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05-17-2004, 04:17 PM
Afternoon ladies! Whew another work til you drop weekend for us, but it was all worth it. If you get a chance, go to my Time For Serious Fun thread and look at the pics of the dining room. I finished it this morning, putting stuff away, shampooing the carpet, etc. I really love it. It was this ugly putty brown before and had a Michigan college border only half way round it so it looked pretty stupid, but now it is lovely. I still have to get a table cloth for one of the tables and 2 lamps, but i have picked them out already so just have to go get them. We are eventually going to put hardwood flooring in there but that will come later when we are richer! :lol: I hauled all kind of stuff out to the garage today and got my yearly flyer for our association yard sale in 2 weeks so I have to get all that stuff coordinated now too, but I will be glad to be rid of the stuff and give me some more room.

Maggie: Dottie's thermometer sounds cute.

Just wanted to check in. I need to go as dh will be home soon and i need to put dinner in pretty soon.


05-17-2004, 09:41 PM
Thank you Faye for starting a new thread. I will certainly go over to that sight to see your pics. The start a new thread button is still absent from my page and I don't have a clue why.

Been having a good day here but not much to report.

05-18-2004, 01:35 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
Since I snoozed away the evening in front of the TV, I'm wide awake now when I should be going to bed. It was a typical Monday at school and everyone seemed to forget what we did on Friday. *groan* I think it is definitely time for school to be out. The seniors' last day is Wed. and many of them are in a panic trying to get last minute projects done in time to be graded. Graduation isn't until the 30th so I supposed some felt they had more time than they really do.

Maggie -- Thanks for sharing the thermometer website. :D I like the visual things and have a couple of boxes of colored paper clips that one WW leader suggested using. . . the large ones for a pound and the smaller ones for half pounds. My chain never got very long though. I will have to check and see if the start a new thread is on my computer.

"Gma" -- I will definitely go look for your pictures. I think we are going to go with a wood floor in the entry and livingroom area. I rather like the painted plywood myself but it does look a bit unfinished. :lol: Garage sales are alot of work but it's a good feeling to get rid of things one no longer uses, needs, or wants. My goal for this summer is to go through boxes and stuff in the basement. Alot of the stuff belonged to my parents and I inherited everything when my dad remarried. The kids have gone through looking for things and never repacked the boxes very good. :rolleyes: I hate to even think about it but the clutter is driving DH, alias Mr. TidyHouse, :dizzy: !

I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday and the sun will shine on you!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

05-18-2004, 01:39 AM
I just checked and I can start a new thread. :shrug:

05-18-2004, 03:22 AM
I can too now JEAN the place to click on came back. :?:

Good night everyone ~ sleep well and I will type at you tomorrow.

05-18-2004, 10:11 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am typing to the noise of the cat hating neighbor using a log splitter and it sounds as if he is in the next room. :mad: He is home all day long so I don't know why he is doing it at this time in the evening. It has been a beautiful day in my neighborhood -- 75 degrees, sunny, and NO WIND! :cp: I came home with a headache after school. It seems that all of a sudden some of the students are beginning to realize the end of the school year is near and if they want to pass classes they need to complete the assignments. Some are so old that we have to recopy the papers for them and of course they want them RIGHT NOW! I was busy trying to get senior exams finished up and was really irritated by the rudeness of some of the other students. My patience was running pretty thin by the end of the day.

"Gma" -- Your new paint and paper look great! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! :D

Maggie -- I'm glad your "new thread" option is back! :yes:

I have a load of clothes in the washer that I need to dry so better keep moving. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-19-2004, 09:53 AM
Morning ladies! It is going to be hot and humid today nearing 90 degrees. Wish they would get the darn pool open!

Today is clean the house day and I still have to get outside and get some exercise in. We opted out of the Y as we found we will just not get moneys worth out of it during the long summer months and since I wouldn't be using it anyway with the pool and Jack tends to not go without me, it is stupid to pay the monthly fee and not go so I am back to walking for the time being and that is fine with me. I am back to losing again so I have no problem walking in the neighborhood except when I get a late start, then it is so very hot and miserable to do.

This week ends school for the little darlings here so now they can see what trouble then can get into over the summer. UGH! I cannot believe how distructive the little brats are nor how they have to be so closely supervised. When I was in high school, when school let out, I was responsible for the house and my 2 siblings during the summer months and we didn't get into any trouble. Well, I remember once being away from the house and my younger sister getting mad at my brother and I came home to find him tied to the tree in the front yard in the summer heat! :lol: She would have been about 15 and he was 10. We just loved not having the contraints of school. My sister and I would get on our bikes and ride for miles, take a picnic lunch and eat out in the country somewhere and ride back home (that is as long as there were not a bunch of chores to get done!) Even when we were little we didn't get into trouble and were usually expected to stay outside for most of the day and play. Too bad parents give their kids so much crap they don't even play outside anymore. They have no imaginations, and probably wouldn't know what to do with a jump rope, marbles, jacks, pick up sticks and the like.

Well, I need to really get going on my chores


05-19-2004, 07:00 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It is misting in my corner of the world and it has been a gloomy all day. The seniors are gone as of noon and the halls were so quiet this afternoon. The next few days will fly by and when we start final exams next Wed. afternoon, it will really be quiet.

"Gma" -- It is really sad that today's children have not had some of the experiences we did as children. They need to be entertained and I think that is why so many have trouble in school. Very few have any imagination to create their own entertainment if there is no TV nor computer available. It is sad! When will your pool open? I would think that if it is in the 90s, it would be open and busy! :yes:

I don't know much newsy but wanted to check in and say hello. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :rain: in Iowa!

05-20-2004, 10:21 AM
Jean: The pool is right across the courtyard from the front door and I have been keeping an eye out to see if they have at least removed the cover, but they haven't as of yet. It usually opens Memorial Day and stays open until the day after Labor Day. There have been years where it doesn't open at all because of some trouble or other. That was when my dd and sil lived here, but we pay a maintenance/association fee and part of the payment is for grounds and pool upkeep so it irritates me that it doesn't open. You know how much I love getting into the pool.

I am going to have to smack dh!!! :lol: He is kind of a procrastinator and the bags of marble chips for the back yard have been in the trunk this whole time so guess who had to try and get them out so I can go grocery shopping today? Darn things feel like they weigh about 50 lbs apiece so I know why he has been dragging his feet, but sheesh! Tough way to sculpt your arms! :lol:

I better get a move on because I want to go to Wallies before getting my nails done and going to the commissary.


05-20-2004, 06:51 PM

It is a wonderful day in the neighborhood. The Iron Monster smiled and reported me 0.8 down which makes me very happy to be going in the right direction. We had a sub for our WW leader today and it seemed like she was a can short of a six pac or not a whole biscuit ~ you get the drift. Our leaders daughter just had a baby so I totally understand why she wasn't there.

JEAN I know you can just count the hours till school is out. We ate at Sizzler after WW today and the high school graduating group came in just behind us. What a bunch of well behaved teens. I loved seeing such a good group together and it is encouraging that most teens are good kids. Since my career was working with "bad actors" it is always a pleasure to see a bunch of nice kids.

FAYE that is so neat that you live so close to the pool. Would that I had one even that I could go to. Boo Hoo ~ I love to swim, anyway in my thinner days. You go girl ~~tell them to get that one open soon since you have paid your dues. Be careful lifting those heavy bags for you don't want a nasty back strain.

Enjoy your evening ladies.

05-20-2004, 07:31 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
I'm waiting for DH to get home from a meeting -- supper will be late and cleaning up the kitchen will be late. I don't like that much! :no: It has warmed up and the humidity is up in my corner of the world. The warm part is ok but the humidity could wait another month or so!

"Gma" -- It would be nice if they would open the pool as the weather dictates! Even if the kids were still in school, I'm sure there would be some who would enjoy using it. :) You are lucky to have it so close and handy.

Maggie -- I chuckled out loud at your description of the WW leader! :lol3: I wonder if she might be related to the one here?! Congratulations on the loss -- you have the scale going in the right direction! It's nice to be around some kids with manners . . . unfortunately it seems like they are fewer and farther between. Even the "good" kids can really push the limits at times.

I need to go thaw some hamburger that I was hoping would be ready to grill tonight. It's still frozen so guess we will have sloppy joes instead!

Have a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa where there are only 3 1/2 days of classes left and then 3 1/2 days of final exams!

05-21-2004, 09:26 AM
Maggie: My ornery dh when I told him yesterday afternoon that I had a bone to pick with him said, "What about the stones?" :mad: :devil: I guess he remembered when he was at work they were still in the trunk and I was going grocery shopping. Oh well, they are in the garage now and will be in the flower bed tomorrow!

Jean: Our kids last day totally is today. Little monsters will be all over the place then throwing their trash on the sidewalks and streets and being a pain in the butt next door throwing stuff over the fence onto my deck. One of these days, Fortune is going to get ahold of something when I let him out and I am not going to see it and it is going to make him sick. I keep a close eye out for stuff and found a bic pen yesterday.

DH got to do something interesting yesterday. He had an all day seminar that was held in one of the conference rooms at the Gibson guitar factory downtown. They gave them this spiffy lunch then gave them a free tour of the factory (which usually costs to go through) Gibson guitars are completely handmade except for the initial cut out of the guitar shape from wood. Jack asked the tour guide if they had a lot of scrap since everything is handmade and she said yes. I guess a new replica guitar of "Lucille," which is BB King's guitar will cost you $5000 and one of Chet Atkin's guitar is sold for $4500. He says they have a really nice restaurant/lounge we should go and have dinner at sometime. I would like to see the tour myself. I remember as a kid in school and then Camp Fire Girls going to the Kreamo bread company, Coca-cola, the Simplicity pattern company and a chocolate company there. The pattern company was when I was in jr high home economics. It was pretty cool to see and they cut pattern pieces from the paper at about 500 sheets per cut. There is this huge stack of that thin paper with the pattern on it and they use like a saw thing to cut the paper into pieces.

Need to go exercise!


05-21-2004, 08:53 PM

Been a rather uneventful day around here. I have just been putzing around doing this and that and Cowboy is out helping the Sheriff's department. I think I will do spicy chicken from Schwans, rice and green beens and a green salad for dinner. Easy and I can time it for 6 pm when he said he should be here unless........ That is always the catch. However, I can eat without him and he can have it when he comes in if there is a call that keeps him away.

JEAN Most of the California kids who aren't the juvenile delinquent ones are pretty well mannered I have found. We may have a different code "out here" ;) then other places.

FAYE those special name folks guitars are way out of price. I know the painter that does the drums for lots of the specials that groups do and WOW are they spendy. I see lots of them in groups when watching TV. I recognize the logo and know that Louie painted them. He painted a Fender guitar for the company and in turn they gave him two. Now there was a spendy payment!

Life is good ~ have a good weekend ladies and do a random act of kindness.

05-22-2004, 12:21 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
We had a FAC meeting after school and the DH's met us for supper. I had wanted to pick up flowers to plant this weekend but guess that will wait until another day. We have had storm warnings on TV all evening long but I am going to head off to bed.

"Gma" -- I think I would be onery and throw the junk back over the fence! :yes:

Maggie -- Your supper menu sounds yummy! :T

Hope you all have a nice weekend! We are going to my hometown tomorrow to visit the cemetery.

Jean -- :yawn: from Iowa!

05-22-2004, 08:39 AM
Jean: Your trip tomorrow is not for you and hubby to find a new "home" is it? :lol: Ick, poor graveyard humor! As for the stuff in the yard, except for food because of the rodent problem, I do throw it back over into their yard! My reasoning is not to be nasty, but to let them know that I know they threw it into my yard in the first place. They have been gone for 2 weeks now (this is the neighbors that disappeared for over a year and then just one day reappeared but with different family members! freaky!) and left their nasty trash can out by the garage and it collected standing water when we had the big store a week and a half ago and now not only stinks but is a mosquito larvae haven. I may take it and put it back into their back yard today.

We are going to be working with the blasted marble chips today so think of me when I am out there sweating the weight off! We also have 2 light fixtures to put up and we have to re-texture the ceiling in the bathroom we just finished as the stain showed through.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!