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05-18-2004, 12:21 AM
Ok, you guys are willing to take a chance, here it goes! LOL This is a great thread to receive support and give support to one another whether you are just starting or have been there done that bought the t-shirt. LOL

05-18-2004, 12:35 AM
Hi everyone..ok donna i found you and you are a funny lady..but you are right we are a great group..hurrayyyyyy for us..((((((((hugs)))))))) rosey :wave:

05-18-2004, 12:36 AM
I like it all, giving support, getting support, and I'm just starting but I have been there and done that and I do have the t-shirt. LOL :lol: I'm not sure what I'm getting into but sounded like a good place to check in and make new diet buddies. :high:

05-18-2004, 09:15 AM
Welcome to "findingmyself"! :cp: So what do we call you for short? For the most part there are Rosey, Donna, Summer, Kris, Daphne, Me, and Glen who post on this thread and we're a variety of sizes and ages and likes and dislikes. If you choose to stay with us, we can give you a brief intro of us. It seems like when we do that, we lose the new friend for some reason. :lol: Maybe it's because Donna is too small and has lost her weight and reached goal maybe?? :rofl: Well if that's it, I'm about 100 something pounds bigger so there you go. You're have to fit in between us somewhere so welcome!

Nothing much to report here. My weight has remained the same thing for 5 days straight. I know at least it's not a gain cause I did have potatoes and some pintos lastnight and they are very carbful. Summer, we haven't tried the fake taters yet. I have to get some cauliflower first. Rosey I have no doubts that you've lost 5 more pounds. That's awesome so stay positive. Well I better run and start making the grocery list for tomorrow. I have Laken's awards day tomorrow and bretts graduation on thursday which is being held at the high school. Did I mention that I would have to do that all alone??

05-18-2004, 09:57 AM
WELCOME FINDINGMYSELF! My name is Donna and I'm the one Dana said is TINY??? ROFLOL :rofl: :lol3: :lol: Yeah... I wish. Anyway, even though I reached my goal it has not been easy keeping it off. I had surgery in March and since then I have been trying to get around 4 pounds back off. I read somewhere that the anesthesia can cause you to gain weight!!! I felt some better. BUT I know I won't get any sympathy from Dana! :lol: :) :D (I'm joking with ya, Dana! :joker: ) I look forward in getting to know you better, *findingmyself* ! :yes:
Rosey, :bravo: on losing more weight!!!! You all are doing great I think. :encore:
We are getting much needed :rain: today. My grass looks greener by each minute it is still raining! :)
Summer, have you had any more gigs lately? I visited your site yesterday and it still looks good! Are you getting any response to that? Did you tell me when your pool opens? I am sorry, I have that sometimers disease again. :stress:
Well, this is going to be short but sweet. I need to get ready to go over to my Dads. We are finishing packing his kitchen today and some of the sunroom. Don't want to do too much of it though so that he doesn't have anything till the house is finished. We are also planning his birthday party in June. A lot is on my plate lately and I will be glad when school is out (in a way) LOL
I'll be checking in more later. I hope you ALL have a great OP day!!!! :wave: :high:


05-18-2004, 03:22 PM
Hello....Well I found you guys..Its been another hot one today..I am not liking all the bugs around here ( Arcadia's ) I think thats what they are called.. They come out every 17 years for 3 weeks and then dissapear.. They make such noise and they are everywhere..
I have to go do somemore errands tonight..No water class tonight...I hope eventually I can get on a better schudule with all of this.. :lol:

Hello Finding Myself... Welcome to this thread..You have found a great group of friends here..Like Dana said we all have different weight goals and different ages.. I believe I am the oldest of the group. My name is Summer and I am working on losing 60 pounds... I have lost 14 so far and its been hard..but I will keep going and with all the support that everyone gives here..I know I can do it. We all can..Please tell us about yourself and again Welcome to our Group.. Have a great day :wave:

Dana.. I know what you mean about carbs.. I love Black Eyed Peas and I had some Sunday.,. My weight is the same.. How can a veggie be so bad..
Its a good thing that you had no weight gain..but I know its also flustrating when it stays the same.. I am there now...
It seems anything thats sticks to your ribs sorta speak is bad.. I know the feeling and also with any kind of budget streacher ( casseroles etc. ) They are bad too..It makes it hard to make the right choices.. Please dont get discouraged.. It will come off..Please try the fake mashed Pots when you can they are really good.. You are so busy with all the childrens things going on..Its that time of year..Graduations and such.. Please take some pictures if you can.. I am sorry that you have to do them alone..:grouphug:
Why is he not going?? Does he have to work??
Have a great day :love: :wave:

Donna.. Thank-you for starting another thread..Like I said I didnt know anything about that stuff..but glad that you do and did..:lol:
I am sure that you are busy at your Dad's packing and you DO have alot on your plate with packing and his BD party around the corner..but I know you will get it all done..Thank-you for visting my web site and no we havent had anymore "gigs" yet.. I am hoping that we will hear something soon..I havent really been out there trying real hard to get some "gigs" cause I am working on this exercise thing and thats almost a full time job :lol:..I have got serveral inquires from the web site..but no business from it yet... I need to look into getting more traffic there.. Thats another job..:lol:...Our Pool opens Memorial Day Weekend..Official opening will be Saturday the 29th..but it will not be open full time untill School it out here and thats the 22 of June.. It will open at 4:00-8:00 durring the week and 11:00-8:00pm on weekends untill school is out then its full time..11:00-8:00 everyday... I am working on getting it open full time next year reguardless of school not being out yet.. Hope I can get it done.. I am looking forward to see old Pool friends and make new ones...
You well have your own private pool soon..How great is that..It never closes..I am so envious.. I always wanted a pool..but I will settle for a ocean instead one day MB MB... :lol:..
Have a great day :love: :wave:

Have a great day :love: :wave:

Daphne....Kris... Mr Ken... I hope you all find us... :mag:...:love: :wave:

05-18-2004, 05:16 PM
Hi everyone.. welcome finding my self.. do you have anick every one has said we are a great the one from alaska..summer you say you are the oldest?? however even if its impolite to ask alady her age how old are you?? :lol: i will be 55 on monday and i feel old..thanks for the wtg's on my loss everyone..have decided to go by my scale ..and the heck with the others besides mine shows the most going to be sewing summer clothes for my trip today and i need something a little dressy as we are going to my sil and grand kids baptism this weekend and need church clothes..and my youngest grdd will be 4 this weekend..we will be gone for a few days am saving my bingo win for wallmart..donna.. i used to look forward to school out to for a week or so anyways then my kids drove me nuts..what have you got planned for elana??hello to daphnee kris and mr ken..dana keep working at it and you will show a loss ..well duty calls will check in on you all later..have agreat day everyone (((((((hugs)))))))) rosey:wave:

05-18-2004, 05:46 PM
Let's don't get into the age issue now!!! :lol: :no: :no: LOL FINDINGMYSELF, I am actually 44 years old. I am married going on 19 years in October and we have a 9 year old daughter named Elena. We live in South Carolina and I recently lost 30 pounds. I think it's trying to find me again but I'm hiding from it. (whispering) Don't tell it you saw me here, ok?! ;) :dizzy:
Rosey, I can't believe you are soon having a b-day!! Wow! I'm not going to say happy birthday till next week.. OK?? LOL I bet it's going to be fun for you in a way sewing for a smaller you! ;) I need to start sewing again. So far, I only have her registered in the Terrific Tuesdays program at our church but I'm going to register her in some acting workshops with the Children's Little Theatre and also she has her choice of going again to horse camp or swiming lessons if she makes a good final report card.
I am going to try and get her busy in a lot this summer. She needs to stay busy. There is a new kid on our street and she is over here most of the time. She is only 7 and you can see her wondering up and down the street. It's something and I'm not used to that when parents don't know or seem to care where their kids are half the time. Why even have them? Anyway, different strokes for different folks. I bet the baptism will be real nice. I love those.
Summer, my Dad is heading for MB tomorrow. I have a week reserved in August and maybe we will go again in October like we did last year. My Dad has not sold the place yet so I have a place to go till then or till he finds something else if he does sell it. He has been asked if he will take a certain price for it but nothing else has been said.
Well, I better go now. My sisters and I are going out to eat tonight.

05-19-2004, 01:42 AM
Hi And thanks for the welcomes. You all seem very supportive. If you choose to stay with us, we can give you a brief intro of us. It seems like when we do that, we lose the new friend for some reason. I don't think you could scare me off if you would like to give it a try though I would love to hear all of your stories. Wow, I might just fit right in here. Hee Hee.

Well, heres my story: I'm 34 years old. I have been married twice divorced once. I am now married to the sweetest guy on earth. We had a beautiful little girl who is turning 1 on Sunday. And I have a 8 year old little boy who is my angel. We live in Arizona. I am very lucky to have such a great family. I am thankful every day.

I have not been overweight my whole life, in fact it wasn't until I was 25 or so that I really started gaining weight. But I have been on a diet since I was about 14. I don't know why because I look back at pictures of highschool and college and I was fine. But I still did every diet I could find. I'm sure my metabolism suffered. Around 25 I gained to about 180 I would gain and lose the same 40 pounds. Then I got pregnant with my son. After he was born I really put on a lot of weight. Up to 210. I got serious, decided to change my entire thought process about food and committed to become healthy. I exercised and ate right and I lost all of the weight by the time he was two. I kept it off staying between 135-140 for about 4 years. Then I got pregnant with my daughter. And this time I must have just gone crazy eating fast food and junk after she was born I weighed around 230 and once again was very depressed. It has taken me this long to quit beating myself up for gaining this weight and to recommit to losing it the right way. And that is what I am doing now.

I am truly trying to find myself again. Since I have put this weight back on I have become a different person. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. I am cranky and depressed a lot. And I am trying very hard to stop acting this way. I want to find the person I use to be. The one who was afraid of nothing, would go anywhere do anything and just loved to be on the move.

So since April 24th I have been doing great. Eating right and exercising. Then for some reason on Friday I dropped the ball and took the weekend off. Today I was doing really well. Until a little bit ago. My husband was out running errands and said he was getting taco bell. I told him I wanted nothing. He brought me something anyway and I ate it and so now that is just one more day to add to my not doing so well days. So I am very upset about this. Anyway, I know I will lose this weight. I have nothing to wear if I don't. So, I will just have to get back on the good roll I was on. I don't know why I went off track so far but I will get back.

Thats about it for my story.... Kinda long huh?

Hello Dana, Donna(AKA Tiny), Summer and Rosey, You all seem like such a great group of people. Thank you very much for the welcomes and giggles I got reading your posts.

Well, I guess I better get this house clean or tomorrow I will wake up to a mess.

Dee :dizzy:

05-19-2004, 03:11 AM
Hi there Dee I am Daphne. I don't have time to post but wanted to say welcome to our chat group!

05-19-2004, 11:38 AM
Hello...It has been raining all morning..but we needed it so bad..Its some what cooler thanks to the rain.. I am so glad that the heat-wave is over for awhile..I hope that the bugs go away soon..:lol:...I have errands to run and need to get all done so I can take Bert out tomorrow for lunch..
I cant wait to see Buddy Friday night. There are alot people coming to see we will need a big table at the resturant..I am so happy that he is able to do this..I want tofond a new blouse to wear..Right now most of my things are to small or to to big..soooo I hope I can find a nice one..
I have lots to do laundry..that never ends..:lol:

Rosey....I wish I lived near you.. I would pay you to make me somethings..
I am sure you will make some really nice outfits to wear on your trip and for the baptism this weekend..I knew you must be tickled to be making smaller clothes..I would give anything to sew..Like those cover things for lounge chairs..All they are is terry cloth material with elastic sewed in to put over a lounge chase..and they are selling off the shelves..
I plan on buying one myself.. If I could sew I could make a couple dollars making those things and seeling them here at my pool alone they would be a big hit..and go fast..I wish I could sew but I never had the knack for it..
I was suprised at your age Rosey..and you are NOT OLD..even if you feel that way.. I always say I feel 90....but there is a younger smaller person still inside of me..wanting to get out..I think my weight has made me feel old..It wears me down..Since I have lost these few pounds I do have a little more energy and that makes me feel better..
I always thought I was really the oldest here and come to find out we are close but I am older by a year.. I am 55 and will be 56 in July..No I dont mind you asking :lol:...You are having a birthday next week.. Any plans?? I will wait to wish you HB then..Enjoy your trip with your family this weekend..
Have a great day :love: :wave:

Donna.. I wish I was in MB right now.. I am glad that your Dad's house is still in the family.. Maybe he will keep it after all..I wish I could come in August..I will say something to Jim and see..but right now we are planning a trip in September around the 11 or 12 with friends....How was your dinner with your sisters?? Where did you all eat?? Are they helping you with your Dad's BD party in June???
It so hard for me when we go out to pick the right foods.. Its all so tempting..Thats why I have to slack up some on the weekends.. I am sure if I would stick to the plan on the weekends I would see more weight loss but its so hard..I need to reslove that some how and stick with the diet on the weekends..I am sure you are busy with your Dad's house today..Alot more packing..I think everyone acumalates more stuff over the years and when they move they say.....where did all of this come from... I dont like packing..but I will be happy to pack this house up and move to MB...
Have a great day :love: :wave:

Dee.....Glad that you are staying with us..Thank-you for telling us about yourself.. I am also married 2 times.. My Guy is a wonderful man and I am very fortunate to have him..I can relate to your weight issues..I have been up and down also..Its hard to lose and keep it off..I will tell you that its eaiser coming off when you are younger.. I have found that the older you get the harder it is to take off weight.. I guess its a metabolism thing..
My own weight problems are proof of that..Is was faster coming off when I was younger takes alot more effort..
I am sure you will get back on track..We can only take one day at a time..and thats all anyone can do..Weight can make you feel older and bad about yourself.. all those things happen to us all.. I know that you can do it....When you fall off the diet..just say..ok..I will do better tomorrow and try again..You will do it..We all will do it together..
Have a great day :love: :wave:

Daphne...How are you???? I miss you and hope that things are good with you Sweetie.. :grouphug:..Have a good day :love: :wave:

Dana...I am sure you are real busy with everything going on
I miss you..Have a great day :love: :wave:

Kris....Mr Ken......:cb: :cb:..They are loose and on the hunt..:mag:

05-19-2004, 06:44 PM
Thank you Daphne for the welcome. I know how it is when you can only get on here for two minutes to post.

Summer, thank you so much for the encouragement. i am doing so much better today. I think I am addicted to this site. I do much better when I can get on here and read and post. I definately want to lose it for good this time. I never want to gain it back again. Although I said that last time. I guess after 4 years I thought I was invincible and I found out I'm not. Darn.

I will check in later when I can. Baby is crying and I have to pick up my son from school.

Take care everyone. I hope you are having a good day. i hope you find your missing buddies. :D I don't know how I found you all or where you came from but I'm sure glad I did.

05-19-2004, 08:04 PM
Thank you Daphne for the welcome. I know how it is when you can only get on here for two minutes to post.

Summer, thank you so much for the encouragement. i am doing so much better today. I think I am addicted to this site. I do much better when I can get on here and read and post. I definately want to lose it for good this time. I never want to gain it back again. Although I said that last time. I guess after 4 years I thought I was invincible and I found out I'm not. Darn.

I will check in later when I can. Baby is crying and I have to pick up my son from school.

Take care everyone. I hope you are having a good day. i hope you find your missing buddies. :D I don't know how I found you all or where you came from but I'm sure glad I did.

05-19-2004, 09:44 PM
:wave: here is my story dee. i'm the only man in the group. i'm trying to lose enough to look like the older version the ken doll. i'll be 50 in july. i am single. all the ladies are trying to lose to look like barbie, that why i say hello dollies
summer: good luck on friday
:) glen

05-20-2004, 02:07 AM
Hi everyone..sorry such a late post..its been one of those days..i feel like im running in slo-mo and not getting anywhere :lol: actually been real mil b-day lunch was alot of fun.. there was 15 of us and she was surprized.. she was 83 today..welcome dee.. im from alaska..mariied to the same guy for35 yrs.. i have two grown daughters..with great husbands and 4 beautiful grand kids..we live in a log house and have moose running thru our yard on occasion..i love to sew.. make greeting cards scrapbook all my pictures make quilts and design beadded jewelry which i dh and i are retired..i will be 55 on monday..this past yr has been a rough one for us lots of health problems and surg etc but we are on the mend now.. i have been heavy all my wasnt till i got sick that i payed attention to my body..i just recently started curves but have been following ww for a while now..i have alot to loose..but try and take things in small steps and can do it to and we are here to help each other.. every one in this group is an amazing friend..the thing is is not to feel guilty just get back with it when you slip up.. baby steps small changes..bigger success..well everyone i wore myself out today and still have clean up duty in the kitchen was a pretty sunny day here.. ((((((hugs)))))) to all and will check in on you all in the morning..rosey:wave:

05-20-2004, 11:59 AM
Rosey do you have any snow left? It's 77 degrees here right now and it's nearly 11 in the mornning. I have a lot to do in such a short amount of time but just wanted to stop in to say :wave: for now. I just got back from my oldest son's 5th grade graduation and he was officially pronounced a 6th grader by the middle school principal. My mom went to school with the principal which makes it sound strange and I graduated with her daughter so I hope that everyone over there respects brett and can see over him next year with his diabetes. I have to arrange soon to meet with some administration over there. It scares me with him going to that bigger school. I don't know how he will be with punctuality and changing classes.

05-20-2004, 12:11 PM
Hey guy, girls and Dee!

I'm Kris...the young one of the group. I live in Alabama and work for Auburn University.b I am married. My husband is a school teacher. I am chubby, but I don't know how chubby pound wise because I am allergic to the scale! :lol:

Alabama is hot and miserable this time of year and I desparately want to move further north. I am from Indiana originally. I have two dogs, no kids, 2 nieces, and 2 nephews.

DH and I like to travel a lot. We are going to the mountains for Memorial Day. To Europe in June, and then I have a conference. I also travel a lot for work, so I am hard to tie down! I am actually leaving after lunch..... :) AGAIN!

Hope all are well and I promise I;ll write more later.


05-20-2004, 12:58 PM
Dee, we are so happy to have you join us and share with us your struggles. We all are/have experienced some of the same and it is nice to know that there is sites like this where you can come and wear your heart on your sleeve. I know that this site has been a blessing to me. These ladies and gentleman have been the reason I did lose those 30 pounds. If it wasn't for their encouragment every step of the way I would not have done that now I need you all to get it off of me again! ;) :lol: :dunno: Life is not easy and it's nice to know that having friends here will help during those not easy times.

I am going to make this short but wanted to add my welcome again to Dee. :sorry: I will post more later.


05-20-2004, 02:15 PM
Hello Everyone..
I have been busy all morning and trying to do laundry and get everything done before water class tonight.. Our teacher didnt show last night and one of the ladys that take our class taught our class last night.. She did great.. She was a teacher where she use to live and she knew all the moves.. I was thankfull she came to our rescue.. It took a little prompting on our part but she finally gave in and did it.. It was fun...
Now on a serious note.. My Friend Buddy called and said that the Dr has decided to put him back into the hospital today and start some sort of Chemo..He will have 96 hours of it..straight...UNREAL...
He said that the other meds he has been on is not working and his tonsils are really swollen to the point where he can hardly swallow.. This is not good news.. He was given the choice of this or nothing..Like he said there really isnt any choice..The Dr said hopefully this Chemo wont bring him down like the previous Chemo did..The last bout with Chemo almost killed him
I feel so bad for him... and so helpless to help him....
Our dinner plans Friday night has been canceled..I choose to say they are on hold untill he wi better...
Please keep him in your prayers as I am really worried about him..
Thank-you All for your caring and kindness you all are :angel:..

Dee.. You are welcome.. Its so easy to gain weight back. Ask any of us and we have been there many times.. Like Rosey said.. Baby steps..small goals and before you know it..You are losing.. I know you can do it... We all can with each others help and here thats what you get Support Caring and the best people I know..Have a good day..:love: :wave:

Mr Ken..... Glad the guys found you..So you are a July baby too....
I am still the oldest here...:lol:...
Hope you are having good weather...Have a good day :love: :wave:

Rosey..Sounds like you are real busy today.. I have alot to do also today..
Its never done no matter how much we do.. How is Curves going??
Have a good day :love: :wave:

Dana.. Glad you stopped in..Sounds like you are busy too.. Thats wonderful that Brett graduated..I hope that the school nurse will look after him next year.. I am sure that when you talk to them they will understand how Important his diabetes regiment is..I can understand your fears..Its a big step for him going to a larger school and changing classes and all..He has been through alot for his young age..God Bless him.. I think he will do good..
cause he has a Wonderful Mother to guide him...
Have a good day :love: :wave:

Kris...Good to hear from you...I had to laugh about you being allergic to the scale..:lol:..I know I am :lol:..You are off and running again..Wow going to Europe in June..That will be like a second honeymoon for you two.. Thats wonderful..Have fun on your Montain getaway on Memorial Day.. I really dont like the mountains.. I am a beach person..but you would never know that one ...Right..:lol:..Have a safe trip where-ever you are going today and always..Have a good day :love: :wave:

Donna..I am sure you are busy today with all thats on your plate..
How is your weather today.. We have cloudy skys and its gonna rain sometime today..Alteast its a little cooler today..I feel just like you do about this place.. Everyone here had been a blessing in my life..I know that you will lose what ever weight again....Lifes struggles are never easy and you are right Thank goodness for wonderful YA YA YA friends here..
Have a good day :love: :wave:

Daphne..Hope that things are good in your world.. I miss you..
I havent got those Bakers Cookies yet. Waiting on the gym to get more back in. They said they would have them on the when they do I will try some..Have a good day :love: :wave:

I got to run..alot to finish before class tonight..:wave:

05-20-2004, 05:25 PM
Hi everyone I have just a few minutes for now. I just got a letter from a friend on the other site that Dana and I post on. She is very depressed and needs some up lifting prayers. her 16 year old is being very cruel to her and it is breaking her heart. The stress is also causing trouble between her and the DH. I am calling her Monday and will hopefully cheer her up a bit. Please just say a cheer up prayer for her. Her name is Barbara Ann and she is really a sweet lady.

05-20-2004, 06:19 PM
Hi everyone..another beautiful day here.. have been having :coffee: on the deck and helping my dh with a dd wanted us to make 7 marshmellow guns..yup thats right :lol: we had made some for thegrandkids and now the dd wants more for all the kids at the b-day party this weekend..even this gramma has one.. well its a blow gun made from pvc plastic plumping pipe and fittings and the ammo is mini-marshmellows.. the kids have a blast with them..anyways i promised to help put them together so we did it this morning over coffee..i also am about finished with my just have to bless the house a bit and pack.. we will be back the way 4 of the kids that i had in my daycare business( from birth to kinderg) are graduating on monday and i got 4 invites..they all are great kids and come back to visit me..i like to think i had a small part in their sure proud of them.. like my own kids..summer am so sorry to here about buddy.. will keep him in my prayers...dana you made me laugh :lol: nope the snows all gone now :lol: ..congrats to brett..he will do fine in his new school cuz he has a great mom..daphnee.. sorry to here about your friend.. teenagers can be monsters..been there..when my girls where teens i realized why rich folks sent girls to finishing school.. my friends said they would get human again and look how great they are now..but wouldnt want to relive those years..kris the busy one have fun on your getting ready for ours in july..flying terrifies me tho..hey donna.. you are right we do need each other and i have no doubt we cant do it without all of us ken whats your plans for the summer?? dee.. hope you are having an easier time not doing the guilt thing..its not easy being a mom.. but you are on the right path for your self..sometimes us moms and cargivers forget about ourselves..well duty calls.. the nap took over last night and didnt get the kitchen cleaned or laundry done..hmmmm i hate house work no wonder the nap won :lol: i will check in later(((((hugs)))))) rosey :wave:

05-20-2004, 10:58 PM
:wave: get well soon buddy. my grandfather had prastate cancer
:hb: rosey i have no plans for the summer
summer you are only as old as you feel.
:) glen

05-20-2004, 11:35 PM
Summer, Buddy is in my prayers. I'm so sorry, he must of felt really discouraged but you have to admire them for keeping up with that stuff. The human spirit is a hard one to break and he has a strong spirit that's for sure. Again, he is so fortunate to have you and Jim as such caring friends. That kind of friendship is one in a million. I hope your class went well tonight. I am so proud of you and Rosey for all you guys are accomplishing. I am getting back into my pilates and loving it. Dana, do you still do that?
Dee, I hope today was a good OP day for you too.
Dana, I guess my Elena is going on to the fourth grade next year as well. We received a school assignment sheet from her teacher saying Bryson 4th grade next year. It's hard to believe my baby is going to be in the fourth grade. :cry: :cry: Yesterday was the third graders track and field day. I volunteered to help didn't realize it was ALL DAY! LOL Anyway, one of the Moms there looked very familiar to me. She and I would talk some about the activities and then finally she asked me "where do I know you" We figured out where. She and I over ten years ago were "regulars" at a local gym here then called Holiday Health (Cher used to promote them) and she and I both would always be at the 5:45 aerobic class! Small world, huh? LOL ;) She still looks great and I wondered what she thought of how I looked. Of course then I was much smaller, fit and younger of course. :lol: :lol: :shrug:
My Dad's party is coming along. We hit a bump in the road with one of my sisters yesterday. Long story short but I think it's OK now. It's just a shame things can't go smooth at least ONCE when family is concerned. Don't worry Summer, I have help from my other sister in fact, she is doing more work than me because it's going to be held at her house because of the pool we will center around that seeing the theme is a Luau! :)
Daphne, your friend is in my prayers. I feel for those having problems with kids that are teenagers. I dread those years and I pray that Christ will return before then! :rofl: :lol: :lol3: I doubt very much I will be spared from that but anyway. Please keep us posted on how she is doing.
Kris, I wish I knew how you are. I thought it was funny that you are allergic to the scales!! :goodscale I think I'm allergic to all that is healthy. :)
Glen, no plans for the Summer? Hmmmmmm What do you do for entertainment? Do you go out to movies much? Do you have a certain group of friends you hang out with on a regular basis? You know, I really don't know that much about you. :dunno:
Well, I'm off now. I hope you all have a great evening. I'm so happy it's Friday tomorrow. This has been one long week for me! LOL


05-20-2004, 11:45 PM
Hi! Wow you all have a lot going on in here. Well, I've been doing pretty good. I strayed from my plan a little over the weekend. 5 days to be exact. But yesterday and today have gotten right back where I need to be. I do fine as long as I keep track of everything I eat. Otherwise I think I'm eating around 1200 calories and reality is probably at least double that.

Hi Glen, or should I call you Ken? or just doll? ;) Anyhow, I didn't know you all were aloud out of your mens corner. Just teasing really. Well, I hope you make it to Ken status. Barbies really not an unrealistic goal anyway is it? I never did think so :lol:. Well, I'm glad to meet you. I look forward to hearing more.

Kris, I know about being allergic to the scale. One of the members of this board talked me into weighing myself when I first came on here. Her logic was that I would then have a start weight for my success story. I thought I was going to have a meltdown when I found out what I weighed. You would have thought the end of the world was coming the way I acted. Anyway, it's just a number right?? It sounds like you really enjoy traveling. It is wonderful to see everything that is out there.

Donna, thank you so much for the welcome. You are right. It is soooo hard to lose weight if you have no one to talk to about everything you are going through. I don't really know why it is such a challenge. it seems like we would just eat what we need and be fine. But of course there are all of these evil temptations in life. Like brownies and fast food. Not that they tempt me at all :devil: . But, You will lose those 30 again.

Summer, I am so sorry to hear about your friend Buddy. Please let us know how he is doing. Chemo is horrible. But sometimes it works I guess. I will be thinking of Buddy. I hope he does okay. It is hard not to feel helpless, I bet he feels helpless right now also.

Daphne, I hope your friend is doing better. I think kids break a lot of hearts. My daughter is only 1 so I know I have a lot to look forward to. I here they are impossible after about 12. One of my friends called me in tears about her 12 year old daughter. They have had some rough days lately. :(

Rosey, It sounds like you really do live in paradise. What a beautiful home you must have. I have never actually seen a moose. It must be awesome to have them eating your grass. I will have to get more details on the marshmallow guns some time. Sounds like a blast. I have never heard of those before. I love to make things with my son. And, what a great feeling to have people who will never forget you because you were such a possitive person in thier lives. Wow, there are not very many child caregivers who can say that. They must have been very lucky to have you. I'm trying not to feel guilty about anything. It seems like since the day I became a mom I have had guilt about one thing or another. No matter what I do for or with my kids I wish I could do more. But I'm just one person.

I have to work all weekend but I will check in on my next days off and try to get my two cents in. I seem to have a really hard time sticking to my diet when I am working. I don't know why? I don't have a lot of time at work to eat it is always before and after work and I don't make good choices. Oh well, I will just try again this weekend maybe it will get easier :dizzy: . IT WILL GET EASIER. Anyway, It was great getting to know all of you. Have wonderful weekends. And TAKE CARE! Dee

P.S. I'm not sure how I managed to post twice. Maybe I was doing one for another time zone also???? :shrug: I will work on not being such a space hog. Hee Hee. :D

05-21-2004, 12:23 AM
Okay, I'm sorry, I said I would not be a space hog here. But I was looking around at stuff on the site and came across a thread that was really pretty inspirational. Anyway, one of the statements was about yo yo dieters and I thought it might make some of you as happy as it made me. So I copied it. Hope they don't mind....

recently read in Health magazine that people who have yo-yo dieted are the most likely to actually lose weight and keep it off. Why? Because they just keep trying til it works!

I think that must be true. I keep trying. Eventually it WILL work.

So goodnight all and I promise not to post again tonight. :D

05-21-2004, 11:21 AM
Hello Everyone.
Another dreary day..Cloudy and rain on the way again..but its still cooler than it was and thats a break for now.. I have errands to do today and I am taking Bert to lunch after I get a haircut.. I went to class last night and there were only 2 of us.. I could not believe it.. I guess the others had something else to do.. It was differernt and we had almost the entire pool to exercise in.. It felt strange but it also was fun..I have alot of thigns Iwant to do this weekend.. Plant some flowers and cleanthe patio again..
I have done some house "Blessings" this week but that always needs more..
I havent heard anymore about Buddy. I am going to call his ex-wife tonight and see how things are doing.. She has stuck by him durring all of this but when the parted and divoreced along time ago they remained close friends. Its ashame that they never got back together because they still care deeply for each other..I have to get my but into gear and get out of here..

Daphne.. I will keep Babara Ann in my prayers.. Bless her heart it is so hard raising children.. Even we they are grown they can be something else.. I am sorry that your friend is so hurt..She is very fortunate to have you to help her through this.. You have been through alot with your children I am sure you can help her..God Bless both of you..:grouphug:
You are such a good friend to us all Daphne..:grouphug: many hugs to you Sweetie.. Have a good weekend :love: :wave:

Rosey..Thats sounds so relaxing on the deck having coffee and watching the wild life and all the beautiful surroundings..I wish I could have a cup of coffee there with you Rosey..Will you be able to go to all of the Graduations?
I have no doubt that the kids got to where they are with some help from you.
You are a great care giver and there is no doubt about that..
I dont like flying either.. just dont sit by the window and look out that helps.
What a creative idea with those blow guns.. Another WOW Rosey.. You are Awsome.. You need to sell those..They would sell...
Thank-you for your prayers for Buddy..Have a good weekend :love: :wave:

Donna...Thank-you for you prayers for Buddy..Yes you are right about the human spirt..but it sure is hard at times wondering why all this stuff happens to such wonderful people..Thank-you again for all your support in my exercise and weight loss journey.. I am glad that you are back into your pilates.. I remember how you enjoyed doing that..I am glad that you have help with your Dad's BD party.Thats alot of work and you have been so busy with his house and all.. A Luau sounds like so much fun... Please take lots of pictures..Its a small world out there..Never know where you will run into someone you met some other place in time..Dont worry what anyone thinks about your weight..Its what you think that counts and you have had lots of stress and medical..sooooo you are getting it off and thats all that matters..
Besides that you Did it and you are doing it.. It will happen...
My Dear Sweet YAYA friend..When Elena hits those teenage years you will be ready..You are a great Mom..I had to laugh at what you said about that :lol:...Have a good weekend :love: :wave:

Dee.. I loved what you found about YO YO dieters..Maybe I do have a good chance to get it off once and for all..Thats been me for a long time
Thank-you for posting that and Thank-you for your prayer for Buddy..
Its so hard to make good food choices..we all have that problem at times..
Work can make that even harder..I know you are trying and thats all any of us can do..Thats great that you got right back on track..I know you will do it..When it comes to being a Mother ..Thats the hardest job in the world..I am sure that you are a great Mother and there are alot of Wonderful Moms on this thread..All of you need a BIG PAT ON THE BACK for the Great job you ALL DO..:bravo:..Have a good weekend :love: :wave:

Dana....Where are you today.. I am sure you are busy..I miss you.
Have a good weekend :love :wave:

Mr. Ken..Thank you for your get well wishes for Buddy.. I am sorry about your Grandfather..Is He alright now?? If I was as old as I feel some days I would be 100...:rofl:.. Have a good weekend :love::wave:

Kris.. I guess you are on the go somewhere..Have a good weekend where-ever you are :love; :wave:

05-21-2004, 03:25 PM
Hi everyone.. we are about ready to leave..and its beautiful out sunny and warm..i realized that this is the first time in over a year that we are making this trip to anchorage for dr's.. no treatments.. no surg.. no recovery..just plain fun.. yipppeeeeeee.. i here wallmart calling my name :lol: and little arms waiting to hug grama...will fill you all in when i get back..hope you all have a great weekend (((((((hugs))))))) rosey :wave:

05-21-2004, 06:13 PM
:wave: dee: you can call mee anything you want except late fot supper.
you are on the barbie doll list because you post here.
summer he passed away 22 years ago.
donna; i collect matchbooks and i willl be going to convention in town in aug.
i may go on a few day trips. :) glen

05-21-2004, 11:51 PM
I just stopped in to see how thing are with everyone.. There is a bad storm here..rain..thunder..lightening.. the works.. I really should not be on here..but I wanted to check in and see how all of you were doing..
Got my haircut.. Looks good..Lunch with Bert was good.. She enjoys going out..Poor lady doesnt get out much amymore.. Its such ashame..
I try to get her out when I can..
I went out to dinner with DH..before that we we stopped by the local resturant and seen some of the people that would have been at the dinner with Buddy... all of them are worried about him like I am..
We all said a prayer for him..He needs all of our prayers right now..

Rosey..You are so right about going to Ancorage without the worry of Dr's or anything but fun...I am so happy for you to make that trip and enjoy it..
You both deserve it after going through alot this past year..
Yes I can hear Walmart calling your name from here...:lol:..I am sure you will find some good always ..Have fun and enjoy.. You derserve it..
I am sure that the little ones will be so happy to see thier Grammie..
Have a great weekend. :love: :wave:

Glen had to laugh at what you said... I am so sorry about your Grandfather..
I didnt know that he passed away..I hope that your weather stays good.. as you heard me say its a storm here tonight.. I hope it passes soon..
Have fun on your few days trip and I know that you will have fun at the Match convention in August...
Have a great weekend. :love: :wave:

Dana..Donna.. Daphne... Kris.....Dee..I hope all of you are having a great evening.........Do something fun this weekend and relax and enjoy..
Love to ALL...Many Many :grouphug: and Good Night.. :wave:

05-22-2004, 12:21 PM
:wave: i lost 8.4 this week :goodscale: :dance:
:) glen

05-22-2004, 03:46 PM
Wow Glen that's super. What was the "trick" this week? I have gotten scale addicted myself and weigh daily. Not good I know but did gain .5 yesterday. Saddened me too. Congrats to you though!

It's kinda hot here. 87 to be exact and we have some threat of storms. That will cool us off for a bit if we get them. Hope you all are having a great weekend. I hope to post more often after the kids finish up the wrap of the school year. They go to 11 a.m. on monday and tuesday and will be over. I had to pick logan up early yesterday with an earache so didn't get a chance to do anything else here.

Daphne let me know if you hear anymore from ann or deb o.k. Rosey have fun in anchorage and get that DH of yours to buy you a birthday present while you're gone. By the way, our walmart does have a bigger scrapbook section now. They were even putting more stamps out yesterday so check that out. :wave: to everyone else.

05-23-2004, 02:07 PM
:wave: thanks dana. try scaling once a week. i ate less and spent lots of time in the bathroom. :hb: rosey the :cb: are on the lose again for all the awol dolls. has anyone heard fromm sherree?
:) glen

05-24-2004, 09:13 AM
Happy Birthday Rosey!!! :hb: :bravo: :cp: :hat: :dance: :hb: :gift: :gift: :balloons: :cheer: :encore: :cheers: :sunny: :balloons: :gift: :hb:

05-24-2004, 09:28 AM
What a nice weekend I had! After such a horrific last week it was just what I needed to start a fresh this week. On Saturday we drove out to Atlanta and went to the Zoo there. I have never been to that Zoo and enjoyed it alot. Didn't enjoy getting stuck in traffic on the way back but it was OK. Yesterday after church we went out Strawberry picking. Picked two gallons and probably ate one! LOL :lol: :rofl: But, they were sooooo good! It is very :flow1: HOT here lately and the AC downstairs is not working right. I know that is going to be big bucks! :dunno: Anyway, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised?! LOL
Dee, how was your weekend? I hope it went well. What did you do, anything exciting!? I'm sure with a toddler it can get pretty exciting! :)
Mr. Ken, WTG on your loss this past week! That is AWESOME!!!!!!!! :bravo: :bravo: :cheer: If I could do that, my troubles would be over! LOL I knew you collected match boxes, I just wondered what else besides the collecting, working and your weight loss you were involved with. You can tell me none of my bees wax if you want to! :shrug: :lol: :blah:
Summer, The BIG weekend is coming??! Are you ready? Did you buy a new swim suit? I bet you look great!
Rosey, I sure hope you have a great trip in Anchorage and not medical related! May this birthday be extra special!
Kris, What can I say.. I miss hearing from you! :write:
Daphne, How is your friend doing with her situation. I hope things will get better. How much weight have you lost now? Has things gotten better with you and Jason? I saw where you were wanting SEXERCISE to be a activity point. LOL :rofl: :lol3: :lol3: :lol: :D
Dana, Is it hot or what? LOL We got rained on at the Zoo some but not bad and it even did a quick sun shower on us while picking strawberries but nothing here. We had a lot to water last night. When are your kids out of school? Elena is out on June 4th.

I have not heard anything about Sheree and I pray she is OK. Dana, did she ever answer your email you sent her a while back?

Well, guys have a great day!

:wave: :wave:


05-24-2004, 09:48 AM
Hooray Glen! Hooray Glen I am so happy and proud of you! You get a gold star for the week. You can do it! Keep it up! :)

A little victory dance for you.....

:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

05-24-2004, 10:25 AM
Happy Birthday to Rosey!!! May it be a very memorable and relaxing day!

No Donna, Sheree never responded to my email. I enjoyed Zoo Atlanta the times I've been. Any zoo beats Greenville or used to anyway. It may have grown since I was last there. Is it Atlanta or Columbia that has the Cyclorama? That was neat which ever it was. The only rain I"ve seen over the weekend was yesterday when me and Dh got all lotioned up to lay out in the sun in our little pool and it rained right above us and only there. It was funny cause it's like it was just for us to poop on our parade. :rofl: It only lasted 90 seconds and it thundered a lot yesterday evening but nothing else.

My kids go for another 1 1/2 hours today and just to 11 a.m. again tomorrow for their last day of school. When they get out in a little bit, we're going to my grandmothers. Well hope yall have a great monday.

05-24-2004, 03:21 PM
Hello Everyone... Its another hot one today.. Jim had his Colonoscopy and everything is Fine Thankgoodness.. He was so hungry and insisted on going to breakfast but when we got there he could not eat to much cause he was so bloated from the gas they gave him.. I got a doggie bag and brought him home..Then awhile later he threw-up what he did eat and said he felt somewhat better..but atleast he is Ok..
I am doing laundry and the cable guy is coming to fix our cable.. The picture keeps freezing up.. Wierd...We have digitial cable so I dont know whats wrong with it.. They are calling for rain this afternoon and it looks like it might just do that..I have a bet with alot of the pool people here that it will rain opening pool day ( This Saturday )..I am sure it will happen.. It has rained on opening day for the last 10 years or more..:lol:..So we shall see..
Well got to run and ccheck on the patient..

:hb: :hb: :cp: :cp: :gift: :hat: :dancer: :balloons: :love:
I hope that you are having a great Birthday doing what-ever you want to do.

05-24-2004, 04:07 PM
Sorry I had to start another page..I thought I might lose my post..

8.4 IS A AWSOME WEIGHT LOSS..YOU GO GUY..WOW..I sure hope that I see another weight loss this week..I try to weigh once a week also but sometime I forget..or is it I dont want to know :lol:
I am sorry to say that I have not heard anything from Sheree.. I sure hope that her and her family are all doing well.. I guess she just didnt have time to be on here..I wish her all the best..Have a great Day :wave:

Dana.. I am sorry that you got rained on..I hope that you will get another chance to lay in your pool this week..I think its suppose to be hot your way like here this week. I am sure you are looking forward to school being out and having some "Dana Time".. then it will be MB here you come real soon....
I am sure that yo uwill see a weight loss real I know its so hard to get it moving..I know all about that..You will do it Sweetie..
Thank-you for trying to contact Sheree.... I hope that she is doing good.. Have a great vist with your Grandmother.. How is she and your Grandfather doing?? Have a great Day..:wave:

Donna...Your weekend sounded like you had alot of fun..with the Zoo and the Strawberries..I love Strawberries.. I have never picked any but there is a place about 2 hours from here that you can do that.. I have always been to afraid of snakes :fr: to do anything like that..What are you gonna make with them..Strawberry pie??? Shortcake??? I am on my way :lol:
I know what you mean about traffic.. Thats anywhere you go now days there is always traffic traffic...
I hope that you can get your air fixed with out it costing so much.. Today everything is so costly no matter what it is that needs repair or replaced..
Its TOOO Hot to be without air....It really hot here the high 90's
Yes the big pool opening is coming.. I did buy a new bathing suit.. I look a little better but no where near what I want to be..
I will keep pluggin along untill I get there one day..:lol:..I know it will happen I just have to be patient and thats so hard..:lol: Have a good day :wave:

Kris..Hope that things are good with you....Please let us know what your summer plans are..:wave:

Daphne..I miss you and I hope that you are doing well. I hope that your friends are doing good... ( Deb and Ann )..I have them in my prayers...
Please post when you can.. I am sure you are busy...
Have a good day :wave:

I sure hope that I have not forgotten anyone.. I have to get off here and see how the Patient is doing and run to the store to get a few groceries..after the cable guy gets here...
All of you have a Great day and stay COOL... :cb: :love: :wave:

Dee.. I am sure you are busy with your "Little One"...Hope that things are good in your world.. Have a good day :wave:

05-24-2004, 05:50 PM
Happy Birthday Rosie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hb: :joker: :hb: :hat: :gift: :gift: :queen: :wizard: :chockiss: :balloons:

05-24-2004, 06:14 PM
Thankyou everyone for the b-day well spending the day quietly and am glad to be home from a busy weekend..the b-day party was fun and amanda was all wound up for her 4th b-day.. we enjoyed meeting more of our dd neighbors and friends and the bq was a big success.. the kids and sone adult kids :lol: had a blast with the marshmello guns and the yard looked like hail storm.. the next day we went to was a completly diff type of service than i was used to with band and all..but enjoyable and the best part was seeing my gransons and sil get baptised..we went out to eat after to celebrate..then we headed home.. never did get to wallmart tho to busy :?: ..i was pooped from all the excitement and slept the whole way :lol: its raining and this b-day girl is not even dressed yet..but we are going to graduation tonight so pj's are not ken that is an awsome weight loss.. i am so proud of you..did you get your meds straightend out?? glad jims procedure is over and will pray for good results..enjoy the pool for me too..dana..what have you got planned for the kids this summer?? cant beleave schools almost over for alot of families where did the yr go :dizzy: ..donna.. do you make jam with all the berries??the zoo sounds like alot of fun..dee..hope you had a good weekend too..kris when do you leave again?? and where ??you have great storys to tell from all your trips..daphnee whats up in your life??i will try and contact sheree for us all..does any one remeber her last sorry to say im drawing a blank..if i knew it i would call her to see if shes ok..have a great day everyone.. will check in later(((((((hugs)))))) rosey:wave:

05-24-2004, 09:25 PM
OK I am here. We are painting the house today. Well Jason is I am supervising!ROFLMAO. It is white now with gray trim when done. I wil post pics when done. I called Barbara Ann today and she is doing a bit better. She wasn't able to talk much cause the family was there. SHe admitted that she was needing someone to talk to so I plan on calling her back tomorrow. I will post more later but have to see what the hubby is doing now. Oh I have more paint on me then jason has on him! I am so not a house painter!Daphne

05-24-2004, 11:35 PM
Just wanted to pop back in and see if Rosey had got backand how her day was..and also to Thank Daphne so very much for her thoughtfullness and caring.. I was also seeing if anyone posted this evening..
I am tired its been along day.. I didnt get to water class tonight.. Jim wasnt feeling that good late this afternoon. He got sick again and threw-up... so I thought I better stay home and make sure he is alright.. He is better tonight and ate some dinner and went to bed. He was exasusted from the procedure and having not much sleep worring about it..I also think that gas they blow you up with did not agree with him at all..
I am tired too... and I wont be long before I am in bed tonight... :tired: :tired:

Rosey..I am so glad that you enjoyed your trip to see your family. Sounds like you all were having fun and enjoying Amanda's BD and the BBQ was fun especially with the MM gun...:hb: belated to Amanda..
I still say you could sell them... I am sorry you didnt get to "our" favorite store..Maybe next time.. I am sure you are tired from the trip..
Its nice to have some relaxing time for your BD...
Jim colonoscopy was good he got the results and he is fine..Thank the Good Lord for that. Thank-you for all your kindness and caring and prayers..
I always appreciate it..God Bless you Rosey..
Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Daphne.. I want to tell you..that you are such a Sweet and caring and thoughtfull person to send another card to Buddy.. I got it this evening in the mail and I will take it to him Thursday if all goes well...He is suppose to come home Wed. if all the chemo treatments go well. I am praying for that..
He will be so touched again that you sent him a card.. God Bless you Daphne for caring and all your prayers for him....Thank-you so very much for sending him a card... Thank-you for all your kindness and being a very special person and friend..
I am sure that your house will look so good. I cant wait to see pictures...
I had to laugh when you said that you had more paint on you than Jason..That sounds like me when I paint.. :lol:.. I am glad that Barbara Ann is a bit better.. and that she has you to talk to...She is very fortunate to have you to help her through this rough time.. I have her in my prayers..
Again..Bless you for reaching out and letting Buddy know that others do care even if they have never met.. That means so very much to him and I appreciate it more than I could ever say my Wonderful Sweet YAYA Friend.
Have a great evening :love: :wave:
Try not to get to much paint on ya..:lol: :lol:

All of you have a great evening..:love: :wave:..
God Bless All my Wonderful Friends in Here..and for all your prayers for Jim and Buddy and Being here for me and to help ease some of lifes burdens that we all carry from time to time..without each others caring and friendship..Love and prayers..I dont know what we all would do...
We all are blessed in here to have friendships that are so special...
Good Night...Much Love To All of You...:love: :wave:

05-25-2004, 02:59 AM
Hi everyone..i just got home from the graduation ceremonies and had to share with all of you..4 of my day care kids that i had from birth to 10 or 11 yrs of age graduated tonite ..i was seated in front where they all marched by and each one of them stepped out of line and gave me hugs and cannot imagine how moved i tears and happy for them and there familys and feeling really old :lol: and blessed and honored to have played a part in their lives so that they smiled with happiness to see their old baby sitter was one of those was a happy ending to my b-day..i got pictures of them and me..gosh they are so tall :lol: anyways thought id share my feelings with all my great friends in i am really sentimental today :lol: ..(((((((hugs))))))) rosey :wave:

05-25-2004, 03:25 PM
Hi where is everyone the guys are on the hunt :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: im still having that warm fuzzy feeling from my wonderful weekend and last night :lol: im truly blessed.. all 4 of those kids where honor students and in the National honor so proud..its raining here today.. the dh and a friend are going to the cabin..this is an experiment to see if my dh can tolerate it..i hope so and am glad hes not going alone..but in the process i will be alone for a few days yippeeeeee :lol: arnt i awful :lol: so i will check in later to see whats new in all your lives((((hugs)))))) from the warm and fuzzy rosey :lol: :wave:

05-26-2004, 02:31 AM
Hi everyone one.. the warm and fuzzy one is wondering where all her friends are today :lol: i wanted you all to know that i found sheree's cell # in my pm from last summer when i met i called it and talked to her briefly..she is better now and busy with her family..wanted to share that info with you all..its so quiet her with the dh enjoying it and im not..anyways hope to see some of you posting tomorrow..(((((((hugs)))))) rosey :wave:

05-26-2004, 09:05 AM
A HUGE THANK YOU to Rosey for finding out about Sheree. I am relieved that she is ok now. It would of been nice for her to have let us know so we would not worry any more about her but I can see how life can get very busy with our families. Also Rosey I am glad you had such a good birthday and great weekend last weekend. Enjoy your "ME" time for a change for you surely deserve it!

Dee, I hope your not posting isn't because you have become discouraged. Here is a great place to refresh your encouragement. :)

{{{Daphne}}} You were so thoughtful for sending Buddy another card! It brought tears to my eyes that I am among such thoughtful and caring people here on this thread! I hope you are not inhaling too much paint... LOL I am wanting to paint our bedroom. How is it going? How much weight have you lost? Be careful not to over do it and develop tennis elbow! :lol: :rofl: :lol3: :rolleyes:

Summer, I'm glad that finally Jim was able to have his test done. When do you talk to the doctor about the results? My Jim had his yearly echo cardiogram done last Monday. Afterwards, he decides to take the day off which explains my absense on Monday. LOL It's amazing how they can mess a day up! LOL I would rather be messed up really. :) ;) We will hear about those results soon.

Dana, what are your plans for the summer? When are you all going to the beach this year? How is scrapbooking central? We are doing a small one for my Dad for the big birthday party which is slowly creeping up on us. The pool is coming along nice and SLOW! LOL It's going to be HUGE though. It's a L shaped pool and it has a swim up feature in the deep end of 8 feet. Very nice. My Dad uncovered his pool the other day and it was horrible. Jim and Elena helped him. It was clear that the new cover did not help keep things out. The algae was very thick and green. :yuck:

Kris, when you can let us know how you are.

Mr. Glen/Ken thank you for keeping the :cb: out looking for us when we are missing! :mag: I hope your upcoming weigh in is as good as the last. What kind of exercise do you do?

What are everyones plans for this weekend? I KNOW what Summers is! LOL And that sounds sanfrantastic! :cp: :cp: :hat: I am thinking about inviting some friends over for a cook out on Monday. Some people we haven't seen in a while. I may also invite my Dad since he will be alone. As far as the other days of the weekend, Jim wants to clean out the garage... UGH! LOL :rolleyes:

Well, have a good Wednesday everyone and I'll check in later.


05-26-2004, 12:18 PM
Not sure I can write as lengthy of a post as Donna but thought I would drop a line. Donna when I was growing up, we had a pool and the cover didn't do much for it any year. I'm sure it helped a bit but never seemed like it. It was always a dreaded time of year yet we were so eager to clean it up and start using it. Our pool is only a 10 foot pool that's 3 feet deep but we love it terribly and it serves the purpose- to cool off! No plans for me this weekend. I have races to watch of course on TV and probably church on sunday. This is DH's weekend to work but he will have monday off. Maybe we can cook out something.

Rosey thank you so much for finding sheree and discovering she was ok. Did she mention this site? I know what it is to be busy but now that the kids are out of school for the summer here, I hope to be able to post when I want and not be so tied up on the road doing everything. We will go get groceries tomorrow as a family which will be funny and then no one can blame me for not getting something they wanted. Of course we will have restrictions in the buggy for I do not want to see a doubled grocery bill.

Summer I hope that you have a blast in the pool this year. Be careful not to burn!! Have you weighed this week? I was getting so discouraged with 1/2 a pound and then I gained 1 pound this week only to lose 1 1/2 pounds over night. Now I am back to a lower number that I haven't seen in years. So now I've lost 13 pounds since may 1st but I only hope that i can keep it up over the summer with the kids home.

Nothing really much to report here. Today is the first full day of summer break for the kids. They ended their school year yesterday. So far it isn't too bad. We all take turns in the pool and watching tv and all. DH will be home the next 2 days. He's bidded on another job at the plant that will get him away from the stuff he's been working around that's damaging his health. He got another lead test result yesterday and it jumped from 6 to 12 in less than 2 weeks. The doctor in the hospital told him that any number needed to be gotten rid of and the only way to truly do it is to eliminate yourself from the exposure which is his entire 12 hour day job. As long as it stays under 40, it's legal but any of it is dangerous. That all contributed to him being in the hospital the other week. He had an interview for the new job today. He's one of 10 to possibly get it. It's a salary job and it's in the lab at the plant. He will make more money on it and have better benefits which is good since he's been there 9 years which is longer than the majority of them. The thing I don't like is he will work 8 hour days and not have the days in between off anymore. Which means I will have to get the kids to 4 appointments in june by myself if he gets the new job. I know i have to give up certain things for him to be healthier on his job but I just wish if he got it that it wouldn't happen until july.

Well I need to do a few things around here before I do anymore leisure things. I hope you all have a blessed wednesday.

By the way rosey, did you watch Idol? i still want fantasia to run away with the title of IDOL!

05-26-2004, 12:50 PM
Good morning!

I wanted to take a minute and say hi to all and let you know what is going on here. Classes started last night. I have 3 this summer. I will definitely need a break after they ae done in August! DH starts school on Tuesday. He starts after me and gets out before me. I don't think that is fair, do you? :nono:

We are going to Winston-Salem NC this weekend to visit friends. They are both doctors and working on their residency. I think that this is the only time Dh and I will ever be richer than our doctor friends! :lol: They don't make anything at all during their residencies.

We are coming back on Sunday and my MIL is coming Sunday night to visit until Tuesday night, so...

We are getting ready for our trip to the UK and Italy. It should be fun. I am just getting stressed out thinking about it! I have tons of laundry to do!

That's all of the time I have.

Love to all...


05-26-2004, 04:37 PM
Dana, I have to say that you and I BOTH will never be able to post as long posts as our sweet YA YA sister Summer does! :) :lol: I wish that it would just rain today it keeps looking like it huh? Glad there is something else DH can do for his health. Yes, there will be adjustments but it is worth it.

Kris, So glad to hear from you!! I wish you the best in your three classes you are taking this summer. By this August you are definately going to need that break! Good thing you have your European Vacation in between! BTW, Is Chevy going with ya? If so... better stay home. LOL :lol: :rofl:

I have not been able to keep up with Idol this season. I wish I could of but the TV belongs to my dh and he doesn't watch that show. We have another TV but it's in the playroom and if I go in there I'll be tempted to pick up Elena's mess. LOL Trying to get my DD all chances to do it herself. LOL

I did not weigh this morning. I am in denial. :( :cry:

Dee, :mag: :cb: :cb: we are sending the guys out to look for ya!

Need to go now. Have a good afternoon everyone! :wave:

05-26-2004, 07:19 PM
This is the second time I have tried to post and my computer is running super slow. So unfortunately I may forget what I said in the last post and I have no time left for this one. Sorry :mad: Anyway, don't send out the dogs I am here. Right now I am here and aggravated. It has been a horrible week. I never get even two minutes of peace. Just a little time to myself and noone here seems to understand that. I don't meen to complain. I am just sick of not being able to spend any time doing what I want. I don't ask for a lot. But you wouldn't know that by the way people act around here.

So, I am discouraged but that is not why I haven't been posted. i didn't lose and I wish that I had just not even weighed myself. I stayed the same and I have just had it. I truly have to starve myself if I want to lose and I am very honest about my calorie intake. So... I will stay at 1000 calories for the next couple of weeks and see what that does.

Happy bday Rosey, sorry I missed it mon. I could never get to the computer.

It sounds like everyone is starting to get ready for summer. It is a great time of the year. I even like it 110.

I am sorry to make this so short but the baby is screaming her little head off so I have to go. I will try to get in later and get caught up on all of the latest. Maybe I wont have my post erased this time. Grrr..


05-27-2004, 01:10 AM
Hello Everyone..
Its been a hetic day and we have had some Bad storms last night that tore down trees and electric lines.. It was a bad storm all around us.. The Storm knock out my DSL and I finally got back on line..Its always something..I am beat..The water class whipped my big old butt tonight..:lol:..I can tell when I miss a class..its harder to get back to keeping up with the teacher..She is really good..She teaches all the other instructors..I really like her class...
Anyway I have alot to get ready for this weekend.. I have to find some good healthy snacks for the pool party and I have to make a few things to take..It looks like Mr.Weather may fool me this year...I may loose my bet???
They have been saying that it wil be a nice sunny 80 degrees we shall see...I am excited..
I am looking forward to visting with all the pool people.. I feel funny sometimes referring to them as "The Pool People"..but usually the only time I see them durring the year is at the pool or at a Board meeting here..So I guess thats why I call them that...They are a great group of people.
They have a suprise instore for Jim to welcome him back after all he has been through..No one will tell me what they are I have to wait and see too... I though that was so nice of them..
I have errands tomorrow and trying to finish cleaning and I hope that I can find some recipes for some diet snacks...

Rosey..The Guys found me...The graduation sounded wonderful.. I am so glad that you got to see some of "your kids" graduate.. Thats wonderful.. I know you were so proud of them..and yes you helped them achive that..You touched thier lives in a very special way...and they will always remember you..I am glad you have pictures with them..
I am sure you are enjoying your "Rosey Time".. No you are NOT Awful..There is nothing wrong with wanting some time for yourself.. We all need that..
Thank-you for letting us all know about Sheree.. I am glad that she is doing good.. I wish her Well...Have a great evening and enjoy your time :love: :wave:

Donna.... I think I posted before that Jim was told the day of the procedure that everything was good.. A normal Colon.. When we go to the PC Dr in a couple weeks he will have the complete report and tell us all it says.. The Dr that did the procedure was kind enough to tell us that Jim was fine. I was so relieved to hear that..I hope you get his results of the cardiogram soon??..I know what you mean about the guys being home. Jim got sick Monday from the gas they I couldnt do my normal stuff..He was in bed and I couldnt really do anything cause he was sleeping..He got real sick and threw-up..I am so glad that he was all better Tuesday..
I am sure you will have a fun BBQ with Friends on Monday..That will be so nice to see friends you havent seen in awhile and I thats great that you are inviting your Dad. He needs to have family and friends around him durring this difficult time..You all enjoy and have lots of fun
:cheers: :gossip:
What are your plans for the weekend?? Cleaning out the garage?? No.:nono:.tell Jim its a holiday weekend and its time to relax and enjoy..
The garage can wait.. Right...
I dont know why you think you know what I am doing..:lol:
Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Dana...Your pool sounds really great..I am sure you get alot of enjoyment out of it..Thats what its all about.. I really Love the pool here..Its so big.. I hope to take some pictures of it this year..I am SO PROUD OF YOU and your 13 pound Loss..Thats a wonderful accomplishment.. :bravo:
I know how hard it is and I am sure you will keep on going.. I am here doing the same..We will do it together..I have lost 16 pounds so far..I am happy and I am going to keep trying..I have been going to the tanning bed to get a base tan.. Which I have now... I did it so I would not burn.. I wasnt out in the sun at all last year..Jim and I are looking forward to being at the pool and gettting a tan this year..I know that its hard to post everyday when you have a family to take care of and all that you do with thwm everyday..I hope that you enjoy your summer vacation and do some things YOU want to do..
I hope that your hubby gets the job he wants so his lead level will go down.. I never knew that his job put him in contact with lead..Unreal...
I know it will be harder on you when he does get that new job to do all the things for the children alone..but I know that you will find a way.. You always do..I admire you so very much for all that you do Dana..
You are a wonderful Mother...and a wonderful YAYA friend..
Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Kris.. Thanks for the letting us all know whats going on with you.. It was so good to hear from you.. and form what you said you will be very busy as usual..I am sure you will have a wonderful time on your trips..You both will be on a second honeymoon in Italy.. How romantic.. :love: :yes:
I am sure you will enjoy seeing your friends in NC.. Have a safe and fun timeand enjoy the hoilday weekend.. Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Daphne... I miss you .. How are things??? How is your sinus doing??
Are you all done painting the house.. Pictures Please..
I am taking Buddys card to him tomorrow.. He was suppose to come home today.. I didnt call yet cause I didnt want to bother him yet.. I am calling tomorrow and taking his card.. Again Thank-you so very much Sweetie for your Kindness and Caring..How are your friends doing?? I hope things are better for them too. Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Dee... I am sorry that your computer is having probs.. I know all to well what that is like.. All computers are possessed..:lol:..It is so aggrevating to lose your post.. Thats happen to me more times than I care to remember..
Please dont be discouraged Sweetie.. its so hard to lose weight.. Sometimes its a matter of eating not enough or to much or the wrong things..and the biggest one "STRESS"..Now thats a Big Diet Killer...
I could go on and on.. Just know that you will do it..Keep trying thats all any of us can do... I am sorry that you are not getting some time for yourself..
That is very important to have.. I hope that you can get some real soon..
Its so very hard with a little one to take care of and all the other things you have to do..I hope that you get some "Dee Time" real real soon..
Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Mr Ken.. They are on the hunt.... :cb: :cb:

05-27-2004, 03:00 AM
Hi everyone.. another long day..i guess i was tired as i stayed up to late last night enjoying being in control and not having to share anything like the remote control :lol: today it was sunny and warm out and worked on my photo albums and went to the grocery store..all that fresh fruit looked so good that i surprized my dh with his favotite cherries..but didnt look at the price till i got home :yikes: :stress: :fr: they cost 8.89 for a 1 # bag of them.. :lol: :?: :lol: i will be amore careful shopper and he had better savor every one of them..the dh got back from the cabin and had a great time but he said he wasnt ready for that yet and hes really sore now..but had to try..i also got another order for my cards.. this time she wants 300 of them :p dang im going to be busyier but want the extra cash for my vacation..i envy all of you who have a pool.. that sounds like such fun.. i have a kiddy pool on the deck for the dogs tho..dana sure hope your dh gets that job i will pray for him..why cant companys make it safe for their employees..are your kids bored yet :lol: and wtg on your loss thats so awsome..summer you are doing great too..just think 16#'s gone..wtg.. and hope you have a blast at your pool we are all curious about what they are going to surprize your dh sure it will be nice.. and yes its rewarding to see "my kids" do so well..daphnee did you ever get the paint off :lol: kris what classes are you taking this summer?? and what do you plan to see when in europe??dee.. am so sorry that you are discouraged.. my dd had trouble loosing too and she was exercising like a crazy women and strarving herself..but we learned in ww that doesnt work as your body things you are starving it and will hold on to the weight as aprotection measure.. so watch what you eat but eat more and drink water.. ill bet you will start to loose then..its a hard concept to get but you have to eat to far as the me time for yourself i dont think theres not one of us who hasnt been there..esp with kids and hubby..try and take break during a nap time..and dont give up on your can do ken thank you for being there for all us barbies..and i hope you have another great weight loss this week..i did it.. i weighed on my scale today. :goodscale ..i hate the scale and weigh so diff on others so the gals from curves said to only go by mine and weigh in as a nuddy bird :lol: so i did it and have lost another 2# so since my surg in oct i have lost 33#'s and if i remeber my #'s right thats 19#'s gone since going to it does work.. amazing it took me all these yrs to get the connection now who is the bone head :lol: im pleased with myself tho.. anyways its late and im rambling so (((((((hugs))))))) rosey:wave:

05-27-2004, 11:28 AM
{{{DEE}}}Bless your heart! I can definately feel your pain but Rosey and Summer have hit it on the head. You HAVE to eat to lose and stress can be a diet killer. I am it's number one victom lately. :( As for the family not appreciating you I am so sorry. I wish I could come over there and knock some sense in their heads but there again I can't. :sorry: You know it is so much easier to deny yourself everything thinking that is the only thing you can do to lose the weight than to really sit down and make good choices. I need to remember those words that I preach. :lol: Also remember as you exercise you are developing your muscles which weigh more. But, it's better to have that definition than that fatty cellulite. LOL Again.. Need to make notes.... :write: :write: You can do this, Dee. Hang in there, take a deep breath and try not to get to concerned about what the scale is showing right now. It WILL happen! I promise you!!!

Rosey, Dana and Summer I am so very proud of all three of your accomplishments. You guys are doing so good!! :bravo: :bravo:

Summer, that is so nice of the *pool people* to do something extra for Jim!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!! :cp: Those storms must of been really bad. We haven't gotten one drop of rain. Some wind but that's it. It's been so very hot.

You all have a great day. I need to get dressed and to the store.


Donna :coffee:

05-27-2004, 05:06 PM
ugh!!!!! No One Has Been Here Since I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-27-2004, 05:27 PM
Hello everyone, Thank you all so much for your kind words and support. Of course a good nights sleep and a little talk with DH about how important it is for everyone living in this house that I get some time to journal and just have quiet me time and today is a much better day. Thank you guys though for being so sweet.

Dana :wave: Congratulations on your loss. Yay! And I was also pulling for Fantasia, I didn't get to watch it but caught it later on the news that she won. She definately deserved it.

Kris :wave: I love your Yoda quote. I saw it somewhere on here a few weeks ago and thought that was great. Now I know who had it. I am making a poster for my little boy with that.

Summer :wave: Were you in the middle of all of those storms I saw on the news? Do you get tornados there? Congratulations on your 16 pounds. How exciting. Yay!!!!!

Rosey :wave: Congratulations on your 2 pounds. that is a great loss. Also congratulations to your kids all making honor roll. That is wonderful. How satisfying.

Donna :wave: I am here now posting and just saw your new post!!! tee hee! I'm a slow poster. :lol: :high: Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your bbq on monday, it sounds great. And, I'm taking notes on your pep talk so I can use it for you someday since we seem to be in the same boat. :thanks:
I really appreciate it. How has your day been? Did you go shopping?

Well, I have done really well for two days now. And I am drinking all of my water which I have not been doing. And I kept reviewing the past two weeks and thinking I had done so great when I realized that there were 8 days in 14 that I didn't even keep track of what I ate. so I guess that would be where the problem lays. He he he. So, my challenge is that when I work this weekend I don't drop the ball again. I am going to try soooo hard to really be aware of what I am doing no matter how tired I am I still don't want to over eat. This is my plan. wish me luck.

Well, I have to get my little boy from school in a few minutes. and the baby is waking. So I will go. All of you take care and I will check in soon.


05-27-2004, 07:10 PM
Hi everyone.. just a quick post so donna doesnt feel so lonely :lol: but have been busy cleaning.. its amazing how much clutter i have around me.. sometimes i have to look at my house like i was a stranger.. :fr: :stress: :yikes: :lol: so that about explains it..will check in later everyone..rosey :wave:

05-28-2004, 12:33 AM
Hope you all had a good day. I had to say goodnight and tell you that I did really good today. I am not going to starve myself though, you are right Rosey. So, I made cookies with my little boy and I had the smallest one made just for me. Then I put them up and haven't thought of them since. Tomorrow night I will take them to work and everyone there can gobble them up. We just make them for the fun but noone here needs them anyway. And I drank 94 oz. of water. So I am very happy. I think I have gotten over my crisis. Thanks for listening. I can't wait to get a pounds lost chick by my name like Donnas.

You all take care. I don't know if I will be back till next week but I will try so I don't get too behind on what is going on. Wish me luck at work. I am determined to stick to my calorie counting no matter what this weekend.

Bye, Dee :D

05-28-2004, 09:40 AM
Dee, I am glad you had a good day yesterday. I hope if you are not able to get on here over the weekend that you have a good weekend and I'm glad you had that chat!

Quickly, I wanted to post GOOD MORNING! I hope you all have a good day. :D :wave:

05-28-2004, 05:00 PM
Donna, Thanks!! You have a great weekend. Have fun bbqing. I love bbq and I think it can be low fat. Maybe we will have to do that too. I'm doing okay today but the boat is rocky. I will do it though because I am trying to be VERY aware of what I'm thinking AND eating this weekend.

I saw on the group above this one just "support" and old friend of yours donna1 had come back and restarted one of your old threads. If you didn't see it you will have to check it out. I'm sure she would love to hear from you.

Anyway, you all take care, Have lots of fun. Celebrate summer and 3 day weekends. Yay!!


05-28-2004, 06:13 PM
Hi everyone..just got back from curves.. the workout seemed easier today or maybe it was the advil i took before i went any rate i feel energized :lol: dee.. i know you can stick to your plan this weekend.. thats great that you are thinking before doing..keep it going.. donna.. i am here.. hope you have agreat bq..summer how was the pool party??daphnee whats up??dana.. hows it going with the kids home all the time?? i tried to vote for am idol and never got thru.. they were both good singers and ill bet they both will have good careers from this..Kris what classes are you taking??mr ken do you celebrate memorial day??dont know whats on the agenda for this weekend for us... i do want to get to the nursery to get plants for my flower boxes and have 2 rose bushes to plant..i guess the weekend will present itself :lol:will check in later (((((((hugs)))))))) rosey :wave:

05-28-2004, 09:52 PM
:wave: rosey we don't celebrate memorial day here, but we have victoria day. victoria
day is the bd of queen victoria iin england.
donna: i don't exercise much because i have bad feet and knees.
:) glen

05-28-2004, 11:33 PM


05-28-2004, 11:39 PM
Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!!

Summer, don't get sun-burned! LOL

05-28-2004, 11:42 PM
Hello Everyone..

I am sorry that I have not been in here.. We have company here and its been
non-stop.. I have been so busy.. I was hoping to ge in here last night after Water Class but I got busy doing other things and didnt get a chance to.
My company came today.. We are enjoying time together and its off to the pool with all of us tomorrow.. It all starts at 12:00..and I have to finish my snacks tonight..
Low Fat Dips and Veggie tray..I am making salsa..and I have baked corn chips..
I have alot to do before bed..
I just wanted to say Hi and tell you all that I hope your Holiday Weekend is
Wonderful...Have fun and enjoy...
I am sorry that I cant talk to each of please forgive me.. I will try to ge back in here over the weekend..if I can...
Much :love: and Many Many :grouphug: :grouphug: To Everyone..
God Bless and Good Night....:wave:

05-29-2004, 10:43 AM
Everyone is gone doing fun things I can tell. I am glad! My weekend will crank up soon and I am sure I will not be able to post either so wanted to wish you all a great one whether it's for Queen Victoria or the Veterens of the USA. God bless America and God Bless the Queen's lands. :) :cp: :bravo: :cheers: :encore: :cheers:

Be safe!


05-29-2004, 06:04 PM
Hi everyone.. Happy Memorial Day..its sunny and warm here today and we just got back from the nursery..all those flowers are so beautiful..i tried to be good but :lol: :?: :lol: we came home with another apple tree and petunias and other plants i dont even know what they are :lol: theyre just i have been planting.. and have the 50"s and 60"s music playing and im be bopping all over..hope you are doing fun things and are with the ones you love..will check in later((((((hugs))))))) rosey:wave:

05-30-2004, 05:29 PM
Hi everyone..Happy Sunday... its so pretty out here to day..we are still planting flowers..i guess i went overboard :lol: so what are you all up to today?? i am listening to a 50-60 station and working on my scrapbooks ..plan on going to bingo later today.. i permed my hair and you can now call me fi fi the poodle.. hope it settls down before our trip :?: will check in later((((((hugs))))))) rosey :wave:

05-30-2004, 09:49 PM
Hi there I have my Angelbaby here with me so i am not posting. I have tot ake Tony back tomorrow so that is a bummer but I have him here for now. The kids here go to school until the 18th so that is good for me! I hope your hair settles down a bit Rosey!:lol: I also wanted to let ya all know that Deb was back in the hospital again with her pancrease. She went back in Tuesday I belive it was. I haven't talked to her in last few days so I am not sure where she is at this time. The weather is supposed to start gettting bettar again so I hope it does. I plan on getting outside a but more and work on the yard somewhat.
PS still gaining and not able to stop eating. I am depressed and thinking that life sucks here lately. I will be better when stuff sellles down again.

05-30-2004, 10:34 PM
Donna I like that chick. Where did you find it? Cute!! Did you get some rain today? We woke up to a thunderstorm which turned into heavy rain before moving on.

Rosey I'm sure your hair will be grown out and calmed down quite a bit in no time if it grows as fast as mine. Hope you enjoy and win big at bingo! We just aren't too good at getting plants to grow around here. Some people have green thumbs but not me and dh. :lol:

Summer can't wait to hear all about the pool. Hope you guys had better weather than we're having today. I'm having TOM so the clouds and rain are totally fine with me. We need the rain anyway.

Daphne I hope something happens for deb that will get her better and out of the hospital. I just don't understand what is going wrong with her. Take care of tony and let me know what you hear about deb.

Well I keep losing my post so I am going to end for tonight. Have a great memorial day and I'll try again tomorrow.

05-31-2004, 06:01 AM
OK it it is 2 AM and I am off to bed after watching DVDs with Tony. I am wanting to throw up and cry. I don't wanna give Tony back. I hate life at times and wished I was dead so I didn't have to feel this pain. I am crying now and can't stop. I have to suck it up and be happy I had him this weekend. I love my Angelbaby so much I hate not having him more. Love ya all,

05-31-2004, 01:45 PM
{{{{Daphne}}}} :grouphug: :grouphug:

05-31-2004, 05:16 PM
Hi everyone.. first off daphnee am so sorry you are feeling this way(((((hugs)))) from me..i dont know all of your story but can tell how sad you are..the rest (((((hugs))))) for you to.. and happy memeorial day.. we are about to leave for the ceremonies in town and see the airforce jets fly by..then off to the nursery again for more so bad :lol: but my deck will look much better than all that snow.. :lol: ill check in later.. rosey :wave:

06-01-2004, 12:22 PM
Hello Everyone...I have had a great weekend..Rain and all..It Was a Beautiful Saturday for the pool opening..but it rained Sunday and Monday
Everyone was there Saturday and alot of new people too..
I have to tell you what they did for Jim.. They decorated a pool chair with balloons and made it look like a throne of sorts.. That was Jim's chair to sit in.
They gave him some gifts..A new pool raft and some beach towels..and a new 50 qt. cooler on wheels.. We always bring the ice for drinks every year and everyone uses are ice..Jim gets it from a place near us..They have a huge ice machine so he goes there and fills our coolers up before we go to the pool.. Its alot to drag up to the pool all time but we do it.. They gave him that cooler to make things easier for him..Then they gave him a gift certificate for a massage..WOW ...I was so touched by all of thier kindness. Jim was too.. I could tell he was so choked-up..We had a wonderful time and everyone there was so happy to see us..It was like old times.. We even played a few cards..but mainly talked and got some sun.. Yes we both got a little burnt but we are fine.. Just our shoulders..its from sitting and talking..
They had made all this food..but they knew we were trying to they made salads and cheese tray and alot more healthy stuff..
They were wonderful to do all of this for us..and especially Jim..
It was a wonderful weekend.. Our company had a lot of fun visting with all thier friends that still live here.. We had alot of fun with them..They left Monday..We went out to dinner evey day..Sunday & Monday.. Went to see Rollin Thunder Sunday Morning.. They have a big thing here as they ride into DC..We had breakfast at this place that does a huge breakfast for Rollin Thunder every year..We wanted to go down to DC Monday for the memorial Service but it was just to crowded oin the Metro so we watched it on TV..
It was a great Holiday weekend.. Now its back to the usual..
I am cleaning and doing laundry..
Its a Beautifull day here.. Bright blue skys and nice weather..After the 2 days of rain and dark skys its so nice to see this weather..

{{{{{{{Daphne}}}}}}}} :grouphug:..I am so sorry that you are feeling so bad Sweetie.. Please know that I care very much about you We ALL DO...and I have you in my prayers.. I hope that you know you are loved very much and we all are sending you much :love: and the :angel: to watch over you...Please know I am here and have big shoulders for you to lean on..I am sosorry to hear about Deb...I have Deb in my prayers and I am sending the :angel: to watch over her.
God Bless her..I pray she gets better..and I pray that you start feeling better too..My Dear Sweet Friend..:grouphug:

Donna.. You sound like your Memorial Weekend was great too..
Please tell us all about it..What did you all do???
I am with Dana.. I love your Little "Chickie".
Where did you get it..Was it here??? If so I cant find it..:lol: :wave:

Rosey.. I bet your yard and deck will look so beautiful when you get done.. I can hear those great "Oldies" from here.. "Rock-On"..Girl...:lol: Pictures Please
I bet your "Poodle Do" looks realy good..Perms are so easy to care for..just shampoo and go ..No blow drying and curling etc...I loved mine years ago...but now I dye and hi-lite mine so I cant do a perm..Toooo much chemical..but I wish I could..
Have fun doing your deck and yard....:wave:

Dana...We got rain too.. atleast we had a great Saturday..
What did you all do???Yes alot of places needed the rain.. We could use some too but not 2 days of it..Today is so beautiful that you would never know it rained at all..As you can see we had a great time at the pool Saturday...They are a great group of people here..We are planning a pool party in July.. Cant wait for that one..:wave:

Mr Ken.... How was your weekend.. What did you do??? I see that you have the Queen's Day to celebrate..What happens for that.. Sorry to hear about your knees and feet...I know how you feel there..I have arthritis in my knees..I have to take celebrex for it..but exercising does help that..for me anyways..I know the more weight I Loose the better my knees will feel..
Do you take anything to help??? :wave:

Kris....How was your trip?? Please let us know how it was :wave:

Have a great day to all my wonderful friends!! I hope the sun in shining on
ALL OF YOU... :sunny: :stars: :dancer: :cb:

06-01-2004, 05:19 PM
Summer thank you so much for caring about me.I always get sad when I have to give my Angel baby back. On my way home yesterday I had a *fit*. I feel like I have been sucked into a vacumn and all my air is being squeezed out of me. My hearing starts to leave me and it is like I hear everything in a hollow sounding way. I am better now but wanted to say thank you for your concern about it.
I think that was just to sweet what they did for Jim! Someone put a lot of thought and caring into it for both of you. I am sorry about the rain but you are a pool person at last!I am sure you will take the rain now over how it was a year ago!
Rosey thank you also for your caring about my sadness. Like I told Summer I am better now I just can't dwell on it. What plants are you buying now? I had to buy more potting soil at Walmart today. Now I have to go and buy more plants!:cp::cp::cp: I also bought 2 new tomato cages. I can not believe how much they are. Do you plant any vegetables up there? I have tomatoes, strawberries, a pepper plant and some lettuce.
Donna I want to thank you as well for my hug. I really needed it when I saw that. It made me smile and relax a bit. How was your weekend? DId you have a bbq? How was Eleana doing? What med is she on may I ask? They are switching Robert to a new one now. It starts with an M.
Dana where are you woman? How did the testing go for Brett? How is Kevin doing? Did he hear any more ont he job?

06-01-2004, 05:27 PM
OK I didn't want to lose my post. My weekend was OK. Robert is really pushing both Jason and I. He is told to do something and he will sit there and argue with us. I had asked him like 4 times to get his stuff out of the dryer and he openly refused. I was pissed being as I needed to use it so I threw his stuff on the floor. It layed there all dang day. Jason finally realised what the deal was and jumped him about it. Robert was picking fights with Tony and being so rude to me that Tony was ready to beat the crap out of him. I really am at the end of my line with that little brat. He is claiming now that he will not behave until he gets his new meds. He said he can't because he needs the new meds. Megan will not stop spitting and saying F*** You. She spits so bad that she soaks her clothing, her bedding, pillow, the floor everything. I was in tears over having to deal with it this summer. I was ready to leave Jason and the kids Sunday with all the attitudes. Yeah Jason is even jealous of Tony. I am sorry but I get my Tony so little that when I have him here I am all his. What he wants he gets, and we go off and play, talk, etc alone. We even layed on my bed and watched a movie so I was able to stay away from Robert.
I am back to working on losing my fat again. I am posting on fitday now and that seems to work the best and is free. OK I have written a novel so I will just say Buh bye!!!!!!! Post soon ya'all!

06-01-2004, 05:35 PM
Hi everyone..its so pretty out..this is our best weather time.. i am still planting.. we planted apple trees.. roses bushes..and my planters..mostly all colors and wave petunias and double ruffle petunias..snap dragons..diasies..mission wedding bells..marigolds..and others i dont know what they are.. i just liked them..i have 7 big planters on the deck and 3 hanging planters.. and the rose garden.. with roses we purchased and wild roses all in a circle around a big tree..the apple trees are apples yet.. its an experiment :lol: some things you cant grow here cuz of the short growing season.. we used to do a big garden and also green house for tomotoes etc..but all that work and we ended up giving most of it no vegies..cheaper to buy from produce trucks..summer thats so neat what they did for your jim..sounds like you had a swell time..daphnee sounds like you had apanic sorry you are sad but you seem to be handling it well((((((hugs))))))..donna..hows it going with elana home.. are you keeping busy??dana whats up at your house?? hello to mr ken and kris..dee..hope you found some you time this weekend..well lots to do today esp house blessing..((((hugs for all ))))))) rosey :wave:

06-01-2004, 06:35 PM
Daphne, I was so glad to hear something from you since that last post when you were so distraught. I agree with Rosey, you have been having panic attacks. I'm sorry that Robert is being so difficult. Is he on Metadate? Elena's been on that before. She is on Ritalin LA and Focalin. Those both have helped her with her attention but her anxieties are more lately. We just went to a new doctor last week and she was put through some extensive tests. We go back in a couple of weeks for the results. I wish you could get a "Ed" that we have that comes to see Elena every couple of weeks. He is a child behavior therapist and works best I think with children like Robert. Sounds like Robert needs some couseling soon or it's only going to get worse I'm afraid. :( I'm glad my *hug* to you helped some. That's all I could say. When you are hurting so bad for someone sometimes words are not the best thing. Hugs do best. :) :love:
Summer, WTG!! :cp: :bravo: That was some surprise for Jim and yourself! You are very fortunate to be living there. I know you doubt it when it rains and the plumbing goes out on you! :rofl: BUT... your neighbors are sure special and I can tell it wasn't the same without you two with them last summer for you were definately missed! It's just what Jim needed and you for all you have been through to see him so honored. :)
Rosey, your garden sounds beautiful. We planted some tomato, pepper and strawberries as well along with some new plants and my screened in porch I have a new wicker set and a new fern. ( I killed the last one) I love roses. Someone on the journals posted the prettiest rose. It was a white rose and it was so full and pretty. I could smell the aroma and she lives in Australia! LOL ;) Elena is still in school till Friday. Today they had the third grade class awards program. Elena received a ribbon for being on the A/B's honor roll this last nine weeks and also the most improved overall! I was so proud of her. :) :D Next week she will start going to Terrific Tuesdays at the church. I am still working on getting her enrolled in a kids acting workshop and horse back or swim lessons. Can't decide which one. It depends on the cost.
Dee, how was your weekend? What did you do exciting?
Dana, I stole that avatar from someone elses I saw on the site. I looked to see if they were posted on the avatar list but they weren't. I don't know where they got them because I have seen chicks of different weight amounts posted. I should erase it because I have gained 5 of those 30 pounds back. :(
Kris, I miss you and I appreciate your sweet entry in my journal. :) :love:
Our weekend was nice. We grilled out on Sunday night with our friends and just did our own thing yesterday.
Glen, how was your weigh in?
Well, need to end and wake up Jim who is snoring up a storm in the recliner and it's only 5:30. :D :lol: :lol3:

06-02-2004, 02:05 PM
Hello Everyone... Its a beautiful day today..but yesterday it was a bad storm..Electric went out and wind was blowing wild and trees went down..It was scarey for awhile but it finally ended..It was worse south of us..
I hope that we dont get anymore of those storms anytime soon..
I am doing left over laundry from yesterday and cleaning..Thats never ends.
I have water class tonight and plenty to do..Times just flies..

Daphne....You are so very welcome..I know its so hard to have limited time with a loved one...I am so glad that you had a wonderful vist with him..
It is something how are bodies react to stress..It sounds like a panic attack just like Rosey and Donna said..I am glad it passed..
I am so happy you are better...Its so hard to raise children and with medical probs on top of sounds like Robert is a BIG handful...I am sure all the other Mom's here can help you with some suggestions...
My hat is off to you and all you do..You are amazing..It so hard to cope at times....but you are a very strong woman and I know that you can do it.....I am glad that you are doing your diet again..I know that will make you feel better..How is Deb doing?? Hope that she is better..Ihave her in my prayers.
Just know I am here with everyone else and we all Care very much about you..:grouphug:..Always..:grouphug:
Much :love: to you Sweetie :wave:

Rosey...All your planting and yard and trees I bet its a beautiful site.
Please try to take some pictures so we all can see..I can imagine that it was alot of work to keep up a garden of size..No wonder you all decided to buy produce instead of growing it..Yes the pool people were so sweet to do that for Jim.. We both were so touched by thier kindness..We had a wonderful time...Did you do curves this week?? I know that I will be so soar cause I missed Monday..but that ok I will be fine..I do miss it..Strange huh..:lol: :wave:

Donna....You are so right.. I complain about the plumbing and all tat goes on here but I would not trade the people here for anything.They are a great group of people..Jim was so touched by it all.. It was wonderful..One of them took alot of pictures only to find out that she did something wrong and no pictures turned out.. She called me today and was so upset..I told her dont worry that there will be other times.. It was ashame cause I wanted a picture of Jim on his throne..:lol:... I am so proud of Elena being on the honor roll..and most improved..Thats wonderful...Sounds like you are getting her activities all lined up for summer break..Thats great..I am sure she will have a wonderful time where-ever she goes..Thanks to her wonderful Mom..I love that avatar..It soo cool.. No dont erase it cause.... you will lose it..
I know you can..I wish they would make a avatar like that so we could use it..I bet your little garden will bring alot of good veggies.. I bet your screened in room looks wonderful with that new wicker furniture...and plants and all..... Pictures please...I wish I could have one here..but no room..I dont have a green Jim plants our flowers..
I just am the helper.. :lol:..I dont have good luck with plants I either over water or underwater..what can I say..:lol:..:wave:

Dana..Where are you today??? I miss you...
I am sure you are busy doing things with the children..
Did your hubby get that new job???
Hope you are having good weather so you can enjoy your pool... :mag: :wave:

Kris...Mr Ken....Dee.....Where are you all?????? I miss you all
The guys are on the hunt...:cb: :cb: :mag: :mag:

I hope that I havent forget anyone.. I am so busy today with a million interruptions.. This phone has not stopped ringing.. Its one of those days :lol:
Have a great day to ALL...:love: :wave:
On a sadder note..Buddy had to taken back to the hospital Sunday night.he has a bad infection.. I called him there yesterday and he was real weak..
Please keep him in your prayers.. Thank-you ALL..:angel:

06-02-2004, 08:36 PM
:wave: buddy get well soon summer i dont get much exercise because of my knees
:) glen

06-02-2004, 11:35 PM
Hi everyone..another busy day..i was at curves and it was weigh and measure i never put much thought into the fact that you can loose inches and not #,s..but now im a beleaver :lol: since i joined curves iv lost 19#,s and also 11 1/2 inches..i was amazed..and i feel sore but great..summer am so sorry about buddy.. i will think of him when i say my prayers..sorry you didnt get that picture.. dont you just hate that..since im a picture aholic :lol: its happned to me too..also id love to take pictures of my flowers etc but have to be taught how to do all that :?: dana where have you been ?? are the kids driving you crazy yet?? hows the dh feeling..i got a card order for 300 cards boy am i going to be busy..donna.. thats so cool about elana getting honors.. now you take abow too as she has a great mom to get her there..daphnee hope you are feeling better..sometimes you have to just hang on to your tumble weed..theres a story there about me that expressed how i was feeling a few months ago..i will tell all in the next post..anyways hope things are better.. kris are you back yet?? mr ken sorry your knees hurt.. can you do any exercise?? even sitting in a chair?? i never would have beleaved it but it does work and i hurt all the time..dee are you busy at work hope things are working for you..its been a great day hope so for everyone here (((((((hugs))))))) rosey :wave:

06-02-2004, 11:45 PM
Ok now about that tumble weed.. as every one knows i have had a rough year..esp with all the doctoring for both me and my times it was so overwhelming that i thought i was going to explode into a zillion pieces..but try and explain that to people when they wonder why you are grumpy and zombie like feeling sad and day iwas watching a nat geographic speacial about this sea coast off of africa where the winds are so strong that the animals have a tuff time walking on the beach.. there was this little gekhco trying to survive the winds and along blew a tumble weed.. well this poor little critter grabbed on thinking he was safe and he went bouncing down the beach over and over.. and i thought to my self thats how i feel.. im just a little gekhco hanging on to my tumble weed and i have used that saying alot.. now i dont feel like that very often any more.. but thought you all could see the parallel and humor in it.. so when things get tough just hang on to your tumble weed :lol: rosey:wave:

06-03-2004, 10:35 AM
There are things you can do with bad knees, Mr. Ken. Pilates, swimming, yoga, these are all good to strengthen your muscles and but yet be non damaging to your joints. Have you spoken to your doctor about what he/she suggests you do? Because we all know that diet and exercise goes hand in hand. :) :strong: :goodscale
Rosey, I love your tumble weed story. I have been feeling like my tumbleweed has been falling apart! :lol: :lol: :D No, you sure have been through a huge storm and I'm glad that because of what you went through you can help those who are there now. Good luck on that card order! :)
Summer, MAN! I hate that you have NO pictures! No one else was taking any? OH MAN! :( :( :stress:
I am truly sorry for Buddy. I have been praying for him.
Dana??????? OH DANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cb: :cb: :cb: This isn't like you to be gone so long. I'm getting very concerned.
DEE???!?!?! How are you doing sweetie? I am concerned about you too. :)
Daphne? I hope you are feeling some better and the new medicine for Robert is helping things. Behavior modification and the medicine works best together. I'm so sorry for your problems. Hang on to your tumbleweed! :)
Kris, I know you must be busy again with school. I hope you are doing well and getting all excited about your up-coming trip to Europe. :write: when you can.
I have better get some thing accomplished now. My bills are starring at me and I've been catching up on posts for he last 40 minutes! LOL
Have a great day every one!

06-03-2004, 02:28 PM
I am here and doing better thanks ya all. I am going to take some pictures of the new paint job and my plants. I love Helitrope now. It is like my favorite plant. I have 6 of them now and they are costly like $2.50 or so. Robert still hasn't start the new med Donna the pharmacy had to order it and it hasn't got here yet and yes it is Metadate. He also will see a behavior specialist starting the 10th. It wont do much good yet being as he is going to Cali for a month and wont be seeing the therapist then. I need a break from him though. Ihad potato salad and it made me sick. I can't stay off the pot. I will post more laters,

06-03-2004, 07:26 PM
Well I had a knock on my door and guess what, it was :cb: :cb: :cb: looking for me! :rofl: Anyway, didn't realize it had been 4 days since I posted but the big reason is these darn pop ups that end up freezing my screen to the point of having to re-boot it. I have the bellsouth pop-up blocker on but it can't catch them all. it's truly unreal and don't know why it happens so badly now. it looks like IP's good stop it for nothing. Anyway, nothing new here. I had to keep my nephew today and of course 3 boys together gets on anyones nerves when they won't mind you. I volunteered to keep him one day a week and thank goodness that won't happen again until tuesday.

We had to carry brett to his diabetes specialist yesterday and had to leave here 6 in the morning to make the 7:15 app't and ended up sitting in a room until 8 due to a new diagnosed child in there and they have to make way for them. We went through it with brett last summer so we understood but DH was getting irritated with laken not wanting to stay in waiting room that long. They weren't pleased with his progress and we knew that was coming. Next friday we have to go back for a 90 minute class on a new insulin he's going on. It's suppose to help control sugar better but he will have to have a shot prior to eating anything including any snacks he may want. Then after that, we have to go back in another month to see how his progress is.

Daphne, you're on pot now?? My we should be concerned! :lol: I do remember what you go through when robert comes back from cali. but I think more importantly right now, you need the break. Maybe his therapy can start when he comes back if that's not too far off. I don't see too much reason as to why to go once or twice to only miss a month. only my 2 cents worth though.

Summer you had a bang of a party over the weekend didn't you? That was awesome what they did for Jim. And the thing with pictures is pittiful. No one had a digital? They are just so inexpensive for a lot of them to not get some pictures. Will you be "pooling" during the week now? it's real cloudy here today and looks like storms but so far not. Dh wanted to go camping tomorrow when he comes in from work and stay until monday morning. Don't know yet if we will but have to decide soon. How is buddy doing today? He's still in my thoughts and prayers as well.

Donna, our schools doesn't start honor roll stuff until 4th grade here but brett has never had it. I think logan has a good chance with it. He doesn't struggle as bad with school as brett does but we'll see how 4th is. That is great that elena made that much progress this year considering your concerns you had early in the year. Something worked didn't it? Also she's growing up. Sad to realize though isn't it. Logan got the most improved in his class last year. Thanks for finding me. I had been reading each day but when trying to post, it ate it and froze up. I'm highlighting and copying this ever so often so I won't lose majority of it. I guess your last day of school is tomorrow?? Dh's nephew goes to that school in 2nd grade but we just don't talk to them much since they moved to Fountain Inn. I haven't seen them since christmas actually.

Rosey that was a neat story of the tumble weed and we certainly all have been hanging on to them at one time or the other and I felt like I was today so thanks for that story. Wow 300 cards would take me forever. I make about 5 or 10 most days but my hangup right now is waiting on some envelopes. I ran across some pastel colors on Office yesterday that was clearanced. They were $3 something for 60 of them but it was colors like pink, purple, beige, yellow and 2 other colors. You can buy them at walmart but you only get gray, beige, yellow and blue so the pink and purple ones are neat. I have been selling a good bit of them and have some to put on ebay but my batteries are dead in the camera and can't find any no where here to power it up. Congrats on that loss but in inches and pounds. You are awesome!

Glen, donna is right especially on that pilates stuff. It's pretty much just stretches and you can do the gentle kind or work harder for an hour. I was doing the 20 minute workout but when me and brett went on that Tenn/Alabama trip the other week, I fell off that wagon. I have found that watching carbs works for me in the weight loss though and it's not a fast loss so maybe it will last.

Dee, I hope you are doing ok and can post when you have a moment to catch your breath! Is your older child still in school there?

Well It's only 35 minutes until Dh gets home so better tidy up or he will be ticked!

06-04-2004, 12:47 AM
Hello Everyone... Today was another gorgous day.. Blue skys and nice the 80's...I had alot of errands to do and I am helping a friend with getting some things organized in her home office.. She is a pack rat and it is endless paper work..I thought I was bad about paper work :lol:..she tops me..and thats saying something...:lol:
I am going to Costco tomorrow and Walmart for household supplys..
I cant decide on what to get for next weeks dinners.. I have a awful time with a menu..It seems like all we eat is Chicken and salad.. I have to have some variety somewhere..:lol:..Its a real challenge to make good choices..
I got to the grocery Store on Sundays and I get food for the weeks dinners..
Its easier on me because of water class..Its just hard trying to fix something easy and stick to the diet.. really not much to choose from..
Went to class tonight.. It was good..It seems like more people are coming to Water Class now.. I dont know cause its summer time or what..but that pool is getting crowded...but its fun..
I will be checking to see if Buddy came home today. I called him at the hospital this morning ans he said he was better and that his fever broke and he hopes that the Dr will let him go home.. I dont know if that happened or not..but I will check on him tomorrow.. God Bless all you :angel:'s out there for all your prayers for a very wonderful guy...

Mr Ken.. Thank-you for your kind concern and get well wishes for Buddy.
I appreciate it..I know how you feel about knee pain..But its like everyone has said in here..Some forms of exercise can be easy on your knees and actually help them..Please ask your Dr about it and see what they say..There are exercises that you can do from a chair and thats why I take Water Arerobic classes..Its low impact on my knee joints and it really makes a difference..We have men in our class at dont let that stop you..Try it if the Dr says might like it.. I know I do..but you have to do what you are comfortable doing ..I understand that..:wave:

I am so proud of you... :encore: take a bow...
I didnt measure myself but I can tell in my clothes are not as tight...
I didnt weigh yet this week..but I will.. Thank-you so much for your concern and prayers for Buddy...I apprecaite it so very much..
I loved your tumble weed story.. I can certainly understand how you felt that way at times because of going through so very much last year..
I have had afew tumble weeds myself over the years..
I know we all have been there a time or two like Dana said..its so true..
I pray everyday that we all have healthy happy lives..
I know that your 300 card order will keep you busy but I bet you will get them finished before you know it...I hope that your DD can take some pictures of your yard.. I just know its beautiful.. I want a digital camera..we are looking into getting one and I know that someone will have to show me how to use it..:lol:...I am no good at those things...:wave:

Donna.....I am sorry that I dont have any pictures... I didnt take a throw-away camera cause our friend was taking pictures with her I figured that would be better pictures.. Everyone thought the same.. we all were disapointed.. I really want those ones of Jim sitting on his throne..:lol:
She was so upset..I still not sure what she did wrong..but.there will be another time and we are looking into buying a digital one..I will need big time help learning how to use it.. :lol: Thank-you so much for all your concern and prayers for Buddy..I appreciate so very much..I hope you got your bills done.. I really dont like that job but its always there..:lol:...:wave:

Dana...I am so glad that the guys found you at home..:lol: I am so sorry that you are having that prob in here.. Can you tell Suzanne about that...maybe there is something wrong in here??? I have
" I Hate Popups" and it seems to work.. I guess...When I first come in here they pop pop pop..then they go I dont know.. It so flustrating to lose your post and why did 3FC start all these pop-up things anyway??
Its always something..Our pool opens at 4:00 till 8:00 M-F..Sat & Sun
11:00am till 8:00pm.. When school gets out here on the 18th of June they will open it at 11:00am everyday..So I am not going yet.. I am waiting on school to be out.. Next year hopefully it will open Memorial Day and stay open like all the other private pools in our area...We are going on the weekends if the weather is good..I wil be glad when it opens full time and when it does..I will be there... I am glad that you are having good weather and I hope that if you all go camping....Have a fun and safe trip..
Thank-you for all your concern and prayers for Buddy.. I appreciate it so much..I hope he got to come home today..but I have to call him tomorrow to find out..
I am sorry that Brett's Sugar needs more regulating..Poor Litttle Guy.. I sure hope that the new insulin helps him.. I wish that he didnt have to have so many needles everyday..I know that will hard on him...I feel so bad for him..
It so hard on children having to sit and wait..Thats so hard to do...It sounds like they all are doing great in school..Thats wonderful and you are the reason for that... You are a great Mother....
How is your Grandparents doing??? I hope that all is well in your family.. :wave:

Daphne..I am so glad you are doing better Sweetie.. All your plants sound so nice.. I cant wait to see your pictures...I am also happy that you are getting a break.. I know that you need that.. Its so hard to give up things we like to eat.I had to laugh at Dana saying..Are you on Pot now..:rofl:..that was tooooo funny...I love potatoes also and its hard..You will get on a roll soon Sweetie.. its been to hard right now with all thats going on in your life.. I can understand completly....We ALL Can..Thank-you for all your kind concern and prayers for Buddy..I appreciate it so much..Again I am so glad that you are better Sweetie.. :grouphug: How is Deb doing??? :wave:

Kris... How are you doing??? How was your Memorial Weekend???
I miss you...:wave:

Dee... I am sure you are very busy with work and the Little Ones..
We all miss you.. Hope all is well with you.. :wave:

06-04-2004, 03:51 PM
Morning everyone.. :coffee: its so beautiful out.. we always have our best weather this time of year :cool: have been blessing my house.. a friend of my dh is coming over for coffee so i wanted it to look better around here :lol: also made cinammon rolls.. not from scratch tho.. the kind allready made and you just put in smells if i cam manage to leave them alone :?: so the guys are on the hunt for you all :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: ill check in later.. next project is that huge card order..((((((hugs)))))) rosey :wave:

06-04-2004, 10:55 PM
I smell something good! :T I'll talk to you all tomorrow. :wave:

06-05-2004, 12:59 AM
Just a quick Hello...Been real busy today...
Buddy did get to go home.. He is resting at home today..
Thats wonderful news and A Real BIG Thank-you to ALL of YOU for your very Kind concern and prayers for Buddy...It is greatly appreciated..
Its been a cool and cloudy started raining this evening and its cooler from the rain...It is suppose to rain Sat and be a nice sunny day Sunday..

I can smell those rolls from here... YUMMY...YUMMY.... :T
I hope that you were able to resist..but I know that I could not..Thats why I cant make them or buy them...I could never make them from scatch.. I am NOT a baker...I always bought them from Pillsbury already made in the can...
Love that "Little Dough Boy"..I collect all his stuff..
I love anything hot out of the oven...Nothin' says Lovin' like somethin' from the oven..or something like that..:lol: I am glad you are having such nice weather..Have a nice vist with your hubbys friend and I am sure you will have those cards done in no time..
Have a wonderful Weekend :wave:

Donna....Sounds like you are a real busy lady today...I know the feeling..
Have a wonderful weekend :wave:

Dana.....Daphne......Kris......Glen....Dee..... :cb: :cb: :mag: :mag:
I am sure you all are busy with day to day things and
I hope all of you had a great day..
I Miss you ALL.... You ALL have a wonderful weekend
Good Night and God Bless All My Wonderful Friends....:wave:

06-05-2004, 04:09 PM
Morning everyone :coffee: have been up early today :shrug: on the deck watering all my planters and then when i got dressed thought id try some clothes that didnt fit a yr ago.. well guess what ????this old fat girl is wearing jeans today :cp: :dance: :cp: its apair that i had made a year ago and they didnt fit and now they do.. i was soooooo what are you all up to this weekend.. we are bq this evening and have to go to town later..hopefully i can talk the dh into going to some garage sales :D anyways have a great day and weekend everyone.. will check in later.. the guys are looking for you all :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: rosey :dancer: :encore: :sunny: :coffee2: :dancer: :wave:

06-06-2004, 02:42 PM
:wave: wtg rosey. hopefuly i can say the same thing soon. i gained 1.4
:cbg: glen not mr ken

06-06-2004, 05:19 PM
Morning everyone.. :cool: :coffee: :cool: its another pretty day here..and im feeling mighty fine..its also bingo day :D ..Mr Ken am sorry for your gain..but you will loose next week.. thanks for the support..maybe you can try some chair exercises.. ive got some small weights and bungie cord thingys and i use them when i watch tv ill bet you could do sure im the shortest person here and also the heaviest..and i hate exercise.. everything hurts when i move but i made up my mind i wanted to not be in a wheel chair in a few yrs and to be healthyier and to dance at my grandkids weddings.. if i can do it any one can..try you might be surprized like i was..anyways where is every one else??? the guys are on the hunt :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: will check in later have agreat day everyone(((((((hugs))))))) rosey :wave:

06-06-2004, 05:56 PM
Hey guys. Just checking in. Getting ready for our trip to the UK and Italy. Hope all are well.

06-07-2004, 11:32 AM
Hello Everyone... Its been a rainey no one went to the pool..
We did alot of shopping this weekend.. and looked at alot of different plants for the flower garden.. Got a few plants and waiting to plant them.. Today is no rain but real cloudy..I have alot of things to do...I am going ot see Bert and take her for a haircut..She needs one bad..prob go to lunch after that..
I am taking care of my neighbors cats..she went to the beach for 2 weeks..
I called Buddy and he is doing alright....He wants to try to have that dinner with everyone soon.. I hope we all can do that soon for him..
I have to get home and do the usual laundry and cleaning...before water class tonight.. I will weigh-in today.. :goodscale ... I have my fingers :crossed: and hope for the best..So we shall see...

Rosey.. WOW.. :cheer: You Go Girl.. :cp: :cp: I know that you were so tickled when you put on those jeans..It had to feel so good...
I am so happy for you..I am so Proud of You..
I am doing the same thing with a pair of jean shorts and a pair of jeans..
I check them every couple weeks.. I cant wear them yet but I amtrying to get I can finally fit into them.. I have really done something.. I know that you have worked hard and its paying off..Exercising is hard and I never thought I would stick with it.. but I know now it has helped me and I need it...I hope that you won big $$$$ at Bingo last night..How is your weather been??
Have a great day :wave:

Mr Ken.. I am sorry that you had a slight gain.. You can lose it..I know it takes time and like Rosey said if you can do some exercises sitting can really help you.. Try to do that if you can and if your Dr. says its ok...
Hang-in there Glen.. You can do this..How is your weather been???
Have a great day :wave:

Kris.. You are off and going again.. I am sure your trip to Italy and the UK will be like a second honeymoon... How was your Holiday weekend??
Have a great day :wave:

Donna.....Dana....Daphne.... Dee.....Where are you all????? :cb: :cb: :mag:
I Miss you guys......Have a great day :wave:

Got to run.. lots to do... I will try to get back here after class tonight.. :workout: :comp: :dancer:

06-07-2004, 03:11 PM
Morning everyone :coffee: i had such fun last nite.... and i was winner :D :dancer: :encore: :lucky: :cheer: :dancer: i came home with 435$$$$$ whohooooooo...and im going shopping..hope you all have a great day..will check in later((((((hugs))))))) rosey:wave:

06-07-2004, 09:33 PM
wtg rosey. :dance: kris have fun. are you taking a big suitcase?
:) glen

06-07-2004, 09:51 PM
Hi guys. I found me a chick with my weight loss on it. Nothing much to report here. We did go camping and came back this morning. I have to get up at 6:30 in morning to get my nephew again. I hope this time is better than last time. Brett and Tyler nephew) ignore logan who is younger. Tyler tries not too but the 2 older ones interests are different. Rosey the loss of pounds and inches and wearing jeans are awesome. Not too mention more bingo money to top it all off! Isn't life great for you now??

Summer I'm glad that buddy came home and that you're helping poor bert out again. I forget her situation but she doesn't have family around either does she? As for my grandparents, they all are pretty well. My grandpa starts his radiation treatments on wednesday or he goes to have a mold made anyway. not sure which day he starts the treatments but he has his first visit wed. anyway. My other grandma who's DH is dead, may have diabetes herself. I checked her about 2 weeks ago and her sugar was 220. It went back down to 160 before I left but she's got me concerned that's for sure. Sorry about the pool but maybe this week will be much hotter for you! We haven't seen rain here in a couple days but it's bound to happen. We need rain though. A lot of people's grasses are dying.

Donna how is the "out of school" girl handling her first day? Needless to say, I"m already about to resort to hair pulling here. Not too bad if Dh is home. I have been meaning to ask you if you've heard anything from tracy?

DH will find out this week if he gets the Lab job he's applied for. He has another interview tomorrow and it's down to 3. They decide on friday. It will bring a little more money in and he will be on salary so if he has to miss any time, he still gets paid. He's never out but that is good insurance to fall back on if we need it.

Mine and daphne's friend deborah, came home last week and is much better. She did end up back in hospital after her initial stay for surgery on her gall bladder. She had a rough time and while she had surgery, her son was put in another hospital same day for emergency appendectomy. She had it coming from all directions but her son was brave and went through it without mom.

Well hi to everyone else. I am give out and morning will come quicker than I'm ready for. Hope you all had a good monday evening. Summer I hope your weigh in was superb! I haven't weighed since sat. morning but hope to remember in the morning.

06-08-2004, 12:37 AM
This is supposed to be me! :rofl: :lol3: :lol: :D :rofl: It's my virtual model on the Lands End web site. LOL

Friends, I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to be very talkative this week. This is the week the falls into the big birthday party for my Dad and I'm so busy my head is literally spinning. I am working on my scrap book page and can now understand how involved Dana and Rosey's cards can be. It's amazing all the "stuff" you can get for memory books. This isn't your mamas photo album. LOL

I do care for you all but just too tired to even read the posts. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I promise next week will be better. I am looking forward to that! LOL

Talk to you all soon.


06-08-2004, 03:29 PM
Morning everyone :coffee2: its a great day about all of you??? :lol: :cool: :lol: my dh has left for the cabin..this is his maiden voyage sorta speaking.. meaning its the first time he has gone by himself..and boy was he a little nervous about it.. dont want him to over do but he needs to fly and get his life back to for me whohoooooo till friday :lol: im so bad..had fun shopping yesteday wishing we had a wall mart but Joann fabric was having a sale i didnt know aboutand spent some bingo money there also the scrapbooking store..donna thats a wonderful image.. gee id like to look like that too :?: hope you got your page done..its fun huh..happy b-day to your dad..dana are the kids driving you nuts?? am hoping for you guys that your dh got that job..summer hope you have agreat weigh in..hello to daphnee mr ken and kris and dee..check in later(((((((hugs)))))))) rosey :wave:

06-08-2004, 07:32 PM
Hi everyone!!! Sounds like you are all doing so well. I'm doing okay. Not so great on the diet though. I'm not eating really bad but I just haven't been keeping track because I have just been worn out and really I can't think of a good reason. But I am still very motivated to lose. I am going to get restarted tomorrow with my palm program and start keeping track of everything. I may do a fast this weekend when I am working so that I won't be tempted to make bad choices which I seem to do on the days I work. It is very aggravating to me that I am doing this. But I will just keep going and eventually I will be on a roll and not have such ups and downs hopefully. I haven't weighed myself this week and probably will postpone it until next week. I just don't want to discourage myself any more.

Rosey, Congrats on your jeans!!!! Yay! so exciting. You are inspiring me also to get out my sewing machine. I love to sew but haven't in a long time. Maybe doing some of my old hobbies would get me out of this funk I'm in lately. Anyhow, congratulations. It is very exciting.

Donna, Hope you are having a great time with your fathers birthday plans. Can't wait to hear from you again. Is your daughter out of school now? I am looking forward to having my son home for me to have him all to myself for a while. I love your model. You are a hot mama. Hee hee. I bet you resemble that model more than you think. we are so hard on ourselves. Sometimes I think I could have my mind transferred into a victoria secret model and I would still think I looked horrible. Hee Hee.

Glen, no more Ken huh? I am sorry you had a gain. It will go away again though. I hope things are going well for you though. Take care though. Hope you are having a great summer.

Summer, I love the rain. Hope you enjoyed it. You sound like you are just on the go all of the time. I hope everything is going great for you. I'm glad to hear that Buddy is doing well.

Dana, glad to hear from you. Pop ups are very annoying. we put norton on our computer and keep the firewall enabled and we very rarely get pop ups now???? I don't know if that would help. I think they needed funding for the site. That is why they allow the pop up ads it pays them money so they don't have to charge us? I don't really know though. They said you can purchase a membership on 3FC to eliminate them though???? Anyway, Hope things are going well for you. My sons last day of school is tomorrow and I am very excited. He goes to year round school so only gets a 5 wk break at summer. But he likes it there.

I will check in later. Enjoy your summer. Take Care!!


06-08-2004, 07:48 PM
Hi everyone!!! Sounds like you are all doing so well. I'm doing okay. Not so great on the diet though. I'm not eating really bad but I just haven't been keeping track because I have just been worn out and really I can't think of a good reason. But I am still very motivated to lose. I am going to get restarted tomorrow with my palm program and start keeping track of everything. I may do a fast this weekend when I am working so that I won't be tempted to make bad choices which I seem to do on the days I work. It is very aggravating to me that I am doing this. But I will just keep going and eventually I will be on a roll and not have such ups and downs hopefully. I haven't weighed myself this week and probably will postpone it until next week. I just don't want to discourage myself any more.

Rosey, Congrats on your jeans!!!! Yay! so exciting. You are inspiring me also to get out my sewing machine. I love to sew but haven't in a long time. Maybe doing some of my old hobbies would get me out of this funk I'm in lately. Anyhow, congratulations. It is very exciting.

Donna, Hope you are having a great time with your fathers birthday plans. Can't wait to hear from you again. Is your daughter out of school now? I am looking forward to having my son home for me to have him all to myself for a while. I love your model. You are a hot mama. Hee hee. I bet you resemble that model more than you think. we are so hard on ourselves. Sometimes I think I could have my mind transferred into a victoria secret model and I would still think I looked horrible. Hee Hee.

Glen, no more Ken huh? I am sorry you had a gain. It will go away again though. I hope things are going well for you though. Take care though. Hope you are having a great summer.

Summer, I love the rain. Hope you enjoyed it. You sound like you are just on the go all of the time. I hope everything is going great for you. I'm glad to hear that Buddy is doing well.

Dana, glad to hear from you. Pop ups are very annoying. we put norton on our computer and keep the firewall enabled and we very rarely get pop ups now???? I don't know if that would help. I think they needed funding for the site. That is why they allow the pop up ads it pays them money so they don't have to charge us? I don't really know though. They said you can purchase a membership on 3FC to eliminate them though???? Anyway, Hope things are going well for you. My sons last day of school is tomorrow and I am very excited. He goes to year round school so only gets a 5 wk break at summer. But he likes it there.

I will check in later. Enjoy your summer. Take Care!!


06-08-2004, 08:08 PM
OK I am here finally! Wow to much to post on today. The kids have school untill the 18th and then the following Thursday Robert is off to Cali for 5 weeks. We are meeting Jasons parents in Mt Shasta area. Have no idea what we will do there but oh well.WHat bugs me is how they treat Megan. Megan will share a room with Jason and me while Robert gets to share a room with his Grandparents. WHy can't they ever take Megan for the night? Because Grandpa freaks out over having to care for her one little bit. I really am not looking forward to this trip. I can feel the stress starting already. Had a few big blow ups with Robert and that got Jason all pi**ed. He was yelling at me about not arguing with Robert and I flipped out and finally said WTF am I supposed to do then let hem tell me what to do and him not do what i tell him to do? Let your little &&)#*(*%$# #*)#*$)(#@* *@)*#@(* @)(@#(@$@__ @_)*@)() brat of a ()@@$@ controll my life?? I had a lotta bad words that day I was so angry. I am still upset that i blew it that bad and mad that Jason still doesn't see what RObert continues to do. At least I just have 2 more weeks and a few days to deal with it :lol:

06-08-2004, 09:17 PM
Hello Everyone...Its another hot one today.. I cant get over all this heat and humidity..It it like its August and then the other night it was chilly..Crazy weather..:crazy:..It suppose to rain over the weekend..No doublt another weekend without the pool.. I hope that this weather pattern changes soon..
Did alot of things around here today and I cleaned the patio..It was full of Cicada's..( SP )..anyway they are awful... Palnning another dinner with Buddy..I sure hope he can go to this Friday..We shall see..
Went to class last night..I was wore out.. :workout: but it was good..
No class tonight and we decided to stay home.. I needed to catch-up emails and other things..Its never enough time in a day..

Rosey... Glad that you were a big winner.. Have fun spending your loot..
I am sure you found some great material at Joann Fabrics..its ashame you dont have a Walmart close to you...I knowthat you are worried about your hubby going it alone..but like you said he needs to know he can do it..
Everytime you say WhoHoooo I have to laugh... :rofl: Dont feel bad..
Enjoy your "Rosey Time"...Have fun.. I wish I could report a good weigh-in but I am still the same..No loss.. I am not sure why..but I will keep going..
I sure cant give up now...My Water Areobics teacher said it could be I have muscle now.. I had to laugh.. but maybe I dont know.. But I will keep pushing.. Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Dana..I am glad you all got to go camping.. Next you will be getting ready for MB...and the camp grounds there.. Thats so early to get up to babysit...
Sounds like you are so busy with the children and all..Kids are always like that.. Not wanting to play with the younger ones.. I hope they will work it out..I hope that you can get some time for you soon... Its hard with the kids home full time now....You need a day in the pool all to yourself..
Yes Bert loves to go to lunch and all.. She has family near her and they help out some times but its hard for everyone with thier own familys and all. I try to do as much as I can... Thank-you for the well wishes for Buddy..
I am trying to plan another dinner for him for next Friday.. I hope that this one can happen for him. He has been through so very much..
I am glad that your friend and Daphne's Debbie is doing good..
She has been through alot...
Thats ashame about her son having to go through surgery without her..
What a brave little guy..
I will keep your Grand parents in my prayers..I pray all goes well with his radiation and your Grand Mothers sugar gets under control..I have stayed the same with my weight.. I am not pleased about that so I am gonna try to see if I stay OP and not cheat like normal this weekend and see if this helps... I want to see the scale move.. We go to the Dr tomorrow and I will weigh on his scales and much I have lost since my last vist with him...I want one of those "Little Chickies" too..They are so cute and they give me motivation.. Where can I borrrow one???.:lol:...
I will keep my fingers :crossed: for your hubby to get that job Friday...
Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Donna... Its ok that you cant read all the posts and wont be able to post like you want to this week.. Thats alot of work to do this party for your Dad..and yes putting a scrap book together is very time consumming..
I understand completly....Please take alot of pictures.. I cant wait to see the birthday Lual...I love your picture...Thats pretty cool....I need to vist that site and have a good laugh when I see me..:lol:I hope that you get everything done and enjoy the party.. Have fun.. I will miss you but I do understand.. :love: :wave:

Dee... I am sorry that you are having a bad time with your diet.. I know that work can be real stressful... I am sure you will find your nitch and you will start losing.. Yes I stay pretty busy some days..You would think I would real skinny.. but I am not...:lol:...Thank-you for all the well wishes for Buddy..
I hope that you have some time for you this summer.. Do you go on vacation in the summer?? Have a great evening :love: :wave:

{{{{{{{{{Daphne}}}}}}}}}} :grouphug:..I am so sorry that you are having a very bad time of it again.. I am so sorry that this trip will be so stressful for you...Its ashame that it will be that way.. I cant understand why they would be afraid of Megan.. Thats ashame....I know you will be happy to have a break from Robert and I hope that when he gets back that his new meds will make things better.. I hope that your hubby will relalize how hard its been on you with Robert and start helping you...
Hang in there Sweetie.. Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Mr Ken.. Glad to see you are in good spirts.. I am wishing you a great weigh-in on Saturday.. Have a great evening :wave:

Kris.. Hope you are planning away.. Have fun.. :wave:

Well..I have to run.. trying to get other things done.. The water will be off tomorrow in our building due to a leak in a neighbors unit.. Oh well....I have alot to do tomorrow and a Dr appointment so I wont be here most of the day..I cant wait for the pool to open full time on the 18th...YEAHHHH
God Bless and Good Night :wave:

06-09-2004, 09:53 AM
I am only taking 1 small suitcase with wheels-one that will fit into the overhead bin and a backpack...DH is doing the same. Weeks are just flying by....I'll check back in before I leave

06-09-2004, 10:14 AM
{{Kris}} Have a great trip! I guess since you are just taking two SMALL bags I can't fit inside them. :( LOL :lol: :shrug: BE SAFE! HAVE FUN!

06-10-2004, 11:30 AM
Hello Everyone.... :wave:
I found the Chickies..thanks to Donna.. I just wish we could post the actual weight loss..but I guess that would be to hard to do so they are in 10 pound increments..Thats ok I cant wait to post the 20 pound one...I am trying..Thank-you again Donna.....
Its another beautiful day today.. I have many things to do before the weekend.. We are having friends coming in and I have to get ready for them..They are visting thier children here. They live in they always drop by to see us when they are in town..
Went to the Dr.'s yesterday ..he is very pleased with our progress..According to his scales I have lost 19 lbs and Jim has lost 23 lbs..I am like Rosey.. All the scales weigh different so I will take the Dr's over all of them :lol:
I have to get in gear today.. so much to do..I have another class tonight..
I hope that the weather is good this weekend for the pool....We wanted to go there this weekend with our friends that are visiting here..

Donna.. I hope that you are feeling better about the BD party and try not to wear yourself out..I am sure it will be a huge sucess. I bet your scrapbook for your Dad is really nice.. I am sure he will really like it.. I cant wait to see pictures....I know that you are not posting much this week and I do understand..Please try to do something special just for YOU real soon..
Sending Good Vibes.. :goodvibes :goodvibes :grouphug:
:flow2: Your way...Have a great day :love: :wave:

Rosey......Dana.....Daphne.....Dee.....I am sure that all of you are busy with children and family and things to do... I miss you all...
Have a great day :love: :wave:

Kris.. I can tell you are getting excited about the trip...I would be too...
Have a safe and fun trip. I hope that you can take some pictures so we can see some of the sites...:love: :wave:

Mr Ken... Where are you??? :cb: :mag:..They guys are looking....:wave:

06-10-2004, 04:27 PM
Morning everyone :coffee: I have been busy blessing my house..gosh what a mess :lol: :?: :lol: i got caught up on dishes and laundry.. while the big cats away this little mouse really likes to play :lol: its cloudy out today and the mousquitos are big enough to carry me away :lol: so its good to be that the works done i am working on the cards.. summer congrats to you and Jim.. wtg :cp: :dance: :encore: :cheer: :goodscale :cp: i know its not easy..kris have a great fun trip..donna hope the scrapbooking and b-day plans arnt stressing you to much..dana did the dh get that job?? .. hello to daphnee dee and mr ken..hope you all have a great day (((((((hugs)))))) rosey :wave:

06-10-2004, 09:31 PM
I am here just been fighting diahharea all day and the last few days. I figured it out that I can not drink diet soda. I have been gulping that stuff down and it is killing me. Iam back to water now. Would post more but potty is singing my name!

06-11-2004, 01:28 AM
Im so hopping mad :mad: right now i could slap dh came home a day early and when he got to our car the passenger window was bashed out and the wind shield damaged also..grrrrr what is the matter with some people nowadays..we just got done talking to the st. troopers but the chances are slim of finding who did this and we have 500$ deductable on our ins so its going to cost us at least get to our cabin you drive to the end of the road about 30 miles from our house.. theres a state campground there and a parking area..the cabin owners leave their rigs there and un load the atv and then go another 14 miles thru the boonies and swamps to get to the cabin..since its remote there plenty of time for vandalism to happen..its not the first time this has happned out there but the first its happened to makes me sick to think someone would do this dilberatley..nothing was stollen..the camp ground host who stays there said there had been 2 cars full of kids spinning up dirt and he asked them to leave..he didnt get a licence # but will if they come back..and the troopers have a large area to patrol and they are short staffed..anyrate im fumming :mad:.. so daphnee sorry youve been sick..some sugar free products will do that to ya.. esp candy(i know :lol: :?: :lol: )so be careful..hello everyone else will post to everyone tomorrow when im calmed down :?: (((((hugs))))))) rosey

06-11-2004, 09:59 AM
Hello Everyone...
Its a cloudy day today.. rain in the forcast.. I hope its gone by tomorrow..
I have a zillion things to do as usual.. :lol:
Our friends will be here after noon today.. I have to run to the grocery store for some last minute things.. Class was good last night.. I am gonna write a letter the the manager of the gym about to many people in the pool while the class is going on and they are not taking the class.. Its unfair to us..
All other classes in the place do not put up with that and neither should we..All the ladys will sign it..I hope it does some good..I dont know why people have no respect for others now days.... it is really so sad...

Rosey.. I am so sorry that happened to your car.. Thats awful..Like I said no respect for others..I hope that they find out who did it....Thats such ashame....I hope that you feel better soon..:grouphug:
I can understand how upsetting this is...Thank-you for the congrats on the weight loss.. You are so right. Its never easy.. :lol:..but we keep trying.. You have done great too Rosey..:cp: Have a great weekend :love: :wave:

Daphne.. I am sorry that you have been sick..:grouphug:
Its good that you know what the problem is.. so you can fix it.. I dont drink soda that much... I am a ice tea drinker.. I have never been a soda person...I hope that you are feeling much better real soon...
Have a great weekend :love: :wave:

Donna.. I now you are busy with the BD party.....
I hope that you are feeling better.. Take Care..:grouphug:
I miss you..Have a great weekend :love: :wave:

Dana.. Where are you??? Did your hubby get the job??
I am sure you are busy.
I hope that things are good with you..I miss you..
Have a great weekend :love: :wave:

Kris... I know that you must be so excited about your trip..
I am sure you are packing away..
Have fun and a great weekend.. :love: :wave:

Mr. Ken.. Where are you???? Have a great weekend :love: :wave:

Dee.. I am sure you are busy with work and your family..
We all miss hearing from you.. Have a great weekend :love: :wave:

I am sorry I have to run.. Lots to do before company comes.....
I hope that Mr Sun :sunny: shows sometime this weekend..
but who knows will prob rain..:lol:...
Take Care My Dear Wonderful Friends and Have a Wonderful day..:wave:

06-11-2004, 10:03 AM
{{{Rosey}}} How awful about your car! The behavior therapist who works with Elena was here last night and his car had been broken into like that as well. He discovered the night before he was leaving on vacation. He only had a 100 dollar deductible so it wasn't as costly as yours and he also had about 30 CD's a brief case and a very nice flashlight stolen. He said last night he really feels violated. This happened where he lives. I am so sorry and I hope that they find out who it was that did this.

{{{Daphne}}} I sure hope you feel better. You know that stress always messes with my system like that. If I have a lot of sodas, my acid reflux bothers me not what happens to you. If you are drinking diet drinks the aspartane may cause that. It is really more harmful than sugar for hyperactiviy kids. (sorry, got off of subject)

BON VOYAGE, Kris! I guess you are on your way! :bravo: Have a GREAT trip!

:bravo: :encore: :encore: :cheers: :cp: :cp: :bravo: to SuMmEr and JiM on their big losses!!!! I am so proud of you both!!! I hope you are able to have that dinner with Buddy today?! :?: I am sorry, I am trying to catch up while I can and want you to know that I am still praying for Buddy as well as Bert.

Dana, did your dh get that job? The kids get out of your hair yet? Elena has been ok this week because she knows I CAN'T take her here and there this week. Not till after the party which is tomorrow. The pages came out good. I really had fun doing mine but you know it's not a cheap hobby! LOL Especially with those fancy stickers. LOL How are you doing with your weight loss? I am sorry I have lost track. I refuse to change my chickie because I feel that I will be back down to that soon. I have still keep losing four, gaining the four back, losing four and gaining it back. I hope to get this too straightened out after the party.

Dee, Have a good weekend this weekend. I know you work on weekends. What do you do? How are the kids? Is your son out of school now? How are you doing?

Mr. Glen.. Why no more KEN??? I don't understand... :shrug: DOes that mean I can't be a Barbie doll hopeful now because I gained too? :cry: :stress: :cry:

I hope you all have a great weekend. I need to go and get this thing started. I will update and post pictures later. Till then may God hold you ALL in the palm of His hand!


06-11-2004, 10:07 AM
Summer, didn't know you were posting along with me. LOL I was a little long winded today. LOL

Have a great weekend with your friends and I hope the sun stays out for all that you want to do! :flow2: Thank you for your kindness!


06-11-2004, 10:18 AM
Hey Donna.. I didnt know you were posting when I was either.. We both were at the same time....:lol:....No you are not long winded. I was glad to see a post from you.. I didnt expect it.. I was happy to hear from you..
I am glad that you got your scrapbook done. I bet it is so nice.. I am sure that doing the scrapbook is seems like anything now days is expensive to do..No matter what it is...
I am sure your Dad will be so happy to have it..That is a keepsake..
I cant wait to see pictures of the party..
I know all about stress and weight....Dont worry you will lose it..
Please take some time for "YOU" next week..
Do something special just for "YOU" girlfriend..You deserve it..
Thank-you again for the Chickie.. I cant wait to put the 20 one on here..
You keep yours there cause you WILL be there real soon..I know you will..
I dont do the dinner with Buddy untill next Friday night.. I am still getting people together for it.. I sure hope Buddy will be able to do it..
He has been wanting to see all his friends so very much..
Thank-you so much for all your prayers for him and Bert..
They are always greatly appreciated My Dear Sweet YAYA girlfriend....
Have a great weekend :love: :wave:

06-11-2004, 01:48 PM
WAAAA I want a chickie!!!!!!!

06-11-2004, 10:31 PM
donna you can be a barbie doll even with the gain. you can still call mr ken
wtg summer and jim on the losses
hope fully everyone posts this weekend
:) glen aka mr ken

06-12-2004, 04:50 PM
Morning everyone :coffee: im all calmed down now..just hate the fact that theres people in this world that do stuff like that :?: we had a terrible time cleaning the glass out of the inside..we finally took it to a professional as i was afraid id get glass in my hind end..there was even tiny little slivers in the seat..we get the windows replaced tuesday and it will cost us 500$ ouch.. the st troopers are working on this but it will be hard to find and prasecute(sp?) unless they are cought doing the act :?: ..anyways have stayed home today and sent the dh to the grocery thats a leap of faith :lol: i gave him a list but ya never know..hope you all have agreat weenend everyone think skinny :lol: (((((((hugs))))))) rosey:wave:

06-12-2004, 05:48 PM
Summer I love your chicky and I don't think it would hurt for you to go ahead and get the 20 pounder would it? You're so close and probably reached it already. My scales take the big button cell batteries and they're dead so I don't know where I stand this week but have gotten some ordered should be here soon. We can't find any around here. I know I"ve been sweating away something these last 2 days though.

We just had a storm that dropped us from 94 degrees down to 79 and it feels much better. Our air conditioner we've had for 11 summers now seems to be losing it's coolness. It's almost warmer than the air outside. I guess it's about gone. We had one to go last summer but had only had it 2 years. We have to look for one about mid week this coming week cause we really sweat when it gets hot out. Our pool was like a hot tub yesterday. Haven't been in it today but that's because we had a huge snake in our yard lastnight that DH thought he had killed but an hour later it was gone. I have a picture if I can post it. It was about 8 foot long and I wouldn't know how to explain how big around he was but when they pulled him out of a barrel of water, he looked like the snakes that some people "charm" on TV. UNREAL! I'm thankful it wasn't me who discovered him.

DH didn't get the job and he's very upset. He got his "let down" letter today and a guy who had been there since beginning of year got it. Truly unfair but has to be a good reason of why God didn't allow him to have it.

I've really gotten caught up in all of the Reagan coverage this week. The huge plane taking off and landing was amazing and to finally see Nancy cry lastnight at his funeral made me cry. I was tired of seeing her with that grin on her face that I think was for the media. She needed to let it out. Did you guys see any of it?

Rosey I'm so sorry about your car and how cruel the world can be. They will pay for it if not in this life, in the one they will have after death. That's just about the only way you can look at things like that anymore. So you guys have a "rig"?? I guess someone will have to come up with another way of driving out there want they? Are there any cabins near yours?

My MIL gave me her Kenmore sewing machine that's like 30 years old. It needs a needle and so far I don't know anything about it. I wanted it for the zig zag stitch cause I want to learn how to make these caprisun pouch pocketbooks and beach bags that everyone makes. Logan's teacher "started" it for me last fall when she asked for the kids to bring them in when they finished drinking them and now everyone makes them and sells them on ebay for like $30 and you only have like $4 in them.

Daphne hope you are better now. Do you have a calendar marking the days off for when robert leaves?

Well hope everyone else is having some fun today. We went back to the Dr. yesterday for brett and he's on Lantus insulin now along with having shots prior to eating rather than before he only had them prior to breakfast and supper. it's suppose to help lower his sugars better and he can basically eat anything he wants but has to count carbs before eating and take the shot that matches the carbs.. He gets 1 unit of insulin for every 10 carbs. Monday logan goes to dentist and then we have 2 more app'ts before leaving for beach on july 3rd. Donna hope you guys had some good weather for your party. I better post this before i lose it.

06-13-2004, 06:38 PM
Hi everyone.. so where are all of you???? the guys are on the hunt :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: its a real lazy day here..have been sewing some..nothing speacial planned not even bingo tonite :( the car business took out extra cash :( i will survive :lol: hope you are all having a great weekend will check in later(((((((hugs))))))))rosey:wave:

06-13-2004, 10:40 PM
hi dolls the boys found me. sorry about your dh dana. glen

06-13-2004, 11:00 PM
I'm just fixing to go to bed but wanted to tell you that I haven't been in here today due to a witch in ebay. She won a stamp auction of mine for only 50 cents and says it was damaged. I never used it and in fact I had bought it on ebay sometime earlier this year. She wants her money back and her bottom line is because it had some ink stains on the wood that it was a bad stamp. It really boils down to my word against hers cause she could damage it and send it to me and then that wouldn't be fair. I've chosen to "try' to ignore her. She keeps sending me nasty emails and everytime I block them, she uses a different one. I reported her today and sent copy of an email so see what happens. After reading her feedback, I am the 17th person she's done this too. She makes up stuff to get the money back and keeps the merchandise too.

It's been much cooler here today. I have to take logan to dentist early in morning for his checkup and brett goes next week.

Rosey sorry no bingo this week but I bet you would have won loads to pay for that window. You are the king of good luck at bingo.

Well I'm getting laken ready for bed as well. Hope you all had a super weekend.

06-14-2004, 12:20 AM
Hi turned out to be a nice dh and i went for a drive.. theres a road behind the airport here called the escape extra road in case of fire or natural or manmade links our area with town besides the hyway.. anyways it all woods no houses and sometimes you can see moose and caribou when you drive it..its about 12 miles long... all we saw tho were 4 eagles..but it was nice to get out for awhile..i did see a new baby moose cross the hyway the other day with its was all legs and red fuzzy fur..they are so cute this time of yr..dana am sorry first that your dh didnt get that job..i know how dissapointing that can be..i have had some troubles with e-bay people in particular..i didnt win her auction but a week or so later she e-mailed me and asked if i was still interested..and like a dummy i sent her the money and never heard from her again..nor did i get the item :?: :mad: :?: .. i reported her too.. hope it resolves for ken glad the guys found you.. did you have fun this weekend?? how was your weigh in..i have been struggling the last week..i need that kick in the behind again :lol: summer, daphnee, donna.kris and dee we miss you guys(((((hugs)))))))) rosey:wave:

06-14-2004, 03:12 PM
Hello Everyone... Its a cloudy day today and possible rain..The weekend was good.. Saturday it was a sunny beautiful day and Sunday was cloudy and we thought it would rain but it held off. Our company left this morning and we a had a great weekend with them.. We did the pool on Saturday and Sunday we went shopping and looked at some of the old neighborhoods that are all different now. The new development building going on around here is unreal..In a couple more years it will be intirely different neighborhood..but I hope to be MB by them..
We did ok with diet over the weekend.. We only ate some FF on Sunday.. so that wasnt to bad....I got some beautiful Strawberries on Sunday at the market and I am looking at recipes to fix something with them. We love Strawberry short cake but I cant find a cake subsitute..:lol:..Still loooking.
Lots to do today.. Class tonight.. Still taking care of the cats for my neighbor and got to finalize dinner plans this week for Buddy..
I hope it all works out...Phone calls Pone calls.. They take so long to complete..but I have to confirm who is coming to make resturant Reservations before Friday I have to run..

Daphne..Hope things are good with you and you had a great weekend..
You can go to your edit avatar and there is a pull down thingie to get the chickies.. If you have a prob.. Please let me know.. Chickie Chickie..
Have a great Monday :wave:

Mr Ken... Hope your weigh in was good.. Thank-you for the congrats on our weight loss....Hope your weekend was good.. Have a great Monday :wave:

Dana... I am so sorry that your DH didint get the job.. but as you said it I guess it wasnt meant to be....thats ashame.....
I am sure he was so dissapointed..
Maybe later there will be another job opening later down the line...
Your snake story is really scary.....
I am glad you werent the one that found the snake :fr: :faint:
I am so scared of those things..:fr:...I would be affraid to go outside if there ever was one here... I hope I never see one near my house..
I sure hope that you get your air fixed.. It to hot to be without..Its nice when the temps drop and its pleasant outside...Its been still a little hot with the cloudy days...Saturday it was hot and sunny..The pool water felt great.. The had just put new water in so it cooled it off..
I hope that we see some cool temps this week..I hope that Brett new shots help him and he is Ok with it all....He has been through so much aready..
He has a wonderful Mom to get him through all of this...I admire all you do..
He is a little Tropper when it comes to all of this...I know that you will be so happy to go to the beach real soon... Its always so nice to get away to the beach.. I sure hope that you have great weather..and a wonderful time..
I am sure the pocketbooks and the beachbags you are sewing will sell.
Thats awful about that woman on ebay.. I guess it takes all kinds..
That ashame how people do things like that...I am sorry that you have to be bothered with all that...Thank-you for thinking its alright for me to put the 20 pound chickie on here....That was so sweet of you.I am almost there but I am waiting to see it on the scale..and then I will be dancing..:lol:..
I bet you have lost too.....when you get the batteries for your scale you will be smiling..
Have a great Monday :wave:

Rosey...I am glad that you had a great weekend.. Mine was nice also..just real busy...Your ride on Sunday sounded really nice.. Thats so relaxing..
I have seen baby moose on TV they are so cute...
Sorry that you couldnt go to Bingo Sunday..but theres always next week..
I know you will win..Its ashame that happen to your car..but I cant blame you for getting a professional to get all the glass out of..
You certainly do not want to be cut with the glass...
I couldnt get over your story about the ebay person..
I think thats why I shy away from ebay..It awful that people are like that...
I will never understand why...I had to laugh at your story about sending Dh to the store and taking a "Leap of Faith "..Been there and done that :rofl:
Have a great Monday :wave:

Donna....I hope that you had a great weeknd too.. I cant wait to see pictures... I know theres always lots to do everyday..I am
sure you are busy..I miss you and hope you can post sooon :mag: :cb:
Have a great Monday :wave:

Kris.....Dee... Hope you both had a great weekend.. I miss you both.
Have a great Monday..:wave:

I dont think I Missed anyone I sure hope not.....
I have to run lots to do....:love: and :grouphug: To ALL..:wave:

06-14-2004, 03:55 PM
Morning everyone :coffee: just checked in for a moment as im just about to leave to work out..i sure dont want to go :?: but realize thats its neccessary for me..its hard when everything hurts when you move.. i thought it would get better but it hasnt yet..still i am determined.. now if i could get back to making better food choices id have it made :lol: :?: :lol: always a struggle with me.. anyways enuff of the pity party :lol: i will check back after my workout..think skinny everyone(((((((hugs))))))) rosey:wave:

06-15-2004, 04:53 PM
Morning everyone :coffee: so where is everyone??? the guys are hunting for you all :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: i had a great workout yesterday.. and one of the instructers is lending me a tape to teach me how to use those bungie cord things that i have growing dustballs in my closet.. that way i can work out everyday no excuses :lol: :?: :lol: im sore and stiff today but have to bless the house becuz my dh answered the phone while i was gone and set us up for one of those "we will come and cook you dinner and then we want to sell you these really expensive pots and pans" they have called before and i turn them down.. i asked the dh why he got suckered in to this and he said he wanted some one else to cook for us and give me a break :lol: :?: :lol: so sweet of him :lol: they are coming tomorrow nite so no i really have to clean :?: i hate house dd daughter is here mowing grass for us.. and the dh took the grdd for a walk.. shes learning to ride her bike without trining wheels and she loves grandpas attention..she looks so cute in her bike gear..well hope you are ok and having a good week.. think skinny and drink water till you slosh((((((((hugs))))))) rosey :wave:

06-15-2004, 06:49 PM
Hello Everyone..:wave:
Its been another hot and humid day.. Partly sunny but too hot.. The pool does not open untill 4:00 till 8:00 but Starting Friday it will open at 11:00-8:00 Hurayyyyyyyyy.....I have been doing laundry and blessing the house as Donna would say..That never ends.. Didnt do much while we had company.. You all now how that is...No class tonight but we decided to walk over at the high school track tonight after it cools off some.
We wanted to do soemthing different..but if its still to hot.. we will not do it.
I wish they had a track at the gym but the do not.. Really thats the only thing they dont have.. They do have one of those walls you climb..but thats not gonna be me.. No Thanks....:lol:...
My Friend Buddy had to go back in the hospital today.. They will begin Chemo on him Wed and he will have 5 days of the dinner is off again.
We will go see him Friday...He said we could not see him before that due to tests and the chemo is really so hard on him the first few days...
Dinner is almost ready so I have to run...Still looking for a Strawberry Shortcake recipe.. Any suggestions will be appreciated...Thank-you

Rosey....The guys found me... :lol:..I am sorry that the exercise is still so hard for you..I sure hope that the Tape of the Bungie cord thing helps you.
I am sure it will.......I hope that one day soon you wont be so soar doing your exercise.. I wish you had water class near you.. I think that would help you too.. Its easier on the joints and all.. Check the Y's near you..
They should have some classes I would think..
I hope that you enjoy getting dinner fixed for you...That was so nice that your hubby wanted to do that for you..
I am sure you are enjoying your GD and DD..
Have fun and I hope you feel better..
Have a wonderful evening.. love: :wave:

Donna...Dana...Daphne...Dee....Kris....Mr Ken........
Where are all of you?????
The guys are on the hunt :cb: :cb: :cb: :mag:
I miss you all..
Have a wonderful evening to All...:love: :wave:

06-16-2004, 11:32 AM
Hello Everyone..
Its another dreary cloudy and humid.. I hope we get some relief this weekend..I have alot of errands today and water class tonight..We started our walk last night at the School track and a storm came and we had to go home..I was dissapointed but there will be another time..

Where is everyone lately???? I know all of you are busy but I am getting lonely in here...:lol:..:mag: :mag: :cb: :cb:

I am surprised I am the first one to post today..I hope when I try to get back here later today.......that someone has said Hello...:wave:....:mag:

Have a great day and I Miss YOU ALL...:cb: :wave:

06-16-2004, 11:42 AM
:coffee: Enjoying some coffee in front of the computer for the first time in DAYS! I appreciate you all's understanding why I had to take a excused absence from the thread for a while. :) The party went good inspite of the heat, wind and other occurances. The scrapbook went well too. I really enjoyed doing that but didn't share the same enthusiasm with Elena which really surprised me. I really had to fight with her to do something. In spite of it all she did a great page. My Dad said he didn't read it till the next morning because it was very touching. We had over 30 people there at the party and so inviting approx. 47 people that isn't too bad of a turn out. The weather held out although it had to be the hottest day of the year but by the time of the party the wind blew down a tent it took us 4 a hour and a half to put up and it cooled down some and did not rain! I need to get my sisters camera disk from her so I can get together a snap book of his party like I did for Jim's mother. I just tried to upload a picture of my Dad's cake. It just didn't work. I always have a struggle with this site and pictures. I will send a link so you can see.
Elena is busy in a children's little theatre acting workshop called "funky fairytales" this week. PLUS afterwards she is attending the VBS at my sisters church so we have been busy. I need to go and get some things done as well as get caught up with some bills.
Talk to you all later and more personally.


06-16-2004, 12:01 PM
Ended up not letting it defeat me! LOL I have reduced this picture as far as I could to get it on here. I don't know how people get larger photos on this thing. LOL

06-16-2004, 02:53 PM
Morning everyone :coffee: its cloudy and rainy here today and im shortly leaving for curves..have been cleaning like a crazy women as those pots and pan sellers are coming tonite to cook for us :lol: also have to share a "blonde moment" yesterday i took pictures of the grd learning to ride her bike without trianing wheels..and had to replace the film..later last night i was searching for that roll of film.. including going thru yucky trash cans..couldnt find it so went and sat down and was trying to retrace my steps.. as i was looking out the window guess what i saw.. yup the film sitting on the picnoc table :lol: :?: :lol: boy did i feel summer am sorry you feel lonely in here there has been an absence of members but ive been here every day :lol: anyways girlfriend heres a big (((((((hug)))))) just fro you so you wont feel so alone :lol: donna that cake is awsome..did you make it?? i took a class in cake decorating and theyre fun todo..ill bet your dad had a great party..hope you get some queit time..and the rest of you guys hello and (((((hugs ))))))) to you all we miss you :stress: :yes: :encore: :gossip: :mag: :blah: :dunno: :lol3: :goodscale :workout: :stress: talk later rosey:wave:

06-16-2004, 08:47 PM
Hi back from curves and had a great workout..every wednesday they have us do something like wear a crazy hat or wear a glitzy jewelery..and you earn curves bucks (5$) for doing it which you can redeem for curves logo stuff..its fun and an incentive too.. as they have some kool this wed was inside out day :lol: so i wore my underware inside out :lol: and had my choice of 5$ in curve bucks or a free salad from mcdonalds.. well we took the salad and am now being teased that i will even wear my undies inside out for food :lol: :lol: :lol: ..i know i have weird sence of humour but laughing has gotton me thru some tuff times..but this was just fun..soooooo where is everyone :?: also our cooked for promo dinner was cancelled till next week and i couldnt be happier as now i can sit here and play instead of house work :lol: will check in later tonite and hope someone else has been here..((((hugs))))))) rosey :wave:

06-17-2004, 10:04 AM
But rosey don't you just hate getting ready for something and then it doesn't happen. I have to prepare myself for events such as that. Did you get your car windows taken care of?

I have been so busy around here. Besides keeping auctions running on ebay, taking kids to library to get books that our school district is mandating that they read over summer, taking care of kids, possibly having a yard sale with MIL sat., major cleaning to put in a window A.C. yesterday and another this evening, replacing a refrig. and that's only to name a few. Our refrigerator is barely keeping things cool and it's 11 1/2 years old so I'm sitting here with 4 kids waiting on Lowe's to deliver a bigger 21 cubic foot that my grandfather bought for me. ours was only 16.5 so looking foward to the bigger room. Well I will try to post more later but have to make a call to cancel something that was due to deliver today. Not the Lowe's refrig. but another one. Explain later! :lol:

06-17-2004, 11:10 AM
Dana, it's not like it used to be. You buy a refrigerator and they last almost the length of the marriage! LOL :D :lol: Ours is 10 years old and I have noticed things not staying fresh as long myself. I would like to get a side by side next time. But, money is a little tight now and it isn't completely out. My Dad is taking his refrigerator with him to the new house. I was hoping he wasn't going to and get all new appliances. I was going to ask for his. ;) Sounds like you are having some major electronical devices to break down right now. You sure need a AC with the heat as it's been. With all the rain we have gotten though our grass looks soooo good! Hang in there and tell us all about your new fridge! :)

Rosey, The things you will do for prizes.... :lol: :lol3: :D :joker: I think that idea to lighten things up at your Curves is a great idea! I am glad you found this place. You sure have needed it just for the entertainment! LOL What kind of promo dinner were you having? Was it to be at your house? No, didn't make the cake. Only made the punch and the baked beans. The punch was a big hit too. Even the kids liked it. :)

Summer, sorry you were all alone here. This Friday maybe your dinner out with Buddy, right? I am praying it will take place. Your gym sounds interesting also. I bet you have lost a lot of weight. :) :cp: I feel like I have but haven't had the nerve to step on the scales. :?: :shrug:

Kris, you must be on your European vacation. Dee, how are things for you? Miss you! Mr. Ken thanks for allowing me to stay a Barbie wanna be. LOL Daphne, are you gone away too? I am sorry but seems I am behind on the vacation plans.

This is a busy week but it's all about ELENA! Take her this week to her workshop with the Children's Little Theater that is downtown then she goes directly from there to VBS at my sister's church. She isn't home until after 9:00. That's late for her. I am driving everywhere. Father's Day is this weekend of course you know that. I haven't gotten my Dad nor has Elena gotten her Dad anything yet. Gotta get going don't you think? LOL

Have a good day. I have a :headache: and have to take medicine again. I've had one every day for over a week. I guess it's the heat. :flow1:


06-17-2004, 12:10 PM
Hello Everyone..
Its another hot one today.. I have alot to do today..Bills to pay and errands to run..The Dinner with Buddy is Canceled but we are going to see him in the hospital Friday evening.. Went to water class last night....She whipped my big old butt..:lol:.. But thats a good thing....Got another class tonight..
I want to weigh-in this coming Monday.. The Scales at the gym were not working yesterday...they said it would be fixed by this weekend..sooooo..
I am waiting to see on thier scales if I reached my 20 pounds..Hope so...
I want to change my "Little Chickie"...
I will try to get back in here this evening to talk to all of you..but I wanted to let Rosey know that she is right.. She posts everyday and I am very sorry I forgot to say that in my last "where is everyone post"..Rosey is very faithful in posting and I appreciate that very much.. We are so very lucky to have you here Rosey and knowing you will be here for us a blessing to all of us....Thank-you Rosey..and Please forgive me Rosey.....and that was so sweet to give me a hug.. Right back at ya my {{{{{Dear Sweet YAYA Girlfriend}}}} with her inside out panties :rofl: :lol3:...Loved that story Rosey....Sorry that your Pot and Pan Dinner was canceled..but like you said more time for you..:lol: Your Blonde moment was to funny..:lol:..I know what you mean..:lol:
I am sorry that I dont have alot of time right now..but I was right about all of you having a zillion things going on....I do understand completley..
Like Dana getting a new Fridge and Air conditioner and doing things with the children and Ebay...... Donna busy with the BD party and with Elena's Summer activities Sorry about your headache Donna....
Hope you feel better real soon...
Everyone is busy busy busy...Summertime is busier for everyone....More activites and Vacations and doing things..
Thats why I Love it.. Its my time of year...
I hope that we hear from everyone else soon...:mag:
Daphne.....Mr Ken....Kris...Dee....Hope that you all are doing well..

Please forgive me...........I have to go.........Lots to do...
I hope to be back in here later this evening.....
Everyone Have a Wonderful Day ..
Much :love: To ALL...:wave:

06-17-2004, 01:06 PM
:lol::lol::lol: OK Rosey you had a blond moment?? I hadn't received notification that there was new posting sop I didn't come here..... Duh me had read one posting in mail from You and forgot to come to site to get new posting! I am so glad that you are liking Curves. I might start that one up in September when the kids are in school. Was the film outside in the rain? At least you didn't wash it in your jeans!
Donna WOW WOW WOW:cp::cp::cp: you are a bush Mama. I am impressed at what all you are doing with Elena this summer. You are so busy it amazes me. I loved the cake and what was the punch? (EG) Did you spike the punch for the kids to like it?:lol:
Dana what ever happened to the snake that you found in your yard? OK, why do you all have such big freaking snakes? What are they and are the poisioness? I am glad that you are getting a new air conditioner and new fridge.
Summer I am so sorry to hear about Buddy. Be sure to give him my love when you see him. Tell us more about water class. I am really interested in it. I had to chuckle at you geting stormed out of your walk. Was there thunder and lightning?:lol: Here if I don't walk in the rain I don't get to walk!
As for me I am going to go get my hair cut today. Not a big deal you say? Well my hair was almost to my waste 2 months ago. I had it cut about 4 or 5 inches. Now I am thinking of going short. My hair is just to frizzy at the ends even after the hair cut. I used to have nightmares over someone cutting it. It is just hair and I can grow it back but still it is my hair!:lol: OK how is that for being dorky!:lol: Tomorrow is the kids last day of school. They go from 8:45 to 11:00. In my opinion it is a waste to send them but I have a bit of quiet time at least. It has been hot here in the 80s and will be in the 90s today and tomorrow. I really hate being fat in hot weather. We are headed to Cali to meet Jason parents on the 24th and will be home the 26th.
Much love to you all, Daphne :coffee:

06-17-2004, 09:38 PM
Hi everyone..finally got amoment to myself and here you all are yaaaayyyyy and whohooooooo :lol: ..i have been in town running errands,,the dh is going with his brother to his brothers cabin for a few days..and needed to get him stuffs and a bug net head gear.. as the mousquitos are awful this yr.. we just got homethey plan to be gone a few days..and i plan to get things done while he is so glad the promo dinner was canceled till next week..from what i gather they cook on my stove and i wanted time to give the kitchen a good i have some extra time now..the film was left out int the rain but it was in a plastic container..i did feel soooooo blonde lol...and yes curves is alot of fun but hard work too.. im sore today..summer thanks for the hug :lol: and am sorry for buddy..maybe he will get well enuff in the future to have that dinner..donna.. elanas a lucky girl to have all those fun things planned for her..your party sound like it was fun..dana.. hope you get your sound so busy no wonder you havent posted..daphnee good to here from you too..hope you like your haircut..i cut and perm my own sometimes it looks great and others i want to put a bag on it or a wig or scarf :lol: hello me ken can i be a wanna be barbie too??actually one of my favorite sayings is "im just a raggedy annie living in a barbie doll world"..will check in on you all later.. i need a nap from all that running around((((((hugs))))) rosey:wave:

06-18-2004, 12:05 AM
:wave: hello dollls. rosey you can be a doll also. i feel like a ragady andy doll in a ken doll body. all the ladies here can be barbie dolls. i gained again. :) glen

06-18-2004, 01:20 PM
Hi guys. I got the fridge. yesterday and it's so roomy. It took a while of course to cool down and we have the ice maker partially hooked up. Dh will have to cut off main water line to finish up maybe after work this evening. It's been so hot here. It's 86 already at noon here. We have to window AC's and the one in my bedroom will nearly freeze you off but the one in the living room just seems to be backing up hill. The guy my DH bought the one in the BR from said it was same BTU but it doesn't seem like it and I really doubt it. I believe the BR is bigger. If we could have some clouds or rain every once in a while then that would help. But then our camper roof needs new caulking on a seam and it is leaking in rain. We have to do something about that soon because we leave for beach on July 3rd and that's not far off. My MIL wanted to have a yard sale tomorrow but I haven't heard anymore about it. I need time to get some stuff out so hope I hear soon.

Rosey I hope you enjoy the time alone over weekend. What was the cookware people going to cook for you? Do you get the free meal whether you purchase or not? Will you get to Bingo this weekend? I havent heard anymore from my ebayer harasser but I was told she would bother me for a week and move on so I guess she saw she wasn't getting nothing from me and went to next victim. Are the kids out of school over there for summer?

Summer I really feel for Buddy and hope that things can calm down for him so you guys can all have a dinner for him. I think you're just going to have to plan it and then as quick as he's able to do it, just run in 20 minutes time and get together. :lol: Are you guys gonna do anything for the 4th of july? Going to play mooselodge anytime soon? My grandpa started his radiation this week and today is 3rd treatment. He's doing real well so far and doesn't even feel them. I think they are wanting to do 42 of them.

Donna how is the pool coming along? Have you taken any pictures of it recently? When do you guys plan on heading to MB next? I'm looking foward to being there for a while but I would have liked to have paid our $330 balance down some more before leaving. I hate for most of our money to be paid on that. We like to rent a golf cart too and it's nearly $200 for a week. Does Elena still play with the new neighbor?

Daphne it's nice to hear from you. The same thing happens to me with the email notification. I read them and forget I haven't been back on this site so it will start sending them to me again. Are you making cards anymore? Are things better with Jason you and Robert or are you just hanging in there until you can "dump" robert for a while? No the snake we had wasn't poisonous. It was a black rat or a "king" snake. We do have copper heads and rattlesnakes around here though although we haven't seen them. My dad kills about a dozen every summer and they are poisonous.

Dee, Kris hope you can update us soon. Ken what's up with you? You are the one that always made us envious with that weight loss. Have you given up on your beer or something? :lol: I have gained about 3 to 4 pounds back as well and have to get back with it soon here. It's just too hot to do anything but eat cold stuff or drink a lot and I think a lot of mine is actually water gain cause I do drink a lot in this heat.

Well I better post this before it's "poofed". :lol: Hope you all have a super friday.

06-18-2004, 05:00 PM
Hi here all alone and loving it for now anyways..the dh left this am and wont be back till monday..if the weather is bad it could be longer..they are going halibut fishing to so hope he brings home dd left this am for anch she is babysitting for her sister this weekend..i have lots to do.. and hopefully i wont be lazy and just play :lol: mr ken thanks for letting me be a barbie doll.. am sorry for your you retain fluid like i do.. as my wt can flucuate like that too..anyways you will do well this week right :lol: ..dana am so happy you got a new things are so much fun..did you make any crafts to take to mb this yr??..summer hows the exercising going??im still sore..donna.. have you got a moment for yourself after the big party??does elana like being in plays??how fun for her..daphnee..hows it going?? are the kids behaving??i dont envy any of your hot weather :dizzy: im hoping its not real hot when we leave in july..will check in later think skinny everbody(((((((((hugs)))))))) rosey :wave:

06-19-2004, 12:27 AM
Mr. Ken, maybe your weight gain is due to your medication? :?: :shrug: I can understand your disappointment.

rosey, enjoy your Me time. I miss those days. LOL

Elena did GREAT on her last theatre workshop tonight. She had multiple parts. It was so very cute. :) :D

Dana, it's too hot isn't it? The pool has been a nightmare. The liner is not in and it's all due to bad financial practice of the guy they were doing business with. He is really suffering from this along with some others he has let down as well. My bil has to find someone else to finish the job and in turn will cost another grand or more. We got rained on in Greenville today but it was dry as a bone at home when we came home tonight. I have to agree with you with the two AC's. One has to be stronger. We do not go to MB until August. I hope that is. If my Dad is moving into his new house we will have to postpone it. We are going to Kansas City in less than two weeks now. Looking forward to that. :)

Summer, I'm sorry that Buddy's dinner was cancelled. This is very sad for all of you and Buddy too I'm sure. I'm still praying for him and Bert. How is the exercise today? You go girl!!!! :dancer:

Well, gotta get my dh out of the recliner and into the bed. It's always something! LOL :lol:

06-19-2004, 04:00 PM
Morning everyone :coffee: its so beautiful here today and yesterday the same and by evening my house felt like a sauna :lol: i went out on the deck last evening and filled the dogs little swimming pool and dangled my feet to cool off..i talked to my mom and minnesota is having a cool summer sofar so hope it stays that way as i do not like it real hot :cool: my dogs are mopping around.. they miss my do i sorta :lol: :?: :lol: but its nice to have the break.. so what are all of your plans for this weekend..i have plenty to do but it seems im just puttering around and not doing what im suppose too..trying to stay away from snacking :?: have agreat day everyone..((((((hugs)))))) rosey :wave:

06-19-2004, 04:42 PM
:wave: dana i am still having the beer maybe thats why i gain. have fun rosey with no dh
try to stay from the frig, except for healthy snacks :lol:
:) glen

06-19-2004, 11:52 PM
Hello Everyone......
I am sorry that I havent been in here.. We have had some pretty bad storms this week....We had rain when I tired to walk the track and Thursday at the Gym My water class lasted all of 10 minutes it started storming and lightening and they made everyone get out of the pool and the big whirlpool and we never had a chance to finish the class..The storm was bad..we went home and I didnt get on the pooter because of it..Then Firday I was so busy with cut.. getting car washed and trying to get ready to go see Buddy at the hospital and take his Lemon cake.We did go to see Buddy and another storm came and it was really bad with lightening again and thunder.. I truley was scared for awhile.... We had friends with us to see Buddy and after all that we al went to dinner..The storm finally calmed down around 10:00 and we came home.. It was something else. I dont know if anyone of you saw anything about the east coast geting hit hard with storms or not..but I sure hope its over for us..I dont want to see anymore of those..Tomorrow is Fathers Day..and I amtaking my hubby out to Dinner at the Texas Steakhouse that just opened in out area.. I have heard good things about it...Good food and service..Great prices.. so we shall see..
Monday I will see if I have reached my mark to change my "Little Chickie"..
I sure hope so...I did eat a backed potato with dinner Friday but I didnt eat all that day.. so I hope it didnt hurt me.. I sure tell the difference in not having a class Thursday... I hope that nothing stops my class Monday..but I think or I hope that all the storms are behind us for now..
We are planning a 4th of July pool party.. for some of us.. There will be a formal pool party catered and all on the 10th of July and another one in August I think... So I will be busy with helping fo that.. I am looking at different digital cameras to buy.. Do any of you have any suggestions on which kind to buy?? I appreciate your input...Thank-you All..

Daphne... I am so glad to hear from you...I sure hope that things are better for you...Thank-you for sending your Love to Buddy.. I will tell him.. That will cheer him up... I pray that he can come home this coming week.. He looked better this time than last and I am praying he will doing better this time..Again Let me say Thank-You for all your Thoughtfullness and Kindness and very Sweet concern for him.. You are such a Wonderful Person and Friend. I am truly Blessed to have you in my life...
I hope that you like your hair cut....if you got one....Wow you have really long hair... I could not manage my hair if it was that long..You must be a real good stylist.....My hats off to you Sweetie.. I hate blow drying my hair and it takes a long time cause I have thick hair.... My hair was longer when I was younger but the older I got the shorter my hair got.... I have it not quite to my shoulders now..thats long enough for me to handle.. :lol:...
I got a good Haircut Friday for a change....We didnt get lightening on our walk just rain..but we got alot of lightening and thunder at the Gym Thursday and more of the same Friday.. It was bad.. Lights flickered and the winds were high.. Scarey.. I had to laugh at what you said about it raining there and you always walking in it.. I never thought about it untill you said that.. I always heard that Washington State had alot of rain.. I dont like the rain..or cloudy dreary days.. I love the sunshine and warm temps and nice breezes...In a nut shell.."The Beach"..thats me...Have a wonderful time on your trip to Janson's Parents and enjoy your "YOU" time..
Have a great weekend and HAPPY FATHERS DAY :love: :wave:

Rosey.. Thank-you for your kindness and concern for Buddy..
God Bless you Rosey for your friendship and being here for me and everyone else here... I appreciate all your concern for my friends and all the kindness you have shown..You are a wonderful person and friend..
I am truely blessed to have you in my life..
I sure hope that one day we can have the dinner with him and all his friends..I am glad you are getting some "Rosey Time"...but I am sure you do miss him too...
I am really looking forward to class on Monday.. Due to the I have only did 1 class last week...I am sorry that you are soar from the classes.. I would ask the instructor at Curves if you will be soar all the time and what if anything can you do to help that....I sure hope it gets better for you real soon and
I want you to know that I admire you so very much for still going when it hurts....You Go Girl... You are doing it.. :dancer: :encore:
Take a bow Rosey.. :encore:...You have earned it..In everyway girlfriend..
I hope if you go to Bingo you win $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.. I am like you.. I can always find something to do but there are days I dont want to do anything..
Have a great weekend and HAPPY FATHERS DAY :love: :wave:

Dana...Thank-you for all the kind concern for Buddy....We have to wait and see when he will be up to dinner and if he is everyone knows it will be last minute-sorta notice and they all understand that..
God Bless you too Dana for all your kindness and friendship and being her for me and everyone else too and for all your concern you have shown for my friends...You are a wonderful person and friend..
I am truely blessed to have you in my life..
I am so happy that your fridge is there and all hooked up and working..
I know that you will love your ice maker...We had one in our other place.. We dont have one here and I really miss it.. Iamthinkinbg you are right about the difference in air conditioners.. Sounds like the bedroom one is bigger..
I hope that it cools down soon for you all.. I had shiivers and :yikes: when I read about the snakes your Dad kills every year.. Oh..Thats so scarey to me.
I am glad that the snake in your yard is gone..
I know you musy be releived that crazy woman is leaving you alone on ebay..I cant get over all of that.. Unreal...
I know that you will have a great time at MB.. I will be thinking of you..
I sure wish I could be there when you are there....Maybe next year.. Its hard for my hubby to get off aorund that time.. alot of people take vacations in July with his company.. so he waits untill September to go to MB..We have gone in July.....but its always been towards the end of July..Maybe one day...
who knows... I know you will have a great time..
I am glad to hear that your Grandfather is doing good with his radiation treatments...God Bless him..42 treatments is alot...
I have him in my prayers and wish him all the best with his treatment....We arent playing for the 4th this year.. So far we havent done a whole lot this summer..because we really have been concentrating on losing weight and exercising so we havent been pushing the DJ thing alot..
I know that next year will be better for that...Thank-you for asking about it..
Have a great weekend and HAPPY FATHERS DAY :love: :wave:

06-20-2004, 12:14 AM
I had to start another post.. I was afraid I would lose itall if I didnt..

Donna.... Thank-you too for all your kindness and concern for Buddy and Bert....God Bless you Donna for your friendship and being here for me and everyone else in here.... I appreciate all your concern for my friends and all the kindness you have shown....You are a wonderful person and friend..
I am truly blessed in having you in my life..
Thats wonderful about Elena's theater workshop and how good she was..
I know you are so proud of her and I am happy that she is having so much fun.. She is truely one lucky little girl to have such a wonderful Mom to make her summer vacation so wonderful....
I am so sorry to hear about your Dad's pool.. Now days it so sad how people get ripped-off by bad contactors.. It goes on here all the time.... I hope that the contractor can be made to pay for what he did...I hope that the pool is finished real soon..You all will need it with all the heatwave going on...
Have fun on your trip to Kansas City... and I know that in August you will be having much fun in MB... I will keep my fingers :crossed: for you..
Have a great weekend and HAPPY FATHERS DAY :love: :wave:

Mr Ken... I am sorry about the weight gain... Maybe its meds like Donna said..
Have you ever tried Fake Beer. There is a beer here called O'Douls..
It has no alcohol and My hubby says it tastes like real beer.. He has diabetes and he cant have alcohol.. He was never a big drinker anyway so that was never a prob..but sometimes he likes a cold beer..and this fits the bill and its not as many calories as real beer....I am not saying that you are a big drinker or anything I just meant that if you like a beer now and then..try this one.. I am sure you will get back on track....
Have a great weekend and HAPPY FATHERS DAY :love: :wave:

Kris.....Dee..... I miss you all and I am sure you are busy with everything going on in your lives.. Please post when you can...
Have a great weekend and HAPPY FATHERS DAY:love: :wave:

06-20-2004, 12:25 AM
Good Night Everyone...
Enjoy tomorrow with your Husbands....Dads.....and familys..
Much :love: Many :grouphug: and God Bless.....and


06-20-2004, 05:36 PM
Hi everyone..another beautiful sunny day here..i have been busy blessing my house esp the kitchen..i made myself commit today to work first paly later :lol: ..i feel alasps of memory comming on :lol: hope you are having a great day and honoring all the fathers in your lives..HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the daddys,husbands,and grandpas..(((((((hugs)))))))) rosey :wave:

06-21-2004, 11:02 AM
Hello Everyone..
I hope that all the Dad's had a great day...We went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner... Its a new Steakhouse resturant here.. Only been open 3 weeks..It was really good and very busy.. We had to wait for a table..but it was well worth it....I had a steak and bake potato and salad.. It was wonderful..Jim loved it too..We had chocolate yougart for dessert at Baskin-Robins..We love this flavor called Maui Brownie Madness..Its sooooo good..
I have alot going on today.. I have to take my friend for hand surgery at noon..She will have this done as a out patient..Its Car-pul-tunel ( sp ) Surgery.....Her other hand will be done later.. She is very uptight about the surgery and I hope I can calm her down..Tonight is water class too..
I will weigh in tonight.. I sure hope what I ate Sunday..doesnt effect the scales tonight.. I hope I made the 20 pound goal..but I will see..:crossed:
I will be very busy today.. I need to go to the grocery store..but that will have to wait untill later..Its never enough time in a day for me.....:lol:
Yesterday was a beautiful day.. Sunny skys not real hot in the low 80's..
Today its cloudy and its hot again.. I hope to get to the pool sometime this week..I need to talk to the new life guards about a night swim we have planned coming soon for the adults and check out the new work that was done to the upper deck..They put some kind of new coating on the concret..I want to see how it looks....So many things to do...:lol:

I hope that all of you are having a good Monday and I will try to get back here this evening to talk to all of you..
I miss all of you..:mag: :cb:
Much :love: to all....:wave:

06-21-2004, 11:12 AM
I hope all goes well with your friends surgery today, Summer. :) My sister had that done a few years back.
It's a cloudy, rainy dark day here today. I feel like just sleeping but that can't be with a active 9 year old. LOL :)
Jim had a good Fathers Day yesterday and I think my Dad did as well. Shock of all shocks I actuallly gave him something he actually WANTED!!! ROFLOL My Dad is so hard to buy for. :( We went to a steak house too after church and last night I treated Jim and Elena to ice cream at Brusters. BUT Jim got up vomiting several times last night. I guess he's ok because he went to work today. :shrug:
I hope all goes well with everyone today. Dee, Dana, Daphne, Kris, Mr. Ken, Rosey, Summer I love you all!!! :love:

06-21-2004, 04:00 PM
Morning everyone. :coffee: .another pretty day here.. the dh will be home sometime today..i did get the cleaning done yesterday now i dont want to cook as it looks to nice and i dont want to mess it up :lol: but the dh always comes home starving so need to have something ready..its been a peaceful restful couple of days.. i enjoyed the break..will check in later have a great day everyone (((((((hugs)))))))rosey :wave:

06-21-2004, 07:40 PM
Hi all my yayas. I have been enjoying our heat wave and sitting in my hot tub. I think I am totally water logged now though. We leave for Weed, CA on Thursday. I will post more later just wanted to say a fast hi to all ya!

06-22-2004, 11:36 AM
Its a cloudy and very humid day today....Its suppose to rain today and it looks like it will happen.. I am doing laundry and cleaning.. I didnt get home untill after 7:00 I missed class... I didnt like that but there was nothing I could do.. I was to tired to go..
It was "murphy's law" yesterday.. I picked up my friend to take to the hospital.. She was late getting ready to leave.. Then she told me where to go...After we got to the hospital and checked in...we waited for awhile and they called her name we went to the check in desk and they said they could not find any record of her having sugery there today.. I asked them to call her surgeon's office and they did.. She was at the wrong place.. By the time I got her to the Surgery Center....they made her wait untill the last person for surgery that day..Both the surgery center and the hospital have the same first maybe thats what confused her.. I dont know..
Needless to say I wasnt happy...but I know she didnt do it on purpose..
I think she was so scared about having it done she didnt hear Surgery Center....She just assumed it was at the hospital..I was really tired when I got home.. I took her home....then went and got her RX filled and waited for her daughter to come.. She has a 3 year gd at home.. so by the time I got home it was to late to go to the gym.. I was pooped...What a day..
I have to go to the grocery store in a bit and then it more laundry and cleaning...No pool today..No sun..:lol:Thats just as well..I ahve to much to do so I wont miss the pool today..
Buddy did come home Yesterday.. Thats good news....
Thank-you ALL again for all your kindness about Buddy.... You ALL are the BEST.... I appreciate all your prayers and concern so very much..
Bert is doing ok.... I am still talking to her family about assisted living for her.. I think she would be better off there...They have alot to offer her and she would never be alone...

Donna...Thank-you for the well wishes for my friend.. Everything did go wise.. She was in alot of pain afterwards and they gave her alot of pain meds.. She has to have the other hand done plus her you did for teninitus..( sp ). I think she has to have her neck to for a disc or something done too..She told me she was falling apart..she was joking..
Sounds like the Dad's had a nice Fathers Day..Thats great...
You all did the same thing we did.. Steakhouse and Ice cream..:lol:..I am sorry that Jim got sick.. Hope he is feeling better.. Was it the food???
I hope you can have some "You" time real soon....Its hard when you are tired and want to sleep in some.. Maybe you can do that soon...
Hope your weather is better there today than here..
Have a great day....:love: :wave:

Rosey.. I am glad you had some "you" time.. I know how much you enjoy it.
I know what you mean about not messing up the house after you clean..
Are the pot and pan people coming back this week???
I have so much to do today..Cleaning and laundry and grocery store..
Hope you are enjoing the day...Have a great day...:love: :wave:

Daphne...Glad that you are enjoying the heatwave in your hot tub....I am glad you are getting some relaxing time.....It so good to hear that you are getting some time for you....after all you have been through..
Have a great time on your trip to safe...All us YAYA's will miss ya..
Have a great day... :love: :wave:

Dana....Kris.....Dee.....Mr Ken..... Where are you..:cb: :cb: :mag:
I miss you all.... Have a great day.....:love: :wave:

06-22-2004, 12:17 PM
What's that sound???? Do you hear it? It is the sound of silence. I just dropped Elena off at the church for they are going today to the Zoo in Columbia, SC and she will be gone ALL day! :coffee: Any one who doesn't know me reading this will probably be saying to themselves "what a horrible mother" :dizzy: The freedom won't last though. We have a appt. with a pediatric specialist at 1:00 this afternoon and because it's going over the results of all the tests she had done at the end of the school year she doesn't have to be present. Good thing because she would of been very upset if she missed the Zoo. She LOVES :love: animals! I think I slept last night the best I have slept in weeks. I had a *talk* with my sister about a situation that was put on me and I feel it went well. It had to be the best timing and since it was about our Dad before the party or father's day was not the best time. So, the opportunity arose last night. It's such a fine line with family and I am dealing with a very sensitive situation. I really hope that all went as well as I felt it did during our conversation. The enemy did try to hinder the meeting though because it was a terriable rain storm on me on the way to her place and when I stepped out of the car to her condo the street was flooding. I got soaked to the skin through my socks and shoes. At least that incident made my entrance a little different because she was very stressed out on what I had to talk to her about. I did not want to go over it over the phone or email. It was too delicate. Enough with that, it's now over and I am so very much glad. It is now out of my hands. :)
Summer, what a mess you had yesterday. You are truly a wonderful friend to your friend for putting up with all that and I can truly understand why you were way too exhausted to go to your class after all that. They should of made it more clear to her about *where* since both have the same name except for the surgical center. I can understand her saying she is falling apart, she has alot going on with her. I sure hope the :rain: stops a bit so you can enjoy pool time at least this weekend. Glad Buddy is home now. It sounds like you need some "me" time. :) ;) :coffee:
Daphne, my sister just came home from a weekend trip to San Diego, California. She said they actually had to buy light jackets there. It doesn't get higher than the 70's and the lows were in the 60's in the evenings. What a difference, huh? We have had some real hot days too. Hot and humid now with the rain. But, at least it isn't draught conditions. My grass looks very nice and green! I hope your trip goes well and that you will update us before you leave. :)
Dana, I guess you are getting ready for your trip to MB next week. Did you get the roof, the AC and the refrigerator all taken care of? Sister's pool is still not done and it is a shame but with the rain lately we wouldn't been able to enjoy it so just as well. My Dad's house is really shaping up. The deck is in now and they are doing the drywall stuff now. Expected move in maybe in the end of July.
Rosey, I'm glad you had a break. Are you having pot and pan people coming? LOL That sounds funny. LOL When do you go to see your mother? Isn't it soon? I bet you are getting very excited.
Dee, I am very, very, very concerned about you. :mag: :cb: :mag: :cb: :write: :?:
Kris, you are probably having tea with the :queen: right about now. LOL I sure hope you are having a blast!!! I couldn't remember when you said you would be coming home. I miss you! :) :grouphug:
Mr. Ken try that non-alchoholic beer. It tastes just as good as the other. I hope your weigh in this weekend will be better for you.
Well, friends one week from today we will be on a plane to KC! I need to do so much but can't get going with this "free" time! :rofl: :lol3:
Have a great day and I'll post again! :write: :callme: :cp: :wave:

06-22-2004, 03:01 PM
Hi everyone..its pretty here today.. the dh and i are having coffee on the deck :coffee: its good to have him home..i little distance makes the heart grow fonder :lol: :love: :lol: the pots and pans people are coming this evening..i will let you know how it goes :lol: my mil is coming a few finishing touches on the house and im ready..yes we leave for minnesota in less than 3 weeks..and im more rervous than excited..i hate to fly.. im a white knuckle flyer :( and it scares the### out of me..but i am anxious to see my mother and sisters..its been 3 yrs since ive seen my mother and 2 sisters and my youngest sister its been 10 we are going to have fun..donna enjoy your quiet time..summer sorry you missed your missing in action this week too :?: but i could exercise at home :lol: glad buddy is home.. you are such a caring person and glad you are apart of all of our lives..hello to all who are absent :lol: i have a few things to do yet so will check back tonite and let you know how the dinner was :lol: (((((((((hugs)))))))) rosey:wave:

06-23-2004, 01:38 AM
Hi everyone..we had our dinner cooked for us and i must say it was alot of fun and the meal was good..cooked without oil or spices or salt.. we had chicken potatoes and onions,brocollii peas and carrots..cooked for us by the nicest looking "young well muscled young man" :lol: :o :lol: i sure liked looking at him and so did my mil :lol: and my dh bought me a set of their pots and pans.. and they were expensive..but he was so proud to do this for i gracefully was a neat dont be afraid to try something new or different :lol: so how was all of your day?? donna did you enjoy your quiet time?? what did you do..summer di you ahve a quieter day today?? ok where are the rest of you????(((((((hugs))))))))rosey :wave:

06-23-2004, 11:11 AM
Hello Eveyone..
Its another cloudy and dreary day..We had alot of rain last night..and more on the way for today.. I still have more laundry and cleaning to do..
I have class tonight and Iwill be weighing-in..:crossed:..I hope we dont get a bad storm and the pool has to be evacuated....I have missed enough classes.
My friend is doing pretty good with her hand.. I guess it gonna take time to heal and she is in discomfort..I think she waited to long to get this done and now its gonna take longer to heal.. I feel for her.. She is very active person and this is really getting her down.. I have to go there to day and help around the house..I fixed a chicken casserole to take there today..
All they do is pop it in the oven to re-heat......Lots to do before class tonight.

Donna.... I had to laugh :lol: when I read your post about silence..
No you are NOT a bad Mother.. Whats wrong with having some "YOU" time.. nothing..thats a good thing.. We all need that especially Hard working Moms like you and all the Moms in here....All Moms need a break..I hope you got some well deserved rest.... I hope to have a "ME" day soon..I wont know how to act though....but I am willing to try :lol:..
Sounds like Elena is enjoying her summer and the zoo trip....Thats wonderful that she loves animals.. She may want to be a vet some day.. Never know..
I am glad what-ever it was you needed to say to your sister is over and that you feel better about it...I am sorry you got soaked in the process..Thats how it was raining last night...and they are calling for more here today....I hope that your weather gets better and you can enjoy the pool..Sounds like your Dad's place is coming right along.. Thats good news...I am sure he will be glad to get moved in....That was so sweet of you to say about me..
Thank-you Donna.. I just try to help people when I can..
I just hope my friend feels better soon.. She has been through alot lately..
I will be checking on Buddy and Bert today.. I hope that both of them are doing ok..Have a safe and wonderful trip to Kansas.. it will be here before you know it.. and if you are like me I wait untill the last minute to pack and then I always forget something..:lol: Please enjoy your "you" time and please dont feel guilty....Have a great day..:love: :wave:

Rosey.... pots and pans.. I bet they are really nice too..
What brand are they??? if you dont mind me asking..That was so sweet of your hubby to get them for you...Sounds like you all had a nice time and a good meal too..I had to laugh about you all looking at the "Muscle Man" :lol:
Sometimes I think If I had a day to do what-ever I wanted..I really dont know what that would be.. But I hope to find out one day soon..:lol:..I just want this weather to change so I can get to the pool some.. So far we have had a couple good pool days and thats it..How has your weather been??
I know that you are nervious about your plane ride to Minnesota.... I dont like to fly either..I can understand.. Can you take any kind of nerve pill before you board the plane?? That may help you to relax..or some wine or any drink..if you dont like meds.... You will be so happy to see your Mom and all your sisters....You will have such a good time.. and they will see the new you.. You have worked so hard..I am so proud of you Rosey.. :cp:
Have a great day :love: :wave:

Dana.. I am sure you are getting ready for MB...... How has your weather been??? Storms???? I hope not.. Did you get a new air conditoner??
I miss you.. Hope that we hear from you soon.. :cb: :love: :wave:

Daphne.. How are you doing??? It wont be long and you are leaving for your trip tomorrow to Cal.... I am sure you have alot to do to get ready..
Have a wonderful safe trip and enjoy.... I will miss you..
Have a great day :love: :wave:

Kris.. I am sure you are having a wonderful time where-ever you are..
Hope to see lots of pictures when you return.. :love: :wave:

Mr Ken.. How are you doing?? where are you?? :mag: :cb:

Dee.. Hope that you are alright..We all are starting to worry about you..
Hope to hear from you soon.... :cb: :mag:

I have to run.. Lots to do again today.. Never enough time for me in a day..but I am blessed to be able to have today to enjoy and talk to all my Dear YAYAYA's....Hope to get back in here later this evening...
Much :love: To All...

06-23-2004, 12:27 PM
I am back for a day. I will try to post some pictures tonight. I leave for Indiana tomorrow. More later.


06-23-2004, 02:56 PM
Morning everyone.. :encore: :coffee2: :encore: its overcast today and windy.. the dh is still snoring away :lol: but ive been out on the deck with my first rose has bloomed.. its one of the wild roses my favorite..we need to go shopping today..dh needs a haircut and new tennis shoes for our trip..last nite was funincluding the "scenery" :lol: the pots and pans are called Towncraft and they are surgical stainless steel.. lifetime gurantee(they should be for the cost) i got the basic set.. the food slicer grater shredder.. and the lg electric fry pan with the dome lid..i didnt plan on buying but the dh was insistent so we did :lol: they are nice..summer hope your friend heals up fast.. and shes lucky to have you as a friend.. also bert and are so caring and we love that about need some you time too and good luck on your weigh in tonite..donna how did you spend your quiet time..did elana have fun too..kris welcome back.. we can hardly wait to here about your trip.. ill bet it was where are the rest of you.. hope you are all having a great day.. will check in later..((((((hugs))))))))) rosey:wave:

06-23-2004, 10:23 PM
Rosey so what was better about that meal, the food or the chef?? :lol: I've never heard of those but I hope you can cook as well as he did in them so no one will be disappointed. Maybe you should invite that guy back as a "thank you for introducing your pans to me" dinner. :)

Yes Summer we got the big air conditioner. It needs its braces put up to keep it from falling. Dh has a piece of wood or something outside under it to prop it but the first time he did that on Sat. if fell back in window and we had to catch it. It takes 2 to lift it. It's real heavy but it works well. The thermostat on it can actually work enough to cut itself off. it's 72 degrees out now and the air isn't on. The other one never cut off in the 3 days we had it. It's boxed back up and hopefully walmart will take it back and that will be $130 toward our MB trip.

Donna don't know about you but I am at my wits end with my boys. I can't wait until school starts back and I mean NOW. I kept my nephew today and put the 3 boys together, you can't think straight. Have you gotten that pool issue straightened out yet. Is that mess in with the house too or is it finished?

Kris glad you're back and good bye again. Whirl wind!! When will you get to sit and rest a day?

Dee are you still out there?

Hi Ken! Are you laying back on the beer this week? Is it not hot enough in canada for water?

Well I hate to post and run but I am beat and I'd really like to go to bed if you know what I mean. Thank goodness DH doesn't work next 2 days but he has 5 yards of grass to cut not to mention our own. Hope you all have a good evening.

06-23-2004, 11:55 PM
Actually Dana Elena hasn't really been a big pain lately since that new neighbor child has gone out of town or something. She hasn't been around. It is a bad combination.. two hyperactive children feeding off of each other! LOL But actually there were things this 7 year old talked about that I just as well have Elena learn from us than her so just as well. No pool but my Dad's house is coming along really good. The pool is a real nightmare and we are now glad it didn't happen in OUR yard! LOL No, seriously I feel real bad for my sister and bil. It is going to cost them more than anticipated and there isn't anything they can do about it.
Rosey, I have never heard of those type of pans. I love cookware and would be interested in seeing something about them. Does this product have a web site?
Kris, I am so glad to see a post from you! I hope you have a good trip to Indiana!
Summer, hope the weather got better for you so you could go to your class.
Dee, Daphne and Mr. Ken I miss you as well!
:wave: :callme: :write: :cb: :cb: :mag:
Talk to you tomorrow if my monitor keeps working. It's been acting up on me.


06-24-2004, 12:31 PM
Hello Everyone... Well Mr Weather Man heard my request...Its a beautiful day today...Sunny Blue Skys afew clouds but nothing to do with rain..
I am going to the pool after I do afew things here.. I called my friend to see if she needs anything.. She said no..she was Ok.. so its off to the pool :cp:..I went to class last night.. It was good and I have another one tonight... could really tell that I had missed some.. I was whooped..:lol:.
but the good news is.. as you can see by my Little Chickie.. I did it...
20 pounds gone.. WOW...I got on the scales thinking that I prob had not lost more and when I steped up oin the scale.. WOW...I cant believe my eyes...
I thought for sure because of eating out so much this past weekend I would have not lost anymore..but I did...I am so happy and I will try to keep going.
:dance: :dancer: :encore:

Rosey... That was such a sweet thing to say.....Thank-you.... I bet your wild Roses and all the flowers are a beautiful site out on your deck.. I hope one day we can see pictures of it.. I never heard of those Pot and Pans either......but they sounds really nice.. Lifetime guar. you cant beat that...
Maybe you can get some Walmart time in when you all go shopping today..
I have to go to Walmart this weekend..also I have a Bridal Shower to go to on Saturday..I have to go to thier registered places and get a gift....or its money in a card..Not sure which one yet.... I never know what to get people.
Have fun shopping and enjoy the day.. :love: :wave:

Dana.. I am so glad you got your new air condioner.. It sounds really nice and puts out alot of air.. Thats great.. Hope that you can return the other one..but Walmart is usually real good about taking back things..I know you must be excited about leaving for MB.. I wish we were going too...
Sounds like the boys are doing the usual "Boy Stuff".. my hats off to you and all the Moms in here....Kids can test your patients all the time.. Its hard I know..but keep thinking MB MB MB...:lol:...I hope that you could get some rest while you hubby is home and before your trip to MB..
Have a great time at the beach..oh..I forgot to say I hope that you got your beach bags done to sell at the beach..or were you selling them on ebay?? I cant remember..either way I hope you sold them all..
Just remember I will be thinking about you at MB and wishing I was there too...We dont go untill September.. I was hoping to get there in July but things didnt work out that way..Jim's work..he cant get away..
Have a great Day :love: :wave:

Donna....I am so sorry about your sisters's pool probs.. Thats ashame......I know that its a real headache for them....I hope they can get it all done real soon....I am glad that Elena is having a great summer....The weather here is really good.. in fact I will be going to the pool today...I know you are getting ready for your Kansas trip....and that will be real soon..Have fun and very safe trip..Have a great day..:love: :wave:

Kris....Glad you are back..Cant wait to see some pictures..and hear all about your trip..Have a great day :love: :wave:

Daphne... I know you are on your way to Cal...We all will miss you..
Have a wondeful time :love: :wave:

Mr Ken.....Where are you..:cb: :cb: :mag:

Dee.... we all are wondering where you are?????? Hope that you are alright..
We all miss you.. ::cb: :cb: :mag:

06-25-2004, 12:30 AM
Hi everyone..a very busy day here but wanted to post a quick hello to all of you and let you know iwas thinking of you :lol: i brought my gd home with me just for fun and the dh had 2 wisdom teeth pulled today so ive been busy..being grama and nurse :lol: talk to everyone tomorrow((((((hugs)))))) rosey :wave:

06-25-2004, 12:58 AM
Congratulations Summer for making your 20 pound goal!!!

06-25-2004, 10:34 AM
hey, having puter problems. Probably won't be able to post till tomorrow.

06-25-2004, 04:58 PM
Hi everyone.. :coffee: the gd had me up with the early birds this am :lol: in fact the dh is still snoring away..she really entertains me and has such a funny way about can a grma i will post more later when im not so busy bing kept busy by one 6 yr old..have a great day everyone((((((hugs))))))rosey:wave:

06-26-2004, 11:41 AM
Rosey, very funny about gd! I can just hear your dh snoring away. How can they sleep through anything? LOL :lol: :rofl:

Well, new puter..... long story but all seems well so far!

Have a good weekend!


06-26-2004, 03:34 PM
Morning everyone..the suns out.. the birds are at the feeder. im all :coffee: coffeed up :lol: the dh is at his moms painting her deck today and i stayed home to finish uo my sewing for our trip and here i am playing and procratinating :lol: i had such fun with my gd but she sure wore me out..and to think i used to have house full of kids when i had my daycare buisness :?: i guess im getting old :lol: by the way summer i forgot to congrats you on your awsome 20# gone :cp: :encore: :cheer: :lol3: :cp: so proud of you and ill bet you feel great..donna what happened to your puter?? glad its working ken hope you have agreat weigh in today..kris we are waiting to here about your trip and glad you are back..daphnee hope your trip goes well..dana are your kids duct taped to the wall yet :lol: :lol: i used to threaten my kids with that and they laugh like crazy..i know its hard to have them around all the time..ill bet your excited and getting ready for your trip..what did you make this yr to sell??well must get busy before the day escapes me.. its bingo tonite as we have afamily b-day party to go to tomorrow..will check in later(((((((hugs))))))) rosey :wave:

06-26-2004, 03:47 PM
:wave: the boys found me. rosey i lost 1.6. dana i'm still having a few beer. i knnow i shouldn't be . the weather herre isn't all that hot here. it's been 70. summer wtg :dance: :) glen

06-26-2004, 04:10 PM
Way to go on that loss glen. I knew you would find your way back to the land of the losses.

Summer that loss for you is super and we knew it would be so soon that you would get that 20 pound chicken :lol: you better get the 25 POUND chick ready cause it will be posted next week.

Rosey I never made anything to sell. I have almost finished one of those beach bags but it's for myself. I didn't get a sewing machine to use> my mil gave me one but it was like 40 years old and wouldn't work so I made one by hand. It needs handles but otherwise will do. Have fun at your b-day party and good luck at bingo as always.

Donna so what's the deal with your PC? Mine is acting really stupid but it's in the keyboard. I have to retype everything it seems. It capitalizes stuff when I dont' tell it too and adds crazy punctuation.

I've just been really busy here. A week from today we will be at the beach (hopefully on it) and we haven't packed a thing. I need to make a list of "forget me nots" anyway. This is the birthday/anniversary weekend for us. Yesterday was the 12th year anniversary and tomorrow I will be 31. (don't EVEN do the math)

Well I will post this before I lose it but wanted to say :wave: to you all.

06-26-2004, 10:51 PM
Hello Everyone....:wave:
Its in the air with Pooter probs..
Mine has been acting up.. and I dont know why...Unreal..
I went to the Bridal Shower today..It was really nice.. She got wonderful gifts...and it was great to see her so surprised..
She didnt have a clue about the Shower... It was fun..
I hate to say this but Buddy is back in the hospital again.. his blood count went slow low due to this last chemo treatment.... I am praying he will recover once again from all of this..
Its such ashame he has to endure all of this..
I am really tired from today and yesterday... The shower was at 3:00 pm but it was a couple hours from accomodate all the family and friends from both sides so they had it in a location that everyone traveled about the same distance....I had to leave earlier today to get there and yesterday... I had so many errands to run and last minute things for the shower.. I am glad its done and I will be at the pool tomorrow relaxing if the weather is nice..
I sooooo hope it will be..

Donna.. Thank-you so much for the :cheers: for the weight loss..
I was so pleased....Now I am working on more weight loss...I will be trying..
I am sorry about your pooter troubles and glad that you got a new pooter..
What was wrong?? I sure dont know what the prob was with mine..
Like I said before they are possessed....:lol:
Thats great you got another one... I know what a pain all of it can be when they go crazy......Your trip will be here before you know it..
I am sure you have things to get ready for the trip..Always so much to do..
Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Rosey...Thank-you so much for the :cheers: for the weight loss..
I am so happy...Its hard work as you know.....but so worth it..
I will continue to try to loss..... :workout:
That was a cute story about your gd....I know how much you enjoy your Grandchildren....It wont be long and you will be on your trip to see your Mother and sisters..and I am sure all of your family will be so happy to see you....Have a big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at Bingo I have my fingers :crossed: for you...It will come in handy for your trip..
Have fun a the BD party tommorrow...Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Dana...Thank-you so much for :cheers: for the weight loss.. I hope that you are right about the 25 Chickie coming soon... I sure hope so....but I dont think it wil be next week.... I hope in a couple weeks...:lol:
I am sorry about your sewing machine..that you didnt get your beach bags made to sell....Maybe you can get a sewing machine alter on.. I have seen them as low as 99.00 at Walmart.. I dont know anything about sewing machines and maybe those are not real good ones..but with your talent and all I am sure you could make alot of different things to sell at the beach next year or on Ebay...Your pooter sounds like mine.....Possesssed..:lol:..
Have a safe and wonderful time at MB.. I will thinking about you and wishing I was there...Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Mr Ken...Thank you for the :cheers: for the weight loss..
Way to go on your 1.6 loss..:bravo: :cp: :cheers:
I knew you could do it...Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Kris.....Dee...Where are you????? :cb: :cb:

06-26-2004, 11:01 PM


:hb: :hb: :gift: :balloons: :balloons: :dancer: :cp: :hb:

Have a Wonderful Birthday.....

06-26-2004, 11:08 PM


:cp: :flow2: :dancer: :balloons: :balloons: :cheers: :cheers: :flow1: :hat: :love:

06-27-2004, 10:56 AM
dana happy bd and aniv. get well soon buddy . :coffee: glen

06-27-2004, 05:30 PM
Morning everyone..first of all Dana Happy Birthday and happy anniversary :hb: :cp: :gift: :balloons: :encore: :cheers: :cheer: :hb: :cp: May you have a fun day and many more..its cold and windy today.. am getting ready to go to the b-day bq at my nieces..i was a 250$ winner last nite whooohooooooo :lol: it will come in handy when we leave on vacation..hope everyone is having a wonderful day esp you Dana..its your day..will check in later (((((((hugs)))))))) rosey :wave:

06-27-2004, 10:09 PM
wtg rosey :dance:
reader's digest has an article 8 weeks to better body. god knows we can use all the help we can get, but i am opting to send mine back and asking for one in better shape. it;s alot less work :lol:the web site is click on magazine then the article. :) glen

06-28-2004, 04:27 PM
Morning everyone..another cloudy day here..i have sent the dh on errands with a list..hope he gets it all done :lol: the b-day bq was fun.. hope you all had a fun weekend..think skinny :lol: ((((((((hugs))))))) rosey :wave:

06-28-2004, 04:48 PM
{{{{{Dana}}}}} :grouphug: :hb: :gift: I hope your birthday and anniversary were all that you wanted and PLUS more!!! I'm sorry that I'm late in posting. I think we have a Summer who is having a b-day soon too???!??!?! I just remember it was in the summer! :lol: :lol:

All you who are at the beach, going to the beach or California or Indiana I hope you all have a wonderful vacation and a fun, safe fourth of July! This will be my last post before I leave for KC tomorrow morning bright and early. :yawn: :tired:

I may be able to log on at my sister's house and see what's going on with you all but if not I will get caught up on July 6th when we return home.

Much love to you all and keep losing!

:) :D :love: :wave:

06-29-2004, 02:22 AM
Went to the Bridal shower over the weekend.. It was real nice.. Alot of really nice people there... Had a great time.. Didnt do anything Sunday.. I was a lazy bumb...I should have.... but I layed around and watched TV read the paper ..did a crossword.....The weather was not good enough for the pool.. Sun was in and out.. so we stayed in...
Its been a busy day for me... I was upset cause I didnt get to class tonight.. I took my friend to the surgeon's office to get her stiches out and we waited and waited.. The nurse said he was backed up do to an energency and we had to wait.. Needless to say when we finally got out of there and I took her home it was to late to go to class.. I was upset but nothing I could do about it.. I am doing laundy and trying to do afew things around here and not wake-up hubby....Its real late and I am tired and I want to go to the pool tomorrow.. Its suppose to be beautiful day.. I can catch a few winks there..LOL...

Whats eveyone's plans for the 4th??? I will be at the pool....of course..if its nice and sunny.....we can see the fire works from our we plan on watching them from here.. I dont want to get caught-up in all that traffic..
We see plenty from here...I have seen the same fire works for years...:lol:

Donna.. Have a wonderful safe trip..Have fun and enjoy the 4th... know I dont have anymore BD's.. LOL....You werent late in were busy getting ready to leave...
I will miss you...but I am happy you are getting to go there...
Have fun...Cant wait to hear all about it and Pictures please..
Enjoy.......We will miss you...
Much Love to you toooo.:love: :wave:.. I hope that I keep losing..:crossed:

Rosey... Way to go on the bingo win :cp:... I know that you can use it for your trip too...Glad you had fun a the BBQ..... Hope that you weather gets better soon.... and that hubby will bring back all the stuff on your list.. :lol:
I wil try to think skinny Rosey.. but thats hard.. :lol:
Have a great Tuesday :love: :wave:

Mr.Ken.. Thanks for the info on Readers Digest article.. I will check it out..
Now wouldnt that be great if we could send our body's back and get a better one..:lol:..Thank-you for the well wishes for Buddy..
Have a great Tuesday..:love: :wave:

Dana....I hope you had a great Birthday and anniversary too...
What did you do???
I am not sure if you are gone yet..If not..... I know that you are busy getting ready to go..Have a great time and a safe trip to MB.. I know you will........Enjoy.......We will miss you...
Have a great Tuesday :love: :wave:

Daphne.....We miss you..You are still in Cal?????
Have fun...and enjoy...
Have a great Tuesday :love: :wave:

Kris... Dee... Where are you????? :cb: :mag: :cb: We all miss you...
Have a great Tuesday :love: :wave:

Sorry that this is such a short post....but its late and I am tired...
I hope that ALL of You had a great day and that you have wonderful weather for the 4th...
Much Love :love: and Hugs :grouphug: To Everyone...
Good Night and God Bless...:wave:

06-30-2004, 12:09 AM
Hi everyone..i cant beleave its evening and im the first to post all must be busy or gone on vacation :lol: i spent the day at the dmv.. we had to wait 3 hrs to get licence tabs for our old car :( it was ridiculous.. we took our number and then waited we even left for awhile and came back.. and still waited.. finally took 1 min to get the tabs.. i would have left but didnt want to waste another day there..also got travelers checks for our trip..seems i was gone along time for just 2 things :lol: we had a mama moose with a new baby walk thru our yard while i was gone and i missed it :( my dh said she stayed in the yd for over an hour and he did get pictures so hope they turn out..will check in tomorrow to see what you all have been up to :mag: inquiring minds want to know :lol: ((((((hugs))))))) rosey :wave:

06-30-2004, 11:59 AM
Hello Everyone.....
Rosey..sorry that I didnt get in here yesterday.. I had errands and then I went to the pool for the day.. It was a beautiful sunny day and today is the same.. I hope to go for a few hours then its off to water class tonight..
I came home from the pool yesterday and had some things to do and I didnt get a chance to get on the pooter......Today I have somemore things to do like laundry and cleaning etc... then its off to the pool again..:cp:

Rosey... I cant wait to see the pictures of the Mommy Moose and Baby.. I bet that was so cute...I am going to get one of those 1 time use cameras to take to the pool and take some pictures of the pool party and the 4th party.
Please tell your hubby to take some pictures of your beautiful garden and all the lovely flowers..
I know what you mean about DMV..They are always so busy here..Its a day trip to go to any of them for anything....I think thats matter where people live.. It seems that all DMV's are trhe same... slow slow slow.
I found the new pasta called Dreamfields.. Its is a reduced carbs and its really good.. Looks like regular pasta..tastes like it and cooks like it.. It is really really good.. I got it at our Safeway grocery store.. I dont know if you have one there..but its really worth trying to get it.. It says its only 5 digestiable carbs in a serving..I found this pasta on TV.. There are commercials for it..They said if you dont like get your money back..well they are right its really good..Not like wheat pasta or the other that tastes like cardboard.. this is unreal and good...Almost to good to be true..but I researched it on the internet and they have somehow made it from real ingrediants and altered the flour and thats why you dont have the carbs.. like reg.pasta.. anyway.. if you get the chance try it.. it great..
Go on line at and see where you can get it..
It wont be long and you will be on your way to see your Mom and sisters..
I know you must be excited to go....Glad you got your Traverlers Checks..
Thats the best way to go when going on a long trip..what are your plans for the 4th??? We are going to the pool of course..:lol: if the weather is good..
I will make some Dirty Rice and Chicken Wings and salad.. Next weekend is the Big Pool Party here.. It will be catered..Hot dogs..hambugers..and all the fixens...Mac salad....Pot salad..baked beans..Chips and and soft drinks....and much much more..They are having home made ice cream too..
It should be really great..Cant wait..
I am praying for this good weather to last..
Hope that you are enjoying the day Rosey...I have to go.. Got lots to do before class tonight....Hope that your weather is good too..
Take Care..:love: :wave:

I know that Donna..Dana...Daphne..are on vacation....and having a great time....I All...and I am happy that you are on vacation and enjoying yourselves.....Enjoy..:love: :wave:

Mr Ken... The guys are on the hunt..:cb: :cb: :mag: :love: :wave:

Kris.. Are you here???? or gone again?? I can never keep up with your travels..:lol:..:love: :wave:

Dee.. We all are worried about you and we all miss you....Please let us know how you are when you can.. :love: :wave:

06-30-2004, 03:18 PM
Morning everyone.. :coffee2: its hazy here today as we have 11 wild fires burning in our state and i can smell the smoke ..not strong tho and we are not anywhere nere the fires..but it sure makes my asthma worse :?: taking the film to be developed today.. hope the moose pictures turn out..i am going to curves.. no more excuses :?: boy can i come up with allot of reasons why i cant go..i am getting real excited to see my family but not excited about the flying :( i am trying to finish my picture scrapbook so i can take one album in my carry on..and want the moose pictures in it dh has gone to his cabin today and will be home tonite..he has a new atenna to hook to our cell phone to see if he can call me from out there..before the cell phone wouldnt work..a freind lent us his antenna etc so sure hope it i would be more at ease knowing he can call from there..we are going to the parade on the 4th and then a bq at our house..your pool party sounds like such so proud of you are doing it girlfriend..i knew when the timing was right that you would succeed..i will check out that pasta..i had a new salad at my nieces it was called fish eye salad :lol: really :lol: it was pearl pasta(like tapioca) cooked and then it had cool whip pineapple and manderin oranges in it..i really liked it when i got over the name of it :lol: well here i am rambling and need to get busy.. hello to all who are absent..hope your vacations are going well.. have a great day everyone ((((((hugs))))))) rosey:wave:

06-30-2004, 03:51 PM
Hi everyone I am back finaly. I was back Saturday but had Tony until yesterday. Today it is just Megan and me and dang it is quiet.
Rosey congrats on winning at Bingo! I have seen that cookware and ha da dinner made with it before. My Mom bought something and got something free andshe never uses it now! Have fun on the trip when is it exactly now?
Donna I hope that you enjoy your trip. Wow I get on and you leave me! Are you still enjoying the quietness?
Dana I have a card ready to be mail tomorrow being as I have misses the mail yet again. Happy Birthday and Aniversary. What did you get and or do for it? Did Walmart take the air conditioner back? When do you leve for that trip and when will you be back?
Summer give Buddy my love and let him know I am thinking of him and so sad to hear the news. Congrats on getting a 20 pound chickie. Are you getting a nice tan now with all the pooling you are doing? OK is pooling a word?
I have to go do a few returns at Walmart and flea bomb my house. Somehow we had a flea attack while we were in Cali. I hate fleas and am thinking my cat needs to go outside now!
I will try and be a better poster now that things have slowed down a bit.

07-01-2004, 03:43 PM
Hi everyone.. another overcast day :coffee: the fires up by fairbanks are terrible thats where sheree and her family are..hope they are ok..the smoke is affecting us here and we are over 500 miles from other dd from wassilla and her family are coming for the weekend .. im so excited to have the whole family together.. the last time was at christmas..we are going to the parade and then have a bq here..i have invited friends and family..i love get togethers..i did go to curves yesterday.. actully last evening.. and im sore today..but no more excuses..i dont like exercising in the evening tho..daphnee welcome back..was it a good trip?? kris waiting to here how your trip was.. the rest of you on vacation hope you are having fun..Mr ken what are your plans for the weekend??summer hope the pool partys a blast.. i have a pool..a small plastic wading pool for my dogs :lol: we do have community pools since im having company this weekend i must bless my house again :lol: :?: will check in later have agreat day everyone((((((hugs))))))))rosey:wave:

07-01-2004, 04:31 PM
Hello "Chickies"....
I have been so busy today..trying to catch-up laundry and house work and on the pooter looking for Mini Bagel Bites..These are little sausages wrapped in a mini bagel..They are sooooo good.. I fix them on the 4th to take to the pool and now the 2 places I always get them do not carry them..Go figure..anyway I have been on the web and I have found some but I have to drive about 30 min. to get them.. I will decided later..when to go...
Tonight I have water class again... I was really whipped last night..When I miss a class I can really tell it.. I am gonna try not to miss anymore..but I cant say what will happen.. The last one was due to taking my friend to get her stiches if duty calls..but I hope I can get all 3 per week.....
Today the weather has been lousy.. Cloudy..Humid and calling for storms this afternoon and tomorrow and on the weekend.. I sure hope we dont get them..but I looks like its possible... I got my Fingers and toes :crossed:
Lots to do for the 4th...We have friends coming and I hope that the weather will hold off and be nice..

Rosey....I am so sorry about the fires..Thats awful.. I sure hope they get them out and they dont head you way..Hope that your asthma gets better..
Those Poor animals in the fire..Its so sad for them..
I didnt see your fires on TV but the morning news I saw wild fires in Arizona.
The looked really bad... Its awful when these fires happens..Is it because its so dry in places?? I am not sure...I hope that all of them can be put out real real soon...and not to return...
I cant wait to see the pictures of the moose and your beautiful flowers..I am sure your scrapbook is really nice.. Your family will love it...
Sounds like you are a busy bee too... Getting ready for your trip..I know that you are excited..and not about flying.... I hope that you can get a nerve pill or something to help you... I am always real nervious to fly..I know how you feel..but just think..You will be seeing your Mom and Sisters and family..
Thats wonderful...and I know they will be so happy to see you...
I am proud of you too Rosey.. You are going to Curves even when it hurts.....You hang in there Sweetie...You will be surprised how you will feel...I do understand..when I miss a class or 2..I am feeling it...I understand..It will eventually get better..
I know it will...... :strong: :workout:
We are doing it Together My "Little Chickie"....we will win.... :goodscale :cp:
I hope that your hubby can get the cell phone antenna to work..that will be good so you can keep in contact when he is there...
I hope that you get a chance to try that pasta..its sooo good..I never heard of that Fish Eye salad with pearl pasta.. sounds good..Different...
I am looking forward to the pool I am hoping that we dont get rained out..As of this mornings forcast its not good... :( :cry:
Have a wonderful 4th watching the parade and have a great time with family and friends at your BBQ....
Much :love: :wave:

Daphne.... So glad to hear from you....and that you are back.....Donna and Dana are on vacations..Enjoy your quiet time with Megan...I am so happy that you are getting some time for you...Thank-you for all your thoughtfullness and caring for Buddy.. I will tell him.. I got some good news today.. He went home last night.. He had to go back this morning for a blood transfusion and platelets too..but he was able to go home...He is so happy to be at home.. He is more comfortable at home.....
He is real tired and I will be checking on him later...This poor man has been through so very much.. It always cheers him up that you ask about him..
He tells me to thank-you for thinking about him and keeping him in your prayers...He still is amazed that people he really doesnt know are there and caring.. I told him that you are one of many :angels: that are here and praying for him.. God Bless you Sweetie...for all your kindness...
What are your plans for the 4th???? what-ever they are I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself...
I am working on my tan.... and Yes Pooling is a word..:lol:...I hope that this weather will change and get out of the cloudy and humid funk we are in..or my tan will go away...:cry:
I hope to have some pictures soon... I bought a throw-away camera for this I hope to have some pictures..
I want a digital camera but I dont know which one to buy.. to many to pick from and I dont know enough about them..:lol: :shrug:
Sorry to hear about your fleas.. Been there many years know what you are going through......I hope that you get them all out of your house..
Have fun at my Favorite store..Walmart...and Welcome back my "Little Chickie" Much :love: :wave:

07-01-2004, 04:33 PM



:balloons: :cb: :dancer: :flow2: :flow1: :flow1: :yes: :balloons: :hun: :sunny: :cheers: :cofdate: :dance: :cp: :love: :love: :wave:

07-01-2004, 04:49 PM
I had to come back and say...

Donna.....Dana....Miss you all..but glad you are having fun on your vacations...
Have a wonderful 4th....:love: :wave:

Kris.....Mr.Ken.. Where are you???????????????:cb: :cb::cb:.....They are on the hunt..

Dee.....Where are you too?????????? :cb: :cb: :cb:....

07-02-2004, 11:29 AM
Hi guys. I haven't left yet. Either during night tonight or real early in morning. It's up to DH since he's only driving this year. Only taking 1 car, MIL"s explorer. I haven't packed any clothes yet but only stuff like drinks and such are in a corner in living room. We have had so much rain that we haven't been able to put things in the camper like we had liked too. Dh is even working today so I have to get gas and empty garbage sometime today.

Summer if it helps any to know this, it most likely will rain/storm on us every day at the beach as usual. My mil and fil have been down there since sunday. They are staying 2 weeks and she said it's stormed every day and some have been bad enough to rip off camper awnings and such. It's not as bad if you know when it's coming but if it's middle of night, you don't have warning to let awnings up and such. We are only yards from the ocean this year. Only 1 camper in front of us which really only means 3 things: long way from bath house, short distance to beach, worse storm conditions with wind. Luckily, we are going to rent a golf cart to help with the bath house scenario. :lol: I hope you have nice weather this weekend though and have a lot of fun. You know that's exercising as well. The pasta you mentioned is on tv commercials and in our Diabetes Forecast magazine but we haven't tried it yet. I certainly will though for brett cause he loves all types of pastas.

Rosey I pray those fires are out soon and your family is safe. Is it arson or something? Have a wonderful time BBQing.

Daphne I've missed you and glad you are getting SOME quieter time. Are you counting down the days before he gets back? Do you have to go pick him up as well? Yes walmart took AC back with no questions asked really. They never even looked in the box that I had in the buggy. She did everything off the receipt but it could have been empty box for all she knew? :shrug:

Well I must get up from here. It's nearly 10:30 already and I have too much to do that it makes me sick to my stomach just to think about it. All the kids are still sleeping. I will get to leave on one good note, I did lose my weight back down to actually deserve my chicky! :lol: I will be getting post cards for you so be looking for them if I had your address. I love you all dearly and will miss you. Everyone stay safe while I"m gone.

07-02-2004, 03:10 PM
:wave: have a good time dana. it was canada day yeterday, which is canadian version
of july 4th.
rosey ihope the fires are better and the bbq wasn't at one of the fires :lol:
summer happy 4th . i hope buddy and bert are okay
:) glen

07-02-2004, 03:37 PM
Morning everyone :coffee: i have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off :lol: i had such a craft mess to clean up and i am getting ready for the other grkids to get here tomorrow..then its a run to town as the grkids eat eat eat :lol: so need to get grocerys..then its home to cook for all..the only problem we are having with the fires is the smoke and haze from them..sherees family is in the thick of it tho..dont know how they were started :?: but we are fine here..just a quick hello and (((((((hugs to all))))) will try and check in later rosey :wave:

07-03-2004, 05:33 PM
Hi everyone.. hope you are all off having fun and thats why im so lonesome in here :lol: i have been up since 7am..i needed to make 2 diff salads for tomorrow and a pot of stew for tonight..trouble is i only have one big pot so i had to cook in stages :lol: the salads are done and the stews simmering..still have to vacume and do the dishes then i will be done..i got the neatest cokies decorating kits for the grandkids..the cookies are all ready baked and they come 4 to a package shaped like flags then they have tubes of frosting and sprinkles..i know the grkids will love making a mess in my cleaned up house..but thats what grmas do :lol: the parade at 2 pm tomorrow and we will bq in the evening..have a wonderful 4th every one.. stay safe (((hugs)))))rosey:wave:

07-04-2004, 02:54 PM
Hi everyoneHappy4th of July..hope you are all having fun with your loved ones ..I am ((((((hugs)))))))rosey:wave:

07-04-2004, 10:24 PM
:wave: happy 4th. is evryone :ink: ing out. i hope not. i didn't :scale this week.
::) glen

07-05-2004, 05:09 PM
Morning everyone :coffee: i am up finally we all slept in but i was first up and had to laugh as all the grandkids were on the floor in living rm on blankets like apassel of puppies :lol: we had such a nice time yesterday.. the parade was fun.. all the grkids had their faces painted like a flag soooo cute..we had a nice bq..and we didnt over eat.. well at least i didnt..hope you all had a fun day we are just veging out..the dd is staying till its pretty wild around here..plenty of leftovers so i dont even have to cook today..will check in later(((((((hugs)))))))rosey :wave:

07-05-2004, 11:29 PM
Hello Everyone...
Its been a interesting holiday weekend... It rained Sat..Sun...and some today... We didnt go to the Fireworks on Sat.. they changed it due to more rain expected on Sunday and it stopped raining at dark on Saturday and they did the fireworks then..Now all the different towns around here do thier own thing when it comes to fireworks.. Some even have rain dates that will happen into this week.. We wont go to those.. The Fireworks on The Mall in DC goes on rain or shine..We dont get caught-up in that mess.. To many people and tooooo much traffic.. We had a nice time Saturday with a cook-out at the pool..and friends there it was so nice..Hubby was off today due to the 4th being on Sunday...I got nothing done..if you know that I mean..
Trying to play catch up tomorrow and I have things I must do...
I was upset cause I didnt get to class tonight..Our company didnt leave untill this evening.. What can I say..Oh well tomorrow is a another day..:lol:

Rosey...Sorry you were lonesome.. I have been so busy with company and all..I really didnt have time to get in here..and it was storming too...Late afternoon and evening....We were mad about that.. I wanted good weather..
I guess it could have been worse..
Sounds like you had a great 4th with Grandkids and your family there...I am sure they all had a wonderful the parade and the BBQ...
They sound so cute with thier faces painted with a flag..You are such a great Grammy..with the cookie kit for them.. I know they had to love that..
Way to go on being good about not eating to much...:bravo: :cp:
I was good too....It wasnt easy..there was sooooo much food.. I told myself that next weekend is the big pool party thats being cattered and I am gonna eat then.. :lol:
I hope that those fires are dying down now..I am glad you all are safe..
Thats some scarey stuff.. I hope that Sheree is ok..Thats ashame these things happen..
Have a great evening with your family...:love: :wave:

Dana.. I am so sorry about all the rain there and at MB... I hope that the weather changes for you there.. and the sun comes out..Yes I can imagine its scarey in the middle of the night if a storm gets bad and you are so close to the ocean in the camper....I will pray that doesnt happen...I want you to enjoy your time there..I am sorry that your MIL and FIL had rain the whole time they have been there.. Mother nature has been raining on everyones parade this week.. Our 4th was rainey too..and it rained into the weekend and today too...
I hope that you are not so stressed out like your were the other day..
I diffenently understand why Sweetie...
You have all of it on your shoulders.. Its so hard.. I know...
Hubby needs to help you more...Men can be so spolied.. I know..
Believe me I do..... Its harder for you..You have children to take care of too.
My Hats off to you....You are amazing....I will miss you....
I want you to have a very relaxing and good time at the beach..
I hope that you had a safe trip there and its not raining and you have a wonderful sunny time.:sunny:.... I am doing the no rain :dancer: for you and all of us..Enjoy....:love: :wave:

Mr Ken...Thank-you for the well wishes for Buddy and Bert.. They are doing ok...Hope your 4th was fun.........No I didnt :ink: :ink:..but I wanted to..
There was so much food...but I was good..I will be eating next weekend..:lol:
Good luck with your weigh-in... I havent weighed since last week..
I will do it Wed...Maybe...:lol:..Have a good eveing :love: :wave:

Donna... Hope that you are having a great time and had a great 4th....
I miss you....:love: :wave:

Daphne... Hope you had a great 4th....I miss you......:love: :wave:

Kris..Are you here???? I miss you...Hope you had a great 4th.. :love: :wave:

Dee... Hope you had a great 4th..
We all are hoping to hear from you soon.
We al miss you...:cb: :cb: :mag:

07-06-2004, 05:23 PM
Morning everyone :coffee: its sunny and cool here being lazy..the dh and oldest grson went to the cabin..they will be back tomorrow.. my dd and the other 2 grkids are veging out..later today we are going to bingo..they have to go home tomorrow..but its been alot of fun..hope everyone has had a safe and happy 4th and are home soon..we miss you all..ill check in later((((((((hugs))))))) rosey:wave:

07-06-2004, 08:58 PM
Hi everyone! I had a relaxing 4th here. I slept in until 10:30 AM and had no time to get ready for Church so DH went alone. Megan had a seizure in the early morning so she was sleeping it off as well. I went to the lake with my neighbor and looked at the craft booths and bought a shaved ice and an elephant ear. Came home and went to neighbors for a BBQ around 6ish. We then left off fireworks for the Indian reservation.:nono: OK they were not exactly legal but not as not legal as others around us!:lol:
Rosey I am so sorry about the fires around you. How are they doing today? How is your breathing doing?
Summer I am so sorry that you didn't get to class again. Things happen for a reason even if we don't always understand or agree with them. Do you have class today? It sounds like you still had a blast with the 4th even with all the rain.
Donna how was your 4th? Are you still gone and when will you be back?
Glen hope that yopu had a fun weekend and kept the beer at bay!:lol:
OK off to do some shopping on line!

07-06-2004, 11:22 PM
undefinedundefinedundefined :D

Well, we are are a couple of pics to show you what we did in Italy and England. It was fabulous... more later...

07-07-2004, 12:15 PM
Hello Everyone......I have been busy doing just about everything..
Housework and laundry errands and helping some friends..
I did get to the pool yesterday..Hurayyyyyyyy
It was so hot that I stayed in the pool on the lounger most of the time..
The pool was almost empty except for me and 4 other was still nice.. Hubby got off a little early and joined me for awhile..We had fun and then we come home and I fixed dinner.... I was pooped and went to bed early..
Today its over cast and looks like rain today..I hope if it does rain its all gone by the weekend... Its the pool party this weekend..and I want nice weather..
I bought some of those throw-away cameras and I want to take lots of pictures..I have plenty to do today too... always something to do right..
Womans work is never done..:lol:

Rosey.....Hope you won $$$$$$ at Bingo...Sounds like you are having a nice relaxing time with your family....Thats great.. I know how much you love having them there with you..How is the book coming for your trip??
I made reservations for our MB trip in September and we are going to Ocean City Md for a few days at the end of July.. I cant wait....
Have a great day :love: :wave:

Daphne....I am so glad you had a relaxing and a very nice 4th..
Thats wonderful.... I hope that Megan is doing alright....
May I ask whats a elephant ear?? :lol:.. I never heard of them..
We never go anymore to see the fireworks.. We can see them from our street and really from our thats what we do now..We use to drive to another town and watch them but it got to be toooo much now we stay home..I enjoy going to the pool and maybe next year they will leave the pool open to sit up on the upper deck and watch the fireworks.. I have suggested that so we shall see..Yes Sweetie.. we had fun on the 4th even with the was nice to be there with everyone at the pool and have fun....we missed that last year when hubby was sick...
I have classes on Monday--Wed.--Thurday...Tonight I have a class.. I need it thats for sure...I really enjoy them..but sometimes the poop me out..:lol:
Buddy is home and doing ok and I talked to him yesterday....He said to tell you hello and hoped that everything was good with you and yours... I told him I would tell you that...He is doing as well as can be expected.. He is a fighter and we all keep good thoughts for him everyday.... Bert is doing Ok.. She goes to therapy once a week and that seems to help her and I am hoping she will go to assisted living..That would be really great for her..She needs alot more and at assisted living she would get it..I keep trying to get her family to do that..but I can only do so much..Thank-you for always asking about them...You are so thoughtful...and such a wonderful YAYA friend..I hope that you are enjoing good weather and having some time for you....Did you find some good bargains on line yesterday???
Have a great day :love: :wave:

Kris... WOW.. Love the pictures..Looks like you all are having a wonderful time.... I am sure you didnt want to come home..Right..:lol:
Thanks for the pictures....Have a great day :love: :wave:

Dana...Donna....I miss you all...Have a wonderful vacation.. :love: :wave:

Mr Ken.....What have you been doing??? :cb: :cb:
Have a great day :love: :wave:

07-08-2004, 12:57 AM
Hi everyone..sorry this is such a late post..better late then not at all :lol: so pooped from all the company..they just left about an hr ago..the dh came home from the cabin and the grdson and his mom and siblings had to leave as dd has to work i fed everyone and they got going and the dh is in bed allready..i tried to clean up the house some but am just pooped so as scarlett says"tomorrows another day"and after a good nights sleep i will feel better..i asked the grson(hes 10 mind you) what was the most fun he had at the cabin and he said the dead beluga whale he saw on the beach and he took a picture of it for me :lol: just what i always wanted..will address everyone tomorrow "scarlett" is going to bed :lol: ..((((((hugs)))))rosey:wave:

07-08-2004, 01:32 AM
hi you all! I am back! had a wonderful time will fill you all in later. Just wanted to let you know I am home safe and sound! :wave:

07-08-2004, 11:30 AM
Hello "Chickies"...

I am trying to get cleaning and some laundry done..Got class tonight..It was hard last night.. When I miss a class its hard to keep up..You would think it would get easier but it seems not...:lol:..Maybe thats a good thing but I was really tired last night and went to bed early..Today it looks like rain anytime..The weather man said it will be a good weekend.. Hurayyy for that..
The pool party should be alot of fun.. Everyone is excited about many things to do.. Childrens games and prizes...Food...Card games..and later at 6:00 with music and more food and dancing..etc....I cant wait..We go to the Dr. tomorrow for check up and weigh-in.. So I have my fingers :crossed:..
I didnt weigh yesterday at the gym.. I will weigh at the gym Monday.. and see if it matches the Dr scales..which so far it has not.. :shrug:

Rosey...Sounds like you needed some rest..Hope that you sleep in today..
I had to laugh about what your Grandson said he like about the cabin.
It was a "boy" thing..:lol:....You are so right about Scarlett's another day..
I try to get things done but most of the time its another day for me too...
Hope you sleep in today and get rested up.. When do you go back to curves?? I have another class tonight and I am sure it will whip-me good..:lol:
Have a great day :love: :wave:

:dancer: :cp: :flow2: :write: :cofdate: :gossip:
I cant wait to hear all about your trip and see any pictures you might have taken..Hope that your weather was good there and when you got back home....We are hoping to take a little trip to the beach at Ocean City, Md around the end of July..Our MB trip will be in Sept 11-18..we will have friends going and sharing a 3 bedroom condo at the Sands Club....I cant wait for that...Have a great day :love: :wave:

Daphne....Kris....Mr. Ken...:cb: :cb: :mag:....Have a great day :love: :wave:

Dana..Hope that you are having lots of :sunny: at MB.. Enjoy :love: :wave:

07-08-2004, 08:18 PM
Hi it is allmost supper time and im still not dressed..have beencruising around in my bathrobe and feeling really lazy..the dh went back to the cabin for overnight :?: i wasnt a happy camper as we have so much to do before we go and i could have used the help..on the other hand the weather isnt always this nice and understand where he is coming from too..its all about compromise right..i have managed to get laundry done and the dishes done..went to get my suitcases from upstairs and couldnt find them..well the dd borrowed them last fall and she still has least i know where they are :lol: ..i still have some sewing to do..but it all seems to get done on time :lol: donna am so glad you are home safe and want to here all about your trip..kris your pictures are awsome..looks like you had fun too..daphnee the fires arent that close to me..but the sky is hazy from the smoke and it affects my allergies :?: thanks for your concern for me..dana hope your trip waas fun too..summer.. i can relate about the exercise..when you miss a few days its hard to get back..with the grkid out of school we dont always have some one to watch her while we are at curves so i miss some days..hope your weigh goes great for you have been working hard and it will pay off i just know ken hows it going for you..well my new cookware is sitting on my table and its so shiny im scared to use it :lol: i cant beleave what we payed for it tho :lol: :?: :lol: girls thought chef jeff was fine looking too :lol: ;) :lol: will check in later(((((((hugs)))))))rosey :wave:

07-09-2004, 10:37 AM
Hello Chickies...
I Have lots to do today.. Tomorrow is the big Pool party and I am getting ready for that...I cant wait..It should be so much fun...Ihave invited a couple friends over for the party and I made some finger-food for the afternnon so we wont be so hungry at 6:00 when it really starts.. The childrens things will be in the afternoon..and the adults in the evening...
:cheers: :burger: :cheese: :coffee: :dancer:
I went to class last night..its was good..and I was pooped..:lol:...I hope that Monday weigh-in for me is good.. I had to cancel the Drs appointment for today..Hubby cannot be there..He is working later than usual on a new project at work.... We will go the first week of August..Our Dr is going on vacation in the next 2 weeks and thats when he will be I could not see him before that..Oh Well.. He needs a vacation too....The other Dr.s there cover for him..but we dont need to see them..this was just a check-up for both fo us..I will weigh-in at the gym Monday.I hope its good..:crossed:

Rosey... I am sorry that the haze-smoke from the fires makes your allergies worse..I am so glad you all are not in the fires.. Thank-God for that..
I know you said that Sheree is near the fires. I sure pray that they are alright....It wont be long and you will be on your way to see your family..I know that you will have a wonderful time.... I can understand about Curves and the children being home.....Its hard on us when we miss classes..You too have worked hard on losing too...I know it will pay off for both of us....Together we can do it :strong:....
Hope that your hubby will help you when he gets back....Men are like kids...they can be something else...:lol:..You will have to try out your pots and pans and see how you like them.... I had to laugh about your girls liking chef Jeff....I can picture him cooking for eveyone...
Have a great day and wonderful weekend :love: :wave:

Donna.. I know that you must be tired from your trip home.. and have lots of things to do..Thats the way it is when we get back from vacation.. Laundry and house things to do..Grocery shopping etc.. Womans work is never done..
I am glad you are back safe and sound and that you all had a great time..
Cant wait to hear all about it....I hope that you have some pictures of your trip.. I got some cameras to take pictures of the pool party..
Have a great day and wonderful weekend....:love: :wave:

Daphne...Kris... Mr Ken.. I miss you all :cb: :cb:
Hope you all have a great day and wonderful weekend...:love: :wave:

Dana.. I hear that the weather at MB is good....I am happy that the rain went away.. Have a wonderful time on your vacation.... :sunny:
We all miss you :love: :wave:

07-09-2004, 05:46 PM
Hi there! You may have noticed that I changed my chickie. I weighed myself when I got home from our trip and saw I gained almost ten pounds so I had to take away my 30 pounds lost status. :shrug: :cry: :stress: :lol:
Well, yes we took pictures. Only 100. So, I'll post a link to them when I get all the editing done.
It's such a nice area where my sister lives. There is something for everyone. We took the kids to a park called Deanne Rose Children's Farmstead that was like going back in time. There was an old fashioned school house, indian teepees, pony rides, hayrides, mining for gemstones, playgrounds, lots of gardens, animals and plans for more little exhibits of old timey dairy farm and so on. It was FREE! Of course you had to pay for the mining of the gemstones or the pony and hay rides but it was all very reasonable and Elena loved it.
We went to see a Kansas City Royals baseball game and there was an outstanding fireworks show afterwards. Good game but the Royals lost! :lol: :rofl: We took the kids to a movie when it rained on Thursday and first there was a childrens mall that they had a great time in. That evening my sister and I went to a Italian restaurant to eat and shopped then went to see a movie called "The Terminal" with Tom Hanks. It was good I thought. I think we would of liked the Notebook though better. But we didn't choose that one! :lol: Friday, we went into the city and took the kids to a Crayola shop that had a Crayola Cafe where we ate lunch and shopped. It was cute. I was amazed at how much things they have for kids. I was glad to say the least. On Saturday we went to a airshow that was out of this world but they didn't plan the transportation very well from the event back into the city to where we parked. We waited nearly two hours for a bus. It was total chaos. It was so hot that a man passed out and one lady was so concerned about her baby getting dehydrated. We would be told to go to one area to wait for the bus and then told no and it was back and forth like that and the frustration was definately felt by all. Good thing there wasn't alcohol there because we probably would of witnessed a fight. LOL It worked out though finally.
On the fourth of July we hung out at their neighborhood pool and saw a fireworks show that evening at a business park and yes.. ELVIS! He is alive... I hate to tell you all. LOL :lol3: They had some bands playing and lots of things to eat. I ate and ate the complete time I was there I'm afraid. That explains the ten pounds. (lol)
On Monday we went to "The Plaza" in KC. It is several blocks big of different shops and restaurants and many fountains, statues and the buildings had European flare to it. Very nice. I had gone there with Mary and my then stepmother before she gave birth to Bethany and I wanted very badly to show Jim. It's beautiful area.
Our flights to KC went smoothly. Elena did real well for her "first time" on the way home from Cinncinnati we ran into some storms that I thought would ruin her experience of a good plane flight but she did good. A young boy sitting behind her got air sick. Not a pretty sight.
Well that is what I did on my summer vacation. LOL Sorry if I lost you... LOL

OH BTW! My sister's pool is finally finished. We have been swimming today and the day before. :) :D

07-10-2004, 09:13 PM
Hi everyone..our weather has been breaking records.. 82 here today and its sooooooo hot..we need rain really bad..have been trying to get things done for our trip but being so hot all i want to do is sit in front of the fan(we dont have a/c have never needed it)am glad my mom has a/c good thing is when its hot i cant eat :lol: :?: :lol: still have sewing to do but almost done with that then just have to pack..donna your vacation sounds like such fun and so many things for kids to do.. am glad you are home safe.. summer hope you are getting lots of neat pictures at the pool party..dana are you home yet??mr ken kris and daphnee hello hope you are having a great weekend.. will check in later..that is if i havent melted yet..((((((hugs)))))rosey:wave:

07-11-2004, 06:16 PM
Hi everyone.. we are still having record high temps..its really miserable here in the afternoons.. i feel like a limp noodle :lol: ive been working on a pair of jeans to take on my trip..and cant seem to get them to fit right..dont know if thats a good thing.. depends on how you look at it.. so far i have re -done them 4 times and they are still to big..but i dont want them to be tight either so i sew some and then try them on.. and sew some more :lol:..i took some clariten for my allergies and it gave me an awful headache :( dr suggested i try it..i think id rather have the runny nose to a headache :lol: so what are you all up to today?? its awful lonesome in here :lol: ill be back later to check(((((((hugs)))))) rosey :wave:

07-12-2004, 01:54 AM
Rosey, when do you leave? I know you are excited! How cool about the pants. :dancer: Hope you feel better.

07-12-2004, 01:11 PM
Rosey I am laughing about the Claratin. It hasn't been helping me and just makes me want to sleep. my nose is still running none stop and last night was bloody as well. I am thinking I have a sinus infection as well. I am impressed that you can sew jeans. I am going to try and make Megans pillows this week for her bedroom. When do you leave on your trip? Is that DH going to go elk hunting this year? What about fishing?
Donna yea!!!! Welcome back woman we missed you. That trip sounds absolutely wonderful. I think it is just what you all needed. Next time can I go with you? I will be Elenas nanny.:lol:I am sure the 10 pounds will come off so fast now that you are home and able to eat normal and drink water like normal.
Summer how was the pool party? Did it rain or was it nice? How was the food and what did you eat? Did it wear out that DH of yours? I think I want to spend the summer with you and the pool! What do you have planned next party wise? How is Buddy doing this week? Let him know he is in my thoughts as usual.
Dana when do you come back? Are you back today?
Kris when do you leave again?
Glen how was your weekend?
OK did you all know it is hard to type with a runny nose? I had to take a break to go get Kleenex. Oh and I hate Puffs and that oily feel to them. Makes me feel like i have snot all over still.:lol: I know I am full of TMI for you all today. Sorry but snot is running my world this month I belive. Jason got home on Saturday around 5ish I think. We slept imn until 10:45 on Sunday so we were to late to go to Church. We then took a nap from 2ish to almost 4ish. I sleep so much better when I have him to touch even if it is just his arm. OK my diet is none exhistant so far. I start out good and then just go pooey and give up.This week I should be able to stick to it a bit better being as there is nothing here to eat!:lol: I want to go thru my diet food Lean Cuisines etc... I should have enough to get me food all week. OK I sneezed and have to go change.....:lol:TMI again I know:lol:For those that have had kids you should know what I mean!
Kisses and hugs ya all!,

07-12-2004, 08:00 PM
Hi everyone.. its cooled off some becuz theres a nice breeze blowing..i leave for anchorage tomorrow and fly out of anchorage wednesday.. to say im excited and nervous is an understatement..those jeans i tried everything to make them fit.. so washed them in hot water.. well they are rolled up in a ball and i threw them in my closet..maybe i can make something from them for the grkids :lol: :?: :lol:anyways im about all set to go.. just need to run dishwasher tonite and pack the last few things..daphnee you make me laugh and yes i have that problem when i sneeze :lol: :?: :lol: i didnt take the clariten today.. am trying to see if the headaches worth i wonder too if danas back and had fun.. what kris's trip was like.. the pictures were awsome..if summers pool party was fun and how her weigh in went..if donna has recovered from her trip and is elana bored after all the fun kid things..if mr ken having a fun summer.. so the guys are on the hunt :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: hope to here from some of you before i leave..will check in later((((((hugs)))))) rsoey:wave:

07-12-2004, 10:45 PM
Have a great trip, Rosey!!!!! :dancer: :hat: :cp: :cheers: :cp:

07-13-2004, 09:14 AM
Hey guys!

I am well. Finals are starting and I have lots to do, so.....I will be laying pretty low for the next couple of days. I posted a couple of pictures from my trip a week or so ago, but I think most of you were gone. Take care and I'll check in when I can.

07-13-2004, 12:38 PM
Hello Everyone....Its been cloudy all week and very hot and humid..I hope it blows out of here soon.. I have been busy with just about everything..
Cleaning laundry and took Bert for a haircut and lunch...Had her carpets cleaned and trying to get her family to see the light..
Hope that happens soon..
Tonight Buddy wants us to meet him for dinner.. He has been really tired with this past round of chemo and I hope he is not over-doing it trying to go to dinner.... I told him not to push himself if he wasnt up to it..It will be just me and hubby and his ex wife having dinner..Its os wonderful that he and his ex-wife have a wonderful relationship..She has been there for him durring all of this and he really does rely on her.. I am so happy they have each other.
Everyone else is either on vacation or univailable right now....He wants to do it again when everyone is back and can do it....
I hope everyone can do it then.
The Pool party was loads of fun.. and yes I ate but not alot.. I gained 4 pounds back.. I think it was much salt.. trying different snacks..
Like baked cheetoes and party mix etc.. TOOO much salt..anyway.. I weighed at the gym and saw that and was not a happy camper.. :eek: :(
So its back on the straight and narrow..I have to take the pictures to be developed this weekend at Costco...and get a cd of them to put on here..
I will hate to see the pictures of me.. My roots are grown-out tooo much and I cant get in to have them done untill the 29th of July...My hair-dresser went on mini-vacation and I didnt know she was going....She will be back then..
I look like Scary-spice.. :fr:

Rosey....Have a safe and wonderful trip....I am sorry if I have missed you before you left and that your jeans didint turn out right....When you go to Walmart next time..try on some jeans..I bet you will find a pair you like.... I hope that your weather is better today and when you leave....and that you have good weather where you are going..
Have fun with your family and enjoy..I hope that your allergies get better and your headache goes away before your flight...
We will miss you girlfriend...:love: :wave: :grouphug:

Daphne.....I am sorry that you have a sinus infection....Runny nose is a really big pain...I sure hope that you feel better real soon...I am so envious that you too can sew.. I cant sew anything...I bet Megan's pillows will be really nice. Come on down anytime and we will go to the pool and have a great time...That would be such fun if you could do that.. They are thinking of having another pool party in August..I hope so. This one was such fun..Both me and hubby were tired the next day..I had a hotdog with slaw on it and tried a little of everything....pot salad...mac salad..reg salad..speg salad....but didnt over-do-it.. The food was really great.... I think the salt didi me in..I tried different snack things and I dont use salt or cook with I think I gained from that not the food..cause I really didnt eat that much...
I will work harder at getting it off this week...
I will tell Buddy what you said..We will see him tonight at dinner...
He will be so pleased to hear from you..Thank-you Daphne for your thoughtfulness and kindness..You are such a Sweetie...
I sure hope you feel better real soon..I dont like Puffs tissue either..
Give me the good old scott tissues anyday...
What are your plans for the rest of your summer?? Anymore trips???
Dont worry you will get back on track with your diet.. Its harder in the summer to much going on and things to do and more food..:lol:
Atleast for me it is.. I try to be good..but somedays..what can I say..Ihave to get better..cause the wedding I will be going too is in September and I have to be able to find a decent dress to fit in have to try harder and with all the support from all my YAYA girlfriends here plus Mr Ken..we ALL can do it....I hope you feell better real soon...
Have a great day :love: :wave:

Donna... Your trip sounded really nice.. All the things you all did and saw. Thats great.. I know that Elena must had a great time..Thats wonderful...
Dont worry you will lose...I know its so easy to gain on vacation..Look at me.. I gained and I didnt go anywhere..:lol:...Just to the pool I have to buckle down and get it off....:crossed:
I had to laugh about Elvis lives....He seems to be all over these days..:lol:
I am glad that your sister's pool is finsihed and you all can have fun in it.
These hot days you need a pool to cool off..I hope that the humid weather we all are having dissapears soon...I cant wait to see your pictures.. WOW.over a hundred.. I only took 28...I hope mine turn out..
Have a great day and We ALL are so glad your back....:love: :wave:

Dana.. I dont know if you are home yet..but Thank-you so very much for the postcard from MB.. I loved the couple on the front.. They look like me and Jim on the beach..:lol: :rofl: :lol3: Not you and your dh..Hope that your weather is good where-ever you are....if you stillin MB Enjoy and if you are back..looking forward to hearing all about your vacation and hope for some pictures..Have a great day :love: :wave:

07-13-2004, 12:57 PM
Kris....Sorry I had to start another one.. I was affraid I would lose my post..
I understand about finals and I am sure you will be real busy with that.. I saw your pictures.. They were great.. I could tell you and hubby were having a wonderful time..
Please let us all know how things are going with you when you can...
Have a great day :love: :wave:

07-13-2004, 10:42 PM
Hello Everyone....

I recieved this from Dana today and she wanted me to post it to everyone to read.. She is having alot of probs with her server and she is in the process of changing servers and she cant get on her...I hope that she can get it fixed so she can post soon.. I am sure its so flustrating for her.. I know how it feels not to be able to post...or do anything...
I know that Rosey is gone and Kris is busy with finals..but where oh where is everyone else ??????????????? I am missing you all
:mag: :mag: :cb: :cb: :cb: :shrug: :shrug: :gossip: :blah: :comp: :dancer: :cb: :wave: :love:

Hi Summer. I"m emailing you from my bellsouth email cause I can't get online for more than 30 seconds at a time to use my hotmail. I'm having awlful server problems and I may change my IP later on today to someone else. You can email me back on this one today if you'd like and I will get it at least today. (any of the 3fc gals are welcome to email as well).

I just wanted to let you know why I couldn't get on 3fc to post. By the time the pages would load, my internet would hang up. We got home at 3:45 a.m. early sunday morning. We have a very nice time and only had one t-storm on thursday. It was very severe and heavy and even flooded the campground in places and over flowed a lake. It was terrible for the fish and ducks in that lake. We had 3 ducks who stayed around our camper a lot especially at night. It was neat. I'm not sure if I got pictures of them or not but I do have about 100 digitals I took and when I can get online long enough I can upload them to a album to share. I'll let you know when that happens. I'm going to upload them anyway when I can to get prints of them. Other than that thursday storm, it didn't rain on us at all the rest of the time.

I came home to loads of laundry of course as well as having to see after my grandparents garden. We have corn, beans, tomatoes and okra to my ears. Not really but in bags all in my kitchen and I need to cut the corn off to cream it and break the beans. Kevin is working today in place of someone else on vacation so he will be getting in some much needed overtime but I miss the help here. He had to work 12 hours yesterday as well. I have prescriptions waiting to be picked up as well as one needing to be filled and some post office stuff to mail but can't get away today.

My grandfather had his 21 radiation treatment today and is halfway home with his 42 total. He wanted to quit but I think I encouraged him to hang in there. It's working and he needs this to get rid of the cancer. He has diabetes (type 2) which is making it more difficult. He has sugar in his kidneys and a bad infection that they can't get rid of. He was put on his 5th antibiotic yesterday.

I hope everyone got their cards from beach. I got them all alike and mailed them on friday. My grandmother got hers after we got home but most everyone probably did. Everytime we got near the post office in the campground, I would forget to take the cards with me.

I never got to make any of those beach bags out of the caprisun pouches to sell but did make 3 for us to use and they would have been a hit. They got the most attention and were the only ones I saw there. I figured they would be everywhere but they were so neat to take to the pool and ocean and to even carry your clothes to the bath houses for showers.

Well please share this email with everyone or post it on the site if you can and I hope everyone is doing ok and I miss you all very much. I will post just as soon as I can get online long enough. I'm typing this offline to send to my outbox cause it usually will stay online about 30 seconds just long enough to send it.

Love ya,

07-14-2004, 11:06 AM
Good Morning "Chickies"....

Its so strange for me to be the first and last to post in 2 days...Where are all my YAYA "Little Chickies"??????????????

I guess that some of you are busy and we all know that our faithful poster Rosey is on vacation...I miss her already and that Dana is having pooter probs......I miss her too... I hope she gets all that fixed real soon....but where are the rest of you???? Its lonely in here..Rosey is right..Its loney....
I Miss You ALL....Where are all my YAYA "Little Chickies"???????
:( :cry: :shrug: :cb: :comp: :mag: :cb: :mag:

Its another hot and humid day.. Was gonna try to get some pool time in but the sun is in and out....if this keeps up my tan will be gone..:lol:..
So I will finish up afew things around here and get ready for class tonight..
I sure hope that the weekend will be nice..I am looking for better snacks to have..does anyone have any suggestions??? It so hard to know what to buy..
Fruit is not always wanted.. I am talking about some chips..but is there a good subsitute for them????? Help..:lol:

I hope that all of you are having a great day and good weather..
I miss you all...Hope that you will pop-in and say Hi..if you can..

Donna... I am sure you are busy playing catch-up from your vacation..
So much to do when you get home from vacation...
I miss you..:love: :wave:

Rosey....Hope you are there safe and sound..
Have a wonderful vacation with your family..
I miss you already :love: :wave:

Dana.. I hope that you get your pooter troubles fixed real soon..
I miss you....:love: :wave:

Daphne....I hope you are enjoying yourself doing what-ever you like to do
I miss you too..:love: :wave:

Kris.. I know you are busy with finals....I miss you too :love: :wave:

Mr Ken.. Where are you?????? They guys are on the hunt...:cb: :cb:
I miss you too..:love: :wave:

07-14-2004, 06:15 PM
I am here! I just keep forgetting to post. Summer how did the dinner go with Buddy? Did I miss how it went some where? It is sunny as he** here again today. We have been in the upper 80s and 90s all week. It is amazing how it drains your energy level at that temp. Remember I am in the NW where 80* is a heat wave! I am still having to stick at home with my trash talking daughter. I am getting cabin fever at this point though.
I hope that you sun shine will stay out and play for a bit Summer. I wanna see a tan hot mama come fall. Have fun at class today well I mean tonight. Snacks??? Crunch??? Popcorn, celery, popcorn cakes... Yippie! That is a good one. They come in flavors even have chocolate if you can find them. Jello, pudding, make a soda cake. All you do is add one can of diet soda to a cake mix, stir it up and pour into a 8 x 8 pan. I made a rootbeer cake the other day and it was hecka yummy.
Donna i am waiting to see all those great pictures thatyou took. What is Elena up to now? Have you lost those few pounds of vacation food yet? I know that you will cause I will kick that butt if you don't!:lol: I am joking ya know I love having ya flufflier. Makes me feel less fluffy! I am just rotten today ain't I?
Dana hope u get back online soon, Rosey fly safe and we miss you, Glenn get that bootie back to posting, Kris hope that finals fly bye with ease for you.

07-15-2004, 10:59 AM
Good morning!

Daphne, you crack me up!! :lol: :rofl: I am losing it slowly but surely. But not fast enough. So, you can still have a very fluffy Donna friend! ;) I like you I forget to post. And even now, have to already stop because my child requires assistance. She is driving me crazy. :hyper: :dizzy:

I hope you all are doing well. Kris, I did enjoy your pictures. Forgot to mention it. Dana, I did receive your post card yesterday. Thanks!

I'll talk to you all later when I can.


07-16-2004, 01:02 AM
Hello....I have been so very busy today.. It seems there is never enough time for me to do what I need too..:lol: went to class tonight.. it was great.
There were only 4 of us and we had the whole pool..I was really good...
I hope to go to the pool tomorrow with some friends if the weather permits..
We have been under thunderstorm watches today and this evening yesterday it rained in the afternoon..we didnt get any rain this evening..but at times it sure look like we were gonna get it.. Who knows about this crazy weather???:lol: I have some things to finish up before I go to I have to make this a short post.. Sorry.. My "Little YAYA Chickies"

Donna... I had to laugh at what Daphne said..We all are Fluffies. :lol:
I am glad that you are back and please dont forget to post when you can. :lol: :lol: It gets lonely in here..:lol:.....How has your weather been????
It's Hot Hot Hot Here.....My Little YAYA Chickie...
:hot: :hot: :sunny: :love: :wave:

Dana.....I hope that if you can read this you got your phone lines fixed.. :callme: :goodluck:
I know that you emailed all of us to let us know you are still having probs so you cant get in here.. I sure hope you can get back on line soon..
I miss you My Little YAYA Chickie :love: :wave:

Daphne.. I am working on my tan..:lol:...I hope that I wil still have it when we go to MB.. I get my pictures this weekend at Costco.. I can wait to see them.. I ordered a cd of the pictures so I can put them on here.
We didnt go to dinner with Buddy..He called and canceled..he was just too tired and I understand.. Today he got the results of the cat scan..All that Chemo didnt help.... That was not good news.. so they are looking into some new meds for him.. For now they will try to build him back up with blood tranfusions and Procreit.... Poor man..
Thank-you for asking about him.. Thats always so thoughtful and sweet of you Daphne..I will tell him you asked about him and that really makes him happy..he still cant get over all the people that care..I told him that everyone in here is a caring loving person..That we all are praying for him.
You sound like its Hot Hot Hot there too.. Yes the heat can drain all the energy we have.. Thats how I feel after a day in the sun. I hope that you get some good weather real soon..Now how did I know you were gonna say popcorn cakes..:rofl:..what can I say.. I had to laugh cause thats the stuff I dont want.. I want the good stuff.. Give me chips....:lol:..oh well I can dream.:lol:.That cake sounds good.. Do you use any cake mix..White..Choc..etc?????? and any soft drink???
I dont bake much as you can tell..:lol:
I hope that you can get out soon and get rid of that cabin fever.. A good trip to Walmart is in order Girlfriend..Have some fun..and stay cool.......
My Little YAYA Chickie :love: :wave:

07-16-2004, 01:34 AM
I am so saddened about Buddy, Summer. It just doesn't sound good to me. Not that I'm giving up hope but it just sounds all too familiar. I am glad your classes are going so well. With my sister's pool finally opened we are finally enjoying the life with a pool. Elena and I were there most of the day today. It was so nice to have Elena get exercise while I read. So relaxing. It was hot today but you could get in the pool to cool off. I can see how you love the pool life so much. I am reminded how it was when I was younger and I would ride my bike to the neighborhood pool and stay there till I had to come home. I would buy snacks out of the snack machines for my lunch of course I was much thinner then. LOL :D

Sorry my earlier entry was so short. Elena was so demanding at that point that I couldn't concentrate on what I wanted to say. Guys, I spoke to Dee on yahoo messenger today and she is so busy with her job. She is hoping soon she'll be able to post. I was glad I could talk to her some.

I wonder how Rosey is doing. I bet she is having fun with her mother and family right now.

Dana, I hope soon you will be back online. We are thinking of dropping our cable after some recent trouble with them and I think we may go with satelitte tv and dsl for the internet. I thank you for the post card you sent from MB. I hope to be there soon.

Daphne, how are things for you. You crack me up. LOL I thought for sure you would post more today.

Ken,,,,, :cb: where the heck are you? What' up?

Kris, I hope all your school work and all is going well. Would love to hear when you can what your favorite part of your recent trip to Europe was.

Well, this old fat girl is going to bed now. I hope you all have a great Friday


07-16-2004, 10:05 AM
:wave: the boys found my booty. wedsday night my parents took me out
to supper and to see the glenn miller orchestra for my f**th bd. you dolls are
too young to remember him. get well soom buddy. i would be good if we could snap are fingers and make everyone better. :coffee: :) glen

07-16-2004, 11:22 AM
Happy Birthday, Glen!!!!! :hb: :gift: :bravo: :cp: :encore: :cheers:

07-16-2004, 11:45 AM
Hi guys. I'm here now. The transition isn't quite over just yet but I'm running on Netzero right now. We did determine the phone problem is out in the box that our jacks run to. Before I call to get that all fixed, DH has to cut our 3 week old grass. He's having trouble with his lawnmower so I don't know what his plan is. he's off this weekend so I don't care if it has to be cut down with a pair of scissors. :lol: I have got my digital pictures uploaded to have the printed. There was nearly 100 of them. I actually used my video camera more than cameras. There isn't anything too exciting to see but if anyone wants to see the ocean :lol: they are welcomed to. I can see about doing the album invites.

Reading about Buddy reminds me not only of my grandfather who I lost to cancer in 1990 but also my grandpa that's living. I'm like Donna, I'm not giving up on him either but it is familiar. Miracles can happen though. My grandpa had his 24th treatment today with 18 to go. His kidneys are killing him and nothing can be done. His culture came back negative and the pain is due to the radiation he's receiving on his prostate. He is hallucinating terribly. My grandmother found him in the bathroom floor one night this week and he claims his dead brother helped him back to bed. He sleeps all the time and is very weak. They won't see that doctor until monday but if he's ready to give up treatments then I would agree with him. I hope it's not damaging the rest of his body in the process.

Summer what kind of cancer does buddy have? How old is he? I read that you're getting ready for your vacation plans coming up. That's exciting. My cousin and her family are leaving for MB in the morning. I'm envious of course. When we went to the Pavillon this year I talked to a lady at the ticket counter and she told me that about a month ago they had a bad storm and most of the rides were destroyed and had to be fixed. She said some of the most popular ones were down for 4 weeks waiting on parts. Laken rode some rides for the first time in her life. She rode the bumper cars with Dh and she rode the Tilt-a-whirl with me. Then we rode the merry go round and haunted hotel together. We had fun and it had been 3 years since we went that far up the ocean Blvd.

Donna I don't blame you about cable. I'm not sure about the DSl savings but have you looked and compared the prices of your package compared to Dish network or Directv? We've had directv since 1997. I compared it with my grandma's cable and it's unreal the channels she could get for the price of her basic cable. I have a small dilema approaching me today. My mother bought laken her first bras and considering her language delay and whatever, I have a feeling it will be hard to get her to wear them. I could imagine what she may tell everyone and the announcements she may make. :lol: That's why mama wanted her to now so it would be old before school starts back in a few weeks. Have you even begun talking to Elena about that part of life?

So when did rosey leave and when does she come back? I've missed so much and I certainly have missed everyone.

Daphne when does your family get back together and when does school start for you guys? Ours is August 10th and I have to register Brett at middle school July 27th.

Glen how is the weight coming for you? I need to change my chickie here in a minute. I gained 5.5 pounds while on vacation and did lose the .5 but don't know about today cause I was afraid to see it.

Well I am watching the Martha Stewart sentencing now and have loads to do but wanted to touch base with you all and let you know I miss you. BTW thank you for updating us on Dee, Donna.

07-16-2004, 08:17 PM
Off To Do A Few Errands But Wanted To Make A Comment To Dana. We Bought Megan The Sports Bras To Begin With And She Didn't Seem To Care One Way Or The Other. She Now Has A Sports Bra But With The Skinny Adjustabe Straps. I Would Go With That Over A Training Bra That Looks Like A Bra. Walmart And Target Sell What We Have. The Last Ones Came From Target In A Set One White And One Pink And They Are Called Freestyle. Sorry About The Caps But I Was Typing And Saw They Were On And To Lazy To Retype It Today!

07-17-2004, 01:31 PM
Daphne I think those are what Laken has and she doesn't care either at this point. They do look like sports bras with bra-like straps but they aren't padded at all. Like my mama said, it's more like the old timey undershirts that girls used to wear under clothing. When Dh came home lastnight I heard him say "no not yet!" when he went in laken's room. He came out and told me that "she's just a baby". :lol: Well the baby is going on 9 1/2 now and because she is a little chunky in the stomach, she's ready to start training for a bra before she definately needs one. Anyway, I told him "thank you for bringing it up cause she hasn't said anything". Maybe she won't when she gets to school in a few weeks.

My mom got her hair cut yesterday and the lady who cuts it told her about another lady coming in the day before. She said that lady (Mrs. Rogers) is going to be laken's new companion aide. It's funny cause I haven't heard anything about the one she has leaving. I emailed the current one yesterday but haven't heard yet. I hope it was a misunderstanding cause laken had just adjusted to the current one this past year. It takes a while for someone to understand her needs.

I got booted off of ebay once again for having 2 user Id accounts. Of course I don't but they haven't responded to my email appeal yet. Last time I had to fax in my drivers license to prove my address. I don't know where this came from. I didn't have anything on auction anyway and haven't in over 2 weeks now but it's time to start again so hope they clear it up by monday at best.

Donna did your dad and sister get a new pool? I thought you were saying your dad was getting a pool with his new house? We really enjoyed the pools while at the beach. My cousin's family who lives up behind us has an in-ground pool and they left for MB this morning. Maybe I can take some advantage of that one this next coming week. DH informed me that he will be working all this next week including his off days. I like the overtime but some things around here just has to be done by him. He's working on my mom's grass right now with my grandpa's mower and then he will be down here. I want to get some sun soon. My tan I had is nearly gone and ladies if you've never noticed, you don't look quite as "FLUFFY" with a tan as you do snow white! :lol:

Summer I hope you get some good news about Buddy soon. Let us know what you hear and enjoy your pool while you can. It will be time to close it up before you know it but then again, I don't have to tell you that.

Well I'd better send this before I get cut off line again. Hope you have a good weekend.

07-18-2004, 12:32 PM
:wave: daphne my weight loss is like a yoyo. :coffee: glen

07-18-2004, 06:50 PM
I sure hope Rosey is having the most wonderful time!!!

Glen, I hope your b-day went great!

Summer, when is your birthday? :hb: ?? :?:

Daphne, Can you send me some of your veggies??? I am wanting a nice FRESH salad.

Kris, Where ya be???? :write: :?:

Dana, my Dad helped pay for a new inground pool that is on my Sister's property. It is on the side that his house is. He helped pay for it so that it will be our family pool. I don't feel real comfortable using it as such but Elena is enjoying it. It's so nice to just go right next door to swim. I know I have a while before Elena will start developing since she is so small. I remember my first bra. Still got it in my drawer. :lol: :lol: :rofl:

Well, we are going out to eat tonight. I don't know where yet. LOL

I'll talk to you all soon...

OH!!! Dee, I hope you are not working too hard.

Bye! :wave:

07-19-2004, 12:13 PM
Where is everyone? Summer? Dana? Daphne? Glen? Dee? At least we know where Rosey is! :lol:

07-19-2004, 01:55 PM
Hello Everyone..

Sorry that I have not been in here.. Its been a hetic weekend.. We had unexpected company and we all went out and I am beat.. We went to the pool but the weather wasnt that good sun in and out and it looked like rain on Saturday and Sunday more of the same.. Crazy weather...:lol:
I just wanted to say hello to everyone and I will be back after class to run to the the grocery store and prepare for class..
Buddy is off all chemo and the Dr's are thinking about trial meds.. I dont know what will happen.. We didnt do dinner last week..He is still weak..but I do know what all of you are saying about him and I agree.. I just pray that a miracle will happen for him.. It so sad to me and for anyone that has been through this with loved ones and family you all know about it just like you said..I wish I could do more for him but all I can do is be there for him and pray.. God Bless all of you for being such Wonderful Loving and Caring people....Much :love: to All of You... :grouphug:

Glen...Mr Ken..................HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.... HAPPY 40TH TO YOU...I HOPE THAT YOU HAD A WONDERFUL TIME AND HAD ALOT OF FUN.. :hb: :hb: :cp: :gift: :balloons: :flow2: :dancer: :hat: :bravo:
I do know who Glenn Miller is and I Love his music..I bet the concert was really good.....This is a old Chickie..:lol: Thank-you for the get well wishes for Buddy and Yes that would be great to snap our fingers and all is better..What a great world this would be if that were possible..
Have a great week :love: :wave:

Donna...Dana....Daphne....Kris......I will write to you all later.. I am sorry that I am in a hurry today..I am glad that Dee is doing alright.. Hopefully she can post soon...I know Rosey is having a great time visting her family.. I am not sure when she will return...and Dana..where can I see your pictures??? I didnt understand..and I am so glad you can post again....Donna where are your pictures????? well gotta run.. I will be back this evening after class..
I hope all of you have a great week...:love: :wave:

07-20-2004, 12:34 AM
I am back... Tired and wore out but I am here..:lol: I am like Rosey..does it ever get easier..:lol: Nope I dont think so..I guess these old bones just cant take it...but I will keep pluggin...I hope to go to the pool tomorrow.. it rained here and stormed a little we had to get out of the pool for about 15 min and then we had the class..good thing it was before class actually I got in the full hour..I have things to do in the am tomorrow and hope that by the afternoon I can get some pool time in..Before I know it summer will be gone and the pool will be closed and I will be :cry:..:lol:
Before I forget....I am waiting on Costco for my pictures.. Seems there was a prob with the CD....I dont exactly know what but I will be going there this weekend and they are suppose to have the CD for me...Does it ever fail..:lol:

Donna.....I agree with you about Buddy..Its so sad that he is going through all of this.. Its very familiar to all of us one time or another..It is just so hard to see it happen and know there is really nothing I can do...but pray for him..and be there for him...
I will never give up hope for him and I know that none of you have either but its so hard...Thank-you Donna for all your kindness and caring and prayers for my Dear friend Buddy.. I will always apprecaite it so very much...
I am sorry that you feel uncomfortable about your sisters pool... I hope that in time all of that can be better.. I do love the "pool life" like you said..even as a child I loved going to the community pool...They had to practically drag me home...and werent we all thinner back then :rofl: Oh those were the days
The only thing better is sitting on the beach at MB... I am so glad you were able to relax and read while Elena played in the pool..
I bet she loves the pool too..I hope that you can do that more often and relax..Did Elena's summer camp things end already?? When does Elena go back to school? School starts here after labor day in Sept...Water classes are doing good except sometimes I am really wore out.. I havent seem to lose anymore weight and that really bothers me.. I keep thinking how much more food do I need to cut out??? I guess I need to adjust something food just so slow...I get upset at times..but I have to keep pluggin along..:lol:...and hope it will come off soon...
I stopped having BD's..:lol: I will stay the same age forever...OLD...:lol:
Ok.. its July 30th...Jim is taking my BD off and the following week too..We hope to go to Ocean City Md for afew days.. Not sure yet..or day trips to Baltimore Harbor and Annapolis MD...Not sure yet..but I am looking forward to what ever we do and I hope that the weather is nice for our trips and some pool time together.......Thank-you for letting us know about Dee.. It sounds like she is so very busy....I am glad that she is doing alright...Maybe she will get a chance to post one day soon...
Have a great dinner out tonight and enjoy...:love: :wave:

Dana.. I am so glad you are back on line... and that you know what the prob with the phone is and can have it fixed.. I hope that your hubby can get the grass cut too...It grows so quick..especially when it rains..
I agree with you about Buddy..and you are right Miracles can happen but its all to familiar also... I do understand... Buddy has Cancer of the Lymp-nodes..
I think they call it Lymphnoma..( SP ) I am not sure but I think that means it can be all over his body as we have lymp-nodes everywhere in our body.
I am not sure if the cancer is all over his body...but it has been in his lungs and toncils and back.. he never smoked..I think he is 68..Not sure but thats pretty close..There is a picture of Buddy on our Yahoo buddy site..He is one of the nicest people in the world..I am so sorry about your Grandfather going through so much pain... Bless his heart....Thats terrible.... I will keep him in my prayers.. :angel: Your poor grandmother is going through it too.. Finding him on the floor and all..I am sure she is upset by all he is going through.
I pray that all the chemo has not hurt his body either.
I am sure they will make what-ever decission it best for him.
God Bless both of them
Your other Grandfather may he rest in peace is in a better place and in No pain..but its still so very hard to lose a loved one to cancer..
Thank-you Dana for all your kindness and caring and prayers for my Dear friend Buddy..I will always appreciate that so very much..
I cant wait to see your pictures of the beach trip.. It sounds like you all had fun at the Palvillion.. We never went on the rides there but we have walked all over down there..went to the Ripleys Believe It or Not.. and in all the other t-shirt shops and walked the board-walk area..
I cant wait to go there in Sept... I am so envious that your cousin is there now LOL LOL LOL...what can I say....
I am so glad that they got everything back together at the Pavillion after the storms last month.. I didnt know that..I am so glad that Laken enjoyed the rides.. Thats wonderful for her. I hope that her companion for this year at school is the same one from last year.. I am sure its a very hard ajustment for her with new people and they need to get to know what she needs to be taken care of properly.... I hope that you hear soon about that...
I hope that Laken will ajust to her new bra....She may surprise you and want to wear it.. Something new for her.... I can understand your concern about that..I had to giggle a little about what you hubby said.. Every Father says almost the same thing.....They are to young.. where is my little girl..etc...
You are so right about the pool being gone to soon for me..I want all the days I can get..and I loved what you said about being tanned "Fluffies" instead of white..and that is SOOOOOOOO TRUE..thats another reason why I Love a tan....Year-round if I could do it..:lol: I hope that you get your Ebay account straight soon. I am sure its been a big pain for you...I can understand that..I am sure you will lose the vacation pounds.. I know I will gain when we go.. Cause I will eat when I am there.. I always do.. Cant help it.. to many :T things there...Sounds like school will be back in soon.. I forget that you all start back sooner than here and get out before they do here too..How are Brett and Logan doing???
I am not sure when Rosey gets back.. I am so glad she got to go see her Mom..I know that she missed her so much..
Do you think Martha Stewart will really go to jail???
Have a great evening :love: :wave:

07-20-2004, 01:02 AM
Had to start another post..the other one was long and I know what happens when they get tooooooooooooooo long..:lol: :lol:

Daphne.. Hope that you are enjoying good weather and some "YOU" time..
I miss you..:love: :wave:

Mr. Ken... What are you doing this week???? Still celebrating?? :lol:
I miss you :love: :wave:

Kris....How goes things with you and your finals??.Cant wait to hear all about your trip
I miss you :love: :wave:

Dee..Hope that you can post soon.....We all miss you..
Glad to hear that you are doing alright :love: :wave:

Rosey.. Have fun...and enjoy...We all miss you :love: :wave:

Well Little Chickies.. I am beat and its bed for me..
All of you have a great evening Good Night and God Bless...:love:

07-20-2004, 09:41 PM
:wave: summer thanks for making me 10 years younger and i'm not celebraating any more. :) glen

07-21-2004, 03:06 PM
Hi everyone just a quick post Ihave a diaper to change. YECK!:nono::nono:
I went to the County clinic yesterday being as cough is getting worse. She thinkis I have asthma now. She gave me an antibiotic and a RX for an inhaler. My blood pressure was up very high 150/100. It has never been that high before. I did say it had to somewhat with me waiting there for 3 hours! I am not joking. I was in the waiting room with Megan for 90 minutes, they took me to back room shut the door and it was another 90 minutes. Megan was cussing up a storm the whole time and I was doing some major stressing. I was so irritated that I didn't even ask why I was given an antibiotic. I was also tested for stress and used the breathing machine while there. I told Jason that I was shaking so bad after the treatment and he said that yeah being as it is steroids that I was sucking in.:shrug: Don't you think she should of told me that I was taking steroids? Oh well c'est la vie. OK I will post later today after that diaper is changed!:lol::wave:

07-21-2004, 04:20 PM
Hello Everyone.....Sorry fo rnot posting yesterday..I got so involved with phone calls and doing things around her that time got away from me..
I have been doing my usual around here..Laundry and cleaning..The sun has been in and instead of dragging all my stuff to the pool I sat out back of my patio with a neighbor for a couple hours...I hope that I can get some pool time in tomorrow but the weather report looks like showers...
I have class tonight..and so it goes..Before we know it the pol will be closed and I will be :cry: :no:
I spoke to Buddy today and he is feeling a bit better..I was so glad to hear that and he does sound like my old friend..I sure hope it lasts for awhile..
He will not know about the trial meds untill he sees the Dr next its a wait and see...
Thank-You again to ALL of you for your kind concern and prayers and cards..
Its greatly appreciated..YOU ALL ARE THE BEST...
I have somethings to finish up today before class.. and hopefully I can get it all done....Its Hot Hot Hot outside.. :hot: I was playing with the water hose while I was sun was fun :lol:..It was toooo Hot without it..
I hope to get my pictures from Costco this weekend..The Picture CD is suppose to be ready..I hope so.:crossed:

Mr Ken... I guess I read your post wrong..but its always good to be younger...Right...You are welcome.. Me and Jack Benny never get any older either..We will always be 39..:lol:..
Have a good evening :love: :wave:

{{{{{{Daphne}}}}}}}....:grouphug:..You poor Sweetie.. I am so sorry that you are feeling so bad..They should have NEVER treated you like that and didnt explain thing to you.. Thats not right....Whats wrong with people???
I sure hope you feel better real soon.... Please lay down and get some rest if you can.. I know its so hard with taking care of children to do that..I wish I lived near you..I would come over and help you so you can rest..
I hope that your Dh can help you so you can get some much needed rest..
Feel better real soon Sweetie..and please try to rest..
Have a good evening :grouphug: ..:love: :wave:

Donna......Dana.....Kris.....I am sure you all are busy with things to do...
I miss you ALL..Have a good evening :love: :wave:

Rosey..I miss you too..I am not sure when you get home??
I cant wait to hear all about your wonderful trip..:love: :wave:

Dee..Hope all is well in your world..
We all miss hearing from you..:love: :wave:

07-21-2004, 07:03 PM
This may only be short and sweet but had to check in anyway. I've been gathering my grandparents garden and having to deal with all the veggies. Have a big pot of fresh soup cooking now and still more beans to break. As long as we get rain showers and you gather it, it will produce longer and give you more to freeze and can for winter time.

Dh has worked everyday and still is planning to until tuesday. We have to register brett for middle school on tuesday and then he goes to his dr. for app't. I guess his sugar is a bit better but it needs to stay as it until they see how it does in school. I don't want it too near perfect and then it stay too low while he's at school. This new school (only new to him of course) is 2 stories not counting the gym that he will have to go to every day for PE that's in the "basement" so you're looking at a lot of steps. It took me a while to ever get used to them when I started a fresh year.

I've made reservations to go to Cherokee next friday through monday. We haven't been since 2000 but rather than take the camper, we're staying in a bunkhouse which is just a wooden structure with one room and has bunkbeds in it with water and elec. You provide linens and everything else. It's actually cheaper than taking camper but I think we will be without TV. I dont' know if I can stand that. :lol:

My grandpa didn't have his treatment today but had scans and x-rays to see his progress. I don't know if he knows the results now or not but I figured if they did, granny would call soon. I went in to see him lastnight and we talked about 30 minutes and he seemed much better to me.

Donna when does elena return to school? My MIL took brett school shopping today and he got a lot of nice stuff. I think we just need to get him some socks and his actual supplies which we don't even know what he needs until tuesday at best. That's a big help for her to do that but it's become a tradition sort of anyway and they can afford it. :D

Daphne when does your youngest child return? What kind of inhaler did they give you? I don't think ALL are steroids but some of them are cause they open up the tiny airways that are constricted. The twins used to be on them as infants/toddlers. I even had steroids while in labor with them. It takes adjustments but if you have asthma, you need it. Have you noticed a problem with your lungs? You could just have allergies like my grandmother does. She cant be in public and smell cigarettes or even shampoo on someone or she will cough until she wets her pants and struggles to get the inhaler out but she doesn't actually have asthma. My grandpa has asthma though.

Summer how's the tan holding up? Have you seen Dale Jr. since his burning accident? I'm curious to see him this weekend to see how bad it looks for myself. I felt so sorry for him when I heard that. He's lucky to be alive. How is Bert doing? Can you tell me the name of that low carb pasta again? I forgot it and it's not in this months diabetes magazine. I looked for it in Bi-Lo this morning but ended up getting the Muellers brand instead.

Does anyone remember how long rosey will be gone? I"m gonna have to scroll back to see. It seems like forever if she left when I was at beach.

Well this actually got longer than planned but I have clothes to get out of dryer and it's supper time. Hope you have great evenings.

07-21-2004, 09:21 PM
Dana what happened to Dale Jr.? My brats return to school the day after Labor day. I was thinking asthma before I even went to the Dr. with how my breathing is lately. I can not take a deep breath at all. I have been wheezing and having coughing fits to where I finally barf coughing so hard. It is scarry when Jason isn't here and I get one of the fits. I feel like I am running out of air and end up gasping to breath.
That is cool that your MIL took Brett school shopping. Does she ever tale Laken or Logan? Does anyone in your family ever take Laken? If not how does she feel about that? I know with Megan it really pi**es me off how they are all afraid of her. Where are our pictures at anyhow? I loved the postcard that you sent it is on my refridgerator! How are you liking that new fride that you have by the way?
Summer i am sorry you are missing out on pool time. I hope it was a good visit with your friend today. How did the pool class go today? Give Buddy my love when you talk to him next.
Donna how is Elena doing now that Summer is in full swing and vacation time is over? Is she doing any workbooks over the summer? How is my fluffy Sister feeling? Losing any of that fluff?
Glen OK so you are 50?:lol: I was thinking that you were like 25 this whole time!:lol::lol::lol:
Rosey post soon we all miss you. Does famil;y not have a dang computer??
Kris how did finals go and where are you off to now?
OK ya all know how I am terrefied of frogs.... I went outside to dump the cat litter and I hear this plop into the creek. THERE WAS A FROG!!!!!!! I ran back inside and then was thinking OK I am a lot bigger than that damn frog and I am afraid if it? We are talking I hope tree frogs and not big frogs... This happened a few weeks ago when i was mowing but I thought it was a stick that go shot out from mower. Now hubby thinks i will mow back yard again?:nono::nono::nono: I HATE FROGS!
:wave: Daphne

07-22-2004, 01:17 PM
Hello Everyone..
Just a quick note.. I have to ge to the Store and pick-up some RX's and do some errands before the thunderstorms get here this afternoon.. another No pool day..
What can I say..:cry:..Maybe the weekend will be better..:crossed:
I will try to check in later today...when I get back....
You All have a great Day..and good weather..:love: and :grouphug: :wave:

07-22-2004, 11:10 PM
Hello Chickies...
I am pooped..:lol:..Had a good workout tonight..We got some thunderstorms late this afternoon.. I was worried that they would cancel the water class but thankfully it stopped before it was time for class..I wrote a letter to the manager of the gym about some of the things we ( women of the class ) think that needs to change to make our class better.. How I got this assignment is beyond every one signed it and we shall see what happens...I hope that we get the changes we need to make our class better.
Tomorrow I get a much needed haircut.. I look like Scarey Spice right now with my roots grown out so much and my hair is to long.... I get my roots and hi-lite done next Thursday.. I will be like a new woman..:yes:
I always love it when my hair is done..It makes me feel good..
Buddy is doing alright at the present and I spoke to Bert today...
One of her sisters is there with her through the weekend.. Thats good news..I hope they continue to be there for her..
I sure hope we have good weather over the weekend..
I want to go to the I am doing the good weather :dancer: in hopes it will help..:lol:

Dana.....I can smell that veggie soup from here..Yummy.. :T :T
There is nothing any better than fresh veggies from the garden..I know you are glad that there will be plenty to freeze or can for the winter...
Thats great..I hope to go the the farmers market next Wed..I love thier stuff.
I sure hope that Brett's sugar stays good while he is in school and out and that he adapts to his new school without any problems.. I am sure he will do great..He is such a little trooper.. Bless his heart he has been through so much and has done so well..Thats cause he has a Great Mom to help and guide him all the way... Have fun when you go to Cherokee.. I had to laugh about what you said about having no TV...You can do it..I know you can :lol:
I am so glad that your Grandpa is better.. I will keep him in my prayers..
I sure hope and pray that his scan results are good..God Bless him..he has been through so very much.....Bert is doing good for now...
I pray it stays that way for her.. Her family is with her for now.
I hope they stay longer.
Thank-you for your kind concern for her and Buddy..
You are such a Sweetie.. :yes:
Dana..did you put any pictures on the Yahoo group place?? I scrolled back but I cant tell if thats what you meant or if you had already did it..
I cant seem to find that yahoo group??? I dont know why??
I am working on my tan.. I am afraid if our weather doesnt clear up soon I will lose what I have...I havent seen Jr..but my hubby did and he said he was alright compared to he could have died..and he is so very lucky...I agree with you..Hubby said he will be fine..I guess he will drive Sunday... he is just like his cant keep a good man down..
I wish him all the best in his recovery..and hope he wins...
The Pasta you want is "Dreamfields"..go to thier web site and it can tell you if any stores near you carry it. Our Safeway store has it..2.00 per box.. Thats only a dollar more than regular Pasta..
It is the bomb... Looks like..cooks like and tastes like regualr pasta.. You will never know the difference except the carbs are not there like reg pasta. It has 5 grams of digestable carbs per serving... I cant say enough good about it.. I hope you can find it and try it...:bravo: :cp: :T :hun:....I dont know when Rosey is due back.. I miss her.. Maybe Donna knows...
Have a great evening :love: :wave:

07-22-2004, 11:51 PM
I had to start another post..I didnt want to lose the other one..

Daphne.... I sure hope that you are feeling better..and that your meds are working..I hope that you are getting some rest too...I hope that your hubby is helping you so you can rest..
I am afraid of snakes like you are afraid of frogs... :faint: :fr: .....
I know how that frog must have scared you..:yikes:..I have been so lucky not to ever run up on a snake.Thats my biggest fear..Iknow I would have the big one if that ever happens.....:faint: :fr:
Its awful to be afraid of things like that..but we cant help it...
What are tree frogs?? I never heard of them??
I will tell Buddy what you said..That is so nice of you...That lifts his spirt..
Thank-you for all your very kind concern and caring for him.. You a such a Sweetie..:yes:..I had a nice time with my neighbor yesterday on the patio..
The water classes are going good.. All the ladies plus me want to make some changes to make our class better and I sure hope we get them...
How are your children doing??? What will they be doing untill school starts back?? They start back when the kids here do..Sept after labor day..
I sure hope that I can get to the pool more..Summer will be over soon and I will miss the pool and al the nice people there. We have so much fun..
Have a great evening :love: :wave:

Donna....Where are you?????? Are you at the pool???
If so I dont blame you..Have fun...
I Miss You..:cb: :cb: :mag:

Mr Ken....Where are you?????They guys are :cb: :cb: :mag:

Kris.....How did your finals go?? I miss you too..:cb: :mag:

07-23-2004, 01:54 AM
I'm so sorry I haven't posted.

It's been one heck of a week. I have spent every day (except today) at my Dad's hauling containers/boxes etc to store in my sister's garage because he is to be out of his house on the 30th. We were to have a truck this weekend and haul the furniture but because the electrician isn't done and inspections we will wait till next week. We can't put it off much longer though.

Summer sorry the pool and the weather have had some conflicts. We have been next door to "the pool" most every day or every other day. I am actually going to have a tan! LOL

Dana, glad your grandfather is doing better and that vegetable soup sounds heavenly for sure.

Daphne, feel better girlfriend! YES I'm still fluffy after all these years. Getting fluffier too. :) :yes:

Kris? KRis????

Glen or Mr. Ken I would love for someone to make a ten year mistake on my age as well. You are one lucky dude. LOL

Rosey, I hope you are having a good time with your Mom .

NOTE: no I don't know when she is return.

Dee.... We miss you!!!

Well, I'm going to go now. I have a great weekend if I don't post before.

See ya!


07-23-2004, 06:18 PM
OK I was going to post but it is too hot in office and it is makingme sick. It is 97* outside right now and it is just after 2. They said it is a possibility that we will pass the record of 107* today. I will try and post when it cools down.
PS I can't even go out in the sun with the meds they have me on!

07-25-2004, 12:00 AM
I hope everyone is doing good.

07-25-2004, 02:39 PM
:wave: i guess everyone is in a pool keeping cool. i gained again.
:) glen

07-26-2004, 11:09 AM
Not really much to report here.

Daphne it's not as hot here as it is there. I was shocked to hear it gets so hot in washington. It's 75 at 10 a.m. right now. It wasn't too bad yesterday even. I only recall maybe 3 or 4 hot days this summer. We've been spared it seems. Hope you feel better. Where's that hot tub? Can you cool it down??

Donna, my sister is moving into her new "digs" today. She's taken today and tomorrow off to try to accomplish that. She only moves 2 houses over so it shouldn't take a lot of time for her. I"m proud of her for doing what she's accomplished from having a baby at 16 to being married for 6 years (not to childs father) and building a house. I wish I could move into something bigger but like I told her, we have 2 vehicles to make payments on, taxes and insurance, they only have 1. Her Dh is a cable guy and has the company bucket truck. They don't pay for satellite like we do due to having the biggest cable package free for working there, they don't have internet bill or only 1 working with 3 children. I hope I didn't offend her but our situations are a wee bit different. have you heard anything from Tracy?

Summer to tell you the truth about yahoo, I signed on with my name last week and it had cancelled my email cause I hadn't used it in 90 days so I wouldn't doubt if they didn't shut our site down but if I can recall the link, I can try as well. I haven't put my pictures anywhere other than on I'm not sure how Donna does it the way she does or I could try that. It does take a while to upload pictures with dial up. My grandpa is doing well. I don't know results of scan but granny told me it was actually more for them to tell if they needed to change the angle of the radiation or not. He has 15 more to go and his strength is up some from where it was.

Rosey I miss you! When are you going to make landing in alaska??

Glen I've been on that up and down diet myself. Did manage to lose 2 pounds in last day but I know it's water from all the watermelon and tomatoes I eat.

Today is Dh's last day in his 8 days straight of working and his legs and feet are killing him. He has next 2 days off and friday we are scheduled to go to Cherokee for 4 days. I'm looking foward to that but it will be first time without camper. We have to think of everything we use and take it and hope there is room in car. We have to take our own towels, sheets etc. too cause it's not furnished with nothing more than bunks with mattresses. Tomorrow Brett goes to register for middle school and then the afternoon he goes to dr. His sugar isn't in quite as good control as they are going to like. He still runs in 200's for the most part. I know it's because he is so independent now. He can calculate his food and does his insulin himself and so I don't know much of anything about it unless I get the meter and check the memory to get his results.

Well I am going to post this before I lose it with it being so long. That's funny that I thought I didn't have much to say. :lol: I have one of my big tanks set up for some fish I won off ebay. I had no idea they sold fish and I've even found an auction site for nothing but aquatic animals and supplies. We still have our turtles that the boys got at the beach. they haven't grown too much in 2 weeks. They are about size of half dollars. Daphne, by the way, I'm terrified of frogs too. I guess it's the slimy fact and that they can jump to your face when you don't need them too. YUCK!

07-26-2004, 03:18 PM
Hello Everyone...
Its been a dreary wet weekend.. and its still that way on a Monday.. The weather man says we are to get a change in it lateron this week.. I hope so.. My tan is really fading... I hope that the sun will come out soon.. Starting Friday my hubby is on vacation for a week.. He took off the this friday and all of the following week..So we will do some things.. I am sure I wont get a chance to be on here and I will miss all of you.. I will try if I can but not knowing where we will be I dont know if its possible..
I am excited to go on some day trips to places we havent been..Like Baltimore Harbor and tour the big sailing boat of the 1700'sand so muchg to see and do...Its about 2 hours from here...and we are going to some other places too....All of this is weather permitting.. So I have my fingers :crossed: that we will be going..
I have class tonight and I have to go to the grocery store.. Did nothing all weekend.. got some movies..They were boring and watched it rain..:cry: I prob gained this weekend..All I did was eat..:lol: Bad Me.. I was so bored... I should have a plan for days like that..but I dont.. I will be getting on the scales at the gym tonight and I am prepared to :cry:...Oh well like they say.. You pay..:lol: I will try harder to lose it if I have gained.. I honestly dont know I just feel like I have.. I ate some salty crunchy snacks..Potato chips and some cheetos...I know thats so bad...and Chinese Take-out Food Sunday night for dinner. I was bad.. Chicken fried rice..I love that..
Oh well back to being good...Right...:yes:

Dana... I wanted you to know that the Yahoo site is gone.. I tried to find it and its gone.. I will be sending pictues through you and everyone else..
Have agreat time at the cabin.. Enjoy..Hope that Hubby's legs and feet get better.. It is so hard for poor Brett to get all of this diabetes things right.. Its hard for adults let alone kids to not eat the things they love.. real hard.. Bless his heart..
I am sure he will get it.. I am still praying for your Grandpa..God Bless him.. I hope that he can get through all of his treatments and feel better..I bet your fish tank is really nice.. and those fish will be getting bigger all the time..Have fun and safe trip..
Have a great day..:love: :wave:

07-26-2004, 03:26 PM
Donna... I am sure you have been real busy with your Dad's move.. Thats alot of work...You will have to take some wee can see your tan... I am fading:lol:..Please send me some of that good weather you are having...some sunshine please :sunny: we need it bad..:lol:
Have a good day :love: :wave:

Daphne.. WOW you are melting.. Thats awful. I never knew that it got that hot where you live.. Unreal.. I sure hope you are feeling better and that your heat-wave is over soon...Buddy said to tell you hello and that he wants you to get better real soon...and to tell you Thank-you for all your thoughtfulness and concern...He says you area :angel: and I agree...Have a good day :love: :wave:

Mr Ken... Sorry for the gain.. I am about to feel the same I am afraid..but we just have to try harder.. Right.....Have a good day :love: :wave:

Rosey.... Have a great time with your family.. We miss you :love: :wave:

Kris....Dee..... We all miss you guys... :mag: :cb: :cb: :love: :wave:

07-27-2004, 12:56 AM
Summer, as good as you have been you deserve an off weekend. Hey and when I talked to you earlier you did not gain, so you can do that from time to time. Just don't make it a habit like I have. :lol: I am so excited about your upcoming vacation week. You both sure do deserve it. It's been too long hasn't it? Thanks for the pictures... ALL of them! ROFLOL And if your tan is fading I guess you were black before????????????????? ROFLOL :lol3:

Glen, I am sorry you gained. That's the story of my life lately. When I'm stressed, I can't lose. Is that what is up with you? Stess? :stress:

Dana, hope you are having a good time. Rosey, we hope you are having a good time too. Kris, I forget where you are now. You go so much! LOL

Dee, hope your week is going well and you are resting up from the weekend. :)

I have to tell you all that I will do better with posting when this move is a done deal. Thursday we are renting a truck to move his furniture and I hOPE that his house will be ready that he can sleep there that night. If not, he's with us.... LOL UGH! :stress: :lol:

I can't believe how fast the summer is going. Soon, my Elena will be heading back to school.

I hope to talk to you all soon. cleaning his "old" house tomorrow.



07-27-2004, 10:28 AM
Hi guys...

Just checking in. Wrapping up finals and then I am going to visit me family in Nashville (halfway for both of us!) until Wednesday....Hope all are doing well. Will check in later....

07-27-2004, 11:49 PM
Hello Everyone... Sorry that I didnt get in here before now.. Been busy as always..:lol: I had bills to pay today and things to get done before we start vacation next week.. Alot going on.. Got a gig in August at the Moose for the Shrimp Feast..I was so happy when they called...I will be eating some shrimp too...Todays weather was very Humid Hot and cloudy..It finally rained this evening and its raining now.. This weather has been bad for the last few weeks...I hope it gets better by next week..I want good weather for our mini vacation.. I dont know if I mentioned that I weighed at the gym Monday night and I didnt gain.. That really shocked me. :yikes:but I was happy that I didnt..:goodscale: I will try to be good on our mini vacation but I hear Crabcake sandwiches and Thrashers FF calling my name.. :lol: :lol:...
Maybe by walking the boardwalk and its a long walk.. I can keep the pounds from coming back..:crossed:

Donna..Thank-you Donna that was so sweet of you to say that...We are looking forward to our mini vacation.. This is the first time hubby has had off since going back to work after Chemo...He needs this bad..and I will confess..So Do I...:yes:
I enjoyed talking to you too last night Donna.. I am sorry for the picture mess-up.. I hope I will get it right one day..:lol: and Thank-you for sending the pictures out to those I dont have emails for... I had to laugh at what you said about me :rofl: about being black before..but really my tan is fading from the time of the pictures at the pool party up untill now.. I havent had any sun since then..The sun has not been out..We have had such weird weather...I hope that you are enjoying more pool time and I bet you are getting a great tan.. The Family Pool is really beautiful and big.. I can see you all enjoying that for years to come.. I know its been hard for you to post with all thats going on with you..We all missed you but we so undertstand...
I know you have been very busy with your Dad's house and the move..Thats alot of work.. I will be glad when you can enjoy what summer vacation you have left before school starts again...I will be getting my hair done Thursday.. :cp: I cant wait..Thats a almost all day thing..:lol:
That always makes me feel better and not so much like Scary Spice..:lol:...
Have a great evening and a good day tomorrow..:lol: :wave:

Kris.... Good to hear from you..Enjoy your trip home to see the folks.. I am sure they will be so happy to see you all..Hope that you finals went well.. I am sure you did great..Have a very safe and great trip...:love: :wave:

Dana..I guess you are at the cabin now....
Have a wonderful time relax and enjoy.....
:love: :wave:

Daphne... How are things with you?? How are you feeling?? I Hope you are better and that you are doing something just for you..and that your weather is better..well your heatwave I should say... We are getting really hot and humid weather here.. Its bad at I know how you feel..
Have a great evening and a good day tomorrow :love: :wave:

Mr Ken... How are you doing??? Whats new with you???
The guys are :cb: :cb:
Have a great evening and a good day tomorrow :love: :wave:

07-29-2004, 12:25 AM
Hello Chickies.....I cant believe that no one has been in here?? :(
I am glad that Rosey isnt here to see this...:lol:..just kiddin..but she would be lonely..I really miss her and all her faithful posts.. I know that alot of you are gone on vacations and trips..I hope all of you are having a great time...
I miss you all too....
Hubby said he would be off Starting we already are planning to do a day trip then.. All next week I will prob be gone.. Not sure what we are doing everyday..but hopefully the weather will allow us to enjoy some day trips especially to the beach for the day..We may spend the night not sure about that either....We will see...I went to class tonight and we won our battle with managment to help our class.. I will get a Thank-you card for the lady that helped us. She is the Aquatics manager.. She was such a help and on our side..She did a fantastic job going to bat for our water class..
I was so happy. I had a really good workout and feel good for a change.. Maybe cause I know I will see Mr. Ocean real soon..:lol:...
I prob wont get in here the hair appointment..and other errands to do.. I will try to get in here tomorrow night and see if any Chickies dropped by.. It sure is lonely without all of you in here..
I know just what Rosey means....Its so lonely without all of you in here.
See I am repeating myself....You know I am tired..or is it I feel like I am talking to myself..:lol: :lol: not sure which one...:lol:
Does anyone know when Rosey gets back??? I am glad she is spending time with her family.. I know how she missed them...
Its getting late and I am starting to slow you can see...:lol:
I hope all of you had a great day...and good weather...
It is still hot and humid and cloudy here..
Hopefully the weather will change for the better real soon..:crossed:.
I sure miss the big blue beautiful sky..:sunny:
Well Chickies..its off to bed for me...I really miss all of you.. and I hope that someone will drop in and say Hi... :wave: :comp: :yes:
Hugs :grouphug: to all of you.. as Rosey says..
Have a good evening :love: :wave:
Goodnight and God Bless all my Dear Chickies where-ever they are....

07-30-2004, 02:45 AM
Hi back.. i had a wonderful tired.. and suntanned.. have not had a chance to catch up on all your posts.. will do that tomorrow..we got home a few hrs ago.. still have jet lag.. am soooooo happy to be home tho..missed all of you.. will fill you all in on out trip tomorrow to.. and by the way im thinner.. must have been the heat :lol: ((((((((hugs)))))))) rosey:wave:

07-30-2004, 04:01 PM
Hi everyone..i am so happy to be home.. we had a wonderful time..the airplane was another story.. we flew thru a thunder storm and there was lighting flashing outside the say the least it was a bumpy ride and sacred me to death..i had a grip on my dh hand..and we made it..the weather was hot and mother looked great and gets around pretty good for being sisters and i laughed till we cried..lots of remembering..the casinos sucked my money like a hoover vacume cleaner :lol: the second time we went i won 140$ in nickels :lol: it was fun to see them spitting out of the to my ears :lol: ..we went to the Blueberry festivel..a huge craft fair..over 400 booths..and food courts :?: hmmmm we wont talk about that :lol: my sisters and i enjoyed getting to know each other again..we are a crazy dh did a "honey do" list for my mother and a friend leant us his boat and motor so we could go fishing..we brought back some fish with us..i am tanned for the first time in yrs.. there where several days were it was to hot for me..registered 100 in the sun.. iwas like a cooked noodle..i lost weight while i was gone.. dont know how much yet..but im deffinstly thinner.. all that walking and sweating :lol: have not had a chance yet to catch up on all your posts yet.. we are busy today having our septic system dug up and replaced today and the dh has me hopping:?: always something right..missed you all ((((hugs)))))) rosey:wave:

07-30-2004, 10:50 PM
welcome back rosey. we all missed you. glad you had a good time.
:) glen

07-30-2004, 11:36 PM
Welcome Home Rosey!!!!