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05-14-2004, 08:42 AM
Welcome to a thread devoted to those who have the ultimate job of taking care of their family. Here you will find wonderful women raising a family and trying to find time to take care of themselves and their weight too. So if you are a SAHM jump right in and say hello and to all you who have been here before I look forward to a new day with you!!

05-14-2004, 09:15 AM
Hey girls. Sorry I'm not gonna get personal. I promise, I will tonight. Fridays are my busy busy day. Anyway just wanted to say that the scale hasn't moved, which is GREAT. I had 3 really bad off plan days last weekend and was so afraid I would gain that's why I tried really hard this week. And I'm so glad I didn't gain. I'm still one mark below 200 and that is WONDERFUL.
I hope you all had a great night and have a great Friday. I'll check in later. Alisa is spending the night with her nanny tonight so hopefully my evening won't be as boggled. Being the oldest, she may help sometimes, but others all she likes to do is pick and it makes things worse. Anyway, I'll have more time tonight.
Have a great day.

05-14-2004, 09:29 AM
Good Morning Good Morning :)


I am glad you are doing better! I know it is hard when the metal monster lies to you! I call it lying b/c you know you are doing great and your body knows you are doing great! Sometimes it just takes the scale a little longer to realize that the rest of you guys are not giving up on the war against being overweight.

Hope today is not too stressful for you. Congrats on still being below the 200 mark! ;)

I wanted to address Melinda real quick also,
I'm sry I forgot to answer your question the other day about the breastfeeding and weight. My weight loss was much slower while I was nursing. I stopped nursing Monday before last and I still have milk. I guess it is just going to take awhile. I am not engorged or anything though. And I have been having a TOM since I weaned too. I think it is just from my hormones and my body has got to get back into a groove. Good Luck on weaning later and do it when you are ready!

I am ready to get my day started! I might go take the kids to have some fun today somewhere. There is a local place here that is just like Chuck e Cheese's and they love it of course! LOL We will see...... depends on how good they are ....... LOL That means we will never get to go..... :lol:

05-14-2004, 10:47 AM
Hi gals - Spryng helpfully pointed out I posted this in thread 168 not realizing there was a newer thread. But I don't think I've read through 169 yet, so I'll post additional responses later today (after I shower!) :lol: But here's the post most of you probably missed:

Hi everyone! Boy did I miss a lot! Posting late today because 1) I had my yearly ("well-woman") exam with my midwife this morning, and 2) my mother is visiting.

Thanks for all the support, Spryng! I ordered an at-home starter kit from ebay. I will start as soon as it arrives. That menu/recipie book sounds wonderful - I'll have to look into it. I'm glad your DH is planning to make healthier choices. That's wonderful and I'll keep him in my prayers too My DH is quite healthy in food choices and working out, so he is a good example for me!

Penny - Aghhh! Hope DH and DS are okay! Good luck with Andrew's tests. Congrats on the weight loss That's a lot of scrapbooking! I envy you - I can only get in a half-hour here or there.

Happy anniversary Geri!

Crystal - glad the getaway planning is going so well. Bet you and DH are excited.

Jackie - It's good that your exercising - that's a wonderful choice. I hope you find the support you need with us . . . I know I do

Michelle - Glad the sleeping arrangements went well. Liam sleeps with us and we really like it, but I can imagine the transition into their own bed is hard. Also, I think it's a good idea to add some kind of weight/resistance to your work out - that usually helps me lose and burns more calories in the long run because it ups your metabolism and all. Glad the neighbors are leaving.

Melinda - glad to hear JW is fine. I had asthma too - I tend to have allergies in general.

Sarah - welcome to WW, I just bought my kit on ebay, so we'll start together What fun! We can update one another on our progress.

Hi, Julie!

Are ya'll watching Dr. Phil today???? I can't wait to see if this is really the end for Marty and Erin!

American Idol note - I agree, Spryng and Michelle - Jasmine must have gotten sympathy votes.

CSI note: Spryng and who else watch CSI? I absolutely LOVE CSI

Spryng/Melinda - I also love being married. DH and I agree that it's one of the best decisions we ever made - with DS right up there too.

Okay, I'm off to finish up dinner - chicken Fajitas, one of my favorite meals.
But guess what? I got offered a brand new, Silver Cross stroller for free! I have to write a review for the product, but then I get to keep the stroller
Isn't that awesome??? it's one of the new umbrella-type ones coming out in July - but it has a canopy and basket and padded seat, so I guess it's like a "luxury" umbrella . . . still only 9.5lbs. I'm very excited.

05-14-2004, 10:55 AM
Good morning. I went to do my weigh in this morning, and the scale said I had gained 10 lbs in two days. I am thinking my scale is wrong. When I weighed wednesday, I had lost two lbs. I need to go figure out what is wrong with the darn thing. I am glad to know I am not the only one who didn't get a honeymoon after I got married. We were going to go to Colorado the July after our wedding, but 10 days after the wedding, dh ended up in the hospital with appendicitis. Needless to say that took all of our money. Just never got around to it after that. Maybe one day. My parents never got a honeymoon until they had been married for 20 years. I hope everyone has a great day.

05-14-2004, 11:02 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!!

Well everything is back to normal my scale said 233 when I woke up so it really must have been water retention!!! Oh my I can't tell you how happy I am so I really need to keep up with my water intake. I knew that had to be wrong yesterday, so I'll be happy if I have a maintain or a 1 lb loss this week :D. Ok so get this, (here comes my rant) well I thought all the neighbors moved out yesterday well I was WRONG!! Again 2:30 am rolls around and I'm awaken out of a dead sleep by whooping and hollering and the sounds of drunken laughter ugghhhh!!! So I decide I'm just calling the police because we warned them last night, well I forgot I threw my phone book out because taylor had torn it to shreds lol. So I had to look number up on the computer. Well the police get there, and all of a sudden they start turning off the lights and shutting the curtains, mind you this was all before the police officer got out to talk to them, now how suspicious does that look!!! Well the officer goes and talks to them and then leaves. Then they come outside again and started saying "That F'er" really loud I KNOW they were talking about us. Man I hate lousy neigbors. We bought this house because the Neighborhood was nice and quiet and now lousy renters have to mess it up. So anyway does anyone know how you find out who owns a house by looking up the address, I believe property records are public.

Penny - Thank you so much for all you did last night!!! You did a lot of work just trying to find the source of my gain and I appreciate it!!

Spryng - And thank you for your words of wisdom!!

If it weren't for all of you guys I would have totally said "to **** with it" yesterday. But I didn't and stayed on plan!

Crystal - Way to go on maintaing 199 this week!! I'm so proud of you!!

Well I don't really have anything planned for today except some grocery shopping. Also I went to bed without doing my evening routine so I have to catch up a little. Mostly just toy pick up. Taylor slept half the night in her room which is good, we'll have her sleeping there full time before we know it!

Well guys I need to go get my day started! I will see you guys later.


05-14-2004, 11:04 AM
Ricci!!! I know how you feel girl!! Flush yourself with water, thats what I did and I'm back to normal!! I hope that scale says something different tomorrow :D


05-14-2004, 11:12 AM
Good morning all!

Well, My WI this week.... down 1#!!!! (that includes the .5 lb I gained last week due to TOM) so I'm down to 129 even now. I'm very happy with that. I wish I had a chance to get personal but today is my big errand (and flexpoint!!! yum!) day. So I have to kids the kids around and dressed so we can go grocery shopping and then out to lunch and I'll probably rent a movie or two for the weekend. So I hope everyone has a wonderful friday! TTYL!

05-14-2004, 11:27 AM
Just a drive by all you losers or those who maintained congrats!!
BTW- with warmer weather here- at least for most of us, I remember last year at WW, the leader said that gaining a pound or two of water is keep that in mind. Ricci, hon, your scale sounds hormonal. Hang in there.
Crystal and Spryng- sounds like your Friday is busy- mine is too!! Have a good day.
Michele, Penny......Leigh- anyone else I missed. Hope you are doing great.
Gotta go- 1/2 day school I have to go pick up the kiddies in a wee bit.
See ya !

05-14-2004, 12:20 PM
I thought for sure I would break 20 pounds this week. But I forgot to weigh before I got up and about, so maybe I really did. I was only about a half pound from it. So maybe I did? Oh well, even if not, I lost a 2 pounds, right???

I have lots to do today. My headache has made me lazy and my house is a wreck. So I will post later and address you all then!!

Happy Friday Ladies!!! :)

05-14-2004, 01:03 PM
Weigh in was two pounds down. Now if I can just keep it up. 5/7 Workouts for the week. 6/7 days on program, I quess that is what it is going to take.

Leigh - How did you get a free stroller? Are they giving anymore away? I want to get a jogging type stroller. I am wearing the wheels with the Graco.

Ricci - Throw out that scale gf. When mine started acting up, I threw it out right then.

Happy Weekend!

05-14-2004, 02:28 PM
Hi Lovely Ladies,

Well, I haven't been doing very well, which is why I haven't been posting the last couple of days. I'm always embarrassed to post when I'm not OP which is stupid because that's when I need the support the most. Well, today I'm back and I intend to stay OP this time. No more brownies or chocolate bars or marshmallows or...well you get the picture. Actually my husband was talking last night about how dang unhealthy he feels and how it is really dragging him down on other things too, so we are going to be healthy together.

It's funny, right now no matter how badly I eat I always stay at the same weight. That would be great except it is not the weight that I want to be at! I'm at a point right now when I don't really have a size that fits me too well. I'm squeezing into pants that are a tad snug, especially if I bend over to get something (Echh, can't breathe), then I have a few pairs of pants that I'm yanking on all day. I don't want to buy anything else because I'm wanting to lose weight, hopefully after I lose 10 lbs or so these pants will fit great.

Crystal-I'm so glad you didn't see any increases on the scale!

Penny- I hope you have a great night with your family.

Leigh-Good luck starting WW. I think it is a really good program! I'm sure it will work great for you and it is not nearly as restrictive.

Ricci-I hope you get to have a honeymoon sometime! I'm already wanting another one. We went to a cute little cabin for a few days after we got married and it was great. Next time though I'd like to go somewhere exotic. Sounds like you need to replace your scale!

Michelle-I'm glad that the scale is better today! I'm so sorry about your obnoxious neighbors!

Spryng- Have a fun flex-points day!

Ginny-Hi there! Have a great day!

Cindi-Congratulations on being so close to your first goal. Rock ON!!!

Melinda-Congratulations!!!! Go luck staying OP, I'm glad your hard work has paid off.

05-14-2004, 02:58 PM
Hi Ladies!

Well it poured here again today so I went through the drive thru at McDonalds and got the kids a happy meal......

Oh And I got me a happy meal too! ...... A Go Active Happy Meal! Has anyone had these? It is a premium salad (i got grilled chicken caesar...yumm), a dasani water and a step o meter. Very neat :) A Happy Meal for Adults!!!!! :o

Anyhow the kids are outside playing in the mudpuddles so I will post again later :) :)

have a great day! And congrats to all the losers! I will give you all your cheers tonight!!!!

Congrats on the scale being back down :)

05-14-2004, 03:00 PM
Cindi - WTG on the loss!! You are getting so close to 20 lbs down!! I'm hoping to hit my 20lb mark on sunday we'll see if it happens.

Melinda - Good job to you also on the 2# down!! Keep it up!

Spryng - Have a great day being out and about!

Ginny - It was great seeing a post from you!

Well I got the linens changed on the beds and the dishes done and the toys picked up. Gotta dust yet and vaccuum, I'm thinking about doing all the windows but I'm not sure If I want to attempt that myself or hire someone to do it lol. Its raining right now I was going to take the girls to the park later but not now I guess. I actually got both of them to nap at the same time today!! Woo hoo!!

Well I better get back to work. I'll talk to you all later.


05-14-2004, 03:37 PM
Okay - looks like I did respond to thread 169, but guess I somehow posted in the wrong place, sorry.

Crystal - I'm so haapy to hear that you're maintaining - you must be doing som ething right :D

Penny - gload you posted about the adult healthy happy meal - I've seen it on TV and wondered how it was. Great choice to make!!!

Ricci - what would be your ideal place to honeymoon if you could?

Micheele - Hooray that it was just water retention! I'm glad you had the encouragement you needed to stay OP. It's just too bad you have awful neighbors :mad:

Spryng - wow!!! Congrats on the 1 lb loss - enjoy your flexpoints day :)

Ginny - hope you have an excellent day!

Cindi - it's awesome that your so close to 20 . . . I bet you truly are at it already, but be sure to post when it's "offical"! Any plans to celebrate?

Hey, Melinda! I'm getting the stroller because I'm writing a review of it :) I'm so excited. As for jogging strollers, I don't know too much about them, but if you narrow down the brands you're interested in, I can look them up in my Baby Bargains book and tell you the reviews.

Jessi - don't feel bad posting when you're off program . . . I regained 4lbs on vacation :devil: I'm hoping WW will train me in making better choices. Remind me, what program are you on?

I'm doing a "medium" job with eating while waiting for my WW kit to arrive. But I've stocked the house with healthy things in preparation for that. My mother is still here (leaves Sunday). Tonight we're all going out with DH;s co-workers. A Tapas place - have ya'll had Tapas before? It's a bunch of different appetizer-sized portions shared by everyone - they come out continually over the course of a couple of hours. I'll do my best to be reasonable.

05-14-2004, 03:51 PM
Hello again!
Well I am finally home and waiting for Tanner to get sleepy so we all can take a nap, lol.
Leigh, enjoy your dinner tonight. I've never heard of that place but it sounds neat! I'm sure you will do great there. When is your kit suppose to arrive?
Michelle, sounds like you have kept yourself busy today! I haven't even made my bed yet. But that is normal on fridays. I'll do my morning routine and all that after nap time.
Penny I have heard of those happy meals, none of our mcd's serves them yet. but then again I don't really like salads so I don't know if they will work for me. But great choice! I too had mcd's for lunch, but since I was using flexpoints I didn't get anything healthy, lol.
Jessi don't feel bad for posting when you aren't OP. That is why we are here. I remember once a year or so ago no one was losing weight or OP hardly ever yet we still posted everyday just to see how life was going. So stick with us! You'll find your motivation very soon! :)
Melinda, congrats on the 2# gone!!! That is a great WI! You too Cindi!!! Keep up the good work!
Ginny I forgot all about warmer weather causing us to gain a couple of lbs. Ugh. One more thing to look forward to this summer, lol. Have a great day!
Well... I rented a few movies for the weekend and got all my grocery shopping done so I feel good. I will go tan tonight and then stay put all weekend. What does everyone else have planned? I know Geri will be having fun at that b-day party!

05-14-2004, 04:13 PM
Penny - Does the pedometer really work? I was thinking of getting a Go Active meal to get the pedometer. Probably just one more thing for me to get obsessive about, counting steps. Thanks for the nursing advance. JW pulled up in his crib this morning. We lowered the matress and took out the bumpers,but now he is sticking his feet out the slants. He is using the bumpers to climb though. Now we are over the SIDS thing, but I am worried now that he will climb out.

Leigh - You are like us in the eating out. We used to eat out 4-5 times a week, now we have narrowed it down to just the weekends. I have the Conusmer Reports stuff on the jogging strollers. I don't know if it is worth the money. I am not really a jogger. I might feel stupid walking behind that big thing.

Spryng - Errands done. How often does flylady say clean the sheets. I do mine once a week.

I am going to a Mother Daughter Banquet with my mom,both grandmas, my aunt- godmother tonight. JW is going to MIL house until dh comes home. That is about all for the weekend. No bigs plan. The moms club is having a garage sale on the 22nd,so i hope to get some junk out of my house.

05-14-2004, 05:18 PM
Michelle, you should be able to go down to the county recorder's office and look up the property information there. You are correct that this is public information, and it certainly sounds like you need it! I would not only make a phone call, but also write a letter documenting your request. Its obviously no secret who called the cops on them, so why not give the landlord a little extra ammo to get them out?

Good job everybody on your WI's this morning, it sounds like everybody's had a little struggle this week...must be in the air. I lost 3lbs water weight overnight, and am back to my 165, which makes it a "maintain" week. I'll be looking forward to the end of next week, when the ol' TOM problem works itself out, and I can see a true wieght. I'll be pissed though if its a maintain week again. I am really working hard to cut those calories! Thanks to whomever it was that suggested the website, I LOVE it! I think it will be my most valuable tool to keep everything under control.

I ate about a cup of blackbeans cooked with a small amount of chorizo for lunch, and >oz of queso fresco, with about 32 oz of water, I am so full.....I'll bet I'm starving within 3 hours though, that can't possibly be enough food to keep me full till dinner.

Oh, Michelle, one more thing, thanks for reminding me to take my multi-vitamin with teh increased water...that hadn't even occurred to me.

Great job this week everybody, looking forward to another great week next week!


05-14-2004, 06:27 PM
Okay, this is going to not be personal either, I'm making a habit of this. But being gone all day it's like crazy, all the dang posts, great but crazy.

Spryng, glad you got your errands ran. Me too. My oldest is at my mom's. So I rented some movies too..."The Last Samurai", "Matchstick Men", and "Looney Toons Back In Action". I'm glad you mentioned those flex points. I had talked about doing that with calories. And today I used some. I'll do good the rest of the weekend and I didn't exactly binge today. I had a few bites of an oatmeal cream pie, only 3 bites and then I got all the kids a shake at sonic and I just drank some from each of theirs. It probably totaled 1/2 of one or maybe a whole one. But believe it or not, I used to have those shakes probably about 3 times a WEEK or so and that was the first in months and months. Tomorrow I'm going with my mom and my kids and one of my sister's kids to the zoo. We're packing our lunch, so I'll be able to do well. I'll just consider today my flex cals.

Penny, I went to McD's today too and I didn't know they had those happy meals for adults. I got the same salad as you and it was good, but I didn't get the rest of the stuff. I'll try that next time. McD's is all the way at the other end of town and I don't hardly ever go there.

Michelle, sorry about your neighbors. That's why I LOVE the country. Our closest neighbor is my step FIL and his family but we go days w/o seeing them and obviously never hear them. The country is the best.

Ricci, I would certainly say your scale needs to be dumped.

Jessi, that's okay to not be OP, I went three days last weekend, binging just about and doing bad but managed to not gain a lb. from that. Of course, the point is to lose but when I don't gain after an incident like that, I'm just as thrilled as I would be otherwise.

Lisa, sounds like you are doing great. It's okay to have a maintain week, better than a gain.

Melinda, hope you have fun at the banquet.

Cindi, great on the loss girly. You know you'll get your house back in order in no time. You've got the whole weekend to get back into it.

Well girls, I'm gonna get off for a bit. I just got home and need to read through the mail and put away some laundry and vacuum before dh comes home. Hope everyone has a great night if I don't get to post again. I'll be gone early tomorrow to the zoo, it's about an hour and a half to get there. TTYL

05-14-2004, 06:29 PM
Hello Again-

Well, here I am again....Just checking in...

Michelle-Good job getting both kids down at the same time. I'm sure that is quite the challenge!

Leigh- I also do WW, though I do it from home too, not going to meetings. Is Tapas a Brazilian Grille? I've gone to some Brazilian places where they come around throughout your meal and cut you little pieces of meat (various kinds), it is delicious but I usually stuff myself by degrees until I can't walk.

Penny-The Go Active meal sounds cool. Let us know if the pedometer helps!

Spryng-I'm glad that you got your errands done! I don't have too much planned for the weekend except church.

Melinda-my DS is pulling up on everything now, I mean everything. He seems very anxious to walk.

Lisa-Those black beans sound fab!!!! I tried something like that and it was great!

05-14-2004, 08:06 PM
Hey girls!!

I have gotten my house sorta together again. I did the floors, the kitchen and the dining room...still need to do several loads of laundry and sanitize the bathrooms. It's nice to feel human again! I wouldn't just die if someone came over, as long as they didn't leave the living room :o :lol:

I think Flylady says to clean the sheets as part of the home blessing hour which is weekly.

I don't know how I will celebrate my 20# loss, any ideas?

My ds brought home his baby simulator, so I am a grandma for the weekend. Have you all ever seen these things? They are quite cute. It's a boy!!!! But he hasn't named him yet!!

I'll check back in after I watch Days! LOL!!

Hope you are all having the greatest Friday!

05-14-2004, 10:01 PM
Good evening Ladies!

Lisa - Thanks for the info about the county recorders office I had no Idea where to go to get the info. Way to go on working hard and staying on plan!! Keep it up girly!!

Jessi - Glad to see you posting!! Now quit hiding and come see us when you need support!! ;)

Crystal - Wow sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you!! I hope you have a great time!

Melinda - Have fun at your mother daughter banquet!!

Spryng - I rented some movies also, I got Gothika, Peter Pan, and Hope Springs. I can't wait for the kids to go to bed tonight so hubby and I can have some time for ourselves lol.

Well I got my grocery shopping done and went to Target and got Teagan an infants swing to put on our swingset in the back yard I'm sure she'll love it. I also went to Wal-Mart and I found Taylor a light summer jacket for 3 bucks, and its not even ugly lol!! Dinner was turkey meatloaf, a crap load of squash and a crap load of cauliflower lol!! But the good news is I got up to 1190 calories today which is great!! I had cottage cheese and smoked turkey for breakfast and about half way through I was choking it down lol. No exercise today but I'm gonna double time it tomorrow one right after the other so I get a good workout in.

I'm gonna go watch Peter Pan with Tay and hubby. I hope you all have a great night.


05-14-2004, 11:27 PM
Another quick hello. I came down here to balance the checkbook and pay some bills and of course I had to stop here and TRY to catch up on all the posts!! :)

I forgot to mention that Tony's been taking about 3 steps for about 3-4 days now!! Then yesterday he picked himself up off the floor before he took his steps to me rather than crawling over to a piece of furniture. My baby's getting sooo big! Will didn't walk until he was 14 months old. I think Tony will be really moving along in a couple of weeks. He laughs and smiles so much when he takes his steps.

OK, proud Mama just had to brag. Sorry not to get personal but I have work to


05-15-2004, 12:30 AM
Did you get you another scale yet woman!? That is nutts! There is no way you gained ten pounds in a couple days! Now, if you have a scale that says you lost ten pounds in a couple days..... I'll buy that one from you :D :lol:

I know exactly how you feel! I do the exact same thing. When I am off plan I never post. PM me when you get a chance if you want.

If you need some temp info on ww I posted some of the forms on our webpage if you want to check it out!

Congrats on your 20 pound mark! You are doing awesome!!!! :) :cheer:

Congrats on maintaining this week! I always say I'll take it over a gain anyday! But I know that you would rather a loss! You are doing great! Keep it up!

Have fun at the zoo tomorrow! I tell ya you could have used the pedometer tomorrow! Is the zoo big? I know the ones here are and it is alot of walking!!!

I wonder why dh is checking out your bod lately :D YOU ARE ON FIRE! :cool: Congrats on the loss! :cheer: :cheer:

Did you get everything ready for the party, huh huh huh???? Hope it is a wonderful day for the boys! Save me some cake !

Tonight was my night to splurge on whatever meal I wanted when we went out to eat....The resturant has a healthy section on the menu... Well, I ended up having a grilled chicken breast with tai sauce, a small side salad and shrimp n corn soup! For some reason, when I got there I just didn't have a craving for anything other than the things I have been eating! And being that my weigh in is on Sunday I didn't want to blow it!

Our family reunion is tomorrow. I saved the other chicken breast from the restuarant for lunch tomorrow at the reunion. Everyone is bringing there own food so I don't mind bringing my chicken with me!

I will let you know soon what my weigh in is! You only have a couple more days to wait......... LOL :lol: J/J It is not like ten pounds or anything.... :lol: lol

Ok Ladies, I hope you all have a wonderful night!

05-15-2004, 12:34 AM


:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

That is awesome!!!!!!1

05-15-2004, 01:52 AM
Good evening all!
Well I am not usually up this late but I just finished watching Matrix Revolution, I really liked it. I had seen the fist one when it came out a couple years ago and liked it but when the second one came out I never saw it until about two weeks ago (it was on hbo) and I remembered why I loved the first one (of course Keaneau is sooo adorable) and this last one was really good. Looks like there might be a 4th someday. :)
But anyway, let me get personal...
Penny, thanks for your sweet words!! I don't feel like am "on fire" but we never see ourselves like others do, do we? lol. But I'll take your compliment!!! Sounds like you did great eating out tonight!!! Good choices! Your WI will be so great on sunday! Have fun at your family reunion!
Geri congrats to Tony!!!! Isn't it so cute to watch them walk? Tanner is still mostly crawling but he can walk accross the entire house by himself. I think he knows he can get there faster if he crawls, but he's getting better everyday! I figure in another week or so I won't see much crawling anymore so I'm enjoying while it lasts. Don't forget to get pictures!!
Michelle, how did you like Peter Pan? My kids LOVED it. I'll have to buy it soon. My dd watched it twice a day while I had it here, lol. I liked Gothika too. Never heard of that other one though. I rented The Matrix, A Man Apart (with the scrumptious Vin Diesel, lol) And Out of Time. (and Bambi for the kids which they love)
Cindi, sounds like your house is coming right along. I didn't do ANYTHING in that department today (I didn't even make my bed) but I will spend the entire morning tomorrow cleaning, but the house still looks great despite taking a day off. Well, I did do something. I picked up the living room and the kids rooms before bed time, so I guess that is a little something, lol. Now I don't feel completely lazy, lol. And to celebrate your 20#loss??? What about clothes!!! I love new clothes. Or maybe treat yourself to some great bath products or a massage or facial or manicure or maybe you can buy a charm bracelet and every time you lose 5, 10 lbs you can buy a new special charm for it? Everytime I've hit a milestone I've bought myself clothes though. I LOVE clothes and shoes. lol.
Jessi, I guess I didn't know you did WW. How do you like it? How long have you been on it? Maybe you've told me before and I forgot, my poor dead brain... or is it brain dead, LOL.
Crystal, you'll have to let me know how Matchstick Men was, I almost rented it today (I LOVE Nic Cage) but then decided not to. And I loved the last samarai, but I cried like a baby through alot of it. But it was a great movie. Now I am anxious to see Troy. Enjoy the zoo tomorrow! Your zoo is the same distance away as our zoo is. So it will be a long day for you all. Have lots of fun!
Lisa, I LOVE chorizo!!! No one else in this family does though. I love to make it with scrambled eggs and wrap it in hot tortillas. Mmmmm.... when I was on atkins I would eat it all day long.
Melinda, I hope you enjoyed your mother daughter banquet! How nice to spend quality time with your mom. :) Always cherish that.

Well, I need to get in bed. I had a diet pepsi earlier so I am still not too tired but I know if I don't force myself to sleep I'll pay for it tomorrow. Oh, I do have some good news! I bought a new workout dvd today on I went to that and checked out all kinds of workout tapes and narrowed it down to ones that weren't dance or aerobic but toning, and not just any kind of toning, but weights and FAST results toning. And I found one tape that got excellent reviews on that site and, it is called Crunch-Boot Camp Training and it looks very good. It's 30 mins of intense toning with weights (dumbells) anyway, I am soooo excited about it! Alot of people who wrote reviews said they lost inches right away and saw results just after a few sessions. So it should be here in 4-10 days and I can't wait to start it!!! I really am ready to start a strict exercise program of at least 3x's a week but possibly more. I want to lose inches so badly. But anyway, just wanted to share my find and excitement with you all. Ok, I'm off to bed now! TTYL!

05-15-2004, 08:56 AM
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Great morning girls. I slept okay, woke up about 300 or 330 and didn't get back to sleep until 430. Oh well, it's usual. I'll be leaving in a couple of hours to get to the zoo so I won't check in until much later, so let me get personal...

Jessi, glad you checked in. If you're able to check in about 3x a day, you should, it gets addictive, really.

Cindi, I knew you'd get that house picked up, wtg. Have fun with ds's baby simulator.

Michelle, wtg for grocery shopping, I don't like to on Friday's, it's too crowded all day. Teagan will love her baby swing, hopefully. One of mine actually didn't. Andrew, though, LOVES it. Have fun watching Peter Pan, I wanted to rent that but dd said she didn't want it.

Geri, so happy for Tony's steps. Now he'll never slow down. Have fun with the Big Birthday Bash today.

Penny, our zoo isn't real big. Actually there are bigger, closer zoos, but this one is cheaper and it's farther east and East Texas is Beautiful so the scenery is great. It's perfect in size actually. We'll make it through the whole thing and feel great that we didn't miss something. Sounds like your splurge wasn't much of a splurge, sounded good actually. Hope you have fun at the family reunion.

Spryng, All of the Matrix's are good because of Keanu, I don't understand most of them but who cares. Also, A Man Apart is good and Vin Deisel is gorgeous. Out of Time is good and has lots of twists, Denzel is great. I like him. You and I both like Nic Cage, I love him too, started loving him in Face Off with John Travolta, which is my other favorite actor. We watched The Last Samurai and I didn't cry but it was good. We'll watch the other tonight probably.

Well girls, I decided to give myself Fridays to be off plan. Since I am anyways, if I plan it that way, then if there is something I'm really wanting, I'll save Friday for it. I think I'll feel alittle better straying abit if I've planned on it. And my FIL which lives next door has a ton of weight machines in his shop and in the winter it gets' dark too early I can't get out there, but I think I'm gonna start using them. If I walk hard for about 20 minutes I can finish off with 25 or 30 minutes on a machine. I love lifting weights, it makes you feel good. Besides, I'll have a better chance of getting down by my trip at the end of June. I'm already buying some new outfits off of Ebay and I'm between sizes. One size is too baggy and the other is too snug, so I'm buying the snug size and making myself fit into them. So I think lifting weights may help.
Well, I'm gonna start getting ready for the zoo, I'll chat later. Hope you all have a great day.

05-15-2004, 12:39 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!

Spryng - My hubby likes to think he looks like Vin Diesel lol just cuz they both shave their heads but man too bad he doesn't have that great deep voice mmmmm. Ok ok I went off in to fantasy land for a few ;) Gothika scared the crap out of me but it was very good, I had never heard of Hope Springs either but it has Colin Firth, Minnie Driver, and Heather Graham in it its a love story. Taylor loved Tinkerbell in the movie but thats about it, I think shes still a little young but I thought it would be fun for her to watch lol I think I need to stick to the cartoon movies for a bit lol, but hubby and I liked it.

Crystal - Have a wonderful day with the family at the zoo today!! We don't have a zoo here but I could take the girls to glacier national park and see some wild animals, sometimes we're lucky and even see a few bears, but I think I won't take them to the park til they are older, lots of hiking and lots of driving and so much to learn. My sister wants me to take Taylor roller skating at the roller rink with them today but again I think Taylor is too young, oh well lol.

No big plans here for the weekend, I think we are going to weed out our basement there is so much stuff in our storage room that we don't use so I think I'm going to pass it on to Goodwill. I'm going to get a walk in today and maybe hubby will let me buy a bike lol we'll see.

Well I should go get my workout done and out of the way.
Hope you all have a great day!

05-15-2004, 12:58 PM
Hope your all enjoying your weekend. I've been pondering my weight lately. When I went to see my midwife for my annual exam, we were discussing birth control options. I wanted something I didn't have to think about every day- I forget to take the pill because I have so little time and am more scatterbrained since Liam was born. When we discussed the patch, she said, "Well, I'm not sure I'd recommend that for you because in heavier women, it tends to be less effective." She wasn't saying this judgementally, just as a statement of fact.

But I felt so sad and ashamed of myself. I thought: Wow. Well, it's true . . . I'm overweight, so I'm technically a "heavier" woman. For some reason, being put in a definite category affected me so deeply. But perhaps it's a wake-up call from God who's saying, "Hey, it's time to do something!"

I almost didn't share this story with ya'll, but then realized that's one of the points of this group :)

Spryng - Let us know how you like that work-out video. Sounds intense!

Lisa - I'm glad that it was a "maintain" week for you. It has been for me too, so at least I won't be starting WW even heavier :D

Jessi -No, Tapas is not Brazilian, but we have Fogo De Chao here which is Brazilian and delicious. We went a lot when I was pregnant because I couldn't get enough red meat :lol: Tapas is a Spanish style of eating (popular in Spain), but the Tapas places don't serve Spanish cuisine necessarily - if that makes sense. It's basically like a menu full of various appetizers, you order a bunch, and everyone at the table shares them.

Cindi- The baby simulater always sounded interesting yet tiring! How is your son dealing with it? As for celebrating the loss, what are some of your favorite things? Maybe a charm, or plant your favorite flower, tree, etc?

Crystal - It's good to know your still making wise choices. I know exactly what you mean about maintaining. Let us know how the zoo goes - do you like zoos? I love them.

Michelle - Don't you love bargains in children's clothing? Yesterday, my mother and I went to my favorite baby/children's consignment store. It's in the ritzy part of town, so all the clthes are beautiful, but very inexpensive.

Geri - congrats on Tony walking!!! Liam can't wait to walk :D

Penny - thanks for the WW help - that's so sweet! You made wonderful choices at the restaurant . . . fill us in on the family reunion! How was it?

Have ya'll gotten inspired for Father's Day yet? I'm trying to figure out what to do for DH. I'm thinking a combo gift: massage at a day spa here, some time to edit his movie (about Liam's first year), and a nice dinner.

Have ya'll noticed Oprah is looking even thinner now? She was maintaining one size for a while, but in her new shows she looks like she's lost more weight.

05-15-2004, 01:00 PM
You snuck in while I was posting, Michelle :) Good luck with getting a bike! I'll send positive energy to your DH.

05-15-2004, 01:15 PM
Hey Leigh - I totally know how you feel about the birth control issue, I too wanted to use the patch but of course they said no, so I used the nuvaring which was great, but birth control hormones caused me to gain about 15 lbs! So I am not on any birthcontrol at the moment but hubby is gonna get a vasectomy. I know Spryng really likes the IUD but I can't remember how long they last.

You know I think its great that we are all conscious of birth control and preventing unwanted pregnancies. I was just reading a thread where someone was considering NOT joining Curves because the Owner donates millions to pro-life causes which I think is GREAT!! I am an avid prolifer, I think there are very very few times when abortion would be indicated, such as pregnancy resulting from a rape or when the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother. Since I read that thread I have been thinking about it all morning lol that when women/men don't do anything to prevent a pregnancy that they want the easy way out, abortion, and I don't know that they should have that right IMHO. Ok thats my beef for the day lol. Any thoughts? Just so you all know this post isn't to incite a flare up in any way :) and who am I to judge ;) Ok really now I need to get my butt moving lol.


05-15-2004, 03:18 PM
Starting a new thread see you there.