!!

Angie--I started giggling when I read about the wig and your dog! Then I started picturing my dogs with a curly wig and just started laughing!! They kind of looked at me weird. (see what happens when I'm all alone and no one to talk to??....I get weird!!)

RosieKate--The last time James and I went to OMSI we went to the OMSIMAX...watching a movie in there can make you queasy!! But I really liked going! I believe we watched something on the pyramids....don't quite remember. Oh...and Jhanai's dad.....let him cry!! He's putting himself in the situation!! :s: me clueless because I know you explained before, but what is it that you do? And how come your housing is free now? How cool is that? Sorry for getting lost with that!

Let me tell you all how mad I was with my dog, Cocoa!! She made me really upset. Both dogs have been very good at not going pass a certain area which leads to the road. Yelling at them pretty much keeps them away. But since James has been gone, they've decided that I'm not worth listening too and so I have been grabbing the leash when I take them out. But this afternoon, I thought they were behaving quite nicely and didn't grab the leash.....well...Chewy came right in..."Good Boy" Cocoa....she did her thing then I thought she was coming right in, but she caught site of a guy walking past and bolted out of site. She ran right into the street...and ran right beside the I am in my sweats and slippers running and yelling at her. The guy tries to ignore her and finally I ask him if he would help me catch her (she was not letting me touch her!) and so he tried to talk to her (since she was just trotting with him) and then she bolted back to the back yard.....I apologize to the guy and ran back to the house......took her in and spanked her like there was no tomorrow!! I felt bad, but man...there was traffic!! She just looked at me and sat there. (apparently I'm not spanking hard enough!) So no more going out with out a leash until we get a fence up!!

How do you think I looked in my comfy sweats and slippers running down the road yelling at a little dog?? :lol:

Ok...I've rambled on long enough. You all have a good night....I'm going to grab the leash and take the dogs out! :dizzy:

Take care

05-29-2004, 08:38 AM
Good morning ladies,

Angie - thanks for the picture of you. You are so very pretty!! Something about your smile made me think of Kate Hudson right away. Yep, Madison has her ears pierced.... all of Mary's girls do.

Susan - it's good the big boss knows who you are. Maybe he will have some input on who gets the position. I'm hoping it will be you.

Marti - lol, Cocoa must have thought you needed a little excitement in your life.

I'm down 2 1/2 more pounds and feeling real good about that. When we had the fear about Dale, I wanted to munch like crazy, but stayed with raw veggies. Boy am I ever glad I did! :D

Gotta do some cooking today for the party tomorrow. Katie and Kayla (her friend who is like one of the family) are helping out with the cleaning to repay for some concert tickets I bought them. That's gonna help a lot.


05-29-2004, 01:14 PM
good morning gals!

Jana - Your DGD is awfully cute, she look about the same age as my DD. The astilbes are beautiful, and your hostas aren't too shabby either! Mine are just limping along. I keep dividing them for other parts of the yard. I need to just leave them be for a year. I have a shady north side of the house the could use some astilbes...hmm...hmmm, I'm gonna need DH to tie me to a chair - I'm dangerous in a nursery!
Marti - lol - well, you could have been wearing a bathrobe with curlers in your hair! Glad your puppy is safe and sound.
Susan - thought about you yesterday. The Oregonian had an article about a HAP property off of Burnside. I hope you get this job. Maplewood ELem. sent home yearbooks yesterday and I saw your daughter's pic. Lee's class, right? I can see a resemblance for sure - she's cute! Is she looking forward to graduating and moving on to middle school?

Well, I sneaked a weighin today ( usually I wait til Monday) and I lost another 2 lbs. This was after breakfast, with TOM, to boot. So I'm doing a happy dance..... gonna hold on til Mon - so the scale says the same then, too

05-29-2004, 01:31 PM
Morning ladies-- :wave:

Well today must be a two pound day!! I'm back to 150 and extremely happy about that!! So I say we all do happy dances all weekend!! :dance: :dancer: (just as long as we don't go crazy and eat everything available!)

Jana--You truly are inspirational! You have a major thing go on in your life and you still manage to stay OP!! :cp: I would have dived right into something chocolatey and gooey!! I'm so proud of you and know you are going to reach your goal!!!!!

RosieKate--Bathrobe and curlers?? :lol: That would have been a site!! Then I would really have the neighbors talkin!! :gossip:

Well girls...I'm set for another long day. (didn't get to bed until 2:30 last night) I think I'm going to get into the yard and finish pulling weeds along the fence. (As long is it's not too wet) Gotta keep myself busy.

You all have a great day and I will check in later on.


05-29-2004, 09:21 PM
Just checking in....

Marti and RosieKate - YAY for the 2 pounds down each!! It was hard for me to stay OP this past week with everything going on, but my desire to succeed is immense. I just pray to God I keep this feeling of control.....

Cristi - thank you so much for the card. You are a true sweetie! Where have you been today?

Katie and her friend Kayla helped with the cooking and cleaning today for tomorrow's party. Mary and Gina are also helping with the cooking. :cp: I am really looking forward to having everyone over.

Neal and I are checking out a new church tomorrow. We're looking for one that the whole family can go to and take communion without a bunch of lessons first.

Hope you are having fun this weekend!


da fat n da furious
05-29-2004, 11:35 PM
Hello everyone,,,,

Well mom came for a visit,,,we did like 15 yard sales...I bought 4 huge flower boxes for only 3 bucks,,,they were brand new! So of course we then had to go shoping for 60 bucks later everything is looking purdy in my back yard.
Again it was cold and windy...hate that. BRRRRrr
I cleaned my pantry,,,made some brownies and feel pretty good,,,need to fold about 6 loads of laundry...*sigh
Marti,,,I don't let Skittles out without a leash...shes a nasty lil Bleep.
Jana, you amaze me,,,someone with that much will power,,,,I have been eating horrible for 3 days now,,,must get back on track.
Rosiekate, I have plants a few plants that I have pulled apart and planted elsewhere and man they just keep growing,,,does cabbage flowers sound right? I have that all over the place and have actually started to cut them back and tossing them out. Plus pansies,,,didn't know they were perinnials...and they are growing wild in the back yard.

I bought a couple more fairies for my flower beds...I like that look.

Well gonna go read my book, and pretend to watch the game...

05-30-2004, 12:47 AM
It really must be a 2 pound day! Put me on the list of losers...and a surprised one at that.
I thank you all for the input about Curves. It is attractive to me because it is ladies only. I haven't checked them out yet, and since we leave for 5 months of the year I don't know how that would work if there is a contract or yearly thingy. Maybe I can do this without them!! (at least I am finally starting to believe I can)
Jana--I must try the lemon version of the dreamsicle cake. Lemon is my all time favorite flavor. Sounds yummy!
RosieKate--I grew up camping, but married a guy who never liked it. I've become quite accustomed to hotels and now my idea of camping is Holiday Inn. :)
Angie--I love yard sales and used to go all the time when I had little ones. Now I just go look for books as I don't need to bring anything else home. I never pay full price for books.
Jana--Your DGD is a doll. The "grands" I have nearby are all teens now as the youngest DGS is 4 and lives in CA.
Hope everyone has a great (rest) of the holiday week-end. Sunshine to you!


05-30-2004, 09:21 AM
Good Morning,

Just sneaking on and now I have to sneak

Sorry,always rushing around.

You read a HAP story RosieKate?? We are off of Burnside but there are 2. I know one had a criminal scene a few weeks back, maybe that was the complex??
Or maybe it was an article on how residents attack others when laundry is removed???? That be

How funny. I wil have to scan yesterdays paper.

I am down 1 1/2-yay........142 from 143.5....... ok about that.

CONGRATS to Sue, and Jana....and Marti.....was that it?? Super good...

I property manage Marti!!!! am assistant and wanna be the boss, .....tell those maintenance men what to do......get free housing & utilities now.......but I would rather have my own place.

Oh, ya the head man knows me Jana, at least the one for my area. VERY nice man....the one that shares his diet pepsi.....the one that offers to babysit Gaby....that is that boss that will hire the new position.I trust whatever he decides, I think we have a bunch of talented people working for HAP, it is a good employer.

Ok- I know it is all about me posting but I better go. Just wanted to say hello before the girls woke up!!


05-30-2004, 12:22 PM
Good Morning all -

Susan- the article was about the Civic apartments - In Friday's paper. They are getting redeveloped - sounds like not a moment too soon. Doesn't sound like the one you live in.

Jana - Good luck with your church search - hey that rhymes! As a former Regular Baptist, one of my criteria for a new church home was open communion. I just felt, and still do, that that is between me an God. Or is that God and I? Anyway, our family found an ELCA Lutheran church that fit the bill - and are very happy there. Hope this church is a good fit for your family. I am enjoying attending again after many years away.

Angie - sounds so cold where you are! I had some violas that were returning yearly, but we had an unusually cold winter this year, and they have disappeared. I like pansies, but they are annuals here. I love yard sales, too and live a great neighborhood for it. They should be getting in gear soon.

Congrats on everyone's losses! We have all had great weeks, it seems. I'm a hormonal wreck right now (TOM) so I'm getting the Tylenol and heating pad and will check with you gals later

05-31-2004, 09:15 AM
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