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04-09-2001, 02:34 PM
Ok, it's monday - almost lunch time and no one's posted yet????

Where is everyone???? :?:

I was visited by the weight loss fairy this week - I'm down 2.5. I'm tellin' ya the 220's are just flyin' by (and I won't miss 'em a bit!).

RR - Sick again? Take lots of vitamin C, echinacia and garlic!!

Sonya - I agree.... take it one step at a time. I haven't started faithfully excercising yet either. I figure it's better not to take on too much at once and risk totally overwhelming myself. After loosing 23 pounds though I think I'd better get my butt movin' - I've run out of excuses...

Ellen - Welcome and congrats on the divorce. I'm newly divorced too (final 11/00).

Bauna - Welcome (back) to you too!!

Well, that's all for now - I leave for vacation on Friday so this week will be the typical "get it all done now because you can't do it later" kinda week...

Later Gators!


04-09-2001, 04:40 PM
Hi All,

Terri- Thanks for starting the new thread....one note though...normally RR will go to the previous thread and put the last post there saying something to the effect of "See ya' all on the new thread". This way everyone knows to read there, but post on the new thread. Not to insult anyone's intelligence...but you never know!! :)
Congrats on the loss!! Darn, I hope I can stick to it like you have!! :D

04-09-2001, 05:00 PM
Hi all.:)

Had a family reunion yesterday so will have to behave these next few days to make up for it!

bauna - welcome!

Punkin - hooray for your loss! Enjoy your vacation.


04-10-2001, 11:15 AM
Hi All,

Well, Day 1 went beautifully...I was totally OP, and even banked 4 pts.!! :D For those of you that check to see my food log, I have not been to WW mtgs. since they changed things, so I am going by the old plan - I don't know all the changes, but I am not counting one pt. for carrots or onions! It worked for me before, it'll still work!!

My DH is doing it with me too! He sends me an email from work telling me what he ate and I'm calculating it for him! Do any of you know off hand if there is a point difference for men? I can't remember. Yesterday he thought he did good, but he ate something like 38 pts, and that was before dinner!! LOL!! Went over things with him last night though, so hopefully today will be better. He brought a bag of rice cakes with him to eat inbetween...in moderation hopefully!! :rolleyes:

Have a great OP day all!

04-10-2001, 11:48 AM
Hello everyone!

LBH - Yea, sorry I forgot to do the "see ya" thing.
Also, there's no difference in points for men and women (poor guy) but how cool that he's doing this with you!!!

Rabbit - How was the family reunion? We're having one May 5th in California. We're even closing our office for one day!

Tomarrow I'm brace-free!!! :D

Have a great day everyone!!


04-10-2001, 05:50 PM
Hi all. :)

LBH - good luck on ww to you and dh!

Punkin - The reunion was fun. People I hadn't seen in a long time, so I enjoyed it. And ofcourse, there was way too much good food. I did pretty good there, considering!:rolleyes: Let's just say, better than I would have done in the past! So I consider that a victory. I decided before I went that I would not go back for seconds. And I didn't.


04-10-2001, 08:07 PM
Hello all!!!
Sitting here with a sick child!!!#2 this time..WEll tomorrow will be 30 days until the wedding..I am about to have fits but will make it...I went to Victorias Secret on Sunday and will have cleavage for the wedding!!!!:cool: That was my highlight for the wedding...

It sure is easy to watch the diet having week 2 of strep throat...Kind of a rough way to do it but U have to do it the best way!!!

Welcome new girls!!!!I usually start the new thread but my brain is on overdrive!!!Thanks everyone for picking it up!!!!

It is too neat-I started getting wedding gifts in the mail..It is sort of fun!!!!
Have a great evening all!!!

04-11-2001, 09:56 AM
Hi All,

Well, Day 2 was pretty much OP too!! I went over 1.5 pts., because I miscalculated earlier in the day, but I have the 4 pts. banked from Monday, so that was OK. I was kinda proud of myself, because it was bowling last night and they don't really have anything healthy to eat there, so I planned on 3 chicken fingers, and a handful of fries. They gave me 4 with the order and 2 handfuls of fries, but I was good, I gave the 4th finger to the girl I bowl with and we threw the rest of the fries out! :D Then I ate my apple and finished my water.

We got all the table cameras back from Wal-Mart last night. Got some good ones, and some not so good ones. Forgot to bring the CDs with me though, so I can't post any. Will bring them tomorrow and post some.

RR- 30 days...woohoo!! I just bought the new Journey CD last night and there are 2 songs on there that would be great wedding songs...wish it had come out earlier! (I have always been a complete Journey fanatic!) Unfortunately, all of the songs except one are over 4 minutes long, so they'll probably not be released as singles...don't know what the band was thinking there... Oh, back to the wedding, try to relax, you'll do fine!! You'll marry the love of your life, and everything will be good! Is SD#1 still going to be part of the wedding?

Rabbit- Good for you resisting 2nds at the reunion!

Terri- Good luck getting the braces off today!! :D

Have a great day all!!

04-11-2001, 01:11 PM
Hello All,

It sure is quiet around here lately.

I went to WW last night and lost 2.8 lbs which makes up for the 1.8 I gained last week and then some :D. I'm pretty happy. I think it was Dani who posted that she'd only lost 8 lbs since Sept, I can relate, I've lost only 13.6 since Sept. but I am definitely glad that it's not a 13 lb gain :).

We have a 4 day weekend this week (Fri and Mon off) it will be such a nice break. I'm hoping the weather breaks so I can get my yard cleaned up. It was beautiful on Sunday and cool and rainy since. I'm getting my car worked on on Friday and I'm planning on having them take me to the zoo while they work (it's only a couple miles away). Then I want to finish the spare room, and some other stuff around the house so we can list by the end of the month. It should be a nice relaxing weekend. We're going to my parents on Sunday for Easter and my sisters b-day. She's bummed she turns thirty on Friday the thirteenth which also happens to be Good Friday. I had a hard time turning 30 to so I understand how she feels.

LBH - Congratulations on staying OP, planning and sticking to your plan is such a HUGE accomplishment. I'm pretty much following the old program to even though I have the new stuff. We had a big talk about it at the meeting last night and our leader's comment was if the old program works for you stick with it, if it's not then change. It's probably not the "WW" thing to say but she's a little different anyway.

RR - 30 days :eek:, you are so close. I sure hope you're all feeling better by then.

Punkin - Congratulations on getting off the braces!!!! You are so going to enjoy this, I need to decide if I want to get them back on. Right now it's not covered by my insurance so I'm not, but I should.... Have fun on your vacation.

Rabbit - No seconds is good. If it's anything like reunions around my family it is a hard thing to do!

Well have a great day everyone.

- Tech :spin:

04-11-2001, 05:57 PM
hi guys.:wave:

RR - 30 days!! Wow!!

Lauren - good for you on throwing fries away!:)

Tech - I like your attitude! Congrats on your wonderful loss.:)

Punkin - congrats on getting those braces off!!:D:D

have a good one - Rabbit

04-11-2001, 07:02 PM
Hello!!! :wave:

I am brace-less!!!! My lips are slidin' around my teeth and I ate rice for the first time in 2 years without having to fish it out from between my brackets! When I left the orthodontists office one of the assistants handed me some chewing gum to enjoy on my ride home... :D
Now I have a top retainer to wear daily for at least 6 months, bottom and top every night probably forever - I can live with it - my teeth look awesome! :spin:

Tonite I start packing for vacation!!

Rabbit - I hear ya on the reunion food. My Mom and I are trying to fix some of it so that it's WW friendly. Most of my family (step father's side) is from the south so you know that means the food will be fried, gravy'd, sweet, in exceptional abundance and fattening like you wouldn't believe... maybe I should've had them wire my mouth shut??

RR - I can't believe the big day is only 30 days away!! Time flies! If you haven't heard it yet, the song "I hope you dance" I think is such a sweet song for either the bride or groom with a father or mother dance... Anyway - good luck!!!!

Time to go home!!


04-11-2001, 11:33 PM
Good Evening!!
Had my dress fitting tonight for hemming...I felt really blah after cuz it seems to me to be tight even though the seamstress woman said is should fit well..I am soo use to wearing bigger clothes that it makes me nervous when something fits . My cleavage was there --my mom said it was the first time I had breasts!!!!:cool:All it cost was $40!!!!!!!!*L*

Tech--congrats on the loss!!!!

I will write more later--my cough syrup is hitting and I am getting really sleepy!!!!!

Lauren-COngrats on the staying on points and the correct food choices!!!!

We fixed up a Paris package and cut it by $400 by removing the Gourmet meals..Refman and I never eat a large meal but rather eat small all day!!It is amazing how doing food yourselves sometimes saves money--anyway who could eat $400 worth of food in 3 days!!!!!

04-12-2001, 03:52 AM
Thanks for the welcome. I haven't really started on the diet yet, but am working on th ewalking. Have walked about 1 1/2 to 2 miles each day the last 3 days. Once the walking is going well then will start concentrating on the diet. I have company right now (my parents are staying with me), wwhich makes the dieting hard because we have been going out to eat, etc.
Hopefully if I keep coming to the board it will help keep me motivated and on track.

04-12-2001, 10:24 AM
Hi All,

Well, I kinda screwed up yesterday, but it was all a lack of planning. I had to get a tooth filled after work yesterday, so I was numb until 9:00 last night!! So when it finally wore off enough to eat, I was famished. I had some left over pot roast that needs to be finished up, because it's from last weekend...not this past weekend. It's still good, but I don't want it around. Have not figured out the points yet, but I have my big food companion with me today, so I'll figure out the damage...I'm think it was like 10 pts., and I was already pushing it after lunch, so I'm sure I've got a few to make up...

I did not walk yesterday, because it was cold and crappy out all day. Some people walked at lunch, but I was too cold! It's a little cool and rainy today, so unless it gets better, I guess I'm not walking today either. :( I must've slept like crap because my back and neck are all stiff.

I have the table camera pics on CD and with me today, so I will see if I can load them so you all can see some pics!!

Have a great day!

04-12-2001, 01:57 PM
Hi all. WEigh in is tonight, but I'm leaving tomorrow to go out of town until Tuesday, so probably won't be posting until I return. I'm visiting family so will have to watch the eating!

Punkin - hope you really enjoyed that gum!:D Have fun on vacation. I made a "light lasagna" for our reunion. That helped a lot to have that option. And my mom made a turkey. That dessert table though, was unbelievable.

RR - I know what you mean about being nervous about how clothes fit. I've had that feeling also.

Shauna - hooray for you for all of the walking!:)

Have a joyous Easter all!


04-13-2001, 10:23 AM
Hi All,

Well, I managed to stay OP for Day 4...even though I'm using up my banked points. Jim really wanted a nice burger last night, and we had some in the freezer that he made from the 90% lean that we got at BJ's, so we had them. Unfortunately, he likes BIG burgers, so they were 6 oz cooked!! They were 9 oz. raw!! Will have to teach him that he can be satisfied with a 4 oz. burger maybe and a salad. At least he likes salad, he eats it more than me sometimes! He's been pretty much OP too though. I can't wait until we WI Monday AM! :D

Rabbit- Hope you're having a nice time away. Jim's mom gave us a pan of veggie lasagna, because she had it in the freezer from before his dad had the heart problems (rgiht before the wedding), now he can't have cheese. I don't know whats in it, but I'm sure it was LF cheese to begin with. Any idea about how many pts. it might be?

Shauna- Good for you withe the exercise! Sometimes I think that it's harder to get started exercising than watching what you eat!

RR- Stop with the dress feeling too tight. It's fine, trust me!! Wish I coulda given you some of my cleavage!!

Terri- Congrats on being brace-less!!! You must post some pics somewhere for us to see!! :D

I'm off to post some pics...will come back and put the link up!

04-14-2001, 12:01 AM
Well, no walking for me today but did a ton of yard work, so that should count for something. Then went out for dinner, had chicken, sweet potato, salad, rolls. Still need to do more on portion control, but feel like I'm making a start. Hope everyone else's week is going great.

04-15-2001, 10:53 AM
GOod MOrning ALl!!!!
Will see you on the new thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!