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05-22-2004, 02:29 PM
Happy Saturday everyone. Seemed to me it was time for a new thread.

Candice: Hope that all the bad weataher and tornadoes that our TV mentioned in the mid-west area weren't near you. High winds and tornados are on the scary side. Your gardening seems to be coming along. Sorry about the Iris.

Siwa: We go to the dermatologist twice a year. Went just last week. Our Doc checks front, back arms and legs, each time, and then also any place you think there might be a problem. I grow a lot of lumps and bumps. skin tags, and little cysts. If one is in the way of jewely, or like one getting irritated by undies, then she takes them off. DH always has to have some places zapped with the liquid nitrogen, as he did have skin cancer on his nose, and had to have surgery there. So he always comes out looking freckled.

Boy! a truckload of plants. How many acres do you have in your gardening area? I do miss having a garden, but can't have everything.

Hi Barb: What is going on with you? Are you continuing with your other support group? Hope you are making progress. How is the business moving along?

Alice - Kate: Where are you?

I had a nice experience today. I have been corresponding with another group of WW ladies on the 'net' and one of them is moving to Fl. and not too far from us. So we got together for lunch and a nice visit. We have been corresponding for so long, that it seemed like we had known each other for years.

Our colds are getting better. Antibiotics do the trick. So guess it wasn't really a cold but some miserable bug. I tested positive for the H-Pylori bacteria, once again, so once I am finished with this course of medicine, then I start on that cure. FUN FUN :dizzy:

'See' you later. Ann

05-23-2004, 11:14 AM
Was able to plant for 4 hours yesterday before the rain drove me inside. Got lots done but still more to plant and then begin on the weed before the mulch can be put down. Today we're celebrating my dad's 80th birthday. Plan to grill steaks and it's raining again. At least the grill has a cover and I don't eat steak anyway. It's just too bad for the others.

ANN--We have a very little truck--one of those baby ones--so the loads of plants are not huge. We don't even have and acre but it still takes a lot. something dies every year and has to be replaced. Annuals are annual--LOL. Things need moving around and then there are the WEEDS!--the never ending weeds. If I did have an acre I'd never get to sleep.

Looks like Kate and Alice are taking a break from us or else they've deserted.

05-23-2004, 10:17 PM
I haven't deserted you. I just haven't had anything to say. Weight is not budging, exercise is still work, work is still work nothing exciting to write about.

Healthwise, I'm having a pretty hard time. The doc has added a bunch of new/differnt meds and I still feel like :censored: . According to the doc, it's the Sjorgrens, but DH has it in his mind that it's depression, so he is pushing me to do more, and do more, trying to "cheer" me up, when all I really need is a nap.

I did get a new car a few weeks ago, don't remember if I told you about it. It's not much different from the other one. It is a 98 and this one is a 2003, but they are both Mustang convertibles. This one is black. It's really pretty, but not much different from the other one. They now have the blue on at the fiberglass shop and the last time I saw it it was in several different pieces! :lol:

My sister from CT is here this weekend and we had a stressful "family" meeting after lunch today discussing my mom's finances.

I think we may be going to PA sometime next month for some training for a new marketing program we are getting into. It's somewhere close to
Scranton I think. That's an area I've never been in that I know of.

Hope everyone has a great week.

05-25-2004, 10:57 AM
Barb: The Schrogrens(sp?) certainly can be the culprit. You may remember my daughter has it, plus full blown lupus. She was having a lot of difficulty with depression, and her Dr. said that goes with the disease. so she is now on what she calls her 'happy pills' and she feels great. So don't dispair there is help out there. I think you might have her email address. drop her a line and she can tell you better than me.

In the spring, that part of Pa. is pretty around the Scranton/Wilkesbarre area, but in the winter it is pretty bad. And then as you get further into the mountains before you get to Harrisburg, in the winter, it is like the top of a bleak world. Spring and summer are not so bad, so you are going at the right time. There is a lot of coal mining around the Scranton area, or at least there was. I am not sure about now. I know we had friends who used to live in Wilkesbarre, and they talked about abandoned mine shafts under much of the residential area, sometimes causing problems.

DH and I are still recuperating from the bug. Much coughing still going on. But progress is noted. Not much else going on around here. Ann

05-29-2004, 02:03 PM
Rain, rain, rain--very rainy srping this year and cool too. Still too cool to put tomatoes out. Yesterday was absolutely perfect for gardening so that's what I did for 8 hours. I had a dozen lilies and a couple clematis to plant. I'm replacing all the yellow lilies with pink ones. I really don't like yellow but 10 yrs ago put just "touches" of yellow in the garden. Well, those "touches" expanded and it was too much for me so they're almost gone. I dug them up and gave to a friend so I could replace w/a color more to my liking. I was sitting in the garden and the birds were singing so happily and I thought, "There's nothing better than sitting in the dirt on a day like this listening to the birds." I was enjoying the day so much that when the planting was completed I stayed in the garden weeding (and enjoying). It was finally nice enuf to eat dinner outside so we did. It began raining about 10 pm and is still raining today. I have just a little bit of planting left but need to buy the plants to fill in some bare spots. Hoping to get the tomatoes in the ground soon too.

I have been a member of the red hat book club since last fall. I haven't read fiction in I don't know how many years but I like the other members so said I'd give it a try. I've only liked 1 fiction book so far--"One Thousand White Women". In May we read a non-fiction. I didn't recommend it but I'd read it 12 years ago. I hosted the book club and lead the discussion. It was very satisfying to me to talk about a non-fiction book. We read "Princess", about a Saudi princess and her life in Saudi Arabia. I happened to have a purple Saudi dress given to me by a student over 20 years ago so I wore that with a red bead-decorated scarf that I bought in Egypt. I also served Middle Eastern desserts which I made. Also played some arab music while we ate. It was lots of fun. Next time I host I'll just wear a purple t-shirt and red hat. The Saudi dress is very inconvenient unless you're just sitting.

ANN--Hope your bug is gone by now and you can get on with life in a healthier style.

BARB--A different car is always fun and the fun last for many months. It just makes one feel good.

Candice is probably eating cookies when she's not in the garden. Kate and Alice are MIA.

05-29-2004, 03:11 PM
Nearly recuperated now. Went to Curves today for the first time in 2 weeks. boy!!!Did I know I hadn't been there in a while. Sort of like starting over.

Siwa: what an ooportune time for rain, to give your new plants a good water to start. We are so dry. i want to set out some plants in front little garden but haven't found what I want yet.

Your book club evening sounds like great fun. I haven't been a book club member for a long long time. I like to read fiction, but now only the really quick and easy ones. I have read about 5 books since we have both been sick. That was about all I felt like doing. Acutally on the 5th right now. After doing laundry, Curves and getting lunch, I feel like I have done a full days work.

Hi Barb, Candice, Kate and Alice. Ann

05-29-2004, 08:17 PM
Hi Gang, nothing exciting happening around here. DH played in a golf tournament today and while he was gone my sister & niece hung out at my son's pool Now I'm lazy..

05-30-2004, 03:04 AM
Had a wave of fatigue hit me Saturday with a ton of pain too, so it is take it easy for a few days for me! Darn that Fibro..........

Mowed today and banged my head on the birdhouse hanging from a tree I went under...OUCH!

Been looking through my cookie and bar recipes and trying to decide what to make for my son who
is coming home for a week....a coconut wafer sounds good to me but then I do not want to eat a lot either! He likes chocolate chip but so do I .... Well I decided to make the coconut, yum but a of of work! Got Lizzies fruit salad made for him too, he just loves that and so do DH and I, thanks lizzie:D Oh DS is here now..........

My tomatoes are in and have blooms but we are getting storms again tomorrow so I had to drag all my pots into the garage again, just can't keep doing arms are really bad from the lifting. Also the dishwasher door is broken, the spring that lets it go down and it just falls now so you have to hang onto it and it hit may bad arm the other day and it's all kinds of colors!!!!!!!!!:( That door is very heavy too!!!!!!!!

Do any of you know about birds? We have a robin that builds a nest buy our back door every year and I found some eggs in the yard after the last storm and put them in her nest and she is sitting on 6 eggs now, do think they will hatch and how long does it take?

06-01-2004, 05:41 PM
Candice: You haave a bit of a mystery? do you think they were Robin's eggs? That nice blue? If they were/nt and they do hatch, I wonder if Mama robin will care for them? It will be interesting to see. Keep us posted.

Went to Curves today again, and am feeling a bit more energetic. It is very hot here. The temp in our car port registers 98deg. today. I bought some marigolds to set out in my front garden, but have to wait until tonight after supper when it is a bit cooler.
I need to get thim in and hope they get really well started before we leave on our trip.

See you all later. Ann

06-01-2004, 05:44 PM
Found this from Magnoliamouth on the old thread and copied it for us here.

WEll here I am back from the dead. I weigh in at 161.5, but need someone to use a Tazar on me for not exercising for the past 1.5 weeks. My last posting had me going on a trip to visit relatives and get caught up and then meeting dh at my brothers about 5 hours away. Well to make a long story short. Dh stuck his nose in a big issue that had nothing to do with him, and made a very ugly scene. Hurt some of my family with his attempted actions and I am still po'd at him. I have stuck to my diet, but not exercised as I should. Thank god for some good habit forming and determinations that it did not totally throw me for a loop. Today is my offical measure day and also I am trying to get caught up with 3fatchicks. I could boo hoo all day over this but won't bore everyone, but will say this. I felt like giving him the big "D" word and going my own way! That is some what of an explaintation of how hard this all hit me! I really think my loss of the 25 pounds has given me confidence to stand up to him and not let him bully me! I think he has been very shocked that I took a tough love attitude with him over this and will not pudge off of my position. Normally, I am the peace maker between us. He is still in the dog house and he knows it "big time".

06-01-2004, 07:44 PM
Raining again today. Holiday weekend a total washout. We're heading for the cabin tonite cuz the forecast is sunny the next 2 days there. It's been raining so much and we haven't mowed yet this season so that's what we'll be doing for the next 2 days. I have some reading to catch up on so when not mowing I'll be reading.

Really nothing to say cuz I'm doing nothing.

ANN--the rain was good for the newly planted items but........we've had 22 rainy days out of the last 30..ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Now we need some sun, please.

06-03-2004, 09:11 PM
Siwa: Hope you have a good time at camp and don't mow too much. Reading sounds like a more enjoyable time. Is this for your book club?

Candice: How are the robins doing? I will be interested to hear how the Mama bird takes to 6 babies, if they all hatch.

Barb: Hope you are feeling better.

Magnoliamouth: Hope things have settled down with your family situation.

Not much happening here. Just wanted to say Hi. Ann

06-04-2004, 06:07 AM
Lizzie, the robin is still sitting on the eggs.......

I found my strawberry pizza recipe and made two of them, but I used splenda and FF cream cheese so the pts were not too bad. Just made some 8 pt brownies for my friends tomorrow I am meeting for supper ( we are celebrating our BD's form last spring). Ds is gone for the weekend and will be back Monday and then off to school again so my cooking will get back to normal.

Still helping dH mow, the riding mower is easier but it still makes me hurt with all the bumping in our lump yard:eek:

We have hail damage to our car form the last batch of storms, baseball size hail!!!!! Suppose to get more Sunday...I can't stand all these storms and running to the basement all the time. So far I have been albe to get all my pots int he garage but that is taking it's toll on me, they are too heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!! My lettuce has hail damge too but we are still eating it! We finally got 2 inces of rain out of the last front.

06-06-2004, 06:13 PM

Things have been hopping here. We passed papers on the cottage towards the end of May. It was extremely hard for me, but I managed to get through it. We left for FL a couple of weeks ago to look for a house. We found one in Northport. The current owners are building a new house not far away. If everything goes as planned we'll be passing papers the end of July and hopefully moving in Sept. We found a RE agent, and saw 15 houses in 2 days. :tired: The very last house he had to show us is the one we knew was for us. We had the home inspection done a couple of days before we left for NH and the guy said the house was above average. Now we have to clean out 10 yrs. of accumulated junk in the house we're living in now. Ann, I'll soon be another Florida chick. :lol:

Hope you all had a good weekend.

06-07-2004, 01:50 AM
Alice, I don't envy you going through all that stud and then moving. Good you finally got the cottage taken care of and found a house you like in Florida.

I have gotton back to my litle routine of yoga, pilates and tai chi, (just a few moves form each to get me going) and of cousre my stretching and yard work. Did walk outside on Saturday but the hip hurting thing again, so my walking is not going well.

I sat on the floor for hours last night indian style cleaning out the video cabinet (had to look at the tapes I did not have marked). Found some of my old exercise tapes too. Never liked that Jane Fonda one So my back is pretty sore I went out and trimmed all the bushes! Ha!!!!!!!!!

DS is back ond off again Tuesday so things will get back to normal here. I had lunch with Friends Friday and took them some homemade brownies at 8pts a piece! They do not watch their weight so I bake for them :D WE ahd a wonderful meal and great gift exchange.

My lilles are having problems, not sure what it is, wind maybe or a fungus? The buds are not opening, just rotting and the leaves are turning yellow????????? I was moving my two big pots of flowers and one fell over, not sure if it will make it or not, broke some of the plants:(

06-07-2004, 08:18 PM
ALICE--Glad to have you back with us again. I, Unlike Candice, actually enjoy the process of moving. I don't have her pain problems and I just like the moving process. I like the hunt for the house, selling the old house, packing up all the stuff and finding just the right place for it in the new place. My friends call me goofy for feeling this way about moving. I like change and moving is an exciting change. I'll be interested to see how you like living in FL and hearing all your adventures.

Summer hit with a BANG! today--93. Luckily I didn't have any planting to do. Worked hard on Fri and Sat and just have a tiny bit left. The tomatoes are in and loving this heat. Supposed to be very stormy tonite and cooler again tomorrow.

CANDICE--We have not had any hail during our storms--just lots and lots of rain. Seems things got a little rough by the time the weather hit IL. I've not heard of the lily problem that you're having. Have you discoverd what it is yet?

I easily finished my book club book while at the cabin and began another. We only have one mower so DH used that. All I did was sweep the leaves and acorns off the deck and clean the outdoor chairs. We even ate out, something we rarely do up there. There aren't many good places from which to choose. It's a vacation area but not a resort area. Most vacationers stay in rented cabins and cook in.

I'm on my own for dinner tonite cuz DH and DS are golfing and eating out. I like Mondays!

06-08-2004, 07:04 AM
Good morning,

Candice, I don't know what the problem is with your lilies. Last summer we had some sort of bug that was eating them. They were hiding under their own p--p :p so it looked like a fungus. I took a sample to the local garden center, they told me what it was, and how to get rid of them. Are you able to take a sample to your local garden center so they can determine what the problem is?

Siwa, Good!! I'll give you directions to my house and you can do all the cleaning out and packing for me! :lol: :lol: We also have the furniture from our cottage stored here because we literally only had a matter of days to clean that out. I'm just looking at all the stuff and it seems overwhelming. DH is in the process of cleaning up all his machining stuff and once he gets the machines out of the garage, then we can get a lot of things piled in there from the cottage and house, and have a moving sale.

Barb, Scranton/Wilkes Barre, PA is the way we came home from FL the last couple of times. As a matter of fact, we stayed in Wilkes Barre. It's a very pretty area, lots of mountains and rolling hills. On Rte. 81, I believe, there is some lovely scenery. The highway is up in the mountains and you look out into the valleys. I imagine it must be breathtaking in the fall with all the colors. When do you think you'll be going?

Hi Ann :wave:

Have a great day everyone

06-08-2004, 10:04 PM
Hi all:
Candice: baseball size hail sounds horrible. I'm sure it did a number on your car. Can you get the dents taken out? Hope you find out what is 'bugging' your lilies.

Siwa: Sounds like you had a productive weekend at camp. I'm not one who likes moving. It might be okay if one didn't have to deal with all the packing and getting rid of accumulated stuff.

Alice: Nice to hear from you. Glad you found just the right house. How long do you think you will be ready to move down here? Just where is Northport? In the Fort Myers area? Will your DH continue with his machine tooling down here. We used to drive Rt. 81 all the time, and spring, summer and fall the area is quite pretty, but in the winter it is like a place everyone forgot. So bare and bleak. I suppose it is partly because with the foliage all gone you can see all the slag piles, etc. from the coal mining.
I think you will like being a Florida Chick. good luck with all your packing and your moving sale. When we had our moving sale, we got enough to buy a lit of new things for our place down here.

Hi Barb, and Kate. Hope things are going well with you. Ann

06-10-2004, 07:49 AM
All six of the robin eggs hatched but the nest is sosfull they keep falling out and I iut them back in. She doesn't seem to mind that I touched them but I do not think theyare all getting enough to eat some are really tiny. I tried to take pictures but it is dark in the corner of the porch.

Help...I am terribly sunburned:eek:.....Mowed in the hot weather for 6 hours...had sun screen on but my legs and arms got it bad!!!!!!!!!! Since I am not usually up during daylight hours I ahve not been in the hot sun for years. (usually go out after 4) But I got DS off and decided to mow................and of couse I baked him choc chip cookies!

06-10-2004, 04:26 PM

Candice, so sorry about your sunburn. I know how you feel. I've gotten those kinds of burns throughout my childhood and they can really hurt. I honestly don't know what to tell you to do to relieve it. When I was a teenager we used to put Noxzema on sunburns and it helped a little. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Ann, North Port is an hour's drive north of Ft Myers, and about a 1/2 hour's drive south of Sarasota. No, DH won't be machining. He says that he's done it for 20 yrs. and he'd like to try something else and he doesn't really care what. I will most likely be looking for a job too once we get all settled in. On this trip along Rte. 81 through PA into NY, we saw an awful lot of dead deer on the side of the road, and I do mean a lot. We were passing this small car when a deer ran out in front of the other car and the car hit the deer which was unavoidable. Luckily nobody was hurt in the other car, but the front end was damaged quite a bit. We were lucky too because the deer wasn't thrown onto our truck. It was a terrible thing to have happen.

Hope everyone has a great afternoon and evening.

06-12-2004, 07:18 PM

Hi everyone. I'm really getting into this graphic stuff. It's lots of fun and Candice, I'm not sure why, but I think this is something you would enjoy. So far all I've really gotten good at is copy and pasting the ones I find that I really like. One of these days I hope to be able to actually create my own.

I've forgotten what I talked about the last time I was here. Talking about the storms, did I tell all of you about the two plate glass windows of our business being blown out. It was really a big mess, but luckily not much damage was done. It was at night and no one was there. We were also without electricity for a couple of days.

Alice did your DH sell his machining machines? I agree a little bit with what SIWA said, I really enjoyed the somehow I lost more that half my post and this is all that's left maybe it was trying to tell me I'd been here long enough. Anyway DH is driving up from the grocery store. I need to help him put things up. Have a great weekend.

06-13-2004, 06:00 AM
Ok how did you get the graphic at the beginning of your post?

I have been taking baking soda baths to help with the sting and now the itch!!!!!

One of the baby birds jumped out of the nest and onto my head and got stuck in my hair!!!!!! then he pooped down the front of me....Yuck! I got him back in the nest (the whole time the mother was fussing at me )and he jumped out again, put him back again and he is out so out he stays. The momma bird like to fuss at my kitties that sit in the basement windows too.

Do any of you know how many steps it takes on a pedometer to = a mile?????? My stride is set at 14". I have two of them cause my WW one didn't seem to work right, it only counts half of the steps.

06-13-2004, 11:13 PM

It's so easy and fun too. There are lots of graphics available on the internet thay you can use. You have to have a hosting site, and there are many many of those too. I use but there are many. Anyway once you have your graphics saved to your hosting site, you just click on the icon here on the reply screen that is yellow and has a mountian on it. Once you click on it it brings up a "prompt box" and you paste the URL of your graphic. I usually center() mine so they are in the middle of the screen. I've really been having fun looking and saving different cuties that I like. You should try it. It's fun.

06-15-2004, 05:48 AM
Thanks for the info Barb....I take it that you cannot direct link to a site..meaning you have to have a host site????????? I had a host site once and then they started charging for it so I let it go. It me forever to figure out how to store what I wanted on it too! Is the one you are at easy to use?

One robin left........mowed again, and been walking insde with my pedometer.

Subway wraps 3pts.....Yummmmmmm (if you get a 6 inch and substitute for the bread)

06-15-2004, 11:29 PM
No you can't direct link, that is frowned upon these days. Yes I think the one I use is very easy to use. I ended up paying about 6.95 a month so I could have a lot more space, but the free part is fine to start with.

06-16-2004, 05:14 AM
Thanks can you tell me how you get your name and grahic to appear everytime in your post without adding it each time..or do you add it everytime?

Pulled weeds today and found 4 baby kittens, one was dead and two were lifeless. I called the animal emergency clinic and they told me to bring them in the house and try to get some milk and syrup down them and right now they are sleeping soundly. They shoud be hungry around 5 or 6 again. Not sure if we are keeping them or taking them to the humane society for care and adoption. DH does not want any more cats, says 3 is enough. Still not sure if they will even make it, but I am trying.

06-16-2004, 11:05 PM
Hey everybody, I heard from Berniece today. She said she couldn't find us and thought maybe we had disbanded. I told her we had moved, so maybe she'll drop in later.

Candice, I don't have time to answer your question right now, but I'll get back to you and tell you were it is.

06-17-2004, 09:30 PM
Okay Candice, I'm back a whole day later, but I really didn't remember exactly where you did your signature stuff, but would you believe you do it where it says "edit signature" You go to the top of the forum and click on USER CP (Control Panel) and one of the first options on the left side of the screen is edit signature. Click on that option and it brings up a box that looks just like this one that we type our replys on and you do exactly what I said earlier. You have to have a host site, and chick on the "Picture" icon and paste the URL of you picture. I had made the signature type, color etc in a photo program and saved it as a picture. Hope that helps.

06-17-2004, 10:35 PM
Hi Everyone, In case you guys have forgotten me, it's Bernice. I haven't been on the computer in a very long time and so much has happened since the last time I posted. If any of you remember we were on an intense hunt to find a house for the winter in Fla and last Dec we found a winner in Venice. Alice, you are going to be the next town over on Rt 41. We spent 5 months in Fla and it was just heavenly. We actually made the right choice and there was so much for us to do. The weather was sensational and I would just gloat sitting on the beach calling the kids who were freezing up north. Because it's a second home we actually moved in with just our clothes and had to purchase everything. We drove to Fla with the four dogs and they were great. I had company ( 8 groups) all winter and that was fine with me as all I did was make breakfast. We went out for all other meals. Unfortuneately the diet suffered and I gained 50lbs back. Started having blood pressure issues and so after a Dr change and a medication change I am feeling tons better. I also got real serious about dieting again and thus far lost 10 lbs. Can't wait for my clothes to fit again as I ate my way back to Lane Bryant. Didn't have a computer but we set up the Web TV but hubby hogged it so I just gave up on the thing. We are back in NJ and I have my computer back. I couldn't find you guys so I e-mailed Barb and she showed me the way. Hope you don't mind me jumping back in but I really need you all for moral support. Must lose this weight for the last time. Bernice

06-18-2004, 07:24 AM
Bernice, I know Venice very well. My late aunt lived there and I visited her quite often. She lived on S. Harbor Dr. heading towards Sharkeys Rest. What a small world! Venice is really beautiful. DH & I went to Venice looking for a house, but North Port is just starting to build up. We're practically going to be neighbors. :D Have you taken any of your dogs to the Venice dog beach? Glad that your back and looking forward to seeing your posts. I too have gained quite a bit of weight back that had lost a couple years ago while I was on WW. I am back to healthier eating, portion control, and walking. So good. You will succeed.

Barb, DH would like to sell his machines and he has a potential buyer. We haven't heard from the person after repeated calls. So, I don't know if he is just on vacation or trying to blow us off.

Hi everyone :wave:


06-18-2004, 03:02 PM
Hi Alice, I can't believe we will practically be neighbors. We did take one of the dogs to the dog beach but mine are little and some of those dogs were real big and intimidating off leash. Sarasota county is just fabulous with gorgeous beaches and alot of activities. You are right about Northport being up and coming as the proposed development especially on that Thomas ranch will bring in 15,000 more homes. Did you buy in a development? We are in Lakes of Jacaranda and bought a 7 year old house that was just what we were looking for. May I suggest that when you get settled you look into joining the Newcomers club. It's been a good way to meet people and establish a social life. Don't envy you packing and then unpacking. From what I can see of my neighbors who came from the North they were sorry they brought as much as they did as somehow it just doesn't look the same in these southern homes. Any way Good Luck and if I can be any help in finding your way around let me know after all I have 5 months on you and that practically makes me an expert. LOL Bernice

06-19-2004, 06:48 AM
Thanks again I have to get a host site and give this a try but been too busy to mess with it this week.

Hi Bernice, wondered what happened to you glad you are back and there is more of you to love! :D

Two of the kittens died and I had to watch them struggle to breathe...I
cried and cried, I had to take the one left to an out of town vet
because ours does not see kittens untill 8 weeks old. They told me they
have never seen a kitten alive so malnourished, it is a girl and she is
6 weeks old but looks like she is 2 weeks old. They are keeping her
this weekend and if she is alive by Monday I can bring her home, but
they said not to get our hopes up. She is really cute and her eyes just
steal your heart! It has taken alot out of me this week caring for
them............but I did not want to leave them out there to die on
their own if I could save them so had to try. I wish I had become a

06-19-2004, 08:50 AM

Candice, I am so sorry about those poor little kitties. How heartbreaking that must be for you. I do hope this one survives. Do you have any idea how they became abandoned? I'll be thinking of you this weekend.

Bernice, DH & I usually take a day and drive to Venice from Ft Myers, where his parents winter. We took Lacee to the dog beach 2 years in a row, but the last time she got so overly hot that it took a long time for her to cool down so we never took her back. Thank you for offering your help if I need it. I just may take you up on that! ;) Is Jacaranda Lakes near or on Jacaranda Blvd? No, we're not in a development. We have 1/4 acre on a little street and the houses are far enough away to give us some breathing room, plus there is an empty lot beside us which we may try to buy so that nobody will build there. We're used to being out in the boondocks where the houses are far apart. We're not that far from Rte. 41, but far enough way so that we don't hear all the traffic.

Hi everyone :wave:

Have a great weekend.

06-19-2004, 11:50 AM
Oh that is so sad about the kittens but people are so irresponsible and don't spay and nueter there animals and not only do thebabies suffer but also the good samaritan who only wants to make it better. Candice, you tried and that's more than some people would have done. Alice, We are actually down Venice Blvd East. It's a development which I wanted as we aren't living there fulltime. It's a pretty house with a small pool on a lake that has the most delicious sunsets almost every evening. I like space too and we have it in NJ but down there I wasn't looking for something that rural. It's interesting that people say how crowded it's there in the winter but coming from NJ I didn't think it was a big deal. Never had to wait to get into a resturant. The only place that was a bear to get in and out of is the Walmart parking lot. It's busy 24 hrs a day. Amazing! Don't know if you are aware but Northport has been approved to get an 80 bed hospital. The Venice Gondolier which is a bi or tri weekly paper and on the web has news of Northport. Started to walk again and at least it was a bit cool this AM. Have to develop healthy habits again. So hard when you are a latent couch potato. Bernice

06-20-2004, 12:50 PM
We just came home from 4 days at the cabin and WOW! so much happened here. BERNICE--good to have you back with us again.

This is a question for all who have/will move south.------How do you handle being away from your family and friends for such a long time?

I have mixed feelings about being south in the winter. Yes, the weather is SO much better but who is there to do things with other than DH? I don't like missing all the family celebrations. I don't have grandkids but I do have young nieces and nephews (ages 4-8) and I love going to their birthday celebrations--three of them in Feb and Mar. Oh, why couldn't they have been born in the summer? I have a great group of friends who don't go south. I'd miss them. How do you ladies reconcile this? Ann--since you've been in FL so long tell me how you felt when you first moved. Perhaps I'm just not ready for such a move. We still have 2 cats (old but going strong) and I really don't want to take them on a winter move. I also have house plants that I still like to keep. Last winter when DS stayed at the house it was a disaster. He neglected watering plants and too many "guests" had ruined many things. DS reimbursed us $1300 for damages that had to be repaired and I don't want to go thru that again.

06-20-2004, 01:00 PM
sorry, I had to post or lose my writing.

BERNICE--What do you do to secure your NJ house in the winter?

We had a nice time at the cabin. It was warm and sunny when we left on Wed wearing summer clothes. By Fri it was cold--59 for a high--and we were wearing jeans and sweatshirts. Sat was a little better but started out in the 40's. My dad was disappointed that he couldn't go out fishing. His hands don't operate at all in cold temps. Today, on Father's Day, DS took DH out for a day of golf and lunch. I'm going to my parents a little later. I love this time to myself. Going to a Red Hat convention in Iowa later this week. There are 14 from our group going so we shud have a great time. Candice--we're going to Des Moines so I'll say "Hi" to your son when I arrive in town.

Had my full body check w/the dermatologist last week and I'm OK. There are 4 moles she's going to keep a watch on. I have a couple lumps and bumps that need removing but since one is on my hand we're going to wait til gardening season is over so I don't have to worry about dirtying the wound.

06-20-2004, 01:40 PM
Siwa, To anwer the first question on how we secured the house. It's alarmed and we left lights on timers. My son came up every two weeks to check and water the plants. Only lost one. We arranged to have driveway plowed and the mail forwarded. The only problem we had was my husband rigged up a thing to the telephone anwering machine that would give a busy signal if the heat dropped below 55( it was set at 60). Well it went off and we had a few anxious moments thinking we had run out of oil and it was at the coldest time and just imagined frozen and broken pipes. The oil company wasn't sure of last delivery and we are on automatic fill but it turned out to be an answering machine malfunction. We also had a problem with the alarm and after a few false ones where the police came we just had my son shut it off. As for leaving family and friends behind. We went down in Dec and Jan came the son and girl friend followed by one daughter than the other with grandson and husband and then my brother and assorted friends. It actually was a break from all the shopping we were doing cause we went down with nothing. For me it was a smart move as it gave my hubby alot to do now that he is retired otherwise he would have driven me nuts. The weather was so fantastic. To the Southerners it was cold and in Jan I did put the heat on 2x to take the chill out but everyday we woke up to green plants and treees clear blue skies and the most gorgeous clouds. We were out everyday and even sat on the beach in shorts. The water temp was cold-62 degrees but it was so peaceful and uncrowded on the beach. My only complaint was all the togetherness and I vow next winter to get involved in some women's groups. Closing the Fla house actually was a bigger deal cause you leave on the ac set the humidistat, put oil in dishwasher and disposal. Arrange for lawn service and a pool service. A neighbor has a key and goes in every 2 weeks to check. I think this was the smartest thing we could have done for ourselves and before this I never gave any thought of going to Fla or anywhere else for that matter. The best part is I have the best of both worlds being able to come back in the summer yet escape the miserable cold in the winter. I feel blessed. The hardest part about the southern experience was finding the right place and we made 5 trips to various areas before settling on Sarasota County and it definetely was the right spot. Hope I anwered all your questions. Bernice

06-21-2004, 04:11 AM
Dh would never go south for the winter, I have asked several times cause lots do it here.

Siwa..I am trying to imagine what shape you son left the house in while you were gone!
I would have been so upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

Found some 0 pts wraps...La Tortillia FActory..the 8 inch..they are great!

Get the kitten today if it is still ok...............the mother cat was too sick to stay with them and went off to either die or protect herself...she was an ugly thing and looked so bad. We always get strays through here and if they let us get nere them we take them in but this one wouldn't..we had know idea she had babies or I would have been caring for them long ago!

06-21-2004, 04:12 AM
Weeknight Pasta

Few foods are as versatile or satisfying as pasta, and when it comes to weeknight meals, nothing cooks up quicker. We have a simple and delicious recipe that’s sure to tickle your taste buds and goes from stovetop to tabletop in 30 minutes or less.

You will need:

Dry pasta
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 pinch fresh, minced garlic
4 chicken breasts, cut into 1” pieces
1 16 oz. bag frozen vegetables
8 ounces sour cream
1 can creamed soup such as Cream of Chicken
freshly grated parmesan cheese
Begin by heating the olive oil in a wok or large sauté pan over medium heat. A pinch or so of fresh, minced garlic is a tasty addition, but resist the urge to add more, as it will overpower the subtle flavors of the vegetables. Sauté the garlic until fragrant, about 30 seconds or so. Next, add the chicken and cook until golden brown. Since the chicken will continue to cook alongside the vegetables, it is O.K. at this point, if the center is still a bit pink.

Once the chicken is nice and brown, lower the temperature and add in the vegetables. Next, add the sour cream and then the creamed soup. Mix and cover before leaving it to simmer for a few minutes.

If you find the mixture is too thick, you can thin it out by adding a bit of chicken broth or white wine until you get the consistency you like. Also, if you’re looking to cut calories, the low fat sour cream works just fine.

While the chicken mixture is simmering, make sure you get your pasta ready. When the pasta has cooked, add a dollop of your chicken mixture and grate the cheese on top. Season with salt and cracked pepper.

06-23-2004, 07:56 AM
The kitten didn't make it the vet said her kidneys shut down,we tried but I guess it just was not ment to be this time.

Been keeping tack with my pedometer and trying to aim for 5000 steps minimum. I'm at 8000 right now for the day. Sometimes if I need more and have the energy I walk in front of the tv and do things from some of my ald tapes.

06-23-2004, 05:36 PM
Getting ready for the trip to Des Moines for the red hat convention. Leaving Friday a.m. We have 4 cars going. We're planning to meet in Clear Lake, IA (where Buddy Holly died) for lunch. When these ladies travel it's close to chaos as far as being organized goes. Last year I couldn't believe that we set out for and 8 hr drive to Wisconsin without a map!!! Since I'm one of the drivers this year you can bet I'll have a map as well as mapquest directions to the hotel. It's only a 4 hour drive this year. I hope this convention is as much fun as the last. I couldn't believe how much I laughed during those 4 days. I'll always judge the conventions by that 1st one now.

CANDICE--Sorry about the kitten. You did your best as always.

06-26-2004, 05:21 AM
Siwa..clear lake is way north ..isn't it? We used to live in Fort Dodge Iowa. Sounds like you will have a great time! Be sure to check in on my DS:)

Mowed today, watered and trimmed..I'm in pain now!!!!!!!!!!! oh and came in a swept the whole basement!

06-28-2004, 09:57 PM
I wanted to try a new cookie recipe and I thought if I made something I don't like it would be easy not to sample....NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I have some extra pts I can use :D

06-30-2004, 01:01 AM
Walked tonight but have only gone 6000 steps so want to walk around the living room later. We met a new neighbor taht built a new house down the road from us, really nice and she has 3... 9 week old kittens..I want one and DH says no! She also has a minatue pincher...really cute!

07-01-2004, 01:03 AM
Did yard work today weeding and trimming bushes, I'm at 7000 steps and know Ihave done more but it does not pick up on every little move!

07-01-2004, 05:34 PM
Back from the red hat convention. We all had a great time. The weather was very cooperative. One of the speakers was a lady doing her PhD on the red hats. She was wonderful. Now it's back to daily life and HOT and HUMID weather. Just went to the farmers mkt today. Bought lots of veggies and strawberries and raspberries too. Still waiting for those cukes to come in. We're not planning to go to our cabin until the 4th so that we'll have fewer days of the noisy, foul mouthed neighbors. It will be just our luck that they will have tanken next week as vacation and still be there the entire time we're there. Saw the opthamologist today and she was rushing me along so much that it bordered on being rude. This was only the 2nd time I've seen here and I decided I won't see her again. I'll ask around for a Dr who takes time with patients.

CANDICE--That's quite a daily journal you've started. Clear Lake, IA is about 2 hours north of Des Moines. We ate there both coming and going.

07-01-2004, 09:32 PM
Well we have officially set a record here in Dallas. We have had a record breaking 19 days of rain, and an all-time recorded rainfall for the month of June. But it has kept things fairly cool.

It's hard to belie's already July.

Things have been a little unsettled around here this month. My sister who had the perfect job got caught up in a "political" deal at work and her and another woman were fired. It was the humilitating being escorted out kind of thing and she's been pretty upset. Hopefully things will work out for her.

I got desperate and signed up at a wellness clinic and have been going for a combination "weightloss" session that consists of massage, hypnosis, and accupuncture and vitamin/suppliments. I have had 3 sessions so far (I had to pay for 10 at a time) and so far they haven't done a thing. They said that if I can't tell a difference by next week, they will change something. Maybe they aren't hitting the right spots or something!!!

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Alvin had an appointment with a cardoligist for a echocardiagram, and a cartoid artery doppler test tomorrow, but I guess that the doctor wanted to have an extra day off, so they postponed it until Tuesday.

07-02-2004, 04:28 AM's hot here too! Sounds like you had a good time.

Barb..I have never heard of that combination they have you keep track of your food intake too? All that other stuff might feel good but you gotta take in less calories too, but then you all ready no that don't you;)

Had my hair cut today and did some shopping, need to mow again but rain expected here, we will see....right at 7000 steps and hurting a bit form eysterday I guess.

07-03-2004, 02:37 AM
watered, mowed, prunned and at 8000 steps.......Hope to rest today!

07-04-2004, 04:18 AM
ok I made lemon bars again tonight and tried to make them less pts with splenda and egg sub...but they do not taste as well, they are ok but just not the same. Do you all get the results taht I do when using an egg sub, kinda rubbery or sponge like texture..I do not like that, it always tastes ok but do not like the texture!

Just 5000 steps today...It was my rest day!

Happy 4th, watched the fireworks from my front porch!

07-07-2004, 07:32 AM
Over 10,000 steps...

I am pooped from my trip to the foot doc yesterday...I hate knew docs and this one was still wet behind the ears! So young, reminded me of my son! I should have gone to the one I usually see but he is an hour away and DH did not want me driving that far. Just a sore toe but it hurts to wear shoes....I thought it might be a touch of fungus starting but he said no, and had to x-ray for a bone spur (which it wasn't and I tried to tell him that). then he said it was just the fibro...well I'm not sure why fibro would make your toenail hurt! Anyway I got him to write a prescription for fungus stuff you apply like polish , just incase cause I do not want it spreading if it is that. I was not impressed with the office staff or dirty office either.....and they had me walk around barefoot!! Yikes..hope I didn' catch anything! Oh did I say I hate new docs, old ones too! I really need to get my hips looked at but they will say it is just Fibro so why go to the trouble! I just suffer in silence (except for complaing to you guys!) Hope I did not gross anyone out.......I'm gonna rest today I hope!

07-08-2004, 05:38 AM
I am having a fat bloated and just feel fat....I hate these kind of days. I am also worn out with just plain fatigue from yesterday and barely got my 5000 steps in.:(

I have got to make some changes in my eating again and get in the losing mode instead of the maintaining mode..which means cutting way back on my sweets......... and not using my exercise pts at all and stying under waist is growing and the sale is up a few I think. Been sleep eating more than I thought! :eek:

07-08-2004, 01:14 PM
Back from the cabin. Our idea of going there on the 4th and staying til the 7th in order to avoid the loud and foul-mouthed neighbors WORKED!! We had a nice peaceful time if a bit chilly. We were sitting on our deck on the 4th watching fireworks wrapped in blankets! How crazy is that?! It got down to 50 at nite and just over 60 in the day. Now today here in the city it's a lovely 70's degree day.

We're planning a trip to Russia in September. We're finalizing the travel arrangements now and I'm beginning to fee excited about the trip. We've had a couple of visitors from Russia (in Siberia) so we plan to visit them as well as St Petersburg and Moscow. Then we'll stop over in Belgium on the way home. It was 11 years ago that Edward stayed with us and 13 yrs ago when Vladimir stayed with us so it will be good to see them again. Novosibirsk is the city in which they live and it's the sister city of Minneapolis. It's really not as cold here as in Siberia, but close. Their 1st frost date is Sept 6 and ours is Oct 6 so we have a little longer growing season. It typically is in the 60's during the time we'll be there and we like that temp for travel. Lots of new experiences for us in Russia. I'd like to drop about 10 bs before we leave so I don't have to watch my eating while there. Vacation is no fun without all the food.

BARB--I've seen the terrible flooding in TX this year. It's been a goofy year, weather-wise, all over the US since January. Hope Alvin's test results are all good.

CANDICE--I still don't know how you do it! All those sweets and still maintaining. I've not cooked with Splenda so I have no results to report.

07-08-2004, 11:58 PM
I can't tell the difference from Splenda and regular sugar. I use Splenda a lot, but the egg subsitutes is something all together different. I don't like the texture, or the taste!

Alvin's tests turned out okay. His cartaroid (SP) arteries are clear, and his heart is okay. The doc didn't have very good news about his knee, and want to start him on NASIDS, but he's had trouble with his kidneys becuase of the in years past, so he wants to check with his kidney doc before he starts taking them.

The trip to Russia sounds great, and I was excited that we are going to Philidelphia!

07-09-2004, 07:36 AM
Siwa..Russia how exciting you sure are a woman of the world!:D

Barb...glad to hear you do not like the texture fo the egg beater also...thought it was just me! I like using the spenda too.

Made those 10 pt brownies and shipped some off ot my son and the rest wnet ot work with DH...I didn't trust myself to leave them here to be tempted! They are really richa and gooey... I had to try them;)

Only got 6000 steps in but mowed, did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, baked and washed my hair and used that new Nioxin prodfuct on it for thickening.

07-09-2004, 10:37 AM
CANDICE--Let us know the results of the Nioxin on your hair. Mine could use some beefing up lately. I've noticed some thinning in the last few years. Is the product readily available? Does it have a brand name? Give us the scoop.

I've never baked w/egg substitute but hearing what you and Barb say leads me to believe that I don't want to try it.

Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party tonite. I was the flower girl in the ceremony so this is a requirement for me. I really enjoy their parties anyway so it's no hardship. Most of the wedding party will be there. Many of us have completed a quilt square and tonite will be the unveiling of the finished product. I'm looking forward to that. My square is a photo of my cousin as ring bearer and me as flower girl, surrounded by a couple rows of lace and fancy buttons. I was pleased with the results of mine and enjoy looking at what ideas others used.