100 lb. Club - Why did you choose your user name?

Ivanna B. Skinny
05-15-2004, 01:08 PM
I saw this on the WLS board and thought it would be fun to do here.

Ivanna B. Skinny
05-15-2004, 01:10 PM
Well...I think my user name is pretty easy to understand. Plus, I thought it was pretty funny. Humer in the face of challenge really helps!!

05-15-2004, 01:21 PM
I'm in love with the name Brooklyn... For as long, as I've been going online, that's been my screen name..

I was going to name my first girl (when I finally have kids) Brooklyn, but now I think i've over used it... :lol:

05-15-2004, 02:56 PM
It's my name.

Not too imaginative, I know. :)

05-15-2004, 03:52 PM
Well, mine is pretty obvious, but it did come from a real moment. One night in bed, right before sleep, I was talking to my partner and putting myself down for being fat. She wanted to make me feel better, and said something like, "Honey, there's just more of you to love." Needless to say, while I loved her for being sweet, it did NOT make me feel better at all......so my goal became to remain just as lovable -- and just as much "ME" ...... just a smaller Sarah. So, less of Sarah, to love just as much! :)

05-15-2004, 05:22 PM
Aprylcadabra :)

Apryl is my name. Yes, aprYl. Apryl. Apryl with a "y" (Anyone sense a pet peeve? Beacuse... April IS NOT my name. ;))

So, Apryl... and then from "Abracadabra" comes the -cadabra:D

05-15-2004, 05:51 PM
i love the muppet gonzo. i love stars. i put the username together about 8 years ago, and it's been me ever since.

just to prove my love---

my stuffed animal:


my tattoo:


05-15-2004, 06:37 PM
Apryl-with-a-Y....feeling your peevishness :) There are about 10,000 ways to spell Jennelle, and no one ever gets it right! ;)

05-15-2004, 10:34 PM
Mine is from my name eiss which is pronounced ice and I am a woman. Not very creative but it works.

05-15-2004, 11:44 PM
Mine is my first name. :) :)

05-16-2004, 01:35 AM
Mine is my first name which I would love to just be howie. Howerver there are a few Howies on the web that think the same way. So I always put my birth day after my name. I could have been just Howie here but I like to try and use the same name everywhere. That way if you see my name soemwhere else you will know it's me.

05-16-2004, 02:08 AM
There are about 10,000 ways to spell Jennelle, and no one ever gets it right! ;)

yup, my middle name is the same as your first name... spelled "janelle". and sometimes even *i* accidentally put a second 'n' in there. heh.

05-16-2004, 09:40 AM
I was not to creative when I picked mine. nasus-susan backwards and I was 40 when I joined. I have started to build on it though with QueenNasus and GoddessNasus for email addys and then I went a step further with the goddess part and tried to start a business named Balqis (notice no u ) it is the name of the queen of sheba who to me was a goddess ofserving herself. This was a weight loss support group in myarea that people did not want to join there was not enough start up money and too manyb established places to do it with!! so it is still a name I use and hope to get back up again but yes names are a fun thing to do.

05-16-2004, 10:25 AM
Mine is silly. It's a pet name that my husband started calling me while we were dating in high school. Boiaby is just a funny way to pronounce baby (boy-be). The whole thing was boiaby puppy, though I'm not sure why, so I just shortened it to boiaby and now I always use it as my username/screen name.


05-16-2004, 11:39 AM
when I got my yahoo e-mail years ago I needed something I wanted something original. I worked at wal-mart before that and there was one woman who stocked overnight and every time she saw me said I looked just like a barbie. Of course I always said I'm more of the politically correct barbie since I was overweight even then but it still felt nice to be called barbie all the same. So anyway back to yahoo. I tried barbiegirl and it was taken, barbygirl gone as well so I decided to just add 43 to the end of it. Why 43 you ask? Well it's really silly but that was the football jersey number of the guy I had a huge crush on from 7th grade to my freshman year in college and it's just stuck ever since.

Like the others if you see a barbygirl43 somewhere, then chances are it's me.

05-16-2004, 01:33 PM
Mine... pretty obvious.. Need to lose 85 lbs to get to my goal weight!

Ivanna B. Skinny
05-16-2004, 10:31 PM
Hi guys! I love knowing why a person chose their user name!
Celina - I have a niece named Brooklyn...I love it too!
Holly - Gonzo was always one of my fav muppets,too. Although, Animal is right up there with him.
Bioaby - That is SSOOO sweet!
Baby girl43 - Until I met my DH, every number I ever had to come up with had the football jersey # of my highschool crush,too! :p
Gretchen - I LOVE your new picture! Its beautiful!

05-17-2004, 03:38 AM
Amy - Jo - This was a great post.. Its very interesting and a great post for conversation..

But ladies, not too many of you have replied.. keep 'em comin' - this is great!


Inca's Momma
05-17-2004, 07:58 AM
Well since I am a momma to 3 dogs :lol: and didn't have room to write IncaMayaKiowa's Momma I just shortened it to my oldest dog Inca.

05-17-2004, 11:59 AM
JML are my initials.

05-17-2004, 12:16 PM
I wanted by screen name when I met my husband (charbar) - but that was taken. Slimdown is just what I want to do.. slim down. To be honest I really like this screen name. I would love to change it. But I've had it for so long. Any ideas?


05-17-2004, 01:00 PM
Mine comes from my love of Ireland and all things Irish (family heritage & history) and also from my love of butterflies (wings) = irishwings! :)

Butterflies are very symbolic for me for many reasons. . .including the idea of coming out of the cocoon (the cocoon being my extra weight) and flying high on fresh new wings of transformation! :angel:

05-17-2004, 09:22 PM
Mine is my last name and how many are in my household. I use it almost everywhere.

05-18-2004, 01:18 AM
My name is Jill and I'm in the legal profession, so even though for years my eating habits were a crime, my user name isn't adding a "J" to "illegal" (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). :p

P.S. - At work I've bookmarked the 3 Fat Chicks site by simply naming it "3FC". Came back after lunch once to find a lawyer I'd been doing research for sitting at my desk staring blankly at the screen - he'd brought up the 3 Fat Chicks homepage. "And what exactly do you think you're doing??" I asked, rather perturbed that he'd invaded my privacy. "I was looking for the three felony conviction ruling, and when I saw 3FC I assumed..." Silly man.

05-18-2004, 01:45 AM
Mine is just my name :)

05-18-2004, 12:30 PM
well.. I just changed my screen name... now I feel so much better!

now I can tell you where Charbar comes from. It was the screen name I had when I met my dh online.. over 6 years ago!!! Chat rooms have really come a long way. Charbar is my cat (14 years old) nickname. Her full name was Charlotte Barley Bob Marley. Back then I used to smoke a lot of pot!! That was years ago - I think that's how I got so fat! :devil:

Jill.. you are way too funny!!! you tell the funniest stories!

Amanda Panda
05-18-2004, 07:22 PM
Mine is just a nickname - my sisters used to call me Amanda the Panda when I was little, but I didn't like it then - they just did it to annoy me!

Now my partner calls me Panda and I've grown to love it as I think it's cute!

Since I have evolved into Amanda Panda, I have taken a real interest in the real thing (panda's that is) - I just love them, they are so cute! Did you know that there are only about 1000 panda's left in the wild - how sad eh?

CHARBAR - I love your cats name! My cat is also called Marley, after Bob - for much the same reason as you!

Amanda xx

Goddess Jessica
05-18-2004, 07:41 PM
This is such a great thread! I love all the names and what's behind them (no pun intended!).

My name comes from the fact that I rock. And I think everyone should know it. :)

Ivanna B. Skinny
05-18-2004, 08:14 PM
You all are so funny! :rofl: