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05-23-2004, 12:00 PM
I'm new so hello to all,

I'm looking for someone or several people who are interested in buddying up to keep motivation and spirits high while following an exercise programme.

Right now i'm exercising about three times a week but would like to bump it up to at leat five, ideally six days. I go to the Y with my sister but she has more family commitments than i do so is only able to go about three times a week. i could go the other days but find it hard to get motivated to go on my own.

If I knew that i would be accountable to someone other than myself it would get me there more often. I only started two weeks ago so going still isn't the habit i want it to become. I do enjoy going however.

Right now I'm 180lbs (i don't think i've lost any weight in the last two weeks) and want to get down to 135-130. I'm 5'7".
If anyone is interrested that would be great! :)


05-24-2004, 07:32 PM
Hi there!

I would love an exercise buddy. Just to keep me accountable. I am always looking for fun ideas and new ways to get fitness in to my (almost) everyday life. I am not a gym rat..tried it in a prior life and it saved my life but I like outdoors and fun things if I can - that way I can stay motivated because I had fun!

If you need an exercise buddy I am more than willing. Would like to share tips and keep me accountable. Let me know!

by the way - like your quote!


05-24-2004, 10:01 PM
it will be great!
i do go to the gym otherwise i wouldn't do anything. and i like it. i like doing things outdoors but i don't often get the opportunity. i loooove skiing in the winter too.
i don't what you had in mind but we could come here and post our plans, what we did :bravo: and what we didn't do but should have :nono:.
what ideas do you have?

05-24-2004, 11:10 PM
hello again

there is someone in the lifting forum who would also like to join our buddy system so now we have to decide whether we want to post here or there because it would be easier to consolidate our group.
do you have a preference?
i thought it might be easier to do it here because perhaps not everyone will be lifting weights but i'm not sure if that's important as long as meet somewhere. tell me what you think.
i'm going to start tomorrow becasue it's the start of a new work week and the beginning is as good a place to start as any. :?:
se :wave: e ya soon!!:wave:


05-25-2004, 11:04 AM
Hello Gen and Summer! :wave: Summer, allow me to introduce myself: I'm the one Gen referred to over at the Ladies Who Lift forum. I'm expecting a Cross Bow machine this week, and will begin to use it once my partner and I get it put together -- which apparently takes some time. I don't go to the gym, but I have in my basement a treadmill and exercise bike, as well as some dumbbells that I don't use yet.

Once I've got the machine up and running, my goal is to do 3 days resistance training, and 3 days cardio. One day of optional rest -- with optional moderate cardio fine if I feel like it, but not required. I'm SO excited about starting weight training -- I know it's critical for my weight loss, for my overall fitness level, for shaping my body's form, and for helping me with body's appearance as I'm losing weight, ie. loose skin, elasticity, and firm tone. I will be a slim person, but I will NOT be a flabby one. :eek: A smooshy 135#?? No, thanks. :nono:

Ok, here's the plan for this week (I've been cardio daily since last Wednesday; prior to that it was 3 times/week for three weeks, and prior to that it was like once a week) Here's this week's plan:
Monday 5/24: Bike 20 minutes minimum, with at least 10 minutes at "intense" speed (term used by my fitness/nutritional software) -- over 16 mph. --- Results: Biked 25 minutes, with 15 minutes at intense speed.
Tuesday 5/25: Bike 30 minutes minimum, with at least 15 minutes at intense speed.
Wednesday 5/26: Bike 20 minutes minimum, with at least 10 minutes at intense speed.
Thursday 5/27: Walk 30 minutes minimum, with at least 15 minutes at "brisk" level.
Friday 5/28: Bike 20 minutes minimum, with at least 10 minutes at "intense" level.
*The weekend exercise could be impacted by our going away for Memorial Weekend -- If we do, then I won't be exercising till we get back. I'll have to play it by ear, but if we stay, then this is what I will do:Saturday 5/29: Bike 40 minutes minimum, with at least 25 minutes at "intense" level.
Sunday 5/30: Walk 20 minutes minimum; Bike at least 40 minutes.

05-25-2004, 11:57 AM
Hi Sarah and Gen!

I think we should all post here. It makes it easier because all people exercise differently - one day may be weights - the next day may be hiking or dancing or whatever floats one boat ;)

I think we need to use this forum to keep ourselves accountable, give advice, tips etc. I think we should post our goals weekly or daily and check in and go from there. Alot of this posting will be trial and error. We will see what works for us! :dancer:

As for me this is my plan - a minimum of 270 minutes a week of cardio work. I came to this number by talking to a friend who is a personal Trainer and she says that is the minimum I should be doing to lose weight. Call me crazy but I love having a goal to shoot for because before I was more haphazzard. So here I go! :tread:

I have done 111 minutes thus far. One hour of Tennis is scheduled Thursday and Saturday and Yoga for 45 minutes tomorrow! Plus walking my dog, who is getting so big it's almost like he is walking me.

Here are some stats:
I am 5'2"
HW: 175
GW: 120

I am trying to eat more veggies and fruits. So when I want a snack I each for an apple instead of crackers. :hungry: I like to eat so this is important. I am trying to learn new and healthier cooking methods. :joker: oh the stories that will come from that :lol:

Have a great day! I look forward to getting to know you both better!

Health is not simply the absence of sickness. - Hannah Green

be well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

05-25-2004, 11:13 PM
Hi sarah and summer
well you two are way ahead of me.
today i did not exercise. i had to babysit my sisters kids because she went out of town for two weeks. and she's my real life exercise buddy :(
this weeks plan:
wed: go to gym 20-30 minutes on treadmill-interval training 3 mins at 3.6
1min at 4.2
weight training legs and butt
thurs: no exercise: babysitting again
friday:20-30 mins tread mill interval training
weight training back and abs
sat: 20-30 treadmill interval training
arms and shoulders
sun: 30 min treadmill interval training
or fitness class

ooof i'm tired thinking about it! but i always feel great afterwards.
even after going just two weeks i already feel the difference just going up the stairs and walking. i had a lot of pain in my legs and hips doing those things but it's slowly going away. :)

i weighed myself today and have lost my first 3.5lbs :smug: woohoo
so keep up the good work - way to go on the extra minutes put in!- and i'm sending good vibes to you :goodvibes


05-26-2004, 01:54 PM
:bravo: Gen for losing 3.5 lbs that is fantastic!

There are days you cannot exercise and that is okay! As long as it is not everyday. Plus it looks like you have quite the nice regimen scheduled for yourself :workout: You should congratulate yourself for putting a schedule together that you like - NO BEATING OURSELVES UP here. It doesn't help.

It is nice that your workout buddy is your sister - I would love that but she lives in another state entirely. :^:

I did my 45 minutes of Yoga and walking the doggy for my lunch break today which will give me a total of 171 minutes done thus far! I love Yoga - the weight training is my own body weight and my joints don't ache after and I sweat! I love that!

Sarah tell me how you like the crossbow machine (once you receive it and put it together). I have seen it advertised but I never knew anyone who got one to ask.

Thanks for the good vibes! Sending :sunny: days your way!

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

05-26-2004, 02:38 PM
Hey there, Gen and Summer!

Well, no bike-riding for me yesterday -- I was walking my puppy (an Italian Greyhound named Louie) on an extended walk, and he cut his little paw on something (glass? I don't even know) so I took him to the vet's and he got a couple of stitches.....so exercise for last night got cancelled. But I'll be back on it tonight for sure. Good news though: I've lost another 2 pounds, giving me a total to date of 34, and I figured out (thanks to my Tanita BF scale) that somewhere between 27 and 30 of those pounds were FAT as opposed to muscle, since my body fat percentage has dropped 4% in the last 12 weeks! So that's my good news....that, and I'm in the process of pulling out some clothes I'd outgrown and I've discovered that I'm down 2 sizes (sometimes one, depending on how the clothes run.) I've got a long way to go, but it's DEFINITELY encouraging! A couple of really cute things I ended up just bypassing altogether -- they were too small and now they're too big! :dizzy:

Gen :high: on the 3.5 pounds! Great job, girlfriend! Feels good, doesn't it? Good job, too, on the planning! -- so am I correct, you do weights and cardio on the same day?

Summer, you are such a sweetheart, feeling the good vibes -- I like you! :D With your yoga, have you studied it and just do it now independently -- or do you go to a class and do it in a group setting or what? Or do you do a tape? I'm sure I'll give you guys an earful (eyeful?) once I get rolling with the Cross Bow. I really did a lot of research on it before making the decision to buy it; I joined a couple of message boards devoted to weight lifting and/or the Cross Bow specifically, and also visited a number of fitness sites to get user responses. I know it's potential faults and inadequacies, as well as it's strengths and plusses......so I feel like I know what I'm getting into, and I expect it to meet my current needs. I know also that I'll need to augment my fitness training with some free weights as I move forward. For now, though, I think it'll do just right. I really am very, very excited though.....I think it's going to be fun!

Take care, you two!

05-26-2004, 05:55 PM
hi summer and sarah,
great going guys mmm.... i should say ladies or even chicks :cheers:
i hope your dog is doing ok sarah...oooh, sigh, to fit into some of my smaller cuter clothes...congrats to you :cheer:
this weeks plan:
wed: go to gym 20-30 minutes on treadmill-interval training 3 mins at 3.6
1min at 4.2
weight training legs and butt
went to the gym:25 mins interval training on tread mill, weight trained legs etc. stretched, plus i walked to work and walked home about 25mins each way and...got to go in to work late and leave early woohoo :cb:
thurs: no exercise: babysitting again
friday:20-30 mins tread mill interval training
weight training back and abs
sat: 20-30 treadmill interval training
arms and shoulders
sun: 30 min treadmill interval training
or fitness class

i want to do yoga too! i'm hoping that the summer schedule at the Y will work for me. i want to lose weight but i also want to become fit and limber and to have control over how my body moves.

i'm expecting someone else to join us. i hope she does:crossed:
so then we will be four!

have a great evening

05-27-2004, 10:49 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

It's Thursday and I am in such a groove by mid week...I Love it! Mondays are ususally my hardest day so I enjoy as the week passes that day by!

Sarah sorry to hear about Louie and I hope his paw heals soon. My dog is named Fenway and he is a golden retreiver but he looks like an Irish Setter because he is red - he is a total yahoo...in other words we belong together. He and I went for a 18 city block walk this morning and the sun was shining - I loved it :love: because it has rained so much the past couple of months. :cp: Way to go on another 2 lbs gone! That is tremendous! I get on the scale on Friday mornings...and only Fridays because I will drive my ownself crazy :dizzy: and I don't need much help in that department. How do you figure out how much muscle vs. fat that you lost? because that is way cool!

Gen let anyone know they are welcome. What a nice Wednesday workout you had! :workout: Enjoy your day off today and be excited for Friday! makes the workouts go by faster.

I love Yoga! It has no negative impact on my joints and I feel worked out but less tense. I go to class and I do some on my own. I am starting to get very serious about it and actually study it. It has done wonders for my health in terms of stress because stress cause so much :censored:

Enjoy your day! I hope it is :sunny: where you are!

be well.
:lol3: Summer :lol3:

05-28-2004, 01:09 AM
hello summer and sarah,

:) got to sleep in a little today :)
i walked part way to work so that was it for me today.
you know i could get up early and go to the gym before work on days when i'm busy inthe evening, espcially since it's on my way, but:yawn: i'm just not a morning person so...i wont! :lol:

good going on walking eighteen blocks! summer. how long does that take?
oooh it's sooooo nice that spring is here! i'll be getting my dads bike soon for the summer and then i'll bike to and from work. idid that last year and it was good exercise even if it only takes about 10 minutes. at least it's somewhat uphill going.....i coast aaaaall the way home but it's good anyways.

what kind of yoga do you do? apparently there are so many different kinds :?: I bought a book on yoga by some big name guy whose name escapes me at the moment and i would definitely want to get into that. the new schedule should be out soon.

june 4th is going to be hard for me....it's the day i set to stop......... :o smoking....ummmm.... yes yes i will stop that day! arg:eek:
i quit for a while last year and it went really well at the beginning but this year it seems much harder for some reason. maybe everytime i want a cigarette i have :drill: to do situps or something.

i weigh myself on mondays... i decided that this week. at work (which is my moms homedaycare) there is a scale like at the doctors office and it's very tempting to weigh myelf all the time but that is not :nono: a good thing to do.
so mondays it is.

so i'm off to the gym tomorrow
cardio, back, chest and abs :strong:

keep up the good work
and have a good friday :flow2:


05-28-2004, 06:09 PM
I can't even begin to say how happy I am that it is FRIDAY :D :D :D

Today I am did some damage control because one of my business partners walked out to go to a competitor. That was fun... :mad:

So it rained yesterday - no tennis but I went to yoga instead. 90 minutes! It was such a stress relief. Gen you are right there are so many different types of yoga many have the same fundamental poses they just do them in a different order, with modifications or a different intensity. I like Ashtanga yoga it is more aerobic and faster paced...as fast as yoga can be :p , There is Hatha yoga which is very relaxing and a slower pace, there is Vinyasa which concentrates on alot of various positions and Bikram which puts you into 104 degree room and you do the same sequence of positions every class and you sweat the toxins and your *** off.

Tennis today! Yippee!

Gen 18 blocks takes about 35 minutes and a "speed" walking pace with my dog. Way to go on sleeping in a little - I love when that happens! Good luck on the smoking - I did on and off for 10 years and got sick so badly that it scared the crap out me and I quit. I will grab one out of great stress at times but nowhere near where I used to be. Good Luck! I'll be praying and rooting for you!

Hi to Sarah - I hope you have a great Friday

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

Scale didn't move from 150 but at least it didn't go up!

05-28-2004, 10:23 PM
hi summer,
sorry you had a bad day. well sometimes what seems like bad news now ends up being a blessing in the long run.:halffull:
today the summer schedule is out so i can take the yoga classes. my sister and i signed up to the gym then we got my mom to come and now my sister-in-law is going to join. yippe! none of them is overwheight though but they could all stand to get into shape. my mom the 60 year old is in the best shape of all of us!
my sister-in-law is going to do the yoga with me. my sister is not interrested. so thats great.
:cp:90 mins of yoga is great!:cp: did you do that with a video? or do you go to a studio?

this weeks plan:
wed: go to gym 20-30 minutes on treadmill-interval training 3 mins at 3.6
1min at 4.2
weight training legs and butt
went to the gym:25 mins interval training on tread mill, weight trained legs etc. stretched, plus i walked to work and walked home about 25mins each way and...got to go in to work late and leave early woohoo
thurs: no exercise: babysitting again
friday:20-30 mins tread mill interval training
weight training back and abs
went to the gym and did what i set out to do.:dance:

revised weekend plan:
sat: fitness class (with my step mom)
sun: 20-30 min treadmill interval training
arms, shoulder

hi sarah i hope all is well with you.
have a great weekend :flow1:

05-29-2004, 01:07 AM
Hello, Gen and Summer! :wave: First of all, Summer, I'm so sorry to hear of your bad news. I completely agree with Gen though -- sometimes when we're in the throes of crisis or turmoil, we can lack the perspective to recognize a curse from a blessing. You can't know now what good can come out of your current situation or what positive development is right around the corner -- just trust that you have the capacity to sort it out. Sounds like you're rising to the occasion -- you're a pro and it's what you do....just keep kicking *** and taking no prisoners :s: -- do it for Fenway! (And maybe add some extra yoga to help you manage your stress.) May I ask what kind of business you have?

Gen, yay for you signing up for the yoga! And you're doing a great job of sticking with your plan! :high: I'm SO glad to hear that you're quitting smoking! My partner smokes two packs of Marlboro's a day (although not in the house -- that would definitely be grounds for divorce, in my book!) and I wish and pray with all of my heart that she'll make up her mind that it's time to quit. I'm sure there are people who love you who are excited about your decision to quit! I'll bet you start exercising more when you quit; that's my prediction.

As for me, this is such an unbelievably hectic time for me at work, I'm having trouble posting as regularly as I'd like. I'm an HR Generalist for a technology provider, and a large part of my job is recruiting; I currently have to recruit about 150 temporary engineers and technicians in several states, as well as 5 higher-level perm positions in my company. Aaaaahhhh!! :eek: I truly am a busy, busy girl. This is a cyclical thing with the company, but it's my first time experiencing it, since I'm only 9 months in position here. I'm happy to report that the food portion of my plan is right on track. Oh, Summer, I almost forgot to answer your question about my fat loss quantifying; I have a Tanita body fat scale that measures your fat bye the bioimpedence method. An electrical current runs through your feet and, as it travels differently through bone and muscle than through fat and water. In seeing the difference between my BF% at the beginning vs. now, I just do the math. This method (and this brand of scale) is supposed to be as effective as using calipers within .5%, which is close enough for me. The best method is through water submersion, but this is good enough for my purposes.

Exercise report, and then on to my BIG NEWS!!!!!

Wednesday: Biked 40 minutes, with 25 minutes at 17-19 mph.
Thursday: No exercise at night, but I did have a brisk 20 minutes walk at lunch.
Friday: Biked 20 minutes, 10 minutes at 16-18 mph.

Tomorrow I'm going to hit it hard! Ok, now for the big announcement! MY CROSSBOW IS HERE!!!!!!! I'm so, so, SO excited about it!!! We're going to get up early and put it together....apparently no small feat. It's supposed to take a number of hours -- anywhere from 3-8, depending on how mechanically inclined and organized you are. Hopefully we can make up in organization what we lack in mechanical inclination! :lol: Actually, Lorraine is pretty good with that stuff, as long as I'm around to keep a mindful eye on the directions and help organize parts. Apparently that's a big thing with this machine. Lottttssa parts, and they have to be sorted beforehand. I'll give a report tomorrow -- hopefully on my first Cross Bow workout!

Thank you both for your well wishes for my little Louie -- that was really sweet. I love that dog!! He's doing really well -- thanks again.

Good night and talk to you tomorrow!

05-29-2004, 03:09 PM
hello ladies,

well it seems we had a good week of sticking to our exercise goals :spin: hooray for us :smug:

good luck putting the cross bow together sarah...sounds like a workout in itself. and you're going to have to be in good shape for work it sounds like. 150 people :yikes:

revised weekend plan:
sat: fitness class (with my step mom)done! (i have to get up earlier to go to that class than i do to go to work :crazy: )
sun: 20-30 min treadmill interval training
arms, shoulder

doing a fitness class is waaaaay harder than the treadmill and weight training. it sure is a wake up call. the teacher asked me at one point "don't your leg go backwards" i said "no they don't" :lol: and that was that!
so i'm thinking that an aerobics class once a week would be a good thing.

keep up the good work and may your weekend be :sunny: even if the sky is cloudy.


05-30-2004, 10:16 PM
hi sarah and summer,

i hope guys had a great weekend. mine was absolutely uneventful :snail:.

so here's what happened on sunday. you want the long or the short verson?:blah:

i did not stick to my plan of going to the Y today. i am so achy after yesterday's aerobics class i decided not to push it. (half reason half excuse) BUT i then decided that i would do my stretching dvd since that may help. but i put it off and put it off till i realized i wasn't going to do it all .:p
THEN THE PHONE RANG! my brother-in-law calls to confirm that i'm babysitting tomorrow evening- which means NO GYM TOMORROW :eek:.
so now i have a big decision to make :chin: since the Y closes at 6 on sunday's and it's 7:30
1)don't exercise for two days :bomb:- don't like that one
2) get up early tomorrow and go to the gym before work - who am i kidding :dz:!
3) get off my butt and go for a walk/jog outside - :drill: ooooh

so i put on my sweatpants, my hoodie, my socks, my running shoes and walked out the door. then i remembered i had water to boil on the stove for some tea -:yikes:- went in, turned it off and left again.

i was gone for an hour. walked/jogged to the football feild, about 15 blocks - which is waaaaay harder on pavement than on the treadmill- stretched out there because my legs were crampy, and walked/jogged back.

why did i get off my butt to do that? because
1) i wanted to be the type of person who would :yes:
2) because of you guys - i just didn't want to come back here and say i did nothing. i was thinking of you guys the whole time :grouphug:.

so thank you thank you for being here (i'm tearing up now).

well i guess you got the long version.

tomorrow is weigh-in day.

see you soon :wave:


05-31-2004, 07:11 PM
Hey Sarah and Gen!

Thanks for the advice on my recently departed business associate. I appreciate it so and know that you are right...It is trying to see the forest through the trees...God gave us a mind to absorb not just the small incidents but the big picture as well. So Thanks! ;)

Sarah I am in the financial realm...I am a wholesaler for a 3rd part marketer...which means that large companies hire me and my associates to train bank reps and bank securities reps on their products and represent their company. I only deal with fixed income (bonds, annuities..etc.) products and I do alot of the trouble shooting, set up, service issues and compliance and my partners do alot of the travel and on site traings. I don't own the company but there is the owners then there is me and my partners. We work as a team...I hope that didn't bore you.

HOW IS THE CROSSBOW? I have been so waiting to see what you will say :goodvibes: I hope you and your partner put it together and could still hug at the end of the day :lol: I hope your hectic schedule at work makes your days go by fast! Wow...I thought I was busy.

Gen :bravo: way to go on taking the initiative to exercise out from an element where you are used to from a fitness class and on your own at home! I am glad you remembered you had water boiling before you left though! but in all seriousness... you reached out to start the thread and you owe yourself some big kudos for this one as well! I am glad to hear you signed up for yoga..classes with a great instructor are the best.

I hope both of you had a wonderful weekend!

"When I find myself fading, I close my eyes and realize my friends are my energy." -Anon.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

06-01-2004, 11:14 PM
hello :) summer and sarah :wave:,

yesterday was weigh in day and i'm down to 173 yippee 38 to go.
this is this weeks plan:
monday: no work out, babysitting -done :lol:
tuesday: treadmill, shoulders, biceps and triceps, stretching -done! legs crampy so i walked more than usual but i increased the incline to keep my heart rate up.
wednesday: yoga
thursday: treadmill, legs and butt, stretching
friday: yoga
saturday: fitness class
sunday: undecided

i'm wondering how the cross bow is going sarah? did you get it up and running? you know i have to admit i have nooooo idea :dunno: what a crossbow is!

soooo ladies how's the exercising going? any plans for the week? hup hup hup lets go go go!!!!!
:drill::barbell::strong::rollpin::tread::workout: :cheer: :grouphug:


06-02-2004, 01:09 AM
Well, I'm back! DW and I went away for the weekend after all. We went to see her family in NY, which is always stressful, but the good news is that I still ate completely on plan -- no small feat when you're in a NY Italian family's home and you're on such a uber-healthy eating plan as I! They gave every indication that they think that I've become -- and here I quote -- "a real freak," an over-the-top "health nut" for eating as I do, but at the same time they all said I looked great. So there we are. So far, I'm down 35 pounds in 13 weeks, so, while I'm not happy that my loss has slowed to 2 pounds per week, I'm still feeling really good about my progress to date. I have a long journey in front of me, but I have no doubt that I'll reach my goals in time.......while feeling better and better as I'm getting there! And I know full well that the only way that I'm going to get my loss rate up is through some increased movement of this shrinking bottom of mine!

Well, that segues nicely into my exercise report --I think I'd reported through Friday, if memory serves:

Saturday: Nothing much, aside from a few leisurely walks with Louie (in NY)
Sunday: Same as above (in NY)
Monday: Back home; biked 30 minutes, w/15 minutes at 17-19 mph

You guys are so cute, asking about my Cross Bow! Thank you SO much for the support! :grouphug: Ok, first things first: Gen, my Cross Bow is like the BowFlex, if you've heard of that. It's a resistance training machine that uses bows instead of weights, and you can work both your upper and lower body on it, as well as row; it has a lat bar and leg extension, and you can use it to do squats also. Summer, you're so funny -- are you watching us on video or something?? We, um, struggle ;) with projects sometimes. When it comes to this kind of stuff, my beloved is utterly without patience or a personal editor, you see. Think Tony Soprano without the therapy or medication! :lol3: Soooo, on Monday we got the machine halfway put together with surprisingly little stress, (we also had some friends over earlier during the day, so we couldn't devote enough time to complete the machine in one day.) Then today when I went to work, unbeknownst to me, she worked on it alone some more, and so it's almost done! Life is so good for me, no? :coffee: She's going to try to finish it tomorrow if she doesn't get too busy with work; otherwise, we'll finish it up together tomorrow night. I'm such a lucky girl. I've got my routine ready: a full body Legs/Push/Pull routine 3 days a week to start out with, at 2 sets of like 12-15 rep's per exercise. (As I progress, I'll continue with 3 days, but I will mix up the routine and maybe break it into body sections.) I'm still going to do cardio 3 days/week, on alternating days. Sounds like a great plan, huh? Now all I need to do is put my words into action! :blah:

You two have both been doing just great! :high: Truly, I'm proud of you both! Oh, and Gen, congrat's on the poundage loss too!

Summer, you're work sounds, well, maybe interesting isn't quite the right word :lol: but definitely intriguing in a sort of cerebral, theoretical sense, if you know what I mean! Interesting in a "crazy-didn't-know-people-did-that-I-don't-quite-understand-all-of-it-God-bless-all-the-different-kinds-of-people" kind of way! ;)

Gotta turn in now....I really will try to post more frequently, Gen and Summer. I really feel very lucky to have found you two -- I think it's just so great that Gen's simple request yielded -- for me, anyway -- two totally cool women that I already like very much! :goodvibes

Oh yeah, and Summer, please send the very best doggybone wishes to Fenway from Louie! :p

06-02-2004, 11:08 AM
Hey there my friends

I have had my coffee :coffee: and my exercise today. So I did some aerobics with resistance bands for 30 minutes ( :no: definitely not my favorite thing) and then walked Fenway at a speed walking pace for 20 minutes. I have to be careful how fast I walk because if he thinks I am starting to jog he gets to excited and runs like the alpha male he is with me dragging behind :yikes: I am thinking about yoga again tonight because I can actually get there. Last weeks total (Sun-Sat) was 316 minutes of exercise! So I am hoping to fit more tennis (weather permitting) and yoga in (time permitting)

Gen you have to tell me what you think of the yoga class! I hope you have a great instructor because that can make all the difference in the world. Are you prepared to quit smoking? I smoked on and off for 10 years and quit on Halloween. So I know it's hard but you can do it. My DH doesn't like me smoking but he jokes on how goofy I get when I have a nicotine fit :stars:

Sarah :cheer: for the crossbow! I can't wait to hear about more of it! I want to know how quick results are, how good/bad you feel, everything! :cheers: on stayng on program as you went away - I slid under the bus on Sunday (way too many margaritas) then felt like I got hit by one on Monday. That doesn't happen often... ;) So what is your eating regimen like? Are low carb, no carb, low fat, low calories?

So this is my exercise report so far:
Tennis for 70 minutes, Walked Fenway for 20 minutes on Sunday
Nothing on Monday
Yoga and Walked Fenway Tuesday for a total of 50 minutes
Aerobics with resistance and walk Fenway for a total of 40 minutes today
So 180 minutes so far :tread:

So keep up the great work ladies! :goodscale:
Have a wonderful and hopefully :sunny: day

"To change and to change for the better are two different things."
-German proverb

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

06-02-2004, 10:23 PM
hello hello,
:oi didn't do the yoga today because i couldn't find the room:?:
by the time i could have found it i would have been late and i've never done yoga before and would have felt like a real :doh:

so i just did my regular routine on the treadmill and legs and butt etc.

i'm not on any particular diet. i do try to limit my bread and pasta and stuff like that. bread is my weakness. :blah: i'm trying to cut the fat but it's alot harder to do than i thought. chocolate that's my weakness too. (hmmm maybe i have alot of them :p: ) i'm eating real food no processed stuff except some sauces like hoisin. i don't eat more than 4oz of meat at one sitting. alot of stir fries to get my veggies in. i don't really like cooking and it's really hard to cook for one. i used to buy vegetables and they would just go bad. now i eat them! and more fruit too. :blah: i never used to eat fruit i didn't like it but now i actually like it, maybe since i'm not eating so much chocolate.
i enter everything i eat in fitday and it helps to track what i'm eatingi'm averaging 1500 calories and i eat till i'm full then at the end of the day i know if i can have a snack or not after dinner, and i usually can. :blah: i'm making breakfast smoothies to which i just started adding 2% yogourt wich makes it creamy and yummy. i add soy protein to them but will add a different source of protein soon because i just found out that soy has some nasty side effects. :blah:
so thats it in a nutshell :lol:

there's a way to let people see your fitday food but i don't know how to do that.

i have a qustion: my legs, mostly the side of my left shin cramp up when i walk too fast or jog. do you know why?

summer do you do your aerobics with videos at home? i don't do them because i don't think my neighbour downstairs would appreciate it.

sarah i think a loss of two pounds a week is great! even if it is frustrating. that's over 100lbs a year! keep up the good work. :cp:

take care ladies :queen: :queen:

06-04-2004, 10:14 AM

Hi Gen and Sarah!

I am sure you both are crazy busy because it is that time of year.

Gen I cannot wait to hear how you like yoga (or say it is not for you)! I understand about not wanting to walk in late but at least you stayed and exercised! :strong:

Sarah is the crossbow ready? :goodvibes: How is Louie and his paw?

Exercise has been good - so far 325 minutes logged for this week (if you count walking Fenway too). There is so much information about nutrition and exercise that I think my brain is a little scrambled :dizzy: Does exercise have to be at acertain intensity for weight loss or is any good? 3 meals or 5 smaller ones? dairy or soy? :blah: I think I am just on information overload.
I got Dr. Phils book... :o a little embarassed but :shrug: but what can you do? What ever helps. I just refuse to go back to weight watchers EVER.

Ladies - enjoy your Friday! :D

"Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway." -Mary Kay Ash

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

06-04-2004, 01:55 PM
Hello, Gen and Summer!

First up, my exercise since Monday:
Tuesday: Nothing. :(
Wednesday: Walked on treadmill for 30 minutes
Thursday: Nothing.... :mad:

NOT making excuses because I should have made time in the morning, but it didn't happen in the evening as it usually does because I've been getting home late from work every day this week, then we had stuff going on Thursday night, so I need to get back in the SADDLE.

Here's the plan for tonight and this weekend:
Friday: Bike for 40 minutes, with at least 20 minutes at 17-19 mph
Saturday: Bike for 30 minutes
Sunday: Work out on the Crossbow for 40 minutes; do light cardio for a total of 40 minutes; 30 first thing in the morning, and 10 after the Crossbow workout.

Yes, that's right.........we've got the Crossbow assembled!!! Lorraine did almost all of it, bless her heart, even though she was sick! Yesterday we got the lat bar attachment (an add-on that I ordered and which arrived separately;) once we put that on, the machine will be complete! Now all I need to do is figure out how to work out on it! I've joined a message board specifically geared towards Crossbow users to get some pointers, and I still have to watch the video that came with it. I think I'm going to start out with a "Break-in Routine" from the guys who wrote "The Body Sculpting Bible for Women," pending confirmation from some experts that this is the best routine for me to start out with for fat loss. I'll be doing this routine 3 days/week, with an additional 3 days of cardio. Yowza, I better get back in that saddle quick or my body will just go into shock!

On the topic of nutrition, and what eating plan I follow: I haven't been following any commercial program, just eating really carefully with an eye to overall good health. I use a wonderful software program called Diet Power, and I have found it to be enormously helpful; I track my food and water daily, and have my short term goals logged there, so I can see graphs comparing my goal weight vs. actual. It allows me to track not just my calories, but fiber, water, and all my micro- and macronutrients as well. Overall, here's the synopsis of my eating plan: I average 1500-1600 calories/day (my quarterly average since Mar 1 is 1534,) with a macro breakdown of about 35p/40c/25f. (Protein/Carb/Fat.) My saturated fat is super low, just what I pick up from lean meats, skim milk, and the token reduced fat feta....the rest is olive oil. I eat 5-6 meals/day, and I almost never have carbs without protein. I limit my carbs to low glycemic carbs, and a primary source is the All Bran Extra Fiber I have every morning. At lunch I'll often have some brown rice or basmati rice or bulgur or beans, but I try to keep my carbs at dinner to those coming from vegetables and/or salad. I try to consume at least 40 grams of fiber a day, but my range is 35-60. :dizzy: I make sure to have nonfat yogurt (with live cultures, of course) at least 3 times/week, and I eat soybeans at least 3 times a week -- I make them spicy! I drink 2-3 high quality whey protein drinks/day (EAS Precision Protein.) I also restrict my sugar intake; I add no sugar to anything, and if I have a sweet it's more often than not a Healthy Choice Ice Cream Sandwich, which isn't so bad. I have a treat meal once in a while (sometime every week or two) and so when I'm looking at my nutritional totals, I'm looking for a weekly average (among other things, Diet Power gives me a running 7-day total) -- so if I'm a little naughty during one meal, I'm still good for the week, it's a wash, and I don't stress.

I'm considering reducing my carbs slightly, to reflect more of a 40p/35c/25f total, still sticking to low gly carbs, and still consuming at least 2 servings of fruit per day...it will probably mean cutting out the occasional 1/2 cup of brown rice or half whole wheat sandwich at lunch.....or, dare I say it, cutting out the almost nightly Smart Balance Ice Cream Cookie that I love so dearly. (I could just have low carb low fat yogurt and maybe some berries, or maybe a protein smoothie with berries.....YUM, and guilt-free too! That way I'd still be giving my body the protein it needs to build muscle overnight...without as many carbs!)

I do need to adjust my overall approach, though, because my loss really has plateaued. I anticipate a jump from the increase in exercise that the weight training will provide; however, I'm thinking maybe I need to look at the nutritional component also. What do you guys think?

Louie's great, by the way, his paw is terrific, like nothing happened! (We went back to the vet for the follow up and now Louie's got a clean bill of health, the little rascal!)

I'm sorry I've shown such lame participation -- it's just the busiest time of the year for me at work -- once it calms down you guys will be begging me to shut up and get another hobby! :lol: I promise I will step up to the plate in terms of responding more regularly and also reporting exercise COMPLETED! :^:

Have a great Friday, and weekend!

06-06-2004, 02:39 AM
Hello, Summer and Gen! Hope you guys are having a great weekend! Here's my update:

Friday: Biked for 20 minutes, with 8 at intense speed
Saturday: Biked for 40 minutes, with 25 at intense speed, and played with the Cross Bow lifting weights for 20 minutes

The Cross Bow's so much FUN! I'm so excited! :dance: Here's my modified goal for Sunday:

20 minutes moderate cardio -- nothing intense.
Full body weights workout lifting as heavy as I safely can, preceded and followed by 10 minutes of light cardio - once I get the hang of it, the weights portion should take me about 45 minutes, but I suspect my first few times will take me an hour, till I get the hang of the machine. But I'm so excited! :strong:

I'll post next week's plan tomorrow. :)

06-07-2004, 02:22 PM
Hello, again! Hey, where is everybody?? :dunno:

Here's my report for Sunday:

* Biked first thing in the morning for 20 minutes (moderate pace.)
* Worked out on the Cross Bow and using free weights for 40 minutes. This is a full-body workout, and I lifted as heavily as I could, working the back, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, thighs, hamstrings, and calves.
* Biked for 15 minutes (moderate pace) for weights cool-down.

Today I'm sore all over -- it feels great!! Who knew that I'd enjoy squats and stiff-legged deadlifts so much?? Crazy.

Here's the plan (I think) for this week -- it might have to be changed if we get company on Wednesday -- so I'll update it if there's a change:

Monday: 40 minutes HIIT cardio after work.
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Weights - 40 minutes (another full-body workout).
Thursday: 40 minutes HIIT cardio after work; abs (crunches and leglifts).
Friday: Weights - 40 minutes (another full-body workout).
Saturday: 40 minutes HIIT cardio (first thing in the morning); abs (crunches and leglifts).
Sunday: 20 minutes moderate cardio first thing in the morning, then weights - full-body workout - later in the day, followed by 20 minutes moderate cardio for cool down.

So how are you guys doing? :D

06-07-2004, 10:18 PM
Oi...I am already wishing for Friday - what does that tell you? :^:

One other business partner resigned today but with respect and how it should be done...Her mother is dying and she lost her father earlier this year and she cannot travel anymore...so understandable. Just :sad: sad to her leave.

Sarah way to go on the exercise my friend :cp: ! Excellent work. Did I hear you say you were enjoying squats :?: I can honestly say I have never heard anyone say that :lol: ...but if it makes you look forward to exercising thumbs up! is the Crossbow message board of any help? How do you keep track of your eating plan? That sounds so complicated but maybe because that is where my biggest weakness is. At the rate you are going you are going to be a buff woman in no time :strong: What does Lorraine (your partner's name right?) think? Does she exercise with you?

Gen where are you? tried yoga yet? how is the smoking cessation going? If your shins are cramping up it could be 1 of 3 things :chin:- start of shin splints which means you need to go easy), dehydration or not stretching enough before or after workouts. I hope all is well with you! Tu parles francais? I noticed you lived in Quebec..just curious!

I ate like :censored: the past couple of days. Of course, as I am saying this the Ice Cream truck is rolling ever so slowly bye :tape: :shrug: A bout of depression is creeping up and I am trying like a madman to head it off at the pass but I think its just a step ahead sometimes.

but good news is I did 325 minutes of exercise last week Sun-Sat. This Sunday I did 75 minutes of tennis and it was windy so I was chasing the ball (one of the few times that you will see run on purpose - I get to hit something! :hyper:), I walked Fenway for 30 minutes today and did Pilates for 20. Tomorrow is more Tennis! Wednesday looks like a Yoga/Pilates/walk the dog day and Thursday may be a scratch except dog walking because I have to give a presentation on strategic planning to a local board :soap:...Oi, I want Friday. Saturday I have to give the same talk again to a different group :blah:

Any ideas on how to whittle the waist? get rid of love handles? problem area of choice for me. Any tips would be good. My head is spinning on the many different offerings of crunches and breathing techniques that I am so tired I just want something that works. I don't mind working out what I mind is wasting my time. :mad: My weight is not moving either. My DH is so encouraging ;) so I keep trying...that is all you can do, no?

Have a great Tueday all!

"It's not failure, but low aim is crime." -Lowell

be well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

06-08-2004, 12:18 AM
i almost finished writing my post and then i lost it all!
do i have the energy to retype everything i wrote?????
hello ladies,
i'm baaack.
you guys were soooo awsome this weekend. great work.
i did not exercise aaallll weekend. :o:

glad to hear you are enjoying your crossbow sarah. it sounds like it's really motivating you rah rah rah :cheer:.

i really enjoyed my yoga class on friday. i went with my sis-in-law and she even bought me a yoga mat! how nice is that??:angel:
mon: spent two hours at the gym doing a full body workout with my mom. i would have finished sooner but i had to show her a bunch of stuff. we had fun though. and i work with her all day too...good thing we don't hate each other :)
tues: hmmm don't know what to do. i want to do cardio but my calf is still bothering me. maybe i'll try a different machine instead of the treadmill or i'll do an aerobics class.
wed: off. going to sign up for a course at the running room. "learn to run" it's once a week for ten weeks.
thurs: first class at the running room!
fri: yoga
sat: weight training and cardio
sun: i don't know. i could go for a run/jog or take an aerobics class

so there's my contract for the week
and i enjoy doing squats too. makes me feel strong :strong:.

today was weigh-in day and... i gained one pound. but that's ok. could be fat, water, muscle.
ever onward :bubbles:.

from what i read the best way to get the most from your cardio workout is this: work at around 60% of your max heart rate. do you know how to get that? if not this is how: 220-your age=max heart rate multiply that by 0.6 and you get your 60%. if you do interval training you could go up to 80% at times. it depends on how fit you are. but that's just a guide line. not everyone at the same age has the same max heart rate. pay attention to your breathing it should be harder and faster than a leisurely walk but you should still be able to talk somewhat. i hope this helps.

to get rid of love handles: first of all love handles are probably fat so to reduce your waist is just a matter of losing the fat. there are exercises you can do to tighten up your waist muscles but as long as there is too much fat there you will have well fat there.
here are two execises you can do:
1) hold a weight in one hand down along the side of your body. stand straight but flex your knees a bit. now lean over to the side from the waist, don't move your hips and keep your shoulders square in front of you, on the side you are holding the weight on, all the way as far as you can, slowly bring yourself up and lean over the other way. thats one rep. do 10 to 15 reps. now change the weight to the other hand and repeat. you could do several sets. if you can do more than three sets you should increase the weight.
2) lie on your back and bring your legs up like you are going to do crunches. do a crunch but instead of straight up bring your elbow to the opposite knee. do as many as you can up to 3 sets of fifteen. if thats too easy you may have to increase the resistence. doing more is just a waste of time.
there you have it! i hope that was clear enough. as you can see i'm dong a lot of research. you sure couldn't tell by looking at me. :lol:

i ate some chocolate this weekend...not alot but some. and that's all i'm going to say about that :ziplip:!

my biggest food problem is reducing my fat. i'm eating around 1500 to 1900 cals a day but my fat percentage is always too high. i'm aiming for 20-30%. i'm eating waaaay more veggies and fruit and less pasta, bread and the like. but it's not a low carb diet. oops i said the four letter word! i also quit drinking cows milk. i think i'm addicted to it. if i have a sip i need a litre. so i switched to soy milk but one without any stuff added like sugar. i've been reading that soy has chemicals that have estrogen-like properties and that may not be good for reproduction but may be good if you are going through menopause. i don't drink the stuff straight from the glass or should i say carton (i live alone so it's ok for me to do that) i just use it on cereal and in smoothies. if i drink a lot of smoothies then i'll get some rice milk and almond milk too. i don't have to time or the inclination to eat 6 times a day. i just eat 3 to 4 times a day. i don't know what is better :shrug:. like you said too many opinions. i just can't change too many things at once.

i think sometimes weight loss just plateaus as our bodies get adjusted. if you are exercising, which i know you are, then you may not lose weight but be gaining some muscle and losing fat anyway. now that you are woking out with the crossbow i bet you start losing weight again soon :flow1:. it is probably the shock your body needs to rev up some more.

boy i sure am blabbing on today...see what happens when i don't post in a few days. :blah::blah::blah:

i'll quit now
bonne nuit mes amis :queen::queen:,

06-08-2004, 12:27 AM
Oh, Summer, I'm sorry to hear your news....do you have any kind of backfill for these partners? How do you normally handle that? (So much of my time is spent recruiting, I can't help but ask these questions!)

Thanks for the cheerleading on the exercise! You're such a pal! :grouphug: The food I track by logging it daily in a wonderful software program I use called Diet Power. It really is sooooo helpful; it's like the next generation, the next level, of FitDay. It does all the good stuff that FitDay does, but at least as well if not better, and then it does tons of stuff that FitDay does not. It's awesome. It takes me about 8 minutes a day to log all my food, after I have kept track of my food and water intake during the day. At first I had to weigh/measure, but after like a week or two, I got good at eyeballing it. Once I got organized and established a regular routine, the whole thing just went on autopilot. I work in an office environment, so I just use the same (Excel) page over and over to log my food and water throughout the day, and then I just print it out and take it home. Virtually no thought required. Sometimes I use it on teh weekends before going out to dinner, to see how much I can get away with....now isn't THAT helpful?!

As for the squats....it's freaking crazy that I like 'em! I think it's gotta be because I feel so strong there. My thighs are very strong, unlike my shoulders apparently...which are screaming bloody murder! Actually, every single muscle I worked is hurting, so I guess I did it right!

You're really sweet to ask about Lorraine, and very thoughtful to remember her name, too! Well, she's very proud of me, and sort of in awe of my focus. She does not work out at all. Nor will she quit smoking, or modify her bad eating habits significantly, unless literally all she can eat is what I put in front of her -- and I won't give her anything unhealthy. On the token burger night, for example, I'll have purchased the 93% lean beef, and there we are at the dinner table (we eat together by candlelight every night), I with my reduced fat mayo, and she with her full fat variety. :dizzy: Crazy.

Summer, I didn't know that you were battling with depression. I'm so sorry to hear that, and wish I could give you a big hug. :goodvibes I wish you didn't have to deal with that. Sounds like you're staying on track in terms of exercise, so good for you! I've got the food thing pretty much locked down, thanks to having successfully achieved a 180 on my overall view of food -- much more often than not, that is. I still treat myself once in a while, but the key word there is treat, and the unspoken one is "planned." It's the exercise piece that has eluded me. It's been like pulling teeth, trying to convince myself to go down TO MY OWN BASEMENT and jump on my exercise bike or treadmill. Some people would kill to have access to those any time they'd like, but I successfully ignored them most of the time. But NO MORE. No sireebob. I established healthy eating as a habit....a desired way to live, and I won't alter that. I know I can do it with exercise, too. It will just require consistent focus, just like with the food......and you can do it, too, Summer, I know it!! I'm so glad that you've got a loving, supportive husband -- you seem like a truly lovely person, and you deserve it. Use that support to psyche yourself up, ask him for help, whatever it takes. The key is that you set yourself up to consistently achieve your goals (baby ones at first) and then you'll progress from there, building on those newly established positive habits. You're a trooper, Summer......YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I swear, I write the longest posts ever. Sorry! :o :^:

Summer, I send you big hugs and LOTSA positive energy!! :goodvibes

06-08-2004, 01:03 AM
Great job staying busy -- sounds like you're really mixing it up! Don't worry about this weekend, and that chocolate.......well, perhaps it was simply a matter of your soul needing it!

Summer I agree with Gen about the love handle/fat equation -- I can't believe I forgot to talk about that in my long post! Yup, lose the fat while doing some abs exercises, then when the fat's gone, you've got muscle bared beneath! But as for spot-losing, not gonna happen, alas. :(

As for cardio, I'm going to disagree with Gen -- sorry Gen! :^: -- I am a strong proponent of High Intensity Interval Training rather than the slower, more moderate approach. It's what's been recommended consistently by just about every professional weight lifter or body builder, as well as so many folks who've successfully lost weight. While the argument for the slower, longer cardio is that it puts you in the fat burning range, the HIIT method provides some of that and a LOT more calories burned, which is ultimately what's going to cause you to lose more fat. For busier folks, it's a godsend, and still positively impacts your metabolism when as long as at least 20 minutes of it are done at the heart rate Gen described OR ABOVE. Lots of information on it on the web if you google it, or I'd be happy to go grab some info and bring it back if that would help. An added benefit and appeal to many is that there is less risk of losing hard-earned muscle when you get the bang you're looking for without the hours spent in the slower cardio. But I guess it's really whatever works for you! (I'd just rather get it in less time and reduce my risk of losing valuable muscle tissue!)

Gen, thanks for the support on my plateau -- you guys are so nice! I've been stuck at 2 pounds per week for the last month.......and I know that would be acceptable to a lot of folks, but I'm still heavy enough that I could be losing more each week for a bit longer without compromising muscle tissue. I'd love to continue to take advantage of this window of opportunity while I can....before 2 pounds is as aggressively/quickly as I should l should lose. I know that it must have been that I wasn't exercising enough. So now that's over. 'Nuff said. :smug:

Talk to you guys soon!

06-08-2004, 01:09 AM
i guess i just didn't write enough today.
summer i too suffer from depression. it's been on and off sisnce i was a teenager. two years ago it got really really bad so i finaly decided to see a doctor. i was taking two kinds of anti-depressants for almost two years and then i had to stop one because it was taken off the market. now i'm tappering off on the last medication. it made all the difference in the world! i don't think i could have done it with the medication. i would have gone to therapy but i couldn't afford it. anyway i'm too cynical for that stuff. i tried and was analysing the therapist instead.

anyway all this to say that i know what you are going through and i'm rooting for you. don't forget to get help from your doctor if you need it. and i'm sure you are surrounded by people who love you and care about how you feel especially your hubby :love:. and of course sarah and i are here if you need to get things out. i could also give you my e-mail if you like.:grouphug:

take care
see you here soon

06-08-2004, 01:25 AM
hi sarah,
tell me what you think about my cardio routine. i don't know what HIIT is exactly.
i walk at 3.6 for 5 mins which brings me up to around 120-125bpm then 1 min at 4.2 which for me is a slow jog which brings me up to 145-150bpm then walk at 3.6 for 3mins and jog for 1 and so on for 20-30mins. when i go back to the walk portion my heart rate stays up higher than 125 maybe 135.
so my max is 184
125 is 68%
147 is 80%
my only problem is my legs give out before my lungs do.


06-08-2004, 08:55 PM
You two are wonderful. :thanks: To get up and read all you two wrote was fantastic and it made me smile :) Thank God I found you two...

My depression started in 2001. I do not take meds because I have either been sick to my stomach or walking in a constant fog and I hated that. I don't really trust pharmaceutical companies (or the FDA). When I worked in Europe the lobbyists for the Paharmaceuticals were shady to say the least...between the way they marketed to the information that did not haveto be disclosed was damn scary :yikes: so I stay away. I do talk to my doctor, the occasional therapist and a close circle of friends and family. It is a small circle because it is amazing the stigma anything mental can have still.


Sarah I have to echo Gen what is HIIT? :?: It sounds impressive but I would like more details please. I swear I will Google the **** out of it when I have time. You have obviously researched this and much about diet and exercise (such as the tipping point on when you could lose valuable muscle tissue) and I admire that. As for my partners there are still a lot of resumes that were sent in to fill such positions so now it is interview, refer and demand. We have some prospects and I am not too worried to be honest...it is just the rebuilding rapport with another is not my favorite thing to do but it will be done! I reread your onew post and said start with small goals - the more I thought :chin: about it - the more I realize I have larger nebulous goals but not the smaller baby steps in which to take. Sometimes I think I can Air Jordan from starting point to the goal...that makes alot of sense! Thank you!

Gen you are right you cannot change too much at once. when do you know its time to make another change though? Anyways... my legs often give out before my lungs especially if it is anything near running - I need to build endurance but I don't think a treadmill is the answer for me. I'll stick to yoga, tennis and I like to try lots of new stuff (Qu'est-ce que c'est Yoga Booty Ballet en Francais??) :lol: Keep up the contract with yourself this week. Do it for you - not Sarah and not me. Don't beat yourself up about last week it is gone and done...that's one thing I learned.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you both for the kind words, wisdom and good vibes. Eternally grateful!

"The only way to have a friend is to be one." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks again. be well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

06-09-2004, 12:14 AM
hi there girls,

tues: treadmill walking only but uphill to keep cardio up. abs and stretching. i feel great but sore. good thing tomorrow is an off day.
ahhhh had a beer. feels soooo good at the end of the day :dancer:.

summer i guess it its time to make another change when the last changes become routine and no longer require any thought or effort.
i know what you mean about being in a fog. i went through about six defferent medications before i found one that didn't make me feel worse. i think its great if you can get through it without though. i too think the pharmaceutical companies are bad bad bad.

yoga booty ballet? :jig: je ne sais pas. sounds very odd though. you going to try that?? you gotta let us know what it is!


06-10-2004, 07:31 PM
Hey you two --

Quick post just to share links to some HIIT info, and then I'll be back to report in later.

Here's (http://http://davedraper.com/iron-online-archives.html) a start -- it's from Dave Draper's site, and it's a pretty informative discussion of interval cardio.

I'll be back with more either later today or tomorrow.

Hope you're doing well....hectic, hectic time for me........but I'm thinking warm, supportive thoughts of both of you and send you big, virtual hugs! :grouphug:

06-11-2004, 12:30 AM

today was the first class of my running course. oh the pain and the agony :stars:. i've taken two ibuprofen and some glucosamine-chondrotin for the ol' aching joints. we did 5min warm up walk, 1min jog, 2min walk. we go as a group so i think we looked pretty funny going down the street :cb:. a lot of people were staring at us. i think next week is 2min jog. 1min walk. there's an optional group run sundays at 8:30am!:yikes: oh i'm not that crazy. i think i'll go by myself later on...way later on in the day. i'm soooo glad tomorrow is yoga!:cloud9:
my mom tok the plunge and went to the gym by herself tonight...woohoo mom. maybe from now on (for a while anyway) i'll stick to the eliptical at the gym and jog only wice a week. there's also an outside track at the y so i may try that for jogging.

i figured that i'm eating too many carbs so i went back and checked all my fitday entries :crazy:and made a list of carbs i can take out (as you can see i have ALOT of time on my hands). my percentages for the last month are 25prot/44carb/30fat. i don't know what it should be...so many opinions on this... but something like 40/40/20 may be better. i'm going to work on that. i just don't want to cut out my veggies.

i hope you ladies are doing well even if you are very busy right now. keep it up. i'm finding exercising is such a stress reliever. i have to admit though i don't have a lot of stress, it still leaves me with a good tired and happy feeling. i hope it makes you guys feel good too. :spin:

thanks for web link sarah i'll be sure to check it out. :)

take care and hope you post soon cause i want to know how your week was
:wave: :queen::queen:
gen :queen:

06-11-2004, 12:11 PM
hey ladies :wave:

sorry not to have posted in 2 days. crazy am I. :cb:

The scale has not budged up or down - so I can't complain about gaining. I am scratching my head though :chin: The puppy and I have been taking very long walks - more for stress relief but Fenway doesn't care why as long as he gets to come along. So I have been doing exercise just not always incredibly intense.

I gave a presentation yesterday...I was a key note speaker for strategic planning for a local board and I am doing it again tomorrow. Last night went well - just keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow :crossed:

Sarah thanks for the link. It is very much appreciated - I will definitely read more into that. I hope you have a calm in all the craziness...sending you back a virtual hug :grouphug: and goodvibes :goodvibes:

Gen - a running class? you are a braver soul than I am. It must of felt so good to finish something so tough :cp: Way to go! Yoga should help out with the tense muscles and won't hurt your joints!

You two are inspiring me to re-examine my eating habits. I want to do this right so I can be healthy and when I have kids I can be an example of what to do not a negative influence. You ladies rock my world! Merci Mille Fois!

Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.
Sir Winston Churchill

be well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

06-11-2004, 11:07 PM
Hey there, you two! It seems like it's been weeks! Before I forget, Summer, I just love your quotes! I really look forward to them, and they're always just the right message at just the right time....so motivating, so affecting, so profound. Thank you for taking the time to change them -- it's a real gift to us!

I'm so happy that this week is over. I live and work in Maryland, and have so far gone to recruit at schools in Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC, and Maryland. None of them was so earth-shatteringly far, but each of them was at least an hour and a half drive each way....and each session was a grueling 8-12 back-to-back interviews. I'm just about to stop complaining....hold on....the clincher this week has been that Lorraine's ex's daughter, whom she raised (so her daughter, and I guess my stepdaughter, although we don't really look at it like that...I suppose I'd be more like a cool aunt or something,) has been staying with us with *insert drum roll here* her first serious boy. Yup, bringing him home to daddy, as it were......very big deal. It all went well, but it definitely put a HUGE kabosh on the ole exercise routine! I shouldn't have let it sidetrack me, but I seriously don't know how it could have been avoided. I was up early, early -- and then at night we kept going out! I ate pretty uch on plan (no small feat) but fell off the exercise wagon BIGTIME! Here's my report, sad as it is:

Monday: 40 minutes cardio
Tuesday: Off (Went to an Orioles baseball game and had a great time)
Wednesday: Nothing (Guests came)
Thursday: 40 minutes leisurely walking (does talking help the cardio?? :lol3:)
Friday: Nothing (Company left tonight)

I'm just putting this week behind me. AND, to top it off, I'm period-girl now, so I'm a big, moody, gastronasty slug. :rolleyes: It will be sheer will that gets me moving tomorrow...we have a "relax and simply be" day planned for Sunday :cloud9:, but tomorrow we are going to paint our home's office and also do some gardening, and I am going to jump (or crawl) back in the saddle beginning tomorrow. :dancer:

That said, here's the plan for this weekend:
Saturday: 20 minutes moderate cardio first thing in the morning; full body weights workout in afternoon followed by 15 minutes moderate cardio for cool down.
Sunday: 20 minutes HIIT cardio first thing in the morning; 40 minutes LSD (long, slow distance) cardio in afternoon.

I'm so proud of both of you -- you're both doing just great! :bravo:

Gen, your running course sounds great...and I'll bet you DO look funny to the casual observer! It's so great you do that. You know that face you make when you're thinking, "Whoa, that's impressive!" and you pull the sides of your mouth down? That's what I'm doing at you right now. :) I do agree about your macronutrient percentages: that 40/40/20 is a good guideline, although some recommend upping the lean protein just a tad. That's what I've now implemented - for the most part - and I believe that coupled with daily exercise you can see some accelerated fat loss. Sounds like a plan to me! ;)

Summer, you sweetheart, you have just got so much on your plate right now that I am truly in awe of your positive energy and beautiful spirit. You're wonderful!!! :grouphug: As far as that scale is concerned, don't you pay it any mind, just stay on track and keep doing what you're doing, and you'll see a drop soon, I'm sure of it. Just do as much as you can without pushing yourself too much, and concentrate on taking good care of yourself during this stressful time. If you feel up to it, you might add a long sweaty cathartic cardio session or two, just to release some endorphins and give yourself a little emotional tiramisu, as it were! (You might already know this, but "tiramisu'" in Italian means "pull me up" literally or "pick me up" figuratively.....tirare: the verb "to pull"; mi: me; su': up.) Just a thought; it might meet a couple of your needs at once: stress relief, fat loss trigger, and mood enhancement! Yee ha! :p

There's a wonderful, warm, active, positive woman here that I was thinking of inviting to join us.....is there room for a fourth? Or are we three peas in a pod? I love us! I feel so very lucky to have found you two; I think you're both so special and so terrific, I can't believe that I found two such cool friends at one time! Thank you, Gen for finding us and making this possible! :thanks: from the bottom of my heart, girlfriend!

Big hugs to you both. (Hey on that note, Christina -- Lorraine's daughter -- said that I feel so much smaller in her arms now when she hugs me. That made my month! :p )

06-12-2004, 10:49 PM
I worked out really hard, and I feel really good but c.o.m.p.l.e.t.e.l.y. exhausted! I'm all rubbery and weak, and my legs keep buckling....yay! I had my protein before and after, along with some simple carbs with my protein isolate afterwards, and I'm feeling very pleased with myself, all in all. It feels good to be good, doesn't it? My eats were on plan also; I ended up with 1182 calories, 40p/36c/24f. I also ordered some great supplements and an awesome new multivitamin also, so I'm feeling pretty great about the whole shabang, really.

I'm on my way from :sumo: to :strong:

How's it going with you guys?

06-13-2004, 12:43 AM
Wow! Sarah, you're doing great despite having company :) But your calories look really low to me for the amount of activity you are doing and your current weight. I know you want to lose weight really quickly, but if you don't eat enough, you are going to be burning your own muscles for fuel. You need to keep that muscle to continue to burn calories! I'd suggest upping your intake of good unprocessed food to at least 1600-1800 calories and I think you'll lose just as fast. If you don't eat enough, you can also end up slowing down your metabolism because your body just doesn't expect to get fed.


06-13-2004, 12:06 PM
Mel, I got so excited to see your name here in our thread! I totally hear what you're saying, and I thank you VERY much for taking the time to give me counsel. I uninentionally had an especially low-cal day yesterday (slept in, so I missed 2 morning meals when I started eating at lunch.) Normally, I keep it at more like 1500-1600 (my ytd average since Mar 1 when I started is 1550) -- but I think your advice is still right on the money, since my loss has definitely slowed down a lot, and I'm POSITIVE that I'm not underestimating my intake.

I think maybe I'll make a concerted effort to raise it to more like 1700-1800, and see if I can get out of this rut while protecting my poor achin' muscle cells!

Thank you again for chiming in -- you're great, Mel, and I really appreciate it! :goodvibes

06-13-2004, 12:26 PM
Sarah- I'll get off my :soap: then. Sounds like you are right on track. Keep your body guessing, try varying your calories throughout the week. :bravo:


06-13-2004, 04:03 PM
Hey there my friends!

It has felt like a long weekend this week and that is so nice for a change. :) My presentations went well and after the one on Saturday, it was such a wonderful day and we were on the water and it couldn't be more perfect. I went to a huge art festival today and walked around - albeit slowly :snail: for 2 hours with my 2 brothers (16 and 18) and DH so I had a nice time.

With all my craziness I fit in exactly 270 minutes last week. So my goal this week is to do at least 300 minutes. With two higher intensity workouts in there. :tread: I am also starting to wear a pedometer so I can be more aware of myself during the day and am going to read the info Sarah gave us about HIIT and look into some food tracking software. I just want to relearn healthy behaviors because my brain is filled :?: with sooo much information that I need to find what's right for me. So those are my goals for this week (oh and wear more suncsreen).

Sarah it sounds like you had such a nice weekend with Lorraine's daughter and boyfriend. Don't you love compliments like those...I could live of one for a week. :D That is a wonderful affirmation on all the hard work you are doing. :cheers: and that sounds like one **** of a workout too! :bravo: for you! Keep it up! Didn't you find it helped you with a crazy work schedule? Are you near Baltimore? I Love Baltimore - I sometimes have to travel there for my jobby job but I always enjoy the city.

Gen how are you feeling? Are your muscles not as sore? How is the quitting smoking going? I know it's hard - I still struggle with it! How do you like yoga? Oh, I know so many questions...but so curious :spin: I have to agree with you not only is exercise such a stress reliever but I sleep much better.

As for a fourth...I am open to the suggestion but I just do not want to get to be too much bigger because then it is hard to respond as well to each and every person - which - when you are trying to be supportive is so important.

Well my lovies - I must dash but I hope you have a good night and great monday.

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.- Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

Make your own recovery the first priority in your life. - Robin Norwood

be well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

06-14-2004, 12:14 AM
it sounds like you two had a great weekend. full of fun and exercise :cp:i on the on the other hand did nothing aaaaall weekeend :p:
i had good intentions but you know where good intentions lead to :devil:
oh well tomorrow is the beginning of another week and i have a schedule. my sister is back so we're going to the gym tomorrow.

i didn't go to yoga this week because my sis-in-law cancelled and my sister wanted me to help her with her dinner party so i went to help her. and then i had ....ooooh :o: chips and stuff.

my schedule for this week:
mon: weights mid body
cardio 20-30 min
tues:weights lower bady
cardio 20-30 min
wed : weights arms
cardio 20-30min
thur: can't go to running :( because it's our end of year show and bbq :hat:
fri: yoga aaargh aaargh have a bday to go to, my sister's step daughter, from 4-7 and yoga is from 5:30-6:30
sat: off
sun: run 20mins

sounds pretty ambitious
i also bought some protein drink thing smoothie stuff to increase my protein intake (not like nutrisystem or anything like that full of sugar). and it's chocolate! chocolate protein :cloud9: does life get any better than that!?!

i'm glad your presentation went well summer. sounds like a nice location. there is something about being near water that is always so nice and soothing. i use the fitday web-site to keep track of my food and i think sarah uses uses a programme that is even better. i find it helps a lot. the quiting smoking is not going well at all. i don't think i'm quite ready yet. every time i think about it i end up smoking more. where do you get all those quotations, they're great! i love mark twain he's so smart and funny. keep them coming :lol:. and let us know how the pedometre works out. i think it's getting pretty popular now and am wondering how useful it is. maybe it's an excuse to go to :mcd: because i hear they hand them out with their salad meals. although i'm not sure if we have them here yet or not? i haven't been in a long long time. and since i saw "super size me" i don't know when i ever will go back. it was so so so gross. :p:
that movie will put you off junk food for good!!! have you seen it?

sarah sounds like you had a great time. it's sooo great to spend with family. it's good for you even if you don't get to exercise for a few days. it sounds like the crossbow is really going great i have a feeling it's really going to help a lot.
it was nice of mel to post here to give advice you know she's the first person to do so. as for letting another person join i agree with summer that we have a great group here and do not want to get too big but i would not want to exclude someone who could use the support we give each other because it's so very wonderful and helpful :grouphug:. if she's supportive and needs support then i think that would be great.
i have two sisters and two brothers and one of my sister's name is sarah also. she's spending the summer in winnipeg working but she's coming home for the party this weekend so it will be great to see her.

i hope you guys have a great week! i'll be busy painting a yellow submarine this week...oh boy i need a new job :lol:

gen :queen:

06-14-2004, 11:52 AM
Hello everybody,
I also need someone to kick me in the butt.I'm quite lazy,don't like to exercise-it hurts,
but I LOVE to eat.Pastry,muffins,ice cream,pie.I know that I should change my habits especially now that I'm trying to lose weight.
I'm 5"3 150 pounds.Horrible,uhm....

06-14-2004, 11:05 PM
hello, hello :)
the good: i had the best workout today ever! i'm starting to realy find the right weights and get into the groove yay:)

the bad: i haven't lost any weight :?: not even 1lb :( ??? ok so i'm chalking it up to my period which means i musta lost at least 2-3lbs ooohh in that case yay!!! :lol:

according to my fitday logs i'm averaging about 1500 cals a day although it goes from 1200 to 1900. and thats 800 cals less than i'm supposedly burning so 800*7: 5600/3500=1.6lbs

so the yellow submarine is almost ready now we just have to make the flying shoe for the big show!!! oh man :dizzy: this is by far the strangest job ever.
but i get to take naps on the job.woohoo!!! i love naps

i hope my buddies (that's you :queen::wave:and you :queen::wave: ) are having a good week at work and play, well so far, it's only monday after all ;)

waiting to hear what's up

06-14-2004, 11:44 PM
Ok, Lorraine's feeling like a laptop widow, so I'm going to have to make this short -- just the facts, ma'am. (I promise I'll spend more time tomorrow.)

Gen, I'm right there with you....same story on the plateau, the period (I am period girl, but you can call me Countess Crampula.....) and the low calories. I was feeling discouraged (still focused, but discouraged, nonetheless) till I read your post! :lol: Seriously, I definitely feel better! We'll get there, Gen....we've just gotta stay the course.

I've definitely been a good girl, though:

Saturday: the monster weights session, plus I think minutes cardio in the morning on an empty stomach and then for 15 minutes after the weights to cool down.

Sunday: 2 - that's TWO! - 20 minute HIIT cardio sessions.....I'm telling you, I almost caught on fire! I was going 22 mph for the love of heaven! :eek:

Monday: 20 minutes HIIT cardio.....I knew I was doing it right when the thought of going another minute at that top speed was going to cause my quads to burst through my skin! Burn, baby burn!

My eats are on plan, but today was another light day....things are so hectic at work I had trouble eating all my meals.....I'll really try to do better tomorrow. It's a sad day when you're struggling to meet your 1500 calorie commitment. Very sad indeed.

Summer, I wanted to mention that I love, love, love my software....it's called dietpower and you can try it out for free with no commitment, no cc info or anything, for 2 weeks. It does much more than fitday, and is a real timesaver. I love it. You mentioned that you were going to look into some software, and I'd highly recommend mine. Check it out here. (http://www.dietpower.com)

Later, girlies.....keep up the good work, and don't forget to treat yourselves with kindness. :goodvibes

06-15-2004, 12:20 AM
hi sarah

i decided to download the programme too. it looks pretty cool. thanks


06-15-2004, 01:29 PM
Hey girlfriend -- if you need any help with it, just let me know....you might find that it's timeconsuming at the onset as you enter the foods that are not in the database, but it definitely gets easier once you set yourself up and have your bank of frequently entered foods. It takes me like 10 minutes a day to log my food and analyze the data. I know some great timesavers, like for instance, create a recipe for the eats that you KNOW you consume every day, and then you have only one entry for all those items instead of entering them individually. (Unless you want to track your ratio's throughout the day on a blow by blow basis......but who has the time for that??) Let me know if you need any help at all.........I LOVE DIETPOWER!

06-15-2004, 04:02 PM
Hi all! :wave:

Is it really only Tuesday? :dizzy:

How are you two doing? I am on track with the exercise so far. Today is Tennis! get some aggression out, yesterday was yoga and walking Fenway, tomorrow is more yoga - but 90 minutes worth and Thursday will be more Tennis. My DH is teaching me how to play and I love :love: when exercise is fun because it makes me want to do it more.

Gen the end of the year show sounds fun! Yellow submarines and big shoes and naps! what more can a girl want? :cp: way to go on finding a groove with the exercise and weights - that must feel great. Keep it up girl!

Sarah thanks for the download - I will most definitely check it out. It sounds like you are the queen of the weights :strong: Way to push yourself! :cb: I hope you hada great weekend with the step daughter and boyfriend!

I am taing a break from work - so I must get back...

You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction. - George Larimer

be well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

06-16-2004, 11:24 PM
hello sarah and summer,

what did i find? well it seemed to strange to be true but at the store i found ranch and french onion dip that has 0 cals/2tblsp!! then it says has trace calories. it had 0 carbs, 0 prot, and 0 fat. so i bought them and they actually tasted ok. the brand is walden farms. i guess the labeling laws allow 0cals to be claimed when there are so few.

yesterday i didn't work out because i had to finish getting ready for our show. but i did get to go today because we got everything done last night. so...
i did
30 min on the elliptical...i've never tried it before and it took some getting used to but i sweated and sweated...it was great and no pain. except my feet went a little numb but that's normal. the other good thing about the elliptical is that i can go longer than on the treadmill. i'm going to incorporate it more
i worked my upper body and had another great workout!:strong:
i figured it takes less time if i do 1set bicpes, triceps, shoulders then rest 1 min and then do two more sets like that. and iguess it gives a really good workout too.

i'm glad the tennis is going well summer. it is fun to work out when it's an activity that's fun too. i used to love playing softball even though i wasn't great at it. i tried tennis once and it's soooo hard because you have to be coordinated :lol: so good for you! :)

keep up the good workouts sarah you're like a mad woman now!!! woohoo:cb:


06-18-2004, 01:24 AM
hi there ladies,

i hope all is going well with you. :cheer: cross bow, tennis, cardio, yoga :cheer:

i did not go to the gym today but our show bbq went really well, cute cute kids and the parents had fun too. they gave me a :gift: certificate to the spa/hair salon!!
i decided that for every 10lbs lost i get to go and get 1 treatment. looking forward to my first pedicure!
food is not going to be great this week because 3 parties in a row (thurs, friday, saturday) but i'll try to keep to the good stuff. so far it's not going to well but i didn't have any chips today!?!
i ned to fix my diet i think. any tips, hints, suggestions? i'm not big on recipes though, i'm not a very good cook and have no patience for anything more than cutting up a few things and throwing them into a wok.

let me know how things are going i'm looking forward to your posts :)

gen ;)

06-18-2004, 01:43 AM
Hi All,
I would like to get in on your group if possible. I am just back from California and am trying to get back into my routine. I am joining a gym probley Monday, I found on that I like who offer child care onsite ( I have a 10 month old daughter thus my weight gain) Anyway, if you have room let me know,

06-18-2004, 10:46 PM
I guess it is my turn to reply...

Hi ladies :wave:

kaliu welcome! please join. We are here just encouraging each other and sharing. We just ask that this be kept on the smaller side or else people get lost in the shuffle and get discouraged. So tell us about yourself...

I'm the Green Eyed Monster ;) but you can call me Summer...Gen and Sarah do...

I hope all are enjoying their Friday night...I have a wedding, my brothers are being baptized and Father's day of course! And next weekend my one brother graduates from high school and my sister comes into town :dancer: woo hoo! I cannot wait to see her.

My best friend from high school called (she lives in the big easy) our 10 year HS reunion is in 3 weeks...I don't want to go - I hated high school but she is begging - any advice??

I spent 350 minutes this week exercising...I am just going to enjoy and garden tomorrow. I topped today off with Tennis and walking Fenway.

Sarah I LOVE DIETPOWER! :love: :love: :love: Thank you for sharing it. Though my calorie level is low 1200-1320. The added bonus if I exercise - I can eat a little more. :hun: It will take little more getting used to...for instance - they say "Too much Copper" - and I'm like I didn't even realize I was eating that at all!!!! I got an A today!! How is Lorraine and are you still loving the crossbow?

Gen congrats :cp: on the bar-b-q success! Salon certificate! Treat yourself well girlie! I think it is a great idea to reward yourself for every ten pounds...I need to think of something for myself that I do not usually get :chin:...
As for the diet - are ou 3 meals or are you a grazer? change it up whatever it is and do fun things - Spinach Artichoke dip with raw veggies, Hummus, baba ganouj with pita, tomato and fresh mozarella, light wheat thins and spreadable cheese, taco dip, cuban sandwhich, grilled veggies... I can go on and on...:blah: I want to eat again :eating2: I made myself hungry...sigh

Well ladies - I hope you have a wonderful evening!

"Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger (wo)men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks." - Phillips Brooks

be well. do well. live well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

06-19-2004, 12:46 AM
Summer you are being so cute! You GO with your A! I'm feeling such fondness for you, I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face! Ok, so what you want to do to figure out where you're getting that copper is to left-click on the copper field on your nutrient summary page. Then it will list all the foods you've eaten that day that contained higher levels of copper. For more information on that nutrient, right-click on that same field, and, if you're online, you'll be directed to the Diet Power website to get gobs of information on it. Also, if you go up to the top under "Options," click on "Edit PDA's" and then you can adjust your levels of stuff to meet your specific nutritional goals. Like protein/carbs and more.....very cool. Make sure that if you decide to purchase it, you buy something -- that serves you obviously --at the online store at the same time because you can get some great savings when you make the purchase at the same time you buy the software. (I saved a bunch on my Tanita body fat scale.) You'd think I worked for them, the way I sound -- I just love that software so much, I can't help speaking about it positively! Hey, and great job on your exercise this week! You go with the minutes, and enjoy your gardening tomorrow! As for the reunion, I don't know what to tell you. I don't see why you have to go -- just because she wants you to doesn't mean it's right for you or that you have to. But did you end up agreeing to go? If so, well then go you must, and I just advise that you approach it with a sense of humor and think of it as just one night in your life and hope for some really amusing discoveries or revelations! ;) Who knows -- you could end up having a really great time. Either way, it's just time......and that passes. Good luck with it, and keep us posted!

Gen, you poor sweetie, keeping the home fires burning while Summer and I were away! I felt so bad reading your posts without giving an update myself, but I kept thinking I'd find time between work and home (I almost have this site loaded and waiting on my toolbar) but every time I started I'd get pulled away. I'm really sorry, you guys! Ok, regarding your eats, if you can name some foods that you like, I'd be happy to think of some basics that you could easily prep so that you wouldn't have to invest a lot of time or energy cooking, and you'd still be able to eat on plan. Just think about it, and then if you want to, post here, and I'll come up with some ideas. (I'm thinking chicken and turkey breasts to just throw in a salad, stir-fry or rice, or nibble on for an afternoon snack; meal-in-a-bowl dishes that are super easy and store well and you can nuke them; and easy meal plans that don't require lotsa cooking. Or I can just tell you what works for me and you can pick out any parts that work for you. I definitely advocate the 5-6 meal plan....that's what I do and, unless I miss a meal because of work, I am never hungry -- so I'm able to resist temptation and my energy level stays pretty constant and my metabolism stays fairly steady. (Or at least it used to.) I also recommend sticking to low-gly carbs and never eating carbs alone but instead combining them with protein. That's a really important one for the energy, metabolism, blood sugar, and fat loss.

I've been getting home late from work and it's affected my exercise. This week I've only done cardio 2 times so far, and weights once. Not good. But I plan to hit both of them hard this weekend, with light cardio and heavy weights tomorrow, and killer HIIT sweat-blood-and-bullets cardio on Sunday. I've got a bit of work travel (car) scheduled for next week but nothing that should rock my workout schedule like this past week has. My work doesn't typically present any obstacles to maintaining a consistent schedule, but this is just a really busy time. I'm an HR Generalist for a technology solutions provider, but if we were retail, this would be our Christmas season! Crazy workload, but this is the worst of it, and will level off to a dull roar pretty soon.

On the upside, I've been able to pull out some old clothing that I haven't been able to wear in a few years, and that's pretty great. My energy's up, my spirits are great, my partner is completely impressed with me and makes me feel like a total hottie, and my thighs simply rock. Life is good. :smoking:

06-20-2004, 02:30 PM
Hey you guys, just checking in......I flipped my cardio and weights days, so yesterday was cardio and today I did my cardio first thing on an empty stomach, and will do weights later this afternoon.

I'm down another 2 1/2 pounds since Monday, so I'm feeling good about where I am! Busy week ahead, but I'm very focused on staying on track and maintaining my momentum, so I look forward to reporting continuing good news. Isn't it great when things just click?

06-21-2004, 12:00 AM
helloooo all,

welcome kaliu to our group. i hope you find it useful and above all fun. i look forward to coming here because we have such a great group of three wonderful women. yeah for us!!!! tell us about your goals in general and for the upcoming week and we'll keep you on the straight and narrow :lol:

sarah you are such a champ!! that bowflex really put a firecracker under you. way to go and congrats on the 2.5lbs. although we work in metric most of the time up here it's soooo much more satisfying to count pounds. since you've been so busy at work do you find exercising gives you more energy? it's a paradox really :)

sounds like you had a busy weekend too summer. and a fun one. i know how you feel about your high school reunion. do you have any desire to see any of those people again? high school is such a strange time. would going add something to positive to your life? would it be so stressful that you couldn't have fun :spin: ? do you care about it? pros cons? :mag:

this was a four party :hat: weekend: thurs day show and bbq, friday step-neice to be bday, saturday my 36th bday (which was really friday):encore: thank you thank you, sunday fathers day. i had some cake (had to do it) but kept it to a minimum and a lot less than i would have before. all in all i think i did pretty well. still have to work on my diet though. thank for the tips. i find it really hard to eat small meals and often. i think if i snack i will still eat the same amount at meal times. i do make stir fries and my favorite meal is steak and asparagus (without the mashed potatoes :( ) but steak seems to be high in fat (just happens to be my favorite part). i'm trying to plan my day rather than just wing it the best i can and see how it works out. this runs counter to how i've been eating for so long that it's really hard. i bought some quark cheese it's like a cross between sour cream and yogurt but much thicker and only 0.25%milk fat, low carb and high protein. good for smoothies and sandwiches. maybe make a dip or mayo substitute with it.

tomorrow is weigh-in day but i'm apprehensive because the last two weeks saw no loss. :crossed::goodscale: i don't even know how many calories i should be taking in anymore. i'm sooo confused since i'm not losing. it seems like it should be less but don't want to go in to starvation mode :?: i'm averaging a little more than 1500 but it varies. frustration is setting in i feel.
i went for a jog/walk saturday evening but had to stop jogging because that cramp came back. now i have a strange bump on the top of my other foot. does it ever end. get in shape is making my body hurt :stars:!!

tomorrow i will go to the gym: weights and elliptical
the rest of the week: i'll talk to my sis tomorrow and then make plans. will let you know.
my running class is cancelled for the next two weeks because of holidays (which means i have the next two thursdays off too woohoo and maybe one friday woohoo)
well you two are going gangbusters (corny eh?) i'm very happy for you :high: :high:

keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow :^:

p.s. my dad's friend is training for a 100 mile run next month. would you like to train for that :lol3:? she's going to run/walk for 30 hours i can go for ten minutes :faint:

06-21-2004, 11:17 PM
Happy Birthday, Gen!!! :hb: Great job staying on track during your party weekend, too, you strong woman. I'm so proud of you! About your food and feeling frustrated....why don't you post your diet and we can take a look at it. You mentioned planning what you eat -- I think that's pretty critical, so I'm so happy to hear that you're doing it now! It might take some adjustment at first, but once you get up and running with it, you'll find that it runs on auto pilot. A dorky but relevant expression that might make sense to you (it did to me, anyway) is "A failure to plan is a plan to fail." I found -- and still find -- that if all my meals are planned and prepped, I have no choice but to stick to my intentions, and of course I intend to succeed. So I sort of micromanaged all of my eating behaviors at first, and now it's no longer necessary. Anyway, I'm not trying to tell you that my way is the only way, but you sound frustrated and my experience has been really positive, so I offer it up to you. I'd love to help you in any way I can.......just let me know! Good for you for realizing that the steak is pretty high on the fat side....saturated fat is sooooooo not our friend. I still have it once in a while, but it's a treat, not the norm. I'd say I have it like once every nine or ten days. And I buy the leanest cut I can get, like tenderloin, and even then, I cut off any fat I can find. And I'm careful to minimize the rest of my fat intake for that day or the surrounding days to balance it out. Ok, I think now that I've beaten that topic into the ground, I can move on.... :lol:

Summer? Summer? Sum - Merrrrr.......... Hmm, she doesn't seem to be around. I sure hope she got out of that reunion in one piece! :eek:

Ok, here's my update:

Yesterday: I think I said the cardio was great already. I did 30 minutes at a brisk, steady pace on the exercise bike.....first thing in the AM, on an empty stomach. Buh bye, fat cells! :wave: Then in the late afternoon, after 10 minutes on the treadmill, I had a great weights workout too -- I upped my weights in the routine's exercises, and was also really pleased with how well my squats have improved! I can go so much deeper now than when I first started. I can also do more standing calf raises, so yay for that too! Overall, very good workout....and I'm hurting today, which is only a good thing. :yes:

Today: Did 20 rockin' minutes of HIIT cardio -- on the bike again, and on an empty stomach again -- and. it. was. good. (Spoken with a very serious, important-sounding voice.)

Plan for the rest of the week?

Tue: AM Cardio; PM Weights
Wed: PM Cardio
Thu: AM Cardio; PM Weights
Fri: PM Cardio
Sat: AM Cardio; PM Weights
Sun: AM Cardio; PM Cardio

I'll try to check back tomorrow.....I'm pooped! (4 hours driving in DC beltway traffic is just sooooooo not my cup of tea! I reacquainted myself with my inner angry New Yorker, and I think she's verrry unpleasant!) Bye, darlinks.....now go out there and run around or lift something heavy, why don'tcha?! :coach:

06-22-2004, 12:12 AM
hello all,

sarah here is my fitday journal. i know the problem areas. thanks for the advice. i'm counting, weighing, measuring everything i eat. what a lot of work?!? it's interesting though because then it forces me to make right choices. for example one friday i decided to treat myself to some chips, not the big bag i used to buy (i can't believe i used to buy those big bags and just eat eat :eating2: eat them), just one of those single serving ones. so i decided to read the labels and get the best of the worst. i was sooo grossed out i left without buying any!
i don't have steak very often because i know that even if i trim off the fat it is still high in fat. and if i can't eat the fat what's the point? some people get grossed out by the fat on meat but it's my favorite part. chicken fat is gross though :lol:
sarah my buddy in squats i have a post in women who lift, if that's what it's called, could you take a look and tell me if you have any suggestions? thanks.

i hope all is well you summer and kaliu. summer let us know what you decided about the reunion, if you have yet.

weights lower body: felt great
cardio: 24 minutes on elliptical hill programme. i like the hill programme whooooo what a sweaty time i had!
tues: weights mid body
cardio: 20 minutes on the outdoor track and if i can't finish or rains finish up inside on treadmill or elliptical. 1 min walk 1 min jog
wed:weights arms and abs
cardio: elliptical
thurs: jogging same as tues but go longer? rest and go again? hmmmm do more inside? we'll see
friday: yoga
sat: outdoor concert all day and night. hope it doesn't rain :crossed:
sun: jog on bike path
sounds like a big week. could this be the week that i get to fulfill my plan without outside forces sabotaging me?
your week sounds great too sarah, no wonder the pounds are melting awaaaay :dancer:.
my sister says i look smaller. we are going to measure ourselves at the end of august and compare then and now pictues. I WANT TO DO IT NOW :wizard:!!!
i got the day off work today so i didn't weigh in. will do tomorrow. so :crossed: one more time.

i know what you mean about new york driving, i never heard so much honking in my whole life! :dizzy:
have a great tuesday ladies :balloons:

06-22-2004, 11:25 AM
Hey Ladies! :coffee:

Sorry sorry sorry. Work has been so insane that (granted not a 4 hour trek in beltway traffic) that I am off the computer at 5:30 and won't touch...except to log in my food for Dietpower...did I mention I love it??? :love: :love: :love: never thought I would like logging my food - but it is kind of a game...No decision on the reunion yet - I hated high school...but I would like to see a few people but is it worth the cost of wading through hundreds I don't care to see? :chin:

Sunday - nothin'
Monday - Walk Fenway 40 minutes
Today - Interval training in the morning 35 minutes, Yoga tonight for 90 minutes
Wednesday - Walk/Run Fenway 30-40 minutes
Thursday - Walk Fenway (weather permitting in the morning) and Tennis for 60 minutes with DH
Friday - Walk Fenway (weather permitting in the morning) and more Tennis
Saturday - 60 minutes yoga

Gen belated happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :balloons: Way to stay on task this weekend and to drop the bag of chips! Good for you! :cheer: Wait until August to measure or do it once a month and see your progress because that is the biggest motivation to fit better into your clothes and see actual inches come off. Good luck :lucky: with the exercise plan...I know you can do it!

Sarah i'm here, i'm here...very cute the way you search for me! I am going to start calling you Dear Abby-Sarah! you have great advice and I am glad that your experience has been so positive. :D Great exercising - soon you'll be the drill sargent saying :drill: "Get down and give 30 - I can do it and so can you!" :lol:

Am I weird to say I love new york driving :?: Very liberating to honk the horn and yell :censored: sometimes. I think it is another way to releive stress...strange I know...

The only heavy lifting I am doing is me...in yoga!

be well my friends.

"Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway." -Mary Kay Ash

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

06-23-2004, 01:44 AM
hello hello,

just a quick post it's late.
down to 171.5 so i lost last week yeah!!!
had a great work out today. arms, chest back, abs, elliptical, lots of sweat.
i think i'm giving up on my fitday it doesn't seem to be workingright. always go back to june 12th for some reason, started the dietpower i'll see if i can buy it.

good to hear from you summer. sounds like you're keeping up the good work despite hectic schedule. :cheer:


06-24-2004, 11:53 AM
happy thursday!!

yesterday i went to the y again! that's 3 days! i'm giving sarah a run for her money.
weights: legs (i added hamstring curls oof), abs and lower back
treadmill: walk/jog upped my jogging speed to 5.5 for 30 mins, sweat sweat sweat

i started using the dietpower and put in a bunch of quick foods then it started crashing on me and i couldn't add any food or exercise. arrrg. so i reinstalled it sevearl times, downloaded some programmes to clean up my comp. and lost everything arrg aaarg. now it's working fine but i hope it doesn't crash again or i'll have to start logging using dietpower as an exercise! the help says it does this on 1% of computers, what luck! my mom always said i was special :lol: (actually i don't think she ever said that but it sounds good?)

i hope summer and husband and fenway are well, and sarah and lorraine and the menagerie are well too.
did i ever mention that i have two cats? i do indeed. one is about 18yrs has arthritis and some bowel problems which i wont go into for your sakes. he's costing me alot of money which i don't have but i've had him sooo long what can i do? my sister says "you know gen he's old and he's going to die one day" yes i know :( he's so cuddly and wants to be with me all the time :) the other is about four, i've had her since she was a kitten. a surprise gift from a boyfriend at 3am who found her at work. she thinks bringing home mice and birds (dead and alive) is endearing but she's wrong :mad: !

keep up the good work :queen: :queen:

06-24-2004, 07:46 PM
I am so sorry I just lost a post! :mad:

So I start again....Hi Ladies!

I hope this finds you all well and happy and gearing up toward healthy!

Gen how are you? Way to go :cp: on being at Y 3 days in a row and it sounds like some great workouts! I am sorry to hear about the computer issues you are having :^: those are the most frustrating anger inducing things! Sometimes a pen and paper ain't so bad. I digress....What are your cats names? I used have one named lefty and he liked to bring home all sorts of presnets for my sister and I...Dogs are more my speed in all honesty. Fenway is great I just wish he wouldn't drool so damn much - crazy!

Saraaaahhhh Wherreee Arrreee Yoooouuuu??????? :?: I hope you are not stuck in traffic! I hope the craziness called woorks gets to be a little more calm. :dizzy: I hope your workouts are exactly what you need. How are Lorraine and Louie? I go to Baltimore for work from time to time. I will have to let you know when that may be.

I am going to Mississippiu in July :cool: I have curly hair that will make me look like little orphan annie with breasts by the time I hit the tarmac ;)

I have logged 275 minutes of exercise so far. I found an internval video tape I had and forgot I had and that makes me sooo sweaty and stinky - I love it - Fenway on the other hand does not...

My brother is graduating from High School on Saturday! NYS does it late - what can you do :shrug: So there are graduation parties and family and friends coming. My sister is coming into town :dancer: I love when that happens! I am karaoke-ing for the first time tomorrow - wish me luck :lucky:

Have an enchanted evening!

You cannot shake hands with a clendhed fist - Indira Gandhi

be well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

06-24-2004, 08:48 PM
hey summer,

good to hear from you.
my old cat is gatsby. he used to be fat so it was appropriate. he has the demeanor for it too. the other is daisy, because my neice named her flower, and daisy is a flower and daisy was the great gatsby's love. see how it all works out? :lol: i love dogs too but i can't take care of one, walking and walking and then walking again!!! (good excuse to go for a jog though) if i lived in the country and could let it run around i would love to have dogs. i like big dogs, the bigger the better.

since today was a day off work it's a day off exercise too. not a very good philosophy i think.
yoga, for sure we are going this week, my brother just confirmed it (that his wife is going, my brother at yoga?:lol3: )
the diet power is working so far :crossed:
it's giving me very low calories for a two lb a week weight loss (around 1100cals) but i think that will change as i use it for a few more days and log more exercise. also since i don't weigh-in everyday it thinks i'm not losing any weight. so maybe i will get to eat more when i show some weight loss. if not i will change my goal because that's far to few calories. what's been your experience with that?
i like that i can put in the calories and miles and time from the cardio machines at the gym. not that i think they are more acurate but just for consistency's sake. i'm going to have to buy it soon (i downloaded a while ago but didn't really use it) and am trying to convince myself that it is worth the price (of course i have pay canadian and the exchange rate is :yikes: )

where exactly do you live, summer, in the northeast? i'm a little more north than you :)

maybe sarah's in road rage jail? or maybe she's just enjoying the outdoors instead of the computer. :wave:

good evening all :queen: :queen:
gen :queen:

06-24-2004, 09:40 PM
Hey you guys -- I'm back and hardly know where to begin to check in with you! Sounds like you're both doing just great, exercise-wise, and I'm really glad to hear that!

Gen, the Y three times?!?!?! You beast, you! Go you! -- you're on fire! :flame: I am so sorry to hear about Diet Power and your computer! Yikes! :eek: What's going to happen now? Gosh, that really sucks.... :( there's got to be some solution. It seems that you've found their online tech support message board -- the software developers frequent it, so if you don't get the help you need, post a thread asking them directly for help. They seem pretty responsive. Keep me posted -- I'll be worried about it until I hear that it's been rectified. You poor sweetie pie. As for your kitties.......you have won my respect and affection forever with your ongoing care of your little incontinent cat. Awwww....the poor baby. 18 years old! What a gift! I can't even imagine what we're going to have to deal with all 8....amazing.

Summer, I always was a dog person too -- till I got scammed into getting my first cat, Simone. After learning so much from that cat -- and after being sick with allergies for a full year -- and after gaining an inkling of what it's like to love a child like a parent does.......I came to love the kitties! Simone is my heart, and I can't even bear to think about what it will be like to lose him. I pray for 18 years, I really do.

Hey, someone asked names -- here are the names in my house: Simone (first, of course -- I'm the one making the list, not Lorraine,) her original kitties (sisters) Bashful and Tiny, our fourth and fifth Gracie and Boo (rescues that we got when we went to the store for litter,) then another rescue Bughead (don't ask...it's not a pretty story -- and she is indeed bugged in the head,) Piccina (yet another rescue and a completely fearless terror she is.) So those are the 7 cats; Louie is our Italian Greyhound rescue -- Louis Marie when he's in trouble, and Monkey Face when we're making out. Woopsie! -- did I say that out loud? ;)

Now I'll say what I've been dreading telling you: I haven't worked out since Tuesday! :no: I like to sleep in the morning, and I've been getting home at 8 after 12-hour workdays, and apparently I don't like to work out then either. :rolleyes: Tomorrow morning it's not going to happen either, since it's an earlier than usual morning. I'm not going to beat myself up, I'm just going to put this week behind me. (Once I get through it, that is!) Tomorrow I conduct two orientations for a total of 60, and I've got 4 phone interviews and two offer negotiations scheduled. Next week I just have another hellish commute day to do another orientation, and then it will all be over! Woo wee!! So once I get through tomorrow, my schedule will almost resume normalcy, completely doing so after Tuesday. Eats are on track -- calories a bit low at an average of 1300.....but with the reduced workouts, I guess it's ok. It's short term, anyway.

Someone say something nice, now, ok? :o I'm feeling awful and ashamed of myself. I know it's only two days, but it represents at least 3 missed workouts, and I'm feeling pretty badly about it.

You guys are doing just great, and I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

06-24-2004, 10:34 PM
now sarah, listen here, :soap:
stop beating yourself up, now! :nono:
you've lost 40lbs in 3.5 months!!! wow! :high:
you're only 5 lbs away from your next goal!!!:hyper:
you've been very very busy with things that are not in your control. :stress:
you're an amazing person with a lot of perserverance.:flow2:
this crazy time will pass and you will work out again, i can hear your lonely cross-bow calling your name.
it's just a little break, no worries. it's only a few days!!!
you know next week you will be back working out because you are soooo committed and anyways summer and i wouldn't let you get off track.
try to relax, go for a walk, a snuggle, and sleep sleep sleep. it's good for you. (i should know after all i am the nap champion :lol: )
and you're eating well. there you go.
so all in all i say you are going to be fine, in fact you still are a :queen: in my books


06-25-2004, 11:52 AM

Don't make me stand here with my hands on the hips and wag my finger at you! :drill: Gen is absolutely right - no need to beat yourself up - you have been amazing thus far and you are keeping your calories in check so good for you! You are giving 100% of what you can - and that is success right there!

Sometimes life makes it impossible! You have made amazing progress. :cheers:
I'll drink to that! So chin up girlie!

You are amazing - keep it up!

People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute. - Rebecca West

be well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

06-25-2004, 10:21 PM
Thank you so much for your support and kindness -- you guys are really just so warm and supportive and, well, just plain fabulous! :grouphug:

Well, I survived my day....two huge orientations, two interviews, a job offer negotiations, and some haggling with external recruiters. Great God in Heaven it is good to be home. I feel exhausted, spent, and strangely itchy. And I've found a lump -- a large lump, like the size of a grape -- in the side of my neck. Fabulous. I don't know what the **** it is. I've never had one before, so I'm of course a wee bit concerned. :?: I found it two days ago, but haven't had time to get it checked out or really think about it much. I just keep poking it and moving it from side to side. Blech. So I was thinking this weekend I'd go to one of those drop-in clinics to get it checked out, or get a referral or something. A coworker said it might be a sebatious cyst, which sounds simply lovely......again, never had one of those. I'll keep you posted.

Tomorrow morning it's back on the bike....I'm still figuring out if I'll do weights tomorrow or Sunday, but I'm planning on four sessions of something! (Over the course of the weekend I'll do three cardio and one weights....the weights being one of my full body routines.)

Hey, speaking of weights: Gen, your thread at LWL regarding squats was great! I'm so glad you asked the question, because it yielded some good responses. I, too, really feel the most impact in my quads, with the hamstrings and glutes secondary. From what I've heard, though, that's normal. In fact, that's one of the reasons they're so beneficial to overall body fat percentages and weight loss: the quads are such large muscles, you can really impact the above two by working them consistently and hard. An added benefit is their impact on the backs of the legs and bootie, but lunges are supposed to be just the best if you're really focusing on the caboose.

How are you guys doing??? I really lucked out with you two, and I consider each of you just a blessing. And Summer, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your current quote by Rebecca West! I LOVE IT! (It made me think even more of you than I already did!)

Take care, goyls....big hugs for you both. Oh! and I'm down another pound.....I'm hoping I can pull off another one by Monday so that I can maintain my 2 pounds/week average.....:crossed:

06-27-2004, 04:25 PM

first i want to say that i think you two are wonderful and i think our little support group is wonderful.

this is not an update or progress report. i had such good day yesterday that i just wanted to share it with you.
i went to an all day outdoor concert yesterday. the weather people called for some rain but it was suny all day if a little cold for this time of year around 20celsius. and since we were a little north and up in the mountains (hills really for anyone whose been out west) it got chilly when the sun went away. i went last year and it's sooo much fun. there were about six different bands from different regions of the country so we got to see bands that we don't really hear about here in la belle province. and then to top it off the grand finale by blue rodeo. which is GREAT!!!! I don't know what kind of music you like (i tend to r&b kinda of stuff myself) but they are, as the name suggests, kinda of a cross between blues and country. and the lead singer is ooooooh ahhhhh. everyone sits on the lawn during the day for the other bands and then we all pack up our things and head for the front of the stage for the last act and it's a real dancing fun time.
i don't think they are well known in the states but they are very popular here.
this year however the bar, where it's held, up in the laurentians, didn't let us bring any food or even WATER!!! onto the grounds. they wanted us to buy their 3.00$ water. so we had our pic-nic on the grass outside where we could still hear the music (only missed seeing the first act). i still went over my cals but at least i wasn't forced ;) to eat pizza and junk all day. (ok i did share a hot dog, i love hot dogs :cry: i really do)
anyways i had such a good time. i wish i did more fun stuff like that though. i realized last night that i haven't finished my march perscription for anti-depressants, my doctor told me to cut down on my own, and don't feel like i really i need them right now. is this for good??? i 'm sure the improved diet and exercise are a big part of it!
so i just wanted to share a slice of life that wasn't diet or exercise or weight loss related.
then again tomorrow is weigh-in day and since friday (dinner at my brothers) and yesterday were high cal i'm being extra careful today.
:crossed: :crossed: :crossed: if i've lost 1.5lbs then i can schedule a pedicure for this week!!!
oh and i got another gift certificate for the same salon so i'll add that to my 10lb reward plan.

i hope you ladies had a good, great or wonderful weekend. sarah i can see the end of the work tunnel, only two more days :dancer:


06-28-2004, 02:27 PM
Hello, dahlings!

Gen that sounds like a great time! I think I HAVE heard of Blue Rodeo, although I'm not sure if I'd identify them by sound. I listen to a fabulous college radio station that plays all kinds of alternative, new, indie and also just lesser-known in the US stuff, and I think I might have heard a song and then heard them recommended. Anyway, sounds like you had a fabulous time, and I'm so glad to hear that -- you deserve it, sweetie. And HEY NOW, what's that good news I hear about the med's??? Good news abounds in our little support trio! :goodvibes

Well, I have good news, and I have bad news.....I'll give the good news first: I've lost another 2 pounds, for a total of 42 YTD. The BAD news, is that I was seduced into relative relaxation outside of the house on Saturday, and so didn't get in the 4 sessions I'd planned.....just two. (That Lorraine can be very convincing when she wants to. ;) ) Saturday we drove around PA for the better day, getting out to walk a bit here and there in some particularly pretty parts, but really the overriding purpose was to shop 5 units (locations) of a company with whom she's considering a position as District Manager. Great experiences, by and large, and we had just a great day together.

Then on Sunday, we got up early and I did my HIIT biking till I thought my bike was going to take off into my garden, and then we went to the nursery and bought some good soil and some fun watering stuff and then came back home and gardened for several hours. (Puncuated by my return to the bike to do another half hour on the bike.) Our garden looks great, and we planted some stuff that we'd been meaning to, and we had a really nice day together. The very SAD thing about our garden is that just last week the guy who mows our tiny little lawn at the front of the house mowed our fenced-in back yard, and, after Lorraine kept him from pulling some smaller plants out by the roots (I guess he thought they were weeds... :( ) she made a point of telling him that all the little plants between our flagstone stepping stones were expensive and that we spent a lot of time planting them, etc. Well he took the weed-wacker to them and leveled them to the ground. :yikes: Soil. No plants. I cried and am still soooooo upset. We have really poor soil quality, so the addition of great soil and all the plants was at least $500, and then there was all the work......it took us two days to get them all arranged and planted. And it was beautiful. We'd been nursing them along for a little over a month now, and they were really thriving. They're perrenials, so there's an off chance they'll survive...but it's a pretty big shock so we're not counting on it. And no nurseries are carrying any of those plants now, so we'll just wait until next spring to see if they rebound, and then replant them as necessary next May. Does that suck or what? He said he's sorry, he didn't know.....she TOLD him, but apparently he just wasn't listening or it didn't register....I just truly don't know what could possess a person to do that. Ok, I'm going to stop going off about it.....it's just so disappointing and it's still very upsetting to go out there and see them all gone. :cry: I'm making it my mission to try to nurse them back to life and good health....and poor Lorraine feels just awful. She kept saying, "I'll fix it. I'll fix it." But we just don't have that money to spend again right now -- even if we COULD find the plants, and then there's the time to put them all back in......there were hundreds of them. Woops! There I go again, going off about it all over again. I really am going to shut up about it now. :ziplip:

I didn't go the doctor about the lump yet....I'm going to go this week. And tonight I won't be able to work out, but I will tomorrow.

Summer, hope you're doing well -- big warm fuzzies to both of you -- :grouphug:

06-28-2004, 08:53 PM
Hey Ladies!

Sorry I have not posted - I have been overdosing on family stuff - The older of my two brothers graduated from High School on Saturday. So on Friday, with my sister in town too :dancer:, We went out to dinner and I proceeded to get food poisoning :bomb: from it so it cancelled all plans I had for later :mad: that night. The next day was the graduation ceremony and reception then on Sunday a HUGE graduation party for my brother and somewhere between the party and Satrday night I caught my husbands cold :( ...figures...but I have still been exercising because I am insane! :dizzy: Fenway had fun at the party because he got so much attention - he did the but dance (I call it the Beyonce) on anyone who would bet him for awhile... :lol:

Sarah if this gives you any hope - I have hacked the **** out of some of my perennials and they have returned and actually multiplied. :dunno: dunno how that happened but they are nice to boot. I am trying to ressurrect my garden - I have an old English garden - so plants and flowers for every season- but the lady who we bought the house from left the garden in neglect as she was starting to get ill. I get alot of help because it is so far from being a strong suit of mine. :balloons: for another 2 pounds! way to go! why be nit picky? You have done alot so far - it is a nice treat to spend time with Lorraine - so good for you! bad news...my ***! I am glad you had a nice weekend in PA. There are some beautiful parts there.

Gen congrats on less meds! Indeed I like the sound of that! :cp: I think diet and exercise has a huge effect on metal health so keep it up! I like Blue Rodeo. Music Festival with friends - That sounds like a fun weekend. As for my tastes in music - I am the queen of the obscure because I love so many things from Opera to Punk. here is an example of mix Cd I made myself: Thelonious Monk - Chicagoland blues, Mississippi Biker Boys - Delta Sound, Amazing - George Michael, Gentleman - Mae Moore, Dead Man Walking - David Bowie, Hurt - Johnny Cash, Hurt - Nine Inch Nails, 6 Underground - Sneaker Pimps, TO the Teeth - Ani Difranco, Here's to tonight - Eve 6, Snow on the Sahara - ANngun, Habibti - Ahmed Quadil, Whole lotta love - Led Zepplin, Crunk -OutKast, Portraits - Miles Davis, Love of my life - Erika Badu - but I am a huge CD whore -550 last counted. kinda crazy :twirly: You are right - I am north but as far north as you I am in Buffalo, NY.

Okay here is the week:

Sunday:Tennis - 40 minutes
Monday: Interval training - 40 minutes
Tuesday: Walk Fenway - 30 minutes, Yoga - 90 minutes
Wednesday: Walk Fenway - 30 minutes, Interval Training - 40 minutes
Thursday - Walk Fenway -30 minutes, Tennis - 60
Friday - Walk Fenway 30 minutes, Garden - 60
Saturday - Walk Fenway and Garden

I am down a pound! 149!

July 5-8 I will be on vacation! I do not know if there will be internet access but I will try. I am looking forward to it at this point!

I hope all are happy and healthy!

Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself. -Rita Mae Brown

He who laughs last didn't get it. - Helen Giangregorio

be well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

06-29-2004, 08:13 PM
hello hello,

so sorry about the food poisining summer. it really is awful. always remember: don't eat the potao salad! :eek: but it sounded like a fun weekend despite the....well you know. congrats on your brother's grad now all he has left is college, master's, phd, postdoc...oh no sorry how did my dad get in here? :lol:

and sounds like you had a good weekend too sarah. despite the plant incident. what's up with that???:rollpin: just wait and see if they grow back...that's the beauty of perrenials.

my leg hurts: that's why i didn't go to the gym today. yesterday i ran on the outdoor track instead of the treadmill. it's waaaaaaaaaaay harder. but my feet didn't hurt so much and i didn't get a cramp. so i developed a bump on the top of my right foot and have weird pains in my leg. :rolleyes:i think the bump is pressing on a nerve. it just popped up one day couple of weeks ago but it's going away. why is my body soooooo weird??? :mad: sabotage!!!!

leg routine
abs, lower back, waist
cardio: 30 minutes elliptical hill program level 1

:bravo: congrats on the 149 summer!!!

news you will like: i bought the diet power today.

interresting note: i'm not doing the low carb thing but usually i have a pretty high protein, moderate carb lunch. and even when i give the kids their afternoon snack i don't feel hungry and have stopped the diet cokes. today, however, i had 1.5 cups of spaghetti with tomato and meat sauce. less than two hours later i was hungry again and had saltines with cream cheese and then i wanted a diet coke (my mom's addicted so there are cases around). moral: no more high carb meals at lunch. :p

i could go on for hours so i wont
have a good evening

07-01-2004, 10:48 PM
Hey you guys, just wanted to stop in for a quick heads-up that I won't have online access for a few days. Lorraine, Louie and I are headed to a cabin in the hills of West Virginia for a few days.......I'm sooooo excited! It's been a couple of years since we've gone away together, even for a weekend -- apart from absolutely hellish visits to her family. I'm not counting those. ;) I'll tell you guys all about it when I get back next week. I'll miss you guys and think of you when I'm hiking some beautiful trails! :)

07-03-2004, 06:58 PM

well sarah is away having a great time but where is summer? i hope you are doing well and having fun.
i posted on friday but it's not here :?: hmmm...
well here is what i've been doing
yoga...feels soooo good :cloud9:
swimming: 20 mins...oh boy that was not easy. changing up the routine sure let's me know how out of shape i am. :o
walk/jog outside 20mins=2.5kmand no pain!!! i'm so happy :) :) :)
i was starting to think that i may not be able to jog for the leg and foot pain...hopefully it is going away. :crossed:
my dad called today to let me know that the bike is ready so now i'll be able to bike to from work everyday and go for bike rides on the week ends. :cb:
now all i need to do is wash my socks :yikes:

hope to hear from you soon summer and find out how things are going

07-03-2004, 09:03 PM
Hi there! :wave:

Sorry I have been MIA - my work included four fourteen hour days so after that I did not want to see a computer. :p

Sarah I hope W. VA is a blast! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Gen (is that short for Genevieve? just curious) glad to hear about no pain when you run! Yeah! That is great news. I am glad to hear that you are liking yoga as well and swimming - what a fun change in the routine. :workout: Bike to work - that also sounds like it could be fun. How was your Canada Day? Blue Rodeo was here giving a free outdoor concert Thursday :cool:

I have logged 305 minutes of exercise this past week. I made sure to get alot in before work - thankfully! My DH and I are going on vacation to a lake resort this week (Mon -Thurs) so I do not know if I will be able to get on-line but I will try! There is lots of tennis, canoeing, yoga and hiking planned so I am looking forward to it...so forward...

Have a great week! I will try to get on here during the week - I just don't know what kind of access I will have. Keep up the good work Gen!

Be sure to put your feet in the right place then stand firm - Abe Lincoln

be well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

07-05-2004, 02:58 AM
hey summer,

that sounds like a geat week off! have fun and you deserve it after all those long days.
gen is short for genevieve. it's not a very common name in english and a lot of people would mispronnounce it so i figured gen is short and easy. most people call me gena (pronnounced jenna) but then most people tend to say it like geena so i just gave up. i used to hate genevieve because it caused me so much grief but now i like it :)

i sure hope the pain of running is starting go away. we'll see what happens when i return to running on pavement this week. the track at the y is very small gravel.
tomorrow is weigh in day and i have a good feeling about it! :crossed: but we'll see what happens.

weights upper body
cardio: outdoor track

thanks for your encouragement and support. i sure need it!

oh if you get to go to the blue rodeo concert it will be a great time i promise! tonight i went to see the funk brothers in concert must have been about 100,000 people. it was fantastic!!! if you haven't seen the movie definitely rent "standing in the shadows of motown" it'll make you laugh, cry, think and appreciate all the unsung talent out there.
have a great week, i'll see you here when you get back.:sunny:


07-07-2004, 01:35 AM
hi sarah
hope you had a good vacation. you sure deserved it! tell us all about it.

so like you figured, :dizzy: , i'm down one more pound. yippee. i'm using the diet power everyday, don't know what i'd do without it. ty ty ty for letting us know about it. it is better than fitday. i love that i can create my own exercises from the data given on the cardio machines.

today: almost didn't go to the gym but my sister intervened and off we went. yeah for sister.
biked to and from work (woohoo got the bike. it's only ten minutes there and back and downhill most of the way home buy hey, it's better than nothing ;) )
upper body ( i realized i don't like doing abs, it makes me feel puky, so i don't do them as often as i should)
cardio: 30 mins on crosstrainer.
stretching: i can touch my foot now.
i must be getting fitter because after doing level1 hill programme i decided that next time i need to move up to level two. woohoo!

wed: off: cat to the vet
thurs: running clinic: 20 minutes jog/walk (2min jog/1min walk :crossed: )
friday: yoga

well i hope to hear from you soon :^:
gen :wave:

07-07-2004, 11:54 PM
Hello, Gen and Summer!! I'm back, but in a hurry to turn in, so I'm just going to give a quick update for now....just the facts, ma'am!

I only lost a pound last week, since I splurged a bit on vacation -- I didn't go off, but I did partake in a few no-no's, in small quantities. And still I lost a pound!

As for exercise since my return on Monday:

Tuesday ~ Walked Louie for a half hour.
Wednesday ~ Biked HIIT for 30 minutes, with 18 minutes at intense speed, and 8 within more moderate fat burning zone of heart rate.

My goal is to really concentrate on cardio this week......I'm trying to lose 2 more pounds by the beginning of next week, so I'm focusing for the moment less on muscle building than on increasing my metabolic rate.

I'll fill you dahlings in on more when I have more time! I missed you guys and hope you're both doing great, and that Summer is having a blast on her vacation! Gen, I'm so glad you're loving the Diet Power! It has so many awesome features, doesn't it?? (I love that exercise one too, although I haven't had an opportunity to utilize it yet, since I don't go to a gym and so don't have access to unlisted equipment.....Hey great job on your regular use of the crosstrainer, by the way! You go, you bad:censored: !)

I'll post more tomorrow.....good night!

07-08-2004, 10:37 AM
Down another pound since yesterday! I'm still shooting for another 2 pounds by the beginning of next week though! I'll be back later to more fully check in with you two. :wave:

07-09-2004, 12:17 AM
Hey there, :wave: , another quick one:

Thursday: HIIT on bike for 22 minutes this morning first thing. I'm going to do the same tomorrow morning.

That's it for now....I'll be back soon!

07-09-2004, 01:06 AM
hey sarah i never knew you were such a tease. :lol:
congrats on the one lb! thank goodness for small victories...they do add up don't they!
went running today (clinic resumed), started out well then cramping but i managed to keep by breaking the routine. shorter run time and shorter walk time than prescribed. oh boy i must say i've improved. i was so apprehensive about today, but much to my surprise i did alright. it's great to see progress. leader said maybe more potassium would help so besides bananas any suggestions. i was eating them but the calories added up quikly. diet power does say i'm always lacking in potassium. maybe a supplement?
here's something i do: at the end of the day i check my nutrient levels then i take my vitamins, minerals. i'm eating so much better now i don't a multivitamin usually just calcium and vit D (since i don't drink much milk anymore) and now potassium.

good going on hiit on the bike :cp: so many things to ask: just wondering if you are still weightraining? what about the lump on your neck? how was the vacation? the garden? lorraine? the zoo? ok i'll stop now. :tape: just checking in. :lol:

take care

07-09-2004, 02:18 PM
Hey, Gen, great job on the running! I'm so proud of you!

I can relate to your potassium deficiency. I share it. And Diet Power always shows me low as well. I rarely eat bananas for the same reason. I supplement, and also eat lots of spinach and a good bit of salmon, and they seem to help. It's still hard to reach 100% though. (My supplements are teeny-tiny, and I take 6 a day, and still they don't get me there. I just started, though, so I was seeing if taking 2 at a time would upset my stomach and they don't, so I'll up them and see how it goes.) Have you tried right-clicking on Potassium in your nutrient window to see some good sources of potassium?

Let's see. The vacation. Well, overall, it was pretty good. It's a beautiful state, and our cabin was located within a 900-acre wildlife sanctuary, so we saw plenty of deer and other critters, and even a bear! On the downside, the locals didn't seem to like us so much -- not loving the homosexuals so much! ;) -- Louie and I gotten eaten alive by bugs (strangely, they were less interested in Lorraine -- must have been the beer and cigarettes!) and on the way out, minutes after leaving the cabin, we came across a half-dead kitten that had been run over by a car and we heard from a nearby resident that it had probably been done on purpose. We raced it to an animal hospital (in my arms, with it crying and looking at me the whole way) and had to do what we'd suspected would be necessary: had it put to sleep. Uuuuggghhhh.....truly a killer. Of course we cried and were just so sad. And of course I'm grateful that we happened to see that it was alive (in the middle of the road, with cars still running over it -- tires on both sides of it, that is, the poor baby) so that we could get it treated humanely. We just didn't want it to suffer any longer. God, I'm crying again now just telling you about it! :cry: Anyway, when we came home you better believe I squeezed all seven of our kitties till their little eyes bulged! And everyone got soft food, catnip, catnip bubbles, and lotsa love. The whole thing just breaks my heart.

As for weight training, yes I am still doing it, but I'm taking this week and next week off to hit the cardio really hard, because I want to knock out my current goal. Then I'll get back into a mixed routine.

The garden's ok, thanks for asking.....probably like 6 or 7 of the 100 plants seem to be coming back, so we will definitely have to replant next year. Fascinatingly, when the neighbors at the townhouse next door had their deck bleached and repainted, the workers bleached our steps, fence, and several Rose of Sharon bushes I had planted there. Amazing. :no:

The lump is a lump is a lump. I still haven't gone to the doctor, of course. I know, probably would be a good idea, no? I'm sure it's just a stupid cyst....it's not like it's bulging out of my neck or anything - you can't see it, just feel it - but it is a bit of an oddity when I move it around under my skin! Ick. You're a sweetheart for asking.

The zoo is good! :lol: You're funny. It truly is a zoo. They were very pissed off that we left for a few days, but everyone seemed to survive it. One cat in particular (poor beleagured sweetheart) seemed to have spent the entire time hiding in our bedroom closet and when we came home she came out rumpled and famished......and ran straight for the litter box! (Hey remind me to tell you about our litter boxes sometime -- they're electric and hook up to the toilet, and the waste is flushed right down the toilet! We even had them set on timers while we were gone so the boxes wouldn't get dirty and stinky! Pretty cool, huh?)

I'm feeling pretty good about my loss of 44 pounds thus far, but am really looking forward to achieving this current goal of 235 so that I can move on to the next one. I'm ready.

Take care, lovies, and Gen, I think you're a real sweetheart, I really do! :yes:

07-09-2004, 02:19 PM
Hey there ladies! :wave:

Back from vacation and I see Sarah is too! Sarah how was W. VA? Michael and I are so relaxed we canoed, hiked, played tennis and ate. I gained 2 pounds which is not as much as I feared - so on the band wagon again! :dizzy:

Gen :cp: for you keeping up with running! Way to go! Diet power is my saving grace now as well. Still learning all the details but very helpful.

Sarah welcome back! How is Lorraine and Louie and the army of cats? How is the crossbow going and have you gotten your neck checked out?

This week so far:
Sunday: Walk Fenway -40 minutes
Monday: Nothing but driving to vacation
Tuesday: Tennis - 60 minutes, hiked for 40 minutes, canoed for 60 minutes
Wednesday: Tennis for 50 minuted, YOga for 60 minutes
Thursday - 30 minutes HIIT on Treadmill :p , 10 minutes on rowing machine then drove home
Friday: walked Fenway for 30 minutes, Tennis for 60
Saturday - Walk Fenway

I finally learned how to attach a picture! Below is one of Michael and in February.

Missed you ladies and the constant source of motivation that you are for me.

Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish.
Albert Einstein

be well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

07-09-2004, 02:55 PM
Oh my gosh, how cute are you two?!?! Adorable! You're beautiful, Summer!! And that Michael quite the cutie pie -- I love that picture; whole lotta love evident there.

I'm glad you had a great week -- it sounds just great. I LOVE to canoe! I think it might actually be one of my favorite activities in the world! (You mentioned eating, and that isn't so bad, either! ;) ) Isn't it great just to get away with the one you love? No phone, no breaking news, no work stress......just love. I tell you, Lorraine and I definitely needed it. She's just about to start a new job after 16 years with the old one, and she's freaking out. Her current job has taken such a toll on her, it's affected her health, her outlook, her personality, and our relationship. It's time to let it go and move on, and I'm very proud of her for making the leap. As we speak they're trying to convince her to stay, but she's holding her ground, tough as it is. I'm so proud of her.

I can't get over just how cute you guys are together, and how lovely you are, Summer....yay you!!!

07-10-2004, 04:00 PM
I know this is not exercise related but I had to post a picture of my Fenway. He is 20 months now. we got him from a rescue agency a year ago. He is my walking partner.

I hope Saturday finds the both of you enjoyning the day to its utmost! :sunny:

I will stop bye with more later.

I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.
Rita Mae Brown

07-10-2004, 11:09 PM
Awww, Fenway! What a handsome dog!! He really is a beautiful guy, Summer! :love:

Brief exercise report:
Yesterday: HIIT on the bike for 20 minutes.
Today: Extended, sustained high intensity biking for 30 minutes, and painting for 2 1/2 hours (that's gotta be worth something, right?)

And I'm down another pound, so that's 3 since last Tuesday, making it 45 pounds ytd! 2nd goal, here I come!

07-11-2004, 10:15 PM
hey ladies,

well summer you sure is a purdy lady :queen:!!! and your husband is handsome and fenway is gorgeous. what a sight you guys must be in the neighbourhood!!!
hope you had a good weekend.

:balloons: congrats on the weight loss sarah. you are doing soooo great. :queen: your 2nd goal is so close you could almost taste it...and it may just tastes like 3oz of grilled chicken marinated in lemon juice and herbs, a mixed leaf salad sprinkled with madarin orange wedges lightly drizzled with a balsamic ginger vinegrette and sauteed zucchini medallions a la marjoram followed by berry salad flambed in cointreau...unless you're on the atkins diet in which case it tastes like 2lbs of bacon.
seems like incompetant workmen are the out to get you this summer. :rollpin: seems like there is no shortage of them. someone said once "everyone rises to the level of their incompetance" present company excluded of course :o

so my dietpower is screwing up again. it wont let me log exercises without crashing. i e-mailed tech support. so hopefully that will get resolved soon. unless of course the techies there have risen to the level.... :lol:

friday i didn't do yoga 'cause my sis-in-law went camping and my sister is not as keen on it (are you following?? :p ) and wanted to do weights. so we did lower body and crosstrainer. oh and my mom came too. :)

yesterday we celebrated my brothers bday so...i didn't eat any junk but i did have a small piece of fruit custard pie thing and a cannolli....ahhhh cannollis. my sister and i went to little italy to buy him a soccer jersey and just had to get them. but you know a while ago i would have had at least two...but i've pretty much lost the urge, craving to overindulge. that's a real surprise for me.
do you guys have problems with that or do you find yourselves not feeling the urge to indulge anymore? hmmm that's not worded too well but you get my meaning :^:

today i went for a walk/jog. the jogging component is getting better, faster, longer. i went out for 33mins (jogged for a total of 14.6 mins and walked for 18.5) and went further than before in the same amount of time. it's so good to see and feel progress.
tommorow is another weigh in day :crossed:

have a good monday

07-13-2004, 12:21 AM
hello ladies,

i hope you had a good monday to start off your week.

sooooo.... down 2 more lbs!!! woohoo
i guess the cannolli was ok :)

upper body weights
cardio: crosstrainer 30 mins
lower body weights
cardio: walk/jog track (or treadmill of weather is rainy)
upper body
cardio: crosstrainer
thurs: jogging clinic walk 1 min jog 3 (i don't think i'm at that level but i'll do my best like last week when i couldn't complete the run as planned :( )

i hear the shower calling my name
have a good night

07-13-2004, 12:28 PM
Good Morning! :coffee:

Not a morning person in any sense of the word. I think people who like Any time before 7:30 am with a pint of coffee are crazy...with that said I got my *** out of bed to workout this morning and walk my dog - and it is sticky hot here so I smell real pretty right now.

Vacation was wonderful with Michael - there is nothing like being with each other and enjoying it and away from the stresses of daily life. It was so relaxing which is good becasue we came home to 2 funerals. :( Fenway is pretty and I think he knows it - when ever we walk at least one passerby comments on him and his ears perk up and his tail wags even more than before and I think he even starts to strut :lol:

Gen :bravo: on the two pounds! That is great news - I love great news in the morning. Keep up the hard work and now you know there is no reason to beat up yourself for the occassional treat. I am so happy for you! How is your kitty by the way?

Sarah another 2 pounds! :cp: :cp: :cp: Close to your second goal! Way to go - what an inspiration you are. Lorrine is in my prayers as she goes through this transition with her career. Good for her for standing her ground! Where is she going to?

I lost 1 pound. Yeah me! and this is what I have on tap for the week:
Monday: Walk Fenway - 60 minutes
Tuesday: 25 minutes of High Intensity Aerobics, 30 minute walk with Fenway, 90 minutes yoga tonight
Wednesday: 60 minutes of Tennis (if it doesn't rain), 40 minutes of Yoga (if it does rain), 30 minute walk with Fenway
Thursday: 60 minutes of Tennis (if it doesn't rain), 40 minutes of Yoga (if it does rain), 30 minute walk with Fenway
Friday: 60 minutes of Tennis (if it doesn't rain), 40 minutes of HIIT (if it does rain), 30 minute walk with Fenway
Saturday: Gardening, Housework, Walk Fenway

I hope this finds you well and sane!

An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don't. -Anatole France

be well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

07-15-2004, 10:11 PM

wow sounds like you have a big week of activity planned summer. 100 points to you for stepping up! glad you enjoyed your vacation. i'm soooo looking forward to my two weeks off in august. thanks for the encouragement. i wonder if that guy on jeopardy ever read that quote :lol:

i'm psyched because i really thought i wouldn't be able to finish the running course today since last week i couldn't do the 1min walk, 2 min run completely. although this week we did 1min walk and 3 min run and some ofit was uphill i did it! and energy to spare. so i'm really happy. yesterday i didn't work out at all because i was sooo tired and drained. i guess the rest did me good. and i ran twice this week so that probably helped.

well i hope sarah is doing well. helloooo sarah :wave:
tomorrow is yoga for my weary body

take care

07-16-2004, 12:51 AM
Hello Gen and Summer! Sorry for the slowdown in posts by me -- here's the latest. TOM has completely kicked my :censored: -- it definitely seems to be getting rougher as I get older. I let major cramps dissuade me from exercising Mon-Wednesday. I did cardio the Saturday and Sunday before, and today as well. (Each time for at least 30 minutes -- 45 today.)

I'm off tomorrow, so the plan is to do cardio for 40 minutes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Summer, I'm really sorry to hear about the two funerals. :grouphug: And thanks for the support for Lorraine - you're such a sweetheart. She was a DM for corporate Pizza Hut, and she's going to Hollywood Video for a DM position as well. It seems like a very professional organization, and she's been pretty impressed with each of the people she's met during the process. It's scary for her though, after 16 years at Pizza Hut. It's a good move though, very positive, and surely it will encourage further growth, learning and personal development. I'm so excited for her! (And she's going from the ghetto to Quaker country, so I think her spirits will be better also...no small thing.)

Gen, :bravo: on the 2 pounds! You just keep on going, you losing machine! Great job! And your progress in running is just great! I'm really, really sorry to hear about your Diet Power woes. It's so crazy! I haven't ever had a single problem, and with you it's been a real struggle......it seems your computer just does NOT like it. What have their techies said? Have you posted on their message board? (Sometimes the other users have some good information, in addition to the owner and DP employees.) I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.....I really hope it works out for you because it's such a helpful tool.

Summer, :bravo: to you, too, on your loss of a pound! I'm sure you've gained more muscle as well, with all the exercise you've been doing.....you rock, girlfriend!

This weekend I might meet a woman from the 100 lb. forum (the one I'd mentioned inviting to join our group a while back) -- she lives a couple of hours from me, so we're talking about meeting in the middle either this weekend or next. I'm pretty excited about it.......she, like both of you, is intelligent, positive, motivated, and sassy! (She's lost 63 pounds since March, so she's REALLY big in the motivation department!) I'm down from a size 26 to a 20 now, and she's got some size 20 suits that are now way too big for her, and they would help me out, so she's giving them to me. Isn't that sweet? The LAST thing I'm going to do is invest a lot of money in clothing which will shortly become too large for me...and yet I need suits for work. I'm lucky to have some size 20 clothes that are work-appropriate from several years ago when I was on the way up, size-wise....but some additional stuff will really help. And I am really excited to meet her! Pretty cool, huh?

Talk to you guys soon! :grouphug:

07-17-2004, 01:19 PM
Morning Ladies :coffee:

I am so tired :tired: this morning. Michael and I had a late one last night with a little drinking, a birthday dinner, a little drinking, out to see more friends and a little drinking...my fault I know. 3 am does get you much - that's for sure. My class reunion was yesterday and I did NOT go! I am so happy with that decision. :dancer:

Now it is my turn to apologize - THis week sucked in regards to exercise and the like. My heart was not in it at all and motivation was not there. :shrug: I did 200 minutes but even still it was a struggle to do that. So How do you stay motivated and actually look forward to exercise? My @ss is dragging lately. I want to fight so I don't hit a major slump physically or mentally.

You two are doing wonderfully!

Gen way to conquer that running class :high: keep it up! It's amazing that you are doing something you didn't know you could! How is your family? yoga? cats?

Sarah are you meeting that women from the 100lb board? That is so cool to have that chance! Keep up with the HIIT and cardio - it usually should help the TOM. Good luck to Lorraine! I hope she :love: the new position.

I am off to take my dog to the beach - he has never been. Could be interesting....

Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle. -Ken Hakuta

be well.

:snail: Summer :snail:

07-17-2004, 02:44 PM
good afternoon,

cheers to you summer, i indulged in the fun stuff last too. :cheers: usually i don't go for fruity drinks but i figured the strawbeeries in the daquiries redeemed me a little ( and the rum helped me to forget that i really shouldn't be drinking the rum :lol: ) i went over to my friends' house and we had a good time. oh and the dancing in the living room was my cardio for the day :) since that's what i did and got home after four i did not go to yoga this morning :o and i couldn't go last night because i was working ill 5:30.
i'm glad you had fun time instead of going to the reunion.

when i don't feel like exercising i lie on my bed and say " who do i want to be? the kind of person who exercises when the going gets rough or the kind of person who doesn't? then i sit up and put on my shoes and exercise clothes without thinking and walk out the door. sometimes i rationalize that i really shouldn't exercise today because i'm sore. and then i don't. sometimes i say "i'm building a better butter burner". that's from covert bailey's fit or fat book.
the weather here has been so muggy and oppressive that i feel tired and depleted just from being up and around. i know last week a lot of people have told me they feel the same way. so early in the morning or in the evening when things have cooled off a bit feels better. i was so tired tuesday and wednesday and thursday i didn't really feel like going to my running clinic. i forced myself to go and took a taxi to get there becasue if i had to walk or take the bus i wouldn't have made it. in the end the expense was worth it because the running went well and i felt more energized afterward. i like the (seeming) paradox that expending energy gives me back more.
soooooo....i guess (and i hate to quote the nike slogan :devil: ) just do it and decide afterward if it was a good idea. ;)

my cat is doing ok. he's now on kidney food and i have to give him enemas every 3 days. and that's all i'm going to say about that! :p

my cape cod vacation is on again off again. right now it's off again. i was going to get a free vacation by going with my friend and her husband and toddler to help her out since she's pregnant and her child is a handful. oh well the saga continues. :dizzy:

fenway looks like the kind of dog that will love the beach! should be fun. watch out for the big shake when he get wet.

sarah i have to ask... i thought and thought and just can't figure it out. i know what you mean about ....OH duh :stars: . i just got it. i couldn't figure out what TOM stood for. better go back to bed.
i hope you and lorraine are having a good weekend and she's liking her new job.

gotta go clean the apt. seems the tornadoes only hit # 24 and spare the rest of the city. strange :lol:


07-19-2004, 07:41 PM
Okay -

I got my @ss out of bed before 7:15 this morning and did interval training then walked the dog. I felt much better after doing it as I always do but sometimes my mind is funny and will says "You feel just as fine if you don't"

Gen you're right - What kind of person do I want to be? Of course I am not sure the book you reference but I think I need to reprogram my brain - too much bad information in it in regards to both food and exercise. Day by is how I need to take it. So tomorrow I plan to do Yoga Booty Ballet (a mix of dance, yoga and weights) and walk the dog if it doesn't rain. Wet Dog is not a fragrance I want to bottle any time soon.

Sarah??? Where are you Sarah???? I hope you are well and still loving that cross bow!

Have a good night. bon nuit mes amis!

The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase; if you pursue happiness you'll never find it.
C. P. Snow

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

07-19-2004, 10:40 PM
hi girls,

well i haven't been the kind of ship shape person i want to be lately. last week i ended up only exercising 3 days. i didn't go for my sunday jog because it rained. some people do jog in the rain. one day. but i did spend a nice day out of town.
and today i was just too tired. why am i so tired lately? and i think i've gained some weight back so this week i'm going tobe extra vigilant (except for the two peices of bread with margarine i had after lunch today) is this all falling apart??? i have to think that it is just a little blip and to refocus. life is full of little bips and some really big ones. eye on the prize. ok.
i'm averaging about 1800cals for the past week and 1700 cals for the month. i should be down to 1200. dietpower wants me down to 1100 to lose 2lbs a week but i think that's a little low.
good going on getting up in the morning summer!! so how did fenway enjoy the beach? did you get to experience the wet dog aroma? it really isn't very pleasant but they seem to love it.

sarah i love your posts in the other forums. really interesting and informative. good sharing :)

so have a good tuesday ladies

07-21-2004, 06:26 PM
Wanted to pop in real quick and say hi! :wave:

I hope you both are well! I am at 155 minutes of exercise this week so far! Much better when I journal.

Fenway :love: the beach! Seaweed and all. He loved chasing the seagulls most. Definitely needed to hose him down - stinky!!!

Either of you know anything about the Body for life program?

Gen keep your chin up! remember you are doing this for you and no one else!

Sarah where are you?

I have to go - dinner appt.

be well.

Opportunities multiply as they are seized - Sun-Tzu

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

07-22-2004, 02:27 PM
Hellooooooo!! I'm really, really sorry that I have been neglecting you guys and our little thread these days. I have been spending most of my free time over at 100 lb. when I'm online, and I really have been a sorry participant here with you. I just keep getting caught up over there, and then when I think about what I'm going to post to you guys, I get overwhelmed, since I haven't given you a proper update in so long! :( I'm really sorry. I think the world of you both, and soooo enjoy you two....I feel guilty when I post these quicky posts, but that's usually all I have time for. And then since I haven't posted here in a while, I've fallen behind.....and then it's all overwhelming. What a sad sack I am.

Here's a mini update: I've fallen off using the Crossbow lately -- I intend to start it up when I've lost 2 more pounds...sounds insane, but I keep thinking that if I concentrate on cardio rather than building muscle, I'll get to this second goal quicker! I know long-term, the muscle is what I need......and it's absolutely what I WANT.....but I am sooooo sick of this second goal that I just want to get there and move on to the next one. Then it's back to the weight training for me. I have been doing cardio 3 times a week. It should be more, but our whole schedule has been turned upside down with Lorraine's new job -- her hours are all over the place, and now mine are also -- also, poor Louie is used to her being home so much more (she worked from home a great deal, and now is gone much more, and with varying hours.) So I'm trying to help him through the transition with extra walks and playing etc.

I promise I'll post more later tonight -- I'm on my lunch now, and will make sure not only to report more from home, but to respond to your posts as well. I think the world of you guys, and really enjoy you so much.....and I'm sorry if I've let you down or not been as good a friend and support as I could have been. Just know that I'm on track, still around (as you saw, Gen :) ) and I really do care about you guys. :goodvibes

07-22-2004, 08:45 PM
hey sarah,
no problem, we missed you and i wanted to know how things were going. i thought you'd be busy with lorraine starting a new job you and who knows what else life offers. i actually enjoy reading your posts in the other forums because they are interesting and informative :idea: . you sure are doing your homework.
i don't have a busy life. and in the summer i go to work late and anyways i never work late or have to bring work home (i don't think the parents would appreciate my bringing their kids home with me, hehe or maybe some would). there was article in the paper the other day about daycares here and funding problems (the government subsidizes daycare and the parents only have to pay 7$ a day) and one worker said despite the problems she loves her job because "at what other job do the clients give you kisses" well i thought yeah us and prostitutes hehehe. hugs, kisses and "i love yous" and it's still not my dream job.
don't worry about the crossbow. it's good to mix up your routine once in a while. and since you have a plan it will all work out. and you are soooo close to your next goal. :cb:
of course i've taken it to the extreme this week by not exercising at all. not even biking to work. i've got alot of rationalizations :rolleyes: for not doing it but i think since my sister went camping i just lost my way. next week will be better, i promise. oops what have i done?? now i have to don't i? :yes:
this week i'm really watching my food because i've gained some weight back. boy it sure came back fast!!! and i didn't pig out but i guess i have to be more careful.
so much for my motivation tips eh summer?
there was a great quote in another forum the other day it something like " the will to win is not as important as the will to train" that is the crux isn't it?

take care

07-22-2004, 11:54 PM
Genevieve, you are a real sweetheart! Thanks for so kindly letting me off easy, and for the nice feedback on my posts elsewhere! I find it motivating to find and share information; I think it reinforces my focus and sense of purpose. I have a much longer journey than either of you, and I'm doing everything I can to set myself up for success! (Also, I'm a nerd. :p )

This is going to be ANOTHER quick one, but I wanted to return tonight, to catch up a little bit with you guys!

Gen, why do you think it is that you've fallen off on the exercise of late? Are you bored with it? Or do you prefer to do stuff that involves companionship? I must say that I'm so completely impressed with your progress with your running....that is such an achievement! This might sound wierd and I hope you take it the right way because you're so close to being a thin girl yourself, but there are so many 120-pound people who couldn't run from their office cube to their cars -- and here you are literally running circles around them at one-sixty-something! You go, running girl! Don't worry about any piddly weight gain -- I'm sure it's just water. Think about the whole 3500 calories = 1 pound thing, and then come to your senses, you silly goose. I am just so proud of how much weight you've lost in a short period of time...and how far you've come with your running. You've already shown yourself that you're capable of great discipline and enormous motivation. I think you're doing great, Gen, I really do....you're simply a human, with all the accompanying frailties and quirks. Part of the package. No biggie -- just yank back those habits and either jump right back into the old routine you liked, or invent a new one and give it all you've got!

I have to sign off for a wee bit -- Lorraine needs to set up her new laptop (from the new company) and she needs to go online. I'll be back to talk to you, Summergirl -- hey, isn't this your season? -- in a small while.

(((((((((((((You guys)))))))))))))


07-23-2004, 12:39 AM
no you're a real sweatheart. :lol: you really are.
thanks for the encouragement on the running. boy i needed that! 'cause i didn't go today. i know i'll get back on track, and on the track.
i know one of my problems is the actual going, once i'm there i actually (don't tell my sister this) prefer to work out by myself. i just get into my own head and do my thing. there's not as much laughing mind you and i like that too. and she knows some good stuff. i used to enjoy playing softball (it was slow pitch) but i'm not competitive with others so i'm not into team stuff. i enjoy, rather, my own private sense of accomplishment. i do enjoy running with others though.
sooooo...you may be right about the water, i too thought what?!?!?!! i didn't eat 10500 extra calories. and i did lose 1.5lbs in 3 days and that wouldn't make sense either. imagine my surprise and PROFOUND disappointment when i saw the scale on monday!!! (notice i didn't post my weight for this week :o )

thanks again for your kind, uplifting, compassionate ...... words
still one with the universe: gen

07-24-2004, 03:09 AM
Hey can I join
I have been doing 20-30 minutes of a cardio mix atleast 5 days a week.
I have been on a exercise/diet plan and has lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks.

07-24-2004, 01:52 PM
Hello, new person -- great job on the exercise! What's your name?

Gen and Summer, sorry I didn't come right back; Lorraine's sister's got some kind of lung thing that went away and has recently come back -- she's had MS her whole life, so adding this to it is kind of scary) and they just found a lump on the sister's husband's prostate.....so concern over and phone discussion of these events have really been the big, current focuses in our house. Also there's drama over her departure from her new job (and their manipulations to try to make her stay,) but I'm not EVEN going to take you guys down that road!

Genevieve, mon cherie, VERY glad to hear the update re. the oneness with the universe! :D You are such a cutie! It sounds like maybe a compromise on the exercise front would be a few sessions with the sis (or others) balanced with a few sessions solo, sans others. What do you think? I can't wait to hear the next update from you! Hey by the way, you really made me laugh with your response to the OT/Job-related thread at 100 lb....pretty funny! I'd vote for you! ;)

Now, Summer, you crazy kid! -- Body for Life. I know something about it; I did a bit of research about it and spent some time on their website, joined a coupla BFL message boards and lurked, and then also read the book. The LWL forum here at 3FC started out as a BFL thread, also, and there's still some basic information about the program there. (A couple of the veterans there did a couple of challenges as well.) How much do you know already? It's said to be a good starter program if you are new to weight training and that way of eating, and need the structure and simplicity of their program. It's been SUPER effective for a good many people. I took some of the principles of that program and applied them to my program.....although I sure haven't nailed down the entire exercise portion, that's for sure! BFL dictates 6 meals/day, 40/40/20 split - limited to no sugar and foods from a specific food list, gobs of water, and exercise 6 days/week: 3 days 20 minutes HIIT cardio, and 3 days weight training (no cardio on weight days) and then one day of rest and free eats. Those are the basics. (Sorry if you knew all that!) There was a link between BFL and EAS products, because Bill Phillips used to head up that company. He doesn't any longer, but he still promotes use of a lot of their products, like Myoplex, Precision Protein, and BetaLean. There's an awful lot of really good information to be learned at their website. (http://www.bodyforlife.com)

Things are still pretty hectic for me at work right now; I'm buried in preparations for an Affirmative Action audit, and I've got 6 open professional positions that are tough to fill. On the upside, I've been able to do a lot of my out-of-state work by remote, and that's been a timesaver. I'm going to meet that woman from 100 lb (Gretchen, Gen, in case you've seen her posts) next weekend. We're both very psyched about it, as we really share a common sensibility and attitude about the weight loss process, and just generally click. (She's also in HR, which is cool!) She's amazingly disciplined, having lost 63 pounds so far since March, down from 225. Her husband lost 70 pounds in less time!) I'd say you 3 are my very favorite people here....I really admire each of you, and just really enjoy your tres cool company.

I'm trying to motivate myself to go to the doctor today. Ugh. :mad: I hate going, after so many years of dealing with it in my youth and into my 20's. I'm just sick of the medical world, you know? Anyhoo, I really should go, and Lorraine's been begging me to go.....she thinks I have walking pneumonia, and also wants me to get my little pet lump checked out. (It's a dear friend now - I have great chats with it!) :dizzy: Let's have a moment of silence for discipline in this....and all things.




Ok. First things first, though. I've got a little Louie who is in sore need of some one-on-one attention. (Wish I could borrow Fenway -- they'd have a blast!) And THEN I'll go. ;) No really, Lorraine even wrote me a note about it this morning before she left, so really, I will.

Sending you both love and hugs.... :encore:

07-24-2004, 02:18 PM
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that pesky little detail called "exercise." Sheesh! :rolleyes: Yesterday: nada. II had great intentions to bike when I came home, but I opened my home's door to enormous drama, and it continued until I got into the bed at 11:00.) Today: biked for 30 minutes.

07-25-2004, 02:39 AM
Hey my name is Candra

I played volley ball for about 10 minutes and wallked in the park for about 20-25 minutes

07-25-2004, 03:12 PM
hi candra,
welcome to our little group of fantastic ladies.
here's what we do:
at the beginning of the week we post our exercise goals for the week, what we plan to do and on which days.
then we stick our plan, always!! :lol:
after that it's all love and roses, tips and suggestions, support and if needed a boot in the butt (i wouldn't usually say something like butt but i don't want to offend ;) )
and since we are women we also talk :blah: about anything else that's going on.
for example:
friday night my ^@$# cat brought a :mouse: home and it's been living in my kitchen behind the stove (so i've been a little jumpy for last couple of days)until she caught it this morning. i must of sensed something in my sleep (i knew she was stalking it when i went to bed) because i woke up and just from her position i KNEW she had brought onto the bed :yikes: . so i yelled at her, and she understood that right away and ran off with it. i didn't sleep well after that because i could hear them in the kitchen, the rummaging and the squealing. (i live in an apt. and kitchen is about 2 steps from the bedroom) ugh i just wanted it over with. finally she got it and i shooed them out onto the balcony. poor little mousy, i thought it was dead but it was just pretending. then i went back to bed. when i woke up they were both gone.
i live in a city for chrissakes, could we be a little more civilized and stick to the packaged cat food!???!!!!
yesterday i rented some videos and totally pigged out (shrimp chips and chocolate bars). i can't believe i used to eat like that all the time. i felt so sick afterwards. 3757cals for the whole day!!! no wonder i gained weight :lol: oh boy. don't worry folks i wont be doing that again for a very long time (has been months since i did before) i physically feel awful, i must try to remember this feeling. and i'm starting to feel like i did when i was depressed.
sooooo...with a sample of one i concluded that chips, chocolate and no exercise for a week makes you feel crappy, and a good wholesome balanced diet with exercise makes you feel happy. go figure.
my sister got home last night so i will check in with her and make an exercise plan for the week. will post later.

sarah, sounds pretty hectic and not too fun. bad news in the health department is always so upsetting. i really hope lorraine's sister and her husband get better, it's sure isn't easy. and lorraine doesn't need the stress of her ex-employers bothering her. she's lucky to have you around.
summer, i don't know anything about body for life, so i will defer to our resident research specialist. ;) weight training is good though, i highly recomend it.

hope you all had a :mouse: free weekend


07-25-2004, 10:07 PM
Gen, you pumpkinhead, I don't want to hear ANY more talk of any 3757 calories....chips and chocolate, indeed! :nono: Well, I guess that's not too high a price to pay to learn that you never want to do that again! ;) The depressed feelings are a little concerning, however; as someone who's grown to care about you, I hope you never have to deal with that again. Soybeans, Gen! -- stick to soybeans and yogurt, and you can't go wrong! Ok, and some blueberries, too, if they please you. Ooh, and brown rice; yeah, brown rice would be good also. Oh, and salmon.......no, you can't go very wrong with some salmon either.... Alright, I'll shut up. :)

Yikes, what a big adventure in your little wild kingdom! It's like some National Geographic segment on survival of the fittest! Poor little mousie. I remember when I woke up one morning to a little dead bird on my pillow, about 4 centimeters from my nose. Once my eyes recognized what I was seeing, I jumped back, and then saw Simone, my beautiful (original) black cat (and the keeper of my heart) sitting there so proudly, just staring at me and waiting for my approval. He used to bring me birds and mice all the time when we lived in San Francisco and he had the run of all the backyards within a city block.....those were good days for him, filled with carnage and adventure. :dizzy:

I'm glad that you're jumping back in the exercise saddle this week -- that's my plan as well. I've been doing dismally on that front, overall. My whole schedule is turned upside down, and I just can't get into my old routine. My eats are great, but I definitely need to move the old caboose to regain the loss momentum I was enjoying before. Sad, but true.

Today I bought a few new things. I detest shopping in malls......city streets, window shopping: great! Walking around in circles in a mall: **** on earth. Anyway, it was a means to an end, and I am pleased to report that I got a few smaller things that are much more flattering. I've gone from a 26/28 pant to an 18/20 -- and I'm super pleased about that! Unfortunately, my boobs are just going much, more slowly -- and I'm only down to a 22/24. I end up with a shirt that fits nicely around the boobs, but is too, too big around the middle and hips. Ah well, it's still progress. The insulting thing is that I had 6 pounds removed in a breast reduction many years ago, and I'm STILL saddled with these puppies after regaining them in the course of getting fat. It's sad, really! But what am I going to do, right? C'est la vie. (Philosophical nod to Genevieve here.)

Ok, so I went to the doctor yesterday, and it turns out my pet lump is an enlarged lymph node. He was concerned about it, and also my wheezing and rattling, and the length of time I've been experiencing all of these. So he had X-rays done, but wanted the radiologist to look at them as well (I just went to a general clinic, not to any [yet-to-be-identified] primary care physician.) So for now, I've got a 2-week cycle of antibiotics and an inhaler. I'll get the lowdown on my X-rays Monday or Tuesday, and then in 2 weeks, I'm supposed to return, to see if I'm able to breathe normally, and revisit the pet lump issue. So that's the latest. I just want to be able to breathe normally: take a deep breath, not wheeze and whistle, laugh without losing my breath and coughing uncontrollably, lie down to sleep without rattling and wheezing and coughing my head off trying to scratch a tickle that's way too deep to get. My biggest hope in this is that I can get Lorraine to stop smoking in the house, since it's not helping me at all. (I'm not even going to go there on the issues of my chances for developing esophogas cancer and breast cancer and the impact of secondhand smoke on both. Ugh.) Ok, enough of that. :^:

Summer, what the heck are you doing? You were screaming my name earlier, and now that I'm back I see neither hide nor hair of you. Hm. Now isn't that the pot calling the kettle black! ;) Hope you're well!

Good night, lovelies......sending you :grouphug:

07-26-2004, 12:16 AM


Hopefully the whole lymph node thing goes for the best :)

Now for the :blah:

Now talk about malls. Ok in front of this health store there is this scale it costs 25 cents for your weight and then 25 cents for health tips or something to that term. To me its really a rip off but I paid anyway. Ok I get on it pay the first 25 cents then it says my weight then it was 135 or something like that but now i am 158 puonds-anyways thats a different story.
Then I pay the next 25 cents and it says how many calories a day I need to eat to be my ideal weight and guess what it says 0 a big bold 0. I was like isnt that telling the Americans something. No wonder why so many people have eating disorders. :mad: I mean it was right in front of a health sstore telling people that isnt even a healthy thing. But yea I didnt really so that much exercise today ususally on the weekends I try and let my muscles rest some.
God bless,
Candra :dance: :wave: and :grouphug:

07-26-2004, 01:16 AM
oh i know about the calories. today i ate about 900cals and i'm full and satisfied. had a good japanese vegetable beef and linguini stir fry for lunch. oops for got to log my beer. and speaking of beer: diet power doesn't have a great choice there, their beer only has 3. something alcohol but hey! i live in canada where the beer is more than coloured water. ;) so i went for lunch with a friend at 2 o'clock and then starbucks for cawfie and just got back at 10:30. talk about the gab fest!!!
ah so you know all about the gifts from are our feline hunters. live mice, dead mice, live birds, headless birds, bird carnage on the bed (umm should i wash those sheets...NO...i'll just throw those into the garbage)
i didn't know you were wheezing and coughing sarah. that's probably why your lymph node is enlarged. take care of that. i'm glad you went tothe doctor despite your reluctance. reminds my of the movie where the guy had something growing out of his neck that developped into another but evil head and eventually took over. well i sure hope that doesn't happen to you :lol: . but really i hope you're feeling better soon. let us know what the specialist says.
congrats on the diminishing clothes sizes! what is that four sizes? wow. small breasted women don't get that big breasts aren't always so wonderful to have. they'll go down as you lose more weight though. sincve you already had a reduction you have less fat cells there so i would think they will eventually shrink somewhat.
i have lots of blueberries in the freezer. i put them in the smoothies or on my cereal. i need to eat more salmon. soybeans? uh no way. but i do drink soy milk in smoothies and cereal. yogurt... i'll have to work on that...brown rice ditto.
chocolate induces some kind of chemical reaction similar to opiates in the brain. makes you feel good. but what i realized yesterday was that like with opiates afterwards comes the crash. that's why i felt so down i think. but once i got out onto the terrace and chatting i felt much better.
tomorrow is back to the gym. maybe since you have a lung thing, sarah, you'd be better off doing the crossbow than cardio until it goes away?
that's a very strange story candra. i guess the advice was worth what you payed for it :lol: stick with us we wont steer you wrong and we would never suggest you eat less than 1 calorie per day. what are your exercise plans for the week?
summer? summer? summer?

tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my week

07-26-2004, 01:30 AM
Oh yea I forgot my exercise plans.

Monday-friday....Cardio-Weight lifting-crinches-Jump rope.Maybe walk in the park if weather permits. yep Saturday and Sunday maybe some exercise not sure yet probally baskettball.

07-26-2004, 04:55 PM
Hello wonderful ladies!

I am sorry to be the pot! I had 2 weddings and a wedding shower in Canada this weeked so I was out of touch with everything (computers, friends, reality...) ;)

Hi Candra! Welcome to our little board! What are the goals you have? My advice (which you already know) is never pay anything or anyone to tell you what you weigh! :lol:

My goals this week are this:
Sunday - absolutely nothing!
Monday - Yoga Booty Ballet -30 minutes, Walk Fenway -20 -minutes
Tuesday - Yoga - 30 minutes, Walk Fenway (weather depending) and Pilates for 20 minutes
Wednesday - Walk Fenway (weather depending) and Yoga for 90 minutes
Thursday - Walk Fneway and Tennis for 60 minutes
Friday More Tennis and dog walking
Saturday - Gardening

Gen eek! on the mouse experience - my former cat (may he rest in peace) was an expereinced hunter and I think the spawn of satan. :devil: he was never declawed becasue was outdoors alot but did not hesitate on using those claws on me. How are you feeling today? better? Sometimes the difference in moods for me is a matter of space. :dizzy: Sometimes not!

Sarah I am so glad you went to a doctor. I hope all comes back alright and that all you need is antibiotics. I agree with Gen - careful on the cardio and HIIT stuff until you feel better. :cp: on the loss of sizes! Yeah! I never lost anything in my boobs ever! I finally got a boob reduction before christmas last year - I wish I had done it earlier. I was a size DD-E and only 5'1" - I was falling forward! It is much easier to exercise without the excess weight and injury they caused. There are some pictures that are way to funny of me and people now ask if I stuffed my sweaters, shirts, etc and the answer is No and I was wearing a minimizer too! :o

Missed you all! I need to get a laptop...

We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities. -Walt Kelly

be well.


07-26-2004, 11:56 PM
ok ladies i'm back on track.went to the gym
today and had a good workout. benefit no.1: can have more supper!
weights: lower body and
cardio: treadmill for 30 mins.
weights: upper
cardio: 30mins crosstrainer
wed: off girls night out great greek restaurant. i'll pick good stuff, have a light lunch
thurs: running group 5min jog, i min run x3 (wish me luck since i didn't train last week :crossed: )
friday: yoga or weights and cardio
then i'm off work for two weeks!!! yeah

summer, yoga booty ballet!? could you tape yourself doing that and send it to me? :lol: sounds great and a lot of fun :lol:
sounds like you had a great weekend, party party party. and of course it must have been great if you came up here.
candra, sounds like a good week for you. do you work out at home or at a gym? what kind of cardio do you do? and what are your goals? pretty nosy eh? :o
hope the antibiotics are working sarah keep us updated.

my legs are killing me

07-27-2004, 01:10 AM
Hey :wave:

Well my current weight is 158 I lost 4 pounds on my current diet, which I have been on for 2 weeks. I work out at home I usually do a mixture of jump ropeing, Jogging, crunches, and :strong: weight lifting only about 13 pounds though :D. Today I had some taco Bell :T But I still didnt blow my diet. Yeah!!! Well the longest I ever stayed on a diet is 1 month so I am trying to beat my record. But for the first time I find myself actually enjoying exercising and my diet is all good because I am actually not half starving myself. When ever I usually went on a diet I ate like 500-700 calories now I eat around 100-1200 calories:eating2: . Im actally enjoying not eating when i not really hungry it makes you feel alot better. And with the exercies it always boosts my energy and makes me feel happy. :)

:m: :dance: :grouphug:

07-27-2004, 01:19 AM
Woo hoo! I'm so happy to feel realigned with you guys! Candra, you walked into a tightknit, tiny little group, and you just can't know yet how wonderful these two women are. They're so wonderful, and so cool, and so smart.......they're just awesome women, really. And you seem pretty nice yourself!

Summer's here! Summer's here! :hyper: SO glad to hear that you had a good time on vacation -- sounds busy, fun, and overall sort of, well matrimonial in theme....crazy it was all in the same weekend! Are you in need of a little napski now, or what? Sounds like you're back in the saddle again this week...great job! I love the variety in your exercise, as usual.

Gen, I'm so happy to hear about your happy gym day -- and also your hurting legs! (I love that feeling. :yes: ) And your plan for the week sounds great. I predict that your running is going to be just great -- as hard as you've been working, I'm sure one week missed won't throw you off. You're tougher than that! Worst case scenario, you've gone half a step backwards......and that's after several leaps forward to get to this point, with, I'm sure, a huge lunge upcoming! What's this I hear about two weeks off??? Now that's just crazy talk! Just kidding -- you completely deserve every minute of peace and relaxation. Any special plans??

Candra, I'm curious too -- where do you work out? Are you in school? We all share our goals; what are yours?

As for me, I am really missing my routine and feeling like a sloth. I agree that the HIIT probably isn't the best thing at present, but I'm finding that the inhaler is already beginning to help me to breathe more deeply, and I'm hoping that the antibiotics kill whatever it is that's been holding me down and stealing my breath. I'm thinking I'm going to give it another day or two, and then I'll start biking again -- I'll forgo the HIIT to begin with and just take it easy, but at least some cardio has got to be ok, once I can breathe better. Right? I really do feel like a slug, and my weight loss has slowed wayyy down. I went from 3 pounds 3 weeks ago, to 2 pounds 2 weeks ago, to 1 pound so far this week. (I'll give the official report on that tomorrow. :crossed: ) Prior to the 3 pound loss, I'd been averaging a 1.8 pound loss weekly for the past 2 months. I think that's fine for the person who wants to lose 30 pounds -- but at my weight, I can safely lose a little more.

To be honest, I think maybe I'm consuming too few calories. According to Diet Power, my calories ytd (since starting this program) are 1528. That's like 200 calories lower than my current *resting* (not active) BMR, and that's after losing 48 pounds. For the past month, they're 1451, and for the past week, they're 1387. So it's not like I'm starving myself, but maybe they're low enough to slow down my metabolism? I've read a few times that when significantly ovreweight people lose the first 10-20% of their body weight, they experience a metabolic slowdown, as the body goes into starvation mode. What do you guys think? Any reading done on this or any info to share? Hear me loud and clear: my motivation is every bit as strong, and I'm COMPLETELY in this for the long haul.......I'm just a knowledge junkie, and think I'd be more comfortable if I had a better idea of what's going on with my body.

I apologize for going on and on about myself......I'm just thinking about this stuff, and you guys are my buds, you know? ;) Also, I respect your input.....so if you've got any to give, bring it on! :D

Take care you guys......night!

07-28-2004, 01:48 AM

Ok here are my goals
Heaviset weight:161
Current weight:158
Goal WeigHT:122
Yeah im in school im only in the 8th grade though.:) I work out at home. And I cant jump rope:)

07-28-2004, 11:02 AM
Hi, I was wondering if I could join your group. I am acutally looking for some motorvation and you ally seem like a happy and supportive group. For many years I was a die hard exerciser. I Now, I am lucky if I can do 20 minutes of yoga or step. I got pregant and was put on bed rest for the last 3 1/2 months and I lost all motorvation to stay on a workout plan after my son's birth (my son is now 8). I have continued to gain weight since, compounded with a divorce and now I have never been bigger. My life is completely focused on my son, and being the best single parent I can be. But I am feeling really bad lately. Being and feeling alone has caused me to sit and pitty eat for hours. My son bought me a pair of PJs for my birthday and was devasted that I could not wear them, they were too small. He said, "I bought the biggest ones they had". I was devasted to see is face filled with disappointment. I must do something. Please help, I am so desperate. I love the way exercise makes me feel, but have been extremely lazy lately.


Plan: I am soout of the loop I have trouble evening making one.
Everynight I go to bed stating, I will wake up 25 minutes early to do a yoga or Pilates tape. Well I wake up 15minutes early and use the excuse, I don't have enough time and lay there and watch TV. Then I get mad at myself, then begins the pity eating cycle. Please Help, Thank you for reading Lynne

07-28-2004, 12:32 PM
Good Morning!

Holy :censored: the board is filling up!................Sorry I'll be better with my third (or fourth) cup of cofee :coffee:

Welcome ladies! Lynne we are a group of women that try and stay positive and hekp each other reach our weight and health goals - realizing that one of these avenues is exercise. There is no demonization or character assassination for not doing exercise :nono:. We believe in positive reinforcement here. What we do is post our overall goals when we first join and then we post our weekly goals. Start small and work up from there!

Sarah I am no nutritionsit and get confused about calories and what not but I know when I was at 175 and made it to 155 my weight plateued for bit because my doctor said my metabolism as well as my body was adjusting just keep doing what you are doing! So I'll say that too! ;) 48 pounds is an amazing accomplishment :encore: and I know you are quite a dedicated woman. Realize that medicines can effect your metabolism as well as illness too so they can all play a factor....Not really an answer :shrug: is it?

Candra (cool name by the way) Good Goals to have! Have you check out the just for teens area here at 3FC? If you can't jump rope try other fun things like bike riding, swimming or tennis with friends (that is what I like to do) - Make it fun so you want to do it. :cheer: Way to go on trying to adopt healthier habits now!

Gen :cp: on getting back on track. I admire you for keeping up with the running. I hope kitty is doing better and that you have a great time at dinner tonight - if you have baklava - have a bite for me! :hun:

Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

be well.

:lol3: Summer :lol3:

07-28-2004, 02:05 PM
Summer thankyou for the Welcome. I as an individual also do better with positive reinforcement. I, like I am sure as erveryone else are probably their own worst enemy with slip ups. One of my goals is not to be so hard on myself. Thank you again for the welcome. I look forward to logging in with you all each day.

As for my goals:

I am currently 256 and I am looking to loose weight and exercise more.

Short term goals:exercise (at least) 3 times each week and follow a healthy eating plan. I am use to following the points system from WW, even though I do not attend the meetings. If anyone knows of an easier to follow plan, would love a new option/plan.
My plan this week: do some type of exercise each day.
Monday: I did 20 minutes of Pilates
Tuesday: I mowed the lawn for 1 hour (a push mower, not a rider :) )
Wednesday: 50 minutes of The Firm DVD
Thursday: 20 minutes of Pilates or Yoga
Friday: 50 minutes of the Firm
Saturday: 20 minutes of Pilates
Sunday: take a rest, maybe take a walk on the beach

Just to chime in about the calories/plateau. While I studied to become a personal trainer. We were told that if your body continually looses wait, SOMETIMES

07-28-2004, 02:07 PM
Summer thankyou for the Welcome. I as an individual also do better with positive reinforcement. I, like I am sure as erveryone else are probably their own worst enemy with slip ups. One of my goals is not to be so hard on myself. Thank you again for the welcome. I look forward to logging in with you all each day.

As for my goals:

I am currently 256 and I am looking to loose weight and exercise more.

Short term goals:exercise (at least) 3 times each week and follow a healthy eating plan. I am use to following the points system from WW, even though I do not attend the meetings. If anyone knows of an easier to follow plan, would love a new option/plan.
My plan this week: do some type of exercise each day.
Monday: I did 20 minutes of Pilates
Tuesday: I mowed the lawn for 1 hour
(a push mower, not a rider :) )
Wednesday: 50 minutes of The Firm DVD
Thursday: 20 minutes of Pilates or Yoga
Friday: 50 minutes of the Firm
Saturday: 20 minutes of Pilates
Sunday: take a rest, maybe take a walk on the beach

Just to chime in about the calories/plateau. While I studied to become a personal trainer. We were told that if your body continually looses wait, SOMETIMES, your metabolism needs a chance to kind of catch up/get use to all the changes (ie., loss of fat, gain of muscle, exercise, reduction of food intake).

Ladies: because I am coming in so late in the group, I would love to learn more about each of you. I tried to read some of your previous posts, but found myself confusing who each of you were.

Thank you again, I really do look forward to this experience. :)

07-29-2004, 03:29 AM
Hey welcome merrick

Well today I did 20 minutes of exercise. And im slowly getting better at jump ropeing:) I did running with my sister and mom in the park for a while but that plam slowly faded away. So a while after I stopped going runing I picked up exerciseing in my house. Oh yea and GE thanks about the name thing:) 48 pounds that is a really good accomlishment:) Merrick hey welcome to the group:wave: Well im going to go to bed now its late:wave:

07-29-2004, 12:06 PM
Hi there, everybody -- I just wanted to pop in to give a quick hello, and to welcome Lynne to our little group! Lynne, it was nice to see you getting involved over at 100 lb -- sounds like you're doing a great job of reaching out for support. Very wise plan! ;)

I'll be back later with more.

Summer, you make me laugh! ;) Gen, how are things going with you?

07-30-2004, 12:34 AM
hello all,

so as you may have guessed i ran today, yes i did!
here is the programme
walk 5mins
run 5mins, walk1 x 3
run 2 min
it was great, it's actually gettng easier. i figured out why. every week we add 1 minute of running. so at week 2 we doubled our running time , but today we added 1/5 of the time. see!!!!! and no leg cramps woohoo
supper was great last night, fun and good food. and NO baklava summer naughty girl, what are you trying to do to me????had a few glasses of wine though, it's mandatory ;) . we made plans to go golfing in two weeks. four crazy chicks. i've been once before and hated it but it besides the golf it will be fun.

welcome lynne. sounds like you have a great week planned. you can do this :goodvibes we will help you (we will sure try!!!) don't get so down on yourself, it's not easy but it does get easier and it will be worth it. for you and your son.
candra definetely find something that you enjoy and get out of the house. look up courses (swimming, dancing, soccer, badminton etc.) at rec centres in your area. there's a lot of stuf out there for teens even if you have no experience or always thought you weren't good at sports (i don't know if this is true for you though, if not disregard last comment). you don't have to be great at it just enjoy it. skipping rope is good exercise but i would suggest an activity that's fun and with a purpose.

sarah, i believe you called called me a ninny or something like that not too long ago. WELL... i must say you are a ninny too then!!! 1.8lbs/week is fine even if you could "safely loose more". you in a race??? and you just happen to be sick right now. you are dong great and if you are feeling like a sloth may i suggest that you get back to the crossbow. weightraining doesn't just help but it makes you feel strong. (of course sloths are very strong animals, ok forget it :lol: ) seriously though: crossbow!
summer here's what you need to know about calories:
1g fat = 9cals
1g protein = 4 cals
1g carbs = 4 cals
1 g alcohol = 7cals (unless it's wine, vodka or beer then it's free!!)
3757 cals in one day: too much
1200-1700 cals a day: good

i'll try to get to the gym tomorrow, legs and cardio
and then it's vacation time for 2 weeks, oh boy i need it. my mom says she's going to take me to a spa for a couple of days since she feels bad i have no money to go anywhere (and she should know since she signs my paychecks)

so happy friday to all

07-31-2004, 05:08 PM
Hey, you guys! Ok, so is there some party going on that I wasn't invited to?? :?: I miss my friends! :(

Here's the latest in the Land-O-Sarah:

I finally made my second goal!! :dance: I really am just so happy to say, "DONE" to that particular goal! :spin: Now on to the next one, 215. (When I hit that, I'll so be doing the happy dance, because that will put me at about 70 pounds lost. :hyper: ) Right now I'm down 49 pounds, and it's finally sinking in that I'm succeeding, because I can see it now on my body. Of course I've FELT better almost since the beginning, and felt more agile a while ago....but now that I can actually look at myself and see that I'm smaller, I'm feeling good. A friend just gave me some pictures of a party that I went to in the first week of March (days after I started,) and upon looking at them, I wanted to cry. I truly have no idea how I could have done that to myself. I'm just amazed. I can't really say what the tipping point was for me -- what made me just say, "that's it." But I did, thank God, and I haven't ever paused or lost focus or wavered in my determination. This is not to say that I have been perfect -- Gen and Summer, you two know that I haven't -- but I haven't fallen off the path so far. (Knock wood.) I think a really big part of that is the support I get here, and the assistance that coming here provides in keeping me focused. It keeps my goals at the forefront of my mind, so there's none of the "Oh yeah, I forgot I was trying to change my life" mindslipping that I see occur in the some of the people that I work with. How does THAT happen? ("Oh shoot, I totally forgot that I had 150 pounds to lose! Woopsie!" :dizzy: ) Anyway, life is good, and I am so grateful that I came to my senses almost 50 pounds ago, and that I have had access to so much kind support. :goodvibes

I biked this morning for 20 minutes. No HIIT, just a good steady speed. It's a start, and I feel really good that I did it. I don't really feel like talking about the breathing thing now -- I have taken in more oxygen in my life, I'll just say that -- so I'll just leave it at that. :)

I just ordered a new, beautiful Dell laptop, and I just got cable high speed installed today -- and I'm going to go wireless, which is VERY exciting! Woo hoo! (Don't you just love technology?) That nice woman I was going to meet this weekend and I have rescheduled to next weekend, but we spoke on the phone today, and she's just lovely! What a gift to meet someone great in this way!

How is everyone here doing? CHECK IN, DAMNIT! I need an update, dagnabbit! :twirly:

07-31-2004, 06:02 PM
Here's (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?p=638470&posted=1#post638470) the link to the new thread! So from here on out, that will be our home! :D Let me know what you guys think of the name!