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05-18-2004, 01:41 PM
Welcome to a thread devoted to those who have the ultimate job of taking care of their family. Here you will find wonderful women raising a family and trying to find time to take care of themselves and their weight too. So if you are a SAHM jump right in and say hello and to all you who have been here before I look forward to a new day with you!!

05-18-2004, 01:51 PM
Well, I read all of your posts on the other thread, but by the time I've made it here, I don't remember many of them.
I was just doing an afternoon check while I was eating lunch, which probably isn't the best; leftover lasagna, but no bread. Anyway, I got my errands ran and now I'm mowing. I haven't mowed in probably 5 years, I'm serious. Dh never cared for me mowing. Well, I'm surprising him today and it's gonna be mowed. But I don't do the weedeating. I'm just excited my kids are finally big enough that I can mow. Andrew has been riding with me while the girls played on the swing set. We took a break for lunch and I'm gonna finish when Andrew takes a nap.
I just thought I'd check in and tell you girls that since I've been exercising, i have so much energy. Use to, running errands two days straight with all the kids, getting them in and out, in and out and so on, wouldn't have been a question, now I don't mind it. It's like I have the energy to do it and it helps as they get bigger. Anyway, I'm off to clean up lunch. Hope you all are having a fantastic day.

05-18-2004, 03:25 PM
Crystal - quick question. What is the name of the site with the recipies again? I though I bookmarked it, but I can't find it. Thanks :)

05-18-2004, 03:54 PM
Hi! Crystal you forgot to tell us on the last thread that a new one was started. There are several posts over there so please everyone go back and read them too.

05-18-2004, 03:56 PM
Crystal - Never mind! I found it :)

Today is going well. I'm having my normal late afternoon slump (I get starving right around 3 or 4 pm). I'll have to snack on some zero point things like pickles! Lots of flavor, no points. Or salad with fat-free dressing.

Tonight for dinner I'm throwing together ground turkey, rice, seasonings (chicken broth, garlic, onion, crushed red pepper, etc.) and salad. I need to do some more grocery shopping. That's always questionable with Liam these days.

Michelle - that sounded yummy! And it sounded like a very healthy version of French Toast.

Spryng - cute joke!

Crystal - did you have fun mowing? I can't stand yard work, which is why we live in a condo :lol: Neither DH or I like taking care of a yard.

05-18-2004, 04:01 PM
Crappy day just popped in for a minute...Ds's are bugging me to get off of the computer already :(

Last night when I went up on the deck to join Dh to watch the storms roll in...he had a couple candles lit out there. It was so pretty and romantic :)
So it was almost 80 yesterday and today it's in the 50's and cloudy, windy and generally crappy!!

Spryng, I would recommend the Chunk to Hunk Book to anyone. It was good and humorous. He does stress the exercise thing too though. You just need to do it to get healthy.

Dinner tonight...spaghetti and garlic bread I think. Then it'll be bath time again for the boys 'cause Tony will make a mess of AI tonight and that's about it. Relax after the boys go to bed I guess. Doing laundry now and grocery shopped earlier. Getting very expensive :(. Grapes were like $3.58/lb...OUTRAGEOUS. Needless to say we aren't having grapes this week. Even the apples I normally buy were up .20/lb. With the price of milk we can't afford to eat - ha, ha!! We've considered buying a cow adn getting our own so we may as well throw in some chickens for the eggs and meat while we're at it! ;). Next fall I'll be looking for a part time job anyway. For now unemployment comp covers the grocery bill!

Melinda (I'm going by memory here) the garden is doing well. Beans and peas are up almost 2#, everthing else is coming up too. We're going to get the tomato, pepper and cuke plants later this week or early next week. I'll get more flowers then too to finish that up.

The party went really well. It could have been about 10 degrees warmer but at least the sun was shining and the kids could be running outside. Took about 1/2 hour to open all the presents for both of them! Had somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 people...mostly relatives! Dh has 4 sibligs and I have 3 so with spouses and kids and friends and a couple of neighbors it's a houseful.

OK, sounds like everyone is doing well in the weight loss journey. Keep up the good work and exercise ladies and I'll talk to you all later.

Spryng...I'll call ya!

05-18-2004, 05:13 PM
Geri - glad the party went well, but am hoping better weather comes your way soon!

DH is taking Liam for a boys dinner out so I get the evening off :) Hooray. I'm going to get some scrapbooking done and take a bath. They'll return in time for 24 though - do any of you watch that? DH loves that show :D

So no cooking tonight, just eating one of my 5-point Smart Ones dinner.

05-18-2004, 05:35 PM
Leigh...where do they go to dinner? That's cool that Dh takes him out. I had to wait 'til Will was over 1 year or so before Dh would do that!! lol

05-18-2004, 05:41 PM
Oh My Gosh!!!, I am so sorry about not putting on the last thread that I was starting a new one. I usually do that. I think because I did it backwards than I normally do is why I forgot. I am so sorry. Hope it didn't cause any confusion.

05-18-2004, 05:42 PM
Ugghhhh stupid internet went down and I lost my post!! grrrr

Anyway lol

Spryng - yes whole wheat bread is allowed on sb but I've been trying to stay away from breads and such. I did get a nap in too!!

Well I will write more later seeing as my post was lost, I don't have much time.

05-18-2004, 06:12 PM
The house is much better now. At least a crisis cleaning takes a couple of hours instead of a couple of days.

I am so thankful for this thread and all of you. I just know I'd have lost my drive and focus without you all. My DH is driving me insane and I am really wondering if we can continue this way. He needs to be treated for depression and he won't have any part of it. I have cried so much my eyes are swollen, but that's all I can do. He has to make some changes to fix our problems that I am not sure he is willing to make. Anyway, thanks for being here for me! I am grateful and needed to let you all know that.

I need more water and some exercise, and some happy pills, LOL!!

Going to watch Dr. Phil, be back later!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

05-18-2004, 06:16 PM
Cindi, hope things get better soon!!

Crystal, we'll forgive you ;)

Hi Michelle, sorry you lost your post!

Can you tell the weather is crappy!! You never hear from me this often anymore.

05-18-2004, 07:55 PM
I'm in the middle of doing a pedicure! I only have time to do one when DH takes Liam out. I'm so proud of myself! I'm having a very difficult couple of days because of PMS (I wish TOM would just arrive already). There is a very fattening chocolate bar in the house for DH. I had a moment during stress when I said to myself: "Oh, I can just have one square of it." And I probably could - I could figure it into my points . . . but, I quickly dismissed the idea and went off to take a bath :D

Geri - DH does take him to restaurants with some friends from work sometimes, but tonight he went over to a co-worker's house to order pizza. he has to go back into work at 9pm, so no 24 for us until tomorrow :(

Cindi - I'm so sorry to hear about DH. :grouphug: I'm not sure how to best offer you words of encouragement, but I do hope things take a turn for the better. My thoughts are with you.

05-18-2004, 07:57 PM
Hey Ladies,

Don't have time to post everyone right now but I will tonight!

Thanks so much about all the great comments about Andrew. You can tell he is heatlhy..... :)


His kidney functions have actually improved and the urologist said he is doing wonderful! :) He doesn't have to go back for 6 months and we will just have to do an ultrasound we when go back! Awesome!!!!

I attached a pic of him today. He did ok through the test, but they blew two of his veins to get his iv in. He is now home and doing ok.

Thanks for all the concern and prayers!

I will be back on later tonight :)

05-18-2004, 08:14 PM
That's wonderful news, Penny! :bravo:
Awww! Poor little guy - the picture really made me feel for him.

05-18-2004, 08:45 PM
Good evening all!

Penny I am so thrilled for you! So glad you got good news!!! :) Now you will be able to focus more on you now without feeling guilty or anything.
Leigh, enjoy your time alone!!! Boy I don't know what that feels like so enjoy it for me too!
Cindi, watching dr phil today must have made you think your problems aren't too bad huh? I watched it today and thanked God that he sent me my DH. :) I hope things get better with you and your DH. Please vent anytime you need to, must be a very stressful time for you right now. Sending you a big cyber ((((((HUG)))))!! :grouphug:
Michelle, sorry you lost your post and glad you got a nap in!
Geri, that sounded so romantic last night!! My DH doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. But he still makes my day, LOL.
Well dinner was fine. I just have no appetite tonight for some reason. I'm way under my pts for today and I tried eating a couple cookies to hit my target but I knew they'd come back up if I forced them down. So I guess I'll just be under my target today. One day won't hurt me. I hope I'm not coming down with anything, my sinuses have been hurting me tonight.
I guess I'll get off here and find something to do. TTYL!

05-18-2004, 08:45 PM
Awww penny I'm so happy for you guys and seeing that picture made me cry the poor little guy all wrapped up like that :(

Well for dinner I'm having a chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella cheese, topped with mushrooms sauteed in I can't believe its not butter spray (zero everything) and a salad I didn't have lunch cuz i was still full from breakfast.

People today said I look like I've lost a lot of weight so that was nice to hear, but to me I'm still fat lol ;) Ok girls I need to go eat some dinner.

05-18-2004, 08:51 PM
WTG Leigh!!!

and Penny...Praise the Lord that your baby is great!! I know you must feel so much better!!

Making tacos before AI, so I'm off!!

Love to my peeps, LOL!! I should be like Randy Jackson, but I love you all too much to call you DAWGS! :lol:

05-18-2004, 10:36 PM
Well, this might be my last post tonight, I'm not sure.

Penny, I am so glad to hear that Andrew is doing good. That is a blessing.

Cindi, you know what we're here for? You vent or cry or whatever you need to us and we will do what we can from our distance. I sure hope things get alot better for you.

Spryng, I sure hope you get to feeling better. Hope you have a good night.

Michelle, wtg on the comments. I know how they make you feel. But I also understand how you still feel fat. I was thinking the same thing today. Even though I'm getting the comments and seeing it in my clothes, I'm still fat. But you know you are doing something right.

Well, my dinner was only a big salad. I've got more cals for a good snack tonight. Those WW frozen desserts, the chocolate cake with some kind of chocolate icing/pudding are GREAT!!! Anyway, I mowed the whole yard, 2 1/2 hours, dh was SO surprised, happy and even commented that I did good. He really was happy. Then he was going to the driving range with my dad, so I had to exercise before he left and Alisa asked to go with me, like always, and like always I said no, and dh stopped her and said, this is mommy's time. She can go do something for herself. That made me really happy. So I did my exercising stuff and then worked in the garden and then sat in the swing for a bit. I got almost 1st degree burn on my arms. I'm never in the sun and I wasn't thinking about that while mowing, now I'm paying for it.
I have had a great day and feel so good. Since doing more exercising and more intense I have so much more energy. Tomorrow I am actually staying home all day. Btw, Alisa; 5 1/2 yo, has her first loose tooth. Iwas SO excited when she told me but she's scared and was crying. I had to sit down and explain all this to her. Anyway, I've got to get them ready for bed. TTYL

05-18-2004, 11:58 PM

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! so much for everything you do! You are the best bunch of ladies and I just want to give you all a BIG HUG right now!

I know some would say it is horrible to take pictures of him going through that pain, but I want him to know and understand what he went through at such a young age. This is part of him and part of his life. But hopefully we won't have to go through it again!

Congrats on the weight loss so far! I told you you would have a wonderful loss this week! You are doing too good not to! Congrats to YOU! And it is wonderful people are noticing you are losing weight!!!! YAH!!!

I too need to join the scale club! I do the same thing and I also weigh everyday! I will also slip up if I don't! Congrats on the 16's! You must feel great about yourself!!!! And I know you look great too! I'm sorry you are having problems at home! Hopefully things will start looking up.

I have the Kodak Easy Share too! I love it! And let us know the latest on dh. I'm still doing flylady but I only do my daily chores. Not the extra's. My house is really organized b/c I have been in flylady for a year or so now. :) She's the best :) Hopefully you are not getting sick! And that is awesome that you and dh are going to weigh in together :)

Let us know about the sleepover. Has your son ever slept away anywhere before?

That is so great dh is giving you some time for you! And I remember when you said you couldn't fit in time for yourself to exercise! WEIGH TO GO! And congrats to Alisa for the loose tooth. Hunter just had his first one fall out and my mom made him a tooth fairy pillow :) Too cute!~

I absoutely love pickles but I always retain water weight with them... grrrr.... Anyhow, Did you get any scrapbooking done??? What are you scrapbooking right now??? Congrats on the candy bar! You are doing awesome!

So glad you and dh got some time alone on the deck! OMG I can't believe how expensive the grapes are there! They are pretty high here too but not that high! I am so glad the kids had a good time at the party! And Again the pics were soooo cute :)

I am in such a good mood! I am elated about Andrew and my scale is even down today so I am doing wonderful :)

Well Ladies,
I am not going to address anyone else personally that didn't post b/c I don't want to leave anyone out... So I am gonna say EVERYONE READING THIS.... HAVE A WONDERFUL NIGHT!!!!

05-19-2004, 12:23 AM

"Last night when I went up on the deck to join Dh to watch the storms roll in...he had a couple candles lit out there. It was so pretty and romantic :)
So it was almost 80 yesterday and today it's in the 50's and cloudy, windy and generally crappy!! "

holy cow, where'd you find this guy?!?!?!?!!!

That is so awesome. I cooked my hubby a midnight steak dinner once, ( he was actually at work till that late, and wasn't even expecting me to be awake, let alone have dinner for him) and I set the table outside under the beautiful desert sky, and lit candles, and all that, and you know what he did? He laughed and acted like a 14 year old boy....He did not know what to do...what a dork...I didn't even get any lovin' that night! You are so lucky that your hubby thinks to do that all on his own. The only time my hubby lights a candle is if he's stunk up the bathroom! LOL

Anyways, I just had to let that out and tell you how awesome that is.


05-19-2004, 12:30 AM
Good evening all!
Penny, your post really made me smile. It's strange how you can see a persons mood in their typing, but I could imagine you smiling and really happy as your wrote your post which makes me smile too! You deserve that happiness! And I will keep everyone informed about DH and his weight loss journey, he is doing awesome right now. My house too is in the best shape ever. I wish I would have known about flylady sooner, LOL. But I am very proud of my housekeeping now and so is my DH. He knows I've been working really hard and it's paying off in all aspects of my life right now :)
Crystal, that ww dessert you spoke of is my absolute favorite from Smart Ones! I had one the other night. It's always just the right amount of chocolate for me. It sounds like you have had a great day and your dh is being such a great guy. Sorry about your sun burn. Hope it heals fast and doesn't blister. Ouch. And congrats to Alisa's tooth being loose!!
Cindi, who did you vote for (or really like) on AI tonight? I voted for Diana. I know fantastia did really well tonight but I'm sticking with Diana, I've always liked her for some reason. Jasmine really needs to go now.
Michelle, on the ww boards that comment is made all the time. Some women lose alot of weight and still have that "fat person" mind set. It can take up to a year after reaching your goal for your brain to catch up with your body. So give it time, I'm sure you are looking great. All that exercise and good eating is paying off!!
Well my evening has been great. Very enjoyable. I had to attack my microwave after I put the kids to bed tonight because it kept giving off a bad smell everytime I opened the door. Turns out some food got caught underneath the glass plate thing in there and was growing!!!! lol. So I deep cleaned it and now the smell is gone thankfully. But I did get alot done today and feel so good about it. So I guess I will call it a night and talk to you all tomorrow! TTYL!

05-19-2004, 12:34 AM
Lisa you snuck in on me and cracked me UP!!! Too funny about the candle. LOL> My Dh used to buy me roses every month on the 4th and 13th. The 4th is the day we were married and the 13th was the day we got engaged. But after the first year that stopped. I can't remember the last time I got roses. I used to be romantic too, I would leave notes all over the house leading him to the next note and so on until he got to me... which I was usually waiting in a new nightie (well you get the picture... lol) he used to love that. So I guess we all get comfortable in our married lives sometimes. But that is ok... I love my life. LOL.
OK, got to get in bed now. TTYL!

05-19-2004, 12:55 AM
Well I did finally get my 4 mile walk in tonight it took me all day but I did it lol.

Spryng - I tried to vote for fantasia but I couldn't get through she was absolutely phenomenal tonight!! I guess I just feel it when she sings. I agree jasmine really needs to go I will be extremely disappointed if she isn't gone tomorrow night!

Penny - I'm just elated that everything with Andrew looked good!! I couldn't be happier for you :)

Geri - How romantic!! I wish!! lol

Lisa - My hubby is like yours except mine won't even light a candle when he stinks the bathroom up he just waits for me to walk in and then laugh about it. Men!! I tell ya lol.

Crystal - Glad you got some exercise in today!

Well I better hit the sack I got a lot I want to do tomorrow and want to be well rested. I will talk to you all in the morning. Sleep Well.


05-19-2004, 08:09 AM
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Penny, wtg for the scale being down. You just had an over all great day yesterday. I hope that continues on... hope you had a great night.

Lisa, you are so funny. You made me laugh, too.

Spryng, sounds like you did alot yesterday. I actually have fallen out of the flylady thing somewhat. I'm gonna try to get back into it. I think I'm wanting to spend so much time outside that I'm putting the house on the back burner. Maybe I can let my sunburn rest in the house today, huh? Hope you had a great night.

Michelle, hope you get all the rest you were wanting to get done today what you wanted to get done.

Well, I only kind of had a good night. I slept pretty well, just mostly on the couch. I peeked at the scale today and it looks good, that's all I'm gonna say. I was watching the news, how much is your gas up to? In Dallas it's OVER $2.00, I mean like 2.13 for the cheapest. But here in Terrell, the cheapest was $1.84, so I was just wondering how much it was where you are all at.
I am staying home today, I've got my little bible study this morning. I think I'll scrub the bathroom extra good today and finish up laundry and tomorrow I'll attack the girls room. I still need to mop at some point. Anyway, I'll check back later. Hope the day finds you all well.

05-19-2004, 09:23 AM
Lisa - what a sweet idea (with the midnight steak dinner). My DH would like that kind of thing. He actually is quite romantic and thinks I'm more of the practical one - which is completel odd because I think of myself as very romantic ;)

Crystal and Michelle - okay, you're both doing an awesome job and you should not downplay the changes in your weight. We all lose with small steps toward our goals. Every time ya'll think, "I'm still fat," you should immediately think: "I'm not going to treat myself that way. I'm working hard to reach my goal weight and these pounds are all steps in that direction."
And, yeah, I love the Smart Ones (WW) desserts too - they're soooo good and fulfilling for so few points.

Penny - Whoo-Hoo on the scale being down!!! Yeah! I totally understand you taking the pictures. It's true that it's an important part of his life experience and the experiences of your family as well. Right now I'm scrapbooking about all the cities I've lived in for a circle journal group I'm in. I'm waaayyyyy behind in scrapbooking :D

Scale addicts: I'm one too. I even weighed myself today, but more on that further down in my post :o

Spryng and Cindi and Michelle (and other Idol fans!): I'm also really rooting for Diana now. I think she was awesome last night and has really perfected her singing during the course of the competition. I know Fantasia's a good singer objectively, but her voice isn't my personal thing - it's grating to me because it's kind of screechy. Just my opinion, of course :)

Spryng - glad you had a good evening - any big plans for today?

Today: well, I'm going for my morning walk in the park, unless it rains. Then I'm taking our car in for its 30-day inspection. I sneaked a peek at the scale and it looks like I've already lost, but that seems impossible because it's only day 3! I'm thinking TOM must be on the verge of appearing and that's why:D Today I need to launder the guest room bedding and towels, and do two other loads of laundry. Remember how I was just on top of that? Well, Laundry piles up in one day here!

Another insight from "life change" world . . . I was taking a long drive with Liam to help him sleep, but he was still awake. We passed one of my favorite shopping centers with Babies R Us in it. I briefly contemplating stopping and going in, but then thought to myself, "No, we don't really need anything and I'd rather save the money I know I'd end up finding a way to spend." And it kind of hit me that this was somehow related to me dieting, exercising, etc. because isn't it all about impulse control? I'm not a compulsive spender or anything, but I do love to shop, so I thought it was significant.

05-19-2004, 10:16 AM
Good Morning Good Morning!

Today is a new day!

I make me wanna go clean my microwave. I always forget to clean it. Bet you can't wait for hubby to get in this weekend! Do you have anything planned??

I hear ya about the roses thing! That used to be when we were teenagers but not anymore! I'm happy if he wipes the seat off :lol:

Our gas prices are about $1.90 here. I filled up my van to bring Andrew to the dr and it took $45.00... ouch! Yes, staying home seems like a better idea! Congrats on the scale being down! YAH! What is your weigh in day?

What do you have planned for today???

That is a neat idea on the scrapbooking. I am still working on all the kids books and then I will work on our Family Book with our vacations and stuff. I am ALWAYS behind on my scrapbooking! Congrats on your scale looking good :) And yeah you can be down on day 3!!!! Congrats

I am just so excited everyone is pumped up so much and losing just about every week! That is so awesome! That means this board is working!!!!


Have a great day!!!!!!!

05-19-2004, 10:18 AM

I forgot to add.....

Yes I believe our happiness changes our whole way of life. If you are happy with your life and happy about your self (weight) then you are more in control of things that happen in your life!

You are absoutely right!

Congrats on not stopping :)

05-19-2004, 10:34 AM
Penny - Thank you! Glad you can see the connection I was trying to make - I wasn't sure how clearly I wrote about it. As for scfrapbooking - I still haven't begun Liam's album :( I've been doing little albums of him for the grandparents which takes up all my scrapbooking time. I won't be doing that again next year :lol:

05-19-2004, 10:38 AM
Good morning all!
Another beautiful day here! Going to be almost 90 today! Hopefully there is a nice breeze so I don't have to turn on my AC.

Penny, actually this will be the first weekend since DH left out that we don't have ANYTHING planned. I'm sure we'll go see his parents sat or sun, but we are staying around the house this weekend. I have a few honeydo-s for him to do for me (like fix a leaky faucet outside) but that is it. Friday we plan on eating at applebees then we'll grab some stuff from walmart for meals during the weekend and probably rent some movies but that is all. We might take the kids fishing at the park but I'm not sure yet. But mostly we are sticking close to home. I would love to go see Troy this weekend but I don't know about that yet.
Leigh, no big plans for today. I'll be tanning tonight but that is about it. You? And I think you are right about how once you get your eating and your cleaning under control it really does radiate into other areas of our life. That is what is happening to me too. I'm not a compulsive shopper either but I can sink a few hundred dollars without blinking an eye, but I don't do that anymore. Now I put just about every penny I can find into my savings account because it makes me feel good to know it's there. You know?
Crystal, it sounds like I did alot yesterday but it really didn't take much time. My morning routine never takes more than 30-40 min to complete (and that includes my 15 min zone work) and my evening routine is even shorter, probably 15 min tops. And the microwave didn't take much time at all since I let it soak with the cleaning spray on it. I hope your sunburn gets better today. Do you put anything on it? I found that when I would burn if I constanyl kept lotion on it then it would never peel, it would turn into a tan for me. And it went away faster. Wow! I wish our gas was 1.84, it was 1.99 last week so I'm sure it has gone up since then. If I drive into Missouri it's about 10 cents cheaper so I do that when I have time (the missouri line is only about 3-5 miles from here) But these prices sure keep me home, lol. Can't afford to fill my van all the way up anymore. Has anyone heard if they will start to go down soon or if they will keep going up all summer? I never watch the news so I'm clueless to world issues, LOL.
Michelle, congrats on getting your workout in!! I am really really hoping my dvd comes today! I'm getting so antsy about it. But I have a feeling it won't get here until friday or sat.
Well, what is everyone having for dinner tonight? I think I will do baked chicken. I may stuff it with some mushrooms and steam some broccoli to go with it and maybe a baked potato or something.
Guess I'll get off here and get my day started!!! I'm getting around earlier tody for some reason, better take advantage of it! :)

05-19-2004, 10:46 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!

Well I haven't weighed yet today I'm still in bed actually lol. Laptops are wonderful!! Anyway I have a bad feeling that french toast I had is gonna haunt me on the scale today I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be ok :) I want to be in the 220's when I go in for my doctors appt on the 26th, I want her to know how hard I'm working!! Oh crap I just realized I worked out late last night too so I wouldnt be surprised if I show a gain from that too hmmmm I need to exercise earlier not that I usually do a bad job on that. OMG!!!! I'M SUCH A SCALE ADDICT!! Hi my name is Michelle and I'm hopelessly addicted to the scale, lol jk :) Hmmm not too much planned today I think I might go out and try to rake up the white fuzz covering our yard there may be a cottonwood tree in the neighborhood cuz everyones yard looks like it has snow on it lol. Oh we ordered this cool little thing that will turn your computer into a television and it will also record and you can rewind Tivo style I can't wait for it to get here!!

Leigh - You are absolutely right about not discounting our progress, I have to stop thinking like that lol but at least I know that I'm working my butt off trying to better myself :) Thanks for reminding me to be good to myself mentally not just physically.

Crystal - Yeah I want to work in the yard today but who knows if I'll get out there or not lol I always start with delusions of grandeur and end up with something a little less desireable lol. I also want to clean out my utility closet but hubby is gonna have to help me, its filled to the brim with boxes of pictures, video game cartridges, computer software lol, we really are electronic junkies.

Penny - I would love to start scrapbooking but it just seems like it such an expensive hobby. Give me some insight girly lol.

Spryng - What's up for you today?

Well I better drag my butt outta this bed although I am just soo comfortable ;) I will post again around lunch time but who knows it may end up being sooner.

05-19-2004, 10:55 AM
Spryng - You snuck in on me lol. Wow fishing at the park this weekend sounds fun!! Baked chicken for dinner sounds wonderful too!! I can't wait to see the results show for AI tonight. I do think Diana has a great voice but I had to agree with the judges last night about her shouting the second song and the first one was off key a bit but the last one was great :) I think I hear more of the key mess ups because I'm a musician myself and not tone deaf lol ;) Hubby will think they did great and I'm like what are you talking about that was horrible lol its quite funny. Anyway I better get going. Have a great day!

05-19-2004, 11:10 AM
Michelle, what kind of musician are you?? You sing or play?? I sang for years growing up but now it is just a guilty pleasure. (I love karaoke!!!) I thought Diana's "beacause you loved me" was horrible because it was too fast. But I did enjoy her last song. OK, Michelle, what is your OFFICIAL WI day? I know you weigh everyday but do you have an official WI day? Maybe you should have DH hidethe scale for a week and see if that helps break the addiction, lol.
OK, I really need to make my bed and get in the shower. TTYL!

05-19-2004, 11:26 AM
I can play almost all of the woodwinds, I was a competetive player throughout highschool and always went to state level which was as high as we could go, I was also a self taught player and can also play by ear. I was first chair in our symphonic band. I mostly played flute but I also played oboe quite a bit when we needed it :)

Drum roll please......I weighed just now and.....229!!!!! OMG I sooo want to cry!! I have been working my butt off and its really working!! I thought it would be months before I got into the 220's so now I'm going for 225 by the 26th for my doctor visit, but of course they won't weigh me in just my socks bra and panties like I do at home lol so I'll probably be a few pounds above my home weight!! But I am so excited!! Spryng if he hides the scale I'll just hunt it down lol I figure it can't be that bad at least I'm kind of obsessing about something healthy now when/if I ever get to 125 and still doing it please kick me in the butt because at that point I could see some unhealthy habits begin to form :)
Ok guys lol I'm still sitting in bed lol hubby is up cleaning the house and watching the girls lol but its nice I can get some posts in without being interrupted :)
Well I'm gonna read a little before I get up then I'm gonna aim for 5 mile walk today!! ok now that I've typed it I have to do it ;)
Talk to you guys later!

05-19-2004, 11:27 AM
ohhh oops my official WI day is sunday lol with penny it would help if I could read properly lol.

05-19-2004, 11:28 AM
Oh **** I'll start a new thread since I've clogged this one up ;) See you all there :)