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05-16-2004, 02:19 AM
ok, so i come in and out of here, and i feel lost when i don't find a chatting thread. ;) so here's one.

since i've been missing, i've filed for bankruptcy, started a 10 day fast but quit after 2 days, bought a second car, and started the south beach diet. how's that for crazy, huh?

i'm actually doing pretty well, except i still haven't told my work about the knee surgery i have to have in august. i'm freaked out aout how mad it will make my boss. so that's the main stressor on my mind these days.

how are you guys?

05-16-2004, 11:25 AM
oh wow you've sure had a lot going on. You sound like you're doing much better (by the tone of your post anyway).

As for me I've been dealing with one sick little boy. He started out with diarhea last sunday. It continued on Monday and Tuesday morning so Jeff took him to the doc's. He's finally stopped the diahrea but he has a horrible cough. She gave him medicine for it as well. We had to put maalox on his bottom and then bag balm to get it healed since it was raw. Now he just has a few red spots instead of the whole area. She's also working more in his reflux now. He takes prevacid 2x a day, tagament 4x a day, has to have rice cereal in every bottle and get maalox if he starts spitting up.
The rest of the family is doing well. Lilly slid off my recliner Friday night and busted her lip. I think she just cut that skin between her two front teeth. She just barely cried and was fine. They weren't lying about having more than one kid and stuff not bothering you as much. I know that if William wouldn't have come along, I would have freaked at the sight of her blood been on the cell phone with mom and the hospital on the other phone in the matter of a few seconds. Now I'm like "Oh it's some blood." and make sure there's nothing major broken.

05-16-2004, 12:19 PM
hee hee hee...Dawnyal, one of my favorite lines is from that movie "Parenthood," where Mary Steenburgen's character is talking about how you're always so careful and diligent with the first child, but by the fourth one, they're in the kitchen juggling knives. :rofl:

Holly - You probably shouldn't delay telling your boss about your surgery any longer. He's gonna be even more pissed off if you wait until July 31st to bring it up.

As for my life...let's see....3 1/2 more days of school with students...5 more days total...driving to Jackson (3 hours) to update my teaching license, then a few days of frantic housecleaning....then driving to Little Rock to pick up my mom (it's cheaper than flying into Memphis)...then turning around two days later with the family and driving BACK to California with mom to visit the family (and hopefully Holly!).

I am also in a horrible battle with my eating disorder daily. It sucks.

05-16-2004, 12:55 PM
whew, makes me glad i don't have kids! diarhea? cut lips? knives?? :faint:

Holly - You probably shouldn't delay telling your boss about your surgery any longer. He's gonna be even more pissed off if you wait until July 31st to bring it up.

i don't have an official date yet, possibly august 5th, possibly sept 2nd, maybe somewhere in between. so i'm waiting on that. plus i'm waiting on my 6 month review, which will be done anytime after june 17th. so i'm hoping to tell her the first week of july.

...then turning around two days later with the family and driving BACK to California with mom to visit the family (and hopefully Holly!)

yay!! at least i'll get to meet one fat chick, since i'm missing out on chicago.

05-16-2004, 01:43 PM
Hi guys!!!

Holly - Ack! All that would make me stressed too!

I still pop in frequently, though I don't post much. I can't believe how fast the wedding is approaching. It's 69 days and we still have to get flowers, decide on food, hire musicians (organist, trumpet player, and vocalist for ceremony; DJ for reception), get a marriage license, and find a place to live after the wedding. I still have to get my dress altered, make my veil, find someone to do my hair, and I'd like someone to help me with makeup. I'll probably do my own that day, but I'd like to find someone to teach me to do it properly. We also both have to pack, move, and have a few more meetings with the priest, and with others. And we both have to work too. Oh yes, and we still have to plan most of the honeymoon. We've got a couple of things booked, but we need quite a bit more.

In the last week or two, we've made progress by getting our guest lists together, including looking up and calling long lost relatives to ask them to help us find other long long relatives, typing up everyone's information onto a master guestlist spreadsheet, ordering invitations online, assembling, folding, stamping, and getting most of them into the mail. I still have a few I held back for various reasons. One is my Dad's mother. She's 95, and will not be able to make it. I'm making a package for her. I'm sending an invitation, but I'm also sending a personal note, a framed picture of Steve and me, and a few printed pages from our website so she could see it. I want her to feel part of the family even though I know she will not be able to make it to the wedding. We'd go down and visit, (and believe me we have extended family pressuring us), but it's 4 hours to where she is and we won't be able to go till after the wedding. I still want her to feel included though. My parents understand that we are busy. It's the more extended relatives that don't. Oh yes, we've made a website.

I'm at the point where I'm considering this crunch time. I'm going to have to take a few days off from work between now and July 24th just to get things done. I'm taking this Tuesday off from work so I can go to the dump and make my veil and do some simple alterations on some new clothes. I need a block of hours where I don't have to pick up in the middle and leave to go somewhere.

Problem is, my weekends are spoken for. That's when Steve and I get together for joint projects and sometimes there are family events to attend. Last weekend was insane. On Saturday morning, Steve's parents came over to my apartment. They wanted to see how cute it is before I pack it up. So they came over, we chatted, went out for pizza. Then Steve and I got in the car and drove to Boston to attend my sister's graduation recital at Boston University......

05-16-2004, 01:52 PM
the culmination of her 4 years work. We attended my sister's recital in Boston, drove back to NH, and tried to put in a few hours work on assembling invites before calling it a night. Even the morning of that day was busy. I had to go to the post office to find out how much our completed invitations weighed, bought more stamps, went to the grocery store to buy flowers for my sister and both mothers. The whole day was go, go, go. On Sunday, Steve and I went to church, walked upstairs and attempted to hire the organist, then went over to my place to put a few more hours into invites (we're planning the wedding completely by ourselves), went to my mom's for dinner to celebrate mother's day, my birthday, my sister-in-law's birthday and my sister's graduation which all occurred within days of each other. Then we went to Steve's parents' and celebrated mother's day with them. That was one busy weekend!

05-16-2004, 02:24 PM
Do you get to sleep at all, Jeanne?? :) You're going to have quite the action-packed two months! Hey, who did you use for online invitations? I found one that mailed samples to us, but now I can't find the samples, I didn't bookmark the URL, and I don't remember the name. Ack!! I'm in the process of getting the caterer and the music. I e-mailed the Musician's Local and got a lot of response so I'm sending the demo CDs to my daughter and she can choose. We have to choose from a list of caterers, and they're all running higher than I budgeted for. I suppose that's normal. I'm glad you're able to post occasionally because I'm enjoying reading about your upcoming wedding, and, of course, I know we're all looking forward to you posting pictures of the event. So what are your choices for a honeymoon? In July, I'm guessing you'll be wanting something cool and not very humid, or at least something involving water? My DH's family lives in New Hampshire (Barrington), and he used to spend summers there and on a "pond" (we call them lakes in the west) in Massachusetts. He vividly remembers the heat and humidity!

Holly, I think waiting until after your review is a good idea, too. I think a month's notice is probably enough. Hope the South Beach thing is going well for you--I've heard good things about that plan. When you and Jennelle get together, you'll have to take pictures and post them. Hope you two have a great time.

Dawnyal, sounds like your kids are running you ragged. As I recall, that's pretty normal with young ones. Has your daughter shoved anything up her nose yet? I don't know too many kids who haven't gone to the ER or the doctor for that problem. My granddaughter has reflux, too, and it's pretty awful to see her vomiting. I can sympathize with you. She's fed through a gastric tube--nothing by mouth so she gets only formula. It's kind of rough.

My 25 year old son called me up the other day and said he'd just been stopped by police in 5 cop cars who arrested him with guns drawn. He was an hour in handcuffs in the back of a squad car until the police figured out that my son hadn't stolen the car he was driving. His car was stolen about 3 weeks ago, then recovered. What he, and the police who told him he could take the car, didn't realize was that the thieves, for whatever reason, put a set of stolen license plates on the car. When it was recovered, my son had to pay $500 to have it towed to his house, then when he was stopped by the police, they took the plates and he had to pay $170 this time to have it towed because you can't drive without plates. Then he had to pay for a cab to his house, and for cab rides to the DMV to get new plates, not to mention the cab ride to work while the car was still missing. The car is a 1990 so he only had liability on it, and I doubt if he'll ever see a penny of restitution from the thief (who was caught). I think he's regretting his move to the big city from sleepy little Boise, Idaho. But at least he has a job, which he didn't have in Boise.

05-16-2004, 02:33 PM
whew! busy wedding planner people!

and sheila, your son's story -- yikes!!

so, i checked my weight this morning and it's 178! this is due part to the 2 day fast and part to south beach, i think. i hope it can stay there until wednesday so it can be official!

i'm excited because i had previously said that once i have finally broken this 180 wall i've been at (for SIX MONTHS), i get two new charms for my weightloss charm bracelet. it's my reward system i set up. i just went hog wild and dedicated a whole page to it on my diet diary:


i've never implemented a reward system during this weightloss thing, so it's kinda fun to have one planned out!

05-16-2004, 03:44 PM
well i lost my weigh a bit (pun intended) over the last few months back at home with momma cooking :) managed to go from 16st 6 to nearly 18st in just a couple of months. oh try converting your weight into stones makes you seem a lot lighter 14lb = 1 stone. so nearly 18st or 252lb i hit the atkins bout 2 weeks ago. i lost a stone already and a few pounds extra but i have this really annoying side effect where i sweat out the toxins basically by the end of the day my skin smells of sweaty fatty gunk normally lurking in the bottom of an unwashed grill pan. but i can live with being mr stinky for a bit to shed the pounds. summer is here been in teh 80's the last few days and i'm off to college and then uni to become a PE teacher so i can hardly be on the porky side if i'm gonna do that can i. and as i have no women in my life still i can stink all i want :)

05-16-2004, 11:43 PM
I thought I'd share a bit of wisdom I picked up tonight. When you're cooking shish kabob on the grill, don't pick up the metal skewers in your bare hands when you take the kabobs off the grill.

Ouch. . . :(

05-17-2004, 12:25 AM
Hi Sheila,

We used clickinvites.com for our invites. They were fast, and ours are the cutest you've ever seen. We used the one with the couple dancing in the gazebo on white paper. I'd definitely recommend the site.


Ivanna B. Skinny
05-17-2004, 01:45 PM
Sheila... Ive got a bit of Kabob wisdome too. If you use wooden skewers, SOAK THEM IN WATER FIRST!!! Last year, I didnt know this and the caught fire! I now know that this is common knowledge, and common sence for that matter, but I didnt think of it at the time!

05-17-2004, 09:11 PM
Gee thanks Amy, I have never made kabobs but I would not have thought to soak them first! I want to try some this year!