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05-23-2004, 12:22 AM
Welcome to a thread devoted to those who have the ultimate job of taking care of their family. Here you will find wonderful women raising a family and trying to find time to take care of themselves and their weight too. So if you are a SAHM jump right in and say hello and to all you who have been here before I look forward to a new day with you!!

05-23-2004, 12:23 AM
Hope everyone has a wonderful night ;)

I will see you all in the morning!!!!

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05-23-2004, 01:03 AM
Hey gals, I've missed you the last four days or so. Hubby's been off work ( 6on3off schedule) and I haven't wanted to take the time to catch up on all the posts. He's back at work tonight and so I've read through at least the last couple of days. Sounds like everybody's doing great, and really staying true to their goals.

I've had a frustrating couple of weeks. I started retaining water a week before TOM, and carried it through that entire week, plus the TOM week. Since I was keeping my calorie intake down, drinking lots of water, and getting in some exercise, I was really expecting that today I would see a loss. Well, I lost the water weight, but nothing else.....I'm so dissappointed.That means for two weeks, I busted my butt keeping a food journal, making sure I got all my water, etc, and didn't get anything out of it. I guess at least I didn't gain, but i knew I wouldn't gain, becuase I've been true to my goals for all but one day.

So, I had made a goal for myself to be down 10 lbs by June7th, which started out as a loss of 2 lbs per week, which would have been a reasonable goal, but now I won't reach it, and I don't have any idea what to do differently. I am not going to "crash" diet, just to make my goal, becuase I know that would be unhealthy, but I am really dissappointed that I won't reach my goal. Especially since I did everything the way I thought I should to reach success.

So, anyways, I could really use a pep-talk, and some suggestions on how to break through this barrier. One thing I will say, is it seems like my clothes are fitting better, but that scale is just not budging. Did I mention that this means that for 3 weeks work ( and good discipline) I have only lost 2 lbs total!!!! This just can't be right! If my body is going to not cooperate for two weeks out of every month, I don't know how I'll ever loose this weight....This SUCKS!!! I am so ANGRY!! I know that might seem harsh, but I really am. I have been so good, and for nothing, absolutely zero reward. I'm sorry, but 2 lbs down in three weeks really seems about the same as zero for me, since I lost the first two in the first three days.

Just in case anybody is wondering...I AM overweight, ( albeit in the "moderate" range) so this is not just a case of my body deciding that I don't have anything more to lose. I am "zig-zagging" within 1200-1600 cals. 1850 would keep me "as-is". I did pilates 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks, and walked a minimum of a mile ( and getting a good hill in) 3 times a week, except for last week, when walking would have been problematic due to TOM ( not an exaggeration, unfortunately...always causes "potty problems"

Ok, back to that pep-talk thing....really need one.....

Thanks for giving me a place to vent gals.


05-23-2004, 01:14 AM
I am so sorry you are having such a ruff time!
Just to make sure... I can't remember..... Are you nursing?

I do know that when you exercise your weight loss slows. You are doing great zig zagging your weight!

Have you tried going to a doctor for advice?

Congrats on your clothes fitting better!

Have you measured yourself? Maybe you are losing inches first!

Give it one more week!

If you keep doing awesome, your body will have no choice but to give up some of the excess weight.

How much water are you drinking?

I am sorry I am not much help! Hopefully someone else will have some advice

Just wanted to say..... It sounds like you are doing awesome! Keep it up!

05-23-2004, 01:21 AM
oh, Penny, thanks for all the questions. No, I have not gone to the doctor, but funny you should mention it, becuase I was thinking about that just a few minutes ago. I haven't even scheduled my annual check up yet, and the baby is 13months old now. I weaned him about 8 weeks ago, and started on the southbeach diet. I couldn't stick to that diet, becuase it was so insanely expensive to shop for, we just couldn't budget that much money for groceries. It was definately working for me, though I don't know how many lbs I lost on it. When we finally got moved into our own house, and unpacked the scale, I was at 167, and have used that for my base weight, even though I know that was already a little lighter than I had started out.

I have not measured myself in about a year. Maybe I ought to do that, I'll bet I'd be pleased, because I felt so HUGE, even hubby's shorts were tight on me a year ago, and they are too big for me again, phew!

I am drinking about 124 oz water a day, so that's good, and taking a multi vitamin.

Hubby's home, gotta go!


05-23-2004, 08:48 AM
Melinda - Oh no!!! I hope your okay and recovering well. :( :grouphug:

Hi, Penny :) Hope you had a nice evening too. Any big plans for the day?

Lisa - Are you also keeping track of your inches? Sometimes, if your exercising a lot, you'll see the most xchange in inches, which will decrease quite a bit. You might also want to weigh yourself again in a few days because sometimes there are daily fluctuations in weight for other reasons. I agree with Penny that you should give it another week, and then if you're still having difficulty, maybe bring your journal and exercise routine with you to your doctor and ask him/her if there is some other issue. Sorry - just saw your reply to Penny . . . I do wonder how weaning impacts on the weight loss as well - not sure abotu that one, though :) :grouphug:

I'm doing well still - We're going to brunch with friends this a.m., but I already know what I'm getting and how many points it is. Then we're going to dinner with other friends this evening, but have also planned for that -also, I still have about 30 flex points to use, so I'm not too stressed out :) Only thing is, TOM is due to arrive tomorrow, so I'm feeling kind of bloated and heavy.

05-23-2004, 09:49 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

I am still so sick!! I am worse today than yesterday I feel like I've been hit by a truck!! I think its the flu I can feel it in my lungs ugghhhh sorry to go on and on about it lol its the only thing I can think about cuz I feel so bad lol.

Well today was weigh in day and I am down 4 lbs from last week!! I thought it woulda been higher since I spent all yesterday in bed and will probably spend most of today here too!

Lisa - great to see you back!! I agree that maybe you should give it another week and see what happens :) Maybe your body is just building it up for one giant loss ;)

Melinda - I hope you are feeling better!! I'm sooo sorry that you were in such horrid pain! :(

Leigh - Have fun out at brunch!!

Ok well I am gonna lay in bed like a dead log, I'm sure I'll be back to post again lol
Have a great Morning Ladies

05-23-2004, 09:52 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

Sorry if I missed it...... But what plan are you doing now??

Well Congrats to you for knowing your points already for the meal! That is great! It sounds like you are doing awesome! ;) When does your week end for your flex points? Hope tom doesn't affect your weigh in too much. I have been drinking plenty of water so it didn't affect my last one!

As for me, I am down 3.5 pounds :cheer: this week! I was very suprised and shocked when I got on the scale this morning. Wasn't expecting a great loss like it did. But I have been sticking to plan and not straying..... Must be working :D

Have a wonderful Sunday!

05-23-2004, 09:53 AM
Sorry I missed you!

I am so sorry you are getting sick! That is terrible! Please let me know if you need anything....... some tea, breakfast in bed..... ANYTHING!

Sending some feel better vibes your way...... HUGS! :)

05-23-2004, 10:51 AM
Penny LOL!!! I did have breakfast in bed!! Hubby peeled me 2 oranges and threw them in a bowl lol!! I'm not hungry though, so he's just trying to get me to eat some stuff I told him I was just gonna lay in bed and not eat a thing all day and maybe I would be at goal tomorrow lol ;) jk Congrats to you on your loss girl!!! I'm sooo happy for you!!

05-23-2004, 03:30 PM
Congrats, Penny! :bravo: 3lbs is awesome!!!

My WI days are Fridays, and I use the flexpoints after that, on weekends, so it shouldn't impact my WI day too much.

05-23-2004, 04:01 PM
Oh, no, Michelle! Hope you feel better soon! But 4lbs??? That's incredible :) Keep up the great work.

05-23-2004, 04:19 PM
Wowy, I'm not sure I was missed, LOL!!! I normally post several times a day but haven't hardly at all these past two days. Let's see...

Leigh, my sizes begin to change at about 10-15 but totally changed by 20 lbs.

Melinda, you talked as though that ruptured thing was no big deal, are you OKAY???

Lisa, glad you're back. You know, you may have just hit a plateau. This is one of those times that you're being tested. Are you gonna say oh forget it, or are you gonna keep truckin along? Choose that latter and I think you'll start to see more achievments.

Michelle, I am so sorry to hear you're still sick. 4#'s though, makes you wanna keep going, huh? Sure hope you get better.

Penny, go girl. Down 3.5 #'s. That's great. WTG!!!

I've been rather busy, after grilling out yesterday, we rode the 4-wheeler for a bit and did my regular evening routine, I crashed in the recliner about 930. My night was okay and I didn't get up until 745. Then we as a family went to walmart and got some things and a small swimming pool with a pump. Been doing that today. I'm in to rest a bit. I'll check back later. Btw, I have fallen off plan this weekend, but not horribly bad, just making good decisions w/o counting calories. I'll exercise tonight and be back on track. If I work just as hard as last week, I think I can still be down at least 2 more or so. Anyway, TTYL

05-23-2004, 04:53 PM
Sorry I keep posting so much :lol: Crystal, glad your enjoying your weekend - sounds like you got more rest last night, which is nice. And if your making good choices and still losing a bit, that's great too.

Been thinking more about my final reward and perhaps it will be new clothes. I'm just not sure. I'll see if anything occurs to me between now and then :D I have soooo much I'm trying to get done around the house in the next couple of weeks, but I've broken it down into 15 or 30-minute segments (inspired by Flylady).

I'll tell you, what I'd truly love to get is some built-in shelving done, but I think that's out of our budget for another year or so.

05-23-2004, 05:58 PM
Hi all,

Missed posting last night and this morning!

Leigh, WW is sure agreeing with you!!

Melinda, hope you're feeling better today! Is that the same thing that Spryng said she had??

Crystal, sounds like some exercise will take care of your choices ;) .

Michelle and Penny, congrats on the great losses!! Woo hoo! Michelle, hope you're over that nasty flu soon.

Lisa, I don't blame you for being discouraged. Since you can't afford the SB foods, what have you been eating? I'm doing the Dr phil plan, eating lots of veggies and fruits...very expensive but what's a fat girl to do? :lol: Planted a big garden this year so hopefully I can get some stuff frozen (peas and beans). Next year I'm going to plant lettuce I think because I love salad and eat 1-2 a day with my meals. Anyway, I vote for checking with your dr too. :^:

Yesterday I decided to wear those size 18 jeans that I said were tight. They really weren't all that bad....didn't hurt to sit or anything. Anyway, Dh noticed so I had to thank him properly last night :o :D ! Of course I was paranoid and I said were they too tight? Should I not wear them in public and he said no, they looked great :D :D He would have told me if I looked nasty :p God love him!

Ginny, did Dh remember???

Penny, yes I've been back OP the last 2 days. In fact last night I didn't have a single bite after dinner :D I know it can be done :lol: WI is tomorrow night...we'll see how it goes. Then no WI for 2 weeks due to Memorial Day so I'll have to be careful. :devil:

OK, Tony keeps climbing up here and i'm going to lose this post! Hi to everyone else!!


05-23-2004, 05:59 PM
Penny...forgot...I kept up the exercise even during my binging...knew it was the only thing that might save me...did 4 miles again today.

05-23-2004, 06:05 PM
Spryng - a question about Saving Dinner - thhose recipies look awesome! Anyway, what happens if you don't like one of the options for a certain week? How do you replace it with another option? I'm thinking of doing the email subscription.

05-23-2004, 06:06 PM
Hey, Geri! That's so nice that you fit into the 18 jeans and that Dh noticed!!! Way to go :)

05-23-2004, 07:16 PM
Geri, WTG for fitting in those jeans. That's a great feeling. And happy dh noticed, he sounds like my dh, if they didn't look good, he'd definitely tell me so.
I feel better knowing that you exercise to cover up your binging. I was going to tonight, haven't all weekend, but now I'm baby sitting my FIL's 7 week old newborn, so that cut that out, that's alright, I don't ever have a problem picking myself up Monday after a bad weekend.

Anyway, making enchiritos for dinner. TTYL

05-23-2004, 10:45 PM
Well, all, today was a good day. Stayed OP. Even went out for dessert to an ice cream place, but got the no-sugar-added ice cream! It was yummy. For some reason, I feel almost like I'm eating too much on WW :lol: Crazy, huh? I can't explain it, but maybe once I see that I'm continuing to lose next Friday, I'll get that out of my mind.

Oh, and my walking buddy clocked the route we've been walking and it''s almost three miles!! I couldn't believe it. We do it in an hour, which means we're doing a 20-minute mile! If that's true, should I be counting it as moderate exercise rather than light for WW? Because wouldn't heavy be a 15-minute mile?

Crystal - what are enchiritos?

Spryng - I suscribed to the email version of Saving Dinner.

Have a good night everyone - "see" you in the a.m. :D

05-24-2004, 08:27 AM
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Well good morning Ladies. There weren't many posts late yesterday, I think that happens every Sunday evening, everyone is just getting ready for their regular week to start again.
Leigh, enchiritos are nothing low fat, I suppose you could make them much lower in fat by using all low fat items, but it's just like a bean and beef burrito with red sauce and cheese melted on it. Just a Taco Bell boxed dinner.

Well, I went WAY off plan this weekend. I have to figure something out. Friday's I can handle going off plan but the other days, I really shouldn't. I just lose control over the weekend. Let me add, however, that the weekend before this I went way off plan on Friday and Saturday and still lost 4 lbs. So I'm sort of testing myself, after going off plan ALL weekend, I'll work just as hard the rest of this week and be anxious to see the loss or not. That could help me get out of this weekend slump. Anyway, I sure hope everyone had a great weekend. Spryng, hope you enjoyed your weekend with dh, can't wait to hear about it.
Well, girls, I've got some errands to run today and then I think I'll be home all day. If it's not as windy as yesterday, we'll get to swim in our little pool. It's not bad though, it's 8 ft. around and about 2 feet deep, enough to stay cool, huh?

I'll check in later.

05-24-2004, 08:53 AM
Good morning gals! Crystal's right - it looks like it was a quiet night around here :)

Crystal, What might help you is to investigate what leads you to go off plan on weekends. I agree that one day, like Fridays, won't hurt you in terms of week-long loss, so I think one "free day" can fit well into your plan. But sometimes, if you look over what exactly happens on the weekends to get you off plan, and then address those challenges directly, it may help in showing you how to change that and stay more OP Saturday and Sunday. For example, when we were in Savannah, and plan ahead very well for the restaraunts we were eating at. So, beforehand I told myself that I would look for the healthiest options and if I wasn't sure of something or was tempted, I would eat only half, or take just 1-2 bites of things like dessert. For me, it really helps to have a mental plan and backup plan in place already, so I'm not making decisions in a semi-panic :D But that works for me, I know you may be different - but I hope that somehow helps!

Today is grocery shopping and household chores. Speaking of which, I've decided to put $500 of next motnh's budget toward home organization/improvement. Maybe I'll take before and after pics for ya'll!

05-24-2004, 09:19 AM
Leigh, thanks for the advice. I've sort of thought of that. I know that going off plan on Friday's leads to my off plan the rest of the weekend. And, I don't do alot of cooking on the weekends, and even though I've got healthy things around here, I go fot the quickest UNhealthy things. Now if my weekend days were the same as my week days and I stay home all day and don't get out and such, I can do fine. It's when I get out and I can even plan healthy choices, but temptations always get the better of me. But I'm hoping that after I see results on Friday, it won't be as good as last friday, a 4# loss, maybe that will help actually SHOW me what happens when I go off plan too many days. I'll wait until Friday and let y'all know what happens. But thanks again for the advice and suggestions.

05-24-2004, 09:38 AM
Good morning...

Taking the boys for pictures this morning....I'll check back in later! Have a great morning.

05-24-2004, 10:44 AM
Hi Ladies,

Off to buy groceries this morning.....grrr......

Be back later :)

Have a great day!

Have fun with the boys! Scan us the pics if they give you proofs! Congrats for being on plan!

Congrats for doing so great yesterday! And 3 miles is awesome!

Would it help to change your weigh in day to Sunday or Monday? It sure helped me!!!!

05-24-2004, 10:56 AM
Good morning. I am getting ready to go exercise. Geri, I took my boys to get their pictures taken yesterday. They had the photographer at wal mart, so we went. Congrats on the jeans.
Melinda, I hope your not in so much pain anymore. That must really be terrible to have a cyst rupture. Lisa, I agree with everyone else. Measure yourself, I am sure you have lost inches. Sometimes that happens first before the weight loss. And, you probraly have been gaining muscle too. Just keep up the good work. Michelle I hope your feeling better today.Penny congrats on the weight loss. Crystal, you have been busy. I hope things slow down for you.Hi to everyone else. I will check back in later.

05-24-2004, 11:59 AM
Good morning all!

DH hasn't left yet but he's busy with our a/c (the new one) so I have time to post.

I'll try to address as many posts as possible...

Ricci, how did those pics turn out? I like walmart most of the time for pictures but the last time they did my kids they didn't come out very well. All depends on how patient the photographer is, the last one we had rushed us so we had to settle on a crappy package. Oh well... can't really complain though when it's only 4 bucks for a big package.
Penny, have fun grocery shopping!
Geri I hope you get a good photo session!
Leigh, you'll have to let me know how that menu mailer is. Do you get to choose your servings? (like if you want the recipe for a serving of 4 or 6 you can choose that amount?) that is the only thing I don't like about the book... every recipe is for 6 servings and that is WAY to many servings for me and three kids. One who only nibbles anyway. So I have to cut them in half. But I guess that isn't such a big deal. When do you get your first list? And if there is somethng on thee you dn't really want or like I'm sure you can just make something else that night. I'm trying every recipe though because I really want to try new things and I heard all of her recipes got great reviews (I reaad a few of them on amazon) so I want to try them all.
Crystal, I wish I had some words of advice about going off plan all weekend, but I think you already know what you need to do. Make a plan of action. If friday's "free" day makes you eat that way all weekend then change your "free" day to another day or something. I hope it gets easier for you. Have fun swimming!
Lisa, so sorry about your weight loss struggles. I do the exact same thing. My losses every month are not much of anything. I lose well one week, stay the same the next, TOM hits and I gain the next week and then lose alittle the week after that just to come to a grand total of 1.5-2 lbs lost for the entire month! Can be frustrating but I see it as a loss. A loss is a good thing even if it's slow. So hang in there and maybe your body will kick into gear.
Michelle, I hope you are feeling better today! And congrats on your loss for the week! That is great!
Melinda, hope you are feeling better. I had a cyst rupture about 3 weeks ago and it was heck to say the least. Were you sore a couple days after it happened because I felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach for a few days after. Did you go to the hospital or did you just know it was a cyst?
OK, that is all I have time for. I hope I got everyone.
My weekend has been great. Saturday we didn't go far and then stayed home all evening. Just ordered a pizza and watched a movie. It was really nice.Sunday we went to MIL house for the day. I got there just in time to help them put up their pool for summer. It's one of those big blue pools from walmart. What a pain in the butt. So we struggled with it for 2-3 hours in the heat trying to get it up and then had it almost full of water last night and their stupid dog decided she wanted in it and put 6 holes in it. :( Needless to say I was so mad. They never control that dog and she is wild. So it took another hour to patch the holes and no on e got to swim. Oh well... I didn't really care but the kids were all broken hearted. But we had green chile smothered burritos for dinner last night and they were awesome. Hit the spot. We had a good visit. I think me and my MIL are starting to really get along. They even invited me over tonight but I just want to stay home after a long weekend. Buit was nice of them to ask. I may go over there this weekend to take the kids swimming.
But anyway, this moring Dh decided to get all "handyman" on my new a/c and put a hole in the compressor so now he has to take it back and get a new one. I was sooo mad. But since he's going to stay a couple hours longer to put the new one in I guess I'll forgive him :)
Ok, I need to get off here and get a few things done while dh is out replacing that a/c. So I will catch you all later!

05-24-2004, 12:24 PM
Okay, back from the grocery store. I'm excited to try some of the new Saving Dinner recipies for this week :) And no meltdowns from Liam in the grocery store :lol:

Geri - have fun with the pictures!

Penny - that's a clever idea about the weigh in day! That way, your motivated by having to weigh-in!!!

Ricci- Hi, Ricci! How did the picture session go? Did they get some good shots of the kids?

Spryng- Hi! I got to choose between 6 or 2 servings, so I took 2 since it's just me and DH - so, either way you'd have to add or subtract for your family :) The recipies do look delicious! I'm glad you had such an awesome weekend :D

Well, Liam's on the verge of a nap, so I need to cram 40 thingsto do into one hour before he wakes again :lol:

05-24-2004, 12:28 PM
Good Morning Girls!!

I am finally beginning to feel better!! Thank god!! Yesterday was absolutely horrid lol.
On the flipside I woke up and weighed (of course I did ;) ) and I was at 227 which made me feel good since I did eat a lot of fruit while being sick fruit and fish to be exact lol wierd combo but I'm feeling not half bad today. I'm anxious to get a walk in today since I havent had any exercise the last 2 days.

Spryng - So glad you had a wonderful weekend!! Thats great about MIL! I love my mil she is just always so great and supportive of us and always has our best interests at heart, and when I was sick for so long and having repeated surgeries she always called to check on me and was heartbroken when she couldnt be here to help us. My mom not once called to check on me or ever offered to come help hubby with the kids. grrr ;)

Penny - Have fun grocery shopping!! Let me know when you get your WATP tapes!

Ricci - I don't even try to go to walmart for pictures there is always a huge long line and atleast 3 hour wait!! Plus they only let us get one childs picture taken at the 4 dollar price so we just go to this studio here that has a 25 sitting fee and you get all the proofs then we just scan them and print them ourselves.

Geri - Have fun getting the kids pics taken!! I hope everyone is happy and smiling!!

Crystal - I agree with Penny maybe you should change your wi day. But its up to you. Do what you feel is right for you. Personally I can't see myself cheating cuz I absolutely cannot live with the guilt!! I am planning a spaghetti dinner however for this wednesday but I'm going to use whole wheat pasta and make my own sauce and use ground turkey instead of ground beef so it is a much healthier version. I hope you figure it out!

Leigh - I would love to see pics of your home improvements!! I wish I had some of the work we did on our house!! We'll be re-vamping our basement this summer so we'll have an all new storage room and laundry room and rec room master bedroom and master bath!! I can't wait!!

Ok my girls are fighting well Taylor is screaming at the baby so I gotta run, I'll talk to you guys later.


05-24-2004, 12:40 PM
Okay Penny, I was actually thinking about that. In fact I meant to ask you if it helped you and forgot to. So it has helped you to change it??? I actually thought about keeping Friday for WI day and Sunday or Monday!!! Only because I like weighing on Friday's I don't know why. But if I add wi's on Sunday or Monday too, I can see for myself the difference in eating and how it really effects the numbers. I may give that a whirl actually.
Spryng, I can't really change my Friday "free" day, because that is the day I'm always away from home and I usually let the kids eat wild that day too, it would be almost impossible to not use that day. It's just my own discipline. If I am good all week I need to use that same motivation or self discipline for the weekends too. I think I'm actually getting better over time anyway.

Well, I came to vent. I'm so frustruated. My MIL is wonderful. She is sweet and loving and kind. Always compliments me for being a good mother and good wife and such. But man o man, she has got her down falls. When we really need her she's there. When Andrew was only a couple of months old, me and dh both came down sick and couldn't care for any of the kids, she came and got ALL of them and kept them ALL night. But she is horrible at planning something on top of something else. The weekend that me and dh are having our getaway, which I asked her beforehand, is now a weekend that she's gonna be out of town too. She said she knew she had something in June but thought it was the weekend of the 12th. I'm thinking, if you knew you had something in June, you should've checked your calendar. I'm just frustruated, because she ALWAYS does this. Yes my mom can watch them all weekend and said she would, but that's not the point, I'm tired of my MIL doing this and I think she needs to watch them. See she was never that great of a mother, she wanted to be more of a friend than mother. Now she is on her 3rd marriage with someone that can barely even speak english. Her tv stays on other languages, even her music is usually on different languages. Her mind is always on other things. I'm not trying to be selfish, but she always tells Alisa she's gonna take her to see a new movie when it comes out but hardly ever does. I get tired of her doing that. Alisa is old enough to know these things now.
I'm sorry for going on and on like this, I'm just frustruated. I'm working on that weekend, I'm gonna figure something out today.

Anyway, dinner is a pot of red beans with oven-fried chicken breast with new potatoes. YUMMY!!!
I'll check back later.

05-24-2004, 01:55 PM
Wow, is this computer messed up. Now it is telling me that all available memory is used up...... oh golly, what has Ds done now!!!!!!
So I am here to say hello. Lets see if this post goes thru before I get personal at all.

05-24-2004, 02:09 PM
Starting A New Thread...see You There.

05-24-2004, 05:37 PM
happy monday to you all! Spryng, I feel so much better to know that you have made your goal, starting out at right about where I started out at, and did it with such a little loss each least I know I'm not crazy, and that I CAN lose weight, even if it will be soooooooooo slow! Thanks for sharing, really, it helped alot.

ok, lets see, walmart photos...never done them, been tempted! Gabe is 13 months old, and we've never done professional photos yet...:S I feel bad about this, but we do have ALOT of pictures of him, way more than the girls, so I guess it evens out.

Enchiritos...yum...if you like corn tortillas, you can cut the fat and calories BIG time, by using corn tortillas, and low-fat or non-fat refried beans...basically, you're ending up with bean enchiladas. Don't fry your tortillas to soften them, just put them in the microwave with a damp towel for a few seconds, they'll roll just fine!

Hubby hid the scale from me!!!! ( I asked him too, and I noticed this afternoon when I went upstairs the scale was missing) woohooo! Now I won't make myself crazy with daily weigh ins. I did tell him I want it back next Sat.

Grilled pork chops with low-fat potato salad for dinner...why am i craving potato salad?

complaint of the day....Gabe decided that painting with poo is fun to do...NOT GOOD!!!

Have a GREAT OP DAY everybody!


05-24-2004, 05:43 PM
Hey Lisa! There's a new thread (#179) - you may want to re-post this there so everyone sees it. :lol: about DH hiding the scale - that's what I need. I find myself on it every day!