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05-16-2004, 04:06 PM
well i spend alot of time lurking in gyms. An as you know and i shed a few pounds since my awakening to the fact i was a bit chubby at 322lb. one thing that really helped me on dieting was the info i got from bodybuilding mags and sites. why? well bodybuilders seem to be masters of losing weight they eat like horses in the off season and then "cut up" to look like you see them in comps. some can lose 20-30 pounds in just a few months. every year. so i though if they can do i so can i. So what is the difference between body builders and "fat" people. i consider myself and people on this board fat. because your making efforts to get slim so you've been awoken to the fact your not slim. essentially we are the same. but from different sides of the coin we both wish for the perfect body think we could improve something i feel if i can lose another 20lb's i'd look good body builders feel if they can add a bit more muscles to there shoulders they'll look better. same things sort of. we both diet sometimes very strictly we both have eating binges tough theres are usually planned. we both go to the gym. and we both battle weights us the number on the scales. them the number on the dumbell. i think we are almost identical but physically oppositise. but how many fat body builders are there? i believe that i and we all could learn alot from these people. someone who can lose 20;bs in a couple of months every year must have some insider info on the whole weightloss thing ok granted they have more muslce therefore higher metabolic rates but still they gotta know summat we don't. i'm currently 16stone 9lb's which is let me see 233ish. and i wanna be about 15st which is 210lb and at 6' with large fram i think i'll look ok. the question is can i do it by my birthday in december. i'll dish up some pics the start of september :coffee:

Goddess Jessica
05-16-2004, 06:59 PM
Si -

I'm not sure what you mean when you say,"must have some insider info on the whole weightloss thing." They don't have some magic solution that they're holding out on you. Read some bodybuilder books. They're comp weight diet is stark with very little fat. And not all of them (especially the women) shed those 20 lbs without looking. It's hard hard hard and a lot of them will tell you it's neither good for them or feels good.

I lift weights all the time. I'm up to a 75 lbs bench press (go me!) and yes lifting weights ROCKS my weightloss world. For three months I didn't loose a frickin' pound but my whole body shape changed and I think that's amazing. Muscle burns more than fat, even while you're sleeping, so it's easier to shed pounds. However, for me, real size loss can with the cardio, not just lifting weights.

Hope you find what you're looking for.

05-17-2004, 12:30 PM
good effort on the benching freeweight i assume? i never really got on with benching squating is much more my thing my best squat at the moment is 250lb's its great i love it and hate cardio with a passion summat to do with shin splints.